Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 19, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1934
Page 4
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-Explorer I The man tor whom Amr-vica was named. l.VIrelnml. HTen cenls. 15 To brins It'sal proceedings. ' !T Sandbank .channels, t!>Mrlotlios. <'21 Twitehin?:. S 2.1ttottp. -'5 Cotton "fabi-le. .2? Wine 'casks. 33 SI cloth To vase. Mildew. Afternoon ot a beast. ;ivhke inlet. 51 Hindu title r<3 Moasiire. HI Kar-like pn jeetioa. P6 Neither. 57 Scrios of ep evonls. Hi) P 4o;i '42SitiRlP things. Cl SlrmMtiral 44;' ;TiHmiKuous •disturbance. Microbe. Xnbolj. Any flatfish. 4H 46 4S 49 Paid publicity. nnil. R2 Cibbon. «3 Fnlilf. C5 Tlirei 1 . i-ut- lectively. }[e was horn in — CS lie \vas a VKKT1CAI. :'. Myself. " I'nil ot UT.|-1<. 1 I Ituyal. .", Tn limy. i! N:i!»ral power 7 I'.y way of. s"T.i o.jort. :» Whey of <nilk 1't Von and me. 11 A slits!. 1 . 1- Tu line as a vesK-I. It! He made voy nsjes for Spain and • 1S Dress fastener, -it One wlni snubs. '22 What explorer preceded him? 24 - .Observ(.'d. "(i To overload. 28 Scoria. 31 Ache. 33 Prophet. 'to Colored as fabric, 37-To pierce with a knife. T.9 Toward. •51 .Music mi some Scripture I hcme. 43 A(|iialir bird. • 47 noilins;. 50 (Sold coin. . r >2 Deposit at. a river month. 55 llottentnl instrument. £iS Portion. GO Chum, fi.'? ::.i nc. 64 Per. 6G Hither. Cool Off Install a. Shower Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical Appliances Phone 259 Sell It! Find Tt! Bent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the more you tclL the quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30o for consecutive insertions, . minimum of 3 lines in one ad, 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c G tunes, 5c line, min. 90c 20 times, 3%c line, min. $2.7U (Average 5Ms words to the line) NOTE-rWant ads will be accepted the understanding that the is payable on presentation or statement, before tbp first, publication, Phone 768 Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. NOTICE. Oil Royalties & Leases bought and sold in the vicinity of the three wells being drilled in Henpstead county. BRIDEWELL & TYLER Ark. Bank Bldg. 11-Gtc WANTED Horrid Presumption "Do you know that boy who raised his hat?" "No Just because I once sat on his knee the cheeky bounder wants to scrape up an acquaintance." BiEAIUHAS CAN'T FEEL WELL When we eat too much, our food decay* in our bowels. Our friends smell thii 'decay coming out of our mouth and call ij bad breath. We feel the poison of thy decay all over our body. It makes ui gloomy, grouchy and no good for anything, What makes the food decay in the bowels] Well, when we eat too much, our bilt juice can't digest it. What is the bile juicel It is the most vital digestive juice in oui body. Unless 2 pints of it are flowing from our liver into our bowels every day, oui movements get hard and constipated antl 94 of our food decays In our 28 fe«t ol bowels. This decay sends poison all ovei our body every sis minutes. When our friends smell our bad breath (but we don't) and we feel like a whipped tomcat, don't use a mouthwash or take n laxative. Get at the ^axise. Take Carter's Little Liver Pills which jrently start thy flow of your bile juice. But it" "something better" is offered you, don't buy it, /or it may be a calomel (mercury) pill, which loosens teeth, gripes and scalds the rectum in many people. Ask for Carter's Little Liver P!!Is by name and get what you ask for—25tf. ©19U4, C.ALCo. WANTED—Small furnished house, or Apartment for one month. Call 39J.:< ;v < 4' , j';~ 19-ltp TRide to Chicago. Write Wilson Hall, Hope, Arkansas. 17-3tp. 'WANTED: Small Diamond. About V-t carat. Must be cheap for cash. Apply this office. 18-3t FOR RENT FOR RENT—Mcders five room house vyjth 7 acres adjoining, 1523 South Main. Phone 423. 14-3tc Six room house furnished, So. Spruce street. Also five room house Gateway Park. 'Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Phone 1638-4rings. 3t. FOR SALE Used parts for all cars. P. A. Lewis Mptor'Co. 16-261. pest Paint Sold— Hope Bldg. Mat Co. cars bought arid sold. P. A. Motor Co. 1G-261. Adding Machine Paper We Deliver Johnson Printing Co. Phone 31 New Beds For Old I will take your old mattress and rebuild it like new. All work guaranteed. Seven years in the business. Home Mattress Shop R. E. Hatcher 115 N. Hazel St. Guaranteed Typewriter Repair Service O. W. MILLS 218 So. Walnut Phone 3fi Used Ice Boxes'. Everyone a bar- gah). Hempsttad County Lumber Cq. Phojne 89. WaJl Paper— Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. " LOST L'C'ST—Fair of lineman's blocks f,n North Hervey street ;H city limit?. Reward. C. R. White, Columbus, Arkansas. 19-3tp * -SALE * GOOL Summer Wash Dresses L A D I F, S SPECIALTY SHOP "Excusive But Not Expensive" Luck's Tourist Court Hickory Barbecue Sandwiches, Drinks Open All Hours Ray Luck Phone 222 H. E. Luck elSQii B Hyckins [ LAUNDRY Wash Suits Properly Laundered. PHONE 8 .50c HOPE STAR, OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY Rv WILLIAMS IkW—1XV. KEEP THE PACT TWM \ AH-VES-^ES ONE MUST V;' : H:/;' o u -.-:-. T^tTy ~\ \. : . VV.^3NT I i too u.-.v v^ -%-<•'• f "R\<3HT y ./^ A^UILE \/ 'D\OMT I TELL VOU /^ >„ - -- - - - f\vmlL.c, \J . \'j^ SECRET TOR ^ TO 6FT THfc FP^Pfc^ H , tjgj . J^ ^i^i^ ^WmtE, AND \ PEP?SPECT\VE/ /\ AlTTnuDEOFTH HAVE A BIT OF 1 , ^DNY WtALr/E. f [ ^ OCK<ES WOULt} * *• UiUl^i I f^t-f-M—« *- *-- I \ , .— A «. *r— t \ik A ^-* »-*•-* x. / * WfTHTHE/ BEFORE WHAT A / 7 LLAVE ^ M DrcZV i •nSS^wrvnun * ( ESPEaA,\_\X WITH TDRAP AND DULL i \ ^^^G^. ^K< CHUMPS \ IM THE. ,^ IN THE. < jfcrrMn c =i'P'WPCi'v : - ,^^i» . r-k ». IT-I k >ir— r AAi l« \vJ ij r ndrSC- I <r^~ ,Vi, MEANTIME- / ^^ HousE ^ 5 /^| rf COMMONPLACE /> TALK AND IDEAS f - . i BY <3OLLV, \f WELL XT'S RIGHTT PO SUMPMf SAV— L KK10W WH HE KMOCKS TH' BALU | WTO THAT SCRAP PILE EVE'Y TIME rtE's UP TO BAT— HIS MOTHER, AIN'T HOME, AN 1 HE HASTA WATCH TH 1 MEAT IN TH 1 OVBN. SO HE WON'T I'M TIRED OF : 8EIW' A IRON MISS NO MB OF TH 1 GAME.,/ (i>^ FiAjW , rip HEROES ARE MADE-NOT BORN. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Down to Brass Tacks! By HAMLIN WROM6 ? YOU LOOVi VOO AMD I A«t EWGAS^O TO E>£ MrXWWtO '. 1 CAMt \\ERE. •\OKS\SKV TO Teo_ VOO "VWAT I CAKft GO WRO VO\TV\ tt '. x 6ibA<?w CAN'T — AViO 1 1UOUSVKT TV\t TWK)6 TO DO TO TfcU. VOO 50 VOO VEfc ,\ AM I TtVV. VOO TO AU. OOT AT TWO O'CVOCW TO MAC2«V,A^O TOVO TV\AT \Ve AVV. OV¥ , ^OeT UVTE TV\AT /WHAT AM TO ^> AT VOU'R OOT • VMKSOOU5 • ,OQ __J \T TOO TO VOU TO c/ ^V^ ,1^ , ....,., . ; o iM4Br M:/. scnvicL. inc. T. M. HCG u. 5. r»T. err. fc-'ri ALLEY OOP I CO/AE T'HAVE AFTERNOON COCOANUT MILK VJITH PRINCESS VJOOTIETOOT, LIKE SHE SA\D FOR VEAH , N THERE JUST GO RIGHT On the Spot! 5O SVJEET i OF VOU TO COME - By MARTIN UH-ER-(GULP) 6-GG-6 U HEL\.O- wzm~. CUTEf THEY'RE JUS' ifffiST BAS'.-VT-UL- BUT f OH,GUZ-1SN'T THAT KKgP HE'S AVJF .-M-rcTf Tucv/'Oir mO AS& P.£><"-V <rJ j U - HV7.'LL MAVCS A ;., ff , VV'OVJ LOVE B\RDS/ W iD 1034 OY NCA sr.nvi<;.-.'!«•;. T. U. HfO. U. S^PAT. 01 T. WASH TUBES Figuring It Out! By CRANE /GEE, EASV, YOU'RE A WHIZ / \/ I FOUMD THE WRAPPER 'A /'OMUV 'V YES, ADDRESSED IN BUT HOW'D VOU t-EARW THAT OF THE PACKAGE - 3ABE MAILED THE PISTOL A,WAV FROM THE BflMK? THE EKITIRE SOLUTION. BASE, BEIM6 A SECRETARY, KNEW THAT > ST CLA^S MAIL IS 2,'t AN OUNCE. NOW, WET THIS- STEP-INS CAN BE MAILED FOR ABOUT 6^, YET THEKE WAS =?Mc( WORTH OF STAMPS OM THE WRAPPER. Wr-'LL, I FluLIRED 1 P.EEKJ A RL ; AuG;-l. ] ;'v : . MUST O 1 i ,:-:r-.D THE I-.-.-MLIMCJ PISTOL, PLLI'.V fe'V HOP. bTfAi-'-i,-:: ; . ::ci.lAI.^ ~^ L ^' i^ THE AMOUNT CM This F-^.ei^.-VGU. HAMD, AWD SENT FIRST WRAPPER CLASS TO HER APARTMENT. WHEM QUESTIONED, SHE SAID THE PACKAGE CONTAINED A PAIR OF STEP-IMS. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS An Echo in the Valley! DOWN RIVER, MEBBE HELLO'.HELLO .'WHAT YOU DOINC DOWN TMERE WE PLANNED ON PUSHING. DOWN THE RIVER A WAYS, AND HEADING INLAND FOR GOOD HUNTING.,.. WHAT DO You -, THINK, CHARLIE? ECHO LEqjfTE... CALL TWENTY MILE,FINDUM OUT N/»ME, CANYON GOOD FISH, ...OVER SAY IT, TOO.., SOME- FEATHER MEADOW, GOOD GAME... BEAR, 'THREE, FOUR TIME J DEER AND PLENTY COON J '•A' HAT AM IMPERTIMENT ECHO ! K>rMs::i WONDER |T CAN BE ? One Use for It! THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop; By COWAN '- :; -SEE-SEEMS WELL., SOMEITIMCS, WHEN I H/VE. TROUBLE KEEP1N' MY STORE TEETH »N,I RUB * UTTLE A>LUM OH MY GUMS — \T GOOD FET? DA.N -AND \T PUCKERS VVMOUTH SO,THE TEETH TIGHTEN •RIGHT UP

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