The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1940
Page 3
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'. MONDAY, MARCH 25, 1940 * DEER. LEOPHRli ! "^'^T^o^ATzoo Iffl LES5F Boasls Studied Methods Of Grace For New Acquiring liy Af.lCIA 11AUT I.'KA Smicv .Start Wlilcr The newest exercises for figure beauty art based an the theory or nntural movements' for litiib.'ilng iiiwl coordlnMiii; the body iiiiis.-les" Smartly csougli, they were inspired l;y till 1 graceful antics ol animals- lilt .low-moving, svelte k-opaiil, lor example ami \nc li»ht-iu> ijK.-.L deer; "Tne o!d-fashioned lyj(e of c-alls- ti.fnic.. wnidi reduced <!lim.'iulon.s 1.111 uTtainly dUlii't make the body "" aipu.t aii. sracf :ul n:, well as slen- i Bri (ARK.) COURIER NEWS i Smoke In The Maples Is Sure Sign- Of Sprin^ Mt<5»««'»*»«aM>«.'U'-»"--'— — — -' l ~ j f~> PAGE THRFA Wljother he's in a /oo or in, his native juirsle, bomllim nnd slvciviHiii! like this keeps the leopard's waistline so svelte, liib movemeiiis «> aceful. Mademoiselle- Olsi; of the Hi-Inn Rubinstein salon "Oi-s vler u.e jln-hal," says the l>ca»Ly bolltll<l bafs " l tl ' (> ™° lo demonstrate the correct way to do cxom.scs: oxjitu who seated the new animal imitcrueil alter the antics of aiilinais. •'NOivadny.s. every worn .in /.,r.,>'.,i lhal, whether she Is thick in 1 thin, a yoatimu ;ip;,e,u-iiiicc u,.- p.:ii:t.-, on flcxloilily 0 [ muscles, ligiil-toutenni.'M ami gract-ftu IKJ m hands, unns aim feei." KfiEwxfi BODY FLEXHILL- 'Jo i-reaie exercises for tlie woman j who would like to walk ivltli Hit supple i-nytmn of the leopard, the expert sent teachers on Her stuff cvn-eci to a zoo to study the move- meins of that animai. The lol- lowing three routines arc the rc- aiiii of nifir unique research job: Lie flat on your back. Keeping kiues .straight and without assuming seated position, raise legs and try to touch toes with flnger- •||i nps. in other words, describe an ™ arc with your body. Relax and repeat, 'mis .sttuuui jje none i^.t times n daj 1 . I! dii on tne Iloor with hands be- !•' liinci hips. Keeping ankles to-'' aetuer, move le.4S as far to toe .leu as possible. Reverse, moving them lo the right. Repeat ten limes. :-.tand erect with left arm iip- suetchcd. Now .stretch left leg, left side of the body and up- stretched arm. In other words, try to make left side of the body longer than the right. Reverse, i«,.-.,.ig right shoulder and right hip, trying lo innte rignt snle longer than left. Repeat six times JiOVV TO HUN L1KK A DEER The woman who would like to move witn the lightness, freshness and youth fulness of the deer might try these simple routines: Hun swhtiy across n room or across the backyard, bringing feet if ^ hiish of! the ground, Reeling bony * straignt and tort pointed downward sharply. .•.ire.e»!,if; arms upward, turn hips quickly from side to side, bending knee.s slightly. Repeat ten tunes. Kick backward with right leg, trying to reach the middle of backbone with right toes. Reverse, kicking backward with lert leg. /.v,,i!iu ten times. Bend elbows, placing fingertips or, shoulders, thereby elevating chest. Pull stomach up and in. Keep backbone in ns straight a lliie as possible. Now run in place, bending knees sharply and | L.nifciSJ I.UTI: up to rhest. Rim i for ore minute. This, routine tm- | proves posture, make.- m Hides of! ihe legs more supple. . Drinkers Found To Have * Same Infancy Traits LOUISVILLE. Ky. (UP) — The whisky bottle addict of maturity was a colicky thumb-sucker in his milk bottle days, according to Dr. J. H. Wall, assistant professor of clinical psychiatry of Cornell University. Dr. Wall painted a picture of his typical danker for a Louisville su'lien-.c from a study of 100 alcoholic patients treated at a New York hospital where he is assistant medical director. The case histories of these patients, collected over a 14-year period, showed several common features, he said. For Instance, in infancy the typical ririnkcr was indulged by an emotionally unstable mother, .scared by nn aggressive, successful and unsympathetic father and had New animal exercises arc based on a famous beauty expert's theory of animal movements for limbering nnd coordination. Routines patterned after the movements of the deer make for n light, easy tread, a quickness that is youthful. ! \ ijr> Dr. A. L Boyd VETERINARIAN 29 Years With Delta Diseases The very latest methods used. I also have the correct answer for your hog diseases. 1 TREAT BLACK TONGUE ANT) RUNNING FITS IN DOGS ON FOSITIVK GUAUANTKE. Permanently Located 1129 W. Sycamore Phone 11H An exercise teacher goes to the zoo to observe nt first hand about tlie graceful movements of the leopard. Moles nn what she sees will .wrve us R basis for n series of new exercises. Slriclf-s Made In iVlililai'y Field Says CIlfllHSl I'rrt'.SHUUGII. M iv re 11 26. itll 1 ) — Ulilr/nlloii of pliislic-.-i "liy (lie nun?-! foiTi's "l every iniijoi- 1111- lion" was tlie most Imijortnut trwiil iiilslm; from iiulusli-lRl reseiu'eli In 11KI9, Dr. Willlniu A. Ihinior. associate illioclur ot Mellon institute of liiduKlrlnl Hi'soafch hns roporl- I'll lo tin.- y\iiit>rlf«n Clicirilnvl So- elcty. Dr. lldinor.'s rouorl .snld Hint. tln> thrw HrltLsh lli',hiln« scrvlci's nlotif found inort! thuii t.oOO vises 101 syntlUMle resins, iintl Hut . Oeimnny hns conducted ninny rp- U'J>1 liivtxstlgatlons lulo [lie tixc of :.;i>,tlts in iihj.'liuic ni.i.sinu'lloii. MJIitnry ;i()pllcnllons of |)ln;;ti« ucfordlni; lo Dr. llniuor, include Unnliiuteil muti-rlnls In :ih'|)l;uiL coivstinctiun. limed sclUiloM- uuo- tate v.iiulows for nlr-rnu) protee- liuiv. inbrlcutlon of u«n stocks from ccllnlcse ttcoditc, the molding of mouthpieces and cojitninei-s for «as masks from phenolic resins, the use of n "kerosenl" plnsllc In ;ns masks for protection agnmst '.-tuid gns, and the use of phen- ollcs In the construction of the •losc.-i ol .intl-nlrcrnft shells. i;,iin>[H! Tnkes Lead "The year 19:w was one in which • Implied .science increased Its nse- fvilno.w almost cverywlitrc, with new research opportunities In many Innds and also new scientific trials, especially In Europe," l)r, Hamor reported. According to his tabulations, np- pro.vlniutch' $215.000,000 was spent on rcjicarch (Hiring 1038 by 2.000 companies, Nearly half of liie 32,000 scientists and Eiigincsri cn- gnged were employed by chemical, petroleum uiul electrical laboratories, while 10,000 additional 'persons served as nsslstunls and cler- Icnl workers. ' Humor's report listed tlie out- slaiuliiig rejiills of the year's work ' In liiihuii'ini lubonilories, lii'.-ltnled ' In the list were: i Itiillroiiils Afreet SavliiK | Dovelopmt'nt ol u cheiulcnl to Inhibit corrosive effects (if brine from refrigerator cars on railroad equipment — making possible an cstiimilcd Sl.'.UOO.rjOO snvlni! to the nation's railroads. Development of n synlhetlc emii- phor made from tinpclillue. thus cimbliUB the United Slates to break Japan's,long monopoly of camplior, I'rcimriillon of plastics from u vurluly of new .source materials, Including Ihe proteins of alfnlla, ;iv,vdust iby hydrolysis wllh nni- iinei and furfural. Utilization of nipld-seUhij; east phemillc resins ns transparenl covers for IIHimlunled guUle lines of iniiiiy types—for roi-lvmys, flylnw Held runways nml nlriiionc carrlovs ! A|i|>lli'iitlan of twu j;cw growlli ' siibstiinccs, nniitlinlene nccllc ucld mid mi|>l!m!ene iieotiunldo, in pur. tlii'nociupy, tlie lp:-lm)(|iiL' ol pro- diieliin tnill iroiu lni|)olllmile<l llowcrs, Osceolans To See Home Town Movie OHOKOLA, Mar. K— Osceolaus will hnvo nn opportunity of KIMJ- luu'iiK themselves us others see (hctn with UK. opening perform UUCP of "We're In the Movies" nt ihe llinh School Aiidllorlinii to- nlBhl. Tin' home talent, production is the culmination of sevcml week,; of pliimiiiii! uiul work on (ho ymrl ol the .hintnr Ohntnbcr of com- and Hie ,jo) m M no( , sr|1 loiupany's prUo.sslonnl eamMniii.nn who 1ms bi:ou hero makln); shots cf Osceola's business nc'livitlcs. semes in the (own, Osceula i\ntl Krtscr llloh (School bunds on pu- nide. »l) Intern-oven In » plot di- nctcd by sevcrnl Osctolii "uclpr.i." 'I'he technicolor Him, built nroimd " "Tnule ul Home" theme nnd rliowliiR the necessity of keeping Of.ceolu money nt home, Is Ilia first, "honcst-lo-goadiiess 1 muvie ever "iiide In Oils section, u \ V !I1 be fhown nl Hit' high school auditorium loiilghl nnd Tuesiliiy iiluhl with a ninthU'i! this nftfrnbon tm fcliool chlUhen, .'<.e Rhodes Is president <;t (he ucwly-nriinnb.c(l Junior ChumUur of Coiiiincrcu which received its I'limler lust week. K. I,. Tnlllnrerro Is Htc prcslduil and Snin l!oil/jcs Ji.. sCcrfilary-trcnNiircr. Trnmc'vnulhoritles report that, for r-very sovcn passengers In the' United Slates, Ihcrc Is one mile of good highway. Tills avciage Is Die hlelicst In tlie world. DON'T SLEEP"WHEN~~ GAS PRESSES HEART If yon can't eal or sleep because BUS bloals you up try Atllerlka One dose usually relieves pressure on heart from stomach gas due to constipation. Arilerlka cleans , out BOTH bcv.'els. Khuy Bros. Drug <'n. ami RobJnson'.s Drug Co. Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OF Safe Driving! Safe niolorliiK Is the nlm of cv- TV driver. Them., why not as- wir<- yourself of thin safety ax far us your nutomotallc Is concerned, Drive In' nnd let our incclmnlrs put your car la shape for nny driving. The cost is rciisonnble and the work guaranteed. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Walnut Fhonr 81U SPEED'S THE THING IN AHORSE, BUT I LIK6AW CIGARETTES StOW-Bl/RNfNG THAT/MEANS CAMEL, THE CIGARETTE THAT GIVES ME THE EXTRAS .' at least, one drunkard in the family i American Expeditionary Forces! said P!1St ' V ™ " e " orat!om ' hc ! '"-'''>' measured and their mcasure: incuts mcrjjied into one stalne of I (the "average American," now in Humlrcd Thoiisanrt Models | the Natural History Museum of A hundred thousand men of the New York Citv. MEN! KN.IOY THK SATISKACTION OK WEARING A CUSTOM-TAILORED TROPICAL TWEED \Vc Iiave just received thoiisatulK of imported samples of Icing Australian \V<x>l, woven on th'.i famous Scotdsli looms and decked with heather blpticlcci with all the now spring colors. \V'e invite you to come in today and see lliesi; samples. Select the one you like best and enjoy the satisfaction of a custom-tailored suit, made to lit you perfectly and correctly, regardless ol your figure. Peggy Says Speed's Swell in a Horse These suits may be obtained S in any price range from 22.™ io $75 Cleaner Phone 53 Clothier Tailor ...but the cigarette for her is slower-burning Camels because that means XTORTH-SOUTH-EAST-WEST-pcopIc like a ^ cigiirettc that burns slowly, the same as Peggy McManus does. Fast hnrning cuts down on your cig- areue pleasure. Slow burning promotes real smoking enjoyment. In recent tests, no cigarette heat Camels or even equalled Camels for slow burning. Camels arc extra mild, extra cool, with full, rich flavor. Penny for penny your best cigarette buy. Try a slow-burning ciga- rcttc...;imellow cigarette made from matchlessly blended costlier tobaccos... try tt Camel cigarette, and get— MORE PLEASURE PER PUH ! ...MORE PUFFS PER PACK! C In recent laboratory tests, CAMfitS lmrne<l y,'o slower llian the average of the 15 other of the largest-selling br.inds ccstcd-sto%vcr than any ol them. That mc.ins, on the average, a smoking phis equal to 5 EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! SMOKERS: SAVE AGAINST THE COST OF THE STATE CIGARETTE TAX Smokers who live in communities ivhcre certain state cigarette luxes arc in effect can save the cost of ihe tax-and, in some instances, more—through smoking Camels. (See f,niel at left.) When you are a Cjmel smoker, you get this unique economy— and all the extra enjoyment of cooler, milder smoking — the fragrance and delicate taste of finer, more cosily tobaccos. amels we ctgaretfe of

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