Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 20, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 20, 1934
Page 3
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Friday, July 20. 1934 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE TUBES MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 821 Let, us rest ourselves a bit Worry? Wave your hand to it— Kill your fingertips and smile It farewell a little while. Weary, of the worry wny We'have come from yesterday, Let us fret not; instead, Of Jhe. wenry wny ahead. Let.us launch us smoothly on Tho' soft billows of the lawn, Anrf drift out across the ninin Of pur childish dreams again; Voyime off, beneath the trees, O'er the field's enchanted seas, Wh<}re the lilies arc our sails, And our sea-gulls, nightingales; Lose all troubles, gain release Lnngor, and exceeding pence, Cruising idly o'er the vast, Cn]m v mi(i.ocean of the past. Let | us rest ourselves a bit Worry? Wave your hand to it Kiss your fingertips and smile It farewell a little while. —James Whitcomb Riley. rmV . . . we'll say it's hot! But NOT at the cool— o W Here is one of (lie dramatic screen hits of the year! Leslie HOWARD —and— Bette Davis "OF HUMAN BONDAGE" — S A T U R D A Y— IA/CT lliivc sni(1 - so much about "Wrt.™ 1 ""r big rlotthle programs thai-all wt: can say now is <> f? — thai It's a real bargain at tOC Oui.ist. feature Is an action filled nnd-dramulic western with an old favorite — *4rEEiE No.- I of'oiir Sci-ial Rin-Tin-Tin Jr. First son of the greatest of all doR s< .,stnr_8 R1N-TIN-.TIN —In— "The WOLF DOG" Onr 2nd feature is another favorite in one of the best he's ever made! SHE'S HERE- SUN.-MON. SADIE Mr lit E Major and Mrs. Edward Woodford and two little daughters of Little Rock arrived Friday to spend the week end with Misses Marie and Nan. nic Purkins. Miss Nina Carter of Monroe, La., is the housa guest of Miss Nancy Ruth Carrigan. Miss Mnry Calvcrt Franklin, who has had n number of social affairs given in her honor the past few weeks was the honorcc at a beautifully appointed evening party; given by Miss Mary Wilson at her home on S. Elm street. The Wilson homo was bright and hospitable with a quantity of midsummer flowers and the young hostess attractively gowned in n dainty evening costume entertained her guests, who also came in evening gowns, at five tables of dominoes. The favors went to Mary Hayncs and Mixie Lou Fuller. Following the game, the hostess, asssited by her mother, Mrs. Robert Wilson served refreshing fruit punch with angel's food cake. The guests for this charming occasion were Nancy Hill, Maxie Lou Fuller, Martha Houston, Mary Hayncs, Mary Ann Llle, Marietta Presley, Eudora Hatcher, Margery Di)dy, Jean Young, Marie Antonette Williams, Beulah Bell Taylor, Frances Irwin, Eleanor Jane Feild, Little Rock, Patricia Williamson, Lady Louise Edwards, Louisville, Ky., Nancy Robins and Jerry Smith. Friends will regret to learn thai Mrs. John Churchman is ill at her home on N. Elm street. Father George F. X. Strassner and Rev. Wallace R. Rogers left Friday for Graysonia where they will hold services at the C. C. C. camp. Mr. and Mrs. H, M. Daniel en route from their home in Oklahoma Cily from a visit with relatives in Corinth, Miss., arrived Friday afternoon for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Hanegan. Miss Elizabeth Bcrnicr is spending the week end with relatives in Idnbcl, Okla. Honoring her house guests, Miss Jane Doyle and Miss Corrinnc Edwords of Little Rock, Miss Lynette McKamic entertained 16 couples at t>. most delightful dance Thursday cv_ ening at.her home on W. Third street. Dancing was enjoyed throughout the evening and tempting sandwiches were served with fruit punch. Honoring the visiting Rirls of the younger set and in celebration of her eleventh birthday anniversary, Miss Marie Antonnctte Williams entertained a group of her young friends nt a most enjoyable bunking party Wednesday evening nt her home on East Third street. A most tempting picnic supper was enjoyed and a delightful breakfast was enjoyed Thursday morning. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Slusscr spent Saturday in Little Rock, the guests of Judge and Mrs. R. F. Milwee. Saenger Contest Half Completed Mattie Evans First, With Mrs. 0. Williams a Close Second Again standing Saengor.Hollywood Tour contest as Atlanta Captures First-Half Flag Texans Wins Final of Playoff Series by 12 to 11 Here there are changes in the Atlanta settled the first-half pen. of the contestants in the nant dispute here Thursday afternoon ~ ' with a 12 to 11 victory over the Storks. It was the fourth and final game of the series, n fifth contest not being necessary. Hope took the first game of the play.off scries, but dropped the last three. Both teams continued to hit hard, which has been n feature throughout the series, Hoep getting 13 safeties and Atlanta 12. Four errors on the part of the Stork players was f. big factor in the Atlanta scoring. Miscuos were marked up Bgainst Zllley, C. Schooley, D. Wells and B. Wells. Atlanta took the lead from the start and held it until the last of the seventh, the Storks tying it up with a run. 7*he eighth inning was scoreless, but Atlanta put over the winning run in their half of the ninth. Atlanta— Ab. R. H. Hanner, 3b 5 2 1 Belcher, Ib 520 McGalvary, c 511 Henderson, rf 501 Allday, 2b 522 Stone, If 522 Decker, If 522 Pcttlt, ss 3 1 1 Mayz, p 201 Taylor, p 201 Glass, p 1 0 0 Maurice Chcvnjier is wondering just who the winner will be? as counted by Dr. Don Smith and Man ager Arthur S'wanke, and re-checked by Wjjltcr E. Hussman of the Star. The following is the third week's standing of the five remaining contestants: 1. No. S, Mattie Evans 17,665 Totals 43 Hope— Ab. Cook, cf 2 Riley, Ib 3 C. Schooley, If 6 D. Wells, ss 6 B. Schooley, rf 4 V. 'Schooley, rf 1 B. Wells, 3b, p 12 12 R, H. 4 1 Glass, cotton and class wool are being manufactured, and soon we can expect glass clothing—if only to make it easier to see thruogh some of our acquaintances. CHURCHES First Methodist "How We May Know God," will be the subject of the pastor's sermon at the morning hour, 10:55 o'clock. The choir will sing "Seek Ye the Lord," by Roberts. Mrs. Routon will play "Morning Song" by Bidwell, for the prelude and "To a Wild Rose," by MacDowell, for the offertory. "Your Place" and Mine," will be the .subject of the evening sermon by the pastor. The service will begin at 8 o'clock. Congregational singing. The church school meets at 9:45 o'clock. The young people meet in their group service at 7:15 o'clock. P 2 Elliott, 2b 3 •i. No. 10, Mrs. O. Williams 17,055 I McC l cn don. c . . 5 3. No. G, Evelyn Simpson 15,340 Rcid 2b 3b 4 4. No. 8, Pudgy Bernier 13,370 !5. No. 'A, Cro'lar Walters 11,680 Tlicrc isn't any doubt but that next week will again show up some startling changes nnd the fact must be kept in mind that the young woman who shows the greatest amount of ambition in selling these tickets is the one who is going to this wonderful free trip to Hollywood with all ex. pcnscs paid by the Saenger. Next week, contest days will again bet on Tuesday and Wednesday, when Gary Grant comes in his newest picture, "Kiss and Make Up," with fascinating Gcnevievc Tobin co-starring. An additional feature attraction for both days will be the complete Bacr and Camera fight pictures. Lost Child Carried to Hospital the week with the Frazier family. Mrs. Will Age and children, Clyta Verne and Billy Dan, arid W. P. Agee Sr of Hope were Sunday' gueste of Mr. and Mrs. Claud Agee. A very pleasant affair Was the si. | union of the Smith family held at the home of Mr. and Mrs.. Luther Emaciated,•weak, and torn by brambles and briers,"21-month-old Bobby Connor was given an even chance to survive the adventure in which he was missing five days. He was found crawling in the brush near his home at Hartsdale Masor, N. Y., and is seen here being carried to a hospital after a policeman found him in the woods. Smith and Mrs. Laura Smith last Sunday. A picnic luncheon was served on the lawn to the following relatives and friends: Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Mon, roe, Mr. and Mrs, Gray Carrigan, Mr, and Mrs. A. F. Smith, MfS. Jennie Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith,, Mr. and Mrs. A. A, Keel of Port Arthur, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Smith, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Latimer of Nashville, Mr. and Mrs, Cyrus Honea of Blevins, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Jett of Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Lat Moses, Mrs. OIlie Bliss of Little Rock, Mrs. Kate Holt, Mrs. Dan Gren and Misses Mary and Edna Jones of Hope, Miss Imogen Jett of Little Rock, Sammie Smith, Trenton Kell, Svelyn Timber, lake, Eleanor, Charles, Larry and Paul Keel, Fred and- Mabel Jean Smith, Gilbert and Percy Honca, Jack and Ann Moses, Samuel and Kendall Smith, Lucy Martin and JoAnn Car- rngan. The London County Council 16 Jft- sieling on the banks of the Rivet 1 ' Thames being raised in 1500 placet ia| the effort to prevent floods. DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk . THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 Shampoo, color rinse, finger and oil manicure all for Permanent Jl.OO and up Mary's Beauty Shop Phone 281 Cannon Apartments FOR SALE 1030 Studehaker 1928 Oakland 1929 Bulck Hempstead Motor Co. Phone 850 207 East Third Totals 41 11 13 Auto License Fees Above 2 Millions Collections to July 15th Exceed Total for Last Year LITTLE ROCK —(/P)— Exceeding the 2-million-dollar mark for the first time in two years motor vehicle li_ ctnsc fees were said Friday by the State Revenue Department to have already passed by more than $300,000 the total collected last year. Collections up to July 15 amounted to $2,010,971, and almost 180,000 indi. vidual licenses have been issued. LANGER'S FACTION (Continued from Page One) 666 Liquid, Tables, Salve, Nose Drops Checks Malaria In 3 days, Colds First day, Headaches or Neuralgia In 30 minutes. FINE LAXATIVE AND TONIC Most Speedy Remedies Known. Cool Off Install a Shower Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Appliances Phone 259 UNIFIED AIR FORCE Potatoes EXTRA NICE PECK 2Oc 75c O'Cedar Mops 49c Box Bacon ALL KINDS- POUND 27c Ribbon Cane SYRUP GALLON 65c POTATO CHIPS Large Package 3™ 25c Fresh Peaches, Cantaloupes and Watermelons MIDDLEBROOKS Phone 606 As Near As Your Phone (Continued from Page One) 12 planes, the expansion will mean addition of nearly 500 planes to carry out the British plan to make this country equal in air strength to any power within striking distance. A leading air authority said that the number of first line aircraft of Great Britain at the end of 193.1 was 840, and that the 41 new squadrons would bring it to about 1,300. "The rate at which this program can be carried out must depend upon various considerations, including finance, which I cannot specify now," said Baldwin. "We hope, however, so to space out the work as not to muke an unmanageable addition to the estimates in any one year." "Ever since the war, successive governments of this country have actively pursued a policy of international disarmament," Baldwin said. "In our efforts to further this policy we have reduced our own armaments to a dangerously low level in the hope that others would follow our lead." revoking Langer's special call wa! questioned by some members who refused to participate in the deliberations. Olson sat in his executive offices ignoring the special assemblies. He had posted his revocation proclamation on the doors of the two houses A committee was named to wait on tiie governor announcing the house was ready to hear his message. Presumably Langer was referred to. The latest fashion advice from Paris is to tint your hair and enamel the fingernails to mantch your costume— if you don't care to have yaur friends notice your new dress. Washington Little Miss Nell Jean Byers is spending the week with her grandpar. ents. Judge and Mrs. R. L. Byers of Shover Springs. Mrs. C. S. Parker and son Carl Jr., of Fort Worth have returned to their home after a wek's visit with Mr. and Ylrs. Melson Frazier. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Brewer and children, Dora Louise and Jeanette of Gum Springs spent sevral days with Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Delony this week. Miss Annie Jo Timberlake of Blev- ns and LukeTimberlake of June, La., are the guests of their cousins. Miss Evelyn Ru ,h and Roscoc Timberlake. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hunt of Rocky Mound were the week end guests of tier parents, Mr. and. Mrs. Jim Bearden. Miss Jeanette Prince of DeQueen is the guest of Miss Virginia Stuart. Mrs. M. H. Stewart, Mrs. Melson Frazier and Mrs. Gray Carrigan were Tuesday visitors in DeQueen. Mrs. Sallie L. Etter and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Etter Jr. visited Mr. 'and Mrs. C. N. Trimble and family, and Mr. and Mrs. J A Wilson in ElDo. rado last Sunday Little Miss Evelyn Ann May has returned from Texarkaan where she spent two weeks with her grand, mother. Miss Lois Wimberly of New Orleans and Mrs. Susie Barrow of Nashville spent the week end with relatives here. Miss Nita Mac Kolb of Texarkana is here this week visiting the family oi W. V. Frazier. Miss Ella Monroe spent Thursday in Nashville. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Elmore spent Sunday in Arkadelphia with their daughter, Miss Fannie Jane, who is attending summer school at Ouachita college. Mr, and Mrs. Olin Davidson, Mrs Lou Barr and Miss Lois Barr of Hous Help The Star gauge the extent of recovery in Southwest Arkansas by filling out and mailing the coupon be~ low at once to "The Recovery Editor," Hope Star, Hope, Ark. Your signature is required as evidence of good faith, but your replies will be kept strictly confidential and used only in tabulation of totals. 3 MORE TESTIFY (Continued from Page One) soon need a good criminal lawyer." | "I have been trying to get him a I long time, and when these affidavits 1 become public they will bust Holly; wood wide open." | Mrs. Hurman, whom Davis identified 1 as Mi's. Pearl Ownings, who has tes_ i lified for the slate that she walked I unannounced into Miss DeLong's a- purtmcnl at the height of the alleged party April 26, also was^resent in the dentist's office, the lawyer said. "Mrs. Harman at that time told Harman lie needn't claim all the ' credit," Davis testified. "She said she ! was entitled to some." + SALE * COOL Summer Wash Dresses $2.95 LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP "Excusivo But Not Expensive" Are YOU Better Off Than You Were Last Year? "... the simplest way for each of you to judge re* covery lies in the plain facts of your own individual situation." —From President Roosevelt's message to the American people, June 28,1934. /^HECK here your answers to the president's own questions: YES •i "Are you better off than you NO were last year?" O "Are your debts less burdensome?" O "Is your bank account more secure?" A "Are your working conditions better?" _, "Is your faith in your Individ- S tial future more firmly ground- J eel?" 6 "Have you lost any of your rights or liberty or constitutional freedom of action or choice?" n D n n n n n a a D n Name Address Occupation ton are spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Williams. Mrs. Hugh Latimes of Nashville visited Mrs. Luther Smith last week. Miss Edna Jones of Hope was a week end guest of Mrs. Laura Smith. Mrs. E. B. Black, Mrs. C. M. Williams, Mrs. Roxie Redmond and A. r. Black weer Hope visitors last Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Chisholm Jelt and Mrs. OIlie Bliss of Little Rock visited relatives hero -ast week. Mrs. Isabell Onstead, candidate for tax assesor, spent Monday in Washington in the interest of her candidacy, i Mrs. John Card is spending the week i in Shover Springs and Bodcaw. ' Mr. and Mrs. Guy Car dand little ] daughter of Hopean d Mr. and Mrr. ' L. M. Caudle and daughters, Mary and Marjorie were the Sunday guests . of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Card. | Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie May and tittle Jimmie spent the week end in Texarkana. Miss Edna Nesbitt of Blevins spent A Priceless TREASURE Why not make a habit of taking a picture of your baby every month. In the years to come it will give you a record of his baby days that you will consider a "Priceless Treasure." If you do not have ,a Kodak buy a roll of films from us and we will loan you one. For complete satisfaction be sure to get the genuine Kodak films. If you arc leaving .on your vacation drop a few rolls in your bag. John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Deliver We Give Eagle Stamps ... is appearing almost daily in the advertisements on the inside pages of this newspaper. Important—yes more important than "Front Page Stuff" because it effects your pocket book. Tremendous savings will be effected by reading every word of these advertisements. Clearing time for merchants is Saving time for you. Buy The Advertised Product Every Time Hope Star Week-End SPECIALS For the Mid-Summer MENUS Prepared Spaghetti 2 c™ 13c CHERRIES RED PITTED L Cans (CDC OLIVES SULTANA PLAIN—QUART 31c BLUE RIBBON MAlT-can 67c WHEATIES CEREAL-Pkg. 12c THE A&P COFFEE TRIG-SPECIALLY PRICED EIGHT O'CLOCK—Mild and Mellow, Lb ...19c RED CIRCLE—Rich and Full Bodied, Lb 21c BOKAR—Vigorous and Winey, Lb 2Sc GRANDMOTHER'S BREAD—Loaf 7c PAN ROLLS, Doz....5c LAYER CAKES....23c DELICIOUS RAISIN BREAD—Loaf 9c Flour Veri- Good 24 Lb. 82c 48 Lb. $1.59 National Biscuit Vanilla Brightons, Lb 18c Rajah Salad Dressing—Pint 17c Quart 29c CALUMET BAKING POWDER—i Lb. can....23c GRAPE NUTS—Package 17c SWANSDOWN CAKE FLOUR 31c POST TOASTIES—Large lie Instant Postum, sm 25c Post Bran Flakes....IQc HIRE'S ROOT BEER EXTRACT—Bottle 24c NECTAR TEA— ft Lb ...17c >/ 2 Lb. .29c Comet Rice 2 Lb. pkg Raisin Bran .13t 17c Lipton's Tea O1 4* i/ 4 Lb. pkg......... ** • * Puffed Wheat lie OLD MUNICH MALT SYRUP—Can 57c PENN-RAD MOTOR OIL 100% Pure Pennsylvania 2 Gal. Can $1.25 2 Quart Can 37c 2 Gal. Ex. Heavy..$1.33 2 Gal. Tractor $1.38 PRODUCE SPECIALS ORANGES, California—Dozen ..27c ICEBERG LETTUCE—2 Heads 9c New Crop SWEET POTATOES—Lb 6c Colorado Fresh CABBAGE—Lb 5c CELERY—CARROTS—LEMONS—BANANAS LIMES, Doz IQc CORN, Ear 2c —MEAT DEPARTMENT— CHEESE BROOKF1ELD—FULL CKEAM—LB. 15c Tall Korn Sliced Bacon-Lb. 20c Beef Roast or Steak—Lb. IQc LOAF MEAT FRESH GROUND 3 Ib 25c DRESSED—NICE SIZE-EACH 35c PICNICS SWIFT'S CIRCLE S—Shankless—LB. 15c Watch Our Window For Added Specials

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