Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 19, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 19, 1934
Page 2
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Thursday, Star 0 /Itfttw; XMsJiiter Thy Berald<From False Report! tvety week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. (C, & Palme* * Ale*. H, Washburn), at The Star building, 212-214 South Witnut sfr**VWtip<s Arkansas. C. R, CALMER, President H. WASHBDRN, Editor and Publish** •* «M*Bd*«»MB natter at the poatoffice at Rope, Arkaomi , ,,. tffldrt tike Act of March 3,1897. .j—4""*i.^-'^-.. .- T ~ -t. -. .. :.. . . . ... . . ^^Rtt.&lHMqM&t* Is to Institution developed by modem civil- it th*, fi*wi of the cfey, to foster commerce and Industry, ctfculatid advertisements, and to furnish that check upon ~' tuT (Ahstituticm has ever been able to provlde."-Col. R. Peach Prices fitt JMW!, -(Always Payable to Advanteh By city carrier, per HiomhAjJ.tt; one year $5.00. By mail, in Hempstead; Nevada, Howard, Mm^,»ttd Laftyttte counties, $3JO per year; elsewhere $5-00. Member -fet* TW Assisted Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled tti.thS fSeTor republlcatlon of nil news dispatches credited to it or . not «thet*iflt WWlted ill this paper and also the local news published hcr«in. !--••• --- -* -"--.^i'- <•-•>• ••' -- ...... . ^ _ National Tarn., St er, Drive; fffeltif Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., Memphis, ,i NfcW York City, Oraybar Bldg.; Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wacfc- Math., 7338 Woodward Ave.; St. Louis, Mo, Star Bldg. . Chargt* <m tribute*, Etc.: Charges will be made for nil tributes, cards of thanks ttttlatU^-fcr-ifttntoriaJ* concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to thic policy in the news columns to protect" their readers from u delUgtf if «£actitaking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for tbxs safe-kecpJng <tf return of any unsolicited manuscripts. ticalth Editor.: Medl American and of Summer May Bring On Intestinal Disorder. During these hot 'days, when ,'you have modofied your diet somewhat, and* particularly, when" foods are likely to spoil, you should be particularly watchful-of inflammation of the intestines. ~ _"„.„ Furthejnnore, the possibility of such ^inflammation is intensif ied by the fact that your-diet probably, contains more fluids i£ slimmer tha nit does in winter, and, in addition, the heat tends to some extent to disorganize the tem- T"-", „ ' ' I 1 !li YOUR CHILDREN By Olive-Roberts Barton PITTSBURGH: Clear 64. Arrived 1 Calif. 8 Ga, 2 N. C. On track 18 cars. Supplies moderate, demand slow, market steady. Ga Vi'bu Hileys 1 7-8 in min and 2 in min; 1 3-4 in min best, 90c to 1.00, few 1.10, fail- condition He. 1 5.8 in min 65c to 75c, bu baskets 2 in min best 1.75 fair condition 1.25, 1 3-4 in min best 1.50, fair condition 75c to 1.00. DETROIT: Clear 70. Arrived 1 Calif, 3 Ga. on track 18 cars. Supplies moderate, demand moderate, market iirm for good stock. US No. I Ga Hil- cyr 2 in min 1.15, fine quality and good color as high as 1.40, 1 3-4 in min ?5c to 1.00. fine quality and good color 1.10 to 1.15, ripe 65c to 75c. Ala Hiley bushel baskets 2 in min few at 2.00 Ark Fair Beautys Vi bu baskets 1 7.S in min few ripe 1.35 to 1.50, fair quality small 1.10. ST LOUIS: Clear 85. Arrived 1 Ga on track 10 cars. Supplies moderate Itmand rather slow, market abou steady. Ark ',-. bu baskets Fair Beauty US No 1 2 in min 1.25, unclassified 1.10. Ga c bu basket early Elborta 2 in min 1.75 to 1.90. bu basket Hiley? 2 in min 1.60, bu basket Early Elber ta;;, 2 in min 1.75 to 1.90; bu baske Hlleys 2 in min 2.23, 1 3-4 in min 2.00 Hileys; \k bu baskets 2 in min fai condition, 75c, slightly decayed 1,01 lair condition 75c. CINCINNATI: Clear 74 Arrived Ga., on track 20 cars. Supplies liber al, demand • slow, market unsettled a. Vis bu baskets Hileys 2 in min bes 1.1U, poorer -10-75c, I 3-4 in min 75_ We, poorer decayed as low as 35c, 1 5-8 in min best 60c to 75c, bu basket Hil- eys 1 3-4in min best 2.2.25, poorer 1.50 to 1.75. Ala bu baskets Hileys 1 7-8 in min 1.40 to 1.50. Cuts Must Be Cleaned of-Dirt Before Antiseptic Is. Applied The three steps .to take in administering to Cuts are outlined by Olive Roberts Barton in another , article in' a series on summer accidents, i' , The usual procedure when a child comes in all bloodied up from a cut, 'is to rush: for the vaseline or some other healing salve, clap on a chunk perature mechanism of the body. of it, and then tie a bandage on tight. Finally, ., this condition can-, come fvom so jhariyiother causes that it cannot be'classified as a distinct disease, but must,be, considered in rela.- tionship to specific-causes. You may believe you have cramps or stomach ache and may complain of the symptoms of -diarritea wherV-.you have, an inflammation of the intestines. But before the right kind ofj treatment can- be given, and before j repeated attacks can be prevented, it is necessary.-to fix. the responsibility on some definite, and usually single, cause. In children, sudden attacks of-pain in the bowels, and diarrhea, are frequently 'due to wrong diet. The old stomach ache''due to eating green apples was of : this type. However, the overeating . of foods which stimulate action-of the bowels also is likely to bring on. irritability, with a certain amount of inflammation. In most cases when persons are sensitive to food substances', .they respond to the eating of such food with irritability of the bowel and with excessive activity. There are also certain drugs which have.a specific;effect on the bowel and which, if taken iri sufficient : p.uantlty, •wfll cause ' extreme 'irritation. This applies particularly to-drugs like arsenic, mercury, and other poisonous .substances. Tar less frequently than is usually believed to be the case, material in the bowel ferments, because of unfavorable bacteria that are present, with a resulting intoxication of the body as a whole' and with a reaction within .the bowel manifested by looseness and straining. Of course, a severe infection with any of the bacterial organisms that are known to be dangerous to the human body, when they attack the bowel, will have an exceedingly bad result Inflammation of the bo we 1 with the symptoms that .have been mentioned also is not infrequent as a complication of various ir^ectious disease, .particularly typhoid 1 fever, tuberculosis, and dysentry. ' * 'Sometimes infections of the bowel Healing'utoguents are all very fine, and no mother could raise a family without them, but for a fresh new Cut they are better off for the moment right on the bathroom shelf. 1 First aid for cuts consists of three things. To wash the dirt out, to get the bleeding stopped and to use an antiseptic. One thing about these germ-killers I think' is worth mentioning. They are not only safety-guards, but assume 'respbnsibilty and give the mother a feeling of relief. Use Peroxide or Iodine So when Johnny comes roaring in with his finger or toe dripping, take the:member in your hand and have a good logk^^It is necessary to know whether the cut is -shallow or deep. If it "looks ugly and you know it is bleeding rhore than is healthy, send for Dr. Blank. However, go at it yourself first. Bathe it. Get all visible dirt out And then hunt up your antiseptic. Perhaps you like peroxide. It has a habit of boiling up and out. Or put on iodine. No harm using both if you like. "Now wet a piece of clean old linen (mentioned in the bathroom kit) with water (a bit of salt in it) and press down on the cut, keeping the edges closed if possible until bleeding slows up. Then tie a clean bandage around it loosely. Not tight. Air is a healer. Change the bandage as soon as it becomes blood soaked. The bleeding will probably stop in a few minutes. Applying a Touriquct If the wound is a deep one and you are far from a doctor the tourniquet may be used—that is, something tight tied near the cut to stop the severed vesel from emptying too fast. It should be tied between the cut and the body. But tourniquets are only used in the greatest emergencies. They must not be tied so tight as to cut off all other circulation and they cannot be left on too long. However, in extreme cases they have their use. The big thing is always to get the doctor when things look bad. Bandages stick sometimes when removed and take the healing scab with them. This opens up a new raw surface. After a wound is thoroughly Babe Ruth Injured by a Batted Ball Former Home Run King . Out of Game for Next Two Weeks CLEVELAND —(/P)— The New York Yankees suffered a double setback Wednesday. They lost the fourth and final game of their series with the Cleveland Indians 15 to 14, in a wild slugt'est, us well as the services of Eabc Ruth who was struck in the leg by n batted ball and wil be out of the game for two weeks. Gcins into the final inning thailing 12 to 9, the Yanks rallied the score five runs. They contrived them from single? by Dixie Walker and Red Rolle, pinch hitters and Eurl Combs nnc 1 Ben Chapman, an outfield fly by Hong and error by Hale anl a laele throw by Lee. Ruth was knocked out in the thn'< inning, when he was struck by » smashing drive off the bat ot Lou Gthrig as the former home run king was', riming from first to second. The force of the blow knocked Ruth down and he was'nhsisted off the field. Dr. M. H. Castle, Hit Indian's team physician, said Ruth suffered a severe contusion cf the lefl shin bone and advised that he remain off his feet for at least a week. Dr. Castle said it would be advisable for Ruth to slay out of the game for two weeks. 1 Dead, 6 Injured in Panama 'Quake Electric Timing at Canal Disorganized"for Two Hours By the Associated Press An American soldier is dead, six per. sons ore injured and some property damage is reported resulting from n series of earthquake shocks felt in Panama Tuesday and Wednesday. Two soldiers at Fort Davis leaped from windows at the Fort Davis barracks as one of the tremlors reached a climax. One of them, Pvt. Kenneth L. Kirman of Elmirn, N. Y., died of his injuries. Pvt. John Conroy was injured. Reports at Panama City from Chris- liquc province described destruction i:l three houses and damage to eight ethers in David City where 31 tremors were reported since 8:30 p. m. Tuesday. The worst shocks were fell al 8:37 p. m. Tuesday. 11.01 p. m. Tuesday and 12:10 p. m. Wednesday. At least 15 intermediate shocks of lesser intensity were counted. All electric timing in the Panama Canal w«p-disorganized for two hours. Four were injured at David City in Ihc destruction of several adobe STANDINGS Clubs- Memphis New Orleans Nashville . .. Atlanta Birmingham . Chattanooga . Little Rock ... Knoxville Southern Association Won Lost ..12 10 9 10 7 . 5 . fi 4 7 6 G a 8 7 10 11 Clubs- New York Chica.po St. Louis Pittsburgh Boston Philadelphia Brooklyn Cincinnati National League Won Last 54 51 47 41 43 21 31 34 35 39 42 49 50 5-1 Pet. .632 .625 .600 .550 .467 .417 .375 .267 Pet. .CM .GOO .573 .513 .500 .442 .412 American League Clubs— Won Lost beauty and another glimpse of her as she looks today should prove to any girl of determination and ambition that it's possible to improve hair, skin and figure and to look individual. For instance there's Joan Crawford —always a pretty girl but certainly not a great 'beauty until she learned what to do about herself. First of nil, Joan lost a good many pounds. She exercises while she was dieting so that her skin retained a firm, youth, ful look. Then she changed her coiffure. Instead of continuing to cover up her forehead—foreheads really are lovely, you know—she cut her hair and now brushes it backward. Her eyes were her next important consideration. She knew they were beautiful but she knew, too, that she hadn't been making the most of them. Arching the brows and using the right mascara did the trick. After that she turned her attention to her mouth. It is wide and full and Joan wanted to make: the best of it. Hence she started using lipstick generously and applying it from corner to corner. No dainty little Cupid's bow for Joan Crawford—She leaves that kind of makeup to petite blondes who have decided that they're the delicate, Dresden china type. , A. & M. Hearing Set for July 24 Attorney Wilson Announces Meeting Against Three Trustees LITTLE ROCK.-(/P)—R. W. Wilson, attorney representing more than 1,000 petitioners who have asked for dismissal of three members of the Monticello A. & M. board of trustees on the ground that they are equally guilty with John W. Richardson, ousted trustees, announced Thursday that a hearing would be conducted at the college armory next Tuesday, July 21. Richardson was ousted by Governor Futrell on complaints of mismanagement and the sale of products to the college at excessive prices. The man who always says what he thinks cflen fails to think what he says. The steamers Tuscaloosa City and Point Sur, off the border of Panama and, Costa Rica on the Pacific side reported-feeling a severe shock Tuesday night at 8:36 p. m. ATLANTA CAPTURES Detroit New York Boston Cleveland Washington St. Louis Philadelphia Chicago 53 49 47 44 41 3C 32 28 Pot. .031 .605 .553 .537 .482 .468 50 .330 5fi .333 31 32 38 38 44 41 Political Announcements The Star la authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to the action of the Democratic primary election Aupust 14, !9.1-1. For State Senator (20th District) JOHN L. WILSON For Sheriff OEOROE W. SCHOOLEY W. AUBRY LEWIS CLARENCE E. BAKER .1. E, (JIM) BEARDEN County & Probate Judge H. M. STEPHENS Cotm<y & Probate Clerk RAY E. M'DOWELL JOHN W. R1DGD1LL Tax Assessor MRS. ISABELLE ONSTKAfc H. L. (LEE) JONES C. C. (CR1T) STUART Parachute jumping as » sport ha« become very popular among the young people of Soviet Russia. A battery water-level gauge mount, td on the instrument panel now ""fajjjl mates all guess work as to whe(h»fljw| your batterey needs water. ^ Road Overseer IDeRoan Township) E. L. SULLIVAN L. S. MAULDIN FRED A. LUCK KKKUI/TS WEDNESDAY (Continued from Page One) Southern Association Little Hock 0, New Orleans I. Memphis 5, Birmingham •!. Atlanta 9, Knoxville ti. Nashville at Chattanooga, rain. I STRIKE ENDS (Continued from Page One) cisco has been drawn for President Roosevelt by William Green, president of the American Federation of Labor, it was learned Wednesday. IP his long report to the president. Green charges that a Commonunist rcvolulion'in America is on the program. Instructions have been sent from Russia on rtreet fighting, hunger riots and the general fomentation of trouble, the, report says. ;, , Green also intimates that the '.international Longshoremen's Assocla- licn spearhead union in the San Fraii- cigco general strike, has a strong Communistic element. He traces, also Corn, munistic penetration of steel and tejx. tile unicns. Both industries have been embroiled in strike threats during the last year. Iho Rabbils here Thursday afternoon in an effort to even up the series. A defeat for the 'Storks will give. the first-half championship to Atlanta. A victory for the locals will give each team Iwo wins, and Ihe fifth and final gnmc then going to Texarkana. Carroll Schooley pitched Wednesday's contest and was bombarded for 20 hits. The Storks collected 11 off Glass. Allday for Atlanta, hit a homo run, two doubles and a single out of five trips to Ihe plate. Box score: Hope— Ab. Cook, cf 3 RIley, Ib 5 C. Schooley, p 5 B. Schooley, c 5 Purtle, rf 5 Ellolt, ss 3 Robins, 2b 5 MeClendon. 3b 4 Summerville, if 4 Totals .29 Atlanta— Ab. 4 3 1 Hanner, 3b Northern, Ib .Belcher, Ib R. Allday, If 4 Henderson, rf 4 .F. Allday. 2b : 5 Decker, cf '.: 4 Fettit, SK Glass, p R. 2 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 7 R. 1 2 0 2 1 1 3 1 1 2 H. 1 1 3 1 1 2 1 0 1 11 H. 1 2 1 4 1 1 , 4 ,2 1 National League Chicago (i, New York 8. St. Louis 5, Brooklyn 3. Cincinnati 1). Philadelphia 8. Pittsburgh 1-5, Boston 11-7. American League Boston 1C, Chicago 3. Philadelphia 2, St. Louis 3. Washington 2, Detroit 4. New York 14, Cleveland 15. A BB shot dropped into the ond of a valve stem wil help inflate u tire when the valve has been screwed so far into the' stem that the hose will not pros;: it. The shot must be removed before replacing the valve- stpm cap. Totals....' 40 15 :20 Explains fully the marvelous Wlllard Treatment which has brought amazing relief to thousands. Willnrd's 5s designed for relief of Stomach or Duodenal Ulcer*, Cat- linctt, Poor Digestion, Sour or Uptct Stomach, Acid Dyspepsia, Bloating, Heart burn,Constipation, Bad Breath, Sleepletsness, Poor Appetite, Headaches, due to Excess Acid. Ask about Willard'3 15-Day Trial Offer and Monev-Back Acreement. WARD & SON occur in association -wiTth operations! closed and has started to heal, your within the abdomen, and occasional- ' doctor may suggest a thin applicalion ly serious disturbances of the circula- of oinlment that will defend the scab, tion of the blood will be reflected in | Cv he may show you how a slight an inflammation of the bowel. i dampening in warm water (a little ' • • • | salt for safety's sake) will allow the j bandage to peel easily without dis- ! lurbing the healed crust. I NEXT: Drowning. GLORIFYING YOURSELF V Alicia Hart E Follow Routine of Film Stars to Bring Out Latent Beauty Sea terpenTlsa't A Myth, He Insists —Officer Says Proof of Its Existence Is Abundant By BBUCE CATTON Take the -word of an officer and a gentleman for it—you're not being as smart as you think you are, if you laugh at all these stories about sea serpents. I The gentlemanly officer in question' is Lieut Comm. R T. Gould of thej British navy. He has just written ai The minute u woman makes up her book, "The Case of the Sea Serpent,"! >">nd that she is a certain type or de- in which he asserts bluntly that! cides that she truly wants to be onu, there's a lot more in this sea serpent \ her battle for charm and beauty is talk than most of us have supposed., Partly won. When she's mapped out Mr Gould has undertaken the pro-! routines which are stepping stones digious task of reviewing practically | toward that (?oal, she's well on the all sea serpent stories since 1800. And i road to achievement. After that she he demonstrates pretty clearly that a i must just stick to the rules she s laid lot of them are altogether too substan- down for herself. Screen stars have led the way. One look at an old picture of a famous tial to be pooh-poohed. Over and over again, he says, reports of sea serpents have come from j .. , men whose honesty cannot be ques- j cne in 1917 and got torpedoed two tioned, and who were competent ob-! days later—and to this day survivors THE GREAT LIFTER-UPPER THE OREAT THE CHEAT PEPPER-UPPER ; Trick claims, with their exaggeration Afford no accurate information; "But," says the Owl, "a test will shov Things about fuel yon ought to kiow!" No matter what claims may be nade for a motor fuel, the thing that really coints is how well it will perform in your car. Chat's why we simply ask you to try Essolem and draw your own conclusions about i;s ability. [Essolube Motor Oil in the crankcase enables Esiolena'o do its bust] servers unlikely to be deceived by glimpses of .whales, schools of porpoises ojf'th* other things which are commonly supposed to be the basis of sea serpent stories. Hard-boiled Gloucester fishermen made detailed reports of a sea man? £ter of his crew insist that the creature jinxed them. Mr. Gould doesn't think that the creature in question is a serpent, however. He suspects that it is a descendant of the prehistoric plesiosaurus, still roaming the seas. Whatever it is, he insists that the proof of its „„ more than a century ago. A British n?val captain risked his pro-I existence is altogether too solid to be Jcssional repulatio uby reporting such j ignored. » creature to the admJraUty to 1843- I Published by Putnam, this enttr- Th«- skipper of a British cruiser saw taining book retails at ?2.50. REGULAR GASOLIME PRICE BUY AT THIS SICN Thli jijn Idcntl/lcj the 10,000 K.,u station* und Dealer* from Maine to Ldiii.l- ana wiio represent the ^ervkej unu jjruil- ucts of Uie world'i lending oil ortitnUjtiuu. MOTOR TRAVEL INFORMATION FREE OF COST Y?, u ^ s rfe,!, h -, < ; ?,&'?*," » U Es «° SwUoos »nd Dc»l«rs-"£SSO TOURS "£• V P* ' vJUtti. l j rolusely illuitraieu. New every month. Contains odicial map of currem road construction; ncation information; tout- iO£ data; etc. AJio free individual toad maps. STAN Smoother Performance DARD OIL COMPANY OF Cour. j I. Ki»o. lac N A Nearly 17 billion dollars of Amerian nicney i.s privately invested in orcign countries. iJx times more poultry and same arc. illcd by common rat:; than by all the nakes. owl. 1 ;, weasels and hawks com- iiicd. Shivering with Chills Burning with Fever Sure Relief For Malarial Don't try homemade treatments or newfangled remedies! Tfike that good old Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Soon you will he yourself again, for Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic not only relieves the symptoms of Malaria, but destroys the infection itself. The tasteless quinine in Grove'. 1 ! Tasteless Chill Tonic kills the Malarial infection in the blood while the iron it contains builds up the blooil to overcome the effects of I he disease and fortify ngainst further attack. The twofold effect Is absolutely necessary to the overcoming of Malaria. Besides being u dependable remedy for Malaria, Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic is also an excellent tonic of general use. Pleasant to take and absolutely harmless. Safe to give chilrron. Get a bottle today at any store. Now two sizes—50s and SI. The $1, size contains 2'a times as much as the 50c size and gives you 25'i more for your money. Ed F. McDonald To the Democratic Voters of Arkansas: The office cf Secretary of State i.s a most important one. Its many duties an; so varied and so complex us tu requiru caruful uml able co-ordination. Much of its'work is quite technical, requiring imciuciticnr.blt! rccurucy and a thorough knowledge of the .Stiite Government. It is a kind of clearing house for general information concerning State Laws. Legislative Records, Corporation Records, both Domestic and Foreign, as well as numerous othur matters ot vital importance to the people of Arkansas. II is, therefore, most important that the Secretary of Slate lie TKAINKU ui. the minute details of the department. He must also lie (nullified, both by education and general experience, If tbK doparl- ivi.nl i;: to function properly and be conducted in an efficient and c( urtcous manner. Refunding The Act recently passed by the General Assembly providing for the refunding of the State's indebtedness is one of the most important and far-reaching pieces of legislation enacted in many years and is doing more to restore the credit cf our State than any other one thing. By virtue of this office, the Secretary of State is the Secretary ot tlic Refunding Board and is thereby tlit- sole keeper of the records of Enid Board. Much time will be required during the next two years to carry i:ul thu pro»ram of the Refunding Board and it is extremely necessary thr.t the proceedings of this Board be duly recorded and accurately kept. ED F. McDONALD set up the present records and is therefore in u position tc render prompt and efficient service as the Secretary of the Hoard. P latf orrn Economy in every phase of thu State Government will be necessary in order to relieve I he financial situation of Arkansas. As Sue-rotary of State, ED F. McDONALD has fully co-operated in the effort to reduce the cost of government. He pledges full support lo any movement for an efficient and economical administration of the af.'air;; af the State.- and for the development of the resources (jf Arkansas. Record ED F. McDONALD is asking for re-election solely upon his own merits and his record of service. He is qualified by experience and ability to fill thu office of Secretary of State for the next two years in » prompt, efficient and courteous manner. Hi;: campaign pledge is to so conduct the affairs of Ihe office ot Secretary of Stiite, that no voter will have ccu.se to regret the support given him. ED F. McDONALD seeks re-election on his qualifications and official record. Born and reared in Grant County, Educated in the Public Schools of the- Stale and in the University uf Arkansas. Taught in Ihu Public Schools for many years and holds a Slate Life License as a Teacher. Licensed to practice 1 law in the Stale. Surved as She-riff and Clerk of Grant County. Your vole and support are solicited and will bo appreciated, Ed F. McDONALD SECRETARY OF STATE Candidate for Re-Election "Play Safe, Keep McDonald" Democratic Primary, August 14, 1934 _________^____^__ —Political Advertisement. Hope Star WANT ADS Phone 768

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