Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 15, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1937
Page 6
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''!>•' « FAOEStt HOPE STAR, HOPB. ARKANSAS , September 15,1937 Urges Germans to "See the World" litter Himself Stays at |\ . Home, Urges Country- r ^ ! ' men to Travel By W. 0. Werner AP Foreign Service BERLIN—Reichsfuehrer Adolf Hitler, who almost never sets foot outside fhe Fatherland, is the patron and pro- tnoter of foreign travel for German workmen. In the last three years, tens of thousands of German coal miners, carpenters and factory workers who never before had seen the sea have cruised to Madeira or the Norwegian fiords since the nazi Kraft-Durch- Fteude (Strength Through Joy) vacation trips began. Cheap, But Not Free These are not free trips. The miner or factory workers buys coupons and pastes them in a book the year long, saving up for the big event. The government's contribution ,is organization, special rates—and pressure on employers for vacations with pay. ,The upshot is that the average cost of a week's cruise to Norway, including railroad fare to and from the port of embarkation, food and entertain - "VARSITY STOMP" Demonitrated by Ro.emary and PrUcilU Lane WUk • tft«p tf tlit /bif«r< anil • lottt of l»« filpi PrlKllIm and ama *nov« «// oit Ina Wi Tn«n • • • tmft left twinf over rJgAf, armi Jtrlnff to ffl/f /or A touch o/ the old Chtrltiton, thtn • , > Tou hold Aanrft, fiefaff forward and away from 0acH oiAcr, a la 3f«urfc«* 7A«y run far* tlnm fAal't a ei a "truck" mrf • Httlt i roil »•<• • "««Mr«" Wktrm iktf tiff «»«Jf (•. ffMft ••t*4f . Ik* lfMri MiMmfe ••!« f« Hk» a e*n*l* •/ JMt Jt«M ml (t»M «// » Hail XOWItll A NICKEL DRINK-WORTH A DIME We makt yours smart, fashionab le, remove all soils, dirt& wrinklet by dry cleaning. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters '$360,000,000 Life Insurance in Force Donald V. Moore Representative of Jefferson Standard LIFE INSURANCE CO. ment, amounts to about ?20. Additional luxuries, such as cigarettes and beer, are sold without tax. New Ships Luxurious The cruises Tceep six passenger liners busy all summer. Mediterranean cruises are promised as soon as the Spanish situation permits. And In 1940, says the Kraft-Durch-Freude organization, a fleet of eight steamers will be sent around the world with German workers. Seeing the Olympic games in Tokyo will be part of the excursion. New ships now being built for Kraft. Durch-Freude' cruises have similar quarters tot crew aind passengers. The first of these, recently launched, is a 25,000-ton passenger liner exceeded in size only by the larger transatlantic liners. : It yrtll carry 1,460 vacationing workers, and a crew of 400, all in outside staterooms. Deck space is particularly large, iecauSe, of nazi- emphasis in athletics. Music lakes second place, many workers bringing their accordions, moutn- organs or guitars. The community sing is. a regular feature. Since both , workers-passengers and crew are" members of the German abor front; the leader of each cruise s the Ortsgruppenleiter (local group ;eader) assigned to the ship. He encourages development of the proper lazi "Weltanschauung" (world out- ook) among both crew and passengers. Le."s Expensive Cruises, Too Besides ocean cruises, the Kraft- ?Yeude organization offers less expensive vacations within the country. River cruises, especially on the Rhine, are popular. To date, 420 Rhine cruses lave provided a vacation thrill for some 300,000 workers. In addition there always are low- rate excursions on the railways, with a whole week's board and room included in the cost of a trip to one of the summer resorts. To accommodate the rapidlygrowing demand for such summer trips, special iCraft-Durch-Freude resorts are be- ng built. On the island of Ruegen, 'or instance on the Baltic coast, a jeach . resort ' of truly wholesale dimensions is under construction. It is designed to accommodate week- y an army of vacationing workers, and a hotel — or rather hotel magnifi_ cent— with sleeping accommodations for 20,000 is planned. The plan is to provide a weeWs vacation at the seashore for Berlin workers at a flat ?7.20 including railroad fare,' meals and room. Sailors Get Theirs Other activities of the Kraft-Durch- Freude organization, which is part of the German labor front, include cheap tickets to the opera, theaters and concerts. Though these excursions are to some extent a substitute for higher wages, which would permit a German worker to buy his recreation in the ordinary way, many are impressed by them. Some — especially middle-aged women workers who never before got away from home, or miners never away from the coal districts — are particularly grateful. Others would prefer — even without a cruise — higher wages. The cruise program includes, too, a week's inland vacation, usually in the mountains, for each sailor aboard a Kraft-Durch-Freude ship. Nazi Aides Hold (Continued from Page One) to know and they are making every effort to find out. Nothing He Can Do That is what worries Gen. Chiang Kai-shek. Germany and Japan have an "anti-communist" agreement, which High above the earth, the air be- .omes so thin that sound waves cannot travel, __ Evercady Batteries E •S Expert Repair Work S Phone 383 208 So. Elmi CRANE [ WATER I HEATERS' SALES and SERVICE $5.00 Down Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 Herndon-Cornelius Burial Association Office at HOPE FURNITURE COMPANY Hope, Ark For Safe Protection Call for agent—Phone 5, 562, 227 WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Cahnwl-Aa! You'll Jump Out of Bed in the Morning Rarin'l* Go The liver should pour out two pounds of liquid bU« Into your bowels dcily. If this bila ia not flowing freely, your food doesn't digest. It just decays in the bowels. Gas bloats up jour stomach. You eet constipated. Your whole system ia poisoned and you feel sour. Bunk and the world looks punk. Laxatives are only makeshifts. A mora bowel movement doesn't get at the cause. It takes those good, old Carter's Little Liver Pilla to get these two pounds of bile flowing freely and makeyoufeel"upandup". Harmless, gentle, yet amazing in making bile flow freely. Ask for Carter's Little Liver Pills by name. Stubbornly refuse anything else. 26c. many is desperate for money. Her trade with China is large, but her business with Japan—especially under I the Manchuquo—German trade agreement—has been disappointing. China has the money, millions of dollars in cash in England and America, and it looks good (o Germany. China needs munitions badly, but Japan makes most of her own. And s6 in the final analysis, money will probably dictate the German policy. If Hitler accepts Chinese millions for muniitons, it is extremely utj- likely that he will try to upset Cliiang's military plans. Geii. Haus von Seekt probably includes military clauses. It would be comparatively simple for Hitler to bring pressure on Chiang's advisers to turn over China's plans for defense. And there is really nothing Chiang can do to guard against this gri meventuality. The munitions problem is much the same story. China has in recent years bought great quantities of German rifles, machine-guns, whippet tanks, and torpedo launches. Will Germany continue to supply these necessities ol war? Will she stop the trade to China or will she divert the traffic to Japan? China Has Money There is this to be considered. Ger- Army Critics Faqe (Continued from Page One). bunkers, General William' Mitchell, General Smedley D. Butler and General Johnson Hagood. Mitchell is'dead. The other two are doing nicely. Mitchell began by an attempt at debunking the navy as a first' llrie of defense. He said the navy in' future wars would flee for cover' like, rats I to escape bombing planes. He offered to show the navy how a good bombing plane could sink a naval vessel. The offer wasn't accepted. . . ; He became so furiously critical of his supporters for their failure to recognize the air force as he thought it ought to be that he ultimately was court martialed and suspended for five years on half pay. He resigned but continued to bombard the military management verbally and in many published articles. His old friend, the late Senator Joe Robinson, tried to get him retirement pay but Mitchell died'without it. Butler Entertains Senate ' General Smedley D. Butler of the marines had his turn. 'While the military appropriations were swelling to.- ward the billion dollar level, he said invasion of this country was "impoSr sible." There aren't ships enough, he said, to bring to American shores a landing party big enough to beat us.;,; He also took time out to tililate the senate two years ago with a story of the "battle of Russell's run." Butler said General Russell, who was up for confirmation by the senate as marine commandant, had been frightened with his battalion almost into a panic at Vera Cruz in 1914 "by the appearance of a lone Mexican with a white flag/.' General Russell denied that, was confirmed, and Butler and his story were taken under fire. General Hagood long has criticized the army's service of supply as antiquated and cumbersome. Soldierly shanks quivered at his proposal that the next war be fought in overalls because they could be supplied quickly in quantity. . , He capped his criticism by referring to WPA funds as "stage money," and soon afterward concluded he' would be more comfortable out of the army than in it. ' Thick, too, must be the skin of the gentleman who takes a fling at veterans' benefits. So far only youngsters have done that very much. Remember the "Veterans of Future Wars?" and the "Gold Star Mothers of Future Wars?" Blevins Misses Esther Stephens and Charlie Stewart spent the week-end in Hope visiting Miss -Kathleen Brown. Mr. and Mrs: Charlie Thomas and children • of,-, Prescott were Sunday guests of Mr., and Mrs. Jim Thomas. Mrs. Q,''- /By 'Jlodnett, Mrs. Reece Chnmbless and. Miss Gwendolyn Frith all of Hdpc, >Were' -Thursday' guests of Mrs. JohnnieVWWe;, 1 ' . . .''••'.' Mrs. Fiolra .Cottttp Slat?r and Mi$s Omera Evans both of Hope were visiting friends near Blevins Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Gayle are guests of J. J. Bruce, this week, Elmer Honea of Warren, spent the jveekrend near Blevins visiting relative*. :. Fletcher Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Smith of Lake Village were Sunday, guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Nelson. 1 •„-,.••', . 'Mrs. Geo, W. Hunt, Mrs: H. H. Htis- k«y and. JWiss Gladys Hunt were Thursday ; guests of > Mr. arid Mrs. Tom J. Stewart. A. B. Stewart and Sid Peachey both of Prwcott were business visitors in Blevins Saturday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs, Sylvester Honea and MisD Vernelle Honea of Rosston were Wednesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Honea. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Been of Hope were Sunday guests of Mrs. Annie Bostick. Howard Honea, Dale Bonds, Wallace White and James Chnmblce attended the air circus at Hope Sunday. Mrs, C. A. S. Bonds and Jack Bonds spent Thursday in Shreveport, La. Watt bonds, Cecil Tate and Miss Marie Tate left last week to enter school at Henderson State Teachers PILES PAIN Ktctal Otal- ft) lor |Mta aad Mttfott Irrhm- (toaof pttM w«eh do not nojain In* *^* •• ^ f^H'ltt MTfi* ^»CC cat attention. M "1Y 0*t Wbe today. SoM by • IV JOHN S. GIBSON OKUG CO. College, Arkndelphia. Mrs. H. H. Honea, Raymon Honea, J. A. Wade and Winton U. Wade were shopping in Hope Friday. «»** A pavement of black and brdwn rubber which was laid as an experiment in Moccow is said to be meeting the tests of heavy traffic. Nany.ManyWomen Say Cardui Helped Them By taking Cardui, thousands of women have found they can avoid much of the monthly suffering they used to endure. Cramping spells, naggfrig pains and jangled nerves can be relieved—either by Cardui or by a physician's treatment. Besides easing certain pains, Cardui aids in building up the whole system by helping women to get more strength from their food. Cardui, with direction* for home use by women, may be bought at the Drug Store (Pronounced "Card-ui") The Best in Motor Otto Gold Seal 100% Penn., qt _.... 25c The New Sterling Oil, qt Me Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, Hope—Open Day & Nlte I THIS CURIOUS WORLD BFye William Ferguson Orville W, Erringer Hope. Ajrk. Representing Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositors Corp. WE PAY 5% Jefferson Standard LIFE INSURANCE CO. Pink W. Taylor First Kational Bank Building HOIK;, Arkansas We Specialize In Body, Fender and Paint Work. j O. K. Body Shop S 1015 S. Him (Old Hgh. Shopjf M. M. MORGAN QUILTS Properly Laundered 25c Nelson-Huckins ROCKETTS ARE. USED TO CARK/ MAIL OVER. THE MOUNTAINS INSURE NOW Wi;h ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Insurance DUG UP IN UTAH, WAS PLACED IN /HL/££iJMS. . . HIS HEAD AND NEJCK, IN ONE, HIS BODV IN ANOTHER-, AND HIS TAIL. (M A THIRD/ A FOURTH MUSEUM FINALLY TRADED FDR. AJ-L. OF THE PARTS, AND THE MONSTER. WAS REUNITED "WRIT/NG ROCK'f- DIVIDE COUNTV, N. DAKOTA. . SO FAR, THERE IS NO ACCEPTED TRANSLATION OF THE CURIOUS CARVINGS INSCRIBED ON ITS SIDES. COPn.D37BVNEASEHVICE.INC. '{•la AT the present time, rocket-mail service is not feasible for extensive- operation, but it can be carried on satisfactorily under certain tVdJtions and requirements. It is likely rockets will serve in many. capacities in the very near future. f REtTY AS A PICTURE f,i'« :aTHl a coof-i comfortable, convenient place to work v Y6|ir kitchen can be just as pretty, just as attractive as any you have ;• ; seen pictured i in the magazines ;—• and not expensive. That kitchen you have wished for can now become a reality with modern conveniences ' *,•••'''..'-. ' ' ' • ' ' ** and appliances, designed not only for beauty, but for dependability — safety —• cleanliness — economy and time saving. Visit our office and let us show you how easy it is to have a modern kitchen. •fck SWING-OUT BROILER HIGH-SPEED OVEN MONEl METHI EQUIPMENT Picture the MAGIC CHEF range, shown at left,, in your kitchen — it is not only beautiful, but underneath this beauty, are features of design, construction and operation which make it possible to cook faster, with less attention and with perfect results every time. You will like the new Swing-out Broiler that make* broiling a real pleasure. And in addition, there are many other features such as the divided top burners, high speed oven, Lorain oven regulator and full insulation. With a modern gas range you save time, eliminate tedious work and save on your cooking costs. Here is an automatic water heater that meets every demand in appearance as well" as performance. Trade in your old worn-out heater for a modern gas-fired automatic Pittsburg. Assure your household of an abundance of hot water at the turn of. a faucet. No waiting — always a tank-full waiting to be used. No worry, — it has every necessary safety device. It's economical too! Because of its design and construction it will cost much less to operate than your old heater — or heaters of other types. Examine the models on display At our show room. Natural Gas brings definite economies to homes that use this perfect fuel for cooking, water-heating, refrigeration and house-heating. You save money if you buy now! $15 for your old water heater and au extra $5 for your old range during our sale. A small down payment and easy, convenient terms — as long as 24 months on the balance. All sizes and models included in this sale. Come in or phone us today. LOUlSim CAS CO, GAS IS YOUR QUICK, CLEAN, ECONOI.ilCAL SERVANT t :

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