The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 1940
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MARCH 23, 1<MO E (ARK.) COURIRR NE\VS Miss .Leigh Signs Scarlett Contract | Inslitutcc) Greatest Talent Him I In History Of Hollywood .lust before Christmas a year ago r. huge ten-foot, replica of "Clone with the Wind" tlpd up wilh a blue ribbon v.-ns delivered to Die Hollywood, home of David O. Sel/iild: ll bore a placard rcadinii, "Open at, once." The putted younis pixxlucer lifl- «l Ui« massive cover, and started <loivn at a stniiiKf (jlrl, dressed In a Stcen dress of (he Civil War Jj-rlpil. She smiled and said, "1 am Tlcarlett O'ltara from the pages of 's>one wllh Die Wind. 1 •• No. it, was not Vivien Leigh, who won Ihc role. That would have been mom unbelievable timn the way In which Sol/nick really found Mks l^'ieh. The girl in the ten-foot book v:«s one of the thousands who attempted lo secure the role of .Scarlett, licii was the most novel ellort during the long search, ami it was one of the few lauuhs SelMiIck got. out of that hunt. Most of the time, the talent chase brought n scries of headaches to (lie persistent producer, who admits, however, that he would do it all over again if it were necessary, , An Expensive Search Few chapters out of Hollywood's history have paralleled thut search for Scarlett. U cost a pretty penny -492,000 lo be exact. This is S«,000 more Hum Selznlck paid for ilie screen rights to Mnrgarcl ,^'itchell's best-selling book, it also is more than nine times the 510,000 spent on tesis to cast nil of the other thirty-nine leading roles In the picture, but Sebinick feels it was the most successful lalent search in all Hollywood's hLstor- The search did not actually unearth a Scarlett but it covered the field thoroughly and paved the way for the actual casting. Along the way, it also made possible the dis- coveiy or a number of other girls who blossomed Into screen favorites all over Hollywood as a result 01 testing ror the "Gone with the Wind" part. The search for Scarlett was actually the public's Idea, Selznick reveals, mien "Gone with tlu Wind" became a sudden sensation. renders started sending in unsolicited selections as lo Ihe casting, and Selznlck decided to find out the trend or opinion, lie openly Invited more, suggestions. .For nearly two years'ii staff'of''girls' had to /i-'iipile votes, and.aid In answering letters. Tlic first, year of the search, Miriam Hopkins was the favorite with Margaret Sullivan second. The second year the lead was taken by Bette Davis. But as many letters were received urging a new Slrl be given the role as the total for all other actresses combined. This confirmed Sclznick's opinloi. that a newcomer shouldl play Hit role, Hn.OW Feet of Trsls Murgarel Mitchell had described Scaiielt minutely, and Seknlek's hope was lo find an aclress who looked like (he heroine and could stilt give a good performance Thousands of readings were given. Every girl whose letter showed intelligent seriousness In seeking Hie role, or who sent n photo resembling Scarlell was interviewed, despite the fact that the mall was pteggering. For this purpose, three '-TtiterK were, set up, one iu New York, one In the South, the third in Hollywood. Tests alone consumed 140,000 feet of black and white, and 13.000 feel of Technicolor film. The fact Hint (he Scarlett O'Hara role is the longest over created for a picture did not make Selznick's job easier. This fact is shown m the finished production, which contains eighty-five sequences with Miss Leigh appearing in ninety per cent of all scenes. The picture actually stnrled without a Scarlett. The first big scene wns the burning of munition storehouses in Atlanta, re-created on the studio's "back lot" of Forty Acres. Atlanta had to be burned thoroughly at the beginning of the schedule to make room for oilier big sets. When Selznick gave orders to set a match to Atlanta he knew he was placing himself in a spot, because this meant the official opening of the picture and Scarlett had to be working on a stage no further away than two weeks. -^His associates urged him lo sign T?/ one of the many e iH s ), e i lac ; tested. He had a choice of a number of established players. Selznlck shook his head, saying he had a Jmnch a Scarlett would sJiow up before actual eamera. work started. The producer's associates replied that il was sheer folly to think he could find her In two weeks when he had failed to do so in two years. The night of the Atlanta fire scene, the yoiuig producer stood watching camera crews record the conflagration when someone touched his sholder. It wns his brother. Myron, a leading player's agent of Hollywood. "David," said Myron, "1 want you to meet Scarlett O'Hara." Selznlck turned, believing his brother was "ribbing" htm. He /aced Vivien Leigh, English actress visiting in Hollywood. She had ?^(d "Done will) the Wind" and WTK keenly ambitious to play Ihc role, although she believed she hadn't one chance In a million. But one In a million is often good W'R^M'-V.Vi^H'..*-' -•...«,...-....^- ... \ .^:^'-.'. : ; ';•',' , . \ jra'jvix'^A;;.H.,V.^V.--..•..•,';,:-..,,. ,\, ... ^i ••""•''• '• •'•••• •'.'• * 1 Osceolu Society -Personal TAGE THRE» I'M)' Si'iuiis to Orcunl/c A mirlmjr u f Die Iwy.s wKvlixl fov membership in ui,.' | WO )!ov S?oin ti«i|]s m ho "riiuni/.eil In Osceolu K sol for next week no- cordtnu lo !•:. W. IMcV.urd. district cninmisilimu' [01 South Mississippi County. ; The boys in Troop ntnnbi'r (ifly- .oui' 01 ivliieh ohiiilc;; P. Mmilcy | U Bi-iHituuister mid Kobm )1. Ken' di ick thi nssislnw. srrmtmiistfT iiic jiMllcd iu im-ei at seven-thirty o'clock ut tin- Osmiln Community ! llmiM' on Tlunidiiy iili'.ht. Mai-eli | lwi'!ily.<'i|;tuli. i Mfinticis of Troop number lifiy- I two <(' («• l<\| by Kcoiitmnsler i-vd i Smith ami :is.;lilcil by Steve Kalph 'lire ;i-'ki-d 10 mci'i onMujiilny iiipht old mn of Mr. ntul Mrs. Call Oorc, who wns nei'idonlnlly struck by nn automobile as he wns ci'ossini'. Ihe stiwt on Mnlo Avenue two weeks n«o. liiis bmt found to IniVe n fracture of both bones In the leu ubave Ihe left ankle, lie wn.s put. In a i fast. Thiii'xlny nioruliit!. He re- Uelvixl culri nnd bruises nt Ihe lime of Uu> iieeldenl ami was itlvni nn iinll-telnnus shot of scrum mill no rnmplleinlons nrc expected from | these wounds. nnd SCAHJ.KTT S I G N s — l>rwluiTi- llaviil 0. .Srlvnlek sinus Vivitn I.i'ish for the mle ot Srar- It'l O'llnrn In "Gone Hill, Hie Wind" after n sciiri'li In wljleh MOO l.ili>s were hitrrvlrwi'il for the JM eiiveleil role In llollywonil liislnry. U'ltli (he in-mined anil star eslie lluti'iird, who enuels (hi; |:urt of Asliley Wlllu-s in (l,e c( .|c- Ualcd M't'iiiirvl. Milclirll. xlm-.v, ami Olivia il,. iJiivilliinil seen as Mclnine Hamilton, llelim', Miss l.i'lBli as slu- iipnriiT.i in tile rule uf Seailett. iinil ut lower IcH, a sa-ne lu-lwecir Searlelt um| KliHt lliiller, played Ity <;larli <;ii|,te. enough. Selznick saw in this half French, hair Irish actress the counterpart of Scarlett O'Hara, who rad the same lineage. When she •poke, her English accent was net nilikc the soft speech of the South. Belznick remembered n book Mrs. Mitchell had .sent him. n wiis by Stark Young and one chapter was devoted to the relationship between English and Southern ac- :cnts. Sclznick said. "Go to the v;arcl- robe department Immediately and put on Scarlett's dress. Weil tnke i lest of you tonight." The next day Hie long search, for Scarlett. O'Hara had been ended and Miss Leigh wns preparing for the grcat- Jst adventure of her career. Motorists Get Weather Data In Bay State BOSTON (UP)—Hereafter Massachusetts residents and motorists Kill learn of threatening weather conditions through Ihe cooperation of the state police and the Uostoti .vcather bureau. As result of the paralyzing of traffic Feb. 1-t by a blizzard, Gov. Leverett Sallonstall approved a plan by which the police teletypewriter system would be used to warn or approaching storms and to give road conditions. Under the plan, the weather bureau will—as far in advance as possible-advise the state police of Impending weather disturbances. This Information then will be sent by tcletyiwvrller lo the 22 police barracks, the registry- of motor behlclcs, the state public works department and the states of New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Con- nccticut. All state troopers will report the progress of the storm to their stations and the Information will be relayed to the Boston headquarters" Read Courier News want ads. Georgia Next On 'Clean-Up' List (Continued from Page I) D. Rivers as chairman of tho highway board, charged In a radio address this week that Evans had operated an asphalt monopoly and that his. Miller's, unpopu-j larity with Rivers' "Little Nc'vl Deal" administration began whraj lie incurred Evans' disfavor oy( "breaking up tin's monopoly." Rumors ot a widespread federal investigation into Georgia affairs received additional support when il was recalled that Rogge. when he k-ft Louisiana after helping wreck the Hucy Long political empire, warned that "another place" would be cleaned up similarly. He did not definitely promise such an investigation yesterday but. significance was read into his re-' mark that "the criminal division of the department of justice Is organized for the service of the people of Georgia ns well ns the other 47 states." Improvements Contemplated On Gol{ Course If Membership Increases An intensive membership drive is to be waged at once for members ol the Hlythcvillc Country club, It has been announced followlnt;' a meeting or the ohib at which ex- Iwislve phins for spring and sum- nifi- activities were muds providing HIP membership can lie enlarged. U Is planned to secure n new pro anil to make several improvement* to Ihc course which Include alternate greens in grass. A small practice putting green of nine holes in grass has been laid out In froiH ol the club house for practice. This Is creating much mlerest especially for (hose golfers who often plrm oti other courses where Ihc (ji'cens are In grass instead of sand. Plans nrc r.lso belnj; formnlnled lor Joining a league or Southejisl Missouri golf dubs, which includes ffayti. Kcnnctl. Cnnuhersvllle and other towns of thai section but iiotliinj definite will be done until the membership drive Is completed. The membership committee fs mndc up of J. A. Leech c W Affllcl:. u. A. Lynch. Tom Florida of Csceoln. Cecil Shane Byron Morse, n. P. Kir.shner. \v. M , Scruggs, C. A. Cunningham Russell Phillips and W, J. Pollard. The new Vultcc fighting plane "Vanguard." with a 1GOO horsepower engine, has a lop speed of about. 40 Omites mi hour. Tlie maximum armament, that il cnn carry is 10 machine guns and 10 small bombs. Iwvnly.Jiilh. i It. C. McNnlj nf .lonesboio, scout I exc'cutn'i «l ihe Norlheust Avktvn- fiis Cmm.-ii wns In Ocmiln Thurs- diiy nuid-irliiB with lenders let'.nnl- , inn ill-lulls 1,1 iht> prouiinn lo be 1 beijmi next week. Tl>:il>bri.s I.IMVC lor Ivnster For tin- tirst time In UK. history | of the .school the city sch<iols arc j tjlvinu ioilny nnd Monday for the ' EUSUT holidays In order to penult | teachers mint; Hi n ulslemci- lo jjo home. Among lliosg iivnllliiK themselves of this privilege me W. 11. Gardner, superintendent of the Grade Seliool. who left Thursdny ai'tciwwn to spend the lime wild his pin-i'Jiis In Hot Sprlncs. He wns accompanied by Conch Front Jones who will visit his parenis, .n Comvay, Mr. ami Mrs. K. S. I'neknrd and children. F-stelle nnd Mnry Ji'iin, drove ID Alnmo for n visit wllh i\trs. I'ncknrd's parents. Mr. and Mm. K. p. Austin. Miuy Jenn will remain over for 11 lonecr visit, wllh ier n'iinilpnrcjils. Mr. nnd Mrs. I'ni'kiirii were accompanied as fur as Memphis by Mtss Christine Polii- dexter who left for n visit in ohieveport. Ui.. anil by Mrs. Louise 'ressiin. who Is lo spend Ihc dnys with her mother, Mr.s. Thmnns, in .Illun, Tcnn. Miss Mnry Giutldlng is In Mom- Jhls for the vnenlloii period with ner parents. Mrs. Jolm li. Miller eft for D.versmirj; Tliiirsilny aflcr- loon for n visit wllh her daugh- cr, Mrs, J. Paul nulre! and Dr. Bnlrd. Bile will return Momlnv. . . Tin 1 Ifev. 1,. •)•. LIIHTCIKV. pus. lor ot the Pri-sbylwliiii (Jlnireh, •.vlll beiiln a series ol u-vlvn) si'r- vices iH tin- Uussott 1'resbyteiliMi Ohurch on Sunday nlp,l\l, March tweniy-fouvth contlnuhip, ihroMKh Minch ililily-dist. Tin- Rev. Lawrence Is pastor ol jlhe Owoolii nnd liu.wett. ehuivlics. Oitl-ol-town iitti/rni'.vs who »t- lindi-d «)ur(. IHMV iiil» week were Wlls Davis ol Memphis; O. A. I'Viillieiiitono or jMiirphifPsboio, Aik.; H. O, Doulmm mill J E Llfihle bolh of Llule Ho<'k. R. II. Hums nnd Miss Mcv, Rln- i-iiW arc In Mm,, Rock lodny nt- tetidlnt; a Hudio TrnlnlUK Hi'Umil conducted by John A. linker of Wellington, U. O., who Is with ll»: United .Slnle.s ncpiulmi-nt of A))rleul(uii-. unil In ArkiniMiM for a few weeks work with Hie- Klnlo ejdeusltni dcrmi'tniem. J. O. PMIIellon of UHIc- Rocli. dislrli'i m;i!nt. for the Auilcullurnl I'.'xtenslon Borvtec. wns in town Thii:fdny. Mr. mid Mrs. Joe KOit lioweri have moved to West Memphis wheiv he will be nssodnleil \vitli an Insurance nyciicy. jerlntcmlent of Houston parks. Mrs. Sieve Itiilph Is a patient III the Methodist Hospital In Memphis whore she wns operated upon lor appendicitis Wednesday. Mr. . Knlph ic'itmlncd with hor Wednes- jilny find Thmstlay, j I Jr. II. C. Dminidson and wife of | HiiblnsvlUe, Miss., linvi> liepji the jlliicsts (it his sister, Mrs. O. W. |Kiil|;ht nnd Mrs. Knljjht this week, i l<. W. Wnllcrs nnd Judge S. 1, • Cllndlsh are expected home todny | troin Mutiki'tton, Mich., where Ihey linvc visited Mrs, Anna A. Wallers I mother of Mr. Wiitleis. Mrs. Wai-' i tors formerly lived In Wytlic'VlHe I Mr. ami Mrs. W. R. Hunt wlli ] spend Hiisttv with Mr. and. Mr$ .•I. N. Ihini In Tupelo, Miss, ( Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Ilowen nnd dnur.htor. Jennetle, nn<| Mrs. Psibr/r A. While will KO to Mena, Ark., to l)i! the Kiirsis of their sinter, Mr.s. ,,', (iiviiltncy nnd Mr. ClwnK- ' ni'y. Ml.'« I'nlty Atkins Is In Memphis, for the weekend with her uncle t 0. K. Atkins. i Mr. and Mrs. R, v. Mmkli-ii i [dvovo to CiuHport Tlnntdny for the '' iHilldnys with their son, liny Mad- • Britain's Cabinet May Get Him Back Today's War Fashion Hint French Cabinet Maps War Strategy (Continued from Page 1) be uvoidcd. there was no suggestion that nvoidnnce would be possible. The Hichtlst group* were hostile nnd Ihe .radical Socialist party, on which the entire cabinet Is based, has withheld Its complete adherence to Reynaud's policies. Nc\\spapera representing centrist opinion in politics took the line that yesterday's chamber vote was really not so unfriendly as It seemed. Abstentions from voting confidence In Roynaud, they held, must be Interpreted not ns constituting a hostile attitude but one of reserve, pending the exposition of Reynaud's policies. Rightists, however, said that the new government wns of leftist tendency. Attends Sister's I-'uneral Mr. and Mrs. j, H. Hostlck urn expected home lortny from Prank- in. Tc-iiii.. where liiej' have been .'or the umcnit of Mr. Bosllck's sister, Mrs. Itoberl Hcriiert. who led nl the Vandcibllt Hospllnl In N'nshvillc Tuesday morning follow- ig nn operation three weeks HBO. Mr. nml .Mrs. UOslick were cnll- -'d to NflKlivllle on Saturday morn- ng on iiecoiint of the serious con- .•Illlon of Mr.s. Herbert nmt reumln- d with her. Enters Mnlli'iil School Eldon Falrley, son of Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Fnlrley of this city, ind Prnnk Crlllendcn .left Monday .or Memphis where bolh entered he University of Tennessee Medical Seliool ;il the spring qiinrCer for the four year; in int'dl- clne. Mr. Palrley was yrruhmted from . 3 lillllps Unlvei-slly, Enid. Oklu- lonia, In January, while Mr. Crlt- tenden Is u. grnduntc of Ihe Unl- I'erslly of Teiim,'.s.sec nt Knoxvllle. .Mrs, Crlltenden is the forincr llary Sue Ilnle. dmiglitcr of Mr. uul Mrs. Charles Hale of Nodeim i'lantnllon. She will rcinnln with .ier pnient.s for Ihe present while ier husband Is in school. * * - ;n:ili(,lilnc in Mexico Mr. nml Mrs. A. J. Florida nre enjoying n vacation and visit In Monterey, Mexico, as guests of Mr. Florida's limit. Miss Siirnli Ilnle, jlimccr Baptist missionary, tejicli- cr. author and editor of Monterey. Before (jolni; to Mexico they also visited a sister of Mr.s, Florida's. Mrs. Floyd Chnffln of 'oleinnn, Tex. Her husbnnd, MIL- IZev. Floyd Chiiidn, formerly of Wilson, it pnstor of the First Iliip- 1st. Churcli In G'olemnn. From Colcninn they went lo Mineral Wells for n 'visit wllh n brother. Mr. H. J. Welch, milliner if the Mineral Wells Hold. They return next week. Have Ilaby Daiighlcr Mr. and Mrs. Tnd Nunley nrc he parenu of a baby girls born at jtlielr home in the Driver Apnrt- ' nients on Friday. The baby wclfihcd clRht pounds. Little Bobby Ck>re. thrce-ycar- FOR SALE SPECIAL BARGAINS G room cottage On Kentucky, Nlcc : home close In. Price $1650. $251) cash, bal. $15.00 month, includes Interest, (axes and insurance. j Mr. and Mrs. Prnnk McDonald nnd dnuyhler. lielhiuiy Ann, of l.lttle Ituck. nrc expected today for the Busier vacation with thclv parents. Mr, nnd Mr.s CleorM! Doyle, Memphis visitors Wediie.silny mid Thursday were Mr. nnd Mrs, ». M. e'lclchcr, Justus Kdrlni;ton, Mrs. Welhy Young, Mrs. T. V. Conner. H. I!. Fleli'her is In Memphis on business tnduy. Alice Kll/abetli Fletcher of Murke<l Tree Is the (jitcst of Hetty Ann WblUvorili this week. Mr.s. Robert Sunnier mid children, Mary li, and llobert Olnrk, It'ft. tor l.lltle Hock for n wuek's visit with her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. A. T. Strinufellow. Mr. Strliru- [ellow drove over for her Thursday. Mr.s. Strlnufelloiv. who tenchi's In Ihn Little Hock .sehnol,i will ictiirn with Mrs, Simmer next week nnd spend her Spring Vacation here. nonnn Hue Driver, who Is n Junior at Hie University of Arkniuns, nrrlved home Thursday nluht for Hie Enstcr vnctitlon with her mother, Mrs. K. E. Driver nnd faintly. Undsey Driver, who teaches In Iho 111. Dorrnlo lilgli school, spent last week, with his mother mid finnlly. Mr. and Mis. F. 15. 'I'onipklns nnd dauiihters, Martha and Jenn, drove to Mnrlon, Aln. todny lo uc- cimipuny another dnuuhler", Mnrlon Tomphlns a student. In .ludson College In [hni clt.y, ntul her cousin, Mnrlon Tompklns of Uimlutle, home for Hie SprhiK holidays Mrs. Louis • Nalllliie Is seriously 11 nt her home on Hale Avenue wllh nn acute Infection of the nose and thront. Lillle Kllrjibelh Ann Onllowny, diuiljlilcr of the Rev. and Mrs. Pnu! Qnlloviiiy, lias been III ibis wi'ek wllh nu nnd raid. Aullnlr Hfli'hcy, Jr., Is III wllh llu »l Ilk home on Hi-o.idmiy. III.i •iramlmollicr, Mrs. O. R, Brlckey Is nlso 111 with llu for the pnsl two weeks but Is Improved todny. Mr. and Mrs, T. E. Schooler have returned from n three weeks visit with relatives In Shrevcporl, l.n Dallas, Texas, Onlveston nnd Houston. They were guests of tiielr daughter, Mrs. J. p. Morchend and Mr. Morehcnd In Dnllns, and of Mr. Schooler's brother, A. n Schooler In Houston, Texas. Mr. A. rt. Schooler has recently retired from twenty ycnrs services ns sup- •SOi E. Davis. 7 room stucco. $1750. | Owner says "sell II." $3oO cash.! bat. S21.00 month. Powo-wloii to- • ttnv. Foreooding and sinister is this . latest war fashion, issued recent- i l.v in PI rif to anti-gas squads. 0( specially-treated oTack paper. It is so light that several reserve suit* may be carried On Highway 61 — 20 ncres and handsome brick residence. All conveniences. This home Is new. Price $0,500; gee us for terms. Thomas Land Co. ] Sole Atfts. I 22-ck-20 Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OF Safe Driving! Snfe motoring Is the aim of every driver. Then, why not ns- surc yourself of llik safety as fnr BS your nutomoblle \s concerned. Drive in nnd let our mechanics put your car In shnpe for any driving. The cost Is reasonable nnd the work guaranteed. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th t Walnut Phone. 810 , junior In cuiU Const MIU- den, tnry Acitdi'iuy. Me, mid Mrs. IV. W. !>IMV|U nnd son. Dick l>riHvill, iiccoinpnnled by Mr. 1'iewlir.s ulslcr, Mrs. Hairy Milter left Tliui-Mluy for Uwln (1 . inn, Ky,, ID fe Bursts of Mrs. I'lOWllt's 11111)1.1. Mrs. T. 1). i'lley and Mrs. C. M. Compion. Mrs Mil- Ier will visit her only cousin, Mrs, E. I., cnsskly, Mrs. K. A. Ten ford, who WHS operated upon tit. the Methodist Hospital In Memphis for appendicitis lust week wns brought home Twsdny n![dil. She b much 1m- ;roveil but confined lo her home for several more dnys, W. 1,. Powell of Hnytl, Mo., has •i-i'lvcd lo take up his duties us cashler-opernlor at tile Frisco clc- ;ot, ills wile and children will re- null) 111 Iliiylt i m i(| (lie ?\ ox O f i school. • ''0' / .'" < >'^W t ^ • ,An expected British cabinet slitiliotip may bring Davtd Uoytl George (above) bnck into public lifes In (in irnpoi'tnnt posi, possibly ns Minister ot Supply. The World Wijr • Premier Is called Prime Minister Chamberlain's "(ice In (he hole" to offset nirrenl erilicism of 13rilnin's c-ondiicl of tho wur. Nazis Urging More Aid From Rumania (Continued from Page n nid hurinony, I'lvu oilier members of the NH- llnmil I'eiisanL party, now dissolved, wero taken to Ihe same court and liiesiloncd, Klnit Cntol stave n further definition »f Riimiiiiinn policy In n speech nlKlil. In the throne room or his palace lo n senate clele- snllon led by his son, 18 yenr old Crown Prince Mlchiicl, The occasion was (he, presentation of the Jennie's reply to the king's recent speech nt (he opening of parliament. Michael had become » sen- (Uor on Ills I8t|, birthday last Oct. 'a. "All Hiimnnlnu activity ul present .should bo dominated by meet•nil the ncds or the armed forces" tin.- klnit said, "nnd nil efforts 'and sacrifices should bo made for the iiiitluiial defense," Washer Need Tuning Up? JUST ttl'VK US A CAM, von EXI'KKT WASHING MACHINE SKKVICE —All Miikcs— PHONE 233 We Imvc secured the services of Mr. Plillllp Frit>, n factory trained Mnylng Service Mnn HAROAWAY API'UANCB CO. Service On All Mnkr.s Itndlos— KcfrlKonitors 2rm W. Mnln rliune M;t To Present Pageant Af Negro Church Tlie llclhel A.M.E. (negro) Church will present, an Easier pnrr- ennl "The Third Uny" at Die church Sunday night nl eight o'clnch. The public Is invlled by Ihc church olllclnls lo nllcml, Rend Courier Mows want (Ws Fleet Joyner Say: ! You Give. Me Your ClllS Kll!ihlC!vS I'll Olvo You (lie "PRICK" —SAVE— JOYNKU OIL CO. Dr.A.LBoyd VETERINARIAN 29 Years With Delta Diseases 'I'lic very latest methods used. [ also hnvc the correct ttnswi'r for your hOK diseases. 1 THKAT HLACK TONGUE AND 1UJNNING FITS IN HOGS ON .I'OHITIVK GUARANTEE. Permanently Locnlcd 1129 W. Sycamore Phone 1114 REMEMBER, MONDAY'S WASH DAY Tlie .snijirl housewife will remember, also, our modern laundry service. Safe, efficient and sanitary, ritir service thoroughly solves your washday prphlew. We pick your clothes up and deliver. We wasli or dry clean them with all the care that you would wish. What's more . , . This service is actually less in cost! We can do your entire washing move economically than you could possibly do it yourself, or linve i't clone,'by hand. '$> For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning STEAM lAUNDRY

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