The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1940
Page 7
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MONDAY, MARCH 25, 1940 BLYTIlEl'iLLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS PAGE §EVE»; CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line Cor consecutive Insertions: One time per line lOc Two times per line per day 03c 1'lirec times per line per clny...oec Rlx times per line per day 05c Month rate p«r line GOe Cards of Thanks 50c & 15a Minimum clinrgc 50e Ads ordered for three or six times and .stopped before expiration will be charged lor the number or times the ndd appeared and adjvislment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Hates may be easily computed from iitave table. Advertising ordered lor irregular inseitions tnkes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad For Rent 'I wo furnished rooms. Near bull). 701 W. Ash. Phone 'i90. 20-uk-U 4 room unfurnished apartmeiu. Call 331 day—night 55. 2Sck-l •! rooms and bath. Built in enbi- nct In kitchen. Electiic RniiKf. Furnace licat, I'M Sycamore. Call •KB or 852. 23-ck-27 Notice TERMITES Work Willis Yot! Sleep! Woke up before they dntnage your properly, Kor Free Inspr.ctlon Cnl) 5D2-W. Walker and Archer Stale Licensed Operators MARCH-E1D SALE 2 room furnished nparlmeiu and garage. HC9 W, Ash. 21-pk-28 3 room furnished apartment, Private bnth. Mrs. Weil, phone 351. 20-ck-ai MULES Slral(H)bme Flics Above Storms Nicely furiilFhed bedroom. J01V W. Walnut, uhoiic 102. 10-ck-H 3 or 4 rooms for rent. Phone 170. Nice furnished room. Adjoining bath. Innersprlng mattress, All conveniences. Phone 630. J2-dh Welding Grain drill and tractor for rent. See Ben Craig or Paul Byrum. a-ek-ll EXPERT EhECTHIC & ACETYLGNK 3 room furnished apartment. Newly decorated. Oarage, Close In. 120 Dugan Street. Mrs, Belle Wood. WELDING 5 IHl e uiul heavy uelt specially. Barksdate Mfg, Co. i'hune 1!) or ties. 1(119 Expert Electric and Acetylene WELDING Drayline and heavy welding our specially. D. W. l)tll. Ark. Wauled A FEMALE KITTEN TO REPLACE PET WHO DIED AND WHOSE OWNER, A LITl'OE SICK OIRI,. HAS NOT YET BEEN INFORMED OP THE DEATH. CAN PAY REASONABLE SUM FOR PRETTY KITTEN AND WILL GIVE CiO-JO HOME. PLEA3E CAIA SOB AT C^CIS OR G43J AT NIGHT. Karm Loans Large nr Small At I.oiv Jnlfrcst Hales. We ar(i..equipwrt to handle \ari-.i or small loans -m any sized tract of farm tana, M low cost, and at a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 2!.'i Walnut St. Blytheville, Art Comfortable front bedroom, outside entrance. Phone 351, 515 W. Walnut. 1-ck-tt 2 room furnished apartment. Mill W. Ash. M-ck-tl Large comfortable bedroom, twin beds, 2 closets, steam heat. Men preferred. Phone 1, Mrs. J. G. Sml- uurv. 27-ck-tI Rooms furnished or unfurnished Newly decorated. Reasonable. 31* Hearn. Nice bcdroocs r 0 nvenicnt to bath. Steam hwt. Phone 280. lck-tl Uiifiirnlshed apartmert In Shane Apartment Building on ,\Vest Main Street. Call 511 or 191. 1-ck-tf Harfhs'arc Wf. Specialize in SWEEPING COMPOUND Shousc-Hcnry Hclw. Co. Plume 35 Repairing E.\pert, glin rejJairiiiB. See E. tit Damon at me Blj'lheviUe Armory un Wednesdays and Thursdays. WE, ; FIX~ANHHfNG ! ••••Vie -'Call For & Deliver Bicycles, Irons, Fans, Toasters, Hot Plates, Lamps, Upholstering, Furniture, Slip Covers or anything you might have. Bb'iheville Furniture Co. 12B fast Main bi. Male Help Wanted Young men for Aircraft Factory work. Must be able to finance short training period. Write, giving nge, education, etc., to Box "W.A." c/o Courier Neira. S2pk27 Wines, Liquors The Little Shop—Hotel Noble. Fine wines and liquors. We specialize in Scotch and imported items. Leo L-intzenicli, Manager. 25-ck-l YOUNG HEROINE HORIZONTAL 1 Young Shakespearean heroine. 6 Her sweetheart, i I Mohammedan college. 12 House. 13 Fiber cluster. 15 To nolch. '16 Pa rent. 17 Eucharist vessel. 19 Myself. 20 Conjunction. 22 To scrutinize. 23 Frozen v;aler. 25 Looks sullen. 27 Gone by. 30 Pillar of stone. 32 Pefclal vase. 33 Billy rates. 30 To saunter. 37 Musical note. 38 Iniquity. 39 Rowing tool. 41 You. •12 Pertaining (o a duke. •H Beasts of burden. 46 Long grass. Answer to Previous Puzzle 43 Pertaining lo sound. 50 Neat. 52 Fish. 53 Musical tragedy.- 54 Fury. 55 One time. 56 Rhythm. 51 Close. 59 Acutely. 60 There was a ——or mortal misunderstanding VERTICAL Uune (abbr.). 2 Forearm bone, 3 Sheltered place. 4 Collision. 5 Each (abbr.). GSitn deity. 7 Her parents ed to her marrying. 8 Bird. 9Knife's cutting side. between their 10 Whirlwind, families. 14 Propeller. 16 Her story is still a drama. 18 A resin, 19 Mass book. 21 This ends in ihe lovers' tiealh. 22 Solar orb. 24 Snaky fob. 2f> Coin. 27. Measure t>( area. • 28 Colion picker. 23 Preposition, 31 To deposit. 34 Skeleton. 35 Soft silk. 38 Unexpected. 40 Part of eye. 42 Two. 43 Easy canter. 44 Female horse. 45 Procreated. 47 Sen eagle. 49 Profit!:. 51 Indefinite amount. 55 All right (initials). 58 Railway (nbbr.). .ujiituu pminti, vftuuu^e, swcci auci v "v hot iiepiicrs now ready. These , t ., tr r . i p i . inve been growing in our Krcen- '''•'•'—' "I'd 1'orilor. louses and are free of diseaKC. I'nnililinn 1hronj;h- Grandson Takes Over 30 Year,'Work On Model WEyMOUTK, MUSS, (UP) — Thirty years iieo, Albert K. Stioui be/iii n lo carve K model of Boston's Trluliy cliurcli, Now, Ms Rrnndson, iKrbcrl Hideout, 6, Is complcllni; the niortcl. SI runt, who died sevci'al ycnrs ego, bwnmr liHerfistal In tho church while a letter carrier. He piiWil die xtriielura on Ills rounds dully iincj mmlc skolchc.i of II. Boon (iu M'Ulcil owing the moitel, but worked only hitcnnlt- tHUly vmtll lie lost n jet; In un mi- li Heaton'G Home of Flowers, aoo E. oni. Davis Avenue. 21-ck-28: . . ^ 1 <V17 Four head fine limits. Will sell '' ' cheap. Wiley Smith, UurdeUc. PRESCRIPTIONS- Safe •• - Accurate Vinir Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Pnullr Babv & Started Chicks Cuslom 1 „ Marilyn Hatchery lilytbcvlllc Hlivy. (il North Stoves O. E. Cooper Fiirnlturc Co. C17 S. First. Full line slightly used Florence a nd Nesco Oil Stoves. Other Items—furniture line, Near Ellis Brothers' Grocery. 20-|ik-27 \\tlSllllli!' WcllltGfj ^-^ ir , o(1 ^ed separately. Mrs. Mick, BIS •l-pk-4-4 111 KXCKl'TIONAI, VAUJKS TI1ICS10 CARS MUST 00! 1937—Ford Tiidnr C04O Katlio, IIriitcr. only y£f.O {Ki.'i—Ford Sedan. Molnr & tt'll) Iraile for Mulct, COHS, l!«s», , Cattle, Com, llay ;iml Lumber, Delta, Inc. See Floyd Simpson Hl.'JO—Km-d Tudor. Kind ffrin (ires. Slolor A-l. ----- pick-ii]i. Mot («' only hiis hccii driven MlilcK. liill'gilill 11)38— Ford Tick-up. Molor reconditioned. Tires 6RO.& rnKn »', >lrlti Only Oraihmk trlsl In Hlyllirylllt. Glasses Vitltd {,'urrccKy accident. For the next-' ' mo yews, until his death, he worked on the. dwell, • His grandson was (ha only person allowed lo touch the model— and when only '3 years old was lenralng the rudiments of wood. •••»•'• litnd O urlci TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE- MEMPHIS ' OUR Weri Optometrist "UK MAKI5S. 'EM SB 15" Over Juc Isnats' Slore I'hone' 640 Vuii'vo tried Ilin Heel, Now try . •• THK IktiST COAL: I-OWL'ST ASM — HIGHEST HEAT DIXIE QUALITY UP. 556.93 Ol.l) Siri'KIIIOIl VAKD— VIION'K 7110 PRESCRIPtiOliS Freshes! Slock : fJiiJtritnlecd Heat Prices Kirby Drug Store* Wnulct) seven negro fnmll live on farm and perform diiy ' i n Into. Pay $1.10 for civch day " tlll: al:ovc ensm worked. Eil. Duboisc, Uonte 2, Ma jioimlnr sons will come irue (or passengers on the new l-W lLiui ttrnlo-cllpDcr. who will lly "mincwhcrp over Ihc ValnDow- MOW." The Mincr-chai-cd air liner, over M.OQO fed up will winK " 10 lt "" uR "" 1 ' «»Hh- W cnU>or Iwl. n s shown! fof service BOOH, llio Blnnl nlnnc )I,IB a 'r-i-viM 'ilujclsh I, ivi'r. work olT •he l>il<- to rlil yourself o( const!• inlinn, ans ^nis. and that sonr niinti feelhiK. Take one box of KrHIlY'S AOTIVJC i.JVEK TILLS 25c at u{, Kirliv Stores ni la WASH T Now I.ocutctl In Clfiictic Hold Hid*. . ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I1ON KDAVAUDS, rroprlclor All Miikes ut llclnilll Tyiiewrllcrs, AiltllHs Miiclihics mill Ciilciilnlins—Ui'|i;ili-l|ig— I'ai-ls—llllibnus , -l vvl "s M'rcnd ot over feet, nccomnioilntlnm for 33 dny 25 night ones nnd a twi of mall or , ,•/.— ' • t-i-'-iw —**• j-.tiou^» ic^nMua Uit^t HOT TO CUT |M WltEH VOU'Re BAHc!w6 rZ: USTEM. LIKE IT, THEM STEP OUT IH THE ALLEY WITH MG 'HE KW \TtW'S \I VwSaoiHS F FB1EHB5 SHE )WU\T ho|)MTe«5 OM EMVW \WmUKB ? Room and board. Phone 993. IC-ck-l-ll 'f^«il •Sewing ,1- siipcovei-s. Mvs. Sinil'j.-V Mrs. IJlaclavell. Armorel, HY KIIK1) IIAKAJAN liwr F . HEAR PIS1DU , p.OT HER£. -011? He LOOKUIAIfO BACK (WOrt JUST LITTLE BEAVER, . ^ii« 13 S1UHN6D M THE IGHT OF R6O SLUM) OVER AND BLOOD '" " THROU3H Call «5-VV-l lor orders of milk, , cream, or churned butter milk All cows government treated. Jlnl- •WE VJHERE HE LA.ST -THE; MARSHAL'S SOM.SMIIO IS VAMTE.D Craig's Dairy Plimic 71 When 1'our Auto Gcl» Sick Brim It lo Ihc Auto Hospital to Camj) Moiillric John Buchanan Plione 107 On Their Wiy (IY V. '!'. HAMLilN. ;; ; gf|?53ipEs &?'&ti&*-°*l«M.'*- aOOD OLP WONMUSIHE V ^"-^-"(.WEU, THE TALK'S FULL, 50 ( I'M ALL 5eT,..WE SAVS,"6LAD EVERYONE / VES, BOOM/^S I 6UE5S WE'RE READY GO THAT WAY ALL RIGHT... WILL STAND \ HE'S A 6RECT/TO TAKE OFF*- HOW ^ BV THE TIME-MACHINE l\ FEUOW/VXeoUT IT^ HEKCUI-E5? BY THIS, HE'S JUST , T ROy--HAS FORE KUMWG IMTO M RUN INtO I PLENTY/ HERE VOI / F.iClJLTVf C V-^. 1940 Arkansas 'i ton Truck Hccnac. Number 224-13. owner mny havt- same by tiaytng cost of l)iis ad. • Courier New Office. 19<0 Arkansas License Tas nuui- ber 5I-08C. Owner may have same by paying cost of tin's ad. Courier Nova office. HOOTS AM) HER IHJ11IMKS i\ltirc lo 'Worry Alioul , . ,vx\_ <6t 6vt« TO <stT GCAViG 1 AWO Wt S\\A ..." STANDARD TIRES rhc Villain Uuninskc'tl THIS. ISNT HD «OI OIB tlM 13Y MRRRILL THIS ... SOOUT/ HEARD OF GWS LIKE HIM HE'S A , FAKE// You KNOW i J_ WAS SUSPICIOUS _ OP H1KA MYSELP \VHHvl SCREEN 1EST-— AND RAM i HH fROPORTIONATELV At Today's LOW PRICES! | As r Low As vU On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ' Ctli Walnut Phone 810

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