Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 12, 1934 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 12, 1934
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This newspapct produced under dl- vlsiom A-2 A A-5 Graphic Aft* Code. Hope Star WEA'fHEft Arkansas—Partly clotidjf to unsettled, and continued warm Thursday nlfht nnd Friday; thundershowcrs Thursday afternoon or night In northeast 'portion. VOLUME 35—NUMBER 231 (AD—Mrnn* Aminclatrd Prr«« KA)—Mr mm Nnrmpniirr Mnterprl HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, JULY 12, 1934 "«r or Hope founded J889| Hope r«»r Prn», »«olldated an Hope Star, Jnnnnrr 18, 1029. PRICE 6c COPTfi EATON SLAIN: GUARD HELD Here and There -Editorial By ALEX. H. WASHBUBN- ft ft ft ft ft ft ft IT has finally happened—Arkansas' system of employing _ convict guards brings embarrassment to the prison administration because one of those guards on Wednesday shot and killed an escaping fellow convict, and a woman at that. ---------------- : -- - —til j n (h c ordinary course of events oricty would readily wash its hands of Helen Spcnce Enton, slayer of two men. and five times a fugitive from prison walls. She had, made n break for liberty, carrying it gun. She had left behind her a note swearing she ''would never be taken nlivc." Everything in the book pointed to the fact that her pursuers would, if they cared for their own lives, shoot Johnson Invades Farm Belt; Flays Borah Criticism "Wrecked League of Nations—But Not NRA" Says Eagle Chief CORRECTING EVILS Johnson Admits Justice of Press Constitutional Guarantee WATERLOO, Iowa -(/P)- Farmers heard Thursday from Hugh CJ. Johnson, militant Blue Eagle salesman, that all other government departments had not "done so much for you" as the NRA. In the first speech of his Western tour Johnson said his industrial machinery had put, 3 million city workers back on payrolls and added 3 billion dollars lo domestic purchasing power. Striking directly at Ihe projected speaking tour of Senator Borah, John- said said: "I understand Senator Borah intends to make a field day out of this summer by lambasting the NRA. No man has to a greater degree my admiration. "He and Hiram W. Johnson went out and busted the League of Nations in one speaking tour. "But he^won'Vbe.nblo to wy anything of n critical nature that we shall have corrected before hc gets it •uttered." Johnson said thai recent events in Germany had shown him "more clearly" why newspaper publishers have insisted on writing into their code "a clause saving their constitutional rights." "I say, however," he declared, 'there is no reason for their fears." first and ask questions afterward. Unfortunately the pursuer who caught up with her was himself a convict, acting as trusty guard under an Arkansas precedent of many years standing And the fact that under these circumstances Helen Spcnce Enton was shot nnd instantly killed, leads the Pulaski county coroner to file a murder charge against the other convict today. XXX Joe Floyd Is County Administrator Local Authority to Be Supervised in 10 State Areas Headquarters Claims New Move Will Cut Overhead Expense THIS IS DISTRICT 9 Hemp stead One of 10 Counties in Southwest Arkansas Area Chat's Wrong witk I W£ MOVIE? A return to the county-administrator system, with an aimed reduction in overhead expense and the supervision of 10 state districts from headquarters in Little Rock, was announced Wednesday night by the Federal j Obviously our system of volunlccr Emergency guards taken from the ranks of the prisoners is unfair to justice, the public, and Ihe convicts. A trusty guard could hardly shoot in plain self-defense without bringing down criticism on the stale, suspicion on its state prison, and a murder charge against the guard. All these very things have happened. Under the system of paid guards, hired outside the pcnilenliary farms, Ihe Helen Spence Eaton case would | red fro Drew county). be dismissed as simply the case of a I Pike—A. J. Meadows, Jr. (Iransfer- dospcrate woman criminal slain reach- red from Garland county. inR for her own gun. Sevier-F. S Vcnnblo. That's how the picture should have In District No. 9. looked Hempslead county will be a parl of Administration (FERA) at Lillle Rock. Joe R. Floyd, present disbursing agent, becomes county administrator for Hempstead, Administrators of neighboring counties are: Howard—J. C. Robertson. LaFayelle—S. M. Powell. Lillle River—Mayo Robinson. Miller—not selected. Nevada—H. E. Remsbcrg (transfer- . It is unfortunate that today's prison District No. 9, comprising 10 counties, pstcrn prevents giving the public, Ihe j *o be supervised by a field represen- cnilenliary, or the convicls an even! lalive out of Little Rock, according to rcak: XXX H is no f :)'H of. the nrnpenl stale ad- ninistralion or the current prison nnnagement. It is the fault of the people of Ark- nsas. We need an adequalc prison budget DeQueen Man Is Killed on Highway Police Dog Stands Guard Over Dead Master, Carl Suggs, 35 DEQUEEN, Ark. -(/P)— Guarded even in death by his faithful German police dog, the body of Carl Suggs, 35- yi^r-old garage and filling station operator, was found on Ihe highway less than a mile from here early Thursday morning. From the posilion of Ihe body and exlent of his injuries, it was believed Suggs had been killed by a truck on the highway. The man's shoulder had been ripped open, his collarbone anc one arm broken and his skull fractured, There were bruises and cuts about his head and body, and his arms had Ihe appearance of being scraped Sugg's body was found in the middle of Ihe highway aboul 5 a. m. by j twe Mena residents who were traveling Ihe highway in a truck. An inves * tigatien revealed no wounds tha might be attributed to a pistol bullet Sheriff Jim Sullon i,. inched an in vestigation immediately after beinj notified of the death of Suggs. A pro liminary examination of the scene re vealed that the body had not beci dragged along the highway. Slierif Sutton estimated the man had been dead about two or three hours, but one had been found who saw a ve hicle traveling the highway at lha time When officers arrived al Sugg' body, the dead man's police dog re fused to permit them to touch him They were prevented from makin examination until Sugg's wife ha called the canine away. a telephone message to The Star Thursday noon, from;' state FERA headquarter^},/.. ,. &v Counties in District No. 9 are: Hempstead, Miller, Nevada, Little River, Sevier, Howard, Pike, Polk, Montgomery and LaFayette. The state reorganization was effcct- ^ ____ ^ vhich will stipulate that no person' cd Wednesday night at Little Rock at erving a criminal sentence shall be llowed lo stand guard duty bearing Wife Seeking to Show Shank Crazy Hunts for Old Will in Which He Threatened to Commit Suicide AKRON. Ohio —(K>)~- A faded will, 1 years old, in which Mark H. Shank s said to have threatened to commit a meeting of department heads with Floyd Sharp, executive secretary, acting in the absence of 'State Administrator W. R. Dyess. No drastic changes were made in the reorganization, Mi 4 . Sharp said, but county administrators were or will be named in each of the 75 counties and they will be vested with full authority for promotion of the slate relief program. With few exceptions, the county administrative' program will continuf; along the lines which have been followed since April 1. Tentative appointments of administrators were made for 71 counties, with no announcements forthcoming for Pulaski, Miller, Lonoke and Grant counlies. 10 Districts Contemplated. Division of the state into 10 districts suicide "within 48 hours" was being ... planncd . Eac li district will be su- umted Wednesday through dust-filled | ised bj , fiold representatives sent flint: hv Shank'*, wifn :is the last WISP , ., _._,_ -tt: :_ T :i*i« n«rtlj. lies by Shank's wife as the last wisp of hope lo save Shank from Ihe elec- wishcs to prcsfi.it the '.ocumcnt to Arkansas authorities as proof ric chair. Airs. Shank from the slate offices in Little Rock. They will be supplied with technical help on approval from state headquarters. County administrators will be held Negro Cut in Two as He Misses His Hold on a Boxcar Phillandus Olden, 35, Little Rock, Dies Here Instantly COMPANIONS SEE IT Three Negroes Had Been Put Off Earlier Freight Train Here Phillandus Olden, 35-year-old Little Rock negro, met a horrible death here late Wednesday afternoon when hi attempted to board a north-bounc Missouri-Pacific freight train and fel beneath its wheels. His body was severed near the wais line, part of it was found lying in the middle of the tracks and the remainde a few paces away from the side o the rails. Two negro companions, Charle Bridges of Dallas, and Lonnie Gra ham of Ozan, witnessed the acciden which occurred just west of the Fris co-Missouri Pacific crossing. Olden and Graham had been in Dal las and were returning home, Graham tild officers they were put off a freigh hero early Wednesday and had spen the day in Hope . When a fast freight came through late in the afternoon, Olden grabbed at a box-car ladder, missed his hold and fell under the wheels. Relatives at Little Rock were notified, but it was decided that burial would be here Thursday afternoon. . Olden is the second negro to .lose $is r lif^ within the • last 15 months: Awhile trying to catch freights out of Hope. Clnrk Gnble nnd Elizabeth Allen in "Men In White," a picture which roused criticism with its exposition of love in a hospital. Films Picturing Hospitals as Hotbeds of Cheap and Sordid Romance, Each Worse Than Predecessor, Arouse Marked Public Resentment. ... V-fUUIlVy rtliiiniioiidtviio witt uv. »tv- «•-roof that the poiscii picnic murderer ^ rc ,p 0n sible. to district and s irsanc. Shank maoe that flea when | £ Mr gh said u is c(m _ 10 , W :!'" . l , ne l" B ; 11 '- ) , n :, Al ; k ;n f ° r V h , C J templated that field representatives po'son sloyings of Alvin wife and two children. Shank was haid by his wife to have tried on contempt pro.viliiig.-, in Common Pleas court by the late Judge PnlW hli lemplated oo >, will have general authority over the entire relief program, working under ing Mrs. Shank • ays Shank diclalcd sin -Aill to say "if ih'.'g;: don't clear u.i in 4S hour.s, I'll commit suiciie " ir,, i.v A. R. R >al; • OOPF not re^ul said today. Pie Supper Friday A pie supper will be held Friday the stale fiirector and his staff. Case work will 3e under direct supervision of the coui.ty administrators. The rurjl rehabilitation program will contirue under the direction of the rural c'ireclor in each county, but the count.' administrator will have final authority. It has been recommended tint the present rural personnel be coitinucd. No Vork Division Change. In the Vork Division, authority remains vested in the state office under 4-H Clubs Elect County Officers Claude Taylor, Guernsey, Chosen as President of Clubs House. Safe-Robber Shot to Death, Rogers Night Marshal Kills Unidentified Man—2 Companions Flee ROGERS, Ark. — (/P)- An unidentified man, about 35, was killed here early Thursday when Night Marshal Walter Dean discovered him at the office safe of an automobile company. Shot as he fled, the man dropped dead one block from the building. Another man and their woman companion fled. x-i. int aumJiri win m: iiiriu *.• i iuajr > . , / n n r • • i ' r -i night July 13, at Stephenson's School! supervaioi of R. C. Limerick. a»isl- ant adminstrator. The county administrators' ctities will be limited to assignment uid payment of work personnel. Sfleclion ami approval of work pro.ects and their supervision will not Ic placed under direction of the count.' administrators. "This reorganization," Mr. Sharp said, "effects no drastic changes. We are trying lo co-ordinate all relief activities ino one general program, to reduce adninistrative expense and to increase efficiency in the conduct of an adeqiute relief program." County-Wide Sing at Sardis Sunday get soaked hrvifY buying i Program Near Ozan to Begin at 1:30 Sunday Afternoon A counV-wide singing will be held Sunday aternoon at Sardis, five miles west of Ozan. Singers: and quartets from adjoin- inp countes are expected to take part on the jrogram. The ptblic is requested to bring song boots. The program will start ut 1:30 ('clock in the afternoon. Hcinpstead county 4-H club officers were made public Thursday as follows: President—Claud Taylor of Guern- Vice-presidenl—Wanda Scott of McCaskill, Secretary—Helen Fincher of Rocky Mound. Reporter—Susie Erwin of Rocky Mound. The county officers were elected at a meeting last week at the city hall attended by repreesntalives of the Rocky Mound, Guernsey, Washington, MrCaskill and Spring Hill clubs. The meeting was sponsored by Miss strator and Frank Stanley, county ag- strator and Frank Stanely, county agricultural agent. Cattle Rustler Leaves Hospital Negro George Jackson Removed to LaFayette County Jail George Jackson, confessed negro cattle rustler, who was shot three times and seriously wounded several days ago by Sheriff R. H. Duty of LaFayete county, was removed from Josephine hospital this week to the county jail at Lewisville. Trapped in a farm house several miles south of Lewisville, Jackson was shot down when he sought to escape the sheriff and two deputies by fleeing through a rear door. Jackson is charged with stealing livestock in ihe Lewisville area, ami then transporting them to Texas for sale. Bulletins BETHESDA, Ohio.—(#>)—A dozen persons were injured, none seriously, when (he porch- balcony at the Epworth Park hotel collapsed Thursday. • i • Hoosevelt Ready for Pacific Hop Inspects Canal Zone Preparatory to Voyage to Hawaii BALBOA, Panama— (ff>) —Sun-tanned and happy, President Roosevelt drove for an hour over the Canal Zone government reservation Thursday and talked with newspaper men. "I am having a perfectly grand time," the president said. He is making ready for the longest run of his vacation cruise—out across the Pacific ocean to Hawaii. Gunwoman Slain as Trusty Guard Winsjm"Draw'' Slayer of 2 Makes Good Boast "Not to Be Taken Alive" GETS A NEW DRESS New Gown Replaces Prison Denim in Last Rites for Helen < , LITTLE ROCK.— (/P)—-Coroner L. C. Aday Thursday placed a first ete" ' gree murder charge against Frank Martin, trusty guard, for the killing late Wednesday of He}en Spence Eaton, fugitive woman convict. The coroner said circumstances were such that he believed the grand jury should consider the case, and Governor Futrell's pffice concurred in this opinion. Russia to Repay Loans for Cotton 4V!> Million Deposited in Chase National at New York This is the fourth of a series of six stories by Dan Thomas, Hollywood correspondent for NBA Service on the current housecleaning in film-land. By DAN THOMAS NEA Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD.—Doctors, nurses, and hospitals teemed to occupy Iho al- lenlion of movie-makers during the last year as never before. And the profession came out so dis- linclly second best in most of Ihem that there was a marked public reaction against such pictures. Many of the audiences felt that there ought to be enough drama about Ihe grim routine of a hospital to make a picture, without shooting it full of intrigue. "Registered Nurse," was a typical example of how the movie makers could see no better chances for drama in a hospital than in a series of intrigues between doctors and nurses This film made out Lyle Talbot, a young doctor, a man who regards a constant procession of women as necessary to his happiness, and who discards one as fat a he becomes infatuated with another. Bebe Daniels, as the nurse, finally falls in love with him, only to discover that she is just one of the mob, and that the doctor hasn't a sincere note in his makeup. Vulgarity Tossed In . The theme, while not very edifying in itself, was further embroidered by touches of vulgarity by Vince Barrett, which proved highly objectionable to most people, and which seemed to me lo have no bearing on the story. "Men In White," was another hospital picture which received rattier wide condemnation despite many obvious merits and a direction and performance which were in many ways skillful. Clark Gable and Myrna Loy were the stars. The entire action of this play takes place within the hospital. And here again is an affair between Gable and a nurse. It's rather easy you see. Hospital, Doctor, Nurse, Man Woman, Love. No particular ingucnity is required to make a plot out of that. Anciher Mesy One In "Men In White" Gable, who is engaged to Myrna Loy, befriends a young nurse, portrayed by Elizabeth Allen. The nurse comes to his room one night to borrow a notebook. They chat for a few moments., then Gable tells her she had better leave and goes out himself. Miss Allun starts to leave, changes her mind, and then lies down on Gable's bed and the next time she is brought into the story she is in the hospital dying from the effects of an illegal operation. NEW YORK —(ff>)— The Soviet Un- .ion, ill was authoritatively learned Thursday night, will repay within the next five years the indebtedness of $4,500,000 incurred a year ago in the purchase of American cotlon. The funds have been placed on deposit in the Chase National Bank of New York. The cotlon sales were made lo Ihe U S.S.R. through credils granted to erporlers by Ihe Reconstruclion Finance Corporalion. The terms, granted in mid-Ju.ly 1933, wccr for one year at five per cent. While in the view of close observers theer is no connection between the two, the prompt repayment comes at a time when negotiations between the United States and the Communist nation for the sellemnl of Ihe c,H| lion of claims and debts, have reached an impasse. In the view of these observers, however, this impasse is only temporary, and they belieev the question will reach a satisfactory settleemnt before winter. First carried on in Moscow between Russian officials and Willi'im C. But- Jitt, the American ambassador, the negotiations have been brought back to Washington and, according lo reliable information, have proceeded the following lines: The Soviet Union proposed to pay a lump sum in lieu of all claims of the United States and its nationals—this including the Krensky d->bt, an issue of Czarisl bonds and Ihe claims cif industries for confiscated properties. The sum agreed on tenlatively, s'i!l subject lo furlher negotiations, approximated ?130,000,000. Anti Poll Tax Bill Is Passed by Long Amendment' Proposal Rushed Through Louisiana Legislature BATON ROUGE, La. -(/P)- Huey . Long Wednesday climaxed a long. series of successful maneuvers in the Louisiana legislature by employing a >it .of ^vaudeville to smackjbxou,gh the Souse of Representatives a consti'tu- ional amendment to eliminate the fl poll tax payment as a requirement for oting. Needing 68 voles for passage it went hrough 68 to 30. The amendment had sailed through he administration-cd(n|rolled senate with ease, but faced stiff opposition n Ihe lower chamber and proponenls here sent to the microphone as a climax appeal, Representative Jesse F. Lucas of Rapides, locomotive engineer by profession, clad in greasy overalls and a smoke-smeared cap Holding an oil can in one hand Lucas pleaded for the poll tax elimination on behalf of the working man and the fight was won when he exclaimed: 'I am here in the uniform of the people." The bitterest debate of the session over Senator Long's activity on the floor of the legislature preceded the roll call. Representative Pavy of St Liandry turning a scathing attack on uong who he repeatedly referred to as "our millionaire senator from Louisiana." Equal successes crowned the efforts of the Long-Allen forces on all other fronts during the day, devoted principally to disposal of measures dealing with Louisiana's election set-up. Action on special bills estimated to yield B. Newton House Damaged by Fire Flames Break Out in Rooi • But Are Brought Under Control Probe Is Planned LITTLE ROCK.— (7P)— A source close to the office of Prosecuting Attorney Carl E. Bailey gave out a report Thursday that a grand jury investigation may result from the ^killing o£ Helen Spc-nce Eaton, escaped convict who was shot down by a trvtsty guard late Wednesday. ' t The person who declined to allow use of his name said efforts are Being made to contact Bailey, who is on a speaking tour, to determine whether to cal a special session of the jury or wait until next month when-the jury convenes in its regular term., Many protests against the killing have been received at the prosecutor's office, it was said. Crodwd Passes Bier LITTLE ROCK — (fP)— Curious crowds filed, through a North Little Rock mortuary Thursday to catch? art* glimpse of the .;p!u]^gft;sti]ledj$ody of Helen Spence Eaibn, ZUyear-'old^slay- i-er^ of two niehi yho"3iad^ ~"~ boast she "woulii'.neyjer .be live" after her fifth escape from; j *£$• on. . '" ,e>' They gazed at the pretty face whitft bore no mark..of the! violent death which overtook her on a lonely couh- try road Wednesday when she attempted to draw a pistol as a trusty guard accosted her. The charge from the guard's gun. struck her behind one ear, death being instantaneous. Helen will be buried in a little cemetery near here by the undertaker unless her family claims the body. She will be attired in a pretty dress contrasting with the demin "work clothing she wore when she made her desperate dash for liberty. Beaten to the Draw LITTLE ROCK — Helen Spence Eaton, Arkansas' restless bad girl, was shot to death late-Wednesday by a trusty convict 24 hours after her fifth escape from the State Farm for Women at Jacksonville. She made good her boast in in defiant note found in her cell ''I'll never be taken alive " She died with a .44 calibre revolver stuck in the belt of her blue overalls a short time after she had tried to hold up a farm woman and compel her to drive her away. $7,440,000 a year in new revenue was j Th e killing occured on a lonely virtually completed, only the in-1 country road about eight miles from creased sulphur lax needed the senate the prison farm and four miles south- approval. west of Cabot. The house approved the Boudreaux- j After an extensive investigation of Peterman senate bill creating a stale j a n the circumstances, Dr. Lawson C. 'corrupt practice" act to regulate e- j Aday, county coroner, exonerated the lections, after it had been amended, trusty guard, Frank Martin, age 33, n the senate in line wilh suggestions nade by Senator Long and endorsed by him. A bill lo regulale employment of the who killed her, and returned a verdict of justifiable homicide. Spectacular Flight The fifth escape of the 22-year-old 'dummy candidate" device in elec- i shanty boat girl from the White river lions, which house anti-administra- ; counlry was the most spectacular and of all tionists said "had been amended until | the authors requested that it be killed," was voted through, 61 to 34. Ford Dealers Are Meeting in Hope 15 Dealers From Zone "H" Hold Luncheon With Memphis Executive her flights since prison for her second determined she went to murder. She got away about 3:30 p .m. Tuesday after oblaining permission from Ihe farm malron, Mrs. Corinne Barr, lo go lo Ihe house from Ihe strawberry patch, where she was hoeing, to take some medicine. She look the medicine, then slipped over lo an oulbuilding and managed somehow lo unlock Ihe door of the j room occupied by the trusly guard, Martin. She stole his gun from a shelf where he habitually kept it. Sees Her Walk Away Martin had' been assisting V O. Brockman, farm manager and husband of the superintendent, in the light The 15 Ford dealers of Zone "H", comprising southwest Arkansas, are meeting wilh Memphis divisional ex- . plant nearby, but had gone to another ecutives of Ford Molor company building on an errand. A few mom- (Continued on page three) Fire breaking out in the roof ser ici.sl;- damaged a vu • i it brick nous on South Main stret at 2 o'cloc! "Ihuibday afternoon It was known as the Basil Newton home., and WHS occupied until about a month ago by Mr. and Mrs Kinai'J. The blaze was first discovered when a Uui-k puff at smoke rolled out oC the roof. It cleared away, but was followed immediately by another puff with blazes. The fire was brought under control ufter threatening two additional Thursday noon at Hotel Barlow, Hope Auto company, local dealer playing host. In the Memphis party are: Assistant Branch Manager Hicks; Mr. Adams of the commercial division; Mr. Rice of the service division; Mr. Graham, zone representative; and Mr. Shaeffer, manager of Universal Credit company. Fcrd dealers attending the meeting are: Mr. Dryer cf Texarkana; Mr Stet'le, / <hdown; Mr. Marks, ElDora- do; Mr. Davis, Slamps; Mr. Warnock, Magn •,... Mr. Denman, Prescott; Mr. Allen, AiKadelphia; Mr. Fears, De- Queen; Mr. Bransford, Murfreesboro; Mr. Dunklin, Nashville; Mr. Hansard, Camden; Mr. Menlon, Gurdon; Mr. McDonald, Bradlsy; Mr. Peek, Dierks; and Tom McLarty of Hope ents later he saw the convict girl (Continued on page three) Markets New York October cotton was less active in trading Thursday, after reaching a high of 12.92 for the day, tumbled and closed at 12.78, a loss of 20 points from the previous close or ?1 per bale. Little Bock Produce Hens, heavy breeds per Ib ....8 to 9c Hens, Leghorn breeds per Ib ....6 to 7c Broilers per Ib 13 to 18c Roosters per Ib 3 to 4c Eggs per doz 10 to 12<:

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