Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 15, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1937
Page 3
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, September 15,1937 HOPE STAR. HOPE, ARKANSAS PACE TELEPHONE 82r The Silver Trail Lnsl night, Dbwn n white walk misted with moonlight, I saw a silver trail I^eft by n snnll. Si'I, going my quiet way, Would leave behind A train of silver Por those who follow after me to find. Hero I shall plant n tree in n barren place, And sometime, ngninst the stars, and elm will shake, Its silver lace. I shnll slip this gnarled brown root into the sod. And some day, out of rose's heart, will •.' • shine The face of God. JCiihall not trample the spider's web Thnt spangles the grass; I shall try never to hurt a living thing As I puss; And oh, I must remember to be kind Today, Going my silver way.—Selected. Tnylor Alexander, who has spent the past six week's with his parents, Dr. nnd Mrs. W. R. Alexander left Tuesday for Chicago, where he will rc- SUinc his studies at the Chicago University. Miss Enola Alexander has entered Henderson States Teachers college in Arkadelphin. -O- Mrs. Hosea Garrctt of Camden is the guest of her mother, Mrs. Mary Lemley and other relatives. -ID- Miss Lenota Routon left Monday for Baton Rouge, La., where she will enter her second year in Louisiana State University. Tiie W. M. U. of the First Baptist church will attend the District Conference in Prescott Thursday. The president urges n full attendance nnd requests all who will attend be at the church at 9 o'clock Thursday morning. , Miss Mina Mae Milburn of Conway is expected to arrive in the city this week and to resume her position as a member of the Hope High School LAST DAY—WEDNESDAY DOUBLE FEATURE No. 1 —— LEE TRACY —in— "BEHIND The HEADLINES" —— No. 2 Prcstou Foster —in— "Outcasts of Poker Flat" THURS. One Day Only 'TRADER HORN" Your last chance to see one of (lie greatest pictures ever filmed. REMEMBER It's FAMILY Night. AH in one family up to 5 get In for 25c FRI. One Day Only faculty. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Arnold of De- Ann announce the marriage of their daughter, Billy Joyce, to William A. Cummings of Blevins, Ark. The marriage ceremony was read by Rev. Mr. Petishall of Lewisville, Ark., on Saturday, April 17, 1937. Mrs. Cummings is a graduate of Hope High School nnd of the Capital City Business school of Little Pock, and nt the present time is employed by the John f>. Cox Drug Co., in this city. Mr. Cummings is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Cummings of Blevins and is a graduate of Blevins High School. He is now attending the Hemphlll Dcisel Engineering School in Memphis, Tenn. Mrs, Cummings is spending this week, her vacation, with her husband in Memphis. Rev. and Mrs. V. A. Hammonds, Mrs. Mary Carter, Mrs. J. F. Gorin, Mrs. Geo. Dodd, Mrs. Harry Phipps, Mrs. M. L. Rettig, Mrs. W. W. Duckelt and Miss Edith Harper we?e Monday visitors in Little Rock, attending an all day session of the Educational Conference, at the Fffst Christian church. Mr. and Mrs. K. G. McRae have as house guests this week, their daughters, Mrs. Taylor Stuart of Hot Springs and Mrs. Jack Meek and little daughter, Carolyn of Bradley, Ark. The Jett B. Graves Sunday school class of Fi^st Methodist church held its monthly social meeting Tuesday night at Fair park, with 18 members present. There were three hostesses, Misses Mary Arnold, Melva Butlington and Martha Cowger. Marshmallows were toasted around the campfire and punch and cookies were served. -O- The Hope chapter of Eastern Star will hold its regular meeting at 8 p. m. Thursday at the Masonic hall. All members arc urged to attend and comt prepared to pay dues ns the secretary will close the books October 1. Miss Emily Ruth Alford of Murfreesboro whose marriage to Charles William Darnall of Amarillo, Texas, will take place Saturday, September 25th, was complimented at a linen shower Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. H. Darnall Sr., in Columbus with Mrs. Herbert Darnall Jr., of Amnrillo and Miss Lorena Darnall of Ashdown serving as co-hostesses. The bride-elect was presented with a corsage of gardenias upon her arrival. The reception rooms were decorated with the brides chosen col- The Story of the Constitution Text by Willis Thornton- Illustrations by Ed Gunder "Bill of Rights Follows Fight Over Ratification" PATRICK HENRY .;..,., OPPOSING CONSTITUTION ;<jHfj|| Gelling the new Constitution ratified by the states was a strenuous political task. To aid in the "selling job," Hamilton, Madison and Jay prepared a set of analyses which appeared in newspapers as "The Federalist" and were widely discussed, though only about 5 per cent of the total population was eligible to vote. Universal suffrage was unknown; there were heavy properly and other qualifications for votr~. Delaware was first to ratify, then Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland and South Carolina. On June 21,1788, New Hampshire, the ninth state, ratified, making the new government effective. There were bittei convention battles in New York and Virginia, be fore these major states followed. Patrick Hcnrj led opposition in Virginia, .' Eleanor Powell mill Robert Taylor arc here next Sunday in ... "Broadway Melody ot 1938"— At 7:15 and 9 KAY FRANCIS -in"Confession" SHORT UNITES Jean Harlow comes next Sunday in "Libeled Lady" . . . lo the— NOW Lnff again with— THE MARX BROS. —in— "A NIGHT at the OPERA" I Notice .11 residents of Hope are asked to co-op- lorate in the clean-up campaign starting Fflhursday of this week. On Thursday, /I'iday and Saturday the street department I 11 pick up all rubbish placed at the curb. \ owners of vacant lots are warned to weeds within five days of this notice, re is a city ordinance requiring that ds be cut. plean-up campaign is being launched jjp rid the city of mosquitoes which in high weeds and water standing cans We ask your co-operation matter. in in Signed Graves, Mayor DR. P. B. CARRIGAN City Health Physician THOMAS JEFFERSON WRITING FROM FRANCE INSISTING ON BILL OF RIGHTS To win over many opponents, friends of the Constitution had to promise that a scries of amendments guaranteeing personal liberty would be added. Jefferson, absent in France, was one who wrote insisting on this.. So one of the first acts of the fust Congress elected under the new government wa& to tubmit to the,states such amendments.,setting forth rights even the government must not take away Thus the Bill of Rights, or first 10 amendments, were so quickly added as to be virtually a part of the original Constitution. They aim at guaranteeing the rights of freedom of religion, press, assembly, speech and petition, and at protecting the citizen against unjust arrest and trial, and against search of his home without a warrant. NEXT: The Civil War amendments. ' ors, three shades of orchid and wedding bells, Mrs. John J. Wilson presided over the guest book. Miss Elizabeth Shepperson presented the gifts to Miss Alford. Fruit punch and white individual angelfood cakes decorated with pink 'love birds was served to fifty guests by Miss Dora Ella Reed and Miss Marjory Downs, after which the bride-elect was presented with a beautiful two tier angel food brides cake. The bride-elect is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Franklyn Alford of Murfreesboro and Mr. Darnall is the son of Dr. and Mrs. H. H. Darnall of Columbus. The couple will make their home in. Amarillo after October 1, where Mr. Darnall is co- nected with the Herring Hotel pharmacy. With the Hemp stead Home Aqent By MELVA B Winners Announced in Sandbag Contest Here Winners in the contest over the weight of a sandbag at Hayncs Brothers store were announced Wednesday as follows: Neal Quillian, Hope Route One; Herman Wortliey, Washington Route One; Haller McCorkle, Hope Route Four; H. G. Moore, Hope Route Four; C. E. Sanders, Emmet Route One; Charles McCorkle, Hope Route Three. Actual weight of the sandbag was announced as 74 pocnds and 14 ounces. A total of 301 persons .guessed at the weight, ranging from 10 to 300 pounds. Eleven persons guessed 75 pounds. The winners were awarded a pair of Osh Kosh B'Gosh Overalls. DUGGAR'S Present "I N D O" Gabardine Hi-tie .50 in Black Flowing Streamlines accentuate Fall trends in high styles —Other companion shoe.; in Brown Gabardine, Blue Calf, and Sue^e combinations. DUGGAR'S Ladk-s Ready-to-Wear—Shoes The Canning Budget Hempstead county home demonstra- club women are making considerable progress in filling their canning budgets. Summer gardens have prospered, and the bean crop has been particularly successful. Fresh garden beans of any variety as well as dried beans may be canned successfully at home in either tin or glass with a pressure cooker according to Mrs. R. M. Smith, extension specialist in food preservation, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, To can snap beans, wash thoroughly and cut in pieces. Add boiling water to cover and simmer in an open kettle about 5 minutes, or until the beans are wilted and will bend without breaking. Pack hot into containers, cover with hot water, in which the beans were precooked and add a teaspoon of salt to each quart. Process immediately at 10 pounds pressure. No. 2 plain tin cans require 25 minutes of processing, and No. 3 cans require 30 minutes. Pint glass jars require 30 minutes and quart jars 35 minutes. Only young and tender lima beans are suitable for canning. Older beans are best dried. Shell and wash the young beans; then bring them to a boil in water to cover. Pack hot into glass jars, or C-enamcl, or plain tin cans. Cover with hot water and add 1 teaspoon of salt to each quart. Process immediately at 10 pounds pressure. No. 2 tin cans require 40 minutes of processing, and No. 3 need 50 minutes. Pint jars need 50 minutes, and quart jars 55 minutes. Either green or dried soybeans of any of the table varieties may be canned, but those canned green have a better flavor and color. Pick over and wash the beans. Then blanch in boiling water for 3 or 4 minutes and drain. Pack at once into glass jars, or C- enamel, or plain tin cans. Fill the containers almost full and then cover with boiling water and add l l ,-> teaspoons each of sugar and salt to each quart. Soybeans require longer processing than other green beans. No. 2 tin cans need 70 minutes and 10 pounds pressure, and No. 3 cans 85 minutes; pint jars need 80 minutes, and quart jars 90 minutes. for feeding the voracious grass roots The fertilizer should be applied .a the rate of four or five pounds for each 100 square feet of lawn, and the* watered thoroughly. With the first touches .of frost, ber- muda grass will turn brown. Mr. Ecton recommends clipping the lawn, sowing 10 pounds of rye grass to every 1,000 square feet, and watering immediately. In-10 days or two weeks the grass will appear and the spots missed in seeding can be reseeded. The grass should be cut when it is three or four inches high. By this method the lawn will stay green and form an attractive setting for the house throughout the winter, the horticulturist points out. Life of Star Easy, But Try to Be One! Makeup Artists and Script Writers, Will Smooth Out Rough Spots By ROBBIN COONS AP Feature Service Writer HOLLYWOOD.—One way of looking it it, movie starring is as simple as sipping a mint julep in the cool shade. To be a star, you don't have to do nything — much, practically every- hing is done for you. You'll have to slip on your own lothes but you won't have to buy hem. Studio designers, seamstresses nd wardrobe mistresses will provide 11 you need—with duplications in case ou rip a seam or spill soup on your est. , No Trouble to Try You may be asked,, in course of your laily stint, to do what is known as running the gamut. But if that's too much bother, don't worry. Can't you cry? Well, that's why they make' glycerine. Are you afraid o smile, because your teeth aren't jretty, even and tooth-pasty? Shucks, orget it. They'll provide you with the nicest, whitest brightest set you ever aw In a dental ad. They'll "cap" your ncisors so neatly you'll soon forget pou weren't born with those perfect >earls. Earn your living by the sweat of rour brow? That's a good one. You can work yourself into a lather with- •ut leaving your chair. A fellow with iquirt gun and .mineral oil will dew four brow with refined perspiration or ties, University of Arkansas College if Agriculture. "Since the earliest settlers first came to the state, Arcansas people have taken'time to play nd enjoy life, 'possible because of the many natural' resources for recrea- ional activities, 'Woodlands, streams, nd mountains provide free facilities or rest and enjoyment. "One of the most interesting recrea- ional traditions in the South is the singing convention," and it has al- vays enjoyed great popularity in Ar- .ansas. Through these annual af- airs that are held in most counties, ne love of music has been kept alive, articularly among -the country peo- le, and many old songs of early days lave been preserved. Quiltings are till as frequent and enjoyable as in the days of "Aunt Dinah's Quilting "arty" and the young men of the communities still look forward to seeing heir "Nellie Home." Pot luck dinners, as practiced today by many roups holding all-day meetings, are a survival of the meal served to log rollers and house raisers of the early days. cover your whole torso with old-fwh- ioned sweat, to order while you wait You don't even have to do your awn bleeding. /They'll "bleed'A fer ywt with sweet, perfumed blood. The make-up man will give you a scar a seagerly as he'll highlight and shade you to bring out your best features and hide your worst. Is your hair funny? They make the nicest wigs out here. If you insist on using your own crop, they'll have a hairdresser popping at it every two minutes. You should worry! If you've got to be athletic—do something risky like diving off a cliff, riding a rapids, rassling with a tiger- just stay home that day and catch up with your sleep. They'll hire a stunt man for you. There'll be a dialogue director to tell you how to talk, and a director to tell you where to stand, where to walk, what to do. If you have to dance or, the dance director and voice coach will show you. The cameraman—if you're at all pleasant—will take care of your angles so you'll look better than you really do. And he'll mark off the floor so you won't step out of bounds when in the throes of acting. You'll Just Love It Writers will think up bright things Eor you to say so that film fans will think you're clever. Publicity men will think up equally birght things for you to say for publication, and—if need be—they'll protect you from interviewers who might find out you aren't so bright after all. But unless you're different, you won't thank them, You'll think you did it all yourself. You may have to learn .a few lines of dialogue, but not too much at a time. If you forget, the'script clerk will prompt you. And if yflu can't remember at all, they'll write' the line on the blackboard out of camera range. When you say the lines', the sound men will take care of your voice for you, if they think you're worth it. And everything m the studio-will be run for your comfort and delight. Nice, isn't it? '*.«' ',.. . " So come "on out, and be\ a, star. And heaven help you if you think it's easy! '• ' •»• • .' . '" A few drops of glycerine added to top-of-the-bottle cream will make the cream whip better. • ,• Permanent Wave SPECIALS f$5.00 Special... :..,$3.i £$4.QO Special....... $3.( ':$3.00 SpeciaL..:..:. $2.( ;$2.00 Special....: $1.50| ? A11 Work Guaranteed ,. WHITE WAY 5 BEAUTY SHOP ; Phone 119 Mart than 2S?5 dabs ' in London l«t year. TTJ-f' "f nr Hi HiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiil • S mk • U As Seen in Vo\ with m! The very newest "mode-of« ( the-minutc"...' d the most I flattering... especially in churning Ait Step styles'. : V; /mm BROWNbilt SHOE STORE/ iimnuiimimmimiiuinii The Old Song A revival of the old songs and games of Grandpa's day is not necessary in Hempsteacl county, since they have lived through the "jazz" age as part jf the recreational tradition of the country. Play parties, quillings, and singing conventions are still popular. Arkansas is rich in recreational traditions, says Miss June Donahue, Ex- ension specialist in community activ- Kt-eping Lawn Green If Hcmpsteud county lawns are to be kept green through the winter, now the time to plan for them. A lawn needs as much attention to produce grass ns a meadow does to produce hay, points out. Depressions where water collects will cause souring and mossy spots. These places can be filled now and well tamped or rolled, suggests P. T. Eoton, Extension horticulturist, University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. These spots and thin spots should be well .vatered and thickly seeded. Now is the proper time for the application of a commercial fertilizer containing nil the necessary elements Concea Lace Con««a!ae«, the ft«w«$t in cot. letry. A new figure-control by front-lacing, all hidden so it offers * Smooth, fleek front «nd hipi, Illuil/tlcd iiConcc«Ucc <ll'!n* Cn< O' peech fancy ttrUh l«t bull. .98 We Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store Geo. W. Robison & Co. Hope Prescott Nashville COOD Nl _ It 3yiU.be a L 'a cozy Balbrij or night infwear. combination signs, ture. on, tricot silk. ,i. >M \ THAT STAY LOVELY LONGER T HEY'RE here! New smart designs in Rayon panties by Munsingwear. Some are flared, some are fitted—all have comfortable stay-put Lastex waistbands. Made of Munsingwear's specially proc' essed Rayon that wears longer and with' stands tubbing I 49c to See these warm tuck stitch cotton and rayon pajamas with cuff bottoms. They come in the most beautiful colors of pink, blue, red and rust. You'll be glad you have a pair these cool nights. ; W'- 98c Beautiful four-gore bias styles of pure dye silk crepe in tailored or lace trims. Of course the seams are guaranteed and they fit just perfect. '%) \ \\ Four-gore satin slips with pointed tops trimmed with fine quality lace. If you prefer, we also have the tailored ones. The seams are guaranteed. w A- \ ^M ?/v_\ Made of pure dye knit fabric, these slips are moulded perfectly to the figure. No disfiguring seams or tell-tale bulges. Tailored to a flawless fit. $1.48 THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Mould your figure in one of the two-' way stretch pantie girdles. Tissue weight fabric of lastex cornined with silk and rayon. They are so light you will hardly realize that you have one on—so simple to laundry too. 98c WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS Geo.W. Robison <S* C HOPE PRESCOTT o. NASHVILLE

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