The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on May 28, 1968 · Page 20
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 20

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1968
Page 20
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CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Tuesday, May 28, 1968 the iaerrzER What's behind j tfici namfi (Ciamp Sir itft. : By George Hahn (f0'4 illl ri v hj ,vb " .Chompion , J 1 THE CROSSWORD-By HORIZONTAL 1. Full-grown pike 8. Woeful g. Disorder 12. The dill 13. Prevaricate 14. Egress 15. Pineappl 16. Paid notices 17. Withered 18. Plant organ 20. European river 22. Concerned 26. Leaf of a fern 29. Soak flax 30. Yellow bugle 31. Deep affection 32. Offer 33. Needy 34. A beverage 35. Leather moccasin 36. French painter 37. Sprouts 40. Pealed 41. Beast 45. Algerian seaport 47. Cut off 49. Capture 50. Josip Brox 51. Slender finial 52. Charles Lamb 53. Hebrew measure 54. Weight of India 55. Lairs VERTICAL 1. Folds lit Answer to yesterday's CIO ID A SIE IMIA AlLltlK pE ND E R I T OpjSjOjN I In'a TieEjNii ClOlMlP OjS UR 0B0EH4 R A B I T stiR I P Avra ' PINT TAX 45 QT. $4.4? TAX .11 $4.67 28B Don't Forget Fido On Holiday If you plan a vacation trip over the Memorial Day holl-. day weekend, don't forget to provide proper care for your pet, advised Norbert C. Mahlman, SPCA manager. Dogs and cats should be placed In boarding kennels or left with responsible persons who will provide a homelike environment for them and treat them with care and Eugene Sheffer 2. Distinct 10. 11. 19. 21. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. Baronet's title Sainte (abbr.) Conclusion Harden The common heath Cry of Bacchanal! Flit Ensign Part Esteem too highly Set firmly Transfix Chess pieces Lord's estate Large ungulate Masculine Allied by nature Meadows Oklahoma Indian Edge Open (poetic) part 3. Roman dinner 4. Cotton fabric 5. Slope 6. Assistance T. Craved 8. High tablelands 9. Perceptible effort 32. RIAILIE SJT AM A JM Dll TIV NIIUIS ET A SAG TH E lutioa: 14 minutfi. clubs or seven diamonds. At either contract East must win queen of diamonds. South can finesse East once for the queen of diamonds, but not twice and if South tries to establish the diamonds by cashing the ace and then the king and ruffing a diamond with one of dummy's high trumps, West ruffs the second lead. It is interesting to wonder what would have happened if West had over-called South's one diamond bid with three spades! This puts a crimp in the bidding for North and South but unless these two were the world's most timid bidders they would probably have reached the slam anyway. The Kibitzer will answer questions on any card game. Enclose a stamped envelope for a personal puzzle. EDQ A perfectly mellowed 9-year-old bourbon! Aged to the peak of bourbon flavor Champion Bourbon costs no more than bourbons half its age. ITEM OLD STMIGHT BOURBON EIGHT PROOF. SCHEKIEY OtSTTUEttS CO. IT.t AjR n E R S "sr-y BY FRANCES TYLER It isnt often that responding hand is given a wide range in his choice of bids. On average hands a player is limited to a simple takeout, a raise in partner's suit or a bid of one notrump. On the deal below North had four bids he could have made: He could have doubled opponent's bid for penalties, he could have shown a new suit or Jumped to three notrump, or he could have made a cue bid. North S A 10 9 8 4 H A K 10 2 D A 6 J K J West East S 3 II J 9 7 6 4 D Q 8 4 2 C 943 S K Q J 7 6 5 2 H Q 8 5 D 3 C 7 2 South S None f 3 D K J 10 9 7 5 C A Q 10 8 6 5 North and South were vulnerable and South, the dealer, opened the bidding with one diamond. West bid one spade and North had to make his decision. A penalty double of one spade was out since a non-vulnerable set could not possibly yield as much as the slam which must surely be in the North-South hands when South can open the bidding and North has 19 points. A cue bid of two spades would show the . ace of spades as well as a slam possibilities but it would not show the .distribution since this call is usually made on either a void suit, or the ace and one small. A simple overcall of two hearts would have been a gross underbid so North jumped to three notrump. South bid four clubs, North bid four notrump, asking for aces, and South bid five diamonds, showing one. North debated whether to try for a grand slam but with a 700 rubber available, settled for six diamonds, South's first bid suit. . . This turned out to be a wise decision for South cannot make either seven What A Catch! GLACE BAY, N. S. (JP) For lobster man Steve Mac-Donald the ocean's bounty last week included three 45-gallon casks of rum. He hauled them aboard his boat and delivered them to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. They speculated the barrels fell off a passing ship. They were trying to locate the owner. 12 3 4 y, S 7 6 9 10 1 1 W I17 illlip ifVlS " 1 w w "I" " 5s 77? ?r 77? to 4 fyi A I 1 t 1 1 WTTT reply. ff0 kindness, he said. If a pet owner no longer wishes to provide a permanent home for his pet, he may telephone the SPCA at 541-6100 and the unwanted animal will be picked up and properly cared for until a new home for it can be found. Any animal that Is abandoned after a period of living as a pet becomes a menace to the public, Mahlman said. These deserted animals, especially dogs, forage for food In garbage cans and gather Into packs, causing trouble for other animals as well as humans. Any person convicted of abandoning an animal is subject to a Workhouse term. Mod Your Mayor "Talk With Your Mayor-is the theme of an 8 p. m. meeting today, sponsored by the College Hill Forum, at McAuley High School, 6000 Oakwood Ave., College Hill. Mayor Eugene F. Ruehlmann will give a brief report on the urban crisis in Cincinnati and what his administration is doing to solve it. The mayor and members of his staff will then throw the meeting open to questions. A special committee of prominent College Hill residents will be named at the meeting to work with the city in designing a master plan for the long range development of College Hill. Anyone who works or lives In College Hill is invited to attend. SPRING Bingo Party, sponsored by American Legion Auxiliary 427, will be held at 8 p. m. today at the Bond Hill-Roselawn American Legion Post 427, 1664 California Ave. There is a small admission charge. Refreshments will be served. A puppet show will be held by the Northeastern Hills Senior Citizens Inc. at their 1 p. m. Wednesday meeting at Bishop Fenwick Council, Knights of Columbus Hall, 4425 Linden Ave. Civic Club Meets Dave Baker, lighting expert with the Cincinnati Gas and Electric Co., will discuss "The Magic of Light" at the 8:30 p. m. meeting of the Price Hill Civic Club today at the United Savings Association Building, 4980 Glenway Ave. WALTER A. COOPER, senior research director for economics, Federated Department Stores, Inc., will discuss the short range economy of Cincinnati and short and long range economy of the United States at today's luncheon meeting of the Cincinnati Chapter, Public Relations Society of America, at the Cincinnati Club. Four members of the Cincinnati Chapter's Board of Directors will be elected at the meeting. The Oak Hills Kiwanis Club's operations will be discussed at its 6:30 p. m. Board Night meeting today at the Twin Lanterns Restaurant, 6191 Harrison Pike, Dent. It's Academic Hits Finals Students from three high schools In the Greater Cincinnati will meet for the grand championship game of "It's Academic." Teams from William Mason High School, Walnut Hills High School, last year's champions, and Wyoming High School, winner in 1966, have qualified for the finals on Sunday, June 2, at 5 p. m, on WLW-T. To the victor goes, a seven-day educational trip to Hawaii. Special trophies will be awarded the winner and two-runners-up. And under. CRYPTOCJI IPS E equals R MUM EUTGM MHHMTQE MH NHH T U N N T G ? iesterday's Cryptoqulp: MISS SINGS: LOVE ME LITTLE, LOVE ME LONG. St. Xavier High Commencement St. Xavier High School will hold commencement exercises 8:15 p. m., Tuesday, June 4 In the gymnasium of the school. The graduates are: Imagine! Your Chevrolet Dealer offers that many '68 models for under $2,500. Prices vary from one dealer to another... but with high trades and easy terms, you'll always get a deal you can brag about. ' ; Greater Cincinnati Chevrolet Dealers Campbell County Motors, Newport, Kentucky Courtesy Chevrolet, Cincinnati, Ohio Economy Chrevolet Cincinnati, Ohio Frazier-Williams Chevrolet-Olds, Milford, Ohio Glenway Chevrolet, Cincinnati, Ohio Joseph Chevrolet, Cincinnati, Ohio Kin; Chevrolet, Reading, Ohio Queen City Chevrolet, Cincinnati, Ohio Robkt Chevrolet, Covington, Kentucky Suburban Chevrolet, Florence, Kentucky Sun Chevrolet, Cincinnati, Ohio Superior Chevrolet, Cincinnati, Ohio Thompson Chevrolet, loveland, Ohio Tri-County Motors, Cincinnati, Ohio stretcliaole limsliines" Bruce Dehner, Edwin Deters, Douqlas Deve, John Dickerson, James Dieqmueller, John Diehl. Stephen Doepker, John Donohue, Thomas Dowllnq, Gary Doyle. Paul Dunphy, Robert Edwards, Davis Ehlers Edward Eilers, Robert Elsaessar Jr.. Joel Esselman, Vincent Evers. Anthony Felllnqer, Albert Feltrup. Richard Flemlnq. Greqory FoqeU man, William Foley, Douqlas Foreman, William Francis. Mitchell Ganim, Stephen Gardner, Edward Gartner, Charles Gehllng, Stephen Gentile, Barry Gonzalez. Roqer Graton, Keith Grimme, Joseph Gronolte. John Gruber, James Gruber, Greqory Guilfoyla, Dennis Hackett, Timothy Hardt, Michael Hayden, Thomas Heeney, Raymond Heidel, Timothy Nelmick. Stephen Herder, John Hesselbrock Jr. James Hochhausler, Daniel Holt, Daniel Huerkamp, Stpehen Hurst, David Huiter, Timothy Jacob. Thomas Jansen, Robert Jaspers, Michael Jeude, John Junq, Kevin Keeqan, Brendan Keenan, Donald Kemper, David Kihm, Dave Kirby. Michael Kuby, Thomas Klocke, Frank Kowatsch, Mark Krumme, Charles Kruslinq, Terence larbes, Theodora leuqers, Matthew lippert, Greqory llpps, Kevin Lonsdorf, John Lorenz. Terrence Lyons. Bruno Maier. Greqory Male, William Martin. Donald Mayer, Thomas McCarthy, James McClellan, James McDermott. Timothy McDonald, Dennis McGoneqle, Dale Melter, Steven Men, David Michaels, John Milium. Michael Miller, Mark Millson, Matthew Molony. William Moore, John Moschel, Timothy Mullee, Douqlas Murphev, James Murphy, Richard Murray, Mike Nasser III, Steven Niehaus, Robert Niemever, Greqory Nobis, Anthony Numrich, Kevin O'Hara, Mark Okano, Michael O'Meara. Barry Onpelt, James O'Toole. Robert Ott Jr.. Stephen Overbeck. Timothv Owens, William Page, lance Parker, John Payne, Kevin Purcell, Stephen Rabe. Michael Raible. Michael Raleigh. Gustave Reininoer, Robert Retttiq, Gerald Romer, Peter Ruehlmann, William Russell, Stephen Rust, Anthony Sansone, Dennis Schaefter, Alvin Schaeper, Bruce Schanv bach, John Scheper, Thomas Schepef Thomas Scheve, Raymond Schilderink, Lawrence Schloemer, James Schoenfeld. Cletus Schroeder Jr., Gerad Schroeder. James Schroer, John Schuermann, Stephen Schultr, Ronald Schuster, Edward Shannon III, Robert Sherman, Daniel Shir Is. Steven Shiels, Thomas Singer. Stephen Smith, Richard Spencer. John Stadler, Steven Streibiq, Andrew Sweeny Jr.. Mark Temminq, Terrence Tenbrunsei, Thomas Tepe. John Test, Stephen Theissen, Daniel Torbeck. Robert Trenkamp. Charles Van Ausdall, Terrence Veith. Michael Voss, Michael Wagner, Christopher Wais, Raymond Watkins. Michael White. Michael Wilkins, John Wille. Barry Williams. Michael Winblad, Charles Witemyre, John Woliver, David Zembrodt, Mark Zipfel. Economist Says Relief Should He Federalized NEW YORK (UPI) Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith said Monday the Federal government should take over the problem of relief payments, possibly in the form of a guaranteed income. Galbraith, former ambassador to India and adviser to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, compared the present urban crisis with the farm crisis of the 1930s. "In the 1930s, the years of the great farm crisis, we federalized rural problems," he said in an article in Look Magazine. "Now, In the years of the great urban crisis, we should federalize the problems of the big cities. "We should take over the No. 1 city problem by federalizing the relief program," he said. Galbraith said this would ease the staggering welfare load now being borne primarily by the cities themselves and also help the well-being of the nation as a whole. "You give the greatest amount of relief to the area with the greatest need," he said. "If you do this in the nature of a guaranteed income, you also slow down the urbanization process. People move into Harlem not because it's good but because It's better than where they have been." CARTER'S GREAT NEW TERRY PLAYWEAR FOR BABIES Cool terry of cotton and nylon, knit in a very special way so it stretches for perfect fit and comfort. Starfish and goldfish in soft pastels swim on a pure white background. Sizes Small (18 to 26 lbs.) and Large (27 to 3 1 lbs.). (q460) A. Rompers with snap crotch $4 B. Sunsuit with snap crotch 3.50 C. Pull-on sun top . ; 2.29 Coordinating pull-on pants 1.39 Order By Phone, 421-9400 Baby Shops Second Floor and Suburban Stores Robert Anrlriot, Edward Bedinqhaus, John Bunchjrd, Gregory Calkins, Robert Denniq, David Hemmer, Timothv Hodapo, Michael Hoflman, ierrold litzinqer, William McMahon, Jamel McNallv, Francis Miller, Timothv Miller, Greqory Nolan, Philip Pauly, Michael Priiter, Norman Spitiig Jr. David Anger, Thomas Baechle, Euqent Basanta, Dennis Baylor, Timothy Bechtold, Chris Berkman, Timothy Bien, Mark Braun, James Brennan III, Raymond Coors Jr., Daniel Dantl, Daniel Deters, William Farrell Jr., Thomas Fischer, James Fleqe, Kevin Gallagher, Edward Gibson, Mark Glaser. Joseph Goeke, John Goode, Douqlas Guthrie. Raymond Hellmann III. Robert Hoffmann, Thomas Holley. Greqory Hossa, Robert Huth, Greqory Jaspers. Thomas Keefe, James Ki lev. James Lehn, John leverone, James McDonouqh. Paul Monniq, Richard Muldoon, William O'Brien, Thomas O'Connor. Wayne Schultr, David Sleuqhter, John Sterner Jr., William Stineman II. Jeroma Walker, Richard Weber. Ronald Willhide, Gary Vost. Joseph Albanese, Paul Balash. George Bali. William Bavis, Steven Beck, Terry Beckemeyer, Richard Behler, Scott Behrens. Richard Benton, Thomas Bernard, Robert Best. Lawrence Beyer, Greqoov Blase, James Bleu, James Bohrer, Waller Bonner, Joseph Bottenhorn Thomas Bowns, David Bremkamp, Charles Braun, Thomas Bredwell. tlovd Brinkman. William Brossart, Charles Brumleva, Dnnnis Buck, Daniel Buttinqton, Daniel Bultman. David Burke, Edward Burkett Stephen Busam, David Buschmenn, David Byrd, Brian Cam. Donald Capannarl, Alfred Castelliani, Richard Clark, Donald Cohen. Raymond Connauqhton, Timothy Corbett, Bernard Creevy, William Cronin. James Daum, Donald Dawes. James uecKeoacn. eimaiic fill wm Healthful Air tor Better Living A Boob to Hay Fever Sutler ws Reduces Housework Lowers Decorating and Cleaning Costs Based on National Burem of Standards dust spot method. 1 9347 MONTGOMERY ROAD 791-7800 (Fermerlv Monttomary Aaahancasj 791-7800 2GREENHILLS SHOP, e CENTER 825-7700 825-7700 3 3066 DIXIE HWY., ERLANGER, KY. 341-3941 For Free Estimate CALL 791-7800 Area's Lariast Inaependent I.E. tailar ecker and oerger P5 tesiA f!rt. rui dean air k1.. .. , to every pollen I :' rooin 1 of ife li LOVABLE STRETCH BRAS . . . WITH PLUS FOR MINUS FIGURES, LACE FOR LOOKS AND COMFORT FOR GRANTED Machine washable, dryable Lycra spandex powernet at sides, back and anchorband control all figure types. All in white. A. For small figures: Extra full padded bra with soft fiberfill shaping. 32-36 A, 32-36 B. $3 B. For average figures: Fiberfill padded bra, pre-contoured with fiberfill. 32-36 A, 32-38 B and 32-38 C. $3 C. For full figures: Lacey lined cups in sizes 32-36 A, 32-38 B and 32-40 C. $3 Order by phone, 421-9400 Pavilion Intimate Apparel, First Floor and Suburban Stores 1 & S

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