The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 1940
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 1(MO BI.YTIIEVILLH (AUK.) COVBIER NE\VS PAGE FJV> CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line [or consecutive inset-lions: Onp time per line ice Two times per line per dm 1 . ...We Three times per line per day...0<!c fiix times per line per clay 05c Month rale per line GQe Carcis of Thanks 50c & 753 Minliniim citpi-jG 50c Ad* ordered for three or six times mid stopped before pxpira- lion will be charged for Hie number qf times the add appeared and adjustment of l>i)l made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of tile city must bu accompanied by rash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will tic taken for more than one incorrect inser- -tlon of any classified art 1'or Rent t rooms and bail). Built in cabinet In kitchen, Electric Knugc, Kunwce heat. 120 Sycumore. Cnl| 326 or 852. 33-ck-i|7 2 room furnished apartment nnd garage. HOO W. Ash. ;jl-pk-2j) Two furnished rooms. Near bath. 701 W. Ash. Phone 208. 20-plt-?S 3 room furnished apartment,' Private bat|). Mrs. Wcrt, phone 357. 20-ck-ao Notice EE s" Work Willie You Slcepl Wake up before they dnmnge your properly. for Free Insprcllon Cull 502-W. Walker and Archer Stale Licensed Operators Hlafckom Ove Three apavtinents. Two lurnlshed, one unfurnished. 1510 W. Main St. 2<Jrpk"2;> Nicely furnished bedroom. 1017 W, Walnut, phono 1P3. IfNck-tJ 3 or 4 rooms for rent. Phone 110. 16-pk-l-lU Nice furnished room.' Adjoining bath. Innersprjng mattress. All conveniences, phone 030. 12-dn Welding Grain drill and tractor for rent. See Ben Craig or Paul Byrum. 0-ck-lf EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLENf WELDING g line and heavy well specially. Barksdale Mfg. Co. 3 ropm furnished apartment. Newly decorated. Garage. Close In. 120 Dugisn Street, Mrs. Belle Wood. Drag line ana heavy welding a specially. Comfortable front bedroom, outside entrance. Phone 351, 515 W. Walnut. l-ck-U Phone 19 or Res. 1019 Expert Electric and Acetylene WELDING Dragline and heavy welding our specialty. D. W. CRANFORD Pell, Ark. Phone 8-F-l' Wauled A FEMALE KITTEN TO REPLACE PET WHO DIED AND WHOSE OWNER, A LITTLE SICK CURT,. HAS NOT YET BEEN INFORMED OP THE DEATH. CAN PAY REASONABLE SUM FOR PRETTY KITTEN- AND WILL GIVE GOOD HOME. PLEASE CALL 303 AT ONCE OR G48J AT NIGHT. 2 room furnished apartment. ItiOl W. Ash. 2»-ck-ll i room modern furnished apartment. 1315 W. Main. 2-lck-tt Large comfortable bedroom, twin beds, 2 closets, steam heat. Men preferred. Phone 1, Mrs, J. G. Sncl- miry. 27-ck-tJ Rooms furnished or unfurnished. Newly decorated. Reasonable. 9H Kciirn. 20-|)k-3-2C Nice bedroom ronvenlent to bath. Steam hcnt. Phoiic 280. Ick-tt Unfurnished apartmer.t in Shane Apartment Building on West Main Street.. Call 571 or 197. 1-ck-tf Hardware Farm Loans Large or Small Al Low Interest Rales. \Ve are equipocd to handle large or smalh loans on any sized tract •j \ of farm (ana, M low cost, and at *' a low Interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blytheville, Ark Fuunrt \Vc Specialize In SWEEPING COMPOUND Shouse-Hcnry Hdiv. Co. i'hone 35 Repaii-iug Expert gun repairing. See E. M. bunion at in« BlylUeville Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 1S-10 Arkansas w ton Truck license. Number 224-"tf. Oivner may have same by paying cost of tills ad. Courier NWS Office. j WE FIX ANYTHING We Call For & Deliver Bicycles, Irons, Fans, Toasters, Hot Plates, Lamps, Upholstering. Furniture. Slip .Covers or anything you might have. Blytheville Fiiymture Co. 126 East Main Si. MULES Will Irarte for Mulrs, Cows, lines. Cattle, Corn, Hay nnd Lumber. Delia I|tt|)leiiu>iits, Inc. i Sre Hoyd Simpson 8-c)t-tl For Saio Hereford cuttle — ycnrllni; slem. heifers, nnd cnlves. Also cows wttl\ calves. Buy any number direct from owner, Inquire W. J. Monroe, Alula, Iowa. 23pk25 Tomato plants, cnbbaye, sweet <intl hoi peppers now read}'. Thcsp liave been growing In our urecn- hotlses and are free at disease. Ueaton's Home o( Flowers. 200 E. Davis Avenue. 21-ck-HBj Four head fine mules, will -sell cheap. Wiley Smith, lllirdette. )0-pk-4-19 rhone IK Battery Broilers iiAToiii;nv 1I.W. Cl North 18-pk-25 Baby & Started Chicks Custom Hatching Marilyn Hatchery lllylhevlllc Hiwy. in Nortii Stoves C. E. Cooper Furniture Co. 017 . First. F-iill lints slightly used Florence a ml Nesco Oil Stoves. Other Itctns—fuiniturc line. Near Ellis Brothers' Grocery. 20-pk-27 Curiosity Behind Meeting Of Switchboard Girls o. (up>— vcmiiiiiw CWloally hns nt latl forced 80 o( this city's pvlVBlo telephone uwltc'tiboard operalow lo form u M-lcii(lshl|) curb, The new oi'eiiuisnllon held its llml incellnB lor tho admitted purpose of leltlps Us inembt'is (Inil oul wlial Uio "volco nt l|\o otMr Wd Of tiiQ wli'ii" Iwltcd HHc. Hut wlion they did ggl logellw for tliulr ttrni personul oliM, bus- 8«fo . . Accurate Vour Fowler Drug Co. M»ln *. Fjrsl HI Ities.^ fas their chlel . , THQ Ideal employer, Ihc operators have decided, is courteous at all times, gives llowers occasionally, and haa n wife who will give her message to the operator yraon (he employer is busy. • Head Ccurlcr varit ads TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS H APPY UUUK GRO.& n nuuc uwvutr "• >V, »V.lll SI, riionr li Mldlown Manhattan belny "blacked out" by n iroincmloiis cloud of dense, Muck smofcu thai more than tlghl miles from a Ore nt Hie White Tin 1 Co. plant (it Kcniney. N, J. Note shadow O f smonu darkening entire width of Isliind. Canada's Newsprint Mills Sl| i' t ' l1 »i« ! >«i«'> t °< Angio-cminuinn n rp i, .-, "'" '""' I'll'Cl'. hound 10 lie Odequate MONTREAL diati newsprint industry is well fitted per cent more capucily uvntlnlilo which would bring our Canadian productive capacity closo to 5,000,000 tons without building another I I L GUARD OntumpfriM Only Gmihitilc U|ili>m^- Irhl In lUylliisvillt), <lli!SH'« Filled Correctly Wert Optometrist "HE MAKKS 'I'JM' SHE" Over Joe Isaacs' Sture I'honc 540 Vtm've Irli'd tho Ijcst, Nim try THE llliS'l* COAL LOWlilir ASM—HHIIICST HEAT REDASH&1O.OO DIXIE QUALITY UP. S6 95 (n,l) Blll'UltlOii YAllIi—i-UONB 701) PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock nuiirmilccd Heat Prices Kirby Drug Stores NIIIV l.oc.iicd ill fllciicoe flnlcl Kills ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EIJWAKI1S, I'roiirlelnr All Alulits uf Hehulll 'I'ypcwrlicrs, Aildlng Mnelilncs anil Calculalura—Ucii.ilrhiBr.-1'ui'ts Washing WtintciJ Family Laundry. All clothes was ed separately. Mrs. Mick, (Hlij Lake. -l-pk-4-4 Personal .Amuse Sliigfls!) Liver, woik off tlie bile to rid yourself of constl- oation, gas pains, and that sour, mink feeling. Ta'Ke one box of KIUHY'S ACT1VK v.IVEll TILLS 25c at &•. Kirby Storc-s Help Wanted 1340 Arkansas License Tag number 51-Q8C. Owner may' have same by paying cost of (his ad. Courier News office. Dairy Call 455-W-l tor orders ot milk, cream, or churned butter inilk All cows government treated. Hatsell's Dairy. lZ-pk-4-12 PUGILISTIC CHAMPION HORIZONTAL 1 Former pugilist . pictured here. 10 Cotton fabric. 11 Artist's frame. 13 FlpcK. 14 To exhaust. 15 Musical note. IB Self. 17 Drinking vessel. 18 Vestment. 19 A1i! alas! 20 2003 pounds. 21 Booly. 'i'i Congruous. 23 Squared. 28 Long ago. SO To restrain. 31 Irascible. 32 Crooked. 33 To griei-c over. 34 Recognized. 35 Each. 36DifficuU. 37 Successful plays. 38 Southeast. Answer lo Previous Puzzle 39 Klhcreal- fluids. 41 Animal food. •(2 Halite bird. •13 High reputation. •14 t'inaccoiis trees. •15 Conflict. •IS Mental faculties. 47 Not wild. •i8 Theater pathway. •19 lie is now in (Pi.). VERTICAL 2 Poem ol InmciUiUion. 3 Roman emperor. 4 Finish. r« Forward, (i I .ow lirlo. 7 To scold constantly. B Electric untl •9 Screamed. 12 Maze. 13 He' \v;is champion of the world. 14 Merriment. 17 Folding bed. 18 Arabian. 20 Cr.ival- 21 Knilting slitch. 21! To cook in fat, 23 Curl. 24 C od of war. 25 To dress glove skins. 2fi And. 27 Ho Jack Dcmpsey to win Ihe tille. 2D Ullercd revelation. 30 Vehicles. 33 Cautious. 34 Care:-:. .'IB Swnrm. 37 Seraglio 38 Spirit. 40 Venerable. 41 Clown. 42 Lichen. •H PisUpH. 45 Moi'scl. 47 Piilm lily. 48 Form ol "a." Wanted seven negro families to live on farm and perform day labor. I'ny 51.10 f or C | lc |, (jay worked. E<1. Duboise. Route 2, Mn- , ""n- 23-pk-27| Male Young men for Aircraft Factory work. Must be aide lo finance short training period. Write, giving age, education, clc., to Box "W.A." c/o Courier News. 22pk27 2 smalt Boston Terriers. Weight about 15 and 20 pounds. Black and Brindlc. Collars and Harness. Answer to names Blacky and Tiger. HEWARD. Call 3G3." 22-ck-25 and Board Room and board. Phone 1153. 16-ck-4-10 : : j SoVing ^^DJ Sewing A- slipcovers. Mrs. Smith Mrs. Blackwell, Arniorel. Phor. 936. 7-ck-4- Rcwiitly a British pilot crossed ! the English Channel in .1 sailplane. The trip look about 15 minutes. Ttrsstone STANDARD TIRES •OTHER SIZES — PROPORTIONATELY LOW At Today's LOW PRICES! A.s f.ovv As I'cr Week On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. jth Walnnl riionc S1U I'uip and Paper. "It Is mil necessary lo build im- otlu-i newsprint mill in Canada to nu'et additional demand The 1030 output of the Industr the Intent capacity has been used to supply increased clcinnnrt.1 up," he told the. local branch ol . to arise in the near future, Ur.ivcrsHy of Toronto ulumnl. , according to E. M. Little. Quchco "There Is still possibly 10 to 20 Read Ccnrlcr News wan The l)u!;c Wins WASH TIJDUS HY HOY CRANK 1 AM A PESPER«E ,'W,5 OUM 6TOFF \"s \ Blt MAM, PUKE. YOU I OUT OF VOL1R UHE AW REMEMBER TO TAKE ORDERS, IVE THEM OB SOMEBOW RECALL YOUR PRISOM RECORD BACK IN FRMKE AND HM6 W SENT TO DEVIL'S filAWO .if IF I WERE VOU, I'B -.STICK «VTD THE 3BVEIRV BUSIMES5 WEU, PRECIOUS, OW ABOUT THAT I'D EEC.-!' <30 VJ(TH , . KEEP AWW FROM DAU.6H16R. HIM, B\W. T3IAOBBOW. HY I-'KI'Ij) JIAIWIAN T VIORRXIW'A6OU-! RTDFR ftf4 WHILE. COUMD SAGGED I CAStW , S1E.613 HlfASELF ', BOOM.,. \VHATS THIS THIS BEATS\ A BOUT 6OIMG TO A , WftLKlN', /LAMP OF WARRIOR / EH DOC?/ WOi\AEN? YOU \ WOULDN'T FOOL A.H I OLD MAN, WOULD r>" YOU? r-^ "(, DON'T VOt) REMEMBER »OW, "™ E 5TORY OF HERCU1E - ANP WITH HIM): THINK OF ITI WHV, UNBELIEVABLE! AMD so is THE AMOUNT ~ ROUBLE WE'RE , LIK6LV MEET UP WITH.' ™ UMBEUEVABLEj f 1 it .eopa. \va air net tcniiV.'i-ic. T. M. RIO. v. BOOTS AM) IIGU KtlDOIKS «KD\O TO "rMVWeRtWb '. "\V\SS MW.tSl / VAt \W f\ MOW OM '.Wt I CAM 6\\il.- VOO \';> COOWW'T UUOER- 1!Y MEimil.I. TRECKLES. VXXILD u MIND IP N\R. F TAKES ME KOMe ? HE SAYS HE WANTS TO "TALK THINGS OVER WITH ME ABOUr - i;\u=KT" scot/r .' OO>JT HuRr>, Bur i' THIS IS TtRRiBLY L- _.jT?Njr ^ ro ME i v 1 SHRH T. HE SAYS HE'S ^ TALEMT SCCXJF AND HE WANTS TO GWSi HER A SCREEN TEST' I CWfT 1 THINK HE i 15 EirHEQ .' Bur HOAI DO WE FIND .OUTf WE'LL SCXJM HE IS'

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