Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 18, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 18, 1937
Page 4
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/ ^WV i • «"•••••••• "• m^^r* >-<fr r V ?^* •»' _,, Me; at wfee wart, He i« Ail -**>n pu«4 fcj k M« due «nd ptyMttt ttptu ^StWONE 768 . then kiclt^l tiitrM Bobtnts In i Coach Foy H*mntons *a»t til * Hum* bef of suta«ftit«8 who pkyed «w*t o* 5«rvic«» Offered Contracting, Kepairing / years experience tot b. ttervey i-Jsone 1WD S^' iW requires trucks lettered. B. G. lifer 2 Call at Bartons' Cash store. • 13-6tp J^tK' 1 tihi* > ;, , heaters, bed- used Furniture. Used 3rd add-Hazel, Hope, 15-26tc For Rent. ...^I-Bedroom 'adjoining bath ^continuous hot water. Phone 18-3tp to Trade /TRADE—Young Jersey cows 'fresh, some giving milk, will yearlings see J. L. Anderson. 18-3tp IfOft'ltiaiT-Two four-room houses ifis*<Tflfc<—«* addition. Mrs. J. E. >ne 1638-U. 16-3tp MtHENT—Three room apartment, .^Jern, south side. Mrs. X H. Bennett HH»fWashington, Phone 669J. 16-3tc •^fo^'ill ^ | I**! , — - - -, fSittlT' RENT — Furnished or un- 1 • apartment private baths, -- >J Also sleeping rooms. 18-3tp Wanted IRON'WANTED any Quantity uw» *»..»» J 35s cwt-P-00 TON Sed weighing scales at -pur yard " *ib charge for weighing :A; LEWIS MOTOR CO. Second St Hope, ArX. f . v. , . . - 28-26tc ST FJRICES PAID _u..«=ries, Kadiators, Metals of Iflf Modi. SOld Tires, Sacks and Rags. l^a&gglifcfA, LEWIS MOTOR CO. »'.«.-»»rffc«u-»-;g^ ond st Hope, Ark. ,v ' ; 28-26tc fe^itrtJWB BUY SCRAP IKON fefliifo we paying 35c cwt. or *7.00 ton. " ' ' *' on ofl null scales which _i,for weighing. buy radiators and metals •»»' kinds. ' COX-CASSIDY FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO Hope, Ark. 27-26tc ,._t ift *e» H«|* and «*v«\ Panthers. >iv* of the BMton ftnt downs Were made in the final quartet when the team threatened conMttehtty, but lacked thtf power to' put 6v*r a touchdown* < , JfentoM fit Valiant The Panthers fought stubbornly throughout the game. They carried powef ahd weight—but not enough lor Hope's Veteran lin*.' Only two tint dowhs were, made through the Bobcat forward wall during the first three periods. In the fourth quarter, with substitutes In the gam*, Benton made five. - , Captain O. V, Keith, playing left guard and left end, turned in a great defensive game. Keith played the Mid position for the injured Percy Ramsey who didn't get into the game until the second half because of a bad ankle. Hugh Reese played his usual strong game at the other wing position, Stone and Quimby, two potent tackles, shouldered much work and tore Up Benton .plays time after time. Car* son's work at center brought praise from Coach Hammons. Ramsey, getting into the game for the first time in the third period, was aggressive and a delight to witness. Wilson did his share in opening gaps for the ball-carriers on the offensive. Benton's delayed bucks,' however, were a little puzzling to Jarrin' John. » Fullback Joe Eason and Woodrow Parson, halfback, were consistent in the backfield, both turning in good games. Gifted with a well-porportlon- ed body, the Benton line wavered when Eason threw his 180 pounds of weight into it. For the Benton team, Quarterback Moore and Halfbacks Holder and Fleming carried the attack. Captain Covey, 174-pound center, was the outstanding defensive player for the visitors. Threat In 2nd Quarter Benton's first scoring threat came in the second quarter after an exchange of punts that left the ball in the Panther's possession near midfield. Moore and Fleming made a first down through the line and then Hope was penalized 15 yards, putting the ball on Hope's 30-yard mark. Another eight yards on line plays took' it up to the 22. On the next play Bright intercepted a pass and punted out of danger. Captain Keith went down fast and when the Benton safety fumbled. Keith pounced upon the ball. Hope suffered a IS.yard penally, but on the next play Bright shot a 20-yard pass to Reese to regain the lost yardage. Benton intercepted a pass, executed one play as the half ended. Benton. matched up and down the Held in the final period, but lacked the punch when in scoring distance. Next Friday night the Bobcats take on the strong Byrd High School of Shreveport at Hope. Beane, Fenner & Beane Partner, Die* Suddenly NEW YORK.-(/P)—Alpheus C. Beane, 49, vice-president of the New York Stock Exchange firm of Fenner & Beane, died suddenly Saturday at his home at Greenwich, Conn. The French were the first to commercialize soap, due to the abundant supply of .olive oil from the many olive orchards of the country. • the Swim Answer to Prevloua Poisle new —— JFlRIAlNlclE t-JBlUlDIGIEITL 3DGH HHGS I1I3H raa ilS Drug from f0; poppy. 1 18 Small wild ox. lOF. FRANCE ? dejected- vJO Valuable property, 23 Morsel. 26 Bone. : i|7 Eccentric '••::{• wheel. JO Pineapple, ,33 The earth, >34 Piece of soap. ,35 To ogle. mm anwra ECCIR QS C3H3 rioiNr 52 Borders. 55 Strong vegetable. 56 Social insects, 58 Epilepsy symptom. is an equally <MThick board. . . o -. • *9 Half an em. 6Q ®£™£! i40Note In scale. among the $ Mather. best wom?n •43 Cottage cheese **-~? 48Pafc, YB»' «Lava, . I Tree, 2 River. 3 To doze. 4 God of war. 5 Measure. 6 To unclose. 7 Gentle. 8 Rare tree, 9 Form of "be." 10 Girl. 11 Being. . 12 Eggs of Ashes. 13 Butter lump,, 18 Portico. 20 Entrance. 22 Helped, 23 She made a new stroke record. 24 Silly. 25 Captured. 27 Rich part Of milk. 28 Amphitheater center. 20 Line. 31 Born. 33 Measure of cloth. 37 To illumine. 38 To act as model. 42 Series of epical events', 43 Coin slit. 44 Hastened 4$ Pussies. 40 Cheese. 47 Russian emperor, 49 Cuckoo, 50 Circular forti fication, S3 Tissue around a.tooth. 94 Before. »6Like. 57 Southwest, SWAtCH OW COULf «*'OF MO t M6 TO THE HAVE. DOINJ'ALL THESE MAKIW owe ft, AWt> SOME (UL BEFALLEN IT/ There Go tlie Prof it. fe A'ROOWO '.1 TOOAV/AVL SUWt ME 00ft CHMNCS TKey WonTFlnd Out by Foozy By HAMLIN HERE THEV/VEH, BUT WHAT LOOK.' A GIEL THER&HElS- J HE GOT ONE HE TOPPED UP/OF EM. BUT AKJ' KNOCKED I 7H' OTHEIZ. OPF ONE. OF / OME KEPf B)6HT puesuees/ >* GOIN C'MOM,<E>UM.E'S \OKAV.'I'VE GO HAVE A UXX\6OTAVEU AT TM' GUV WHO JTO KMOW WHO HE i NOW WHAT WUZHEDOIM' ASH TUBES Labor Trouble By CRANE NOTHING WPON&! 'T& THE BEST DANG COFFEE AND OATMEAL MONEY KIN BUY! TMEY'RE JUST A.N ORNER.V, CAWTANKEROUS PACKA POLECATS S(T BACK TO WORK! MEM SET FIRE ) INDIAN TO THE SHED? ANC7 CHOW QUIT WORK.. WOT / MO 600D. THE SAM HILL'S THE OH,HO! YOU REFUSE, HEY? WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT? MOW, LISTEN! .HERE, MISS KELTON,T KMOW WHAT I'M DOlMG. AND,A9 LONG AS I'M R.UNNIN6 THIS OUTFIT, ARE VOU IN THE OF SLU66IN6 VOUI2. EMPLOYEES? j^OPR.1937 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. fet OF FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS They Asked For It By BLOSSER CETfrrAIWLY.'YOU DO ^v WELL.,FIRST ib HAVE WWAT VOU WOULD HAVE ) GOME. TO THE KOMFV DOME ....AMD DON'T -S \ncrzx KAHDY KITCHEM LEAVE OUT AW DE- ) AM' KWOCKED OFF A ~4ll =5 .'WP'I I f^o nf DOUBLE-CHOCLIT? ARE VA STIL.U WITH 6URE.- IT TAKES A DOWKEY TO FIMD A THAT S A GOOD >t>LJ DO ALL. THe THIMQS HAVE DOME ! IN THAT WAY y WE CAW RE-COWSTRUCT Tl-lE WHOLE THIWQ AWD POSSIBLY PIMD dSCAR .' ,TKr AWC> IM/AGIME YOURSELF DOIWG WHAT OSQAR &|pf YOU DO-EXACTLY HAT YOU WOULD HAVE DOWE IN HAVE OSCAR'S DIS- ALL FIGURED OUT J OUGHTA KWOW WHERE HE IS.'/ TAILS J WE'LL Ai-OMO WITH YOU J JCOPR. 1937-BV NEA SERVICE. I By THOMPSON AND COLL I HAVE AM IDEA, JIM.' I'M GOIMGTO SEE QUEEW ELLEN, EI6HT MOW- MAY 1 A5I<1 VOUE HI&H- K1ESS' PLAMS, \)OW THAT YOUE, BABV WILL 6BT WELL? ILL WEVEE LEAVE MY BOY AGA)M X MISS MOR.TH- I'M PLAUMIMG TO STAY HERE AMD EAI5E HIM IN) .THE ' PATEOMS OF PEACE* HAVE ' WHAT A GRAND IDEA! I'LL BE DEBTED TO YOU ALWAYS FOB THIS, AAY DEAE-- WOULPfO'T KXI LIKE TO ADOPT'MOSES" SO HE CAM GROW UP WITH MASK? THEY'VE CEALLV &EEKJ JUST LIKE TWIMS -.

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