Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 13, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1934
Page 5
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:. July. 18,1934 SO^ StfAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS KITCHEN Frull Soups Start Off a Summer Men! Rllfhl— Use Care In Applying Thlfkenlnir Agent BY MARY E. D A G V E ME A Swvlco Slnff Writer A fruit cup i.i ns perfect n begin- Hint for a summer luncheon or dln- nci. HF ricli coloring is pleasing to the eye mid tho fnint fragrance of the fruit odds t 0 ti u , appetizing effect. If the idea of n fruit soup is new to you, perhaps ti few suggestions regarding its serving will be welcome. Any service which would be correct for either bouillon or n fruit cup can bo used for the chilled fruit soup. Bouillon cups chilled in the ico-box before filling, sherbet glasses, cocktni) gliissca or grope fruit sots nil nrc permissible. The soups tire entcn with a small bowled soup spoon or u bouillon .spoon. These dedicate fruit soups must be served very cold, because half the charm of the soup lies in its temperature. Tart fruits are best suited to a chilled soup which above all must be Tomorrow's Menu Breakfast: Fresh pears, cereal, crisp broiled bacon with cress, toasl, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Broccoli baked with chet'so. suliid of mixed fruits, ^^ Melbu toast, iced chocolate. <jjgt' Dinner: Plum soup, breaded voal cutlets, scalloped potatoes, buttered carrots, stuffed tomnto talad, peach frlttcm with raspberry sauce, milk, coffee. '/ettfiil nnd stimulating to the appetite. A combination of flavors is yood nnd affords a variety of effects. The thickening agent may be corn' March, arrowroot, tapioca or even 'lour. linfinitc care must be taken tot to make the soup too thick. A firm, sticky concoction is for from KILL FLIES. MOSQUITOES AND OTHIR IMSICTS Inviting, but n slightly thick, syrupy consistency Is cooling nnd delectable. Th«M ftoups ore not jellied to any jug- gestlon of firmness; they are fruit juices thickened just enough to lift them from the cocktail class. The following recipes may suggest olhrr pojwibllillcs to you. Plum Soup One quart pulms, 4 cups water 1 stick cinnamon, 3-4 cup «URar, ) tnble- ftpoon arrowroot, few grains salt. Arrowroot often is used for thickening »auc«s and puddings in place of cornstarch. HVi especially desirable* for children, since it is more easily digested than cornstarch. Suit always if. used to take care of the "flat" tnstP of whatever thickening la used. Wash plums thoroughly. Put fruit into kettle with water and simmer until skins arc broken and fruit is tender. Strain th.ouph jelly bag. Add cinnamon and sugar and bring to the boiling point. Add salt and stir In arrowroot mixed to a smooth paste with u little cold water. Cook until mixture thickens slightly. Remove cinnamon stick, chill and serve. Red Raspberry Soup Two cups red, raspberries, 2 cups currants, 3 cups water, 3-4 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons quick-cooking tapioca, few grains salt. Stem currants. Wash berries and currants and put into kettle. Crush and simmer in wuter for twenty minutes. Strain through jelly bag and add tapioca and salt. Cook until the mixture Is transparent and syrupy. Chill and serve. Blackberry and sour apple is a pi- olimit mixture. All berries are Inviting, used alone or in combination. Home Clubs I'lney Grove The Home Demonstration club of Piney Grove met July 9 at the home of Mrs. Otis Breed with 1C old member;- «nd three new members. New members were Miss Opal Osborn, Miss Mildred Stophs and Mrs. D. E. Latshaw. There were four visitors present, Miss Dorothy Stophs, Mrs. Ardell c Clark, Mrs. Willard Wiggin? and Mrs. E. M. Osborn. Mrs. Mllam resigned us the clothing leader and Miss Vera Fowler was appointed to take her place. The August meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. C. E. Breed and the demonstration will be on pickles. Tomato canning was demonstrated and ways of testing jar rubbers and. Here's Idea of Stratosphere Balloon's Size in Huge Bowl The thousands of vlsltorw expected at the start of the stratosphere flight of M«j, Wllliiun 10. Kepner and Capt. A.:W Stevens, from'the natural bowl near'.Rapid-City. S. D., will look down upon a sight nomewhat like .this—excepting that 27-story .skyscraper! 'They'll nee-a huge Hubby bap..waving upwards three-fourths the height of the surrounding. 400-_fopt cli.Vs, with n nine-foot gondola hanging to it. Tlic bulldfng Is there to Klva you a bettor Idea of the balloou's Extra Specials ion mi: I:K-I;\U Potatoes LARC.E, Graded and Washed 10 u,, 15c FreshCorn EXTRA LARGE 5 wlOc Chipped Beef Swanky Swig Glass 2, 25c Pet Milk THREE LARGE OR SIX BABY CANS 20c Olives HEINX-Ripe, 9'/ 3 oz. Can 2 COFFEE SUNRISE DELIGHE—POUND 23c Corn FLAKES-2 pkgs. 15c Baking Powder CALUMET—1 Lb. Can 24c Mackerel Salmon—1 Ib can 10c Toilet Tissue AMBASSADOR 4 ROU.S 25c Cream Meal AUNT JEMIMA Lb. Bag I I C Tomatoes, Bell Pepper, Celery, Okra, u« Ice Cold Watermelons Honey NATIVE—QUART JAK 35c -MARKET SPECIALS— SALT MEAT STREAKED-POUND 12ic CHEESE FULL CREAM-POUND 17c BOLOGNA-Pound 10c HAM HOCKS & ENDS-lb. 10c SAUSA6E-Lb 8c 2 Lbs 15c Dressed Hens and Fryers HARRY HAWTHORNE GROCERY ^n MARKET Telephone 60 THE COMPLETE FOOD SHOP NEXT TO CITY UAKEBY lids. While the tomatoes were cooking the hostess, assisted by Miss Stophs and Miss Osborn served a delicious course of orange ade and oatmeal nut cookies. The following reports were given al the meeting: Clothing six dresses, seven undergarments and one pair of rompers; canning, 90 quarts of beans, 2C7 quarts berries, 42 quarts plums, 20 quarts kraut, 151 quarts pickles; 28 quarts corn, 10 quarts peaches, 8 quarts of soup mixture, 6 quarts of tomatoes, 70 pints of jelly; poultry, 57 little chickens and three hens setting. The Bodcaw Womans club met on July 7 instead of July 4, which was the regular meeting time. The club was called to order by the president Mrs. Roy May and the minutes were read by the secretary. MisHeath Miss Heath gave a demonstration for making vegetable salads of several kinds and on making butter milk sherbert. At the close of the meeting the hostess served a grape drink with homemade cookies. The club will not meet in August on accout of Fai-mers Week, in September they will meet with Mrs. Arthur Caudle. He Knew Why They NeverDid Fight 3 Old-Time Editors Challenged, But They Never Got Together FORT WORTH, Tex.—There is a novel method for keeping the editors of rival newspapers in the same city from engaging in fistifuffs, although they may be virtually at eacli other's throats. Lewis Wood, 79, gray but vivicious Houston lawyer with 56 years of practice, revealed that means while attending ihe Texas State Bar Association convention. "Now I hark back to the time when there were three principal newspapers in Fort Worth, the Gazette, the Wool Grower and the Stock Journal, and they fought each other editorially like three hungry wolves," Woods related. "The Stock; Journal would call the sheep men a gang of cattle poisoners, the Wool Gatherer in its next issue would give the cattlemen hell, and the Gazette would hit a balance between the two. "Tilings relly got pretty warm and the people got to wondering why the editors didn't come to blows. "Well, I'll tell you why they didn't. "I was editor of all three papers at the same lime." Picture of Slain Girl in Evidence Defense Objections of No Avail at Marine Engineer's Trial Harding College Moved to Searcy 7 Truckloads of Equipment Transferred frorti Morrilton SEARCY, Ark — Harding college has started moving to Searcy. Seven largo truck loads of equipment that the college had in Morrlll- ton have been moved to the Galloway plant here which will be the new home of Harding college. Dr J. N. Armstrong has set up offices of the school and all business of the school will be done from here from now on. Several employes arc cleaning buildings preparing for the opening of the school in September. Dr. Armstrong said that the summer school, which is under way in Morrilton, wll be continued there this summer and when it is finished the remaining equipment will be moved here. The Galloway plant is large enough to care for 500 students. Dr. Armstrong announced the faculty for the coming year as .follows: Bible, Dr. Armstrong; biological science, Dr. Walter D. Flary and S. A. Bell; chemistry and physics, Dr. Coons; education, Dr Summitt; English, L. C. Sears and Miss Lowery; home economics, Dr. Gallic Mae Coons and Miss McClure; business administration, J. C. Andrews and E. R. S'tapleton; math- tm'atics, Miss Elna Browning; modern languages, Dr. Schoggins and Miss Rhodes; social sciences, R .B. Rhodes and L. E. Prior, speech and dramatics. Mrs. Armstrong; piano, Miss Allbright; voice, Mi-. Hughes; art, Miss Walker. Frameup Charged in Film Scandal Witness Accused of Planting' Scene in Actress' Apartment LOS ANGELES. Calif, -(/p)- Mrs. Pcafl Owings denied from the witness stand Thursday that she, Pal Harman, o motion picture actor, nnd June Be- Long, film extra, had conspired to "frame" Dave Allen, central figure in the Hollywood moral case. Allen, former head of the Central Castings Corporation, Hollywood agency which handles extra film players lor the various studios, and Gloria Marsh, are defendants in the case now heing tried before a mixed jury in Superior court. "Did you not, Pat Harmon and June DcLong, plan to get Dave Allen and j another girl in MLss DeLong's apartr mcnt?" Defense Alloreny Jerry Feir- Icr, stormed on cross-examination, "I did not," the witness replied. "Did not you three plan that Miss DeLong would leave her apartment door open and tiiat vou would walk into the apartment? 1 ' "I did not." Mrs. Ownings Wednesday said she went to Miss DeLong's apartment on April 26 to obtain some photographs and that when she walked unannounced into the living room she found Allen, Miss DeLong and Miss Marsh in a "shocking situation " Feisler asked the witness if she "had not been introduced to various per- sotis in Hollywood as Mrs. Pat Harman." "No," Mrs. Ownings said. No. 67 Paving Is Virtually Finished Another 10 Miles Opened at Newport—Only 6 Miles Unpaved NEWPORT, Ark.—A large croWil was present when J, R. Rhyne, director of state highways .cut a tape stretched across the Missouri Pacific viaduct, four miles north of Newport, Thursday, officially opening an additional 10 miles of concrete pavement on Highway 67 which will connect New port with St Louis, with the exception of six miles in Lawrence county which will be paved soon. Rhyne was introduced by Judge W. A. McCartney. Then 150 cars that had formed u parade north of the viaduct crossed to Newport. Governor Futrell and Congressman John E. Miller of the Second district also spoke at the opening. The parade then proceeded to Newport. The governor expressed pleasure that highways are being opened over the state. ! Pic Supper at Oak Grove Theer will Toe' a pie supper at Oak Grove church Wednesday night July 18, The public is invited and the candidates wil be given the opportunity to make announcements. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. Third & Washington tlsed Cars, New and Used Parts, Batteries, Tires. Washing, Greasing, Gas and Oils. SAN FRANCISCO — (fi>)— Over vigorous protests of defense attorneys, pictures showing the huddled body tf Louise Jeppenson, lying face downward in a pool of blood .were handed about Thursday among jurors trying Millard Hickman for murder. The pictures were introduced during testimony of John C. Gentry, stableman, who found the Ogden (Ut.) girl's body in the entrance to a tunnel in Golden Gate park shortly before daylight on the morning of May 13. He said the pictures showed the scene as he saw it on his way to work that morning. Mrs._ Virgil Dunkley. youthful sister of the slain girl, wept. The prosecution announced that "developments overnight" had made necessary u switch in plans, and that be- ioi'v completing their casu against the middle-aged marine engineer charged with criminally attacking and strangling the Utah girl, they would have ''10 or 12 more witnesses to put on." A Filipino elevator boy, said that Aluminum Trust to Be Probed by U.S. Andrew Mellon's Concern ; Faces Federal Price"* f Inquiry WASHINGTON -(#>)- Spurred by' a federal Circuit Court of Appeals decision adverse to the Aluminum Co.. of America, the Department of Justice Thursday prepared to pressin- vestigation into alleged monopolistic practices of the hugh concern dominated by Andrew W. Mellon and close relatives. Attorney General Cummings said at his press conference that 111'.- iceciu action of the appeals court in New York City oredring a retrial in a $3,000,000 damage suit brought by the Bausch Machine Tool Company of Springfield, Mass, were highly important to the department's inquiry. Investigation, iniatiated months ago, liud been "more or less" held up during the pendency of the Bausch case, Cummings said. Of pnrticular interest to the Department of Justice was the Bauscii company's successful effort in the lower court to force the Aluminum Company to disclose the cost of production j through the filing of a bill of discov- I ery. The fugures, though used in the ] case, were not made public Officials of the department said the relation between aluminum prices and production costs over a period of years was the core of the inquiry. Aluminum prices heve remained relatively constant while others have declined, they said. guaranteed RADIO SERVICE Hempstead Co. Lbr. Co. iV • !• HOYT. ANDRES l( . '' 1 PHorJd 89 ' Long Felt Want Hu: "Have you decided what we'll r<i v r. -our old aunt for her 91st birtn- day?" .•jn<': "No, but now I come to think of ; it, the poor old maid his had very , lilifl pleasure ;ill her life. You nuyhi' ju-l vr'li; her ar. unor.ymous lovc- * SALE * COOL Summer Wash Dresses $2.95 LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP "Kxcusive But Not Expensive" Bayers Aspirin 12's 15c 24's 25c 100's 75e McKessons Aspirin 12's lOc 24's 15c 100's 49c Briant's Drug Store Hickman accompanied Miss Jeppen- | son out of the hotel u short time before i the prosecution contends she was mur- I dered. j Police investigators declared Hick- ' man at first insisted Miss Jeppenson left the apartment by herself, but later said he had accompanied her dovu- j stairs . j Are Your Shrubs Dying If So Use NICOTINE—Sulphur Comp. For Red Spider und Aphids, also Black Spot and Mildew on Roses. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Hope, Ark. Established 188} 768 and our Ad-Taker will gladly give you expert advice in formulating an ad which will sell your discarded furniture, rent your unused room, find the domestic help you want or perform for you of the hundreds of services in which Star Want-Ads get results. F or results you can depend on The Hope Star. Hundreds of people are attracted by this tremendously practical section . . . it's filled with profitable opportunities and items of interest. If you are one of the few who haven't become a regular reader and user of this val~ uable and economical form of advertising start now . .. you will be pleasantly surprised with the Hope Star 0 Want-Ads

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