Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 14, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1934
Page 2
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AftSANSAB aturdafc July 14, 1934 Star O tusttee> Deliver Thy 'HeraMtFrom False Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. & Fsflmet & Alex. H. Washburn), at The Star building. 212-214 South -Walnut street, Hope, Arkansas, C. E. PALMER, President H. WASHBUHN, Editor and Publlshet Knt«r«i as seeonri-class matter at the postoffice at Rope, Aifamna Under the Act of March 3, 1897. ' JJelluHlon: '*She newspaper 13 an institution developed by modern clvll- Btton to Jttestett the n&ws -.tit the .day, to foster commerce and Industry, widely circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon government which no constitution'has-ever been able to provide."—Col. K. R. McCorrriick. 1 ; Subscription Jtote (Always Payable in Advance)-: By city carrier, 'per Week iOe; six ntonth^$2.75; one year >$5.00, By mall, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and liaFdyette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere :$5,00. member of The Associated Press: 'The Associated Press Is exclusively s, erititM to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited in this. paper and also the local news published her«ln. Advertising 'Bepresentatlves: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.. Memphis, fenn , SJerick fildg.; New York City, Graybar Bldg.; Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wocker> 'Drive; Detroit, Mien., 7338 Woodward Avo.; St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or •memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial ' newspapers hold to -this policy -in the news columns to protect their readers from z» deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for the- safe-keeping or return^of any unsolicited manuscripts. BEHIND THE SCENES IN • i ' i Kennedy Selection as SBC (Chairman Rated Political Payoff . . . Cohen Ki pt Off Board by Lehman Advice . . . Ickes Adds to Reputation as Wisecrackcr. Vacatio»:Bost€ards 'By Olive Roberts iBarton By RODNEY •.BUTCHER NBA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON.-In politics it's called "the . payoff." Joseph K Kennedy got his when Roosevelt jammed him in as chairman of the new Securities and Ex- dunge Commission, which will reg- I Now's the Time to Wage War on Insect Pests—Fortify Home Against Mosquito Now thnt our eyes are turned toward vacations it's time to think of bugs. And flies are bugs. So are mosquitoes, and ants, and spiders, and roaches, and fleas—and lice. , j Flies don't bite. That is why we of shocks and bonds ! have so liul ° lerror of them - Thev Outside of .politics, Kennedy was j havc no urge'to sink a proooscis unknown as.a hard-boiled, able financier | der the skln ' '"J ect venom into the of New York and .Boston, a "Wall 1 blaod - w make a meal of u Streeter" who had participated in one I Bul * baheve that every Mouse should Of tile stock market pools exposed by ! have a two-by-four enlargement of a WHILE THE REPLANlTIMG ABOUT THROWIMG IN) A F6WOLD FASHIONEP -SWIMMIMC Political Announcements The Star'Ja authorized to announce (he following as candidates subject to the action df the Democratic primary election Aujnmt 14, 1934. For State Senator (20th District) JOHN L. WILSON for Sheriff OEORQE W. SCHOOLEY W. AUBRY LEWIS CLARENCE E. BAKER J. E. (JIM) BEARDEN County & Probate Judge H. M. STEPHENS County A Probate Clerk RAY E. M'DOWELti JOHN W. RIDODILL Tnx Assessor MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEA& R. L. (LEE) JONES C. C. (CRIT) STUART Road Overseer IDoRixin Township) E. L. SULLIVAN L. S. MAULDIN FRED A. LUCK fly's foot with the names of each bit of filth printed plainly on the mysterious fragments sticking to it. Then we would never take u fly on faith. We would loose all tolerance of the harmless-looking parasite that wings so easily over the sugar bowl and take him for the killer he is. •Repel the Invaders paign and a gent rto xvhom:the Demo- j Patch U P the screens, get them in , early, and put strong springs on the tPerdinand Peeora in the Senate investigation-^-the -sort of : pool the SEC is required to ^prevent. Inside of politics, Kennedy was one of the four who tossed in 510,000 apiece to the Roosevelt pre-convention • campaign, an intimate friends of both Roosevelt and Jim :Parley, .who traveled with them much during the earn- this, put lipstick from corner to] smooth the lipstick outward to the corner, making .their lips look full and healthy. , When you've chosen your lipctick (its shade should match your rouge), practice applying it this way: Begin-, ning at the center of the upper lip, corner. Do the same on the other side, and then cover the lower lip with Q generous coat. Make .sure that your lips are quite dry be-fore you sturt. Don't moisten your lips fur a few minutes—the lipstick should have :> <.luir.ce to dry. Then wipe off the surplus with cleansing tissue and smooth down the rouph edges with your forefinger. Your lips will be beautiful and the lipstick will stay on indefinitely. eratic National Committee now owes $30,000. , It seems that Kennedy, feverishly opposed by authors of 'the Securities doors so they stay closed. Fly-netting v/ill do at odd windows. Watch the big fellows that come first—the horse<and Stock Market Acts, could have I {Ues - Tnev are partial to cellars. Kill hal almost any old -job in this admin- i ever y %• ' invesi in a few swatters, istration. He demanded this one and and don't wait until they multiply. ho got it. I Mosquitoes need watching. The poison they inject makes some chil- Roosevelt's fondness fora friend was chiefly responsible,'Chairman Fletch- dren really ill. Before long, get some or and Rayburn of the Senate and netting for the baby's bed and buggy Ifouse committees which sponsored the regulatory acts .both urged that lie be kept off the commission. The appointment was a compromise between the liberals here and Wall Street, which wanted at least ,two of its own folks on SEC. The liberals wanted.no more than one Wall Streeter and sought the chairmanship for el'ther Ferdinanl Pecora, who exposed and play-yard, unless you happen to live in a spot that is free from the pests. Pools of water about a house, too much shade, damp ground, rain-barrels; swamp—all are breeding grounds. If you live near infested places, get the neighbors to co-operate in pouring oil on the water. It keeps the eggs from hatching. And a SOPHIE, KERR'S .SUPERB LOVE STORY By Sophie Kcrr JANE •KurU <1 JACKSON Ihnt nhe eun mnkc n nueccuR ol henllfe. Amy lincl lioen her hem -friend Illllll HOWARD JACKSON broke Ike cncnRement June -lorepil on him nnil mnrriert Amy. IJnnlile to hour the »l«lil of Aniy'M ImpitineH.s. Jnne ohtnlnn a Joli In a 'New York renl enlnte •irtloe. HEHK TODA-Y j TX/TRS. ANDREWS reported that a TEIIR* como» «o New 1-iVl compartment was bought for termini- .to * tow . ter .^ expresgi th;U M(sg Rosa Terry •had been telegraphed to, and that Jane's maid was on the telephone. "The black suitcase and the little fitted case," commanded Jane. "Put In the dark red cloth, the nef brown -lace with the short sleeves. .lane Is clever nnil noon U mult- j and the black satin with the gold embroidery, tho blaek satin slippers with gold buckles and the brown slippers. See that all the toilet things are in the filled case the WalKStreet rackets, or Jim Lan- I ruined egg will be the death blow of dis, co-raiithor ; of the .acts. millions of posterity. Do it in time They won part.of that when Roose- I and ;keep it up. velt named What are now known as j Nobody knows exactly what part the the "Four Norsemen" of strict regu- '/mosquito plays in our children's epi- lation—-Pecora, Landis, Robert E. i demies. Who knows but what our Healey, and-George C. Matthews. But I common variety some day may be Chairman Kennedy was stuffed -down | discovered to .be as deadly in its way their throats." as l . ne tropical ones that carry typhus Kennedy, .-according to word from I and'yellow fever? the White House, is a "reformed spec- i Justified Killing ulator." -But the "Four iHorsemen" | Keep out ants. They have no busi- are looking at .him askance. -Without | ness in the pantry or ice-box. And consulting -them, he started offering i destroy spiders in the house. They "EEC jobs to 'friends in New York— | won't kill people, not our kind of which means an internal dog fight spiders, but it is just a case of not unless straightened out. knowing what will happen. Kill cen- Also, it's recalled that Farley has a brother with Wall Street's Theodore Prince & Co. and that Emil Hurja was with Ben Smith, the bear raider who tipedes and moths and any insect stranger that trespasses. Roaches are terrible. They live in filthy holes and at night come out to went to Australia when Pecora want- contaminate decent things. u"l him here, 'before he came to be Farley's patronage lieutenant. Lehman Keeps Jew Off SEC It v/as Gov. Herbert Lehman of New York, a Jew and former partner in Rid the dogs of fleas or else don't keep a dog. There are fleas and fleas, but wouldn't it be odd if some lay it were discovered that infantile paralysis, for instance, could be carried by mi excellent xnlnry. She h:n nn nfl'nlr vvith KOGRIl THOKl 1 !). wlio In mnrrlcd. I.nter nhe tlren ol him and %vhen he otTcrn 1o hear the expenne at Ihclr child nlic-dl8- uilHsen him contempttiotittly. In her dcKpcrnle nllclil Jnne tiirnA to Amy tor 'help. 'Hownrt! IH toiirlnc nermnny and Amy i>nmen t» .\eiv York. She s«ny/» ii«lll the Itnhy IH linrn nnd then. : horrllled > ., . „„,! ,. !«„»,, /-.p cfnnl- lufcuimc Jnne inftuin on clvlns | 1' rencli ones, and plenty of stock- lier dnnghtcr n^vny. ncfrren 'to take the child with -flic nmlcr- NtnnJ!n£ thnt Jnne never Nhnll reclaim ther. Hotvnril returns nnd completely rtpprovcN oC Amy^a tnklnc; the hahy. In Ne^T Vork Jnnr .opon.« -hor o\vn real extntc otlloe. Shi- rc- • celven n letter from her aunt find Klceldex to co tn MnrliurK to nii|icr- vlxe «ome IiuNlneHH affair*. NOW GO ON WITH TIIR STOIIY CHAPTER XXI meantime Jano might look at tho suggestions young Tralnor had made about Miss Rosa's affairs, to know what he'd been up t.o. Jano found that sho could not concentrate nn young Traiuor's letters. Tho wind, lhe lo.'islng trees ilnule her restless. She had bet- ler. she thought, go for a walk and blow away the fatigue of the of the hat nnd the fur coat and went out, walking ui> toward tho college, feeling train and house. She put on her and my negligee and pajamas and: strange and alien In tho unaltered those traveling slippers. Put in scene. The gray stones of the only my best imderclotlies. the i buildings fused with tho gray sky. Students hurried hank nnd forth ings and handkerchiefs and gloves. I'll wear my mink coat and carry my cloth one." U might, she thought, turn warm jand, she would look ridiculous in fur. Rut If the weather should stay cold and stormy, she didn't want to miss the chance of showing off that beautiful dark mink coat in Marburg. It was not until she was actually -r \-NTTTI t n i »i i »> , i. i i oil t.hn train that she had time to JANE tapped the etter she hat) , .^"^..T 11 " 6 , Wa3 , °" ly , 'to her overwhelmingly that she nilsht. if Bho wished, see her child. -She was not sure that she did wish it. Perhaps it might be better to avoid it. The memory of Amy's one important deal on hand and that could not be closed for another three weeks. It would be a good time to make the trip to Marburg. While she was thinking It over contempt camo back, too, but U Mrs. Andrews, her secretary, camej. Wils nol K0 m-rious by a hundred in—a stoutish, competent widow i\ mRa us it had lieon at first. "Poor who .had endeared herself to Jane by her passion for detail, her Inativo vacancy and her super-re Amy," thought so furious with I hope she's over It by this olil HOD! imcntal .'.Jano. "She was along tlio paths with the effect they had always had of busy, aimless insects. Kven tho curtains at tlio windows of tliR president's bouse were the same dingy gold rep filie and Amy had thought BO ugly. Now the nnniG of Amy had In- triulfid. It was impossible to walk this way, to see thcso things without the senso of Amy's lost companionship. And swiftly, surely, Jane determined to go and see Amy,, to sne the child. Now th.it her resolve was made to seo Amy, she could not wait until tlio next day. In tho late afternoon when Miss Ilona had retired for a rest before dinner, exhausted but exhilarated from witnessing Jane's rnut of young Trainor, Jano put on her dark red dress, because sho know that wa3 tho most becoming thing sho had with her. Sho loosened hnr hair a Clark Gable and Powell on Screen Co - Starred With Myrna Loy Sunday, Monday at the Saengar Clark Gable, William Powell and Myrna Loy, three of fllmdoin's brightest stars appear together for the first time in "Manhattan Melodrama," feature attraction at the Saenger Theatre Sunday and Monday. It is the first time Gable and Powell have appeared in the same pic- j lure and the first time Powell has appeared with Myrna Loy. Gable and Miss Loy will be remembered for Itmi rrccent successes in "Men In White." "Manhattan Melodrama," is a fnst- moving story of big city life presenting Gable as a big-shot gambler, powerful and dramatic figure of metropolitan niuht life. A Battle of Wits Pitted against him in a keen battle of wits is Powell as the district attorney constantly torn between a devotion to duty and his love for Gable with whom he has spent his boyhood The story touches real life incidents that have been in the newspaper headlines during the past 30 years of American history, including the Harry Thaw case, the Dempsey- Firpo fight and the flrnold Rothstein murder. "Manhattan Melodrama" marks Miss Loy's elevation to stardom. She appears as the sweetheart of Gable and the wife of Powell, and is said to give her finest screen performance. The notable supporting cat'l includes Leo Carrillo, Nat Pendleton, George Sydney, Isabell Jewel, Muriel Evans nad other of note. Storks Lose 5th Straight Friday Transporters Beat Locals in Texarkana Game 9 to 3 Lehman Brothers, Wall Street bank- i a flea? Fleas have carried worse rra. who persuaded Roosevelt that no i things than that ,if such a thing is Jew should be appointed to SEC. I possible—plagues that kill instantly. Politics and friendship did the rest Lice are dangerous vermin. So are and barred Ben Cohen, who, with Landis and Tom Corcoran of RFC, bed-bugs. They belong to a louse family, legion for its transmission of wrote the Securities and Stock Ex- j deadly infection. Even wood-lice are change acts and was i'ltrtcher and Rayburn. Ickes Wisecraks backed by anathema to the medical profession, because they, too, can carry disease. Mice are cute little fellows, and spectablllty. Mrs. Andrews brought tinsa— I believe I'd like to SCB that j little around her face, riihhcd I'.cr instant confidence to clients H must he 2Vi years old hesitated before Jane's youth and 1 11(!W . talks and walks, I suppose. And 1 don't oven know what they Mirnicd her. I don't know what she 'Secretary of the Interior Ickes con- ; many tender hearts hesitate to kill tinues to defend successfully his rep- j cne. Go and buy some traps at once, titation as the cabinet's champion ' They live in darkness and dirt. They, rats> are breeders of disease. Any- v/iiecracker. ' "Is it true," he was asked, "that' way. they carry filth of all kinds. you have made a $29,000,000 allotment [ --- -•• to 'Allegheny countiy, as the Pitts- ' burgh papers reported this morning?" / "Gosh," said Ickes, "it must be a.s hot there as it is here." "Along that same line, Mr. Secre- l tary — " "Did you say, 'Along that same lying?' " he demanded. j After admitting that 25 millions real" [ ly had been allotted, Ickes went on grumbling: "Every time I step outside the office someone asks me for 10 or 15 million dollars. I went over to see the pres- GLORIFYING YOURSELF y Alicia Hart i Make Sure Your Lips Are Dry Before Applying Lipstick Fashions in lipstick-ing have chang- ident the other day and as I started , cd a great dfcal since tht timt . when to leave, Colonel Maclntyre said to , women {irst began to wear cosme tics j.se, 'Mr. Ickes, will you just talk to ; on lhe str£et ]n those days R was this gentleman for a lew minutes'' ; considerecl smart to have a small Well, he was easy. He wanted only : mouth wUh a distint . t cupid ' s bow . Lipstick was centered in the middle ct the lips—never bleeded outward to the corners. 'I hose pioneers in daytime makeup 12 million!" Daughter Draws the Line Many a girl who spends all the day Splashing around in a swimming pool thought it disgraceful to have a large SP K In aw ful argument about; mouth and they also thought that by can put to bathe the dishes. whan 5idlrou.hU* the middle of the lips the • rrrjiirh looked smaller. They weren t ; fooling anybody. And c-ven if they good looks. "Mr. Sears Is on the phone," re i ported Mrs. Andrews. "He's a lit- i tie tight, and of course lie's hcu j ging you to hurry," "I'll talk to him" said Jane, tak I ing the phone. "Yes, Mr. Sears. | this Is Miss Terry. I'm so glnd ] you called up. I've been after the with title guaranty company this morn- ! t, 0 wn and ing and they tell me they're push Ing the search and we may he ably to close a week ahead of lime. That's fine, isn't It! nut you'd better keep the reservallons you have. There might !^e some hitch, though I don't anticipate anything. These forma have to l;e gone through. If we neglect them w<- might find ourselves tied up in tlr- courts." She hung up the telephone with a sigh. "I've told him all th:ii n! sniffy sickroom odor, faint, dozen times a day ever since deal started," she said. "Dis lug parson! Just hocuu^e Roland Carlhin Sears and his and his grandpa and h:.- ^ grandpapa had a lot of thiuks he can run the circles. I don't know whr;th Th"rc> was no one to meet her at the train in the morning and she? was glad of that. Much easier tn take a taxi and rattle uptown without forced conversation, and a chance to look at the old see how litlle it had changed. A few more automobiles and a 'new movin house seemed to be the only additions to the familiar scene. Fortunately It was still cold enough for the fur coat. The elms along tho campus waved In a raw wind. Patches of snow lingered on the winter-dull grass. Kvily, dark and troubled, met her jar. the door. Miss Ilosa, she said. i '.VMS feeling mighty low. The house ! was ov; ; r-heated and there was a per.-UK-MI., Otherwise all was the .•;:;!:•.!•: '.Inn,-; might have .stepped iic.n tin.' massive crowded well- 1:> :•'! n,!)::i:i the (lay before. Andrews. My .aunt Is side u;nl ought to go to Marburg to tee i.i- My feeling Is tba: I'd better uei over and be back here lu oh-u of time before the SOKI-K cin-in date comes along. 1 might nve leave tonight." "I'll see what accommodations been able to accomplish their | can get j or y OU and Experiments With soybeans are be-! goal, it would have bet-n a laittake Experiments with soybeans are be-. goal, it would have bec-n a mistake. ; rigut Tnen rll wrjte vm]r flll , lt I ,,;,;,-. i,,, |,,,,,|, Afler ing conducted In Russia with a view | There's nothing attractive about thm; and ca i, your majd for you] , h . j 5ummoiJ yollu; , Tiailior to making flioai a major lood pro- ' Up:, cr a mouUi that looks like a bttle , j qg directions."- i^uould deal -with him I cupid's bow. Modern women, realr/- , m tiaet for the masses. '.'. i::id uiiirched on with Miss :.•;:! SliH clutchod at Jano and ti-!-i,ly. Her once solid aud te !!<?':li was flabby and waxen. i:.ir"tiilly tuiiched-up hair :-:l 11:1 uif'li at white against •:i]ij I'.iit. after her first tears ^llic-l. "I'm not really Kick," cd. l.r.v.;encu was a tonic. Al- iiurf Mi.-,s Rosa declared •'•:'.'. Kuini; to j.;et up and on and go down- After that they'd mid Jane him. iu tUu lips with scarlet, louclied jasmin porfuino behind her ears. A plan was beginning to stir In her head, a plan which would make her seem to them the person she constantly tried — and never quite succeeded—to seem to herself, fine and sweet and disinterested, ready tn make up for past omissions with generosity that would have a touch of nobility. Yet for a moment, when Howard opened tlio door, and .since there was no light In the hnll and the late afternoon was dark, she waited doubtfully, sho forgnt her role. "Von don't know me?" slio spid. Hut In another instant. s;ho caught hack her intended note. "I'm so glad to see you," Kho ;;aid, agreeably, conventionally. "Is Amy at homo? I'm Jane Torry—" To her relief lie answered iu her own line. "Of course! I couldn't sea you in that dull light." He snapped on an overhead lantern, opened the living room door. "Come Iu, do. Amy's upstairs— she'll be down—" Jane made her entrance, talking on with determined case. "I came rather suddenly because o.f Aunt Rosa. She's been so miserable since she hud the flu, and I'll be here such a short time—and 1 wanted to be sure to see Amy—" She stopped, she was staring at something on the floor by the sola, a, rag doll sprawling abandouedly among some blocks. Her ease, her elegance deserted her. 'I'll must belong to hoi own child! "I want to .sou—my b;: involuntarily. The Storks, unable to click for some reason, failed again Friday to lift their winning percentage mark from zero, dropping the fifth straight game to Southwestern Transporters. 9 to 3, at lexarkana. Ted Womble, Hope pitcher, struck out eight batters and gave up only two free passes, but was touched for 11 bunched hits which meant nine runs. Carroll, Transporter twirler, held tho Storks to six bingles. Hope scored its first run in the fifth when Cook took first on a walk und scored on two infield outs. Two .'ingles, an error and' n base on balls gave the 'Storks their other two runs in the seventh frame. Ru'sell and Allen, returning from a National Guard camp at Little Rock, will be in the line-up when the Storks open here Suncliiy against Goodyear. 'Bliickie Elliott will face the Tire- men. The balance of the lineup will be: Cook, cf; Wells, ;ib; Riley, lb; C. Schooley, rf; V. Schooley, 2b; and Kenwick, ss. Hope- Cook, cf Coop. 3b Riley, lb C. Schooley, If V. Schooley, 2b B. Schooley, rf-c- Fonwick, ss Purtle, c-rf Womble, p Totals Transporters— Goodwin, 2b 'Spence, 3b McKnight, cf ... Gordon, If Huddleston, ss .. Shelton, lb Johnson, c Moore, rf Carroll, p Totals Ab .') 3 . 3 «t 4 . -I 3 3 . 3 H. 1 1 2 0 1 U 1 II I) 30 :t (i Ab. R. H. 3 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 2 31 SIDE GLANCES - "Oh, dear, I never have a minute I can call my own.' S E-iJJ IP 0M IE-ID V k 'DAN THOMAS — GEORGE SCARBO OAHEL-t SEP IDAUJPINO EVEN ON RAihY P.W, SH? CAM HE HE'D RATHER HAVE HIS (XO Ct-OTHIrS .....n^-.w^r. REPAIRED. NE OFCAROLElOMBARD'S GREATEST HATEf? IS THE WHITE? OF .E&S&. 9HE'ST NEVER. EATfcri AH EGS WHITE ,N HEP. epnjK&RELD, MASS. lenu- neA'-line., Go-b.e ->^efl t tile 9 11 The Birth of Literature "I would like to write a novel." "Do you know how to write?" "O 1 I know how to us<; d lypewrit- (To lie Coiitluiied.) Minna In Reverse The old fashioned mother who darned hi-r husbanrj's socks now has a daughter who sorks her darned hus- l-urid. In 3914, ,-iboiit Ji.400.000 nc-t tons, or .^0 per cent, of the world's sea-going merchant IOIHIU^L- was of British registry. P H1NTKI) silk or voile are most t-lt'ootivo in modeling this Hiuai't .sportH dru.ss. Tho designs may lie had for sizes .'M to •!•!.. Slzo ;!8 requires 4 5-S yards ot Ii9 inch fabric. To secure a I'.ATTKKN and STKl'-HY-STKP SHWIN'fl 1\- STRUCiTIONS, fill out the coupon below, being ii«-,'o to MIONTION THE NAMK OK THIS NKW'SIMI'ICK. JULIA BOYD, 1015 I'AHK AVENUE, NE\V YORK Enclosed is 15 ri-'iits in coin 1'or Pattern No Si/.e Kaino Address City Slate Name of this newspaper Tim sr.MMKIM'.VTTKKN HOOK, with a complete selection of Julia lioytt iii.-.simis, now is ready. It's 15 cents when ijun.'hased ji-liarairly. Or, if you want to order it with the pattern abuVo, u in just an aUiikiouul JO cents with.the

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