Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 14, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 14, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE ROPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, September 14,1937 IED More You Tell, the Quicker Sell" RATES time !e word, minimum 30e m«»— 3\ic word, ttltt. SOc 8fat tti»e»— <c word, minimum SOc OM month (28 times)— ISc word, minimum $2.79 are for continuous Inset only. Ill making word count, disregard d»saUlcation name such as "F«w lUnt," "For Safe," etc.— this Is tee. But each initial or name, or complete telephone number, counts as • full word. For example: FOR RfiNI— Three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage* close in. Bargain. ). V. Blank, phone MM. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, 3*c foe one time; at 3Vic word, 53e for three times, etc. NOTE: All wrdera placed by telephone are due and payable upon praentatlon «t bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience H. H. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf WE BUY SCRAP IRON We are paying 35c cwt. or ?7.00 ton. We weigh oh oil mill scales which re certified. No charge for weighing. Also—we buy radiators and metals of all kinds. COX-CASS1DY FOUNDRY & MACHINE co Laurel St. Hope, Ark. 27-26tc WANTED—Middle-aged negro woman for housekeeper. Mrs. J. G. Thompson, 500 West Division Street. 14-3tp PWA Speed Up Cupid in Case of Nebraskan OMAHA. Neb.— (if}— When officials told Donald Butler. 22, of Omaha, he couldn't get a PWA job because he didn't have a wife, he went right out and got married—something he had wanted to do for some time. His bride was 14-year-old Audrey Vise Eden. They had to go to Iowa !o be wed as Nebraska law sets the feminine marriage age limit at 16 even ivith parents' consent. . Law requires trucks lettered. B. G. Waller. Call at Bartons' Cash store. 13-6tp For Sale FOR SALE—OM newspapers, 5 cents per bundle. Hope Star. 27-26dh ' FOR SALE—Unbound and permanently-bound copies of 48-page historical Centennial Edition of Hope Star. Unbound copies, 25 cents, add six cents if desired to be mailed. Permanently-bound copies 50 cents, add 12 cents if desired to be mailed. Apply Hope Star. 27-26tclh FOR SALE—Used Burroughs bookkeeping machine in perfect condition. Apply at Hope Star office. 22-tfdh. For Rent i'OR RENT—Furnished or uri- •furnished apartments private baths, utilities paid. Also sleeping rooms. 413 South Main. ll-3tp , FOR RENT—Two unfurnished rooms. 715 West Avenue B. Phone 816-J. 14-3tp FOR RENT—Nicely furnished front bed-room adjoining bath, close in. 603 Pond Street. 14-3tc Wanted SCRAP IRON WANTED Any Kind, any Quantity WE ARE PAYING 35c cwt—57.00 TON Certified weighing scales at our yard No charge for weighing P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. 304 E. Second St. Hope, Ark. 28-26tc HIGHEST PRICES PAID For old Batteries, Radiators, Metals of all kinds. OH Tires, Sacks and Rags. P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. 304 E. Second St Hope, Ark. 28-26tc Lost STOLEN—From my home Saturday night, one bay horse, 14 hands high, five years old, weight between 800 and 900 pounds. Star in face and Reached mane. If found notify J. B. Ellen at Hope Hardware Co., or phone 1602. 13-3tc OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS EG At} AL VIM/.A/I'LAD/ BUT FOR THE -SMALL SPACfe IM "THIS YARt?, X WOULD PEMOMSTRATE HOW I BOOTEE? QLO ELI TO VICTORY WITH THE LOW«SEST KICK OM RECORP/ 1 MAD WREMCHED MY KMEE AWt? IT WAS IM A CA-ST, AT » THE 1 TIME/ WITH BUT THIRTY SECOMPS TO PLAY/ X HOBBLED OUT AMD/ AS THOUSANPS ^HEEREP, BOOTEP A PROP-KICK BETWEEN THE POSTS AT THE OTHER EMD OF THE FIELP/ THE BALL TRAVELEP OME-HUWDREC? AMP MtWETEEM YARDS.' E<SAP, BUT FOR "THE CAST BWCA'SlMG MY 1 WOULP HAVE ADPEP AMOTHER. YARDS/ UMCLE AMOS/ LET'S <SO OVER TO HIGGIAJ'S L.OT AMP DO SOME REAL. KIC.KIM', .' 1 DOW'T MEED T6O IN TO TH' tJOCTOR. NOW. THE! LAST DIP POPPED MV VERTEBRAE &ACK, IN AGIN *>AN' TM' MASSAOIM' AGAINS.T SEAT IS JTes LIKE TH 1 DOCl'S TREATMEMI- \ /BUT VLW \ / , V PAWG FOOL'" 1 IT'LL BE- OUT AGIN ABDRE. WE err HOME- 'THETS TM 1 \ / VAId, BUT ^ THET \f THIS is THL' .PUTS «T IM V DIP THET EVERY TMe.' \ PUTS IT OUT I'VE .WATCHED- EvERV TIME WHY G>O VNJ I GOW HOME- TO TH 1 DOG,? ( I'VE WATCHiD. JUST'CROSS possession in Italy's drive' to forge an African empire is! Eritrea, blazing hot desert land' stretching along the western; shores of the Red Sea. Through! this torrid area is being routed! the foreign trade of central Italian' East Africa, and already hides and skins, brought to the coast by' caravan, are showing up as the : first Ethiopian exports. j Lying closest to Addis Ababa' and Dessye, primitive Assab, small) Italian port of southern Eritrea, 1 looms as the real center of this! empire-building drive. Less than, 70 years ago, an Italian shipping' company bought Assab from a native sultan for $6000 in debased Austrian coin, and today tha Italians patrol no less than 600,000 square miles Surrounding it.; Assab and then Eritrea were thai first steps in this vast march of i :olonization which has covered! •nor* than.flfcifetimes as much ter-i ritory as the mother country aen- ;ains. Oppressive -heat is the white nan's burden in this Italian co- onial drive. Even a dip in tha/ 3ed Sea off Eritrea proves noj>e»" :oo cooling, since the water con- itantly runs a temperature in the. \0s And because of the climate^ he camel caravan continues to xemplify the one transportation icthod. An Eritrean camel is hown on an Eritrea stamp issued n 1934. ICopyrigfht, 1937, NBA Service, Inc.! Intrepid Explorer HORIZONTAL 1 The pictured man is a modern explorer 6 His name is Lincoln . 13 Light music drama. 15 To endure. 16 Stalk. 17 Brewing vats. 19 Street. 20 Courtesy title. 21 Iniquity. 22 Conceives. 38 Bitter herb. 23 Type standard 39 Noise. 84 Mover's truck. 40 He made his 25 Affirmative. first polar 26 Greedy. flight with 28 Insane. • 30 Tiny particlft. 43 Portrait 31 Not bright. statue. 32 Exclamation. 45 To bang. 33 Miaow. 46 Upright shaft. 34 Embryo 48 Slash. flower. 49 Sanskrit 35 State of being dialect. Old. 50 Coin. 36 Electrical unit 51 Lava. 37 To become 52 Amphitheater weary. center. Answer to Previous Puzzle 53 He flew across the continent. VERTICAL 1 Company. 2 Roman aristocracy. 3 To ogle. 4 Branch. 5 Musical note. 6 Stiff collar. 7 To drink dog- fashion. 8 Sleighs. 9 Merchandise. 10 Bones. 11 Right. 12 Derbies. 14 Lean. 18 Piebald. 19 Southeast. 21 Sorrowful. 24 Vigor. 25 Sweet potato. 27 Promise. 28 In the midst. 29 One who wheedles. 30 His native land. 31 Excavated. 32 Prize contest. 34 Curse. 35 Astringent. 37 Fish organ. 38 With might, 39 To love weakly. 40 In the style of. 41 Ketch. 42 And. 44 Mongrel. 45 South America 47 Membranous bag. 49 Parent. 50 Sun gocl. 51 Sloth. OF DEST TALKIM' ABOUT MP THE AAA3OR DIDN'T <3O= FREE TREATMENTS By MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES No Need to Tell iPR. 1937"BY NE* SERVICE, INC. T. M,.HgO, II. S. PAT. OFF. P/ By HAMLIN Social Season Gets Going ALLEY OOP HEV, LOOKIT THI=,.' ) AN' IMVITATIOM ' 'GRAUD WIZEB ISu/^mg, TELLI THEV AIMT FOOZV SURE GAVE US x^l'LL SAV.'OL lA SWELL / POOZV'S A 6REAT PARTV, DIWWY- WHAD'YA THEM NOLLE CIM WOUDER WHAT H HAVE WAS 1HER6,1 GUESS, ' GUI. OOP, AW' &RAMD By CRANE Poor Breeze! WASH TUBBS ? THERE YOU GO.' SPO1UIM6 WITH IK15ULTS/ THIS CAMPS A TAKEXWR FILTHV HANP50FP OF ME' . YOU MEAC -THAT.' HE'S LUMBER CAMP MEA5LY J* NEVER.',' AWOTHbf? 6IVE 'ER TIME.5HE1L RECOMSIOEE. Ffc&LTHY? PETE'S SAKE.MI5S KELTON USE >OUR HEAC?! WHAT VOU CAM OET. Home—and More Trouble FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS OMLY OME: SOLUTIOM .' WE'LL HAVE TO IMAGINE OURSELVES IN OSSIE'S SHOES AMD FIGURE WHAT PO I UEVER QUESTIOW M sou's Marives.TAG,' LOWS AS HE'S COMPLIMEMTARY? B> OSSIE HAS GOSH,MOM IS GOOD TO AGAIU ! THIS IS REALLV THE OKJLV GOOD WAD SIMCE. THAT WONT HELP: ITS- EASY TO FIGURE WHAT OSSIE'S SHOES MIGHT DISSAPEARED GOSH,WE LEFT ^AMOE; HIM OFF AT I YOLJ SAW DE-SSERT MOM, AM' WE' BUILDIWG YOU A SECOWD HELPIMG ! His HOUSE HE COULD BE V^S _»V>_/. '~ A Tight Spot « -- * - mTHTSPECTATNURSE CAM YOU OFFEI2 ME AMY GOOD REASOM WHY X SHOULD WOT HOLD YOU UtODEE * 1O,OOO. BAIL FOE FURTHER HEARING ? _ ^T~( WHY, EC... THE PEISOWERS ACZE ACCUSED OF EVADIMG ACCEST - UMLAWFUL PRESEMCE IKJ THE COUMTRy 1 ASSAULT AMD BATTERV-LAPJCEMY OF AUTOMOBILE SAY! YOU TWO HAVE QUITE A NICE LITTLE" RECORD- so! YOU THOUGHT you COULD ESCAPE ME, DID YOU ? PACDOM WHILE X ewjoy MY "LAST LAUC5H"— 1 CAM, YOUR. HOWOR AFTB2 A SLEEPLESS MIGHT, MYRA TAKEM FROM HE/2 CELL TO FACE CACSOKI'S

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