Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 13, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 13, 1934
Page 2
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H.cia July 13, Star 0 Justice, DtlfoftTky Jiemld.From False Reportl published every week-day Afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Ina tG, & Palmet & Alex, H. Washburn), irt The Star building, 212-214 South Wainitf KM* Hop*, Arkansas. C. K. PALMER, President . WASHBURN, Editor and Fablbhet M Mcobd-ciMs matter at the postoffiee at Hope, ArkuuM tJndwf the Act of March 3,1897. DttWUont "th» n*wspap«r is en institution developed by modern clvil- ticitt t» pt*t*nt the hews of the day, to foster commerce and industry, aw#v WiWy circulated advertisements, and to furnish that check upon «mrr*m*rit which no constitution has ever been able to provide."—Col. R, 1. MtcCoJtmltk. Sat»«r!?4i<ttl Rate (Always Payable in Advance)? By city carrier, per els JOG! six months >2.75; one yw $5.00. By mail, in Hempstead, Nsvada, Howard, Mill*r and tuFayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $5.00. Member <J{ the Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitle'! to tile Use top republlcation of all news dispatches credited to it or uot otherwise Credited in this paper and also the locnl news published herein. National. Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., Memphis, ttn« Steriek BW&; New York City, Graybar Bldg.; Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wack«, Driv«i Detroit, Mich., 7338 Woodward Ave.; St Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. , Charges o» Mbtttes, Etc.J Charges will be made for oil tributes, cards ot thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning thq departed. Commercial newspapers hold to thia policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge, of spacer taking memorials. The Star disclaims, responsibility fc* tho safe-kfeeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. BEHIND TUB SCENES IN. i By Olive Roberts Barton If You're Not a Reader of the Congressional Record, Dotff Start . . . Mr. Truax Is Prominent Therein . .. Add Likewise Kayo McCarthy . . ., _ ,, Abo, One, WH1 Rogers Is Helpful [ Child Often^Must BeJ'Madc" to Obey Contributor. ' «---*• ~-~. YOUR CHILDREN By RODNEY PUTCHER * NEA "Washington Correspondent ^WASHINGTON.—Chances are, you don't;read'the Congressional Record- Just as a friendly warning, don't start. You'd learn a lot you didn't know before, but you'd waste a lot of time in-which 'you might be out playing badminton ..or something. "Anyway, you can depend on your congressman to send you anything in the Record he wants you to see. It Parental Orders "Timothy, go and get that lawn mower right away, I've told you six times. You-know what daddy said: "Oh, I'm getting it. Yes, am, too. Right thia minute." Tim pulled himself out of the garage. In fifteen minutes his mother called: "Timothy, where are you'.' What on enrth are you doing?" "I'm oiling it. But there ain't any oil in this old can. Little Man What Now? Political Announcements Itia Star ia mithorlztd to unnoubo* the following as cnndidntes subject to the action of the Democratic primary election August 14, 1934. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark For Stale Senator (20th District) JOHN L. WILSON For ShCTltt QEORCJE W. SCHOOLBT W. AUBRY LEWIS CLARENCE E. BAKEft J. E. (JIM) BEARDEN County Sc Probate Judf* I!. M. STEPHENS County & Probate Clerk RAY E. M'DOWELL JOHN W. RIDGDILL Tax Assessor MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAJb R. L. (LEE) JONES C. C. (GRIT) STUART Road Overseer IDeRoan Township) E. I,. SULLIVAN L. S, MAULDIN FRED A. LUCK probably will be a copy of some speech I "You get at that grass. That lawn which He. never made, but which did I mower is all right. What you need get into the : Record, so he could mail j is grease _ for your elbows and legs, it under government frank to convince yo nthat he ought to be reelected. Three bulky Records full of neverdelivered: speeches have just arrived. Thfr 473'pages include 32 speeches bragging about the New Deal and recent performances—among them one in verse-^-13 Republican attacks on the New Deal, one Democratic attack on the New Deal by Senator Gore of Oklahoma, 28 memorial addresses and lots of outbursts about this and that. Now hustle." Teaching a Lesson It was very warm. The sumemr afternoon was calling for shade and dreams and lying on your back watching the vanilla-chocilate clouds piling high in the west. "Say, mom, I don't think I'd better cut the grass today. It's all dried up and it'll look awful when it's cut. I better wait-and see if it rains." Out marched his mother and seized the mower. "I'll do it myself, you I haven't read them all. but you i lazy bones. I never saw such a boy." might-try these titles: I She out a furious swathe, followed The Vultures, by Weideman; The Battle. Is On, Lemke;,. Our National Archives B,uading—What .Shall We Do WJth It?, Bloom; I Stood fey the Fres- fdent, Disney; Interest Is Wall Street's Pound of Flesh, Will Rogers; The Rec- iwj and Past Accomplishments of a Member of Congress Furnishes a Fairly .arable Yardstick, by Which to Mfeaattw-.th* Character of Service His Constituents May Expect of Him in the Future, Lozier;-1 Am Glad toHave Assisted the Veterans to Get Justice, Jenkins; On Our Way, But Where— IWMWfcQQO People Ought to Know, Snell; We Have Made No Progress Toward Recovery, Tabor. Looking farther, we find My Record jn,the Seventy-third Congress, O'Mal- by a contrite boy. "Here, I'll do it— I'll do it. i Daddy, will give me heck if you get sick." 'He,tried to get hold of the handle," but She' kept grimly on. He/ blood pressure was mounting She knew she shouldn't touch the mower, much less be out in ihe sun. "I'll teach you one good lesson,' she said. -"It. will probably kill me, but this grass is going to be cut if It's the last thing I ever do." Tim sat down and began to cry. "Aw, mom, I'm sorry—honestly. I'll never poke that way again. I was goin' to cut it. I'd of had it all done before daddy came home. Please, mom." Martyr Complex By this time 1 a sort of sweet venge- don't like powder after the bath, try cologne. It's cooling and refreshing and you can get a large bottle for.no nore than Ihe price of a theater ticket. A nice idea is to match your cologne to your perfume—that is, if you wear perfume during the hot months. Many women don't. In a city beautlfication campaign. Lansing, Mich., planted more than 5000 petunia, beds last summer. New Liberty Health in this comunUy is fairly good at the present. Born: On July 1 to Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hamilton, a son. Married: One Jvme 23, Miss Emma Hamilton to Mr, Jonathan Cooper of Prescott. Mrs. Fay Tate of Delimit began a singing school at New Liberty church last Monday. The school will continue. for 15 days. Bro. Chris Bnrhani filled his regular appointment here last Saturday ant Sunday. Mr. and Mrs Herman Hamilton am little soJi were the SeHii-day night visitors in the home of Mr. >>nd Mrs Alvin Hamilton of Emmet. Mr. and Mrs. Dock Hamilton visit ed tho .-singing school Monday after SOPHIE KERR'S SUPERB LOVE STORY . By Sophie Kerr ley; Apportioning of Appointments in j ance had begun to fill her. She would the Department of Agriculture Among do the whole thing and probably be ill. Then Timothy's father would be tho Several States, Territories, and the District of Columbia, Jenkes; Wild Life in the United 'States and Keep the Home Fires Burning, Snyder. And, to top it off: A New Declaration "of- Independence— A Modern Magna Charts Freedom for American Farmers Prom 'Tyranny, Confiscation, and Oppression of the Shylocks and Money Lenders; Italian Citizens of | the wrong kind of courage. furious and-' whip this lazy child of theirs. She didn't know she felt this way, but she did. She wanted the boy to have his lesson and was willing to be the ma<Jy&and pay a dear price in order'that fte should have the punishment she hadn't the courage to give herself. In other words, she had Ohio, Among Whom There Are None More Patriotic, Loyal, or Progressive, Are Given Recognition by Appointment of Arthur de Luca as a Cadet to West Point; and Representative Truax Saves Taxpayers Approximately |20,000,OQO-aU by Truax. . Truax Objects and Objects It turned out as she planned. The doctor came and Timothy was in disgrace for days and made to feel that if his mother died it was all his fault, a punishment far in excess of his small crime. '.•/ Children have no great sense of responsibility. As a matter of fact, un- Well, Mr. Truax—he's running for , i ess they are carefully conditioned to the Senate in Ohio and doesn't care what House colleagues think of him— may" have saved taxpayers 520.000,000. But he was darned lucky, in so doing, fo save himself a punch in the nose. expect certain duties, they have to be pushed. In the cool of the morning, if his mother had said, "Come," and put the mower in his hands, very likely th' When the unanimous consent calen- ' j o h W0 uld have been done. Th« trou dar came up, Truax objected consistently to private bills which in many "cases would have compensated citizens injured by mail trucks or by oth- ble was that she coaxed and threaten ed all day, but never once "made' the boy get at his work. Naturallj he, stretched patience as long <is he could. Most children do. er dealings with the government. Lots of folks were hating Mr. Truax as Congress adjourned. Kayo McCarthy on Job I also find in the Record an actually delivered speech by Congresswo- j man Ksthryn O'Loughlin McCarthy j of Kansas, defending her farm rec-> ord against attacks back home. ! ..__ "Remember rny initials are 'K. O. 1 " , ••£*/ said she. "And Knock-Out McCar- ?" thy is on the job!" Bw And How Many Cents? , S"_!_ : — ' '. " Nor can your correspondent but ac- ! Summer Cosmetics Time Savers in .knowledge our common debt to. Con- . B«-auty Romance 'greasman Will Rogers of Oklahoma, i !6LORIFYiNG YOURSELF !y Alicia Wart E BEGIN HERE TODATC JANE TEnnV cornea to NCT» York determined to »fcoT» her home town nnd e»pcc!ally AMY JACKSON thnt. «he can make n NUCCCHU nt her life. Amy had been hat licnt friend until HOWAUD JACKSON liroko. the encasement Jano forced on Aim and married Amy. Unnlilo to bear the night of Amy's hniiplnemi, .Inne obtain* n Jol» In n New York rcnl estate olllce. . . Juno U clever and noon I* mnk- llijr mi excellent salary, Slie ha» tin siffnlr with HOGEIl THORPE, who lit married. l-ater «he tlre» of him and when he olfem to bear the- expense of their child nlie dl»> mlMxcH hlin eontomntuouHly. In her dediierato plight Jnno turn* to Amy tor help, Howard IH touring Germany anil Amy corned to New York. Sue 8tny» until the lialiy la born and then, linrrltled hecau»e Jane lnsl«t» on Klvlng her daughter awny, agree* to take the eUlid wHl» <he understanding that Jane never shall reclaim her. Hack In MnruurR Amy worrie» over what Howard will think of her takluu the linby, A month liaHMrH null then one mornlne the trlrphoiie rlugH and »he hear* hU voice. NOW GO" ON WITH THE STORX CHAPTER XX O VER the telephone Howard explained it all to Amy. He nnd ?rofessor Ellert had suddenly man- iged to get passage on a freighter -slow and small and primitive, vithout u wireless. They 'had just anded and he had raced to the learest telephone, Yes, he had sent ler a cable when they left but had lad to entrust It to a stupid chap, 'robably he'd pocketed the money ind thrown the message away They were both well and he was ;oing to grab old Professor EHert md dash to the station for the text train. "But I had to hear your voice, Vmy—I couldn't wait. I'll send a vlre If there's time but I had to ipeak to you first." And then igaln "Darling—darling!" After she bad put down the tele- mone she remembered that he iicln't yet know about the baby. s'ot that it mattered. He was back, IB was safe. In another day he voulil he with her! Nothing, noth- ng else mattered beyond that ilsssed knowledge and expectation. How she ever got through the nterval she could not tell. She .elephonecl and was telephoned to, liougli she hardly knew what she vas saying. She cleaned and pol- shed and arranged and re-ar- the house. She crammed He laughed aloud: "Amy — I don't believe you!" . "But I have. It'i t^« truth. Come along and look at Tier." He followed, holding her arm tight, still laughing, but at the ight of the cradle and tlie sleep- ng child he stopped ama?ed. "Well, 'm a son of a gun! It is tho truth. A little girl? What's her name?" 'She hasn't any. yet, ; I waited or you to choose one." 'Good, we'll call her Axelina after tbo wife of the- captain of ,ne ship. She was a grand old Norwegian dame six faet two, voice ike a fog-horn, hard enough to be In the Ellert Museum, bossed the whole works." She watched him for- some sign of disapproval. "You don't mind, out for herself, a perilous proceeding for one with only a small circle of friends and acquaintances, since the real estate business counts so surely on such contacts. Yet Jane had done fairly well. Now and then she acted confidentially for Kandels', and Mr. Kandel had urged her to come back to his office, but she would not do thnt. Gradually and persistently she had worked up a definite lino for erself among tho small landlords nd her progress had been steady, ier profits slight, but sure. It had 10011. Miss Edna Cridcr spent the Inst wcok with her grodnmothcr Crider of iney Grove. The protrtictcd meeting begins the n*xt fifth Sunday night .at New Llb- rty und we ore expecting everybody o come and join with us. Mr. und Mr.;, Jonathan Cooper vis- ted at O. F. Laiigston's last week end Mm. Jewel and Mw. Mrs. Opnl Kingston are attending the singing •,1'hool. "Maybe it's the return of prosperity or maybe it's just that new cook, but the customers are leaving more on theiv -'Jrl plates." • '»"** Rev. Wllliiims. 11 former pastor, was visiting with friends here rfeccntly meant Howard? mind?" You're sure you dou't who, In the closing days of the ses- New summer cosmetics tiiat greatly WIU7, U* BIW 3 WilA3t*i£ uajro Mi. me CW.J- , , . sion during an attack on Wall Street,! simplify beauty routing are a boon to figured out how much you or I would , the woman who has little urne for per- have today if we had lent a dollar in ' sonal grooming. Grooming, by the the Year 1 A. D. at 6 per cent com- j way, is a better term than making-up. wound interest ! To ^ that a woman ls well-groomed "By 1936," he reported, "it would j means a great deal more than to say have become, when enumerated, six that she wears the right shade of 913 quatcrdecillions, i Powder, knows how to put on. eye ltWM , 171 duodecillions, m I shadow and that she is careful to i, 611 decUlions. 82 nonii- i match her lipstick to her rouge. ,+illLWMfi septillions 18* i First of all, she uses depilatories and deodorants. And one of the new beauty preparations that is simple to use comes in handy right here. There is a colorless, quick-drying deodorant that comes in an atomizer. Simply spray • it on under your arms, let it dry and then riuse off before you put en clothes. This particular deodorant ha> to be used daily but it's sp little trouble to appJy that no one will ob- 244 quad- trillions. 412 billions, 784 553 thou^d, and 7 29 dol- , It doesn't make a bit of difference whether you b*lisv« that or not. And it is to be hoped that some stern con- £tilulent will demand of Roger*,: "Well, wtwt about the odd cents?" The estimated average weekly movie attendance in the United States in 1933 was 60,000,000. ier refrigerator and pantry with ivory eatable for which Howard jart ever shown the slightest pref- •rence. She filled the rooms with lowers. She played loud triumph- int music—the A Flat Polonaise. :he Rakoczy March and the hilar- ous "Alexander's Ragtime Band" -but every moment was an md she turned constantly to watch .he clock. A telegram came, tolling the train, the hour of Ills arrival, and at lust time reluctantly Jrugged itself to the fulfilment of •.he promise. He was there, ac'.ually, browu ind hard and siroug. His arms But he only took her again In his arms. "Amy, sweet, anything In this world you want to do Is right with me." • • * ["ANB read the letter from Miss ' Rosa with a frown. It waa plaintive, querulous, quite unlike Miss Rosa's usual robust communications. She didn't feel well. She was tired all the time. She didn't sleep more than two hours a night. This war over In Europe was very upsetting and now tt looked as though America would have to Join in and a, fine mess that would bo! Her affairs were in bad order, too, and she didn't trust the advice of tula new young partner Mr. Massey had taken In, on* of the Trainors and the Trainors were tranh through and through. She wished to goodness Jane would come and help her decide what to do. She lidn't want to end her days In the joorhouse, but she felt she was surely headed toward it. Jane put the letter down on her desk and considered. It was al most four years Blnce she had been to Marburg. Her last visit there waa when she had managed to gei her inheritance out of Miss Rosa'i and old Mr. Massey's hnntjs. "The old chap was gaga then,' she thought, "and if he's taken In a smart young hick there's no tell Ing what could happen to Aunt Rosa'a money. That money ought to come to me soma day. I wish I had some of It now for this Sears sale. H would he handy, I suppose I'll have to go and look into It." Her little office waa a. neat and pleasant place even on this cloudy March morning. There was nothing feminine about it except Jane herself, slender and smart in lier dres.s of fine dark serge with thin white ruffles across the neck and week after week, month fter month of hard grind 10,12.14 ours a day. Not that Jano ob- ected to tho grind. She wanted o bo so tired at night that sh«5 vould neither think nor remember. Sho welcomed an anodyne for regret and humiliation. Regret for foolish surrender to Roger Thorpe, humiliation and'anger fur laving, as she saw it, abased her- ielf to Amy, permitted Amy to in- iult her. Amy had told her to stay out of her life, never to try to take the child. Jane hated the recollection o£ it, the submisflion to Amy. Sho should have been as bitter with Amy as Amy had been with her. As for staying out of Amy's life— why, it was Amy who had better stay out of hers, Jane's—hadn't she jegun by taking Howard Jackson away from her? And now, her child? T UMK and blurred and faded these resentment:-, pushed them Into tlio background. JaneV, assurance had returned with her established business, her growing bank account ami her own private discretion. She had taken another apartment—with nlevatord and an alert hall foroo. Sho asked somo of her best clients to dinner now and then and was asked hy them '.n return. She wont to t.he theater and to an occasional comiftrt or art show with :i woman friend. Miss Jariline perhaps, or some other elinsen for politic reasons, but her work wan her first Interest and nothing pushed it aside. Sometimes all that nonsense about Roger Thorpe, and tho child, and oven Amy, took on a quality of unreality. Such things surely could never have happened tc this brisk resourceful creature who lived HO sensibly. HO openly, with no hint of romantic adventure. Nevertheless. Jane, had no', gone back to Marburg. There was no reafou why she should. Miss Rosa Sweet Home Mrs.";$roitvui;'Jones of Little Rock the guest of her brother an dwife, Mr mid Mrs. A. L. Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. A, L. Thomas have us guest this week Mrs. Fred Ramsay of Little Rock. Mrs. Nancy Peachy of Prescott was the week end guest of her sister, Mrs. H. H. Huskey. We are sorry to report that Mrs, Will Campbell was not able to be removed homo from Little Rock. Her husband is attending her bedside. Earl D. Montgomery was a Sunday guest of Harvey D. Montgomery. Mrs. J. A. Huskey spent the week end with her daughter, Mrs. A. C. Thompson of Blevins. Miss Esther Stephens of Blevins was the Fourth of July guest of Mr. and Mrs. Elviri Campbell. Little Miss Letha McDougald is spending a vacation with relatives in McCnrkill. Mr, and Mrs. Butcher of Dallas. Texas spent their vacation here with her sister, Mrs. H. H. McCain. Bro. C. C. Merritt of Blevins is conducting a series of meetings with the Church of Christ at Pleasant Hill this week. Oscar Montgomery was a business visitor in Prescott Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Spears of Hope were here Sunday viisting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hendrix of Blevins were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Sewell. Mrs. Robt. Peachey and daughter, Ellen Sue, of Prescott »rere visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hus- kev Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. James Carman, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Carman. Misses Odel, Martelle and Estolle Carman, Mary Alice and Cleo McCain, attended services at Pleasant Hill Saturday night. We are sorry to report that Mrs. Will Huskey is on the sick list again. Mrs. Ben Woodson and son of Kil- gorc, Texas, who are making an extended visit to relatives here, \vere visitors at the Sweet Home Sunday school Sunday. Mrs. W. L. McDougald enjoyed the Eervice&'ttfithe Church of Christ Fri- dav nigWpf'last week. Mr. and ' Mrs. Le Montgomery of Prescott were here Saturday calling on M. H.''Mbril'gomery and Oscarr Montgomery and 1 -families. Misses Mary and Martha Morton were Thursday shoppers in Prescott. Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn Cliff t.nd children formerly of Washington, D. C. are leaving after an extensive visit with relatives, to make their home in Sheridan, Wyoming.. Mr. and Mrs. Tom McMasters of Okalona wore Sunday pues'.s of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Huskey. Miss Theda Earl Campbell spent the week end with her mother in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Yurberry, Mrs, Mollie Wilson and daughter, Ola B., and Mrs. W. L. McDougald enjoyed services at the Pleasant Hill churcl Sunday night. Fate Hinds of Prescott was a Sunday afternoon caller in the home o: his niece, Mrs. M. H. Montgomery. and attended services at the Baptist meeting. Abb Hamilton nnd family visited with his- sister, Mrs. Felix Foster nnd Mr. Foster last Sunday. The Home Demonstration club will meet at the home of Mrs. Bessie Hamilton Thursday afternoon. We hope we have a gooil attendance. Shadow of Calamity Bob was unnblc through illncj.-) I" go to work on pay-day, so asked his work-mate, Mick, to not his wngo.'i and brlns thorn ulong t.> Ihe house. Lute that afternoon Mick iirriod «t Bob's house looking rather ;;orimis "I've lost yer wages Bob 1 " hi? said. "Lost my wages," began Bob. "Aye," he blurted, "inul 1 believe that if I had gone on plnyinj! I would have IOM! my own." 'M' System St It Pays to Buy Quality Groceries around her wrists, trast suited her. The clour con- Her sense of drama was gratified by good clothes grooming. She was the and successful young business worrmn. setting und costume complete. But the plain polished walnut, the case- were like bauds of steel around her. meat cloth curtains, the dark rims, -I worked as an able seaman on j the cull-button, telephone, letter that damned boat" he suld. "It baskets-these might Just as wel been so anxious to yet back to you. I'll n«ver let you out of my sight jeet to using it so frequently. Then there are deodorant bath pow-, - ders which fastidous women like, i She blurted it out: I ve adopted These are time-savers, too. If youji baby. A little Kill!" belonged to a young business rnau. BUCCOSSflj) AFTEU the Thorpe *;>iso<Je v.-;.s ^ completely over and Amy U:id tho child, Juae uad and she were better friends at a distance, and this waa the frnt time Rosa hatf ever Bounded a note of dtetveso. Knowing her aunt's disposition to i-i'Jo down both pby* j.-ul ailments and resntal perturbations, .lane Irnew there was something serious behind the present pppeal. Miss Koaa was no>. one to make a fuss about noUiiug. "She's uot really old," thought Jane. "Sho never tells ner age, but phe can't be move tUan (H or 63. So she surely must bo sick. And tlm Masse/ partner must liuve bothered her more than che says. 1 shall liave to look into that." lEbt. 1 ! '«'. by Sojilile 'verD (I'o Be Continued.) SPECIALS for Saturday LETTUCE-Nice Head Peko Oleo Margarine-Lb. 1 Package Rrispy CRACKERS i/, Lb. Package.. Tomatoes No. 2 Cans 3 For Spring Hill School began hare Monday with tin same faculty except that the principal Royce Wisenberger takes Mr. Fisher's place. Mrs. F. J. Hill and mother, Mrs Tarpley left for Texarkana Friday tc spend a couple of weeks. Mrs. Hil wil be under the treatment of Di Beck during the lime. The Baptist protracted meeting be gan here Sunday with the Rev. Floyd Clark conducting. The Wilhoit music teachers were with the pupils in practice Thursday nifht at the Methodist church. Kate Turner spent the week end with her sister Mrs. Huron Light of near Liberty Hill. Mrs. Mary Yokum spent part of last week with her son Fred Yocom and family in Hope. Misses Clara Lou Foster .-md Inez Yoc-uni returned home Thursday af- tornocn after spending several days, including the Fourth, with relatives and friends in Prescott. Mrs. Wesley Huckalxiu and son Ben of Mabel, Oklahoma attended services here Sunday and visited amoiKJ til" peouk 1 . Mrs. Mary Butler was » dinner guest of Mrs. Asberry Sunday. POTATOES KED-No. 1 !OLbs13c PEARS DEL MONTE-LAUGE CAN CHERRIES Red Pitted For Pics 2 Ciuis VINEGAR PUKE APPLE—Bring Your Jug—Gal. ALL KINDS L P KG&. MEAL-Climax, 24 Ib. sack PORK & BEANS CAMPBELI/S-CAN Table Garden Sandwich Spread and Salad Dressing—quart Jar 25c COFFEE "RED AND GOLD"—POUND 19c FLOUR 48 Lb. Golden Puff $1.62 48 Lb. Shawnee's Best $1.75 —MEAT MARKET SPECIALS— HAMS ARMSTRONG'S Whole or Hulf—LB. STEAK HIND QUARTER—Choice Nulive—LB. 12!c VEAL ROAST 3 Lb. 25c CHEESE-Full Cream, Lb. 18c BRICK CHIU-Pound 14c LUNCH MEATS-Pouud 24c DRESSED POULTRY

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