Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 5, 1952 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 5, 1952
Page 3
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"1: S*-,* SOCIETY 7*111 latwesft I A. M. an* 4 f», M. Jndor fr< ju * 7 th« »ong inn Liberty Mtt] Hotn* Demonmratten Club meffifeiiM eho- «« to *fnf at th« fN>«inntttR «l lit ttpM\nr monthly rncctlnie ln"'''ttii> of the ho»tr>*« Mm. O, W. Mi*«'Vi»rrtfl WH»Bm» KOVP th<- dr. VAIinnal bj- rf nit Ing from Iho booN of Ht. John 1.1: l-r Md. 1 Y>f lhf> W8C8 nt the Chur<* will tfuty 1, *t ttw honif of Mr*. ftr.. aptmtln* «i« wc<* «nrt with',„',,","»' 'Y.iitaT^ f VJ!?* V T' 1(l "i" ihoir f«ih« f M- .1 *• V. ilh. „"".' £ on " (j y I""'"* "he food* »h<. needs futhor, Mr, J. f. WHIH. other frl«>nd« and rotative*. Cpl. Trnvl« Mnlimi ha* orrlvixl home from Okinawa (^ »peml a 30 d»y \tnvf with hli fmrr>nt» Mr. And Mm, Roy Mnllln*. Mr, ond Mm, Frank Ore^g and Dory)* of Dalian, T#xa« hnv« arrived for n weak end vlull with h«r parent*, Mr, imtt Mr«. Mr, and Mr». John T, Wllllsmi of Llttlf nock MODS « Country p • rtj C'lub Mr. ifM«y< July I we will b* n dnne<» ftt the untry* ClttU, Tuesday night« 8i90, A Dutch lutic If. and Mrs, j, w. McUo< »ppnrtln« tho to h<iw- bi-ttt-r A nbort tfttinn wan prr- wr»r>k end with Mr. and Mm. Ocor%? CJrnrn, «M«I over by the prc«fd*nt, Mr*. Irvin IMu, The nttuif) asrfoA to donate fowl for th» council t«. lull at |) m vis- Mm« Dny» nl the Kxpnrlment 8ts- don. MlM Vtrn William* properly s«t n dining table gome hints on meat pifinnlnK. ti-rvlng, and table manner* wen- «lvf.n by Mr*. K. H. Kyers. Mr*. J. L. Ll«ht received the £iirprl*<< pneknief, Mrs J. D, Smith , , Ik'tt*, nnfl Mr*. Arven Light Mr«, a, W. Smith. Mi .,„. MomAr Beyorlt'y, Mr, nn JUtnur Cok, tthd Mr. nm " ea Bill*, Member* who ar 'Of 7"!«JM Of 7>&804 Norvull announce of :hor clmixhtvr Ytfrnwt,, Illinois, u Cuill, Kino of Ml ceremony w«i» j«ir 19.in the Fln.lMt.lh «» otltone with Vlr«U .wlfli' ralntlvps to Mt. Vcrnon . * thsy^lU continue to ajRrkUTtnd'Atilry i»OKorte» Crawford of y night VhU'WIIh h] H '|tV«r. and Mrtl, Cllnion Craw l)»|»hlnp fl*t, onrf Mm, Billy MeCrnry of Jlnmlolph Fit-lit, S«n Antonio, Tox- n», *te vlaltln« Mri, McCrary« pervnU, Mr, and Mr*, )(. K. Lock- «rtl. Mr, nnd Mr/t, A. S. Wlllinm* «pont laxt week vloltlng friend* \rui rrj|«tlv«n In MemphU ond other of . of llnuMon, T<-xnt wf r e miftln of which rofrpuhmcntii w*>rn »crvod. Melrose Mr*. J, L. itlckn of Hounton, MU*l«Bl|)pl, and Mr«, Thornton of Kontlnikln, clppl, wore wnuk end guevti or Mr. nnd Mrs, A, S. Wllllnmn, Mr, nnd Mm, Sim Jone» of Dalian, Ti»xni. nrti vliltlng frlondii unit ri'l«tlvn)i In llniir. Joe Wllllamt left vln j»lnnf for Sun JIKHI, Puerto Rico t»r n vdfiitlon with hU torothirr* Llotileniinl T. C. fttrnlly. Willlnrnii tirul * Hart Chamberlain upenl Frldny In Tuylor, ArkunNiiB vUltlntf his uncle. .|i«n Wellliorn, Mm. Albert L. Andomon of Nosh- vlllw,, TrsfincMee arrived FrMuy inoriiltiK for n visit with her pnr- VM«, Mr. and Mr/t, H. T. Robinson (Kid her lister, Mbis Mattlw HoUin not), Personal Mention Alrrnwn Wllll« W. Murlln, 'M, nan ftt Mr. mid Mrs. K, I'. Martin JJt, Ar' Fulton, >; Is completing banle wlrm* 1 !! Indoctrination at Lncltlbnd Air >'<»rc« BUKO "Guiewuy to tliw Air >urce." ,,«. . Mon Club mti tit F'nlr Purk for It* Jufi» mwtlriK, Thp *on« "We're Not llflr« to Grumble" wn* »unit by thi- group with Mm. J. f. Man- •irutn k-iidlnK. Mrn. Othn Itobcrt* «nve th«» dcvollonttl using John 15: '•17, / Th« club will donntr 4 fryer*; 1 dOK«n bolletl «gg*. nnd two fruit )>!<•» for the VlHltlng Day nt tho Station, noclpcd were dlKtributcd tn bo «<>ld for the mixer. Pl«n« wt-ro miid« for the ten In July to bf? nt the homo of Mrs. Her »chol I'ntlerHon, Mm. HiilHTti K«VU n report on Hewing. Mrs Junno McCorklo rcr- l»orl»ftl on poultry and Hardening. Mr*. Jowoll Still xnvc a demon. slrutlon on Pfc. Aril* iJown», ion of Mr, nd Mrs. Willie Dowtm, Bau 12. »vUk)n, Hope, 'Hrodunted r«e«ntly rorn th» 4Sth Infantry Division's •eplttcwment ii'alnlnjt nch«g| in Clubs Ubirty Hill W«'r« Not Hero To Grumbles' LAST 5i|t| *f ATUM i, CARtOON RIALTO 2 —IIG. HITS —2 Story pf-a Wild Horse "KONGAth. Wild Stallion" HUS WHIP WILSON "OUTLAWS OF TEXAS" SIRIAL and CARTOON )!T!ONeo For Your Comfort A B3&J m m AMjat am mflsBi EU r^ L O LilULrl STAtTS SUNDAY manners. The pncknjfo ivnx won by Mrs! ulendon Hucknbeo, Cookie* furnished by Mrs. Plor- Itut Hnrlsflold were served to 8 member* and one new member. Mr». Tlii'lmii Meudmv.i, nnd one «u<'*(, MIKX Gludys M:ic Hobortii. Columbus Th<» tVilumbtis Home ncmnnstrn lion C'luli hoUl it-i June rneelln Montluy aftcriu.fin In the sc-hoi fiyin wilh 12 members present. Mm, J, K, Delmiey culled tb fiUlni! to nnk-r in the nbsonc of the prt'fiUlcnt, The club crc« was rcpi'tited by tin? «roup nnd th sonit of the month was ming Mrs. B, C. Webb rend tho ncrip turn taken from St. John 15: i-| and l«*d In prayer, Holl cull WUK answered wit •food* J need to urwst.-rvo to hav bettor plannud menu." The minutes of the Ittut mt'etln onrt tri'UNtiry report were read b thr sucrt'lnry. During the business meeting ol nml m«w ' ' Don't Mean Business on Civil Rights <—-Marcantonl« ClflCAOO VH —Former Congrcsn- mon Vllo Marcantonlo of Now York told Ow Prosrmlv* party's Nn- tlonnl Convention today that Pre»i- di>nt Trumun wonts civil rlKbts "only nn an l«»ue" nnd not on law. He accu««"l the Truman admin- iKtrution ..f "shameful double-deal- JnK" on civil right* In the 8Ut Conjrei* and »ald that Republican senator*, Including Sen. Robert A i Tnfl of Ohio, "gave their old." i Marcantonlo said Tort hog -a! record tit sabotage of civil rights" In the Senate nnd that Gen. Dwlghl) D. Elspnhowpr's "confessed Ignor-l once" on civil rlKhts "places him on the dunce stool," In the current 82nd Congress, he »ftkl. a fair employment practices bill won not reported out of committee until u month before scheduled adjournment of Congress This he contended, amounts to "a'nuar- nntec U will not be enacted." The one-time American Labor Party congressman predicted "I952 will mark the beginning of the clls- Intcjjrotlon of the Democratic! party." Speaking ns permanent chnlrmun of the left-wing party which-hoprs to get Its pr««ldentlnl arid vlc«! Opens Sunday at Saenger July I, Homespun for dt Least One Movie Actress SAM SUMMERLIN By JAMES BACON (For BOB THOMA9) MUNSAN. Korea „ HOLLYWOOD (jP—One of Holly- mistlce negotiators held their wood's better dressed younj? ac- cst S0ssi( "i '« weeks today.or thorny prisoner repatriation I ong Session HOUITAK, HO M,< ARKANSAS Vtv 0 CLASSIFIED Ad» Must Be la Office C»> B«f«te PubDcaUofe Truce Parley WANt A0 I tress wears $8 dresses bathing suits— all made mnma. This bit of fashion Intelligence and $2 by her then set another secret rtti foi tomorrow. ''• BriR. Gen. William P. Nu« U. N. It* love between ROCK HUDSO?T?nd PIPFR f MIRW- U,,,v,,.,,, ^^^^W^-T^^ sp-okea.._ was Cleaned quite accidentally. It! p mtT/?od from the 70-minute*| 28 to 80 Mnrted with a call from a Pnra- S u° n at Pnn 'm'njom and indriSlf 1 to 35 mount press agent who raved, as J^g," ^^T^^ '" "There was no apparent r'i 'Has Anybody Seen My Gal r at Saenger Universal - International has reached back to 1028, the period «nl "I'wy" or« not tlmr; we are not fighting In vaJn. For «» ; we battle In 1032 to thut extent will wo earn the right to be the put the n ' h ' rah boys ' to Holiday Play Deadlocks the Texas League DALLAS W—The Texas League pulled and hauled through 72 in- ninus yesterday and last night and Hided up just like everybody started except Beaumont and Hous- only a press agent can rave, about "the new Terry Moore , AH Want Ads Art (*oyobl* tn AoVflinc* But Ads Will B* Aec*pt*d Ov*r Th* T«lephon* And Aceomo- dotion Accounts Allowed With Th* Understanding Th* Account Is Pay- obit) When Statement Is Rendered. Kurnber One Three Six One of Words Day Days Days Month Up to 15 .49 .90 1.50 4.50 16 to 20 .60 1.20 2.00 6.00 21 to 23 .73 1.50 2.50 7.50 .90 1.80 3.00 9.00 l.OS 2.10 3.50 10.50 1.20 2.40 4.00 12.00 1.35 2.70 4.50 13.50 1.50 3.00 5.00 15.00 _ to 40 41 to 45 M to 50 , It seems that this shapely young Kirl, freshly-divorced from grid I star Glenn Davis, had blossomed into a dramatic actress in 'Tome KK S^M ^ E; =«? the famed Broadway play was her first big movie break. This doll, the P. A. assured, has story to tell in how it Beaumont wns that could cain the an only inch. club The , . delightful Technicolor "Has Rou «hnei.'ks did it by sweeping a Anybody Seen 'My Gal" on th'p ! :! ulb . l . ch< ;' adc|1 from H()llst °'> by the screen. • • • lnc j Wentical scores of 5-1. It pushed The nostalgic comedy-drama hit starring Plpor Laurie, Rock Hud_ .. ... ... -- .,»""• Charles Coburn and Gigi Per- party that will follow In the realign- reau . opens Sunday at the Sncn«er merit which will Inexorably ensue! theater. from the disintegration of the Dem-! "Has Anybody Seen My Gill flf' I'fl MO Ttf» ***** ».*,..... !.„.... I* .. 1 .... . * . J C W k "° W il -" • -r — •*—••—•»*»« fc v t\H JJICHl dent In Vincent Halllnan, West Coort lawyer who defended Harry Hrld«os on charges of perjury and conspiracy. Halllnun is .serving u re- I"' 08 the nm »»»"K Problems faced Th , , - ems ace l.he party » candidate for presl- by the members of u small town wn» dlscusso< . - w«rt» inndu to have day of notlviUos f,,,- the local -l-l Club boys mid girls. Mrs, nil! Wi-bb gnve n report o foods nml nutrition. Mrs. J r Wobb, Jh and Mrs. Billy Wob led the «roup In a v«ry Interestln «am«,w,lth Mrs, l)«yc« winnlnj! th thiHAffV r«» Mrs, J. E. Delimey served a host***. HoRtoss for the next me* ln»! will be Mr*. Jack Tompson un Mr*. .R. K. Caldwoll. Botr7fofP Continued from l>a|« Qo« Mr» ore for Taft. But SpragiK said that even ah. the Lod«e ma tlon would carry by 50 votes. ThU would put the Elsenhower force* in a much better posltlot when (he question ot neatlng the contented delegates came up. first in, the conventiwi's Credentials Comntltlee members from states, where there are contests could no 1 vote. Spratfuc said thin, in effect vould change the complexion of the committee, giving Kt»enhower u one-vote margin In it. It would also Improve the Elsen- hower chances in tho convention llUl'lf, DavW S, lngall», Tafl'» national oumpulun manager, lm» suid the Ohloan'* backers don't want any delegate tu vote on his own teatinK Uut they contend the contested del- can vote on the seating of groups from other state*.* Tho National Committee took the Tun compromise uu Texas yester- duy after rejecting, 58 to 43, a substitute motion to seat a pro- Kisenhower delegation from T*xa». Some- votes were east on that test !te^ may forecast action un the nomination next week. Alien Property Continued From f«g* On* conduct Uw audit. AskeU if th«t move was prompted «.v Wtley's apeusttttuns, McQran- ory merely Mid; ••] have ordered u ««n»r») »«ait I Want to find out what it is all about" ur, KuwUnd. Kirk, dean of the paper. family when an unknown benefactor turns over $100.000 to them. Sets, costumes, ships, vehicles. ,,. . - - —'•••» -I firearms and other necessities for juu H«nu*nce for contempt of court. | stories with His release Is scheduled for AUK/I hundreds of )7 - , land i Tho vlco prenUlentlal candidate i but n is. Mrs. Charlotta IJass, New Y..rlt ;• whleh ;iciuniiy nns not vet become Nrgro who formerly published thei a definite- period, is a different rnat- <, anionu;» rJagle, n Nejjro neWi-.ter. I Difficulty was encountered in , finding Konuini> raccoon eoats featured-by college boys in the Tip- I plinu Twenties. Peg top trousers for some male members of the east, bell-bottom pants for others, ancl flat-chested, ankle length drosses same time pointing to continuing | ancl K° wns (l »' the ladles wore just advances In other costs of produc- " sri ," lfricult to locate, tlon. The fact that fow fl The newspaper hike, effective • "* .... Ik (Jllnllt-H Beaumont within 2 1 ., games of eluding Dallas which struggled throuuh 2.'i innings ancl got only a .split with Tusla. Meanwhile, Houston, which won the pennant last year, wns plunt,'- Ing into the collar. Tho Huffs lost their eleventh ancl twelfth j-arnes In the lust 13 starts. p Son Antonio defenled Shrevcport | 2-0 but Shreveport licked San Antonio ii-.'i in the nightcap. The Dallas-Tulsa duels ran into five' hours ;ind twenty-eight minutes of bast-ball. The first a great feels to graduate from bathing suit parts to stark, real drama. „ So off to lunch with Terry, but we never did get around to talking about "Sheba." However, we talked plenty about bathing suits. She must have been the smartest dressed girl in the commissary because even men were complimenting her on how nice she looked. And female stars Interrupted our luncheon several times by gushing: "Daahling. Love that dress," Subscription Continued from Fait OM , June 10, brought the price per ton . The fact that few films are made ' dealing with this 'period, can partially be blamed. To many people -— - - ~-, —. »., n ,, T *••%. j-f • it, v; fv^ lUI* * 11 t f-~~.|».*. to $120 nt Nuw York, highest in his- ,, Ulis Bpneratlon the ptriod seems Hke only yesterdiiv, so little or no nttumpt has been made to yiither up the costumes nnd other objects of that day, • There weren't supposed to be any real barrooms or nUht-clubs in the Twenties, so speakeasy sets for the films were the product of the builders' memories. Son» favorites of the 1928 period also add nostalgic flavor to "Has Anybody Seen My Gal." Numbers included in the new film arc "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue," "When \ha Rod, Red Robin Comes Bob Bob. Bobbin', Along," "Gimme n Little Kiss. "Will Ya, Huh?" "It Ain't Gonna Rain No More" and "TiKer Rag." "Has Anybody Seen My Gal" was dlrectedT>y Douglas Sirk and produced by Ted Richmond, Lynn Ban and William Reynolds head the large supporting cast. lory. Today's Associated Press survey showed: Readers who buy their papers on the street or «t news stands in several eiisturn and mlUwestern cities arc flndlnk prices one to two cents higher per copy. In the San Francisco buy area, some Increases of three cents have been posted, svlth thy single copy price now 10 cents. Sunduy papers tn u number of cities cost three to five c«nts morei And in most of the places where single-copy prices have betn boosted the newsboy who delivers the papers to homes Us collecting from five to 10 cents more wt'cldy from each subscriber. Newspaper readers In one city were told: "Even after this rute increase, the wcukly payments by the cost of the newsprint and Ink, delivery cost and carriers' profit." "Something Has to Qly«" A 'IVxus circulation manager, reporting general opinion that the newsprint rise will force action by th* papers on circulation or advertising rules, Siild: "We're ull talking about It and something hus to give." Many of the newspapers showing Increase:) m " tumie delivery , single-copy prices unchanged~;~some others boosted the street price but retained former rates for home delivery. Sunday edition prices have been increased to 20 cents from 15 cents >y the New York Tln»u» and Herald- Tribune, Cleveland Plain lieuler San Francisco Chronicle and the examiner, tuul Oakland, Calif., Tribune. The Aakron, Ohio, Beacon Journal Sunday paper advanced to 15 c*nt« from 13 cents; the Rochester, N. V, Nemocrat It Chronicle und the Dayton, Ohio. Daily News o 15 cents from 10 cents. The Day- on.OKio, Juhnul Herald boosted its Saturday paper to 10 cents from Ive cents. The KankaJtee. 111. Dally Journal Increased its out-of-slute mall subscription rates to $14 from $12 a y»ar. and discontinued mall sub- criptions in Its carrier hum« de- Uvery area. schedult-d for seven innings, went 13 before Tulsa won 3-2. Karl York's (ioiil)li> drove in John Tempi' 1 with the winning Uilly. The Si-coficl name, scheduled for nine inninus, went Ul before Jodie Heeler tripled nnd seored on Hob Uimdy's IOIIK fly to ,;j vi > l);,|i a .s a •I-!! decision.' Kt. Worth and Oklahoma City Cats took the first with Odbert divided, tho 2-1 in 11 innings llamric driving in the winning Charter No, 10579 tally as Bill Glnne limited the Indians to six hits. In the after- piece Riiss Burns clouted a 3-run homer in the third to yive Oklahoma City a 3-2 o.dj»e. Acheson Is on Tour of Brazil ITIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (/TV- Secretary of State Dean Acheson paid final calls on top Brazilian officials today as he neared the end of his visit designed to demonstrate America's continuing interest in her Latin neighbors. ' Acheson will fly to tho South Brazilian city of Sao Paulo Monday nnd will leave from [here for Washington on Tuesday. Speaking to the Brazilian Senate yesterday, the secretary said the security of the Western Hemisphere nations is a. "collective responsibility" and they must "unite nnd prepare to make sacrifices" to maintain it. Reserve District No. 8 etc. It became so noticeable that even the tent," p -ists requested s. This means are not given detai place in never permitted to attend'the sessio However, "all of tho discus t elated directly to the unresfli problem" — prisoner cxchS Nuckols told newsmen. 1 The secret talks began after Communists Thursday propc rcelassification of all prisoners ccrding to nationality and r ancl checking of prisoner list; facilitate rcpatraition. Tho F also indicated they would pei voluntary repatriation of Kor prisoners provided all Chir prisoners were returned. Allied negotiators said thct posal seemed full of "gimmic but they wanted more details. April, tho U. N. said only 5,0_ 20,000 Allied-held Chinese w'oull ' tl)l*n in Tteirt OV, •'«« i * M_- 3 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY One Time 75c per Inch 3 Times 60c per Inch 0 Times 50c per Inch Rates quoted above ar* for con- Mcutive insertions. Irregular or skip- date ads will take the one-day rat*. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted until 5 p.m. for publication the following day. The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisements offering lor publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. Initials of one or mar* letters, groups or figures such as houiM or telephone numbers count as on* word. The Hope Star will not b* responsible for errors In Want Ads units* •rrors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY th* ONE Incorrect insertion. Phone 7-3431 For Salt 100 PIANOS MUST sell Immediately to (top storage. $50, $75, $95. 202 S. Elm St. Hope. 17-lm POLL Hereford male with papers. Holland Meadow Ranch c/o Everett Ward, Prcscott, Ark. 17-12 10,000 FEET or any part 1" Standard pipe used plain end. Good lor water, gas or oil. Hop* Mfg. Co., Phone 7-3547. 19-15t NICE 3 room house on double lot on East 3rd Street. Reasonable price. Write L. W. Sparks, Box 757, Hobbs, New Mexico, or call 7-3147 the 4th or 5th of July. 30-121 Political Announcements The Stsr Is suthorlted to announce that the following are candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections: for Tax Assessor CRIT STUART For Circuit Clerk OARRETT WILLIS S. A. (Speedy) HUTSON For Representative TALBOT FEILD JR. For County Judo* CLAUD H. SUTTON U. G. GARRETT FRED A. LUCK HONEY and 'peaches. Wholesale and retail. Experiment Station, Phone 7-4458. Peaches picked Monday, Wednesday, Friday. • 1-Gt 7W Frigidaire refrigerator. Practically new. $200. Floyd Wood, Rt. 5, Prescott. Arkansas. 2-3t I asked her how much it cost. I' turn to Red China voluntarily " "' Nuckols has told newsmen was a simple dress In white _ _ thing or other. Looked very summery and Terry had a golden tan that act it off well. "I think this dress cost abovit $3, all told," she answered. "Sale?" "No, my mother made it. She makes practically everything I wear." Terry disclosed that her mother, Mrs. Luella Koford, got in the business of designing Terry's clothes via bathing suits. The shapely actress is tiny everyplace but DIP bust, which measures 30 inchu.s. "It wus a real job buying bath inn suits for mo." she said. "WeM liiive to* buy two suits—n size 12 and a si/.e 10. I'd wear the size 12 top ;,nd the si/e 10 bottom." Since bathing suits are a basic commodity among young Hollywood starlets, the necessity of buying two suits to get one can even be too expensive for cheesecake art. "So," Terry continue'd, "mother STAR 2 ROOM house. Bathroom, gas, • water, electricity, 1 acre land. Charles Fox, 400 South Elm. 2-3t For Sheriff C. COOK For Alderman Ward 1 JOE BRITT R. C. (Bob) DANIELS JOE JONES For Alderman Ward 2 FRED JOHNSON DWIGHT RTDGDILL PAUL RALEY For Alderman Ward 8 B. L. RETTIG 1-3 DISC breaking plow for Model H Farmall Tractor. Can be seen at Tol-E-Tex. 3-6t would not be surprised if the munists asked for the Allies' i fipure on.how many Red pi-is, will return to Red China or 1 Korea of their own free will.] U. N. estimated last April 70.000 of the 169,000 in stockades would return, but" screening program since has completed. - Star of Hop* 1899; Prtti 1*27 Comolidotod January IS, 1929 ice has b Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. t. Palmer, PraiMMtt Al» H. Wojhburn, lecy-Trw. At The Star Building 212.214 South Walnut StrMt, Hope, Arkaniai For Rent State Senate TOM J. SILVEY DR. P. C. CROW Chancellor (First Division, 6th District) WESLEY HOWARD A. P. STEEL 3 ROOM unfurnished garage apartment. Attic tan. One block of business district. Couple only. Phone 7-6692. 28-tf NEWLY decorated 3 room unfurnished apartment. 816 W. 4th. Legal Notice Hope Divides Pair With Mineral Spg's By Donald Hobbs Hope split two games with Mln- ernl Springs, losing the first 12 to 6 Thursday nnd winning the second 17 to 2 Friday. Hope got off to a fast start In the first gnme. Thursday, on n single by Bob White and two wnlks followed by Leroy Rldlings home run in the first Inning. Mincra [Springs scored two runs in the first inning on 2 singles nnd two walks. They picked up 1 more in the second. Hope got In run In the 3rd on n inside the park home run by Bob White. Mineral Springs then broke lose in the 4th on two singles and n home run by home run In Carpenter. Mineral Springs got 4 more In tnc 6th on 3 hits and two walks, They picked up another in the 8th. Hope scored 1 run in the Oth on singles by Ridling, Fllagamo nnd Guntcr. Billy Hcarn, losing pitcher, gave up 10 runs on 9 hits, walked S nnd struck out 0. Rceder Huddlcston, relief pitcher, gave no runs on 1 hit, walked 3 and struck out 1. Filagamo, relief, gave up 1 run on 1 hit, walked 1 struck out 1. Hope made 2 errors. Jack McClendon, winner, gnvc up 0 runs on 10 hits, walked 1 and Atlanta Beats Mobile Out of All-Star Game By The Associated Press When tho Atlnnln-Moblle series opened Tuesday the odds on At- lontrt winning five in n row itnd knocking Mobile out of the all- star race must hnve been nbout the snmc as the odds on n Piper Cub flying to the moon. The Cub innded Inst night — Atlanta rounded out its astonishing streak by whipping Mobile twice in n doublcheadcr 3-2 nnd 0-1: Motile fell flat on its face In the all- stnr rnco, nnd New Orleans moved in ns the team to meet the Southern Association stars July 0 in New Orleans. Last night New'Orleans clinched the right when Atlanta knocked off Mobile twice and the Pels divided with Blmiinghnm. New Orleans won the opener 1-0 nnd nirmlng- hum tho nightcap, 15-11. In other July fourth double-bond- Lewis Bell nnd n t -rs Memphis won twice from Nash- the 5th by Lewis ville, 2-1 nnd 4-3 nnd Little Rock and Chattanooga divided — the Trnvs wining first 5-2 and Chntta- Yanks, Bums Lead League on the 4th By RALPH RODN Associated Press Sports Wrttor If the Brooklyn Dodgers nnd New York Ynnkces clash In the 19S2 1 World Series It will mnrk the fulfillment of nn old bnsebnll Irn dltlon for the first time In three ycnrs. According to tradition Nntlonnl and Amerlcnn League tehms hold- Ing first plncc nftcr gnmcs of July eofo ahowW the wily id th« American. Both t««rfis missed the bo«l. In IMQ BNStrolt was 6ut In ff<*t ta the A*^rlc«n and Phllad«lb>ii« ft the National after games oft pondenc* Day, the Phils fhade It but the Tigers lost ,owt. Since .1900, 33 teams In ,e«ci 4th will win the pennant. Both the Dodgers and Yanks that occupied first place oh the morning ott July 8 went on to win the pennant. Tho other 18 tell by tho Why side. The year 1849 wns the Inst time thnt the' lenders In cnch league After games ot July 4th went on to win the" pennnnt. They were the current pace-setters, the Dodgers and Yanks. Brooklyn celebrated tndepend ence Day by turning back the run nor-up New York CHanta, 8-1, It the opener of n doublehcadcr, Tho «nmo was cnllcd nftcr eight In nlngs because of rnln nnd the SCQ ond game WHS postponed, The trl iimph gained nt the expense o Snl Mnglle, nn old nemesis, movei tho Brook; three gnmcs nhcad. The Yanks safeguarded their 2>i,-gnme edge by tripping Wnsh Inglnn, 0-4 nnd 4-3 while the sec ond plnco Chicago White Sox etc nooga second, 1-0. Phone 7-3152. l-6t English spelling is • among most difficult of any, of the w gt's say* the .National C c Soeiply. Hlar'.eil ninkin!; my bathing s She molds them right to my ond even makes them out o' scrts of material—even draf fabrics. I'm always getting pliments on them.'" Ainu H Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor ueurge »V. Hosmct, Much. Supt. .ci» /w. Davis, Advertising Manager >ciond class matter at • ,< . 01 nu»JO, Arkansas', under th« Act of March 3, 1897. Member ot trio Audit Bureau ol Circulations She owns at least 30 bat suits and estimates about'$60, vested in the lot. Mama's ljj comes for free. Subscription Rates (payable In ad- <ance) By carrier in Hope and nelghbor- ng towns — i>er«.vVceK 25 Per Year 13.00 By main in Hempstead, Nevada, .aiayetie, Howard, and Miller coun- SMALL furnished apartment. Private bath. Electric refrigerator. Utilities paid. 514 E. Third. 5-3t 3 UNFURNISHED rooms. Private bath, utilities paid, $30. 222 N. La. St. Phone 7-5583. 5-3t NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT AS ADMINISTRATRIX In the Matter of the Estate ot Ruth S. Keating, deceased No. 815 Notice is hereby Riven that the undersigned was appointed admin- istratrix of the estate of the above name decedent on June 27, 1952, said administration having been granted by the Probate Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas. The decedent departed this life intestate at Hope, Arkansas on June 14, 1!)52 All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified .to the undersigned within IMMEDIATE placement. Avon six months from the date of the Female Help Wanted . Products only two openings in j first publication of this notice, or Charter No. 12533 Reserve District Ng REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK .-•S-SSS-^a u-ry wtekly rules but l«ft ShCri °N 5211. U. S. REVISED STATUTES l UKK1 ' Nt ' V - UNDKH REPORT OF CONDITION OF THR FIRST NATIONAL BANK Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance it •i an , d0 ? a ? h '£? ms m Process of collection "J'ance, United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed .. .................. Obligations of States and poiiiical'siibd'ivisions '' t0inClUding ?9000 - 0l) stock o£ F e'ni- ; r T.oans and discounts Furniture and fixtures TOTAL ASSETS Dollars 1,091,15 2,504,41 1,013," 9,00 700,87 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnershios inrt cororaio ' t "" l " trinl ps, and corporations Halloween celebrations are be- leved tu nave beta uViivi-U from Druid rites. ASSETS Cash, balances ; with other. banks, including rosorve bal- trni, U 2 U cf u , s)l ')? nis in P ro «*ss of collection -meo ' Dollais Cts - tr«i* J i^r . i ^ M •• J*»UVV.I.T \n iruueuuiui . . united .Stales Government obligations direct and guaranteed : i of States and political 'subdivisions stocks (Including $12,000.00 stock of Federal —.-.,e ouruc) ' Loans and discounts (including no overdrafts) $ll"w9W 8 ° wned * !0 ' 000 -°0. furniture and fixtures (Bunk premises owned are subject"to no liens not assumed by bank) TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES Demand deposits of Individuals, partnerships, nnd f>«Vt*rvr\»*n 4 t.-tivj-. * «-•*• orations Time deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) ' Deposits of States and political subdivisions '. Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc ) l,3. r ,0,000.00 1,238,812.77 12,000.00 1,558,622.93 22,919.00 5,203,208.34 131,010.02 399,930.04 15.55S.98 TOTAL DEPOSITS ... TOTAL LIABILITIES $4,R4a,B23.34 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS HOP! DRIVMN . WfclTIII t. M>ln 4 Country inn i -ff^Wr. Rational Law School here, has b«n naimd as Baynton's successor as h*ad of the agency. McOraner'y also told reporters that he has it in mind to employ a firm «l planning engineers to survey the enttr* Justice Department with the view of streamlining its functions. "The department has grown immensely in recent years and there ha* Ue#n no planning tu it." h« swld. Asked if «ny other departmental change* «r« to prospect, he said: "Ufa U wwUnuousl* changing." McGronefy s«id that he i» cuts watty engaged In «x«min< r»- mto from y. 5. 4i«t»iet »tt«n«^ Kttt WrU cJ! tto cftuntry M «*! Capital Stock: Common stock, total par $125,000.00 cnirplus ,. . . Undivided profits 4.548,823.34 125,000.00 im'.aasioo Jne Montn .nee Months ix Monim One rear All otner moil ,— Jne Montn three Months .ix L Mon1ns .. .85 1.60 2.60 4.50 1.10 3.25 . 6.50. 13:00 Hope for woman interested in making money. For interview, write Box "B" c/o Hope Star. 5-3t Legal Notice INUI'I AUvcrhiiny Representatives: -Mkanbas OaHilcs, Inc.; 1602 Sterick Bldg., Memphis 2, Tenn., 505 Texos OCJMK Blag., Dallas ,2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago I, III.; 60 fc. *2nd bt., Now York 17, N. Y.; 1763 r'enobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okia. Member ot the Associated Press: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in this •lewspoper, ub wtll as all AP newi Notice TOTAL LIABILITIES CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital" Stock: Common stock, total par $100,000.00.. ^iiirujus Undivided 5,415,33 2,887,16 48,76 731.7: 30,8 14,9171 4,mi2,433| 100,0001 200,00 132,95 LEGAL NOTICE PROBATE COURT NOTICES Notice is hereby given that the following Administratrix and Guardians have filed their Final and ^Annual Settlements with the Probate Court of Hempstead County v Arkansas, for approval and confirmation, to-wit: Annual Account of Syd McMath, Guardian of the estate of Sonja E. Malone, Sandra Y. Malone and Garey R. Malone, minor, filed June 6, 1952. Annual Account of Syd McMath, Guardian of the estate of Chester Lee James, Incompetent, filed June 6, 1952. Annual Account of John P. Vesey, Guardian of the Estate of Joshua Allbright, Incompetent, filed June they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published on July 5, 1952. Betty Thompson ADMINISTRATRIX, 908 S. Main St. Hope, Ark. struck out 5. Mineral made no errors. Hope Hopson, cf Guntcr, 3b Anderson, ss Bob White, 2b Bcaslcy, Ib Ridling c, If (2) ,. Filagamo rf, p (6) .....I. Ross If ' Bud White c (2) Martin?' c (2) Hoarn, p Huddlcston p (0) Vf (8> Mineral Springs Lewis Bell ss ... Francis Bell cf Horton 2b Lonnie Bell, Ib Carpenter 3b ... McClendon p ... Peek, If Phillips, rf -.. Nutt, c Springs AB R H lend their* respective leagues to- dny but they're not counting that World Series dough. Last year the Dodgers led the Nntlonnl League nt this stngu of the grind nnd Chi- Beyerley Wins Flag Tourney at Local Club Homer Heycrlly won the flng wrnnmtsnt nt Hope Country club cTnSrinatVTwl "*nT£C'^Pwto fins turned out. JFhe Cardinals, v ltluri . of their lust 19 start*, five Chlcaira pitcher* Including A RTohd.jlai Ifol Hlee and a two-L_.. Dick Sister In,the open Louis. G6rry Stftjey si] Cubs nftcr Dene HerrntR inning homer In the to run St. Louis" •Wlftftll tn six Rames. s Rookie shortstop dloutcd a two-run t ninth inning to beat the first gnme at Clnejni milt Harry fisher gain " big league triumph for'.... in the second game, tlshfe help from relief apeolKj Wllks who locked.up th,e/ Yearling Ed Mnthewi 1 In the llth lrtnlh$ to fat _ Andrews and the Phils; Ifilh of two at Boston, The pl< Mnthews' 14th. Vorrt f" ' " cd Ken HelnUolman* fH-st start of tho d second game. (Jran ror In the eighth Inn|n8 j 5 4 4 4 3 4 4 1 0 0 200 2 0 1 30 C 10 AB R H .... 322 MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL.... By The Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet. GB New York 43 20 .006 J Chicago 43 33 .508 2'.' I Cleveland 41 32 .1)02 3 Boston 39 34 .534 5 Washington 37 34 .521 0 Philadelphia 30 35 .482 10 St. Louis 32 43 .427 13 Detroit 23 49 .319 20' FRIDAY'S RESULTS New York 9-t Washington 4-3 Boston 10-3 Philadelphia 5-4 Cleveland 11-10 Detroit 0-1 Chicago 3-2 St. Louis 1-0 •"rlday, with Henry Fenwick pine ng second, Bob Ciiln third, and im Smith fourth. In the pitch nnd putt contest S. Garrctt svon with n score of 7. Fenwick won the driving contest, unning up n total ot 753 yards for hree bnlls. There will be n Indies' tournament some tlmu in August. 4 4 5 3 5 2 4 . 3 33 12 11 13, 1952. First and Final Settlement of HAUL and spread sand $1.25 yard. Gravel available. Foy Hammons _~7,iChloie Estellc White, Administra- ' Phone 7-2050. J9-1M Wanted ONE experienced waitress. Good Salary. See Mrs Carroll, Dla mond Cafe. 29-TF NEAT young man to share apartment in Hope beginning the first o£ September. Write L. B. Patterson, Box 4, Lewisville, Arkansas. 30-7t Found trix of the estate of J: W. White, deceased, filed June 12, 1952. And all persons interested in the above named estates arc ordered to come forward and file exceptions if any they have, within Sixty days from the date said settlements were filed, or they will be forever barred from excepting such accounts, or any item thereof. Harry Hawthorne Probate Clerk of Hempstead County, Arkansas. By Arthur C. Anderson Deputy Clerk. July 5 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 5,415, 3 | MEMORANDA liabilities and for 100,0 State of Arkansas, County of Hempstead. ss: I, |homas E Hays, cashier of the above-named bank do belief' C ab ° Ve statemem is true to t^ best of my knowledge" Thomas E. Hays, Cashier 2 day"" jSly° n i d 85a UbSCrlbed bef ° re me thiS C ° |- . rec V-Attest: ft RED cow. Weighs about 1000 Ibs. Has been here since June 19. English Channel, gave up three- quarters of a mile from her goal while attempting.,to sw,im the 21- mile Catalina Channel. GOLF DETROIT — Dick Mayer and Ted Kioll were tied for the lead at the halfway mark of the $15,OM) Motor City Open. ROWING HNLEY-ON-THAMES, England — Penn's 150-pound crew advanced to the semi-finals of the competition for the Thames Challenge Cup in the .Royal Henley Regatta. OLYMPICS NW YORK — Wayne Mooer, Yale, captured the 400-meter swim, and Clark Scholes, Michigan State, took the 100-meter dash as the men's tryouts got underway. WORCESTER, Mass. —Navy, Princeton, California and Washington survived the semi-finals of 8- oared competition in the second day of the rowing trials. HARRISBURG, Pa.—Nine women were chosen for the U. S. track and field squad as Mabel Landry, Chicago, and Cahtcrine Hardy, Ft. Valley State College, Ga., set new American records in trials. Legal Notice NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT AS EXECUTOR .Clyde Williams, 2 miles out on Beards Chapel & Emmet High- In the Matter of the Estate of way 5-3t Addelle Briant Waddle, deceased No. 813 Notice is hereby given that ar instrument dated March 13, 1950 was on the 24th day of June, 1952 Most elephants native to Cey lon do not have tusks. Haw eggs arc easir to digest than cooked eggs. Genie Chamberlain, Notary Public (SEAL) My Com. Expires Aug. 21, 1955. Lloyd Spencer W. Kendall Lemley Syd McM.eth, • , Directors. 734,385.00 • 264.500.00 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS MEMORANDA Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes State ot Arkansas, County of Hempstead. ss: .. 'fJDalei Jones, casbler of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear wat the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Dale Jones, Cashier Correct—Attest K. M. LuGrone. Jr. Albert Graves N. T. Jewell Directors betor * me this (SEAL> Clara Rrown ' Notary Public. My Commission Expires July 10, 1955 OFFICERS j Chairman of the Board « *r President Ex*c«tiv« RECAPITULATION Loans RESOURCES C. C. C. Cotton Loan Cotton Acceptances Furniture and Fixtures ' •' Stock in Federal Reserve Bank .. '•' " Bonds and Securities iniiim'nQ U. S. Government Bonds tttd'vrt 1 ?Cash- and Sight Exchange ^^2^^:"j::.^. Io9l',154;' TOTAL > $5.415,388^82 LIABILITIES For a 20% Discount on Beauty Counselor Coimetict Contact LOIS M. PURTELL at. . RUTH'S SHOP 108 S, Main Telephone 7-6650 783,342:20 3,673.20 7,863.77 1;UO 9,000.00 FOR SALI Tpp Coll — Fill Clay — R»«d Gravel — Wash Gravsl 8UUUDOZER WORK RALPH SAUNOIRS Phone Day 7-46M Nl«ht 74174 Capital Stock .... Surplus Undivided Profits Reserved for Taxes Reserved for Dividend TOTAL OFFICERS Lloyd Spencer W. Kendall Lemtey Vice _ !B^. l tfH», , =»*• Vfc» P«35 Yerbon L, Sparks MATTRESSW F«imiHiM i MtttftM C4. 11 t. Kim Street Ph«ne 74«1| Qu»r*nt*«tJ •* ** — REFRIGERATION REPAIR SERVICE W. Second Game Hope scored 8 in the first inning last nifiht as they paraded 13 men to the plate, 4- walks, two of Chas. Hopson and hits by Anderson, Bob and Bud White and Marty Fila- gamo provided the punch. Hope picked up 1 more in the 3rd on Anderson and Gunter. Don Stevens, the winner, gave up 1 run in the 3rd on 4 walks. He didn't allow a hit until the Oth, as Peek beat out a field hit. Then he gave upi a run and a hit in the 8th innins. Hope scored 4 more in the Oth on a home run by Bud White and singles by Bcaslcy, Gunlcr and Hopson. '" The Legionnaires picked up 4 more in the 8th on singles by Stevens and double by Hopson and a home run by Gary Anderson. Then singles by Bob White and Bud White and Beasley. Don Stevens, winning pitcher, gave up 2 runs on 2 hits, walked 10 and struck out 8. Hope made 5 misqucs, and four double plays. Lewis Carpenter, losing pitcher, (who pitched just Vj of a inning) gave up 8 runs on 5 hits, walked NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. G Brooklyn 49 21 .700 , New York 40 24 .057 3 St. Louis 43 34 .. r >!)» 1) Chicago 40 34 .541 11 Philadelphia 33 39 .458 17 Cincinnati 32 Vi .432 III Boston HO 44 .405 21 Pittsburgh 21 SO .273 31 FRIDAY'S RESULTS Boston 2-3 Philadelphia 1-2 Brooklyn 5 New York 1 (eight In- innings, called rain; 2nd game ppd St. Louis 13-4 Chicago 7-1 Pittsburgh 4-5 Cincinnati 2-2 tented the St. Louis Browns', 3-1 iiiui 2-0. nnd the third plnco Cleveland Indians trounced Detroit, 11.0 and 10-1. The Booton Rod Sott whacked Philadelphia, 10-5, but tho A's bounced buck to win the second game, 4-3. Pittsburgh, tho St. Louis Card!-, mils nnd the Boston Brnvcfl all won doublphcHclers In tho National I.cnguc. Tho Pirates brushed back Afternoon. ABC — 10 n.m. Fine Arts Quar et; U MBS m. Piano Playhouse. 1 Trendlcr Tunes. whipped Chicago, 13-7 nnd 4-1,. to uka over third placet from, tho Cuba nnd tho Bravos downed tho Philadelphia ..Phllllcg, 2-1 nnd 3-2, Magllc, who bonsted n string o eight straight victories over Brook lyn Including three shutouts this SAm Jolhroo to score thfl v run. It tonk tho Yanks.;.._.._ hours to Uko the Senator; cleaners before 20,SUB 1 fr Itig President Tnimart. 1 wns hold up two Mourn a utos because 1 of ''rain; 1 stashed this game away rims In the seventh. Inl The second game IL_ elded In the seventh, in Ynnks scoring thrifl jruni a hotly, disputed play. \L Manager Bucky Harris ; afi or Mickey Clraiao bitter! ad umpire ted. H\irjb n grounder by Yogi „... fnlr ball. Senator, first-'* scnson, lasted only two Innings. Ho vnlkod ;homo n run In the flrsi nncl wns tagged for. n t\vO-riin*hom» er In tho second ,by Poo W.eq RCCKC, Relief aao Clem Lnblne hlnnkod' the Giants on flvo hits after .spoiling Preacher Roc In, the firnt Inning. The victory was Ln 1. 1.. „ t . '(..*(_ mt~ — * _ .. ___! '» ** ^. * i _.^L _ blno'H sixth. The Jorgest National ntlnutcs/ Mfckoy Vdrnor,, was foul, dwn't sto „, Joq Collihs scored froi the piny to tlo ithe Hi nnd the Ranks ihoVod runs home to win. ~ ' ,bottles and other* .. ,. ley. Onaso was' tossed V game nnd play Che Copytltht, nil, h» F.lih llililwln Cuilir.ll. Ulttrlbutod by Klnf t'tttun* Srmllolf. New Orleans Chattanooga Atlanta Mobile Nashville Birmingham Memphis Little Rock Southern Association W L 411 37 45 45 48 43 38 3« 311 31 42 45 30 48 33 47 Pet. .505 .542 .542 .530 .500 ,45R .42(1 .413 SVNOr-HIS Paul Lonnox, lintitiaoina young n»«tor of • fnnliloimblo Now York church, and Constance Maralmll. tnmlncas girl, »re nnlcntly In love. Alont with him at dinner toniwht, Connto hope* he will propose, but lie dooi nnu Inntcad, he (ells her of hli quarrel with hi* p»- troneni, wealthy. emiAtlc Agath* Hur- chiton, ot till rofiiBttl to accept her contribution to Ul! church fund, of Her threat to cnuso n!m trouble. Reaching hnme deeply dlnappolnted. Connie find* hnr trlnna Rllnle deapMHnK. plnlnn yet for Peter Dunn In. the (rlvoloun huiband aha l>A<t lone ago divorced. v CHAPTER SEVEN PAUL was already there when Connie reached Rhoda's. He had been talking with Ms brother. They rose to i her and 'dragged your things on the bed . she (raid, "I won't be at the office early ... unless my knockout drops fall me. Oh, I forgot, it's Saturday." After she had returned to bed, Connie fancied she, heard ( a t n t weeping. Maybe not; maybe Mt* icurd It only In her heart. 8h£ thought, I must do something, However It turns out, She can't go on like this. ' On the following morning she went to the empty office* as she sometimes did, because In quiet she could order her thoughts, plan the coming week, catch up original captUl ous. told him ' greet her but Rhoda aeited d dragged her off. "Put what a wonderful color l» that a Last night's results: Atlanta 3-B Mobile 2-1 Memphis 2-4 Nashville 1-3 New Orleans 1-11 Birmingham 0-15 Little Rock 5-0 Chattanooga 2-1 Tonight's games: Birmingham at Now Orleans (only game scheduled) Legal Notice No. 7378 in The Hempstead Chancery Court Board,of Directors of Hempstead County Levcc District No. 1 plaintiffs Delinquent lands and Mary^WHliarns. et al defendants NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in accordance with the decree SU h $ " C , mp , S . S^^^jy^Ji'LiP-C'H!. 0 No - "78- .^tcred oVthe , . . . n e ? ay rf 0i J f une ' 1 , 052 ', t H c U " dersi 8"ed will, as Commissioner of said .Cotton States League . W L Pel. new dress 7 1 adore that gray- green, It's like spring, marvelous with your hair and skin, and turns your eyes green too. Tell me about your mother." Connie did. During dinner: "Have you been busy, Paul?" Connie asked polite- House,! tch out interruption, She was working on copy for a new account, small, but one that wou|d grow. And during the morning she .telephoned Peter D o n n t • at the Waldorf, reached his secretary, anq In tier business capacity niade an appoint• '' '••'• ly, "The cyclo ROCS on," he an* Meridian Natchez 40 Greenwood 11 Natchez 9. 3(1 35 30 37 4527.62!) 33 .548 Monroe Pine Bluff £1 Dorado Hot Springs Greenville* 36 38 30 42 28 40 .521 .493 .480 .417 .378 admitted to probate in the Probate Court of Hempstead County, Ar Kansas as the last will of the above lame decedent and the undersignec tas been appointed executor there- mder. Any objections to the pro- ia.te of the will can be effected by Ring a petition within the time provided by law. All persons having claims against he estate must exhibit them,, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first mblication of this notice, or they hall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published on the 5 day of July. 1952. C. B. Waddle EXECUTOR 414S. Main St., Hope, Ark. July 5, 12 i , - --linqucnt taxes due Hempstead County Lcvcc District No 1, for the years 1948, 1049 and 1950, as set forth in the above mention^ ed decree there being set opposite each of said tracts of land the name of the supposed owners: Name Description 1048 ORIGINAL TOWN OF FULTON, ARKANSAS Mary Williams NV4 Lot 1, Block 2 2.50 H- Jones SVi Lot 1, Block 2 .25 Maggie Hall Lot 5. Block 2 Nancy Burkett Lot 8, Block 2 Henderson Jones Lots 9 to 13 inclusive, Block 2 Sports in Brief By The Associated Press TENNIS WIMBLEDON, Eng.—Australia's p'uiirnan "Company Harvey Adams Australia Aubrey JjMnes Helton Hi*Jones Florene Ellis Andrew Riven .. , Maggie Hall J. C. Pate Henderson Jones -. /< Lot 16, Block 3 . Lot 15 & id. Block 2 Lots 1. 2, 6 & 7, Block 3 Lots 6 & 7 Block 2 Lot 5 Block 2 Lot 13, Block 29 Lot 3, Block 30 Lots 14, 15 & 16, Block 30 Lots 8 & 0, Block 31 .50 2.50 2.50 2.50 1,00 1.00 .50 .50 7.50 .25 1049 2.50 .25 2.50 1.25 2.50 1.00 .50 .50 50 15.00 .25 TAX 1950 2.50 .25 2.50 1.25 2.50 1.00 .50 .50 .50 .50 7.50 Last night's results: Monroe 11-4 Hot Springs 4-3 El Dorado 14 Pine Bluff 6 Greenwood 1 1 Natchez 9 Meridian 6 Greenville 1 Tonight's games: El Dorado at Hot Springs Monroe at Pine Bluff Meridian at Greenwood Natchez at Greenville , 8M L TH u S ADDITION T0 TTHE TOWN OF FULTON, ARKANSAS Ida Richards W. H. McGill . Melvin Thomas Melvin Thomas Melvin Thomas Glenn Spates ... Glenn Spates .... Glenn Spates . Ida Richards Oscar Van Riper Frank Sedgman defeated Jaroslav Drobny. gypt. to win the men's singles title of the All-England Championships. SAN PEDRO. Calif. — Florence Cbadwick, 2-time conqueror of the Lot 5 Block 7 3.50 3.50 3.50 Lot 14, Block 7 5.00 9.00 Lot 11 Block 8 3..00 3.00 3.00 ...... Lot 16, Block 8 .25 .25 .25 Lot 13 Block 8 .25 .25 SVi Lot 14, 15, Block 8 1.00 Lot 14. 15, Block 10 13.00 Lot 4, Block 16 1.00 1.00 Ha Lot 8, Block 7 .25 .25 .... Lot 1, Block 17 .25 .25 .25 T SHULTS ADDITION TO THE TOWN OF FULTON, ARKANSAS J. B. Arnett Lot 6, Block 10 .50 Postal Tel. & Cable Co 6.30 6.00 6.00 Railway Express Agency 1.00 1.00 1.00 Pullman Company 3.20 3.20 Name Parts of Section Sec. Twp. Rge. Mrs. Obe Wilson Pt. SWVi SEV« H.82) 17 13S 26W .82 Sam Stuart Pt SWV« SEV 4 (5.10) 17 13S 20W 3.00 3.00 3.00 A. J. West Pt. WH SW>/« <5.10> 35 13S 28W 4.50 4-50 4.50 Sam Hendrix W. Frl. NEVU26) 4 14S 28W 9.10 Jas. Sampson Pt. SWV« SEV< (5.71) 17 13S 28W 3.50 In addition to the amounts set forth, the lands will be sold for a Top Radio Programs NEW RORK Wi-Suturday night: NBC — 7 Jane Ace Records; 7:30 Stars in Khaki and Blue; 8:30 Grand Olc Opry. CBS — 6:30 Gun Smoke Western; 7 Gene Autry Western; 7:30 Tarzan ;8 Gang Busters. . ABC — 7 Dancing Party. MBS — 7 Twenty Questions; 7:30 Theater of Air; 8:30 Guy Lorn- bardo Music. Sunday: HBT. — 2:15 Intermezzo. CBS — 10:55 a. m. Invitation to Learning; 1:30 p. m. On a Sunday 4 and struck out 0. Bryon Thompson, relief pitcher gave up 9 runs on 14 hits, walked 4 and struck out 4. Mineral Springs made- 2 errors. Hope AB R H Hopson, rf ......... ............... 4 3 2 Anderson, ss ................... 5 Bob White, 2b ............... 5 Bud White, c Beasley, Ib .................... 6 Hldling, U ........................ 4 FUagamo, cf .................. 5 Gunter, 3b ........................ 4 Stevens, p ........................ 3 4 2 4 Mineral Springs Lewis Bell, ss 2 6 2 Z 2 2 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 42 17 19 AB R H .301 swered, "» wedding, a'birth, death.- Connie, thought, Paul's so remote, * thousand m!lM v away, b« goes where 1 can't follow. Att«r a, fashion, she could understand Bls1« H was the not knowing, For BJste It waa not knowing what alteration had taken place In the man who had briefly been her husband: not knowing^ whether It WM love aha most bitterly felt, or regret (or failure; tenacity of affection or nostalgic dependence upon outgrown emotion. 1 don't know either, Connie thought I know about me, worse luck; not about Paul . , If I could make myself believe that ha didn't love me, never had. never could. But I can't. What happened, and why? Paul took her home early, It waa Inevitable that he do so. They walked as she said, although the night was unseasonably sharp, "I'd rather, I'v» been cooped up all day." It was easier than sitting beside him In a cab. They walked, hunched against the wicked little wind, Paul's shoulders to his ear*, his hands In his pockets. "Why don't you wear » hatT" she Inquired Irritated beyond r«a> son. "And It's much too cold to bs without an overcoat," He said mildly, "You always aay that. It gets you nowhere." She said crossly, -1 think It's showing off ... big, strong Paul I Makes me mad. Sheer exWWttoi* tarn. I shan't sympathise when yotl come down with the eneesea, cough*, lose your voice, throw things at Mrs. Eagle." "I nevsr throw anything at MTIJ Eagle," be denied equably, "except an occasional kind word. Also, I am never IIV He left her at her door, they shook tuuvis, said "Good nifht* and "See you soon." But no ' waa fixed. Connie was awake when, late. Elsie came in. She got up came into the living room, " to that Grace woul4 not • Bb« aske4< "Have *wT" "Oh, mad, wild fun," gloomily. She looked ly handsome ,& *Vi .. On Monday afternoon , she saw Him. It wasn't dlffldult. His secretary had indicated that Mr. Den- me had never heard bt the agency, yet set an hour, since an Inexpllp- able relationship exists between radio and advertising. ; '"'•••" , Mr. Dennis could tfveMUs shall twenty mmutei. White ; him, thought Connie; 'soaring U ward. p r e e I e t e i • .-. e», time, emerged from thf elevator, uU the password to a jIMsant wom stationed In a corrWor, walked a few miles, knocked on a door arid \Vas admitted to the suite by the secretary, who appeared harassed, also young and pretty, She favored Connie with a Ion f, speculative took and took her into the living room where the grefit man waited, barking Into a telephone, "He w,as always too thin," Elsie had once said, "and full of 'the craziest enthusiasm," Mr. Dennis w" no longer thin when they ha,d met, and oh, "One day- th.4 bustn* bigger. Elsie Unit so Uy It personally M •>• orii —When we pooled our 4 and tdoaa with, her ' • He nodded, "Tt said, "W« built a It was unlshad,'she ... Connie said, ?% she hasn't flnli with the pjiat, He'said "l married, Md waa • •tfMltM,,,-,,., slltint a moment "We but It didn't stlc,*;'•!»* •polled,'too much nar^ hers, aa her parents waa a youngster^*" be aomeone- .by, want her to tau; it'turned out aj: good br-—' - but well fleshed beneath expensive tailoring. The clgilfct he presently offered, which fat, custom dined, lookM the case thin, created to order.,.His face, we* square, his forehead nigh, hi* expression sharp. He waa faintly flabby under the eyea anj ' r He smelled of ' ' ' tobacco. He asksd, Iqokliig her over with marked appreciation, ai the •«(?"• tary retired without haste, "What CM I *» tor yoj, Miss-Miei ,., T" belleve what I'm "She'll ipver, comi you: It she saw she'd walk out her." "Then I don'l driving , to doT": -Manhall, Conjtaice Mtrs , . . r . W« are • smsjl t>g;«noy-rthr*4, women partnerit niy«slf f Qtf&i. Austin and •)§&• tomrf -BUI* Dennl* T« ttU^ almost shot o« his) fwjf Hf t tola ^•* ww-ii»v*» v-> v**v- •-•«•»*•—•»».» w«p* **** *M ( »«-*-v **»»«*»w nku s^s» awa» *V* ** 1 m . «. .. . * n tt sum sufficient to pay all the costs of this suit, the twenty-five (25%) Francis Bell, cf 400 Probltmf ? «lf«f»* Iw^tee JAMlTcLlANWS 0ujii 0UJ.I.JVICIJI iu faj «** »**c t>voiiB u« t*»ta au«». vuv? ^wcu«'j'"»4W *.*wvc" i " »•—-*»—• penalty required by law, as well as an including the cpsu of adver-1 Hprtan, 2b tising and costs of this sale together with six per cent (6%) interest Lonnie Bell on the amount of such taxes from the date tte same became J ~"~ F ™^~ 900 300 a$4»y<#| Said lands will be sold to the highest and fees* bW4cr tor cash in h f ' band on Friday., the 25th day of July, 1952. WITNESS My band as sum CQouobsioper 09 tto June, 1962. CojsMniss^ppr Hen>e$|$!g| J *'^Rp w* liMPF ifS""r *f F«ife tf ... ctow-iwwn -„. sllltottjf,. "I N|.y«ir don, Th« ns,n»»; Isn't unujun -: wild mom*w, I »—"**•• Mutt my former, *l 4W' M "It's lncr«4}W«. BUJ4 In to uMl fihft Milt Vo\l,hsUtf'f tf r l ™^y» ^"^ mF*''? * ^P 1 * J^ Wj^ it t t _m The app she own, without *I Mfl «»*»' you about "

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