Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 16, 1937
Page 3
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Thursday, September 16,1937 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGETffitE* The Story of the Constitution Text by Willis Thornton HIM! In i II III 111:11 ' ' 11«. "Hello Life," I thought to sny As I got out of bed today, "Hello World, with all you hold, Ever young and ever old; Background for the drama played Here by men, by pussions swayed; Torn by doubts and hopes and fears, Glorious setting for our years. Here beneath a lovely sky Anxious men go hurrying by. Seeking something out of strife To enrich their days of life. Here amidst a blossomy scene Some nre selfish, some unclean; But the most of men believe There nre triumphs to achieve. Trees and fields remain Back drops for men's loss and gain. All we are and all we do Sun and moon in silence view; Summer roses watch us play, Watch us put our dead away. Wheresoc'er mankind has gone In life's drama running on. Fascinated, oft I stand Watching toil of brain and hand, Love and hatred, joy and grief, Saint nnd sinner, sage nnd thief; Frenzied mob and courage great Battling with the odds of fate: And, enhanced, I wait to see What the next great act will be. —Selected. Robert Taylor— Eleanor Powell— arid 300 other favorites Come Sunday in— "Broadway Melody of 1938" Sure . . . it's at the— •Illustrations by Ed Gunder — ii in ' 'Due Process* Comes in as Slavery Goes Out" N O W LORETTA YOUNG WARNER BAXTER —and— VIRGINIA BRUCE —in— "WIFE DOCTOR & NURSE" Let's hope that Hope's next "great act" will be "cutting the weeds." It is the time to cut the weeds, because September is the month when weeds nre too far along to sprout up again and all of them arc not far enough along to have matured seeds. So, if they are cut now next year's crop will be greatly reduced. Not only are weeds a menace to health, as *rell as being unsightly, but they become n fire hazard in the full when they dry out nnd become dry. Owners of property where tho weed crop predominates would perform a civic and a humane service if they would get busy anc cut the weeds; for it mny be that some of our citizens are hay fever sufferers and arc particularly "allergic ' (there I have been just mentally dying 1. use that word) to the rag weed, an why not be a gooclfellow and help dc stroy the weed crop for next year a least, for we have a beautiful little city nnd it will certainly be more beau tiful without the weeds, so let's ge busy, and clear our own particuln little spot anyway, and I am sure th city authorities will do the rest, Thos. M. Anderson of Augusta, Ga was the Wednesday night guest of hi brother, Hoy Anderson and Mrs. An dorson. -O- Thc Hope Garden club will hold its September meeting at li:30 Friday afternoon at the homo of Mrs. D. B. Thompson, South Elm street. This will be a very important meeting of the club and all who arc interested in beautifying their home and their city arc urged to be present at this meeting. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Perkins had as Wednesday guests, Mrs. L. N. Strange, Mrs. Merle Thomason and Mrs. John Reynolds of Stamps. -O- Mrs. Mattio Lauderbach and two children, Sara Marie and Claude Jr. have returned home, after spending the summer months with relatives in Wheatlcy, Ark. -O- Mrs. C. V. Nunn and son, Clause Jr., have returned from a week's visit with relatives and friends in Stamps. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Cox had (if Wednesday luncheon guests, Mr. anc Mrs. Whit Davis of Jonesboro anc Mrs. John A. Davis of Prescolt. Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Cox were guests of Mrs. Davis at a dinner party in Fresco tt. Mrs. J. B. Shults of Fulton and Mrs S. L. Reed were Wednesday nigh guests of Mrs. Matlie Greer in Lewisville. COUNTING BALLOTS IN ELECTORAL COLLEGE I6OO SATURDAY He's here! Wm. BOYD "Hop-a-long" "CASSIDY RIDES AGAIN" Johnny Mack BROWN "Wild West Days" MARY BOLAND HUGH HERBERT —in— "MARRY THE GIRL" Let's Go! TREATS THURSDAY ONLY "Trader Horn" Directed by W. S. Van Dyke This Blood Curdling Drama ot the Jungle will make chills run clown your spine. Thursday Night Is FAMILY NIGHT All in one family up to five will be admitted for— 25c — and P lan to come to the SAENGER'S th Anniversary — Show Wed. Jean Hal-low, Win. Powell, Myrna Loy and Spencer Tracy return in "Libeled Lady" next Sunday at the— and it's tolaff! ENDS MARX —BROS.— "A NIGHT AT THE OPERA" & FRI. & SAT. 4 BIG DOUBLE SHOW JOHN W A Y N Sunday We Have "Reported Missing' In 1798 another amendment was added,' the 11 th, providing that state* may be sued only in their own courts and according to their own laws. In the election of 1800, Jefferson and 'Burr were tied for the presidency and vice presidency. The Constitution then provided that candidates for both offices run together. The candidate getting the most vote* would be president, the second, vice president. vThe tied election was thrown into the House of Representatives. Jefferson won with Hamilton'* influence, an underlying cause of the Burr-Hamilton duel. That brought about, in 1804, the 12th Amendment, providing a separate ballot for president and vice president, an obvious mechanical change,-and the last amendment to the Constitution that was to be made for 60 year*. Revival at Ozan Closed by Picnic Rev. S. A. Whitlow Honored by Ozan and Washington Congregations After the close of the revival services conducted at the Ozan Baptist church, Tuesday night, a large number of the members of the Washington Baptist church and several members of the Washington Presbyterian church, attending the servcies, spreda a surprise picnic supper on the church steps in honor of the Rev. S. A. Whitlow, pastor in charge of both the Ozan and Washington Baptist churches. Many delicious foods were spread and the entire group enjoyed the eats and the friendly association. Some of the food had to be returned to the baskets, perhaps because of the fullness of the divine, inspirational services preceding the supper. The congregation Tuesday night was one of the largest groups that have been present during the meeting. Choosing as his text, "God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and 1 unto the world," (Gal. 6:14), the Rev Whitlow preached a sermon so heart- touching that two young girls accepted Christ as their Savior, and expressed their desire to unite with the Ozan Baptist church. The meeting will probably close Wednesday or Thursday. Picnic Saturday for Tabernacle Annual Sunday School Outing Is to Be Held at Fair Park The Hope Gospel Tabernacle Sunday School will hold its annual Sunday school picnic Saturday at Fair park. All members of the Sunday school are requested to plan to meet at the park at 10:30 Saturday morning. Those haff* ing no way to get out there should meet at the Tabernacle at 10 atid * way will be provided for them to gS> out. The committees In charge are preparing some fine games and race* «nd the losing Ambassadors are getting th* lemonade ready. Every effort is W» ing put forth to make the occasion * real time of enjoyment for thoSfc present. -..«. Pope Pius XI is an enthusiastic motorist. He owns five motor cars and likes to be driven at a speed of about 40 miles an hour. SALMON P. CHASE, CHIEF JUSTICE WHEN Nevada County Sing The Nevada county singing convention will begin at Holly Spring church Sunday, September 19. The public is invited, according to W. H. Munn, president, and H. O. Herring, secretary. - • * • Howard County Sing The Howard county singing convention is to meet at County Line, seven miles out of Nashville on oho DeQuen highway, the second Saturday night and Sunday in October, which will be October 9-10. All singers in Hempstead county are especially inviteh, according to Pearl Chesshir, secretary. Antioch Sing The annual singing will be held a' Antioch, three miles east of Emmet Sunday, September 19. All are invited to attend, bringing song-books ant luncheon baskets. After the long war,of 1860-65. the 13th Amendment was inevitable, prohibiting slavery. But the 14th (1868) was even more sweeping. Primarily intended to guarantee civil rights to the freedmen, it contained the famous "due process" clause—lhat no i>erson may be deprived of "life, liberty oV property without due process of law," and states may not deny to any the equal protection of the laws. The "due process" clause has been the subject of interpretation by the courts ever since, and its meaning and implications have been the source of some of the bitterest constitutional arguments. The 15th Amendment, (1870) guarantees that the right to vole may not be taken away because of "race, color, or previous condition of servitude." NEXT: Income tax and the Senate. Ozan Baptist Mission Holds Program Tuesday The Ozan Baptist Women's Missionary Society met at the Baptist church, Tuesday at 2:30 p. m. The program rendered was the Dixie Jackson State Offering program. With Mrs. Wilbur Jones, president, presiding, the following interesting program was given: Business meeting. Scripture reading, Mrs. William Baber. Prayer, Mrs. Eugene Goodlett. Introductory remarks, Mrs. W. Jones. Song, "I Love to Tell the Story." Talk on the State Missions Map, Mrs. Chlora Citty. Baptist errands, Mrs. Eugene Goodlett. The Rivers of Our State, Mrs. C. K. Osborn. Prayer, Mrs. Price Sandlin. Song, "Jesus Calls Us." The Pale Unknown Spaces, Mrs. Wilbur Jones. Socal Solo, "Load Kindly Light," Mrs. Eugene Goodlett. Know- ng and Doing, Mrs. Wilbur Jones. lanning for a New Day, Mrs. O. C. Robins. One Who Knew nnd Went With, the Day, Mrs. Price Sandin. Prayer, Mrs. C. K. Osborn. Our of! crings, Rev. S. A. billow" Song, "Blest 3u the Tie." Closing prayer, Rev. Whitlow. Other than the members there were wo visitors present: the Rev. S. A. Whitlow and Mrs. W. H. Leeman. Women's Society met Tuesday p. m. with Mrs. E. Haselman. There were 20 members present. "The Personality and Biography of Matthew," was the subject of the study for the afternoon. All present enjoyed the program. "1 COVER THE WAR" Buck Jones Serial TOM TYLER —iiv— "SANTE FE BOUND" I They're Actually PERTINENT Those Clever Dresses at 1$. DU6GARS • 395 Wash silks, silk crepes, challis—they're so snappy they're pertinent—every> thing that is new in frocks for Fall and Winter wear. Dress and School types. 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Wednesday night the largest crowd of the wek wsa present and heard the evangelist preach on, "Abram, Get Up and Get Out of Here." During the week visitors have been present in the services from Hope, Prescott and Camden. On Friday night the sermon subject will be, "Don't Take Your Wife's Advice." A male quartet from Hope will sing tonight in addition to the other music and singing by the entire congregation. The public is invited to these services which are being held in the open air in a grove near the Methodist church of Emmet. A west end London cafe is the scene of the playing of the only brass fiddle is said to have been made of empty jVench 75mm shell cases by the owner, M. Tapponiere. • » • Such places as Egg Island, Sandwich Bay, Plum Pudding Island, and Roast Beef Island, are located off the Orange river, southern Africa. John. P. Cox Drug Co. 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Zimmerly repeated part of the 14th chapter of John and all l' R ' members r^peled the Lord's pi-a.vi.-r in unison loci by Miss Bulliiigum. Mrs. Tuulboe acted as secri-taiy in our secretary's absence. Seven u.uin- bers nnd one visitor answered t" I'H' roll call by telling what we i-n.iovt.cl most this summer. The- assistant county agent «a\e a very interesting talk on the care and feeding of dairy cows in the winter. O1<1 and new business was taken up by the club. Mrs. C. P. ZininH'ib gave this month's lesson on taxation and government. The elub then had a short. i-ocreaiMin- al time anil refreshments wore ,-eiM.-il by our hohtc.-is. Tlie club adjourned to meet w' l> on September 27 for a soeial iivi'i"'-- with Mrs. C. P. Zimmerly ana our regular meeting will be held on Oi- lober 11 at the homo of Mr.-.. Oth" Roberts. Special Service Planned There will be a special .--ervice at the Hazel Street M. E. i-lnnvh at 3:30 p. m. Sunday, W. H. D. BrigM, negro pastor, announced. 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