Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 14, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1934
Page 4
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, t HOPE STAfc, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, July 14 )t 1934 Famous Statue i 2 famous statue of antiquity, 12 Musical . drama. 34 Native metal. IS Kalian title ttf a lady. , 16 Bone of the forearm, 17 Crop of a Wrd. 18 Veteran. 19 Course. 20 Sun god. 21 Official inspector. & Horse food. 23 The statue is minus k 24 To free. 26 Hybrid draft animal. 2T Godly. 39 Gaiter. 33 Before. 34 Pet lambs. 3$ Tree baring tough wood. 3? Minor note. IS Public garden spot. Answer to Previous Puiralo 39 To oo«e. . 41 3.141$. 42 Tense. 44 Dregs. 46 To fly. 47 To diminish. 50 Precipitate. 61 It is a statue. VERTICAL 1 It is now in the . 2 Small aperture. 3 Age. 4 No Ih America. j 5 Fruit dots on ! t ferns'. •. 6 Poems baring a scriptural 7 theme, , 7 Not as many. 5 Hypothetical unit. 9 Behold. 10 Upon. 11U is made of, 13 Pretense. 17 Peruses. 19 Soaks flax. SI Appeared. 22 Narrow flllet at the top of a shaft 23 Emanation. 24 Hazard. 25 Club charges. 26 It was found in 1820 at . 27 Door. 28 Pillars of stone. 30 Father. 31 Venomous snake. 32 it's s are draped. 34 Beret. 35 To observe. 38 To peel. •40 Fairy. j»J 42 Hurrah. *?4 43 Pale. 45 Membranous bag. 48 To exist. '• 49 Seventh note. • Old Liberty Farmers of this community are about through with their crops and will be soon ready to start making Sell It! Find It! Bent It! Buy Iti in the Hope Star Marketplace Remember, the more you^teD. UM quicker you selL 1 time, lOc line, miru 30o I*OT consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3%c line, min. $2.78 (Average 5% words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 ' HAVE OPENING for 2 salesmen between 25 and 35 to sell coffee in Southwest Arkansas. Can use few ladies for demonstration work. See E. L. Bruson after 4 p. m. or Sunday at Synker hotel. Write P. O. Box 258. 14-lt-p. Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. NOTICE. Oil Royalties Sc Leases bought and 'sold in the vicinity of the three wells being drilled in Hempstead county. BRIDEWELL & TYLER Ark. Bank Bldg. ll-6tc FOR RENT FOR RENT—Moders five room house with 7 acres adjoining, 1523 South Main. Phone 423. 14-3tc FOR SALE FOR SAL$ OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY—186 acres of good farm and pasture land, fair improvements. Southwest of Spring Hill. Phone 75. 12-3tp. "FOR SALE: RCA-Victor Auto Radio. Practically new, ?25. J. A. Davis ll-3tp. Best Paint Sold— Hope Bldg. Mat Co, SALE OR TRADE— One Ford 1%-Ton Truck. See V. C. Johnson at South Arkansas Implement Co. 9-3tp, Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOUND FOUND—Office key. Owner may obtain same by calling at Hope Star and paying fo rthis ad. ll-3tc LOST Ladies' Billfold containing curren cy Reward for return to this office 3t. STANDINGS Two States League Clubs Won Lost Pet. Southwestern _ 5 0 1.000 Goodyear „ 3 3 .500 Atlanta ^ 2 2 .500 lope , 0 5 .000 Southern Association Clubs— Won Lost Pet. Memphis 10 4 .714 Little Rock . 6 4 .600 Nashville ..._...:..:...._ 6 4 .600 Birmingham 5 5 .500 New Orleans - 6 6 .500 Atlanta 6 7 .462 Chattanooga 3 6 .333 Knoxville 2 8 .200 National League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. New York 51 28 .1 Chicago 49 31 .1 St. Louis , 44 33 .1 Pittsburgh 39 36 .! Boston 40 40 .: Brooklyn 32 47 Philadelphia 32 48 Cincinnati 26 50 .: American League Clubs— Wjn Lost F New York 43 28 .1 Detroit 49 30 J Boston 43 35 .! Cleveland 39 37 J Washington 40 39 .! St. Louis :. 31 40 Philadelphia 30 46 .: Chicago ~ 25 51 .32) FRIDAY'S RESULTS Southern Association Memphis 8-3, Atlanta 3-5. Birmingham 5, Knoxville 6. New Orleans 4, Chattanooga 1. Little Rock at Nashville, night. National League Pittsburgh 6, New York 7. Cincinnati 8, Brooklyn 6. Chicgao 6, Boston 7. St. Louis-Philadelphia, wet grounds. American League Philadelphia at Chicago, wet grounds Boston 7, St. Louis 2. New York 4, Detroit 2. Washington 3, Cleveland 2. hay. Mrs. J B. Hicks is visiting in Hot Springs this week. Mrs. D. H. Slayton of Lockesburg is the guest of Mrs. Guy Hicks. Misses Ruby and Mabel Willett of Emmett visited relatives in this community Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shearer and Mrs. Guy Hicks visited in the home of Mrs. Kate Hollis of Patmos Sunday. Miss Lolo Hicks spent Tuesday with Mrs Floyd Pardue. Miss Beulah Hicks spent Sunday with Miss Evelyn Harrison Sunday. Mrs. Jake Jackson is visiting in Little Rock this week. Mrs. Joe Bruce spent Sunday Hope. Bro. Gene Moore will fill his regular appointment here Sunday. Luck's Tourist Court Special rates for private dances. Music furnished. Ray Luck Phone 222 H. E. Luck elson'Huckins LAUNDRY Wash Suits Properly Laundered SOc PHONE 8 OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN LOOK/ ME A DO,,UAR, A -DRMNIN& USE.t>TOBElM TH S >l AB.VT OF OFF TRA\NS> WHEN THEY SOT \NTOTrV CITY LIMITS' HAVE TO i WE ARRANGEMENTS FOR US TO LEAVE * c TONIGHT ON THE YOULU ] CA £ HERE t A DRAWING & TWO DECK'S OF CARDS, AND A HALF CASE I COME you CAN'T SET A TPATFF\C TICKET THAT CHEAP/ HOLD ME BACK. "POCKET KNIFE IN<=> HOME IM CLA9S' T M REG. U. S. PAT. Off. 1934 BY NEA SERVICE. OUT OUR WAY HE7-HAAVf WOT'S TH' DELAY? I GOT TO DO— SERVICE, HERE.' SERVICE/ By WILLIAMS THER'S ONE OF TH' ^ MANV REASONS THER CAW NEVER BG A PARADISE ON EARTH—THAT LAXY LOAFER SHOW/IN 1 UP. A FELLER WORKER. WHY, HE'S «>J PARADISE, RIGHT , NOW? WHAT'5TH MATTER WITH YOU? WHAT WOUuD BE A PARADISE FOR YOU OR ME, WOULDN'T BE FOR HIM., -" Ji HtO U 8. P*T. Off BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Take It Easy, Boots! WOTCWA /VSOOT , By HAMLIN ALLEY OOP SO VA SEE. OOOLA, EVERYTHING'S OKAY/ NOW, IF ANYBODY GETS IN TROUBLE ABOUT THOSE FOOT PRINTS, IT'LL BE ME FOR ROBBING THEM OUT/ BUT, ALLEY\ DlDN'T- By MARTIN NOT ANOTHER WORD/ JUS 1 FORGET ABOUT (T/ I KNOW YOU SMACKED TH' PRINCESS -AN THINK \T VJAS — BUT, LISTEN. IALLEV.' \ D\o NOT THROW THAT MELON AT TH' PRINCESS . •WOOTIETOOT/ BECAUSE \ HAD VOU DIDN'T? V/ELU-ER- HOW COME YOUR FOOTPRINTS VJERE THERE ON TH'o-, CUFF, THEN WALKED ALONG THE CLIFFS EARLIER THAT . MORNING BUT \ VIAS \M fAY CAVE WHEN TH 1 MELON WAS THROWN^ Q 1934 BY NEA SCBVICt. IMC. T. M. BCO. U. S. PM.Orf. J UH HUH, I THOUGHT SO,TOO/ I NEVER DID THINK IT VJAS WASH TUBES The Slip-Away! r - WELL, BOY. IT'S ALL OVER. WE'VE WIPED;OUT A MOB- OF GANGSTERS, ^ SOLVED A MURDER MVSTERV, .AND RU&'PO.WN 'AN'UNDERCOVER HOSPITALJ FOR CROOKS. WE OWE EVeRYTHINJa TO VOU. / — : ~— I WAS ASV RIDES BACK TO TDWM WITH THE DISTRICT ATTORNE.V AND THE CHIEF OF POLICE. NONSEWSEf AH.' HERE ARE THE? REPORTERS AND CAMERAMEN. COME ON BOV. I'LL SEE THAT YOUR PICTURE? GETS IN EVERY PAPER IM AMERICA. By CRANE MY STARS? HE MUST OF HEY.' WHERE'D „ ... -.... — . — . —. H6CbO?WHERE'sY HB'S THE FIRST GUY 1 EVER ' NT TO BE A WHO DIDN'T VMAKJT TO BE A HERO. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS At Fallen Leaf! 1034 OY fltA SCBVICt. INC. T. M HCC U. S. PAT. Off. By BLOSSER COUPLE OP BOYS FROM THE STATES ....CAMPING TRIP; I RECKON... ORDERED A LOT OF STUFF, AHEAD 1 PLANNIN 1 TO GITGOIM, AFTER THEY LOAD THEIR CASIOS.... HERE COMES TWE OLD BOILER NOW ANYBODY COMIN' IN ON NUMBER FOUR, SHORTY •2 THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) HELLO,BOYS! A LOT OF YOUR STUFF IS OVER YoMDER / BY THE RIVER ....ALL YOU •GOT TO DO, IS PILE INTO THE CAWOE AND SHOVE // OFF/ HOW ABOUT SHONTASSE/THE INDIAN GUIDE ? ISN'T ME AROUND "? OH,Y'MEAN SHONTY? HE'S BEEN OUT LOOKIN' AT H'-S TRAPS...OUGHTA BE IN, IN A DAY OR So...I GOT YoOR WIRE- HAVE EVERYTHING SET FOR YOU...GRUB ANP ALL How Could They? BUT, Ho\V ABOUT THE GUIDE? WE HATE TO BUST INTO STRANGE THIS WAY II I'LL H-'VE SHONTY CATCH You,LATER...HE , 'WONT MISS YOU...,' BETTER GET COW' A LOT OF TROUT ARE EVXPECTIN You ncc u_s PAT. Oi WELL.HOW PO VOU FEEL. TODW, CUBLELY? PRETTY GOOD.eH? •SURE.' I FEEL.-A FlME,DOC/ BUT I WANT VOU TO TAKE-A MY BANDAGES OF FAN' L.OOH AT MV BURNS. ALL RIGHT / JUST STEP IN HERE/ I GOTA PA BEEG WORRY ABOUT PA BURNS t By COWAN WHY.THEV'RE HEALIKIG FINE. WHY ARE VOU WORRIED THA BURNS WON'T-A SPOIL MV LOOKS, WILL THEY "?

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