Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 12, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1934
Page 3
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Thursday. July 12.1934 HOPE STAR/HOPE, ARKANSAS MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 821 Here's a tonst we want to drink to n follow we'll never know— To the fellow who's going to take our place when it's time for us to go Wc'wc wondered what kind of n chap he'll be and we wish we could take his hand, Just to whisper, "We wish you well, old man," in n way he'll understand. We'd like to give him the cheering word that we've longed at times to hear; We'd like to give him the warm handclasp, Which from a friend seems dear. Will he see all the sad mistakes we'cv made lost? and note all the battles Will he ever guess of the tears they caused or they cost? the heartaches which Will he Raze through the failures and fruitless plan? toil to the underlying And catch a glimpse of the real interest and the heart of the vanquished man? We dare to hope he may pause some day as he toils as we have wrought, And gain some strength for the weary task from the battles which have fought. ' But we've only the taiik itself to leave with the cares for him to face, And never a cheering word may speak to the fellow who takes our place. Selected by request. Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey McRne, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Duckctt, Mrs. William Glover of Malvcrn and Dorsey McRac Jr., left Thursday morning for a visit to the World's Fair in Chicago, New York City and other points of interest in the East. Girls who have not finished their home projects, and recorded them in record books will have a last chance to do so Friday, when Miss Taylor will be at the Home EC cottage from D to 11 o'clock. If it is impossible for you to be present during the above hours, get in touch with Miss Taylor and she will arrange to sec you The Clara Lowlhorp chapter, Children of the Confederacy enjoyed a swim and picnic Tuesday afternoon at the Pines swimming pool. About 20 members were present, chaperoned by the sponsor, Mrs. R. T. White. Miss Genie Chamberlain entertained with two tables of Bridge on Wednesday evening at her home on S. Main street as special compliment to Mrs. James M. Lewallen of Russcll- ville. Siimer flowers brightened the rooms. Mrs. Frank Hicks won the high score favor, and the honoree was presented with a lovely remembrance gift. Following the games the hostess rerved delicious ice cream with angel food cake. Sharing th*& : nospitalitjr of this delightful occasion were Mrs Harry Shiver, Mrs. Frank Hicks, Mrs. Jack Williams, and the Misses Martha Martindalo, Emma Green, Mary Jones, Elizabeth Ray Wiggins, Mary Alice Urrey, Imogene Ross, Mary Jane Wnt- son, Thos. Grady, William Lewis Beard and Marie and Linda Pctric. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Jones left Wednesday for a few days visit with Ray Morrison in Rlson, Ark. The Hope Garden club will sponsor a fall flower show, in which the entire community is cordially invited to lake pnrt. Attractive priy.cs will be given for different exhibits of flowers nnd July is the time for planting your fall zinnias, which you will find much more colorful than your spring bloomers. It is especially pleasing to sec the response from our citizens and nature now being manifest in a large majority if the lawns nnd public grounds of the city. The crepe myrtle is perhaps the most decorative of our flowering shrubs, growing to an enormous height and breadth and they arc a marvelous sight with their pink blooms in varying shades. The crepe myrtle thrives in hot weather and will remain a joy to the eye for some lime to come. Mrs. W R. Anderson and Mrs. K. G. McRno weer Thursday visitors in Hot Springs. J. R. Floyd and daughter, Winnie Lc wore Wednesday visitors in Nashville. Mr. and Mrs. Finley Ward and son Jobby left Thursday morning for a /isll to Chicago and the World's Fair. Mr. and Mrs. John Wesley Parker, vho have been the guests of Mr. and Wrs. J R. Floyd left Wednesday for visti in Nashville, Nathan and Mur- rcesboro, before returning to their lomc in Yazoo City, Miss. Misses Clarabcl Davis and Josephine VlcBcth of Kakoma, Ind., Mises Blanch 3oyd and Letha Cappock of Tipton, nd., nnd Miss Alice Walker of Wa>ash, Ind., who arc touring Miss- ssippi Tennessee, Arkansas. Louisiana Honda and Alabama spent Wednesday nd Thursday in Hope visiting Willard f. Licchlcy. o Miss Margaret Porter has returnee! Dick White Pars Hope Golf Course Foursome Witnesses It— Third Time Feat Has Been Accomplished Dick White, Hope insurance agent, paired the local course Wednesday afternoon—a feat which has only been accomplished three times in the 10- year history of the course. Tully Henry, shooting a 33, pnrred the course for the first time July 4, 19110. The course wns paired the second lime by Orville W. Erringcr in November, 1932. Mr. WJiite, playing in a foursome with Nick jewel, Gordon Campbell nnd Oi-vile Erringcr, shot par on three holes, made three birdies, and shot one over par on the other three holes f the nine-hole course. realism or whatnot, but It certainly'the front-pagers. Wyblc Wimberly, Evcyln Lewis. Sibyl Smith and Celebrating the birthday anniversaries of her daughter Gerardinc and son Emmet Jr., Mrs. Emrnet Whitten entertained at a party on Wednesday July 11 at her home on S. Grady street. Games were enjoyed and the honorces received a number of lovely gifts and delicious refreshments were served to the following young friends; Clovis and Mavin Honea, James G Dodson, Jack and Alice Guthrie, Mary Darnell Bearden, F. B. Ward, John Lee Womnck, Eunice L. Baker, Marian Crutchfield, Xiema Reynolds of Jacksonville, Texas, John Robert and Ophelia Hamilton, Maxine Wyatt, Ruth Marie and Doris Jean Kecnc, Mary Helen and Lctha Mae Crosby, Marguerite Drinkfellow, Martha Elizabeth Rikc of St Louis, Elizabeth Ellen and Oh—how they're enjoying the cool and comfortable— VOTE for your favorite when buying tickets today or Friday—remember these are CONTEST DAYS. NOW SHOWING W. C. FIELDS Baby LeRoy —and— Judith Allen "THE OLD FASHIONED WAY" It's good fun and you'll enjoy every bit of it. Cartoon News Novelty lome from a visit with her sister, Ylrs. Arthus Martin and Mr. Martin n New Orleans, La. GUNWOMAN (Continued from Page One) walking across the field to a patch of wodds on the west. He called to her, and when she die not reply, he ran to the shed where Brockinan was working. "Helen is getting away," he re ported. - Brockman said he sent Mnrlin to his room for his gun, and meanwhile tried to stop Helen, who broke into a run. By this lime Martin had rc- lurncd with the report that the roon had ben broken inlo and the gun wa: gone. Tlic fleeing girl vanished in the woods. Brockman then scnl Martin for shotgun, and they began a search o the surrounding territory for the fugi live girl. They found no trace of her and until Wednesday afternoon foum no one who had seen her. Describes Hold-up Shortly after noon, Mrs. Hazel Vam living on a country road about seve miles north of the farm, was held u by the fugitive. She described he experience to Dr Aday and Deput Sheriff Dewcll Raper. "I had gone to, the house for a buck ot of water," she said, "and she cam up and asked me.for a drink of wat or. I went into the house for the dif per and came back and gave her drink. She said, "It sure is warm," and the asked me, 'Can you drive a car?' Oi car was sitting in front. I said, N /la'am, I can't.' 'Sho turned away then and reached the front of her shirt. Then she urned back to me With a gun in her mid and said, 'Oh, you can drive and on are going to,. "By Ihen I knew who she was. I'd card that one of the farm women had makes up an evening's rather unpleasant entertainment. From Great to Sordid CHve Brook and Diana Wynyard, who made such a success in the clean nnd splendid picture "Cavalcade" had a less happy vehicle in "Let's Try Again." Now Cavalcade" was not exactly a l-'ilMl LllitL UIll; Ui ItlU Itll 111 WU1MI.-11 *!**« ot away and I knew she was dressed \ m ° uln - Pollyanna picture No more moving sequences have flashed across the screen in yenrs. High tragedy and heart-wringing sadness stalked thru the picture. Yet the public cheered it to the echo. Proving that successful pictures don't have to be all sugar and spice. But "Let's Try Again," was a horse of a different color. Here again is the story of a doctor and his wife, married for 10 years. They quarrel, and the wife, Diana Wynyard, seeks solace from Theodore Newton, her niece's fiance. Brook also turns to another for romance and finds il in Helen Vinson, a palicnt. Newton is then forced to end his affair with Diana to marry her niece, who is to have a child by him. Anything to "Cash In" Now this seems prctly sordid sluff, and Ihc facl lhat Diana and Clive go back together at the end of the picture doesn't take away the feeling that you sat through a pretty lamentable sesion by the time the ncwsrell comes along lo lake the bad lasle out of your n men's clothes and wore a hat. I urned and ran inside the house and lammed the door. Then I ran out (trough the back door and out to the ield where my husband was working nd told him what had happened." WHAT'S WRONG? (Continued from Page One) Here again the movie tendency to ''cash in" is apparent. One gangster picture is a success. What follows? A flood of gangster pictures, each trying to out-do the others in front-paging A medical picture is r success What follows? A whole series of pictures lending to Imply the doctors use their positions and practice largely a? a hnppy hunting grown in the preserves of love. Here again It is less any single pic- lure than the effect of repeated pic< lures, handling the same theme in much the same way, that gives a dis- lorled effect. Manager Is "Sewed Up" And the worst of il of course, Is that the neighborhood theatre manager usually has little choice. His pictures are booked in "blocks" which means that he has to take them as they come a- Ipng. Even if he thinks a certain picture is unsuited to his house, if it is included in his schedule of bookins he has to lake It House managers have told be of instances when they refused to show such a picture, even when they had recivcd il and paid for it, but it is,, not every manager who can afford!! this luxury, or who is conscientious 11 enough to care Greater liberty of choice by managers would enable them to furnish the kind of pictures the public really wants. And that would go a long way toward solving the industry's public relations problem. But in the meantime. ...NEXT: Some feminine stars have a millstone of criticized pictures around Iholr pretty necks, and may have to change their style completely. Their picture futures may be at stake. What of Mae West, Norma Shearer, Jean Hnrlow, Constance Bennett, Carole Lombard? She is operated on again in an ef- ort to save her life, but in vain. Nor does the medical profession fare nuch better in recent films even outside the walls of the hospitals. Theme Is Unpleasant "Doctor Monica" is a case in point. •Icre there was no particular offensive situation in the picture itself, but the general theme was regarded by many :is unpleasant. ' Warren William, who was married lo Kay Francis, becomes far too intimate with Jean Muir, one of Kay's friends. Jate, Jean lears that she is to have a baby. Kay, who plays the role of a doctor who is unable to have a child herself, promises to take care of the troubled Jean. Quite by accident she learns before the baby is born that the father is her own husband. Immediately she makes plans for a divorce, feeling that he should ninry Jean and take care of her and Ihc baby. But Jean, learning of this, commits suicide to keep Kay and Warren together. All of which maye be art or Ten widows of the War of 1812, 600 Mexican War widows, 5000 Indian War widows, and 160,000 Civil War widows arc still on the pension roll of the United States. Explains fully the marvelou Willard Treatment whict has brought amazing relic 1 , to thousands everywhere Willard's la designed foi relief of Stomach ot Duodenal Ulcer i, Pool Digettion, Acid Dyi- peptia, Gasilnesi,Souroi Upiet Stomach,Bloating, Heirtburn, Constipation, Sleep- lesstieat, Bad Breath, Poor Appetite, Htadachei, due to Excct* Acid, Ask about Willard's 15-Day Trial Offer. WARD & SON Coming SUN-MON. CLARK GABLE MYRNA LOY Wm. POWELL "MANHATTAN MELODRAMA" DOLLAR CHILDREN'S COOI SUITS DRESSES A smart firoup of suits iind dresses for the kiddies. Sizo.s .'i to 12. Formerly priced Ht 98c and S1.25 Ladies Cool Cotton Wash Frocks A full rangf of sires in dresses that formerly sold for SI.69 and $1.98 .allies While SHOES While they last! One lot of White Linen aid Pifc'- :-kin shoos. 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