Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 13, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1934
Page 3
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t Friday, July 13,1984 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE MBS, SID HENRY ociety NRY mull TELEPHONE 821 No gold hnve you, or title to estate? What matters thai? need may be Your brother's For what you could give while you hesitate— Etanuch fnith, perhaps, new hope or sympalhy: No soul so poor bill has a gift to spare, Appraise the thing you have and learn lo share. . .Selected. f AC Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Brcwstcr were Thursday visitors in Hot Springs. Miss Kalhcrine Arnold, of Liltlc Rork who ir spending her vacation with humefolks, was the week end finest t-f her sister, Miss Margaret Arnold, in Minden, La. Mrs. Tilyman B. Parks of Washington, 1). C., and Camden has been the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. White for the past two days Miss Frr.nce.s Jean Wiiliatrs Ivas as house guest, her cousins, Misses Si:r-h and Bottle Williams of Sheridan. A pretty party of the mtd-summci' was given on Thursday afternoon by Mrs. Kathcrine Webb and Mrs. Walter Hussman at their home on S. Elm street. A quantity of attractively arranged slimmer flowers brightened card rooms where bridge was fjayod with eight tables Favors went .0 Mrs. J. F. "Porterfield, Mrs. Paul Lewis and Mrs. Cecil Wyatt. Following the game theh ostesses assisted by Miss Ruth Husmnn of St. Louis, Mo served a most tempting plate lunch. Miss France;; Joan Williams entertained a group of her young friends Thursday evening at her home on W. 3rd street for the pleasure of her young house guests. Misses Sarah and Bettie Williams of Sheridan. About 18 guests enjoyed the games and contest.'; throughout the evening, after which the hostess served a delightful ice course with cake. One of the attractive nffains of the week was the bridge luncheon given Thursday by Mrs. Surrey Gillam of EIDorado who is the gue.sl of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. LaGrono. The handsome rcseption suite of the LaGrono homo had an added beauty In the decorations, lovely summer flowers iti the chosen color note of yellow and white and three tables were arranged for the players The high score favor went to Mrs. Sydney Stanford. Following the game the guests were .seated at one large lace covered table in the dining room, which held for its central decoration a hugh round bowl of shabta daisies and baby breath, silver holdsr tied with yellow tulle held white tapers, the yellow and white color scheme also 'beautifully emphasized in the '.nenii of the four course luncheon. Miss Nell Williams entertained the following young friends Thursday evening at the Pines swimming pool followed by a bunking party at her home on the Camden road, Misses Mary Nell Cartter, Evelyn Briant, Mary Dell White, Enola Alexander, Katherine Frnnls, Margaret Bacon, Rut)) Lewis, Katherine Muc Simms, Mary Sue Vlck of Arkadelphh, Martha Ann Slgnleton, Nancy Rulh Carrigan and Daisy Dorothy Heard. Miss Mary Sue Vick of Arkntlclpljii is the guest of her sistcPMrs. Syd Mc- Malh and Mr. McMath. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. T. VnnPclt of Prcs- cott wcer Thursday guests of Mr. and Mrs. E P. Hamilton. Blllic Clark has returned to his home in Arkadclphia aflcr a visit to Mr. and Mrs Dan Green in this city. CHURCHES BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Wallace R. Rogers, Pastor The services on Sunday at the First Baptist church wil be as follows: 9:45, Sunday School. 10:45, Worship hour, the pastor will preach. 7:00 Young peoples hour. 8:00 Worship hour, the pastor preaching. Miss Simpson in the Contest Lead Mattie Evans Second, and Mrs. 0. Williams Is Third Votes tabulated by L. A. Keith of the Keith Jewelry store, Walter Hussman of The Star and Manager Swanke resulted In the following for the contestants at the end of the second week of the Malco's Hollywood Tour con- 6 Evelyn Simpson, 14,380 9 Mattlc Evans 13,070 test: No. No No. 10 Mrs. O, Williams 11,455 No. 8 Pudgy Bernicr 11,415 No. 3 Crollar Walters 11,090 No. 7 Mary Agnes Redwinc 7,795 Two more beautiful prizes have been nddcd to the list. The fourth prize is a dozen pairs of Proenix Silk Hosiery offered by Geo. W. Robison & Co., nnd the fifth prize being a beautiful table lamp from Hope Furniture Co. Next week the vote days will be Tuesday and Wednesday when "The Notorious Sophie Lang," will bo shown. Help your favorite win this wonderful trip to Hollywood with all expenses paid by the Sacngcr by buying these tickets from them. Watch for next week's standing in The Ttar Goering to Flout All German Law "Justice Not of Primary Importance," Asserts Nazi Lieutenant BERLIN, Germany —(K>)- The "People's Courl" which is to try all traitors and those accused of treason, was appointed by Chancellor Hitler Tuesday and will start work Saturday, sitting in Berlin in the old House of Lords. II will settle the fate of Communists icld for more than a year and hundreds of Storm Troop leaders and their Come . . . laugh and enjoy these hot nights at the cool— NOW It's a riot of old fashioned comedy! W. C. FIELDS Judith Allen 'THE OLD FASHIONED WAY" Cartoon News Sportreol Hill III II III! IIIIIIIII11 1 Mil III Illll II SATURDAY i n n minim n n mil ii m ii iii'i'i'i ii "i Our Regular Big Double Program DOUBLE DOOR MARY MORRIS ENDING "Fighting With Kit Carson" —and— TimS McCoy 'RUSTY RIDES ALONE' SUNDAY MONDAY has concentrated the principal cabinet portfolios into his own hands, will carry out his threats to impose the death penalty. The Salzburg bomb was thrown into an automobile of a member of the government party. Fatherland Front, who parked in front of a small tavern in front of the famous "Klosterbrau" beer hall. Four of those injured were Austrian tourists, and the fifth was a 12-year-old gorl, who had been sent to the tavern for bec^.', 1 - i < The injuring of persons by bombs has been unusual, apparently the policy of the lerrorisls being to demonstrate their ability to dama,ge property as a sign of what they could do ii they wished. Railroads Neutral in Compress War Battle 'Between Memphis and Outlying Area for New Rates LITTLE ROCK—Railroads have taken n neutral stand in the controversy arising from the proposal of t'ic Memphis (Tcnn.) compress operators Hint thn '"float-In" colton territory be PX- Ini'ded to points in Arkansas nnd Missouri within 200 miles of Memphis, J. J. Ritchie, chief clerk to the general 'reight agent of the Missouri Pacific Linos, said Thursday. A hearing will bo held by F. A. L,elnnd, chairman of the Southv/e.-tern F/c-ljght Bureau of St. Louis, Mo., on ho Memphis proposal within the next several weeks. Memphis compress operators petitioned the Southcwestcrn Freight Bureau to extend the "float-in" area trom 50 to 200 miles from Memphis In such on area cotton ginned at one point may be shipped to Memphis and rcshipped to destination after the bale 5 arc compressed, without any freight charges for handling between the gin and compress Opponents of the Memphis proposal have until July 24 to file objections with the Freight Bureau, Mr. Ritchie said. Subsequently a dale for the hearing of Mr. Leland will be set. The controversy between shippers of the Memphis area and shippers in the area lying outside the 50-mile territory and railroads will make no decision until both sides of the question are presented at the public hearing, Mr. Ritchie said. Roosevelt Strikes Out Into Pacific Cocos Island Is His Goal Friday, on Way to Hawaii The governor said he can remove board members only ior cause and that such action must be based on a written record which will be subject to review by the courts. For that reason, he said, it will be necessary to take testimony and to have the record transcribed and presented in concise form. The governor had not consulted Senator Johnson about the appointment, but said he hoped the Lincolnn county senator, who is a widely known lawyer, will underlake the responsibility of developing a proper record so that the matter can be handled intelligently and expeditiously. Senator Johnson said from his home at 'Star City Thursday night that he will accept the appointment to act as referee or master in conducting hearings on charges against the board members. He said he had not heard from the governor and knew nothing of the charges contained in the petition, but that, if he could be of service in adjusting the matter, he would comply with the governor's request that he conduct the hearings. Presidcnl Horsfall, advised of the filing of the petitions and of the governor's selection of Senator Johnson to act as special master, said he had "nothing to say, one way of the oth- den, Warren, Nashville, Rosston and other cities on No. 4 to persuade the state to complete the 11-mile link through Nevada county, granting reasonable concessions to Prescott as they become necessary. Terrell Cornelius was in charge of Friday's club program. A visiting Rotarian was Noble Simmons, of Rosedale, Miss. STEDMAN (Continued from Page One) NASHVILLE TO (Continued from Page One) wil pay all losses up to $10,000." The government's liability is limited to $200,000,000 and it cannot insure losses on more than one billion dollars in private loans. "But once this thing is started," he said, "a lot of repair and modernization can be paid for in cash. We don't expect more than one-third on credit," ABOARD THE CRUISER NEW ORLEANS, en route to Hawaii with Pres- Goe'ring's importance in the juridi- I 'dent Roosevelt — (PP) President cial life of Germany was shown today Roosevelt cruised out into the Pacific when he told representatives of Prus- , ocean a.t 5 a. in. Thursday and head- sian prosecuting attorneys what he cd for the Hawaiian Islands expected of them. The chief of the; The president boarded the cruiser Secret Police, Henrich Himmler and , Houston at 4 p. m after a motor trip his assistant, Chief Hiedrich of Hit- 1 with President Arias of Panama to ler's blackshirtcd bodyguard, were at the ruins of old Panama City on a hill Gocring's side when he declared, "any overlooking the ocean. attempt to undermine 'the state 'is also ! The .president expressed surprise at an attack on national socialism. It is the uncovering of the old brick and consequently your duty to consider stone fortresses since his viist to Pan- any attack on the state as an attack on Hitler. ama 22 years ago. He stood with his son, Franklin and We do not accept the axiom that J°» n . on the forc-tructure of the Hous law must be upheld at all costs," Goe- | ton to witness the passing of the ing continued. "We do not regard jus- lice of primary importance. "The nation issued justice and the will of der. Fuehrer (Hitler) are one " Minimum Price Is Fixed on Cigarette NRA Halts Practice of Using Cigarettes as Sales "Bait" criuser out of the Panama Canal to the sea. . Again during drives through Balboa U»nd Panama City the president was greeted at all places by waving and applauding citizens. He said he expected Gen. Hugh S. Johnson to continue the administration of the NRA and that as far as the future administration is concerned he had not determined what would be done. Cocos Island, is Friday's goal for the Houston. The spot, about 600 miles out, is luring the president as a fishing ground. Emily Post Please Wrilc Q. On which side of the church should Ihc parents of Ihc bride and Ihe bridegroom be Fcated 7 A. On, opposite sides and as far apart as possible. A churcs is no place to start anything. Q. Is it pcrmissablc to interrupt a conversation which every business firm here will participate. There will be decorated floats and automobiles and several brass bands. The pageant and coronation wil be held at 8 p. m. of the open- ind day More than 150 persons will participate in the program. There are 12 prelty girls in the queen's contest. The winner will be crowned following the pageant, and then a queen's ball will be given at the new American Legion hut. Princesses selected by neighboring towns wil take part in the pageant. On the second and third days of the festival, there wi.ll be stunt airplane flying, baseball games, polytechnic displays, political speaking, band concerts, art shows etc. ALLEGE WIFE (Continued from Page One) ried immediately by a justice of the peace. The girl gave her age as 16 and the man gave his as 32. Neither the justice of the peace nor Deputy County Clerk Roy Reaf were certain that they could recognize the ther convict, and shot In the head, the public is entitled lo know more about the killing and I have placed a charge of murder against him to await the action of the grand jury. I called the prosecuting attorney's office and was Auten. And Ihen called the governor's unable to reach Mr. Bailey or Mr. office and told Mr. McCall my intentions and he agreed that the charge should be placed against Martin. Captain Stedman, who also concurred, brought Martin in and turned him over to Sheriff Branch who placed him in jail. "I have nothing to cover up and I am taking this stand because I believe I am doing what public opinion is entitled to. I hope there can be some way devised whore the stale can raise money lo hire good men to serve as guards at the penitentiary. Penal Board to Meet Governor Futrell said he had no commcnl to make. He said that the malter appeared to him to be one that should be disposed of by the State Penal Board and the courts. Chairman Walter Helms of Texarkana called a meeting of the penal board for Monday to investigate the shooting of the girl. Mrs. Joe Storthz of Litlle Rock, member of the penal board said that she had not communicated with the other members and knew nothing of :he proposed meeting to consider the Salon slaying. She said she was great- y shocked by the affair and that the voung woman's death under similar circumstances was deeply regretable. She said she had lalked to the girl Frequently, the last time about 10 days ago, and that she appeared in good spirits and said that she intended to give no more trouble. A new trusty guard was sent from Tucker farm to the women's farm Thursday to act as nightwatchman. Mrs. Brookman, superinlendont of the larm, said only one trusty had been at the institution for the past several weeks. this dignified production, there have been six or eight which have been highly censorable. Ever since she appeared in "Hell's Angels," in which she made a hit because of her very revealing costumes far more than because of her acting, Jean Harlow has had her sex appeal exploiled far beyond her ability as an actress. Not only has she ben cast in degrading roles ,such as in "Red-Headed Woman," "Red Dust," and "Hold Your Man," but in every production she has been garbed in the most revealing gowns—far beyond the limits of decency or attracliveness. Connie Bennett Is Target Conslance Bennelt is another star who studio executives seem to feel Is more attractive when cast as a girl who goes wrong and then repents her acts in the closing scenes. Connie has had a whole series of films, including "Moulin Rouge," "The Affairs of Cellini," and her current production, "The Green Hat," which have presented her in a bad light When finally released, the latter pic- lure probably will have everything of a suggetsive nature eliminated. In other words, it won't be "The Green Hat." nor will it bear that title. The type of roles in which is cast more than the general tone ot films is the thing which has Carole Lombard in a precarious . Carole nearly always portrays A j&rl with rather loose morals and for some reason studio costume designers ap- parenll ytake delight in draping hi* in "shock gowns"—gowns designed to shock ah audince at first sight because of their daring. Carole admittedly has one of th« best figures in Hollywood, but this manner of dressing has brought as much condemnation down on Carole's shoulders as the roles she has played. All these factors set forth in this and previous articles—indecent pictures, indecent characters, and indecent dress—have been responsible for bringing o nthe current war against the movies. But pictures are being cleaned Up, rapidly and effectively. There isn't much that can be done about those films already on the market, but there won't be any new ones released with suggestive plots, dirty dialog, or shameless costumes. You can bet plenty of money on that. NEXT: Clean films, when they ate also good films, have often drawn the most enthusiastic public support—and made the greatest profits. A. Permissablo, yes, but if the con- can i nthe case. Jurisdiction of the vcrsationalisls are women try and do bigamy charge would come in this it. I county, as it was here that the license Q. How long should one remain at was issued and the marriage ceremony a wedding reception? A. You may duck out at any lime although it is customary to stick around as long as thcer is anything to eat or drink. March of Medical Science "The doctor I consult tells you to play golf for your health." z"And if you already play golf what then?" "He tells you to stop." HERE AND THERE (Continued from Page One) performed. However, first were made in Little Rock. charges TRADE-OUT (Continued from Page One) pctitive trading points. Wiashburn urged local citizens to be prepared to serve on an emergency delegation to the State Highway Commission, working jointly with Cam- WHAT'S WRONG tContinued from Page One) Those who know Mae Ihink she might spring a surprise. A long succession of films in which she has portrayed immoral characters has made Norma Shearer a target for the "clean 'em up" boys. Due solely to the fact that she so often has been cast in such roles, they more or less are expected of her in every picture Gowns Are Startling And her gowns quite frequently are nothing i£ not immodest. Of- course there are exceptions, such as "The Barretts of Wimpole Street," which she is currently filming. However, for Potatoes EXTRA NICE—PECK 2Oc Englands BUTTER Ib. 29c Box Bacon ALL KINDS—POUND 27c Blue Goose ORANGES Good Sizc-DOZEN 3Oc POTATO x-% I I I |"> O Large Package 3 f°r 25c Fresh Peaches, Cantaloupes and Watermelons MIDDLEBROOKS Phone 606 As Near As Your Phone WASHINGTON —(/P)— NRA Thursday fixed the price of popular brand J cigarettes at a minimum of 13 cents' a package for a package of 20 or two for a quarter. Cartons will cost Ihc smoker nol j less lhan ?1.20. The 20-for-10-cents | variety of cigarettes will continue to sell for 10 cents. The price limitation begins July 16 and was set for a 90- day period in two orders by Hugh S. ohnsoj.aoasa Johnson, declaring "an emergency has arisen tending to defeat the purpose" of the recovery law. The emergency named was the extensive use of cigarettes as "loss leaders by large retailers and chain store Campaign Is Begun for Home Repairs Federal Government Plans to Speed Up Home Renovation WASHINGTON -(/P)— Opening of a country-wide campaign to make the American home owner "repair conscious" approached Thursday with appointment of Albert L. Dean, presi- dcnl of General Motors Holding Cor- distributors not primarily cngagen in , poration, as deputy housing admims- the retail tobacco trade. NRA said that I trnlor »" charge of modernization, such stores wecr using cigarettes as D <>ane was chosen by James A. Mof- a "bait" for other business "a practice | fell, the housing administrator, to per- which has practically eliminated small ' s»»de banks building and loan agen- enterprise from tobacco distribution." | cles ™d sln " lar institutions thai they In some instances popular brands j should lend money to repair homes and persuade the home owner that were said to hnve been selling as low as two packages for 23 cents and from $1.08 to $1.15 a carton. During the 30- day period of the order, NRA's ro- now is the time to borrow. The government will guarantee 20 per cent of losses on money loaned for search division will study operation of modernization and repair, the price requirements. Deane told newspapermen he had Johnson's wholesale order said the j selected Ward Canaday, head of a total percentage added to the whole-| " oledo advertising agency, to direct salers price need in no case be great- | " lc campaign, er than 3.1 per cent in the case of i Dcane said the impression had gone • - • out that the government would guarantee only 20 per cent of the individual amount of each loan "We guarantee 20 per cent of the total losses by volume," he said. "For instance, if the bank lends ?50,000, we ClARK GABLE WILUAM POWELL MYRNA LOY sales lo retailers and 2 1 per cent in the case of sales to sub-jobbers. Bombers Reply to Dolfuss's Threat Five Injured as Terrorists Strike Back at Austrian Chancellor great volume of cable matter trans- ( milted 6,000 miles. | But the day when the American press had to be subsidized by government passed away years ago. , XXX Advertising has developed mighlily since Ihe World war. There is more juslification for government today subsidizing almost any citizen except the newspaper proprietor. Newspapers are prosperous—if they aren't, the fault is with the management, not with the limes. Bui Ihc weaker part of the press, unable to forget the "easy money" of stale legal publicalions, conlinues lo demand this governmental pap, thereby dodging management problems which if properly solved would make ubsidies unnecessary. It Is doubtful whether the press as a whole can be persuaded to abandon its demand for subsidies. The solution largely rests with the taxpayers themselves. PETITION ATTACKS (Continued from Page One) Bluff, members of the borad, guilty as accessories before and after the fact, and guilty as principles, to, each and every offense for whch John ; W. Richardson was removed from of- | ficc by his excellency, the governor of Arkansas." Governor Futrell was asked to appoint a "fair, impartial and able per- ! son, learned in the law," to act as special master to hear testimony on both sides, and to make a finding of. facts to he submitted to the governor, j Governor Futrell was not at his of-' fice when the petitions were left with a secretary, but after reading the petitions Thursday night, the governor announced that he will ask Senator A. J. Johnson of Star City to conduct .in investigation of the charges contained in the petition. VIENNA, Austria —(/P|— Opponents of Chancellor Englebert Dolfuss en- swered his threats of death to terrorists Thursday by setting off two bombs, one of which injured five persons. The bombs followed a period of comparative inaction on the part of the terrorists and it was recalled that on several previous occasions there have been renewed outbreaks when Dolfuss showed an inclination to take severe measures. | Seven Nazis weer arrested on suspicion in collection with the bomb at Salzbery which injured five persons. Their case was being watched to de- .terming whether Dolfuss, now that he j SPECIALS 16 oz. McKesson Milk or Magnesia - 39c Bayer Asprin—100s 75c, 24's 25c, 12's 15e 16 oz. Flytox 39c Bathing Caps, All styles—35c to lOc 8 oz. Texaco Dry Cleaner 25c See Our Window for Baby Contest. Can You Guess Who They Are? John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Deliver We Give Eagle Stamps Graham Crackers 1 Lb. 17c 2 Lb. 29c WE DELIVER Anywhere in the City .00 Orders FREE Uptons Tea Small Size 9c. % Pound 21c >/ z Pound -40c TOMATOES 3 No. 2 Can. 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