Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 17, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 17, 1937
Page 3
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Friday, September 17, HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGETHRE* The Story of the Constitution — 16V — fNCOME TAX AMENDMENT Text by Willis Thornton •Illustrations by Ed Gunder Amendments Alter "Rich Men's Club," Bring Prohibtion |||Again it was 40 years before an amendment was E||| made. _ During all lhat time there was intermittent H^ campaigning for an income lax, but the Constitu- fcflion provided federal taxes might be levied only in proportion to population. But in 1913 the 16th Amendment was passed, giving power to levy taxes "without apportionment among the several slates, Mid without regard to any census or enumeration." Senators had always been elected by the stale legislatures, thus removing their choice one degree from popular mandate. For years there had been mount* ing indignation against the Senate as a "rich man's club," and bribery and connivery in legislatures was widespread and notorious. In 1911 an amendment was submitted providing direct election of senators by the people. ' • THE DIRECT ELECTION OPU.S. SENATORS. PROHIBITION AMENDMENT This, the 17th Amendment, became part of the Constitution in 1913 as Wopdrow Wilson's administration was inaugurating "the New Freedom. It further democratised the system of representative government, and vindicated a demand that had grown stronger over a period of more than 20 years. The Senate had five tirnes rejected this proposal after passage by the House. Crowning many decades of agitation against liquor, the 18th or Prohibition Amendment was adopted in 1918. The World War with/its restrictions and regulations provided the impetus needed to make into law a reform that had been most earnestly sought. It prohibited "the sale, manufacture and transportation of intoxicating liquor for beverage purposes." NEXT: Repeal, Suffrage, and Lame Ducks. fJ] The eyes of the owl arc differently 4* placed from those of other birds; in- |f stead of being on the side of the head, iirf they are in front. -4- -»—*—*—*—»—«—»—» WE PAY 5% Jefferson Standard LIFE INSURANCE CO. Pink W. Taylor First National Bank Building 3 ope, Arkansas —«—*—*—*—«—»—»—' September 17, 1937 One Day Only I'll Do Anything for One Shot— Hopeless Addict: Willing to Pay Any Price f ov More Dope. SATURDAY Just one hundred and fifty years since the Constitution of the United States was adopted, as the basic or fundamental law of the Republic. It is a precise, formal written document; there is no national power superior to it; its foundations were so broadly laid as to provide for the expansion of national life. The news commentator, Edwin C. Hill says, "It is the noblest Charter of Human Liberties ever conceived by man." 'We the people of the United States, n order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tran- quillity, provide for the common de- ense, promote the general welfare, and :ecure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain •md establish this Constitution for the Jnited States of America." etc.-etc.- etc. . . . We hold that once every year at least every American should read the Constitution; if you have read it, read t again and renew your pledge to stand by America for good or evil, hrough gain or pain, for she is your country. "My country, 'tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, Of thce I sing; Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrims' pride, From every mountain-side Let freedom rin,g!" The 3 Mesquiteers —in— "Come On Cowboys" ALSO Chap, 12 of "Robinson Crusoe" PLUS COMEDIES SUN. & MON. IPARAC-HUTE-K4LER PLANEt! highly recommended by all who have used it. Help this worthy organization by phoning your order for one or more jars at 10 cents per jar. Call cither, Mrs. D. B. Thompson, Mrs. Frank Hearne, Mrs. Arch Moore or Mrs. Jennie McWilliams. Miss Eunice Dale Baker has returned Vom a month's visit with Mr. and Mrs. George Shipp in ElPoso, Texas. The Ladies of the Cemetery Association extend an opportunity to the public to help the organization by buying "STdddoo" the new way, creamy .cleansor soap for general house work. It is approved by The ood Housekeeping Institute and "Broadway Melody of '38" is Sunday. Loretta Young Warner Baxter Virginia Bruce —in— "Wife, Doctor and Nurse" E N D S N O W JOHN WAYNNE "I Cover the War" TOM TYLER "Sante Fe Bound" The different Circles of the W. M. U., First Baptist church will meet at 3 o'clock, Monday afternoon as follows: Circle No. 1 with Mrs. W. R. Hamilton, Circle No. 2, and No. 3 with Mrs. A. C. Andres; Circle No. 4 with Mrs. Earl Bowden; Circle No. 5 with Mrs. J. T. Bowden. Miss Mary Elizabeth Bright who has spent the past ten days visiting in Chicashe, Okla,, has enrolled for (he ensuing term in the Chickashe High School. The Woman's Auxiliary of St. Mark's Episcopal church will meet at 4 o'clock Monday afternoon at Fair Park. A very delightful and beautifully planned tea of this week-end was the gift shower by Mrs. J. O. Milam given Thursday afternoon as special compliment to Mrs. Garrett Story Jr., an early summer bride. The attractive Milam home on S. Pine street was aglow with lovely summer flowers, the reception room reflected a pink and green color combination as the guests were greeted by Miss Eva Jean Milam, who made a charming picture in her floor length afternoon costume. Mrs. J. C. Carlton presented the guests lo the receiving line, which included Mrs. Milam, Mrs. Garrett Story, Jr., Mrs. Ray Allen, Mrs. Story Sr., Miss -larriet Story and Mrs. B. F. Milum of Wuskogee, Okla. Assisting in the reception room and nviting the guests into the dining •oom were Mrs. Fred R. Harrison and VIrs. M. M. McCloughan. Mrs. A. B. Patton was in charge of the guest jook and Miss Guyola Bayse and Mrs. O. R. Stcdman displayed the lovely lifts. The lace covered tea table held for its central adornment a bowl of Co- .umbia Roses and blue sage flanked by green candles in silver holders, Columbia roses and blue sage were also used on the buffet. Assisting in the dining room courtesies were Miss Mamie Briant, Miss Mary Louise Keith, Miss Frances Holt, Miss Frances Snyder and Miss Regina Bayse. About 50 guests called during the atfernoon. A very charming feature of the afternoon's pleasure was a view of the lovely flower garden and fish pond situated just East of the house. So many lovely flowers with a setting of graceful and luxuriant shrubs, the combination making a very pleasin,g and restful spot. exactly the same consequences. Wrong and evil courses in modern America are just as sure to curse American society as they were in the life of an ancient people, while the tuning of our hearts and minds to right principles and sound conduct will bring us blessing that ever fell upon any people devoting themselves heart and soul to truth and right. Sound laws and obedience to them, the setting of the welfare of all against the welfare of the few, regard for justice that may be done to the lowliest person in society, consideration for the weakest and most in need, the use of God's bounty to supply the widest and deepest human needs—those are the things that bring blessing in the life of a people. These arc the things that are associated with a proper recognition of God and a manifestation of his goodness. How can one teach and proclaim these things so that they will take deeper hold of our life today and turn the hearts of our people from selfishness and inconsiderateness to devote themselves more truly to the seeking of God's blessing on our national life? A nation's choice has its roots.in the choices of individuals, yet individuals are influenced by the whole attitude of the society in which they live. Sound choices are inextricably associated with right ideas and ideals. U. S. Beer Captures Award in Europe Fox Beer Given First Prize at Exposition in Brussels, Belgium Once again the U. S. A. has beaten Europe at her o wn game. What is more, Europe graciously admits defeat by passing out a gold medal to the victor. The victor is Fox DeLuxe Bger, which was awarded first prize at the Brussels (Belgium) Exposition in competition with the world's finest brews. You may be sure Germany, Holland, England and other great beer-making countries sent their very finest products but when the experts got through tasting. Fox DeLuxe, an American Beer, led all the rest—probably much to their surprise. Obviously, the winner had to be Here is where education and religion have a profound part to play in so teaching and'inspiring men that they may value things rightly and choose 'the things that bring blessing. just about perfect in quality and flavor to win this outstanding international award. "While I was delighted to hear we had won the prize," commented Frank Fox, President of the Peter Fox Brewing Company, Chicago, "I was not surprised. Our brew masters learned how to make fine bger in the old country, and they know. practically every Secret of the art. We use'only the finest imported and domestic hops and malt. We do not tolerate modern hurry-up methods. Our brew -masters take plenty of time, 'and the finished product is leisurely lagered under uniform temperature' control. .Only when it is thoroughly aged and mellow do we bottle it. That is why Fox DeLuxe has genuine old.country flavor, why it was good enough to win the prize." Fox DeLuxe is so popular that the brewery has to operate 24 hours a day to keep up with thg demand. Jax Distributing Company is the local distributor. These toads were our lucky charms, but they don't seem so lucky now.—i Herman Zeirtz and Edward Level in Oklahoma City jail on robbery charges while their two pet toads go about CHURCH OF CHRIST Gilbert Copcland, Minister The subject for discussion on Lond's day morning at 11 o'clock will be, "II We Take the Bible a* Our Guide." Bible classes begin at 10 o'clock. Thn young peoples meeting is at 6:30 p. m. Preaching at 7:30 p. m. The subject for that hour, "The More Excellent Way." Prayer meeting each Wednesday evening at 7:30. Ladies Bible class each Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock The public is invited and urged to attend any and all of these services. • • • HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Bert Webb, Pastor This is your invitation to attend the Tabernacle Sunday school next Sunday. There is a class you will enjoy. The pastor will speaek at both the morning worship service at 11 and the night evangelistic meeting at 7:45. Orchestra and special vocal music features the evening service. 'Children's Church and Christ's Ambassadors meet at 6:45. Mid-week preaching service Wednesday at 7:45 and prayer meeting Thursday afternoon at 2:30. You have an invitation to all thsee meetings. • their business catching insects in a flower garden. I was in PeipiAg when the Japanese took over the city. I thought what I saw there was something, but I didn't find out until later that Peiping was really a tea party.—Mrs. James B. Murphy, socially prominent N. Y. woman, first refugee to return to the U. S. from China. The increase in naval effectives at Shanghai does not denote a change in policy of judicious and calm attitude, but recent events in Shanghai constitute a threat to Japanese residens.—( Rear Admiral Rokuzo Sugiyama, Shanghai, China. You never get anywhere In politics trying to get even with a fellow.—* James A. Farley. The name a child is given at birth may be a determining factor in his development of personality, in the ease with which he acquires friends and, in all probability, in his success or failure in life—Dr. W. E. Walton of University of Nebraska. checks Malaria in 3 days Colds Liquid, Tablets first day Salve, Try "Rub-My-Tism" World's Best Liniment ou'll freeze in your eats when this * Ijpra.zed demon runs ((puck IO,OOO feot bove the aarth! IT'S THE DOBBS NEW YORKER REPORTED ILLIAMGARGAN- JEAN ROGERS PICK PURCELL- HOB ART CAVANAUGH / MICHAEL FITZMAURIGE Introducing the new track welt edge exclusive wilh Doblis. Inverted tucks fiive a soft drape to the crown. In felt, all colors. Accurate hcadsizes. $10.00. THE GIFT SHOP Weekly Sunday School Lesson By WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance Choices In a Nation's Life Text: Deuteronomy 11:8-12, 26-32 The teachings of this lesson on choices and their consequences in a nation's life are set forth very clearly and simply. The children of Israel wore facing the prospect of entrance into the promised land. It offered thorn the opportunity of a land flowing with milk and honey; it was a land of hills and valleys, with fruitful fields watered by the rain of heaven. But the children of Isragl were facing this land with its opportunity with two cleur choices before them, and with the alternative plainly stated of blessing or of curse. If they gave themselves to the commandments of God and other observances of right principles, there was before them the prospect of blessing; if they turned from tlic.sc commandments to selfish and evil ways, if they established corrupt worship in place of truth and right, there was for them only a cursg, rather than a blessing. It turned out in the history of Israel exactly as these prophetic words fore- tolil. Ruin and destruction came upon tile people when they forgot God, and turned to their own selfish and evil ways. Yet, in exile and in adversity, when lily people really turned to God. -A glory shout- upon the nation even in its seeming defeat. These things have not changed. Nations and peoples today are confronted with exactly the same choice and with .. .because made of MILD &IPE tobaccos Copyright 1937, LlCCin & MTOS TOBACCO CO. It's Got That REAL OLD COUNTRY BEER FLAVOR And it's made right here in America by old time master brewers who learned how across the • ocean. Fox De Luxe Beef is leisurely brewed .sod expertly lagered under uniform temperature control until aged to the peak of perfection. That's why Fox De Luxe gives you real old country goodness ; ; i with a rich, creamy collar and a mellow tasty flavor that makes every glass a drink of delight; It's so fine in quality that it won FIRST PRIZE at the Brussels, Belgium Exposition in competition with the world's best beers. One taste will convince you it is the real thing in old country flavor. Try it. Get a supply from your dealer today. 12-OZ. STEINIES Handy short necked bottles easily stored in refrigerator. 8-OZ. CANS The newest thing in can n e d beer. Holds just a handy glassful. V,-GALLON DRAUGHTIES Full 32-oz. bottle in convenient family size. Contains 5 lull glasses: PETtH FOX JBKEW CO., CHICAGO Distributed fi> JAX SALES CO. Main St. Phone 11 Nashville, Ark. I-A

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