Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 20, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1934
Page 4
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fra?, *. , rv*- \v, t ,_ )V r i ' ' n From Sunny Italy "1, OUR MAKING. House WELUt 1 \Vli<. k the ' lulian pi'lfna, <loima in the tie- of a 13 14 K 1SKtn\cn Mnic. IS Iinrhtt. £0 Bone. 21 Strtot. 22 t'pon. 24 27 Tree \u-ltl- Ins, oil. 29 Genus of '-lugs •S$ Fountain. 1i54 In R stupor. Hie 17 Uncortictcr line l!t itfnvii\vi-. L'.'i IX-ohc bee. 2fi Tim tip. i'^ Splritdof. • 29 Vvitoniotts 30 SPOnlld Hold. 31 Klllit-v. 32 To doze. 3.'! Slouiul. 3S (ivain. ",7.t!o<l ot \v,ir. •It) Lubricates. 4I! Cleansing ot •I ! <Y;iV;>t. 40. Wins I 11 SOOll. •tx Witticism. •I!) Coitus of moles M Kar-likt' projection. 03 Onus oC VKUTH'AI* 2 AlioVe. ;; Metal. •1 Slopes of hills a Region o£ the In tit* 1 s>ky. 3S Credit. 3D 1*o ih'ink , dog-fashion. ill Colli tPtii-her.- ^2 Sun P"'f. • Si To per: r.t> Knock. ••'. V; OS She is a cdlbra- turn . 59 And was a . member of the i:> Opera Comoany G Kiitliiisinst. 7 Thn ruin tree. S Yellow bugle pliints. !> Northeast. ll! She was horn i» - • 15 She devoted her art to |.a- tl ' iotit -' '""'• scs (hirins 44 tluwaiian rootslock. 15 Kan-alive poem. 47 Kmanalion. 48 To lo\Y n3 a cow. 40 X. so Tree. « 02 Forcible r»« straint ol speech. 53 Postscript 54 Father. fi, r i Seventh note. 57 Italian.river. MY tWE "BUtt JEST'S AND "FROM ..V-, . ..« / T M HEG. U. 5. PAT OFF.\{\>. i93« OY ME'A SERVICE. INC ( i •o ByAHEftN OUT OUR WAY .Vr_ , ... _ ..^*^. —"• '•-*--»•• • ^ - - tj *— Ry WtLUAMS t'" HUT I' nVul ort CAN"f OPfcN POORS WfTH BbTH ARMS FULL- CiOSHf CalVK A CiLlV A, 0RBAK / O~.f7.wiU.mMi C 1014 BY «"1 trouir* ••«* "•- SOOTS AND HER BUpDlES \v ' • j.J_'>- ^ . Tlie Guy Means It! By HAMLIN A coat of ice 100 feet thick, com- sssras s ' b; -"* s frtm the sun in one year. Approximately one-half of the 9,- 000,00ft miles of the world's h.ghways art in this country. Sell Itl Find It! Rent It! Buy Iti in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. I time, lOc line, min. 30o for consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90e 26 times, 3%c line, min. ?2.7B (Average 5% words to the line) *tOTE-V?ant ads will be accepted With the understanding that tne bill is payable on presentation ot statement* before the first publication. Phone 768 Cows are being equipped with "safety valves" to prevent bloeting; only a few minutes' time is required for "ih- stallation." WOt "TO 60 !W&Vi Ob\9. W^Nfet V.V •W\Vi>\<. VOO CN* KifvStV, \WOttO\V60 V\0\JO V\t OP VvV TO A.YY. " a? A CWtN? WEYV- LtAVyc WtTi GOT 0V \t, \f VOU OOV^T M\NO esvtV.Vbu vrl S!OO« VOO OOKiT — VOO sv, '- *>0»tW, to ALLEY OOP The Dawn of an Ideal! By MARTIN The natives of Java sleep on mere mats, while alt about them flourish the kapok trees, which furnish the fine silky cotton for American, mattresses. Any man who sets foot on the tiny] Pacific island of ForisrtSba runs the risk of being eaten by women cannibals. The island is inhabited only by Women. DINGS Clubs Two States League Won Lost Screen doors-Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. NOTICE. Oil Royalties & Leases bought and sold in the vicinity of the three wells being drilled in Hempstead county. BRIDEWELL & TYLER Ark. Bank Bldg. H-«tc Southwestern 6 Goodyear 4 3 Atlanta 2 3 Hope .-. 0 6 Southern Association Clubs— Won Lost Memphis 13 7 New Orleans 10 7 Nashville 10 7 Atlanta 10 9 Chattanooga 6 7 Birmingham 1 9 Little Rock 1 10 Knoxville 5 12 Pet. 1.000 .571 .400 .000 VJORRSWG rAE BUT - V1V-AT HOLDIN 1 It OP ? HASN'T FIXED UP OUR V)EDD\NG, YEt- fit's 6ECAU<& OFfAPA^ TC-E/. VJE CAN'T UNTIL HE CAN UP AN 1 SO THEV CAN'T fAAftRV THEIR DUMB DAUGHTER OFF ON ME TIL.U TH' KINGS tfOVAL TOE. GETS VJELL.' HAV// WOTTA. BREAK lr ^ ri Mvc ' TH\5 IS OME TME \ DON'T HAFT/H HAXJE FOOZV TELL. f\\ WHAT TOO.' NAVJ SIR.' WHAT TOO/ C .A WASH TUBES All Explained By CRANE ,, ,v- CAGE AGAINST BABE WAS A CTIMCW AFTER r FOUND SHE'D MAILEDTHE PISTCX. FROM THE BANK. I CHECKED PICTURES i OF THE LADROUI MOB, AMD LOM6 PISTflMCE CALL'S MADE FROM THE BAMK. ^ National League Clubs- Won New York .: 55 Chicago St.' Loiiis,... Pittsburgh • 41 Boston 43 _. -,r „ i Philadelphia -- 36 Ride to Chicago. Write Wilson Hall, Brook i yn 3G Hope, Arkansas. 17-3tp. j Cincinnati 27 or apartment for urnished house one month^aM WANTED: Small y 4 carat. Must be Apply this office. Diamond. About] cheap for cash. FOR RENT FOR RENT— Moders five room house with 7 acres adjoining, 1523 South Main. Phone 423. Six room house furnished, So. Spruce street Also five room house Gateway Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Phone Park. 1638-4rihgs. 3t FOR SALE Used parts for all cars. Motor Co. P. A. Lewis | 16 - 2fit - geat Paint Sold-Hope Bldg. Mat Co. Usfid cars bought and sold. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. 16 ; : Wall I^per—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. American League Clubs— Won Lost Detroit 53 31 >few York 50 32 Boston 47 39 Cleveland 45 38 Washington 41 45 St. Louis 37 41 Philadelphia 32 50 Chicago 28 57 THURSDAY'S RESULTS Southern Association Little Roek 2, Birmingham 1. Memphis 4, New Orleans 0. Knoxviile 3, Atlanta 2. Chattanooga 2, Nashville 0. National League New York 4, Cincinnati 0. Brooklyn 4, Pittsburgh 2. Chicago 2, Philadelphia 1. St. Louis 4, Boston 2. THAT ON THE" DAV OF THE HOLD-UP, BABE 'PHONED A JOE POLAND IN WINCHESTER. THAT POLAND-HIS REAL. JOE POUflNPpDLAR|S _ WAS A MEMBER OP THE ' MOB. i \T fro! THAT LINKED BABE \ LAOROfOl. SHE WAS THE \ TIP OPF. A CROOK:. VET SHE I CLAIMED TO BE ENGAGED TO ) \ HARRV VOUR DAD. ,—' \ P •^ ^ «^V WCVVEVER HER % 'ENGA6EM§NT" RIN6 WAS REALLY A DINNER |£S6 ANP FArt tOO BIG. OBVIOUSLV, SHE HAP STOLEN •THE BIRTHDAV PBESEMT VOUR DAD HAD EOU6Hr FOR VOU SO I PUT TWO AMP TWO TOtiblHEK, j- AND THE MURPER WAS SOLVE P. ^''^ ~r M ^ '§1 566.' SOUMDSSO EASV WHE^ EXPLfll^ IT. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS LOST T—Pair of lineman's blocks on Narth Hervey street at city limits. Reward. C. R. White, Columbus, Ar- kateas. 19 P American League New York 4, Chicago 3. St. ^ouis 8, Washins.oa 7. Cleveland 6, Boston 5. Philadelphia-Detroit, postponed, rain Luck's Tourist Court Hickory Barbecue Sandwiches, Drinks Open All Hours Ray Luck Phone 222 H.E.Luck The "Echo" Appear^ STAND WHERE A BY NC« r.rnvict INK T « ncr, u ^ P<T orr. By BLOSSER HIM MOT FOOLIWC...DO V/WAT HIM SAY, UNTIL GET COOP T? PL AM' J ^W & WASM'T ) LETS GO AN ECHO WE \SEE WHO IT HEARD... WO JWAS...MAYBE ECHO EVER {TWERE'LL BE SOUNDED / A LITTLE THAT HARD- \EXCIT5MENT IT SOUNbED LIKE THE VOICE CAME FROM THAT CANYON OVER THERE TRAIL,IF MOVE ANOTHER MEBBfe CIRCLE CAUYON AND COME IKI FROM BACK, THINK MEANS THENEWFANGLES._(Mom'nPopJ f\r I H/\O THE MONEY, , . I VD UUV CUPLeV OUT. J WHKT WOULD MAsKE. AN 1 FILUN OUT OF It Won't Take Much! DON'T DO IT, NUTTV. MAYBE THERE'LL. BE NO TROUBLE AT ALL., WHEN HE PlNDS OUT WE'RE JUST I'M GONMA PULL /> VACATIONING UP HERE., By COWAN elson-Huckins LAUNDRY Wash Suite Properly Laundered............^ PHONE 8 , I W\GHT \NVEST A 1 L\TTLE1 MOME.V IN A 1 SELF, WINDY., ^;^ VUL TELL. Yt-WE'LL GO F\FTY-riFTY OU \T-YOU GO UP T'THE feN^V< ^t) GlT YEX? HONEY, W4 1 TO. FVJP-NVSH THE

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