Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 20, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, July 20, 1934
Page 2
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Thy t • "' i Mi Star Fatee Report! „ Puttisned *v*ry week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. f <C. &/JUMW * Ate*. H. Wasbtwnj>, *< The Star building, 212-214 South street, Hope, Arkansas. C. R P&LMEK, President At&t. R. WASHBURN; Editor add Efrttfld Ct SMafirt-elass matter at the postofffce at Hope, Arkanta* trtdst the Act of Itotefe 3, W97. Xtt* n«w«p«t»r Is tit Institution developed by modern olvll- totlott to pNMnt th* new* of th* day, to fester commero* and Industry, Wirier clrtttlated adVeftfswhents, andl to furnish that check Upon It *Weh no constitution has ever been able to ptevide."-~CoL It Hate CAltfays Payable to Advance)? By city carrier", pet 'Jgpfe l^sJ* ta*4n^f&.7S} «w year $5.00. By mail, In Hempstead, Nevada, J ""er anil taFay*efte counties, $S,S0 per year; elsewhere $$.00. Member of TRe Associated Pttft: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for rspnblkation of all news dispatches credited to it or Pot othenyiite fa-edited li> fhte papa? and also the local news published her«in. Kattorfal Advertising tepwsentatlves: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis, Temt, StettcK Bldg.; Waw York City, Qrayb« BW«,> Chicago, IB.., 75 E, WacX- «f« Drive; Detroit, Mich., 7338 WoddWatd Avfc; St. Ldflls, Me, Star BWg. » rir —-ii __^_J^___J_JL__ J _J_I_^ ^^^^^^ , --- t1B - l -|--] T - jmjluJJJJJ _j t _ JJ j_ J ^_^_ L __ [ ... ,_^.. _, . - Cfarxfe «m Tftbirte-1, Etei Chargas will b# nw&j for all b-ibwtes. canfe <tf thanks «rsTtflutt<5fi$ or me-rnerialsi coiWeraing {he departed, CoffiffieteM ilcwspaperi hold to this policy in the news columns to protect theit renders frera tf ddugff of spaoe-teking memorials, The Star disclaims responsibility fof the safe»&^epitig or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Health By D& W>RRfS FISHBEW * ?„!•'< •'-"'' " ; • EdMorf Jteft^a of 'flu» American f MWleaf il&teriattea, ana of "• Hjteela, the Health Magazine YOUR CHILDREN By Olive Roberts Barton Pain While'BreathIns Is A Sljrt, of Plenrby j) > *-•——*— , Although the infectious chest condi- lio'ti called pleurisy comes most often t during, cold weather, as do other such conditions of the respiratory tract, you should know, even during these hot suinmer days, exactly what to do about this in the evefit of an attack. Pleurisy is a condition that relates •to^the membrane covering the lungs and lining the chest cavity. This membrane is called the pleura. fin the" chest eavity, ordinarily, the lurigsJ rnovet freely when breathing. If j however, you should feil a sharp pain, during breathing, the pain usually is referred'to the plau**.' When infection is -present there is swelling, : inflama- tzod and the pouring out-of a fluid. Persons who work under, conditions of poor ventilation, or dusty surroundings, or in the presence of other cases Of infection of the lungs, are more likely to be affected by pleurisy than are- others. Ways to Revive Near Victims of Drowning How to revive victims of water accidents is dearly outlined by Olive Roberts Barton in the ac- cempcnying article. It is another in her series. On Summer Accidents. It is amazing in this day and age how many people are completely helpless in case of water accidents. Most children swim somewhere nowadays. How "different from :twenty years ago when most youngsters- were afraid to wet their toes. Children learn rules for first aid these days in ^school and camp, but comparatively few adults are informed of the processes of getting water out of logged lungs, or encouraging respiration after a near-dorwning accident It is time to learn at least the rudiments of the procedure as there is rto time to run for a book it is well established that! when *«*. an event occurs germs are usually the cans* of pleur- i Artificial Breathing isy, it is recognized that exposure to If a child is fished out of a creek the elements, fatigue and exhaustion may give the germs opportunity to or pool, to all appearance dead, the first thing to take for granted is that irrvade the body and bring about in-i he is no such thing. Shout [your Jr ' 3 " lungs out for someone to get the nearest doctor, but act while you can. Pick up the child (if he is small en- fection You can tell -when you get pltfur- isjr By Reeling pain with every breath, Breathing is likely to be short, rapid and shalloyr.".You. will try to keep the affected side ps quiet as possible, tending to "lean fotvard that side and to res|t upon it, and in this way keep it mfire- quiet during 1 sleep. People with pleurisy'" will resent motion of the trunk and frequently will be observed holding _ihe painful side with their haYid. '_ Becau_sV of the difficulty in breathing, yoti-also will have a cough that is painful, hut which does not bring HIT infected material. When"--a doctor examines a person Vacation Post Cards , T«««: MA.V TM£ .vV&CWMfc ASfe feUT t Ncm<etouNe^tsw iea A Pofifkaf the Star Is authorised to unnouno* the following as candidate* subject to the nctlort of the Democratic primary election August 14, 1034. For State Senator (ZOth District) JOHN L. WtLgQN For Shetlrt «3EOfi(Jfi W. SCHOOLBY W, AUfiRY LfiWIS CLAftENCfi E. BAKEft J. fi. (JIM) BEARDEN Cotmty & Probate Judge H. M. STEPHENS Cmtntf & Probnte Clork RAY E. M'DOWELL JOHN W. Centerville Mrs. Cecil Richard of Piney Grove spent a few days last week with his- uncle and auntj Mr. and Mrs. Carl Richards. Miss Martha Jane Jones returned' to her home last Sunday after spending a few days with Mr, and Mrs. WaL ter Boyett of Hope. Jim Gleghorn of Dierks spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. L, Oleghorn. Mrs. Ella Powell of Texarkana is spending a fed days with her daughte Mrs. Carl Richards. Quite a few of the young folks enjoyed the dance Wednesday night given by Mr. and Mrs..Carl Richards. with Mr. and Mrs. Clurnece Raddcn. Lester Lynsuy of Wnlclo, Ark., visited hi.s cousin Mrs. Millitan and son Jeff, a few clay last week. The town of Kohlhunden, Germany, recently experienced the first birth of male children in a decade, when u villager gave birth to male twins. Mr. Calhoun and Otto Radden of, Only girls have been born in the Gcr- ncar Harmony spent Saturday night man hamlet since 1924. SOPHIE KERR'S SUPERB LOVE STORY ough to handtejhis way) by his feet and. shake"him to let the water run out of his lungs. Then lay him on the ground, on his stomach, with his head turned to one side and his jaws open. Something soft and flat may be put under his: 'head. Better so. Then take his elbows in your two hands and press them against his ribs, then raising his arms'above his head. Repeat the movement regularly to stimulate breathing. This artificial breathing must be. done evenly, smoothly and not too fast. About 20 times to j the minute. Keep it up and do not *ii_ *t^ «" ^ . *> i 1 "**• niiiiMi.^. .k^ccjj 11 uy aiiu uu nui. with pteunsy, he is able to hear with get discouraged. The best posirjon his steaioscope a number of sounds for the Worker is straddling the pa- which help hm m hjs diagnosis. Onej tient with both Knees on the ground( . of ftese sounds ,s the cracking and lubbing, due to the fact that the pleura is , not smooth, and therefore, rubs during breathing. In an attack of pleurisy there are a r nnmber of things that you can do to 'get relief 'from the pain. J'irst; of course, is quiet rest in bed. Second comes the application of heat arm cold, facing the head.: Don't let people crowd around who are not needed to help. Tight clothes or bands should be loosened or cut, but do not lose time fumbling, or talking. Evrey- thitfg must count. His life is hanging j on what you do. Reviving Adults If the chikl is older arid too big to Usually an ice bag applied to the D « picked up by his heels to drain painful area gives more relief than I his lungs, use the method practiced does heat. Some persons, however, j with adults. Lay him- stomach: down seem to have greater comfort with the tuyt application than the cold. Qf course anything that will keep chest quiet will help- relieve the of- the best methods of keeping chftst quiet is to strap the side on the ground, his face sideways, his arms outstretched and fold a ciat under his chesf and abdomen to allow the water to run out of his mouth. If there is no coat don't wait to send for something. Roll up two or three bathing suits or anything handy to give concerned with adhesive tape. These [ the needed elevation. Do not look sirspg''osualry are' put on at right an- [ for a barrel. There won't be any. gles to the spine. . | Now straddle him, or if easier put ' *" ^ m i one knee between his legs. The • knees should be even with his hips t or nearly so. Then place the palms ' of your two hands on the small of his back, fingers on ribs; now swing your body forward and press down. Keep elbows stiff. As you bear down your shoulders will ;be above your hands. Then quickly throw yourself back. "Spies and the Next War," by Rich-! Count a second or so and repeat the gesture. About fifteen times to the iN HERE: TODAY JA7VI3 TERRY comes to New y«nrk determine* to nho-W Htt hom<- t<v\TFl, Mnrliorg, and evjieclqHr AMY JACKSON tiknt »be ami iiinUc ii irrteecu* of her life. Amy Imd lii'cn her bvxt frlrnd until HOWARD JACKSON hrokr tlie engncc- incfit Janr bad- forced upon blm mid iiMirff^il Amy. In r^c%v York Janv olifufim a po- Nlfian In n re»> futnte olllcp nntl Moon In mnUlnA; n Inrpe iTt^ome. <<bi- Iran nn dfTnlr irlth KOfilCH THnrKPTT, nnirrlpd. bat tlrc» of him. \Vlicn b« niter* lo bcnrr the expcnnc of their chilli nhn Oftn- fc'itiprtfoirivly dl*ntlnxe* lifni. Aniy tnhcx (be bnl>y< iir»me<» NANCY. promtalng^ never' to revenl Itft nnr* iMitoKp. She can never quite »tlll the fimf that June wHl ionic rime try to rnke the child. Amorton enter* the World Wnr iindf IlnWnr<f decider to cnllut In tht* iirlffitan cori'M^ A>t>y«- lieorr* Klrlt over thl« Impending nepnrn- rlnn, f« nnllu'ed t'a> [tiny Iios(e«» to n coiiinienceiiK'iit dinner pnrty at' which Jane U n tcueit. .SOW CO O.V WITH THE. STORY CHAPTER XXVI 4fr"E>UT yon'lt play for us, Jnat a little," said-Mr, Barney gen- lally. "I know we-Ye due at the meeting, but we can't go without hearing you." "But I wonder — " began Amy. She did not want to play. She was afraid ot the emotion of music tonight. Edgar and ,^ v .. Alice' ge'cbn'ded'Iitm"'w / f£li: "I almost: never get a cbauce to hear you." ' "1 don't either," said Miss Rosa-. "Come along, child. You don't have to be coaxed." Jane did not want to hear any music. It would simply bdeip Ainy in the limelight still longer, but she must appear generous and amiable before Howard. "Of course Amy must play for us," she said, and made room on the sofa for Howard to sit beside her and listen. How- j directly. "It's still got the same ard was not looking at her and | dnb standards and Ideas," ard W. Rowan, is one of the most qifietly terrfying. hooks that seem to minute. It must be done rhythmical- diow the fabric of civilization split- { fr and regularly without interruption, ting wide open and letting the ract' When you are tired have someone drop right down into the pit. I ready on the instant to take your Undertaking to tell what military | place without lost motion. Keep your espionage is apt to he like in the next j head. Grimly determine that you are great war, Mr. Rowan winds up fay j going to save that life if it takes giving Us a picture of the next wari hours. It may take one, two or three. itself; arid the picture is an nnspeak- Even four hours. able dreadful one. | Give a Warm Drink to begin whh that there B time the doctor {here , me e octo probably won the any forma I declare- . the chad win have had will loose on the other side of the border. These spies will blow up factories, railroads', bridges and highways. They will infect herds of eattle with such diseases as anthrax, bomb food warehouses, fire gas tanks and so on. They j long long time. His whole system has i had a shock. Don't make him talk. j It pays to practice the motion of : hands and at the right place. A squeezing but firm and slightly forward pressure that acts as a pump. have. their own little gsune* Bombing and «a* attacks will b* infinitely mate destructive than anything in th« World War. The front-liW soldiers will probably be actually safer than the women and children baolc home. The chances are «'»««« trouble NEXT: Scalds and burns. say. Indeed, he doesn't need to. You very good that a "bacteriological of- can figure that all out for yourself, all be adopted. I to tawly. Prentice took the place, Howard moved over beyond the piano so that he coulrt see Amy's face and be away from everyone else. She did not ask them- w2at they wanted to hear, but began Involuntarily the Pranck Prelude with H<=f questionings of man's destiny. Its" search for the sustenance ot faith and hope; then on Into the Chorale where these questionings are answered with noble wisdom. Immortal grace, and harmony Is wrought between human insignificance and human aspiration. The music reached them all, even Jane, but Jane the least. Jane tried to find it show-offish and solemn. Yet it impressed her and made ber HI at ease, and though she rose tm- . By Sophie Kerr tmr?? Thf.t would be funnier than Amy's wedding dress! I'm gratetal to Amy for sparing mo that. I really am." "You don't sound grateful. You sound," Miss Ilosa continued shrewdly, "as K you liail tried to hurt Amy in some way and It hadn't como off. There's nobody we dislike so much as people we'd like to hurt and can't, or people wo have hurt without auy reason. U'» because it proves they are bigger than we are." "Oh, dear Aunt Ilosa, pleaso don't moralize. It doesn't suit you." Jane yawned, "I might as well go tt> tied. I believe I'll go back to New York tomorrow. I don't lilto to be away long, Everything's so unsettled with this stupid war. I wish to heaven I knew how long It's go- Ing to last, and what effect it'll have on real estate." J ANE had not Intended actually to Ho to her aunt whon she said that Amy was goln^ on to a Commencement party. She had thought It quite possibly true. It was true In BO much that Amy was supposed to appear .if. Frofcnsor Lowe's and help her mother through an evening with a group of visiting trustees' wlven, whoso husbands were attending the same meeting to which Barney and Prentice had to go. Howard was needed at Professor Ellert's and he and Barney had left together. Edgar Moreland «tnd Alice lingered. "Call up your mother and say you can't get rid of un," said Edgar, "She's capable of coping with millions of trustee ladles, bo they ever so strange. I don't want to go, j »„ , , ,,, Neither does Alice. We want to sit it do you wane? asked Miss light-minded "I must eay It's a relief to ^ Qm] lmye ymj p]ny ag gome low-brow stuff, don't wo Alice?" "Yes, find I want some more cake!" said Alice. "It was grand, that cake. I only had half a slice." "Alice, !£ you get fat I won't I you rush off right away? Amy might havp kept on playlug for us, even If the rest of them did have to go. I could have stayed there listening to her forever." • • * *. J ANE was fitting a .'clgaret In the" long jade holder. "On. she had to show up at one of the Commencement parties, too," she said. "Someone said so. That wife of Edgar's. I think It was." "Now, there's a nice little soul!" Miss Rosa exclaimed. Jane laughed without mirth. "Aunt Rosa, you must be losing your grip. Since when did' you begin to think so much of sweet little creatures who keep house nicely and have good manners? Yon know that girl's a bnn»y for brains. She's just a—a poultice for Edgar's feeling' about Amy, an easy soothing poultice." - Miss Rosa's first Impulse was to reply: "You always were peeved because tbh boys liked Amy better than you," but she repressed It- She had come to be a trifle wary of this competent, assured and ruthless Jane. She wanted to propitiate Uer. So instead 9f the glhe about Jane's jealousyj Miss floss "merely re-marked, "Maybe 1 BO, maybe so," adding with politic Intent. "Well, neither Alice Morelaud nor Amy ever bad a dress that touched that one you've got on, Jane. It's what I call real style." Jane shrugged off the compliment. All the style In ttte world didn't seem to bring' her any nearer to what she wanted moat. "Marburg doesn't progress at all," said Jane, going at her subject in- What Rosa. "I must Bay tne to have things go along about the same year after year." "That's because you're old," nald Jane cruelly. It was a, relief to strike at someone. "But here, alter all. It', a college town full ot young j ' warl)fid ' people nine months of the year. It' ought to keep up with the times a little." M ISS ROSA might be losing lier grip, and she might be anxious to retain Jane's amity, but this was a Mt too much. "Oh, be specific," she naid. "Whore are we so far oe- triad the times? I'm sure we're all organizing for war work, and there are lots of automobiles around. Too mediately to go when the musfc j many. I think. And we've got all some ot ) ier time." — b Maybe I'd rather eat my cake and lose you." "You won't lose him," said Amy. "Edgar's an old sticker. I'll see If l)je kitchen help left any cake, and I'll get some ginger ale and we'll all sit out in the garden and have al! the light-minded fall; there Js. I'd lovn it." "No mnro music?" "I don't feel up to it after that Franck. I'll play hours for you ceased— no more Amy for me to- the conveniences and a gooil many dued. she thought— she was sub- She couldn't flash about and be .smiling and provocative while majesty still echoed through the room. She was glad to get away. And wlieu Prentice, wno insisted ou taking her and Miss Kosa btame before ho went ou to the trustees' meetiug, began to ask for her address in the city— "1 work lu Chicago. Due 1 take time off to play In New York, tia lia! 1 '— slie told him coolly that Ucr oftice was In the tejepljoue book and made a mental note to warn Mrs, Audrews that slie was out if lie- called up. "It was (be most agreeable eve- I've spent tor a ioug ilflie," Ju$t what all of this will do to mod-. Published by McBride this book sells I said Miss llosa wheu Mr. Prentice of the discomforts a bigger pl:ice would have. Of course, our factories aren't worth mentioning, but that's no deprivation when you look at Hopaonville. Socially people aren't exactly raw, I'd say." "But they are. Look at that dinner tonight! One tnald to serve eight people, making everything ! Fdgar. "1 sefcl]JS terribly slow! And those flowers Tax Assessor WTRS. ISABELLE ONSTKAI* R. L. (LEE) JONES C. C. (CRIT) STUART Road Overseer (DcRoan Township) E. L. SULLIVAN L. S. MAtJLDIN FRED A. LUCK Howard. But it sounds as If yuu ; lia |f.ubsently. sue was wondering Still neld it." I ...,.,. rj^ronrtl wntild nmnr honift. pin civilization, Mr. Kowan does notj for 12.50. "Now that's silly. Can you I bad left. "Bui wuat cm earth made! ine m« as a orofessor's wile la Mar- [ 1 when Howard would coinc homo. ' 133-1. by Sophie Kerr) School Refunding Is Given Approval 8 District Contracts Allowed by State Education Board LITTLE ROCK — The State Bonnl of Education, meeting at the capitol Thursday approved refunding con. tracts for eight school dill-lets; tenta- tivly approved eight others, rejected two, and tightened regulations affect. K refunding contracts. The proposed contract oC the Puldski County Special School District with the Arkansas Municipal Bond Bureau to refund the district's outstanding bonds of $605,000 was approved tentatively, subject to adjustment of minor details concerning maturity dates. The contract provides for reduction of interest rates to 2 1.2, four, 4 1-2 and five preen t on various issues for the next 10 years, after which the contract rales of 4 1-2, 5, 5 1.2 anil 6 per cent would be resumed for the remainder of the life of the 20-year refunding bonds. Refunding $644,000 in bonds of the Hot Springs School District by T. J. Raney &t Sons, with a reduction of me per cent interest on all issues for five years, after yhich the contract rates would be resumed, was approved. FJjclay, July.20^ 1934 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark GLORIFYING YOURSELF T'otinrfnflon Cream Helps Sktn HoW Nalural Otis Foundation creams and lotions not j only make powder stay on the skin longer, but they serve to protect delicate tJsssues from the drying .effects of sunshine, wind and dust. Unless she has proved to her own satisfaction that he skin looks better without one, every woman needs some kind of a powder base. Of course, there are a few girls who need no foundation. If you happen to come in that category, invest your money on beauty preparations that you do need. For instance, some skins have enough natural oil to retain powder. And these only look smeared and untidy if a foundation is forced on them. You arc your own best judge in such matters—simply try two or three diferent kinds. If none improves the skin's appearance, omit foundation for a few clays and sec how that works. Some of the new foundation creams can be mixed with water or skin tonic. These are often very satisfactory and, in addition, seem to have a cooling effect on the skin. Simply put a little cream in the ptrlm of one- hand, pour in a few drops of cold skin tonic and mix well, Then, after rubbing palms together, smooth the cool mixture over the face and neck. Alice put a slender arm around Amy; "I kuow. It would bo a crin'fi to listen to trash .-liter that." The garden was sweet and dark and cool. "It was a lovely party," Alice, arranging her ruffles. 'Am: wasn't Janic a show!" said wouldn't have missed all her plumage for a farm. Was she giving the villagers la tvoat! She looked very stunning, in the center ot the table, and t.tie jj fflufi£ £ay> hut she's the same old hostess In a etrnngs old drcsi' thai | ,,j Bie _j wouldn't, trust her around belonged to a museum-" J the corner." Jane.' said Miss Hosa'slowly, "I ! ..pon't pay any attention to him, thought you weru all over your ! f grudge against Amy for marrying i ," said Amy. "lie's always a down on Jane." She spoke rfCoDVrig (T . o Bv Continued.) Center Point Rev. L. L. Midlebrooks of Rosston will fil! his appointment here Sunday July 22nd, at II o'clock and he will start a revival that will last several clays. The public is invited to attend. The many friends of Mr. Jim May regret to learn of his death which occurecl Wednesday afternoon at the Josephine hospital in Hope Minor May was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright. W. W. right attended the funeral of Jim May at Holly Springs Thursday afternoon. Jim and Radius Voss who spent several days last week with Mr. and Mrs. J. . Galloway and children left Thursday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Henry Voss and family of near Bright Star. Mrs. A. L. Caudle and children, Iva Nell anl A. L. Jr., spent Thursday afternoon v/ith Mrs. W. W. Wright. Bus Tunstall was in Hope Thursday afternoon. J. B. Wright spent Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Wright. Mrs. Walter Hood! and son spent a while Saturday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright. Mrs. Hood will leave' Hope Monday for Bastrop, Lu., where they will make their home. Joe Lowthorp of Hope was a caller at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright Saturday afternoon. Mi. ancT Mrs. Luther Galloway and baby of near Hintou spent the week end Visiting relatives near Bodcaw. Alvirt Galloway and daughter Helen Marie of Hope spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Galloway. Mi. and Mrs. Morgan Muy of Hope ^pent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miiy and they called on Mr. and Mrs. Edward May Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Kennedy and children spent Sunday with Mrs. A. L. Caudle and children. "Well, you go toll 'em it ain't so much the pnneiplo of the" thing L'n: vnmetl about, it'.-; Ihu money." -O § IE dJ IP **O rVd C-D V DAN THOMAS GEORGE SCARBO BURNS IP- YOU VAMT A GOOD HAT. ' E^SU.Y i'-UftTH AND LEAVES THE OLD ONE SCHIND jHMAWuCNE DIETWCH'5 HOME VdULSEWlTE ROSES, LILIES GARDENIA?, ANYniMD, BUT ALL WHITE. ' WEFW -TIME HE ACTS. ._ . ._ CGflEETS S0»e Of KEa ypJBJDS 1 K\ HER HOMEWTHAWELU-BuTrtiSED HANDSHAKE.. " -1W Artroue. WL moiciitno, u'e^ mai aij. be. ma W»tU>e. - hcd" and in a. . makina, 29 3 J G INGHAM, linen or pique aj-i; suitable materials for making these matching accessories. Thi.' di-slans exilic tpr sizes 34 to 44. Size 38 i-tiiuiri'.s 2 1-:.' yards of :15 inch fabric with 1-3 yard contrast. To^securu a I'ATTKKX and STK1MJY-8TKI* SKAVIXCJ IX. STRVt'TIOXS, (ill out tliu coupon below, loins suwe to MKVl'ION' U'lIK X.-1MK OK THIS XH\VS1»,U>KK, "., JULIA 110YD, 1013 PARK AVliNUli. NEW YOItK Enclosed is ] 5 cents in coin for Pattern Mo Name Address City State Name of this newspaper ia''i:uyd ! d"!'.'''' 1 - ''• XTT '' :({ ' V »<"'K, with a complete seloeli.m of •araii-ly. (Jr. ii 1 you wani. |A ordfT it with just an additional In wiUx vviili thy c

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