Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 15, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1937
Page 4
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HOPE j , *** klnfeam Me Ottty HJMR. MR ^n^ii *M*.«iM.h*M ^a. worn, mmniui fpe (ft ftiN4-lfc word. fitt » v . *•* eonttnaoM (BMT- ' wart count, dkMgarti — -- -t atone such as "Pot I, 1 * "t-M Sole," etc.-tWs to tee. each inititl «r name, or con- telephone number, counts as WMt For example: 10* KENT— Three-room modern •futment, with J. V. IS words, at 2c word, Me M tat*; at 3ttc word, 53c (or ttaet, efc. ffc All -*defs placed by j are due and payable upon adon «t bill PHONE 768 ARkANSAS _ ______ We art £$Srig 3Se c*rt. or |t.OO ion. We weigh op oil tolll scales which re certified. b\»y ra^laiora and of a!l klndl. A* COX-CXiH& FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO Laurel St '""' " * Hope, Ark. 27-26tc OUR BOARDING HOUSED . TW^.UADS^'Ts^AWOTM'ip with WANTED—Middle-aged white wom- n for housekeeper. .Mrs. J. G. Thomp- ; son, 500 West Division Street. 14-3tp Wanted to Trade FOR TRADE—Qne Dollar Allowed or your.old lamp on any new Aladdin Lamp. Duffie Hdw. Co. 15-3tc A SELF-LU3HTIMG HAPrft-RUMP/ OWE feWD, YOU WILL ofcsettve is IMPREGNATED WITH A 66CKBT CHEMICAL 6OLUTIOW/ TO STAfcT A FlAE, SIMPLY TH£ EKJD OF THE MUCH AS owe roes A /VAATCHv~HAVV/ 1 SHALL BE PAID HANDSOMELY FOR THE EXCLUSIVB WldHtS tO THIS HANJDY ARTICLE/ ol dd til Services Offered —«— n " " 3Bunibing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience Segriar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W \ <f *-*•* ' liiw'requires trucks lettered. B. G *lterJ Call at Bartons' Cash store t's an Accident When at Rattler Bites You DENVER.-W_ From a Wyoming wn, where the sheriff writes insur- ice as n sideline, came this report to he district'office of an accident in- rance firm: • ' "A cowpuncher policy holder came with a bandaged and swollen hand ^proof of disability. | 'A. rattlesnake!..bit me,' " he said. ' 'Can't do anything for you,' says I. That wasn't an accident. The snake you on purpose..' Was I right?" The company overruled the sheriff. '^' S& For Sale j/'JJOR SALE—Old newspapers, 5 cents lp*r bundle. Hope Star. 27-26dh f f ,*OR SALE—Unbound and perma nently-bound copies of 48-page his- tttfical Centennial Edition of Hope . Star 1 . Unbound copies, 25 cents, adc *»x,cents if desired to >be mailed. Permanently-bound copies 50 cents, add U cents if desired to be mailed. Apply Hope Star. ' 27-26tdh B SALE—Used Burroughs book- Bg machine in perfect condition. at Hope Star office. 22-tfdh. f J?OR SALE—Stoves, heaters, 'bed- «t«ads, all kind used Furniture. Used jfftorniture Co. 3rd and Hazel, Hope, 15-26tc *-f *!"••* dff^ For Rent i^FOR RENT—Two unfurnished rooms. ~ West Avenue B. Phone 816-J. - 14-3tp RENT—Nicely furnished front —-.uom adjoining bath, close in. J-WBond Street 14-3tc Wanted ^ _^__'. IRON WANTED ,„ • Any.KOhd, any QuanUty in r\BE PAYING 35c cwt—$7.00 TON VncCed weighing scales at our yard ilii» No charge for weighing OUT OUR WAY Wednesday,Seirtembei' 15, COOTS HAVE THEIR BUILD -FIRES wrrn OUT MATCHES/^ CLICKED THERE/, _.. ALL A CAMPER HAS TO VO 15 CARRY AM ARMPUL OP YOUR (MPREdWA /MST6AP LOAPEP POWW By WILLIAMS PRICES PAID .., ,. . ^Batteries, Radiators, Metals of With tltoa*. Old Tires, Sacks and Rags. servant wd'A. LEWIS MOTOR co. Here a^ econ ^ st Hope, Ark. of every w«, 28-26tc -at" ' J? Lost STOLEN—From my home Saturday night, one hay horse, 14 hands high, five years old, weight between 800 ^and 900 pounds. Star in face and Reached mane. If found notify J. B. Ellen at Hope Hardware Co., or phone 1602. 13-3tc §OMEWHERE between thedeep Siberian fprests and the vast Mongolian desert, in a valley.just north of the Tannu mountains, lies tiny Tannou .Touva, said to be the smallest republic in the world There the Uriankhai or "forest dwellers" have long roamed in peace, their very existence known only to a- few Russian traders and government agents. Hidden away in their valley do. mam, these people, resembling the pund-faced, slant-eyed Mongo- ans to the south" and east of hem eke .-out a lazy day-to-day velihood with their deer, herds. he animals are tame .and as ,a esult the Uriankhai spends most i his time lounging about bis epee Only the offspring of the leer need, .806.441 care and the women provide that Animal of manifold uses Js the deer of Touva. Milk, meat and skins are his basic contributions, when the Uriankhai goes hunting he uses the deer for transportation and even Touva liquor is crudely distilled from fermented deer milk. •• - Tnnnou Touva, the land that time forgot, is mapped on a 1927 stamp of that republic. «C»n_yrlght, li)37. '.XKA Si-rvtcp. THHOW AWAY AMD 0\0 VOO 6ET fcfcCVt ? Stt, 1 CAW hat Babe Thinks fr WHUT CX3 WE PLUG TM' TH' WASH I 6UESS VOU'RE RIGHT - IT WOULDN'T HOLD THAT BOAT OFF T«' BOTTOM, AKJVWAV- UMDERTOW. By MARTIN —the Way to Man's Heart COPR, 1937 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. NEXT: Who is .the "lover" king of Europe? r 3 Versatile Writer HORIZONTAL l t S Author here. To require. 13 To depart. 14 Sleigh. 15 Bandage *' compress, ''t? Moccasin, 18 Seaweed. 11 Stop watch. 15 Reminder, 18 Sound of ' ijquiry. 10Signal system. ll'Thought. '12 Pitcher. MTo free. HJ Toupee. )8 Beverage. $ Suitable. n Within. 12 Gong. 13 Kinds. 15 Hawaiian bird Answer to Previous Fuizle 53 To gaze fixedly. 55 To carry. 56 Credit. ' 57 Wife of a peer 59 Railroad. 60 She is a famous novel* 1st and .-^ ----- story writer. 10 Desert animal. 61 To bow £ Indian. 62 She also has WDlnev. written suc- # Dry. C e SS f ul VERTICAL 1 Being. 2 Flood. 3 Born. 4 To total. 6 To choose by ballot. 7 Scarlet. 8 Sack. 9 Laid spiooth 10 To soak flax, 12 Fruit. 16 Minor note. •18 She was born in , 19 Amidst 20 Carmina. 22 Frozen water. 23. Default 24 To rebuild. ;26JStair post. 27 Dress coat enfl 29 Foot end 33 To arouse, 35 To graft 37 Substance la flOUI. x 38 Arranged In layers. 40 Poems. 42 Cot. 44 Perched. 47 Tree 49 Rootstock 51 Rule 53 Southeast 54 Electrical term. 57 Point, 58 Spain.' By HAMLIN LOM6, GRAND V'KWOW, BOV5-1 Hcrrz.iG! WE'VE GOT '£M, MOW.' WE'RE GET7INI' POPULAR, AM' HOW.' IS FOOiy- W WIZER BOTH AREN'T IHRU THE EACH MUrruti/ -. SOB.- /BLAST ME FOR A •/ rUlf-liCAI-UCADYeiP •Just Everything CHICKEN!-HEARTED SOFTIE, P.ODMEB, «JU| THERE'S SOMETHIW6 ABOUT A WOMAM'S TEARS-7.4AT SORT "' GETS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By CRANE r a MYRA NORTH, SPE WE H/VEW'T P vou SAY SEEM \THERE WERE OUR BOY vRJOTPRIMTS- FOP THREE JISITWE ROSE- MOWTHS... /BED UWDER AMD MOW JWIS 1 WIMDOW ? SIGMS OF A STRUC3GLE roa MO, BUT A LOT OF-JHIWGS AR.E MlSSIMG...HIS DRESSER DRAWER WAS CAREFULLY RAMSACKED...AWD THE FOOTPRINTS we-^E MOT HIS .' A PAME OF" GLASS WAS BROKEN TOO .'/ /•" (#< —. —.«,. rji^jtjr^, By BLOSSER ->^ ",---'~f^'-. • ;' ^^>X\' ^^^^.^•'••.'^'^\ \/^ —•*<^" /f l. • X I X x ^x / crtr-c- ' ^^/-M ie^ \ <3EE .'GOME: WITH THE WIWDOW • » DO I A//CW 'EM?! i tove 'EM! Ee L MEAM ONE OF THEM... WHY, SERGEANT LANE/I HAVEWT SEEM VOL) IKJ THESE PAKTS FOR AGES/ DO VOLJ KNOW THE PRISONERS? Jack Intervenes JU-J>>^tJUa I.M. REC U ,fK HERE.' THIS HIGHLV I DEMAND THAT THE HEARIM& JUST A MOAAEMT, MR.. CARSOM... X AM RUNWIMS THIS COURT.' GO OM WITH VOUti STORV, LAME. WELL, JUD&E, IT'S A LOMG TALE. BUT I ASSURE YOU. 60TH MISS NORTH AMD DE. JASOW WERE MERELV ACTIMCi TO SAVE A BABY'S LIFE- By THOMPSON AND COLI , BACK / LNAJ THE HOSPITAL, , ANOTHER. GRIPPING DI^AMA IS BEIN I ENACTED. J

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