The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 25, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, March 25, 1940
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TOLUMR XXXVII—NO. 7. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER, np NrmTH"r»HT *n^«K,«.« " ™ — * • rvX Blythevllle Dally News Blylherille Courier Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Herald :g DOMINANT ^NEWSPAPER OP NOHTHJGA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Allies Seek To Cut Off Nazi Supplies From Scandinavia LONDON, March 25. (UP) —Great Britain by torpedoing two German merchantmen close to the Dani.sli const Das started a new phase of its blockade in which vnr- K, .ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MARCH 25, I'MO Pakes Pups .Under I lei SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS !—* PAHIS, Mai-ch 25. (UP)-- ,, 0 0 ' . A war office spokesnum as- u - i>. Supreme Court Holds I sertcd today that allied warships hiul challenged two Income Fro m l r cclcral omi'n ii. in cnanciiKeu two e M r- German steamships, ladeni 'J cc u>"'es IN'ol hxcmpl with Swedish ' ore, off tho v • ... ' "* l rw i> v-uinii IJl t: (J -ships will operate along the Danish coast with the Scandinavian territorial wnl- and ime sunk ers, it was indicated today. M(u - was not. clear whether one of <lcl ' nonm tax on naiionai bank ,m- 1 tllosc sllips wtts Hcddemheim, Income, Inclu(im« '"»« federal tax exempt se- aermany'6 2.180 ton steamship , Kdmund Hugo SUnnes IV was tor- l' tor liMlocd by a British submarine <-ur!ties Ls assessed. pwloed off the West Danish coast : al!cl ro l ]01 't«<l to have been carry- ' nK decision, the lirst ever writ- yesterday as -it sought on urgent wirelessed orders to nee back to Hamburg with the coal It had tried to take lo Copenhagen. Previously the German steamship Heddern- helm, -1.947 tons, had been sunk off the northeast Danish coast. Germany charged that the Edmund Hugo SUnnes IV had been ' attacked within Danish waters.. Receipt by the foreign office of a Norwegian allegation that British warships had violated Norwegian territorial waters in recent days was announced today, and. it was said that an Investigation would be made before a reply was sent. Norway charged In an official slatemcnt that 'British warships had tried to Intercept German ships three times within the last four days off the Norwegian coast, twice - at least Inside Norwegian territorial waters, and had been ordered off by Norwegian warships. The third attempt was under investigation it was said. Diplomatic quarters here specu- .lated on the possibility that Britain intended henceforth to take what was called a "more realistic" policy in its attempt to choke or at least to Impede Germany's vital supply line from Scandinavia. They recalled at once that Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain told the House of Commons lost Tuesday night: "We are trying to keep within tile rules of international law but . . . Germany . . . has absolutely forfeited any right to appeal to International law against any violation of law we might embark on in order to do any Injury to-her," The British navy and air force, were constantly aiid'contln- uoitsiy watching'Scandinavian waters to see if any German warships were violating them, he said, and added: "If we had been able to establish a single case we would not have hesitated to enter those territorial waters to attack such n ship." It is the British view, that Germany has violated International law by sinking neutral as well as Allied ships without warning whenever and wherever the opportunity offered and that its warships have used neutral waters to keep away from British warships. At the same time, the British say, Germany Is always prompt to complain In the ina^t vigorous way against any alleged "technical" Allied Infringement of International law—Infringement which has not cost either a neutral or a German life. In the sinkings of the Edmund Hugo stmnes' IV and Hcddernheim, the British pointed out, they obeyed the letter and spirit of International Ian- by giving warning to the ships am their crews. Diplomats asked, however, If Britain had not now decided to exercise greater latitude as regards such bloodless nnd "technical" violations of law as entering neutral waters to attack enemy ships. British commentators express difficulties in understanding why neutrals protest strongly against . "technical" violations of their waters by British warships in view of the /act thst they do not suffer, while they maintain what Britain regards as an almost complacent attitude of Germany's "constant contraventions of the vital principles of Immune warfare which have caused the loss of thousands of tons of neutral shipping and many neutral lives." Whatever the situation, it is held "ere, Germany has gained an un- tair advantage over Britain, and there is growing sentiment in favor or basing British policy In future .on the dictates of humanity alor ralhnr than on !e» a l phrases. ing ore. 'iTie German steamship lel1 by the new associate Justice Edmund Hugo stlnne.s- IV, sunk ™" k Muiphy, MS unanimous. It off Denmark, was cnrrylnc coal nfl >nned n decision of (he Oklahoma i Intended for " """ "' Moonlight a „„„ .„ _ „„,„. caused unusually active patrol 'work of Oklahoma City, which Tvilacked ' on the western front, a military the tax . asserted that It Impaired informant said, with the result Ule , nomwlnu power of Hie fed- When puppies were born to fox t that the French repulsed a Ger- eral Kovenmienl, discriminating Sacramento Calif this he,, ImW man patrol west of the Saar river '^""'sl national banks in favor of T ,.., „,„„,"'" " nn/l inni- pH..n^i ....» _^ other finnnrlfil />ni.«n.-/,*i,,,.., » JIIt muuicis Norway.) during (he i supreme court. j nigJit l _,' 1 Jp,_Tradosmcn's National Bimk j „ )c<1 i pa- nnd look several prisoners after shooting it out tvllh a Genual trol east of the Moselle. Airplanes were active throughout the night. French planes made other financial corporations and violated the tax free provision of I the contract written Into government securities. The state In its defense argued -i owned bv rinl.mi smiiii m > , '" """ look '''""'t'" of ""•'"'• only have Iheir'olljjjiing ,,i feeding time, when join forces to drive on the "piipnaplng" hen. they photographs of the Siegfried line mt co 'W>ss long ago placed and Hew deep Into Germany Ger- 1 " OImI banl!S '» n special status man planes new over Alsace and |)en " l "" e stntcs to ( ax them. Legislation has been enacted which specifically allows (axes lo be measured by net income nnd provides that such Income shall Include revenue from all sources, it. snld "It cannot be said that the Oklahoma tax in question here was aimed at tax exempt, federal securities," Murphy said. "The his- .tory of (he Oklnhomn legislation on this subject discloses Hint it astern and northern France. British planes flew over northwestern Germany. This morning's high command communique said: "The night wns calm nil along the front. Yesterday during a local encounter we captured a few prisoners." French front line troops were subjected to an Easter bombardment of flowers and peace propaganda. Military dispatches reported that German warplanes flew over the Maginot line and dropped bouquets nnd pence pamphlets. The French replied with anti-aircraft and machine gun fire. German loudspeakers on the Siegfried line blared peace talks In French, the dispatches reported. The French replied with machine uns. . There was various evidence of intcmtriecl war activity along the Danish coast. The Danish railroads Saturday night suspended ferry service bc- twesn Fucnen and Zealand Islands after Icebreakers had seen 10 drift- In? mi-es In the Great Beit channel between them. It was believed the mi ncs lla<1 brokel , fro o:nish and German fields. Livestock Hogs. 13,000—12,000 on sale. Top, 555. 170-230 Ibs., 535-550. UO-160 Ibs., 440-515, Bulk sows, 425-485. Cattle, 3300, 32M on sale. Steels. 785-940. Sla lighter steers, 675-1150. Slaughter heifers, 650-1050. Beef cows, 525-825. Candidates Must Bear Primary Cost LITTLE..ROCK, Ark.,.Mar. 25.— COUnty Democratic Central Committees should assess all candidates to cover the cost of both Democratic primary elections this summer, Attorney General Jack Holt advised H. V. Young of Yellvllle yesterday. Mr. Young had asked whether the asscMments for the l>e made or only against the two high men In the preferential primary who were in jie run-off. "The chairman of the state •Democratic Committee states the rules liave not been changed and agrees with us that the county committee should charge all candidates enough to cover the cost of both primaries" Mr. Holt said. second primary should against all candidates New York Cotton May . July . Oct. . Dee. . Jan. Mar. . Prev. Open Hljh Low Close Close 1054 1034 985 974 9G9 952 105Y 1035 992 978 S74 OGl 1052 1032 985 973 9G9 952 1054 1033 091 978 874 SGI 1059 1037 930 970 970 950 New Orleans Cotton May- July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Prev. Open High Low Close Close 1063 1065 1062 1055 100'J 1044 1044 1043 1044 990 999 990 995 976 986 976 981 968 972 966 972 958 060 058 960 104!) 993 979 969 061 Stock Prices A T & T 172 Am Tobacco 88 1-4 Anaconda Copper 28 1-4 Beth Steel 74 1-8 Chrysler 85 Cities Service 45-8 Coca Cola ]jo 1-2 General Electric 381-4 General Motors 53 5-8 Hit Harvester 551-4 Montgomery Ward 53 3-4 N Y Central 15 1-4 North Am Aviation 24 1-8 Packard 3 7.8 Phillips ag 1-4 Radio (j Republic Steel 19 3-4 Socony Vacuum 115-3 Studcbaker .. . , 107-8 Standard Oil N J 43 1-2 Texas Corp 451-2 U S Steel ; 55 Chicaao May July May open high low c!o«e 1051-4 107 1051-2 106 1033-8 1051-4 1033-8 105 Chicago Corn Cutters and low cutters, 400-WO, j u ]. op;n high 53 5-8 51 571-2 88 sought, to Us policy Osccolan Announces Candidate For Representative In Legislature suant to the expressed authorizn- j ( 0 lion conferred by congress. It. has Frank Williams of day authorized the Osccola to- Dcmocratic Central Committee Session Is Called For Next Monday Je.ssc Taylor, of tho effected its chfse In.x on national banks the „,„ , , . - N"™ Mississippi county Democratic cen- annaunce that he will seek re- Irnl committee, today mailed comity's three rep- mlttcc will meet at Ihe county - i rcscniattves in (lie slate ™"Mlioiise hero Monday morning. v. 11.1,1 vii lltl I lUllil | UnilKS IhC f n n lit i --•- ... — ...ji, ir.i.11; 'iiuiiiuiji UlUI kUliy, entire net income without respect i n candidacy is subject lo April i, nt 10:30 o'clock fur the to source nnd without dlserlmiim- ' action of u, e Democratic pri- purpose of scllliij; filing fees and tion against federal securities/ Attacks I'rlcc Fixing ^ WASHINGTON, Mar. 25. (UP)— m »7 ,\,.,,, UBUsl- Mr. Williams, member election of committee olllclnl.'i. of ono' Mr. Taylor said the culling of of the county's most prominent the meeting earlier than usual was families. Is well known throughout necessitated ... ,, u by the requirement. s? -sEvtrs£f ;! i ISHT'™""™* " V K "-"'" «,.r""" •SSLSSS >-S 1 ".^™^ «'"™ ;S!J| . £ Prtwtres oltumlnoiB coul act. The Sunshine Anthracita coal company, operating in ll w Spadrn field, Johiisoh County, the appeal after a throe-Judge U 3. district court upheld validity of the statute Pel). 16. this term the a challenge to Williams road bill, n measure un-!of the double primary system now ;der which the state assumed the'iequtred. All candidates will havu 'Indebtedness of road Improvement!lo bear the expense of tho-nrst and aistrilts, the passage of v'ml«ltfe>; second primary regardless of tho fccied a raving of approximately I necessity of a run-off of contest cunniwi 1)( > r j. CB1 . ,J Q tnxpayers In'In the various races, It Is mutar- court the law this comity. In asking the consideration brought by Atlanta, Ga. but later dismissed it without ruling on the constitutional phases. ocratlc primary, Mr. Williams said: "I believe my past, record in thn legislature justifies my re-election (Stood. The stale Democratic cnn- and tral committee, (lie counly commlt- ,- tee and the attorney general's oITlcu re In accord on this requirement Under rules of the state Democratic central cormnltte, olllccs to The Sunshine company, which I with for a second tenn. Those fnmlllar [Which more than one person will While B)miko! Covers Ground, Few Yen lure Korlli In Easter Finely Having learned by expw'k-iiecs of the jiiisl winler and this spring not lo Uo .surprised at any klnrt of wciillwr In lilyihcvlllo iesldi-n(« o( the city wero not dismayed in awaken raster morning and see «»' city blanketed, in mi Inch and n Imlt of Biioiv. Some of wtio hnd |iur- asi-d, En.ster IORS vojiltimt forth In tluMr Ifehl colwi'd Imis and dresses and n fmv wliltc «!IOM unil hats vvero new on llu- future belles of lllythevllli! but wlmcr coats were worn in almosl every cimo. '1'licrc xvas no "tnistcr parade" bc- iisB there was wry llttlo walking on (he snow which hud mcllcd only slight ly. The latest slciu- of bud weather started Saturday when u cold wind made the Irinrmnlure seem even lower than the oltlclnl thermometer Which hovered about the Ircexlng point throughout tlm day. Saturdny night with the mercury standing on a low of aa decrees, n cold inln fell nnd this was followed bj' sleet and wind and finally u snow storm in the early hours of Sunday morn- ng. snow slopped fulllnjr. about II o'clock In tho morning but was yet on the ground this attemoon. 'J'lio thermometer went to a low of 10 degrees last night for ono of tho coldest nights In inoro tlnm n 11101)11), Jlow much clniiuigc tho cold weather and cold has rtonis to curly gardens, flowers, trees and oilier |)lnnl lifo had not been determined loituy but It did not help thorn— that much Is known. II will, however, Ijo nn aid to crop (jround which had been plowed. All e.irly flowers In bloom fro/.e. Not Necessary That County Judge Be Lawyer, Court Rules The' Arlinnaria Hiijircmc court ruled"to-toy -that it wt.<i >l. iK>i'psmu;y lor a roiinly jiiiljro of Mississippi county to ?. | lonriicd in thu Jnw' if lio )mu otlierwiso'qualified for the iwl lie qualified llimdod clown in ;t "test" suit (lie decision was rendowtl I'M VI iMll I nl \t f)1 • USA C"l - .- ' _ ' y .VOID'S fiflor passage of a legislative act tre.ilj.iff he common pleas court-in this county, providing U die jtulKo ol. (lie county court should be the judge or llio common picas court and Hint tho .judge should have certain nualilicafions, including legal lean ing Dixie's Easier Freeze Oui As; Cold Blankets Most Of Soulh Winter took n parting al llie South today, bringing temperatures down to the 20's while parts of Tennessee. Alnbnmn and Cieomln ' the Carallnnti l«y under several tiiches of F,uster-d. lay snow. Dixie's Easier was mostly a frce/e owl. Where It wasn't Knowing, cold ruin or hall fell nnd many sched- "sunrise" services were learning, + Tho ruling was mado In an appeal from Mississippi county circuit court, rendered ]>y circuit Judge a, B. Keck, In which the lower court allowed Roland Oiten of Ihls city fees for acting as comity Judxe when the regularly elected judge, S. lj. GlaiJIsJi, was disqualified. The higher conn upheld the ruling of the lower court. In opposing payment of fees to Orccn the county contended that .in net of the ion legislature session, provided tlmt'a Mississippi counly Judge should Ijo 25 ysars of age a clll/cn of the United States, n ioit- dcnt of Arkansas and must possess a business education and must have practiced law three years, The court held : thai section 20 of Article 7 or the stale 1 constitution setting forth the qunliflcalons of comity Judge did not Include the ic- (Itilremenl for n law degree nnd thai the 1017 net should not be api piled In this county. "Those who wrote the constitu- Mdoors or canceled. Easier bounds - , ,„.,„,. stayed In lliclr boxes although, a "°» niude the office of county judge few bravo souls were seen abroad mi(l Ml Us qualifications." tho courl wearing whtlo shoes topped by fur sn W, "therefore Hie legislature In "" ; attempting to set the qualifications linn stopped violated llio train of thought of the snowing but iKiiipcriiliircii were on constitution's makers by pulling In an average 1 of 10 degrees lower.' lllcsc higher qualification. 1 ;" Greensboro, N, a., reported n low 'I'lio pmcllcal effect of the high of 10 degrees while It was under co1 "' 1 '' llll »g on the .' operation of .m throughout nlxlo except In Flor- , ln ° common, pleas court in the Ida and Louisiana mid the south- !cmi1 ° r election of a ''layman" to cm parts ol Mississippi, cic'orgln • llolcl " 1G o'fflco of county Judge 1111(1 Alabama. . [ temnincd a matter of 'conjccluie. Louisiana and Florida vegetable i il W(ls llltllcl * t « <1 Itx press dispatches and fruit fields appeared to have om Ll " lc Rock tllnt t'i°' court r „.« i.i _i _ . _ . .• »*f^ njolnil tiinrln >in -„/_...'- i Arkansas, Missouri; Federal Groups Survey Utility Finn's Properties recently lost in an attempt to Have | Mississippi coimty'In all mfltlora activities in behalf' or bo elected, sucli as county repro- its coal classed charged that, th jovernmcnt power to flx"minlmum as anthracite, act giving the pertaining to tho welfare of tho majority of Us people will readily agree. I have no extravagant sentallvo and justices of tho peace will be designated In mich n manner that candidates will s«uk « particular omco. prices for soft coal Is an "unwar- claims or promises to make, but. ran eel delegation of congress' leg- If re-elected I will continue lol ismtive functions to an executive i make my presence In the Icijtsla- Snow Ddavs Start agency. The COnl cnrnmiccin.! (^,l^,. ' tura oti /iTinnt-lnnlltr tr*r n/inclrnf- ' VJlttl I agency. Tiie^coal commission today { ture an opportunity for construe "'" J " " ' announced Its first set of propos-d minimum prices. It contented the 19V4 per cent tax on firms refusing to cooperate In the program "is not a good faith exercise of the taxing power" of tire government nnd argued that coal mining Is a local enterprise not affected ivlth a public interest. tlve work on behalf of the people I serve." Of Clean Up Drive The rnln, .sleet nnd snow of tho weekend prevented Blythevlllo's much-lalkcd-ol "Clean Up Cfim- Vandals Smash Shop Window, Remove Shoes: I llams 'us announced that tho pro- Vandals were busy during the Brain will beain Tnursday nnd ton- snowstorm early yesterday morn-jtinve for a week, if weather permits Ing which netted the loss of 151 Streets of the business section' •!)a" v°lndow'Tro| S "t ^ " * o" "i'''"' 1 ™ C l ° ' mV ° bce " swcl>t B " d | Store and $10 In cash and two cartons of cigarettes from the Hugh Cherry poolroom on Ash street. Tom Heaton, r.cws agent, noticed the broken side window of the shoe j shop which had been smashed near the front door. Whatever was used 1T .- ' _ 1 ' . I 1 tne Iront cloor - wnaicvcr was used iniSSlOlieiS List Judges; to break the heavy glass wns re" d n k all Anrili;" ™l jlll ton bur , ilar who also the shoes In the window. Entrance into the negro poolroom was made through a rear window, And Clerks For ~ ,, . u L \ otlllg - , Judges and clerks of Ihe iminlcl-'"' wns discovered by V. E. Tomlln- pal election to be held In Dlythe- son . Private patrolman, while umk- ville Tuesday, April 2, were up- in & llLs founds during the storm. pointed by the county election A " investigation revealed that about commissioners In a meeting (odayjSlO had been removed from two Osccola. (pin I r-nrli ball 'machines and the two V. G. Holland, of Blytlicvillc, Is'cartons of cigarettes stolen. Tho chairman, with E. B. Smilli of Os-^nrglar left by the rear door, ctola, and W. P. M. Ferguson of. Police Chief E. A. Rice said .no Marie, ns other members. arrests had been made today and In Ward One. judges will be p. that apparently no cluei were lelt H. Acton, j. Louis Cherry and at the scenes. Gene E. Bradley with ivy W. Crawford, E - P. Fry and Norman P.! . Moore as alternates, and clerks Assistant Farm Agent will be Dixie Crawford and George i ,-, ~ „. Goes To Clarendon tiino In a program of Saturday nlsht cleaning*, were not cleaned cecatrsc of the weather but this will oe done i:cxt Salurday night Mayor Williams said. A flcel of trucks, mnfle up or those owned by the city and llioso donated by tol firms with drivers for the campaign, will collect nil trash from llic alleys free of charge nnd residents arc asked to clean Ihelr yards as quickly us the weather Improves. Any one having a (ruck and driver to donate for this work Is renuestKl lo call Loy Welch, chairman of the truck committee, Mayor Williams said today. The "Clean Up Campaign" win follow a public meeting held last week In which it was voted to attempt lo Improve conditions of Blylhcvlllc. County Is Awarded Campaign 'Citation' Mississippi county has. been George j Cro.=s with Byron Morse and James! J. Edwards as allernalcs, j In Ward Two, judges will be R.\ W. M. Scliroeder, assistant agri- E. Blaylock, Max B. Kcld and G. cultural agent of Mississippi Coun- - O. Caudlll with Henry Humphrey, ty for the past year, has been BUlshed Sen-Ice' for contributing Bernard Oocch and J. P. Holland transferred to "Monroe County " lc 'nrsest amount of any county as alternates, and clerks will bo where he will be assistant agent ln Northeast Arkansas to the Chester Caldwcll and Elbert Huff- He will be headquartered at Clar- """' ~ ' ' man with C. G. Redman and R. I. endon. "Citation of Dlstln- ROCK,ArS., M«r.-25.- The slate Utilities Commlaslon will co-opeialo with the Federal Power Commission and the Missouri I'ubllo Service Commission In a field cx- .imlnnllon of the orlglnnl cost'study submitted by llio Arkaasns-Aflssoiiri Power Corporation of lilytJiovllla Chairman Thomas Pltiliusih said' yesterday. Mr. F(txhu3h said lierch Pills, a member of the commission's accounting staff, would brj assigned to the study, which will be started toilny nt the offices of the company In Blythovllle. The nlato utilities commission announced several weeks ago thai the Arkansa.s-iMlsr.ouri ['ower Corporation had reduced certain rates. The details of the new rate schedule, however hns not been made public since that time, either by the commission or thi: power cor- oration. escaped cold damage as Hie-lowest mercury rending In tho Bayou Slate wiis 31 at. Shreveport'and Florida basked In IiO-dearco wcathor. Thii itny cl?.v:nc(l ircnerally clenr clslon made no reference lo tho court of common picas,A majority , of the members of tho Blythcvlllo brief and. Osccola bars tho court mid the Soulh hoped II would bo I', 01 " 1 Ul ?'juttare opcra- of wlntci' onco\'und for all by , "" ot -. the , c , ol r>™n plpas court in tomorrow. Reiircscntativq Icinporatiire.s at •1:30 tills woriiinir; - ' ' Allnnla 37, Ulrniliiglinm 27, iVnsti- Vlllc 20, Memphis 20, Llttlo Rock 20, ChtUtanooaa 25, New Orleans 40, Montgomery 37, Clnrlolto 31 nichmond 'is, savannah 31, Jacksonville 53, Tampa U2, Miami 51. Lunchroom Damaged By Fire Saturday A rjmall eating placo In Hie w«r of n ncaro church at tho corner of Second and MB this streets was damaged by nrc Saturday after- Interior. —.-. ... ...v, i_utjiniuii j/ij:i4a liUUil/ m the .event it was held that a layman could 1 : serro ns county Judge Ponding receipt of n draft of the official ''opinion comment on the potential situation wns withheld by alloruoya. . . The present couiity Judge Is an altorncy and qualified .to act ss Judge of the common pleas court, So far tho only candidate for tho purty nomination- far the office of county Judge /it the prinmy this summer Is Mr, Green, Tiie friendly- tost suit wns brought to determine his oUgjbUtly to hold tho office. Whllu lawyers have held tho ofllce over since tho enactment of tho 1017 act today's court decision did not come us a surprise. It had been somewhat generally believcJ for \Vnler Slakes I,yn Ash hoppers still survive In the south of England, Wood nshcs from stoves aro put Into these hoppers and rain water is poured In to 1 make lye. The lye, In turn, is used lo make soup, Ha ' eX5 altcrni<t « s - His position here Is not expected i« .in Ward Three, judges will be to bc mied at ,, lc ,, rosent a W.L Horncr. Roy Little and B. M. ,,o official statement has ye oeen Matthews with J. R. Evans, Charles issued by the slate extension do- Ncwcomb and Erncsl Halscll as al- pn.iment as to plans for 'tho In tcrnates, and clerks will be Rupert une Craflon and Uwight Bcntley with Mr. Schrocdcr divided his lime lernatcs. April 2, can be expedited and made more thorough If one mcmter of each family group Is designated immediately as an unofficial canvasser lo assemble the necessary data the census officials say. They urged that the unofficial c.invn.'i.s of each family be made nt once to obtain answers to the "most Important" questions In (he population census which arc contained herein. The questions In the population census listed as "Important" are: Household data: Home owned or rented? Value of home, or monthly rental? Name and 'relationship: Name of each person whose usual pluce of residence on April 1, 1910. was In Ihls household? Their relation lo head of household? Personal description: Age at lisl birthday (age In months for chil- rnfnuClle Paralysis" cam-itircn under 1 year)? (i.ilgn In connection with celcbra-i Citizenship: Citizenship of the tfon of President Roosevelt's birth- foreign born (naturalized, first pa- it was officially announced furs, alien, or American citizen receipt of tho citation born abroad)? by James Hill Jr., counly chalr-l Hesldence April i, IMS; place— mR »- ,city. town, village, or rural? on a The net sum of $341.83 was con- farm? (yes or no.) trlbuled by this county with tho Employment status persons 14 One MemJicr in Each Family Asked" To Aid Census Takes Kin C n" SUS ' ! VlllCl ' ttl " bc tllfc cn | signed to public cmcrKcncy work: IVCCK.S beginning Seeking work? (ves or nn 1 If Tini llri] '} rn\i \\n nv.^rt.m... , ... ... ^ <j.-.t vy. ..u,. II iiui,, ..-j... j 1%ll _ OV.I11VJI.UUI U1VLULIU ZI1.1 tLLllU r,,. . ; „,,.,., ,_ , |.... .. v,i 10 n and L. O. Nash as al- between the Chlckasawba and Os- ^ hlck "sav,lia Districts share be- years old or more: At work for pay was contrlb- or profit tn private or non-emer- ,11 uiu ^mui^ubawuii niiu wa- , ««.«. ccola Districts ot the county while , ,Vll ^ , _ nl hu llcw posl hc wm ld al , xitcd througli Duo to the many Improvements Ivs (ime al Clarendon. It Is believed . ln manufacturing gasoline The transfer low close ' from crude petroleum, the price of promotion It H 5 7\ 1 fl ? M 7 "a 3 il a l°]u E .f has i, b ? e , l l CUl a P» roxl ™t«- "id Mrs. Echroedor [»ft Bunddy. B7 3-8 67 7-8 ly half of what It was 20 years »go. for Uiolr new horns. gh the Osceola District, gency government work week of i'PPl March 24-30? (yes or no). If not, is considered understood. . county's total exceeded any In th < ! whether at work, or assigned to, state with the exception of Pu- public emergency work (WPA NYA' L.ti ... ' county. The citation (yos or co.) Htrv«y 0. Couch, itat* obatraiM. (a) K u »tth»r nt work nor m- the . Holland and Taylor,, local law firm, represented Mr. Green while neld and Evrard, local attoineys, and Bruce.Ivy of Osceola, district prosecutor, represented the county. Held To Court O^T Charge Of Assault Kclsey Reinmcr, 45, was held to circuit court on a charge fit assault with Intent to kill following a hearing In Municipal court Saturday In connection with the stabbing of (his wife, Mrs. Jewel Rein- mer, 28. Mrs. Rernmer is now recovering Irotn llie knife wounds said to have been Inflicted March 8 by ness? (yes or no.) (b) ff neither at work nor seeking work: Ensagccl In home housework, in .school, unable to work? <c> If at (irlvalc or non-emergency government work: Number of hours worked week of March 2430? Hi) If seeking work or assigned lo public emergency work: Dnntlon I of t employment up lo March 30.! 1940-ln weeks? | (e) Occupation. Industry and class of worker: Occupation (nature of duties performed)? Industry (kind of factory, store, or other place of business)? class of worker (wage or salary worker In private work; wage or saljry worker In government work; employer; working on own account; unpaid I c max to n quarrel on a street near Mrs. Remmer's home, 416 Sycamore slreet. Stabbed three times with a rusty knife in her cliest and wrist, Mrs. Jiemmer's condition was very serious but she is now much 1m- I proved. L Chevrolet Is Stolen Early Today The 1928 Chevrolet sedan belonging to W, A. Jarratt was stolen this morning from its parking place at the side of the railroad between Ash and Main streets. Operated by a "coaster switch" instead of a key, the thief appar- family worker,? Number of wictaj^™^ few n nutes worked In 1MD (equivalent full-time! a fey, n.inutes. weeks)? ~ (0 Income In 1939 (calendar WEATHER year)? Amount of money wages or v salary received <includm& commls- j Arkansas—Fair, colder in es- slons)? Amounts over SC.OOO are to'trcine southeast, temperatures be- be returned "over $5,009." The low freezing in north and central answer to this question Is not to portions, fair not quite so cold In Include money received from bus!- west portion, frost In east portion, ness profits, profcssionjl fees. In- temperature slightly below freez- Icrest, dividends, rent, or any other 1113 In east and north portions to- sourca other than wage or salary night; Tuesday partly clouds', income. If more than $3,000 say warmer. " v more than $5,000. Income of $50 Memphis nnd vicinity—Fair and or more frcta sources other than continued cold tonight, lowest Urn-' money wages or salary? (yes or no), peraturo 3ti to 28. Tuesday increai- Ajnount^of.sucb Income Is not to Inj cloudiness followed by lijht -__-j...j ^^ or U10W,

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