Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 17, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 17, 1934
Page 2
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Hope ® Star O Justice, Thy HemUiFrom Fake Report/ 1 Published erWy we*k-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., In<». tC; R PaMner 4 Ales. H. Washbarn), at The Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Arkansas. C. E. PALMER, President R, WASHBUttN, Editor and Publisher Entered As jfecohd-ckss matter at the postoffice at Hope, Arkansai the Act of March 3, 1897. nn: ""The (wvvSpaper is an institution developed by modern civil- to t*eS«t til* J*ws of the «fey, to foster commerce arid Industry, igh widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish tliat check upon government which no CtaistituUbn has ever been able to provide."—Col. R. R-McCormick Hitft iAhtfiaysi Payable In Advance)-. By city carrier, per 10e; sik iftonth&pLtS; one year $5.00. By mail, in Hcmpstoad, Nevada, Howard, Millet And LaFflyette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $5.00. of th* Afe<>clAted Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not oiherwise-'tredited In this paper and also the local news published her»in. ^T CHAPTRH XXIII MY and Floward exchangpt glances ot discomfort, but noi of Indecision. "We don't mean t< T<HEt were pushing he* wit* il* •*• Ins themselves away hwH aSt» A jot unkindly exactly, but •>ly. She struggled to tlta '.hem. they baffled nnd evaded n6r. , "Are you afraid I can't A*rjn$ I his dcml?" she naked. "Or thdt i -very Hi Ing lan't exactly os I'ye tola I .-on. I'll have my secretary in the contract of sale, and •iircs of the house and records showing what other property In lint neighborhood has sold for r*- ;ently. ~And I'll put "P security be cruel," said Howard. "We cat, - nr whatever money you'd IriVest. only do what we think la right. Oi j : - ( j mnfce the whole thing absolute- course a professor's salary Is m y R!X f e j or you." great shakts. but I have a sraal' | .. Oppos . ttlon a i wa ys was a tonlo personal Income. We even some savings, nnd Nancy likely to suffer ahjr privations. You gave the child to Amy, Jane. You'v< lor you, Janle.'' said Amy. 'but this time you're heaaed . ivrong way. We don't doubt your irtith, nor yet your ability. I'm National Advertising tteptesthtttlves: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.. Memphis, Tenrt., Sterick Blds.:New York City, Graybar Bldg.; Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wacker, ihive; Detroit, MJch., 7838 Woodward Ave.; St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. •-• - . ._ - . 1.1 ! I *H ii» AIUI jv;i. ,/«»»• --—...--^ , — — not concerned yourself about nel U erfect]y cert ai n that you'll buy since then. And we can't let you j ^ f W ) mt ' s .i,j s . nnni e'fl house and concern yourself ahout her now. It, . pU lf n( R gTnnf] pront . n ut count would only mean n—a renewal ol i out Qn u _ Wo call . t do U- » —of interest—which doesn't seem Jfmo wondere ,[ 1 jf perhaps they Charges on Tributes, fitc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, cards *,' thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial, newspapers hold :to ttis policy in the news Columns to protect their readers | f eel ns sma11 a , s Nancy from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility liere > >' otl tlon t wnnt ' few tho safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Your Health By OR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygeia, lite Health Magazine Tongue GlVes Nfo Sigh df Internal Disease YOUR CHILDREN By Ofivg Roberts Barton I advisable." Jano smiled, her sudden winning brilliant smile. She saw hei chance. "You certainly talk like a professor, Howard. You make m« Now looh any monej from me. That's been made deal enough. But would you mind If 1 put you in the way of making some money yourself, on your own cap! initially didn't have any tndhey ;aved and didn't want to let her 'enow. "I'm sorry you feel tlint •way,'* she said aloud, "but it you .change ?our mind while I'm here, it won't je too Inte. I wish you would :hanRe your mind." "How long are-you going to,be lore?" asked Amy. ' Not long, only till I get Aunt tal I mean, so that you'd not hav«' ^ osa - s affairs straight again. , It'a Political Announcements The Star Is authorized to uuttuttt* the following as candidates subject Ho the acllbh of the Democratic election August 14, 1934. For State Senator <20th District), JOHN L. VrtLSON For tuieiift <JEORGE yt. scHoorjcy W. AWBRt UBW1S CLARENCE E. BAKER J. E. (JIM) BEAHDEN Couhty & ^rdbat* Judge H. M. STEPHENS Couhly & Probote RAY E, M'DOWELL JOHN W. RIDGDILL Tax Assessor MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAb R. L. (LEE) JONES C. C. (CR1T) STUART Bond OvtaM*r (tKJRoan township) E. L. SULLIVAN L. S. MAULDIN FRED A. LUCK In the old days, if you were sick, the doctor would come and look at your tongue before doing anything else. It got so that people would take the appearance of the tongue as an indi- | cation of their health. And there still I are people who think they can make a diagnosis of indigestion or infectious Vacation-Time Mishaps Call for Cool- It's Uie wise mother who prepares herself now to meet the inevitable accidents that befall active children on vacation. Just what this preparedness consists of, Olive Roberts <Barton, tells in a series on summer accidents, of which this is the first. to pinch or scrimp yourselves for the—the child? It happens thai I can do it, right away. I'll tell yon Ifa one ot those queer unexpected things that come along once in o )lne inoon. A'man named Sears drifted into my office one day and said he wanted to sell a house, Headed and Prompt Attention cusease by this simple observation. . .But today about the only time thej doctor will inspect your tongue is. The good old summer time brings when he's looking for a disease that its own troubles for the mother. Her relates to that organ. children need roughage, that is, a bit .The tongue contains on its surface j of venture, and it will be a most re- little structures which have the dou- I markable and lucky child who will fele purpose of supplying the sense of i escape entirely without a bruise, or taste and of perriutting the tongue toj cut or blister. handle the'food that is on it. The best way is to take matters as Occasionally these little' folds en-| they come and not worry from dawn large without producing anything in i until dark for fear something may the nature of a serious disease. Sometimes they become swollen in association with an infection of the tonsils or throat. Usually in such cases ordinary cleanliness with a certain amount happen. Warnings are in order, but obsessions about accidents can put the strongest mother to bed herself. As to warnings, there are of course, some things that should be absolutely of rest brings about prompt relief. I "verboten." such as swimming in a There are, however, other cases inj dangerous spot, riding wheels, small which these ordinary folds of the membrane covering the tongue disappear and are displaced by a sort of wagons or playing ball in the street, climbing brittle trees, or going barefoot in snake country. scar tissue. This eoilditioh most fre-j Outside of such things, or whatever quently occurs among heavy smokers or: persons with very bad teeth. The condition has occasionally been referred to as smokei's patches. It may, however, proceed eventually to the stage wheii the entire tongue is marked out in sections so that it looks like a map, in which case the doctors describe the condition as geographical tongue. In some cases use of radium in treatment of disorders of the tongue of this kind is success- fuL A rather rare condition affecting the tongue is one in which the little folds hazard she lives near, the mother would do better to say. "Johhny is bound to have a few accidents. Am I prepared fotlo'the right thing at the, right time? Can I get uSed to seeing blood without losing my head? Have I the proper materials on hand for quick help? Do I know how to use them? Will I scfearn or cry and make Johnny think he is hurt worse than he is? Or will I let things go, trusting that time cures most things very well?" Keep a Handy Kit Contents foi-'a handy-kit cost little „„,„, , .„ „ _, of membrane, known as papillae, en- j So ™* sterilized absorbant cotton, a large. Thia gives the tongue a dark narrow and a wide ro u o f g au ze band- appearance, so that it seems to be cov- age ^ £ome clean (boiled) old linen ered with hair. i icdine, peroxide of hydrogen, baking The tongue is occasionally affected j cocla salt a tube of pure vase ij ne , or by organisms which produce swellings ! wha j ever e jc e the doctor may sug and , growths, and not infrequently tumors may develop that are merely disturbances of growth, as well as tu- rnors like cancer that are malignant. gest. Keep a basin that isn't used fo: anything else in the house. There won't be time always to stop anc A household bucke ! scrub one out. It is, of course, of the greatest im- i or a bathroom basin may i 00 k clean portance to find whether any swelling faut won , t fae .^tary en0 ugh to use or change in the tongue is cancerous. | - n ^ medical depart ment. Although a mother can give firs aid, she must remember that cxcep in minor cases it is only temporary When there is a deep cut or a punc ture caused by something rusty o If detected early it is possible to bring about a cure- without recurrence. If detected late, there is very little chance of a successful result. 'A clean mouth in which the teeth have been regularly watched for cleanliness and for freedom from decay and uneveness, is perhaps the best type of insurance that you can get against development of cancer of tongue and mouth. Kay,Cleaver Strahan Spins a Fine Murder Story By BRUCE CATTON dirty, a bad sprain, a blow on th head that causes vomiting or uncon sciousness, a dog or snake bite, sh should get a doctor to come at once And in sun-sickness or in cases o near-drowning. Watch Swelling Wounds Also, if there has been what sh thought was an innocent v/ound tha ! has begun to swell and redden an i cause pain. In such a case the docto | is absolutely necessary. I Every mother should have directions of some sort to refer to in case of minor accident. A short talk with the doctor (she 1 can take notes) wil be of help. And i most "mother's books" today contain not ns bail as .she thought. She was only sick , and .-blue— that JS& Trainer in old Mr. Massey'a office iad got 'on her nerves. But I settle*! lim, this afternoon, nnd Aunt Rosa jerked right up." Amy began to laugh. She could stuu ne wanceu t o ran a u u »»«. . ,, oh j .„ j ce big-uptown house, and he _ wanted I ^ ^^ Jo ^ to heft ^ . y ou o do it quietly, no publicity, anc ,,__ m nv, TS™^,. T>*ninn* ha to do f he could he'd let It go for' about a third of what It was worth. 1 saw he'd been drinking and at first I was just going to ease him out— and'then, I decided to look Into It." 'She was, she thought, regaininpj , on "" sc j ous o f his nearness, her rightful importance. Howar<:| • • * Sealing with Jimmy Tralnor—he Is So fresh and thinks he Knowa H ill!" Janfe laughed, too, and began to pull on her fur coat. Howard her and she was Intensely •was listening absorbedly. She wen! on more dramatically: "1 dug nr the truth n scrap at a time. It wa; a spite sale. He and his sister arc the Inst of a family that wri= oner tliiite solidly rich and they live ir the house. She's'a widow with'sev- eral children and she's old or thai- he and has been trying to tnntinsi liim and keep hold of whnt niouo;. nnd property that's left, tie's neve: done any work. All he wants- It life is excitement. He's crazy tc go over and get In tho war. hut hi. income is all tied up with hip debts and he wants a bunch"of money tut a special reason before he goes. Si lie made up his mind to sell hi.- equity in the house before his sis W7 " HEN the door had closed behind her flourishing exit, Amy pointed an accusing finger at her iinsband. "You fraud, you faker,*' }he jeered. "Suppose I'd have told tier the truth, that yon wanted, to name her Axellnn after that old Norwegian sea-devil, and 1 wouldn't let you, nnd how you kept calling her : Ettlcot .because she had There's an air of professional com- | the information needed. Trained petence about the mystery novels of nurses, Boy Scouts. Child Service Bu- Kay Cleaver Strahan that puts them j reaus, the Red Cross and school teach- in the "something special" classifica- j ers are other sources of information, tion. Her newest one, "The Hobgob- ; as well as the Children's Bureau in 1m Murder" (Bobbs-Merrill: $2) is I Washington. rtfcht up to standard. I — This has to do with three old maids , NEXT: Rusty Nails and Slintcrs. sisters living in a gloomy old house in a Pacific Coast town. Two of them are nice old girl 3 , but the third is a ' sure-enough battle-ax, and so nobody mourns much when somebody helps I her to shuffle off this mortal coil by So They Say! Except one or two fighters who kept JtC± \\J atti*t-i*^ *^»* *•»*»* «**v» »**• V-. —^ | i •-' sticking a pair of shears into her. their money most of them are of such :,:*.-T: i low mentality that they don't know throat. You' get a lot of suspects-the two! money when they see it.-Supreme Jviving sisters, a young grandniece Court Justice Peter Schmuck of New i j._ it,* I_«n^n t r\r> ol-inl tar H£>— I OTK. surviving sisters, a young grandniece who came to the house for shelter be- York, fore the murder, three servants, and a sanctimonious old lawyer; but no matter how smart you are, a doubt that you'll be prepared for the surprise It takes intelligence to be a modern ife.—Prof. Ernest R. Groves of the University of North Carolina. I believe implicity in my husband. Nothing could shake that confidence. 1 have known him too long.—Mrs. the author hands you at the end. It's a grade-A puzzler, this, and no mistake. "The Bachelor Flat Mystery," by R. A. J. Walling (Morrow: ?2J is of the ; Samuel Insull familiar British type—undistinguished, j .— [< it very sound. It deals with the ness," by Leslie Ford rtiange taking-off of a mysterious Rjnehart: ?2), which Australian who somehow finds his way int othe flat of a young Londontr- itbout-town. Several gay young bloods and two charming young women come under suspicion, and {he plot is worked out (Farrar and tolls how an nti-New Deal senator gets shot to death in Washington in the heat of a fight against the power trust. Practically everybody except Mr. Tugwell comes under suspscion, und a retired army colonej finally digs up the vil- ter could stop him and get What was the special reason hf wanted the money?" asked Howard 'Oh that!" Jane tossed it oft lightly. "Nothing creditable. The man's rotten, really. It's for some girl he's interested in. He wants tc set her up in a dress shop, 01 beauty parlor, before ho leaves you see. "And In the meantime I'm arranging for the money. He wants, cash, if you please, the whole thing Jn his hand, and lie's going to get it. And I know, postively. that the [day after I take title I can sell that equity for three, or maybe four •times what I paid for it. Now, do you see? If you want to put even a few thousand dollars Into it, I can treble it within six weeks. I'll treat It as part of the investment, not as a loan." She looked at Howard expectantly. * • * CHE had enjoyed reciting the ^ Sears transaction. She would have loved to go on and tell about her business, her profits, her sales, peacocking her own ability and cleverness before him. "I suppose," he said considering- ly, "that 1 If this fellow Sears succeeds in selling the house and hands over the money to his girlfriend, his sister and her children, will lose a good bit of what they would naturally have Inherited, won't they?" "Of course. That's why the sister's tried to hold on to the property. • But that has nothing to do with It. He's bound to sell, and it he doesn't sell to me, he will to someone else." "I don't doubt it." ' There was an odd silence. Jane •was puzzled by his unresponsive manner. "You don't understand," she said. "This Sears is simply no good. The family's run out. It used to be quite distinguished, I believe. He's going to keep his sister from getting that money because he's so fed up with having her try to control him. If I don't take this sale, someone else will. I can't pass up a good stroke ot business for myself simply because there's bad feeling in the Sears family." "No." said Howard, "I suppose not. But, frankly, It's Just a shade | too ironic to me to have young Nancy profit by a sale which isn't fair to somebody else's children." "But tha* 1 - so—so remote!" "Oh Jano." broke in Amy, "don't let's argue ahout It. Howard's perfectly right. We don't want money made in a way that's hard on other people." "But I want to do something for Nancy and you, too!" ••We understand about your good intentions. Jane." said Howard, ".•>]!(! give you due credit for the sui."f. Hut seriously, the biggest you can do for Nancy ia to red nose? It wasn't red either, only a nice healthy pink! You and your favorite name! Now she believes that In some occult way you responded to lier own taste. She 'airly purred at you. Professor Tackson. that woman yearns for rou still." 'And why not? Look what a prize I am!" "Oh yes, I had somehow forfeot- ten that. Howard—" she became jomlcally serious and Indignant, 'she said Nancy wasn't good looking! For a second it made me so snraged 1 could hardly speak, nnd then—I don't know—it seemed to straighten out everything. I knew she didn't want Nancy if she could say that." tCopyrllfht. 1034, by Sophie Kerr) (To Bu Continued.) Cloudburst Hits Fort Smith Area Local Girl May Get Screen Test ttope's ttollywoorl Excursion Contest Nears Half- WayMark If any one of the 14 young Indies who are winners in the Mnlco Theaters Inc., "Hollywood Tour Popularity Contest," show in nny manner that they are movie material they will be given a screen test and try-out by Cecil B. DcMllle. So wired Mr. DeMille to M. A. Lightmnn hend of the Malc6 theaters. The contest is now drawing nenr ti> half-way mark and from now (he half-way mnrk nnd from now on voting should be unusually heavy. Tile attraction of this week's two voting dnys, Tuesday and Wednesday, is that new ptar and personality. Gertrude Michael in "The Notorious Sophie Lang." This: atractioti is not released for ihe general run until Friday but Hope Rets the first Arkansas showing and from advance information it is an.ex- ceptionally good piece of screen entertainment Wntch the Slur Friday night for the contestants' standing at the end of the third week's drive for a free trip to Hollywood with all expenses paid. shore. The cove, n dent in the predp- itiotts rocky front of the shore, provided tne only place on the island where a landing could be mode. TUP present strolled over nn expanse of sandy beach and inspected an abandoned shack. Everyone tried his skill nt shooting, but the lotnl result was a frightened dove nnd n punctured cocoanut. The president said he had no late information of official affairs in the United Slates which would warrant comment. For the next 10 days ho will be on the Pacific cruising straight for Hawaii. ing done by the Rev. J. W. Erwin, tho partor and the Rov. .John Jackson of Waldo. Everybody Is invited to attend, An Interesting ball game was played at Curt Finchdr's Saturttny afternoon by Sareptn's two teams and Union Sarpota winning both (tamos. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert, Mnrlow and Mrs. Sam Marlow were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Clark Butler and folks on Monday of this week. Tho farmers corn through here is suffering for Inck of rain. Mr. nnd Mrs. D. J. Dillnrd, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Butler of Hope spent n while with Mr. and Mrs. J. E, Butler Sunday afternoon. Breaks Intense Heat, But May Be ^oo Late to Save Crops LITTLE ROCK —A rain of near cloudburst proportions at Fort Smith and light showers at Fuyctteville, Harrison and other points late Saturday broke a drouth of from 30 to 60 days duration which had destroyed or seriously damaged crops in northwest Arkansas. The downpour in the Fort Smith vicinity drenched adjacent Crawford county uplands and extended westward with slightly reduced intensity. The stohn interrupted telegraph service between Little Rock and Fort Smith. Farmers expressed fear that the rain came too late to be of great aid, as pastures, gardens and most crops had suffered irreparable damage during the mbre than four weeks- drouth. County Agent W. B. Procter of Sebastian county, reported earlier in the day it would be Impossible to feed the hundreds of cattle being shipped into the Fort Smith section if the abnormally dry weather continued, and no water for pastured already scorched with 100-degree temperatures. Mr. Proctor said he had made a survey of neighboring counties in eastern Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas, and found the Same situation in al! sections. Harrison .reported .21 of an inch of rain at 3 p. m. which brought relief from a maximum temperature of 108- degrees Saturday and Friday, the highest reported readings in the state but farmers said the rain would be wcrth little to crops. A shower of .16 of an inch fell at Fdyetteville, to give crops in Washing- tdrt county the first moisture since June 10 when a 3-inch downpour was accompanied by a destructive wind and hail storm. President Catches a Real Chopper" Roosevelt Lands 50-Pound Ono Before Quitting Cocos Island Joe Hargis Is Named for Kah»a» A. O. U. W. Joe B. Hargis, local Hope resident, has been nnined in charge of the or* gnnigntion work in the Hope section, by Fitzhtigh Lee, of Texarknna, dlstrlc 1 manager of thp A. O. U. W. of Knn- sn.s in this section of the, state, Mr. HarKis has many friends throughout this section, and will assist materially in furthering the Interests of the order ih this section. A. O. U. \V. of Kan- •inf was given permission to do business in Arkansas in September 1933 and since htat time has developed a strong organization throughout this section. Rosston Rt 2 We are very sorry to report the death of the baby son of Mr. und Mrs. Mnrk Richhrdson Saturday night at 8:30. Burial was in Union cemetery Sunday at 4 p .m. Rev. Wesley Thom- muson of Prcscott conducted the service. The bereaved haVe the sympathy of the entire comuuily. A series of meetings begun nt Bluff Springs Sunday and wil continue on through the week. Preaching is bc- ABOARD U. S. S. NEW ORLEANS, iccompanyinp President Roosevelt.— VP)—President Roo.sevelt Saturday night set out on his -i.OOO mile cruise .o the Hawaiian islands after a field lay of sport on and about the Cocos island, a green dot in the Pacific ocean, 500 miles west of Panama. Burned by Ihe sun and wind of a day of varied rain storms and blue skies, the president retired early. Just at sunset tht- president's cruiser, the Houston, struck out for the West. The New Orleans followed nnd :oon Ihe island dropped below the horizon. The uninhabited island will become fond memory to the president, for while there he regained the fishing championship of his vacation party. The president caught a 50-pountl ono, a fish resembling the barracuda, and he brought it out of the water without misadventure. Roosevelt's strapping son. Franklin, also caught an ono, but a shark snapped off its tail before he could get it into the boat. A marine got even with the shark by shooting it, but all hands held the honors of the day belonged to the president because of the clean landing of-his.catch. The marine turned his pistol from the shark to a school of porpoises which splashed about the island. John Roosevelt had several sailfish at the end of his tackle, and he almost succeeded in landing one. Despite a downpour of ruin the president, wearing an old blue jersey and fishing boots, kept an engagement at noon for a picnic in Walfish cove, on Your Insurance Is Very Important A. O. U. W. of Kansas offers the every form of modern protectioit basis on a legal reserve. In other words the highest lype of protection coupled with all the warm hearted fellowship of fraternalusm. Protection is the basis of our organiy.ation. Let us give you the facts about this great institution. JOE B. HAUGIS is the local representative for the A. O. U. W. of Kansas in Hope and vicinity. Fitzhugh L e e, 205 State National BJmk building 1 , Texarkana, is district manager. A 0 y w —OF— KANSAS Why Let Your Skin Age Protect your skin with this new wonderful Fnco Powder and let MELLO- OLO give you thnt youthful bloom. Made by a new French process—stays on longer, prevents liirRe pores, beautifies your complexion. Does not irrl- Iftte the skin or give n p»sty look, l-'ur- cst face powder miule. Try MELLO- GLO nnd you'll love it. 50c and $1. GYPSY CREAM For SUNBURN Hdnt Rash, Ivy Poison. Moth Itch and other Superficial Irritations. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Hope. Ark. Established 1885 That's Exactly What You Should Insure It For When you save money, you put it in the bank for protection. Your home is also your savings—protect it FULLY with insurance. ROYANDFRSONiCO. i COMPUTE INSURANCE JHMCE Phone 810 Hope, /Arkansas ... •with mathematical precision. It's a • lain. «ood average, run-of-the-mill detec- if you like a political setting for e ' ' -^ ' ' . _ ._ ,.. ,^,;,-/V,^ rff\ f'lf tVlia tive yarn. Then there's your crimes, you might go far this| owtl W eaiis." "The Strangled Wit- j one. ( k-iivc her alone and not tangle her up i:i u:iy feverish emotional jams. II r;!:^ ever Minis out that she's got tv.-'o mothers instead of one it might bo [iLiinl'ul and unsettling. It i.'iiu'ii give a bad twist to her Jlfe. V.Vll bring her up the very best \ve can. you know that, within OUP ves yoit '**. We say that Chesterfields are milder — that they taste better — and we believe that you would enjoy them. MILDER TASTES BETTER © 19M, Liacsrr & Mrau TOBACCO Co.

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