Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 19, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1934
Page 6
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lAGEStX ^jyiftHfUffm^^* I I HI1HH-* _ TVA to Purchase Knoxville Utility tftivate Concern Sells Out to Avoid Municipal Threat HOPE STAlUjtOPE. ARKANSAS Thursday, July 19,1934 ^ -SOPHIE KERR'S GREAWOVEL By Sophie Kcrr KNOXVILLE, Tenn — The CHAPTER XXV T HE last day of Commencemenl the dean's wife telephoned, ID a flurry. "Amy, Rufus Is terriblj sick, one ot those awful stomacfi upsets he has when he gets tod I'm In iMcft a fix—w« IvNUA VlJ-LLf£>, j.eiiu. — \frf — AH.- tireci. nnu i i« *" w«v... — — Tennessee Valley Authority Tuesday wcn? (0 ,, Qve two o f the trusteel ase announced arrangements for purchase dtnner tonight, you know. WH- of properties of the Tennessee Public d ^ , a p rentlce , , f^rvice Company, local utility, -for bur Barney ^^ announced arrangements for purchase of properties of the Tennessee Public Service Company, local ««««*.»' "' f e o) . 0 \A tycoons 89 ever "r? r=pr MBS Ev/^s.'./^. and a maid to serve it. And listen. Amy. there's plenty for n dozen, BO ask some more people If you tee equal to it. There's gallons of soup nnd three roast ducks, and I'll sem cocktails and some really good old Burgundy Rufus has been saving, and. oh. Amy. do give them a rea to turn in their bonds at the issue price of 96%. An agreement was reached with the National Power & Light Company, owners of the Knoxville utility. All the company's property's except the street railway system in Knox«id its transmission line between Wat- her beside him, or if Amy had ar- angea it. At any rate, there she was and she would make the most f it. "1 must finish my story about Mr. Sears." she said, eagerly. 'You remember, the man whose louse you wouldn't help me buy?" At the same time Mr. Barney opened with an easy gambit to Amy: "Aren't those old-fashioned 'Ink Dally roses in your center- ilece? 1 haven't seen any for years. They used to grow In my grandmother's garden in Maryland when was a little chap." "They grow in my garden," said Amy. "They only last a little while, but 1 love the color. And wasn't it clever of Alice to wear a dress that matches them exactly T'" ^iHe"N'li.Tnd'KingVportVTenn. ( tfme. They're both been so gen are included. Knoxville and 27 near-1 eron8 with the Endowment Func by communities will be served with I an ,j we wan t them now to do some- TVA power produced at Music Shoals. tn j ng about the scholarships—you . .11 1.1 T Aft mlah vmi Pflllt The announcement came as the city officials were opening bids for the first unit of a competing municipal distributing system, authorized in UlObl 'UUbJJlf*, •'•7 w»vv.««j "™ bond election last November to be t so Tar petition between the' local utility and the city of Knoxvijle. At first the TVA wil operate the en. tire system. Later, Kncxville and the other near-by communities will acquire the distribution systems from the TVA and pay for them out of operating profits. see how it is! I do wish you coul( dig up an entertaining pretty worn an or two, but I suppose that's 1m possible. I T was even cleverer, thought Mr. Only Seal Father's Day ' -Noting all the talk about the low vis. ibility of the bridegroom, Peggy points out that there is one time in his life when the spotlight falls blindingly upon him. It is when his daughter is married and they have to let father walk up the isle with her. Marburg might be Sahar ian iNovem^r «, «,«, ... -J extra women are con financed by a ?S.600,000 loan grant cerned. but of course they'II^ enjo from the Public Works Administra- j,o«. dear. They haven t got thel lion The purchase will eliminate com- wives with them, thank heaven. " 1!i J it was a nuisance, thought Amj but she could not refuse. She kne\ both Mr. Prentice and Mr. Barnes They were, as the dean's wife ha said, tycoons, and rather formldab? tycoons, too. Greedy and autocrat! Now who on earth could she rake up as extra guests at this late hour —not her father and mother, fot they had a party ot their own. In deed no one in the faculty clrcls was available, not even an unattached instructor. Edgar More-land and his pretty young wife. Yes they might come. She telephoned at once and they accepted. Ther she remembered Miss Rosa Terry Miss Rosa's voice, over the wire, sounded very sprightly. "Why. I'c love it. Amy. only—Jane's her. again for a day or so. came to linl = up some of my business^ Hut daresay she won't mlud—" "Oh. bring Jane along—no It vvl even up the table instead nt tan". Ing it out. Half past seven, then WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Win Back Pep . .. Vigor ... Vitality Medical authorities agree that your kid- wm ^contain IS MILES of tiny tubes ol , .—»•— — BUer» which help to purify the blood and j lglass and cnina an d gUver arrange* •"-" """ h ' jdtlnr - '' ''for a strange maid's serving. Mrs Pearce. ever available, would help She had been on hand every daj during Commencement Week, be T HERE was plenty to do to gt ready for the dinner. The dit. ing-room required extra cleaning Leaves must be put into the table Barney, that she had passed him over so neatly to the girl In pink. 1 must tell Lowe, if I see him again, that his daughter's a wonder. By George, she'd stand out anywhere. Beautiful and gracious. Knows what to do. This dinner's excellent She's had the sense to keep everything within her limits, no trying for effect or putting on style. I wonder where she got the Burgundy. It tastes like a Romaneo- Contl. be hanged if it doesn't." As the dinner went on Jane saw clearly that It was Amy to whom everyone was involuntarily turning. She drew them without effort and there was a sort of wistful seeking in their gaze, as If they felt a beauty which held something rare and inscrutable. It made Jane angry. "What is it?" she thought, "1 can't understand it. I simply can't. There she sits In that old white dress and she isn't exerting herself, but they're all centered on her. Even this ape Prentice who got all jazzed up about me when I first came In. He keeps looking nt her. too! Edgar's always been in love with her—1 hope that little pink jelly-bean he married knows It! And as for Howard, he doesn't see that anyone else exists! If I could only stop wanting him: 1 could have loved him a hundred times as much as she does. Anyway, it's my child in this house. He calls himself Its father. That's something, even if Amy calls herself its mother. It's my child. I'm glad 1 let her take it. Oh. she's so owned smug. What's her secret!" Amy sitting down the table did _^ Senator Divorced by MrsJHcAdof Wilson's Daughter, and His Cabinet Member, "Incompatible" LOS ANGELES, Calif. —(/F)— Mrs. Eleanor Wilson McAdoo, daughter of the late President Wilson, obtained a divorce from William Gibbs McAdoo Democratic junior senator from California, in Superior court here Tues- Withih 20 minutes after she had filed n suit complaining of incompatibil- ty and of the climate nt Washington, where her husband spends so much time, she was granted a decree and custody of the couple's two children. A property settlement which was not made public, was approved and then withdrawn from the record by her Engineer Goes on Stand in Defense Millard Hickman Tells Own Story of Night of Murder SAN FRANCISCO.— (ff) — Millard Hickman testified nt his murder trial Tuesday and told the story he hopes will save him from the gallows. The 45-year-old marine engineer narrated events of the evening of May 12, and accounted almost to the minute for actions in the early hours ,f May 13 when Miss Louise Jcpper- on, 23-year-old Ogden (Ut.) woman, vas being attacked and strangled in Golden Gate park. He told calmly of the night of revelry that preceded the finding of Miss Jepperson's body before dawn in a tunnel at the park „ you have trouble with too frequent kUdder passages with scanty "nonnt.emua. £« burning and discomfort, the 1SMILES ol kidney tubes need washing out. This danger signal may be the twining of pains and r body will take up these poisons ceasing •cnous trouble. It may knock you out and t lay you up for.many months. Don t wait Ask your druggist for DOAN S PILLS . .. • doctor's prescription . . . which has been wed successfully by millions of kidney suf- forerg for over 40 years. They give quick Mlief *nd will help to wash out the IS MILES of kidney tubes. But don't take chances with strong drug! or so-ealled "kidney cures" that claim to fia yon up in IB minutes, for they may senouslj Injure and irritate delicate tissues. Insist on DOAN'S PILLS ... the old reliable re- ;i! cause Amy had to be out so much She could give Nancy her suppe and put her to bed and still b to open the door for th « Senator McAdoo, who will be 71 October 31, did not come to the court room. Through his lawyer he filed a formal general denial of the charges of "mental cruelty" The entire testimony required only slightly more than five minutes. Mrs. McAdoo, who is 43, told of being unhappy by divergent interests ol herself and her husband. She said he was mainly interested in politics and insists on remaining in Wahington where she could not stay on accounl of the effect of the climate to her health. She said her main interests were in artistic pursuits such as paint- and sculpture. The results of this divergence of interests, she said, caused her "mental suffering, and aggravated her nervous condition. In a statement Mrs. McAdoo said "the incompatibilities which have a. risen out of our divergent tastes and interests drove us reluctantly to the conclusion that a legal separation was the only solution." "As a senator," she said, "Mr. Me. Adoo is obliged to spend the larger portion of each year in Washington. The climate there does not agree with me and it is impossible for me to live there. I have, and always shall have the greatest admiration and affection for Mr. McAdoo." The senator said she had "correctly stated the reasons for the separation." "\ have nothing to add, he said "ex. cept that I deeply regret it and devoutly wish that it could have been averted. "I shall always entertain the warmest friendship and admiration for Mrs. McAdoo." ..'; ,.,.-;_, Sunday with Mr. ond Mrs. Bill dan. Miss Mary Henry of Patmos is viS' iting her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ceci Rogers this week. Miss Helen Finchcr ami Alice Purtle are visiting relatives in Bluff Sprmgr this week. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Beaulen ac eompanicd by Mr. and Mra. Porte Powers of S'eminolc, Okla., were honv Sunday. Mr. ond Mrs. Tommy Butler attend ed church at Bluff Springs Sunday. Mr! and Mrs. Archie Summers o near Hope called on her pnrents, Mr nnd Mrs. E. O. Roger-, a while Friday night. The party at the honi'.- of Mr. and Mrs. Ralhp. Hunt was enjoyed by a large crowd. Miss Dale Mitchell spent Sunday night with her sister, Mrs Bill Jordan and Mr. Jordan. Miss Byrcl Pickard is spending the week with Miss Louise Lingo of Mcl- WHEN A PRICE LIKE THIS Lit I price til Fan ti»e, Michigan. Spfcint equipment nitr*. Ponliao offers iif other ciiilinlt'iiihiict tnodfts nt proper- lianatelr low price*. Liberal G.M.A.C. term*. Pontine it • Gfnnral Mafor* Vnluti with Pithtt Rodin and Fither NoDmltVfntilation. Prices nuhject to c/ianrfo without no- lice. BUYS A CAR LIIJCE THIS On UUAT* *J nuuo ... mc wiu it*.»«.w .^ Het that contain no "dope" or habit-formina draz*. Be sure you get DOAN'S PILL! (t yoor druggist. ID 1034. Fostcr-MUbnrn Co guaranteed RADIO SERVICE Hempstead Co. Lbr. Co. HOYT ANDRES Phone 89 GYPSY CREAM For SUNBURN Heat Rash, Ivy Poison, Moth Itch and other Superficial Irritations. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Hope, Ark. Established 1885 That* s Exactly What You Should Insure It For When you save money, you put it in the bank for protection. Your home is also your savings— protect it FULLY with insurance. Phone 81 0 Hope, Arkansas guests and later help behind th scenes. Amy wondered what t wear. She had only two evenlni dresses and one had been torn t< rags at the Senior dance. Th other and older was very tired an< shabby and just now spotted from a spilled mayonnaise at a reception. With quick resolution she went to the closet and took down hei wedding dress, unwrapped it from Us enfolding tissue paper and mua lin. It was not in style, but its simplicity, the quality ol Its ivorj satin made It dateless, classic. When Howard came in. late and hurrying, she was already dressed and the shining satin was covered by an engulfing apron, the skirl tucked up. while she finished th« last things in dining room and kitchen. That was why he did not see her until he ran downstairs just as the first guests rang the bell. Ha stopped and exclaimed: "Why. Amy —darling! You look like an angeJ —that lovely dress—" "Do you remember it?" "Do I! What do you take ma for?" He could not go on, for Mr. Prentice was entering, red and puffy and obviously disgruntled at 1 being switched from the dean to an obscure and young member ol the faculty. But he unbent at sight of Amy with the cocktail tray In the background. Perhaps it would not be too bad, after alL And now Edgar Moreland waa coming and Alice, his wife—pink cheeks and curly hair and ruffled pink organdy—and at the sight ot another pretty woman Mr. Prentice began definitely to brighten. Barney was next, tall and gray and skeptical, but he also liked pretty , women and cocktails and was much less assertive of himself and his money and opinions and prejudices than Prentice. A ND now Jane and Miss Rosa! were coming In. Miss Rosa trailing her best black chiffon and glittering with her entire set of old niuU topuz, necklace, Vooch, bracelets, earrings, and behind her. with the expression of one who lends herselt to a small town diversion with kindly patronage, came Jane. Jane at her most sophisticated In a bareback golden frock, pointed up with a lade cigaret bolder and aa enormous Jade clasp on her girdle. The borrowed uiaid appeared at; the door. "Dinner is served. Mrs. Jafkgnu." she murmured. Amy led them out. seated them— Huwurd at the liead. Miss Rosa at Ins right. Yea. and she would put I me at bis left. Mr. Barney at the ioot. Alice at bis left and Prentice ueiween Alice and Jane, leaving Edgar aud herself to fill tbe other side Prentice beamed to find him- B ell between these twe attractive young women. Miss Rosa always got along well with Howard and Edgar. Jane alone was discontented. Coat fat little pig beside her was clamoring for her attention. She wanted to talk only to Howard. She wondere4 « be had asked to h not know that Jane resented and hated her anew. She did not hate Jane. She did not think of her, nor ot the others, very clearly. They were all blurred except Howard. •This is the end." something within was reminding her. "this is the end. Tomorrow everything will be changed. Tomorrow we must start a new strange life in a new strange world. Tomorrow! Tomorrow." (Copyright. 1934. hy Sophie K.err) (To Be Continued.) roso. Mr. and Mrs. L. H". Mitchell atcnd- ed the singing at Now Hope Sunday night. We arc glad that Mrs. Higgason is some better at this writing i'nd wish her n speedy recovery- Mrs. CliffoM Messor of New Hop? spent Friday right wilh her parents Mi. and Mrs. Warron Pickard and f.-mily. Mr. and Mrs. Grar'y Williams o Fdrview called on Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hunt a whib Sunday. Rocky Mound / Remember the singing at this place Sunday night. Come and bring someone with you. Mr. and Mr;. Frank Duvalls and son Frank Jr., of Pinu Valley, Okla., spent two days last w^e'c wilh her patents, Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Rogers. ;; Mr. and Mrs. Haminott were shopping in Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mr.-,. Ivy Mitchell spent "GOBS" of Ice Cream 5c Made-Rite Ice Cream Pint 15c Briant's Drug Store ' • • ' • ,.-<:••••*•.•'• ' .. / why drive anything but a PONTIAC « So much more for so little more. Owners say 16 to 18 mites to the gallon. SeelTT. Drive it . . Compare prices! HEMPSTEAD MOTOR CO. the cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER o PRODUCT YOU CAN BUY is made under more sanitary conditions than you will find in the modern Chesterfield factories. Everything used in making Chesterfield Cigarettes is scientifically tested for cleanliness and purity— and so ingenious is the machinery that the cigarette is hardly ever touched by hand. EVEN THE AIR IN THE CHESTERFIELD FACTORIES IS CHANGED EVERY 4^ MINUTES Every time you start to smoke a Chesterfield, remember this statement by a well-known physician: "I have been something of a student: of Cigarettes and it is my belief that they offer the mildest and purest form in which tobacco is used." > 1934, U&crn & Mvm TOBACCO Co.

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