Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 13, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1934
Page 4
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'.Friday. July I8 h lfl| I Imaginary~Adventures* 1 §"¥- -"-•• -- . - . ••>-'• -••••. UQfUZOSTAb 3»&WJu> wrote "Around th* TVorW in Eighty Days"? Jll Born. M&rftgrant smell. 1C Otte in whom the! fee simple to an estate is rested. Answer to Previous V,u«je ftigbt. 1$ lather. ' 20 Sun god. 51 One who or- «ues. 23 To exist. 2* Public storehouse. 27 To come in. 30 At no time. 31 Leader of the •faithful, 33 Gold quartz. 36,SCnuctural . '-Unit. ?,S Deity. 39 (Jovernment charity. 40 .Undermines. 41 Mother. 42 Voiceless, 4S Court. 50 Wine vessels. 53 Mohammedan, nobleman. 54 YomiK salmon, 56 Ringworm. 55 By. 59 Indian boat. •UO He wrote of -^ — adventure lil He studied (PU. VKRTKMTj 2 One of the united Greeks. 3 Meadow. 4 Ever (contr.). 5 Semite,. .6 Feminine title in Spain. 7 To leave; out. 9 Epoch. ' 10 Chest bone. 11 Seized suddenly. 13 Monkey. 14 War flyer. 1C He wus.of nationality. 10 He anticipated and submarine Inventions. 21 Scon's. 22 Cumpiinction. 25 Pa re well! 26 Hazard: 2S Oeniis of hardwood trees. 29 Definite arcticle. 35 Common red clay. 3S Conditional bond held by third party. 41 Door rugs. 48 Father. 44 Knfir war- I'iors. 45 Vein or lode. 4G Pertaining to air. 47 Transpose. 40 Three, r.l Black bird. 52 To observe. t>4 ('hum. 55 Collection of fuels. 57 Form of "a." SeUJt! Find 1th Rent It! Buy Iti - .'. . in the Hope Star Market PI ace Remember, the more you _teU. the quicker you sell. lOc line, min. 30o Far consecutive insertions, minl- .mum of 3 lines in one ad. ~ 3 times, Cc line,:mia. 5Qc F'times, 5c Ikie.-'inin. 90e ' ' 2fi times, 3%c line, min. $2.70 (Average 5% words to the line) ;NOIE— Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 doprs—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. ' ' MUSICAL INSTRUCTIONS on in- atruments of your choice, at 25 cents .pej: lesson, .Call at extreme south end Elm street or address B. G. Wilhoit -family, Box 3, Hope Route 2. 7-4tp NOTICE. Oil Royalties & Leases bought and gold in the vicinity of the three wells being drilled in Hempstead county. BRIDEWELL & TYLER Ark. Bank Bldg. H-6tc FOR SALE / FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR firry PROPERTY—186 acres of good farm and pasture land, fair improve: merits. Southwest of Spring Hill. .-Rhone 75.,. 12-3tp. ' FOR SALE: RCA-Victor Auto Ra• dio. Practically new, ?25. J. A. Davis. ll-3tp. i Bargains in used mowers—some as low as $7.50. South Arkansas Implement Company, Hope, Arkansas. 9 3 to. < Beat Patnt Sold— Hope Bldg. Mat Co. SALE OR TRADE— One Ford JMi-Ton Truck. See V. C. Johnson at South Arkansas Implement Co. 9-3tp. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOUND FOUND—Office key. Owner may obtain same by calling at Hope Star and paying fo rthis ad. ll-3tc WANTED Mental Treatment A country cabby on comuig. to a hill, got down and violently banged the door, to the consternation of the fare inside, who asked him why he did it. "Why sir, it's to make the horse be-, lieve you got out," whispered the driver. Fireside -Wild Oats There are tidings from the Southwest of the marrige of a dainty damsel who tips the scales at',350 pounds. We should think that the .groom would almost ihink that he were leading a double life from the start Act NOW! You can't buy the protection of insurance when you need it most. ROY ANDERSON & CO COMPllTf IMSUMHCE SERVICE PHONE aiO" HOPE, ARK. Luther N. Garner Candidate for Tax Assessor Hempstead County Will appreciate your vote and influence DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 FOR SALE 1030 Studebakcr 1928 Oakland 1929 Buick Hempstead Motor Co. Phone 850 207 East Third PRINTING Give us a chance on your next order of printing. Johnson Printing Co. Phone 31 WANTED—School books, ranging from 7th to 12th grade. See Selma Bartlett., 11-ltc. LOST . Ladies' Billfold containing currency Reward for return to this office. 3t. Shampoo, color rinse, finger wave and oil manicure all for $1.00 Permanents Sl.OO and up Mary's Beauty Shop Phone 287 Cannon Apartments Luck's Tourist Court Ray Luck Special rates for private dances. Music furnished. Phone 222 H. E. Luck elson'Huckins LAUNDRY Wa»h Suits Properly Laundered 50c PHONE 81 OUR BOARDING HOUSE ByAHERN OUT OUR WAY AND NOW ."BOYS, SA'D.TOR N'OU LOVAV-TV TO ^At WHEN TH* MOB I OWE HEARS TH^ THAT I <SOT TVAAT MUCH JACK.TWEVU TOLt) ME T (SANK3 hAH L\V<£ ANTS)coULDNT SELL 60\N6 TO <3!VE EACH OF NOD 1500 AS .._ OF THE SALE/ ' OC CRAT £ W\THOUT ON A P\CN\C By WILL!A1 **?g«lrL_._- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES /THAT'S AW- SHE SOT MARRIED <FER— \ / OH, BOSH vJlSt TO GIT OUTA WAfcsHlN' PISHED— \ / I SI TH 1 HUUL REASON/ SHE'LL JIST HAND \ / I GOT MARRIED^ THAT <SUV A CAN AND A SPOON EVEV \ (• TO' GET OUT MEAL. WHY, HE-'S SAppy EKOU6HTO I—\ OF WORK, ^ T s^ Tv §C R Srt a oJ^J(Jfl BO SHE WON 'T AA TOO/ HAH? WOULD SHE MARRV A GUV WITH ^A^DLY/' 0 " ' NO /OHHfJ? CUZ HE'S A RASV M-St-— 71 *> ; — --,.-- » — , , _ v f —| «,^-i» r I'lrn THAT'S WHY- i KMOW HER.' n7 :.^'; f •' . •< .V , < •• : ;• i •" }.:••." -« i ' •: • ,V '.-•. ^ i . ( «,i 1 ( ' ' f -J . ^ i A • ? •."/•:•> -> ! '/ ^ : /./,« .'•'-ij«i ,f; F/,i 0 t*34 0VKCA CCnvicC, INC. The Believer! VJHV T MOTH BR^S.GET GRAY.. ^ By HAML1N oo OO OO \T I vobw ,oo FEND AY, &b'"-» I A\OE. OKiOAH OE SEO ? /^ OOH '/M/T NiO"\V\\^' 'SOOT O\& ,v VOO OAT CAK> TOQNi OUT •T VO 1 OOKi'T i'utot isi (<rw "J f«t (•) )»<!&( i? OO OAT *&?. ^ •'.*•- I. HI ,ci.U.5 PXT.< ALLEY OOP NOW VOU HAVE y DONE rr, VOU BIG. BRUTE/ VE22IR, (•UEUTEMANT \. PPP- P /" WELL - WHAT L-/—'" ^^-^ HAVE \ DONE / OH,ALLEY- ] TUAT V.IACNV'T s WO'vl V\E'LL TELL THAT VJA5NT; TH . G(JAROjVgHO FOUND NVV FOOTPR\NTS, TO / TELL THE QUEEN THAT I \ THREVJ THE rAELON N AT THAT HORRID \PRINCESS YOU ( ARE GOING TO, - V MARfVV/ V OH ,VEAH ? NOW, US SEN, OOOLA — , LEfAME TELL' YOU By MARTIN OH, VOU'RE 'ALWAYS TELLING SOrAEBODY . SOMETHING.' '^ J-i P§t< ^irirj^oucluo- ^/^•> 1034 DY NCA SCNVIGC. INC.' T. M. RCG. y. S. PAT. OH'. I'M. TH' GUV WHO FOUND YOUR FOOTPRINTS/ f '•} > OH, WASH TUBES The Chief Speaks! By CRANE $$| JUST SOME MORE WISE GUVS WHO THOUGHT THEV COULD BEAT THE LAW, EH, CHIEF? WELL (THERE GOES THE LAST OF THE .LADRONI MOB. THSV SHOT IT OUT CMCE TOO OFTEN. Eoys, I'M PROUD t:F you. /*THE RULE- Of- CROOKS IS A PISGRACE TO OUR UAWD. THEIR \> NEARLV PLUNDER COSTS EACH FAMILY IN AMERICA 4-135. ) • RACKETEERS, ALONE, ROB U& OP ENOUGH TO BUV EVtRV / ANp BOV IN THE UNITEP STATES A NEW HAT AND / - ---- ^ A SUIT OF CLOTHES . I TELL VOU/CENTLEMKN, IT'S A DISGRACE. AMD I'M PROUD TO 0E AN4 HONEST COP WHO IS S1CIV1NC TO RID AMERICA Or SUCH SCCUNDPELS, AND KILLERS. 7' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Ad vice! JUST TVUNk.NUTTV.... Tt)MORROW WE'LL BE THERE.' I'M CLAD WE DIDN'T PICK UP A CANOE... WE CAN GET ONE MADE BY : INDIANS, OUT BIRCH BARK & A, // / .^••M CAMT YoU JUST SEE A , RATHER NINE-POUND S. LISTEN TROUT GRABBING )-fQ H(M A FLY AND ytlZZLINC BREAKING f IN THE WATER? J FRYING FAN! W ^ A. /THE NEWFANGLES (Mom^ Popj^ WOW, YOU USTEN TO ME I DONTT "BE PUl-^.B A SECOND TIME, AND SMOKE OVE.D AN OPEH * OF CLEANING FLUID 1 , - i GOT A KICK OUT OF MOM...SHE SENT SOME PICKLED STUFF ALONG, AND TOLD ME TO BE SURE TO CATCH ONLY FISH THAT GO WELL WITH TARTAR q$ SAUCEi ;ffcv "~Xt> FATHER GAVE ME SOME LAST INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT HUNTING. By BLOSSER|I% . ^nigi MOUTH, PONT SHOOT/IT ISN'T A SQUIRREL ! " One Time, More or Less! By COWAN VOU kMOVS/,yERV WELL,THAT .VE'P BE IN AN AWFUL FIX, IF VOU WEREN'T ABLE TO^ WORK. SUKC GtVlt< CUCLEY f\ SL\CE OF HEP MH-ID YOU MU5TA GOT BAxUGEO UP PLENTY.WHEtH THET OF STUFF SLEW , UP NPW, HE. OON'T HURTA ME MOOCH- 1 BEEN-A^ SLOWED UP-A SO M/\K^ TIME AT-A HOME, OHCE-A MORE,HE, MAKE.-A NO D\FF.

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