Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 16, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1934
Page 4
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aVr^noQucenrpuui to change ths title & ?<*% Aiflt No SJh." But a Mae West gyfJta fcjr any other name Js still no FOR SALE 1830 Studebflker 1928 Oakland 1929 Bulck Hempstead Motor Co. iPhone 830 207 East Third Adding Machine Paper We Deliver Johnson Printing Co. Phone 31 Shampoo, color rinse, finger wave and oil manicure all for $1.00 Permanents $1.00 and up Mary's Beauty Shop Phone 287 Cannon Apartments guaranteed RADIO SERVICE Hempstead Co. Lbr. Co. HOYT ANDRES Phone 89 DINGS Two States League Clubs Won Lost Pet. Southwestern 6 0 1.000 Goodyear 4 3 .571 Atlanta 2 3 .400 Hope ..._ 0 6 .000 National League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. New York 52 30 .634 Chicago 50 32 .610 St. Louis 46 34 .575 Pittsburgh 41 37 .526 Boston 4f 42 .494 Philadelphia 35 48 .422 Brooklyn 34 49 .410 Cincinnati 26 53 .329 American League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. Detroit 51 30 .630 New York - 48 30 .615 Boston 44 37 .543 .... 42 37 Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy Itl in the Hope Star Marketplace Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30o For consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 28 times, 3%c line, min, $2.70 (Average 5% words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the. understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publi- catioa Phone 768 Cleveland Washington - 40 42 .488 St. Louis 33 41 .446 Philadelphia 32 47 .405 Chicago ....- 27 53 .338 .SUNDAY'S RESULTS National League St. Louis 2-6, Brooklyn 0-3. Pittsburgh 5-0, Boston 0-4 Cincinati 1. Philedelphia 9. Chicago 3, New York 5. American League Washington 8-8, Cleveland 10-10. Boston 12-3, St. Louis 8-9. New York 3, Detroit 8. Philadelphia 11-0, Chicago 7-5. HAVE OPENING for 2 salesmen between 25 and 35 to sell coffee in South- i west Arkansas. Can use few ladies .for demonstration work. See E. L. Bruson after 4 p. m. or Sunday at *Synker hotel. Write P. O. Box 258. 14-lt-p. Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. NOTICE. Oil Royalties & Leases bought and sold in the vicinity of the three wells teing drilled in B.empstead county. BRIDEWELL & TYLER Ark. Bank Bldg. ll-6tc FOR RENT FOR RENT—Moders five roomhousi •with 7 acres adjoining, 1523 South Mam. Phone 423. H-3tc Six room house furnished, So. Spruce street. Also five room house Gateway Park. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Phone J638-4rings. 3t FOR SALE Cheap Electrical Power U. S. Policy Proposed Federal Bill Will Kegulate Interstate Flow of Energy WASHINGTON. — (fi>) — President Roosevelt, acting by wireless, Sunday approved creation of a special committee to define a national power policy to everyone at the lowest costs. The White House announced Secre- ary Ickes would head the committee. :t will be charged directly with preparing legislation for the next confess to better regulate the flow of ;lectrical energy in interstate commerce. The president interrupted his vaca- jon cruise to take this latest step toward achieving his long sought goal of cheap power in every home and fac- ;ory. Earlier in a letter to Ickes, dated July 9, he said: "I wish to establish in the Public Works Administration" a committee to be called the 'National Power Policy Committee.' Its duty will be to develop a plan fo rthe closer co-operation of the several factors in our electrical power supply—both public and private—whereby national policy in power matters may be unified and electricity be made more broadly available at cheaper rates to industry, to domestic and particularly to agricultural consumers." Long before he assumed the presidency, Mr. Roosevelt outlined his desire of lighting homes, operating factories, easing the burdens of the housewife and bringing modern conveniences to the farm with low cost power. On his return from Hawaii, he will visit two gigantic power plants being constructed with Public Works funds. These are the Bonneville dam in Oregon and the Grand Coulee dam in Washington. Both are designed to supply cheap power in the Pacific Northwest. FOR SALE. OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY—186 acres of good farm and pasture land, fair improve' merits. Southwest of Spring Hill, Phone 75. 12-3tp. Used Frigidaire 6-ft. First class condition. Hempstead County Lumber Co. Phone 89. Used parts for all cars. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. • 16-26t. Ozan FOR SALE: RCA-Victor Auto Radio. Practically new, ?25. J. A. Davis. ll-3tp. Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. *" FOR SALE OR TRADE—One Ford 1%-Ton Truck. See V. C. Johnson at South Arkansas Implement Co. 9-3tp. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. Used cars bought and sold. P. A Lewis Motor Co. 16-26t. Used Ice Boxes. Everyone a bargain. Hempstead County Lumber Co. Phone 89. FOUND FOUND—Office key. Owner may obtain same '-by calling at Hope Star and paying fo rthis ad. ll-3tc W. A. Lewis and daughter of Hope attended the picnic at Sardis Thursday. Miss Lillian Robins and Mrs. Eugene Goodlett and little daughter Mary Naomi were the guests of Mrs. Luther Smith and Mrs. Arthur Keel in Washington Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. McCloughan and son of Hope spent Sunday with [r. and Mrs. Miller Ctuart. Miss Ruby Lively and mother of Washington attended the picnic at Sardis Thursday. Rev. and Mrs. Harrell of Washington were visitors here Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Woody Smisston of Dallas have returned home after attending the funeral of Gray Carrigan. Bill Freeman of Hope spent Thursday with his mother, Mrs. Lo Fletcher. Mrs. Arthur Kel and daughter, Eleanor and Mrs. Luther Smith and S. H Smith of Washington attended the picnic at Sardis Thursday. 3. T. Butler has returned to his home in Hope after spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Burnie Eubanks of near Hope attended the picnic at Sardis Thursday. Mrs. Nora Carrigan of Hope returned home after attending the funeral of her nephew, Gray Carrigan. LOST Ladies' Billfold containing curren cy Reward for return to this office 3t. LOST—Flea-bit gray mule, weigh 1100 pounds. D. B. Russell, Shove St., phone 408. 16-3tp DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 Luck's Tourist Court Hickory Barbecue Sandwiches, Drinks Open All Hours Ray Luck Phone 222 H. E.Luck elson-Hucksns LAUNDRY Wash Suit* Properly Laundered. PHONE 8 .SOc HOPE STAR, HOPE, ABKANSAS OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY Monday. July 16> By WILLIAMS OH,t P^ECALV. JUST SOFA TO SOLD A- MUST A "WILL AKPWE HOME S HtM-^TH B/E-—DON'T BOTHER J WHITE WITH A BRASS -&AND--BLn \T WOULD BE TO A D\NNER OF CHICKEN AND DUMPL\N<b<5~ ABOUT -BOA'RDERS — HA*» THE. ASYLUhA CAUGHT UP WITH THEM YET 1 ?-LOVE WA\T\NG FOP AN TO LOOSEN UPTH' SO HE WOULDNT HAVE THE TELEGRAM WASN'T •BENT COLLECT, THIS t VOU (31VE HIM RIGHT BACK TO MR. BURNS. WE CANT AFFORD TO KEEP A HORSE. TELL HIM TO GIVE HIM TO SOMEOM6 I WHO HA«=T A \ BARN AMD A \ BUGGY, SOME |\ HAV AND SOME \ 7 WHY, HE'S WON \ / RACES.THIS HORSE! t \ I HE'S A LITTLE OLD, NOW, SUT, GOSH/ HE'LL DO, FER US/ . GOOD (30SH! THEY'LL SEMC? TH 1 POOR FELLE& TO THE BONE YARD, IF WE DON'T KEEP HIM. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF S> 1934 BY NEA SCnvlCC, INC. -^Saa^S BORN THIRTY YEARS TOO SOON. r M r.to i> 3 PAT err BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Out of Step! By HAMLIN I IM NOT HOW A<SOO\ A. ^AONSt DOT \K> TWe COUVOTW A TOR.^ O9 "WE. A CAK>Ot,A^O "V\\ Or "XM^fe , t\\ VOO COVAt?"W& W\\.V We VOO, OF COXA9Y.SW&.NTC VOO ALLEY OOP What Would He Do Without Foozy? By MARTIN SIR HI5 MAJESTY. KING GUZZLE, WANTS TO SEE YOU RIGHT. OKAV. VU RUN R\6HT OVER AN' SEE VMAT'S BIT IN' ~> V SAY, VOHAT'S V AW, ER -VJELX, TH\S \ HEAR \VSEE, K\NG, HE- 'BOUT YOU HAWIN 1 HE MADE SON\E DOOTSV 6O8O /'SMART CRACKS INTO / ABOUT TW TH' PIT •? ^ PRINCESS AN 1 ME, SO AUEY, KBOV, Y'DONE JUST RU3WT' T'MORROVJ VJE'U. HAVE''IN\ UP FOR A HEARING . AN 1 THEN GNE 'I/A TH 1 VJORKS- AVJR16HT. KING-AH, ER. VOlLl YA 'SCU5E ME/NOVJ? I GOTTA BE GO\N'- HOV NOVJ \ WA IN TOR n! WHERE'S ^ < poozvry } <**k ? :'? FOOZY.' DOOTSY 8OBO GOES ON TRIAL TfAORROVO/ WHAT \r HE TELLS 'EN\ OOOLA SfAACKED TH' PRINCESS AN' \ HELPED HER GET AVJAY VJ\TH >T P ? YEAH, KBOV, \ THOUGHT OF THAT, A,H' SO I'VE GOT A PLAN- j GO GET TH 1 CARDIFF GIANT AW BR\NG HlfA HERE-, NOVJ, O 1034 BY NEA SERVICE. IHC.fr. M. RES'. U. S. PAT. OFF." WASH TUBES Explanation in Order! By CRANE 7^ HONEST. I THIWK / YOU'RE SIMPLY SWELL. WILL YOU TELL ME V HOW VOL) DIP IT? ' &JT FIRST LET ME GIVE YOU THE 0IRTHPAY PRESENT VOUR DAD BOUGHT/ BUT NEVER HA .THE OPPORTUNITY OP GIVlMQ YOU. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I93_4_BT_MEA SERVICE. IHC, T REG. U S. P*T. on 'lT PITS ' V OKI BABE DIAMOND. VOU PERPECTUV. Y SEE, AFTE.R SHOOTING VOUR WHY, WHERE DAD. SHE TOOK THE RING ON EARTH TO DIVERT SUSPICION. SAID HE GAVE IT TO HER AS ANJ ENGAGEMENT RING. WE BELIEVED HERSTORV UNTIL v THE VERV LAST. Right Into Trouble! BOYS COT AWAY BEAUTIFULLY' THEIR CANOE WAS ALL READY WAITING ! AND SO DOWN FRAZER RIVER.' "N f NEVER MIND ABOUT ME.' HOW YA I > Y OU J UST kEEp youR E DOIN , V, GOING STRAIGHT AND NUTTY ) > f»i|SjE'LL TAKE CARE ? J \ OF ITSELF/ 4 HORSE- SHORTY ADVISEC STOPPING Al SHOE BEMD.,.. T.AIP THERE'S FISHING AND A PLACE TO CAMR UNMINDFUL OF WHAT ties AHEAD T^E BOYS PADDLE: LAZILY WITH THE CURRENT LOOK OUT, FRECKLES ' <^> /jaiLM RCC US. PAT Off V} CflToai I1Y HEA 5£TOICE,"INC/ pa? a«!» THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) The Judge Can Figure It Out! By COWAN SHC'WNT FEELIN 1 ; I SHE'S FLOUNDERED HEPSELF, S'HCfT-lDOU'T / I JEDGE-L.OOKS LIKE SHE'S KNOW \TVHAT' < 3 X >^- ^. 'BOUT REA.DY T'TUON COME-DVEQ / AWHEEl- X INTO BASEBfXLL, WAU , \Y\ SORT OF t\ HOSS DOCTOR, T S'POSE YOU'RE. THE M-ECK. WHO KNOWS W-L IT, EH? : HV, 1 GUESS Vtl AgOUT K« Jt) OF r\ \AOSS DOCTOR IET YOU MR ^ LAWYER 1 . JUST WHAT 00 YOU MEAN---NWRE: SORT OF A HORSE: DOCTOR?

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