Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1937
Page 6
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»sv ^ HOPE BOPE ARKANSAS •••^^•^•••••••••••••••••i™™™^^^^™^^™^^™^^"!^™" Dane's Drop Puts France in Crisis .... Trade Balance and Mediterranean Threat Are Blamed ' PARIS, Prance— (IF)—A fresh plunge 6l the franc to its lowest level in nearly a decade Wednesday night raised the acute political question of exchange Control, which in many French minds is associated with economic dictatorship. From its opening at 28.04 francs to the dollar to a close of 29.35, the franc fell steadily throughout the day. The government's currency stabilisation fund, which had lost heavily in a previous attempt to check the franc's fall, dropped out of the market It was said the fund's directors had decided to give the franc more freedom. They predicted it would fall to 30 to the dollar. Unfavorable foreign trade reports were consideired the chief factor in Wednesday's decline, although thj Mediterranean crisis and the domestic political situation also were blamed. Finance Minister Georges Bonne hastily summoned Paul Baudoln member of former Premier Leon Blum's "brain trust" and now a director of the Bank of Indo-China Baudoin is expert in exchange. U. S. Commissioner Huff Quits at Hot Springs HOT SPRINGS, Ark.-W)-C. Floyd Huff, Jr.. resigned Thursday as U. S commissioner because "I do not fee' [ can continue to give the time required to the office." He asked to be relieved of his duties October 1 to continue his law practice. The monetary unit of Bolivia is the joliviano, derived from the name of he country, which is derived from hat of Simon Bolibar. Famous Explorer Finds Breakfast to Brace-Up Nerves! QUAKER OATS, BREAKFAST OF GREAT AMERICANS, WINS PRAISE OF RUTH HARKNESS, GREAT AMERICAN EXPLORER, WHO CAPTURED SU.LIN, GIANT PANDA, ALIVE. BRACES-UP NERVES Si . DIGESTION ! APPLES JSKffiS GRAPES TOKAY or SEEDLESS—Pound CABBAGE Fancy Colorado—Pound ONIONS Yellow or White 4 Lb. lOc POTATOES Western No. 1 RED 10 Lb. 19C White Compact Cauliflower, Hd. 12c FRESH CORN V Ears 00 Country Club PEACHES 2 SL 1 * 33c Country Club MILK Tall «Q Cans I v V C. C. Corn FLAKES. 2 pkgs. 19c PEANUT BUTTER, Quart 25c Embassy 4 f Marshmallows, Ib. IWU Fancy Elberta PEACHES, Ib. Extra Fancy Avacados, Ea. 12k 2 Country Club Fruit Cocktail Tall Cans 25c 2 Country Club PEAS No. 2 Sifted C. C. Tomato JUICE, 50 oz. can 20c Clapp's Baby Food 3 Cans 22c Clock Bread __ lOc Jewel Coffee, Ib..... 19c OQQQQQQQIN OUR MARTCff.T QQQQ QQQQ HAMS Country Club or Armour's Star— Lb. Small Size, Half or Whole STEAK Cut From Choice BABY BEEF Pound 15c Bulk Peanut BUTTER, Ib. tOc I BULK I LARD, Ib. lie LAMB GENUINE SPRING LEGS, Whole, Ib. . I9c SHOULDERS, Ib I5c CHOPS, Ib 25c PATTIES, Ea. .... 4c Pickled Pigs FEET, Ea. e~ 1 Bulk Sauer I KRAUT, Ib. 5c SALT MEAT Pound F CATFISH, Whole, Ib 29c OCEAN PERCH, Ib. 19 C WHITING, Skin on, Ib JOc HADDOCK, Fillet, Ib. , I9c OYSTERS, Select, Pint . 39c Men Over 40 to Get Legion Backing Veterans Protest "Junking" of Employment for Middle-Aged NEW YORK— (IP)— Forrest Cooper, Indianola, Miss., chairman of the national veterans' employment committee, announced Thursday a concerted campaign against the "junking" of men over 40 in the nation's employment scheme. Plans will be laid before the Amer- can Legion convention next week. Adverse Balance in Trade Expected But Much of It Is for Raw Materials, to Be Reshipped Later By PRESTON GROVER WASHINGTON-Just because the Jnited tates had an "adverse" bal- Sance of trade in 1936 and expects anther one for 1937 is no reason for business men to start jumping off •ridges. Many economists refuse to call it an adverse" or unfavorable" balance of rade. Instead they call it an "import urplus." The department of commerce insists it should be simply an 'unbalance of payments," since only art of it represents a trade in goods, lipping services, interest and dividends and tourist expenditures enter nto it. But the fact remains that in 1936, 'or the first time in decades, the Unit- d States had an import surplus. It amounted to $153,000,000. Even so it xported $34,000,000 more of actual oods than it imported. Th«S deficit ame in such items as American tour- st expenditures abroad, services of oreign ships in carrying American reduce, and other "invisibles." Total xports, goods, services and all were 3,483,000,000. Bigger One Next Year There will be a larger unbalance f payments in 1037. The department f commerce reports there is already this year a surplus of more than $140,000,000 in imports of actual goods over exports. The amount of tourist expenditures abroad, shipping service charges and other "incisibles" so far this year is not known. The department believes it is far in excess of the amount payable to the United States, so the "adverse" balance of trade will be fairly imposing, perhaps several hundreds of millions. But the appearance of an "adverse" balance of trade does not mean that the republic is falling. England has had an adverse balance of trade in merchandise for generations. It has made up the difference by supplying shipping service and capital to other countries, while at the same time enticing tourists to spend lavishly in dear old England. Foreign nations in debt to the United States can pay only in goods or service. And they can not amass a margin to pay the debts if they are required to buy from the United States as much as they sell it. A Slngn of Good Times Of course there are boat loads of arguments on both sides of the question as to whether a permanent "favorable" balance of trade is beneficial to a nation. The department of commerce supplies information helping to throw a favorable light on the present trade deficit. This country is better off, so is able to buy more abroad. One of the indications of good times here is the increase in American tourist travel abroad. Then, too, currency devaluations abrfcad have reduced the cost to America of foreign goods. Because these prices are low, American manufacturers are buying foreign raw materials heavily. Ultimately foreign prices are sure to rise, so American manufacturers, with supplies of cheaper raw material bought in advance, can undersell foreign goods later. It is noteworthy, in support of this, that the principal increase in imports to this country is in raw, materials, such as rubber, part of which will be later exported as finished goods. The department of commerce insists also that the trade pacts are helping break down trade barriers, but that is something likely to be a subject of political wars for years to come. Takes Over Eleanor's Titles Kompa, above, has taken over Eleanor Holm Jarrett's two •••Queen of the Bathing Beauties and Queen of the Backstroke •flutists. The comely young New York miss won the U S back-' JM^oke: Championship, vacated by Mrs. Jarrett, at the National A Ai-aJ i: women's swimming meet and, of course, it was a foreo>ne lrt "- 1 "- 1 "- that Ema was the naea teauteous competitor. Former Constable Guiltyof Killing Pres Smith Convicted of Second-Degree Murder at Newport NEWPORT, Ark.— (&)— A circuit court jury convicted "Pres Smith, former deputy constable, of second- degree murder Thursday and fixed his punishment at five years in prison for the staying of Arltn Wright, 18, at Swifton March 20. Miller Charges (Continued from Page' One) Alton Recruits to Be Honored With Dance A dance will be given nt 9:30 p. m, Friday at the Alton CCC camp in honor of 60 recruits leaving the cnmp this month, Bill Sommcrville, camp official, announced Thursday. The music will be furnished by Ralph Stanford and his orchestra of Nashville. Thursday, September 16,1937^ Girl Arrested as Pal Bandit Gang Alabama Sheriff Says She Toured Five States With Robbers FORT PAYNE, Aln-(AV-Agirl who Sheriff E. W. Stewart said admitted accompanying a band of men on a forny of banditry In Alabama, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and Oklahoma was held hero Thursday. Hot Springs had to be appeased, nnd it was necessary for tne governor to make amends for the gambling para- phenalia which he had a few months ago destroyed. Just what that trndi was I do not know, but I do know that the same gambling operations are being carried on at Hot Springs today as before the spectacular raid and Governor Bailey is responsible for conditions that .now exist. Just wha he is to receive from it is for you to decide. The mayor says he is to receive the votes—others say there were other considerations. "The proud boast of Governor Bailey is that he will destroy any man who opposes him as he did the gamblers at Hot Springs in January of this year If gambling was then 'morally wrong and economically unsound,' tell the people, Governor Bailey,' why it is no equally true today." —: «• 9 » Dairy Program Is (Continued from Page One) as well as a number of brood sows. fargers in the neighboring counties of Polk and Little River have mani Stephen Decatur (Continued from Page One) were pierced by one ray of sunlight: the United States refused the tribute demanded by the Barbary Rovers." Scout Circus To (Continued from Page One) litans. Preble ordered Decature to man this craft with 70 men and five officers, enter the harbor and destroy the Philadelphia. In February 1804, con- j a com pi ete medical corps on duty little twenty-four hours each day. Arrangements have been made for one or more Intrepid (as the ketch had been christened) entered the harbor by night, the Siren standing far off shore. Decatur's men were kept below hatches, only a small squad dressed in native costume remained on deck to work the vessel. The native pilot shouted to the crew aboard the Phila. delphia that he had lost his anchors. He asked permission to tie up to the frigate. Lines were passed, the Intrepid ranged alongshide, and at a signal the Americans burst from the hatches, swarmed aboard the big warship, overpowered the crew, and set the vessel thoroughly alight. The job was done under the guns of other shipping in harbor and of the fort, and as the Philadelphia blazed to her grave, the Intrepid slipped safely out of the harbor and reached the open sea. That summer Preble's squadron executed an effective blockade of Tripoli and attacked the city by sea four times. Land forces under the quixotic and redoubtable Connecticut Yankee IP? CRANE WATER HEATERS ^ SALES and SERVICE Harry W. Siiuver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 $5.00 Down Herndon-Cdrnelius Burial Association Office at HOPE FURNITURE COMl'ANY Hope, Ark For Safe Protection Call for agent—Phone 5, 56 J, 227 NOTICE! I have just installed a new matress factory. New Equipment. Prices Right. Come and see your matress made. PaulCobb 710 West Fourth Street Texarkana doctors, working in relays, to be in charge of the hospital unit at all times. Parents were assured that they need feel no hesitancy in sending their boys to the camp, in view of the many facilities provided for their safeguarding. Ample time each day is allotted to personal hygiene, meals, sports, rest periods and recreation, with careful supervision every hour of the day. A. W. Stubbleman, Harry Segnar, Jr., J. H. Jones, J. K. Sale, Henry Haynes, Rufus Herndon, Jr., are local scoutmasters. HELP 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES To Flu«h out Add* and Other Pouonoua Waite * 8 contain 15 Mile* ol ters which help to purify th. 011 hea ' th y- M«" people pas' ay or about 3 pounds of waale. ' or . §ca n'y.P»M«iges with smarting ng ehows there may b« something wrong with your kidneys or bladder An eiceea of acids or poisons in your blood when due to functional kidney disorders, may "• .« ne beginning ol nagging backache, rheu- matU pains lumbago, leg pains, loss o! pep and •ojrgjr. getting up nighti, «w«Uin t , pulneas •»*» ih* eyes, headaches and diniu p,Don'tw»Jt1 Atk your druggist for auecMiiuUy by millions for r 40 M ol kidney tube* flush out poisonous tram your blood. Get Doan'a PiU». I Cobb's Radio Service § RCA Radio Tubes = Evcready Batteries = Expert Repair Work S -fhone 383 ,2M So. Elm? fested much interest in the program, nnd the bank has authorized St. Clnire to extend the territory to those outside the county, wherever he feels justified. The building of n cheese plant here several months ago, and the steady, yenr-nround market for whole milk ...._ __ _ „„., which it provides, prompted the First pleased with the results thus far. National bank to undertake development of the farm dairy program here, nnd Mr. Collins said ho was highly Phone 266 UADDC 6ro * & I Fr « flUDDO Market! LETTUCE, Head 6c Green Beans, lb._ 9c Bell Peppers, Ib. 7'/ 2 c Butter Beans, Ib.....7'/ 2 c Field Peas, Ib S c Cabbage, Ib. 3'/ 2 c Bananas, Ib 5 C Fancy Yam», Ib 3'/ 2 i 2 BARS P&G SOAP 1 BOX OXYDOL—All for 15c MILK MAYTIME Evaporated 2 Large Cans 15c Small Can 4c FLOUR Pound Bag $1.39 •• I SPINACH No. 2 Can lOc Co. Gentleman CORN, No. 2 Can 15c CORN, Full Pack Can lOc Quaker Oats Box 23c Pineapple JUICE, No. 2 Can SORGHUM Gallon 55c SAUSAGE GOOD MIXED Pound 15& GOOD LUCK Dated For Freshness OLEO , 19c SAUSAGE Country Style—Lb. STEAKS Cut From Baby 1A 1 Beef, Chuck, Ib Pound CHILI Mexican Style 19c ROAST Fancy K. C. -I ft- CHUCK, Ib. 196 BACON TALL KORN, Ib..... 32c BUFFALO, Ib 35c &tba flitted at no Sxfoa Cost- LION KNIX-KNOX the extra Miles are Free Keep your motoring costs down by using Knix-Knox. In Knix-Knox no energy is lost in incomplete^ combustion; no power stolen by" the knock that destroys your motor. Because Knix-Knox gives 'you an extra margin of usable power at the price of regular gaso- lines—the extra miles are free. For better performance and greater savings, get Knix-Knox. Sold by all Lion stations and dealers. Look for the Lion. * * * When you buy Lion products, your money stays in the South to help build the South. LION OIL REFINING COMPANY EL DORADO. ARK. . . T. -H. BARTON, Pit.. Stephen Decatur consul, William Eaton, swept west' •varcl along the coast from Alexandria, took the town of Derna anrl threatened he native rule. At sea, convoy work iirl frequent combats proved to the corsairs that the Americans were more than their match in the brutal business of hand-to-hand fighting as well as the delicate business of con- liug .ships and serving guns. One by me. all four northern African powers. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Tripoli Tail enough. "Tl:ul nil the (European) maritime )wers." write:; the English historian Stanley Lane-Poole, "should have •owereil and cringed as they did before he miserable braggarts who surieedeil lie heroic iige of the Corsairs, and •hoiild have suffered lh';ir trade In he un'c;t..s(;d. their lives menaced uiid liLii 1 honor stainett by a series of in- olent .savages . . . seem.s ahs<jiutely iifi'i-dililf and yet is literally true . . These dark days of abasement. LION KNIX- SOUTHERN MADE Atidt power by gradually removing hard carbon. Q lit stronger, nnliiral film I tai-ei motor wear. Nalura- JAU lube is a pure, distilled motor oil containing no adulterant!. MOTOR Oil (j ado li / < ^^ ** *^

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