Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 11, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 11, 1937
Page 4
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--« i 1 afeM^ | *'* >to - * v - *"*«* ss*^?*, ... -*U, IS *ords, .1 2e wot*, MMi'titte: at J54< wort, SJe fM All ate due and pvablc upon MIL ^ ttbthing ImWV CM* ,* hbwe in whkh iM* ftiother «hd HUUtf ri«V« tUiij^Nk" she tdld p**etttt *t « Dwivrt- tftitt** slty insutuwi. ' , "Health? Aindly argumento," «lt» Said, "give* thUdrtft an irtM|ht ln(d the problerti* ot Uf*." JARDINC ^^^^«A^^^ MOIfcCA .t?<sLoee «PUM S^ *WltJ rV6*e OM OUR MIS ANV<306t> ON IN? Help Wanted-Female EARN GOOD PAY. Won- Experience Un- Addressing envelopes ior dng Suppued. Write, en- stamped addressed envelope. ' Distributors, 401 BrOad- Strvices Offered Gold Huntdr* Tom to Other Work Nowadays AUBURN* CaliM'fV-The army of gold hunters Who went Into th* hill* during the depression, partly because told was $35 an ounce and partly because they had nd other jobs, Is gradually dwindling. ' So says Stuart Schwab, Iowa Hill storekeeper, who used to buy' $$00 worth of gold dust a week Wow his weekly trade is less than $100. Fly wings are used In the construe* tion of'parts of a new instrument to measure the heat in the more distant stars. l—ivcs oi*»«»rTO HIS WAV AT M4 CLAWSKS* SPEAK/ |X/"»**?f~I T ^-^^ • •PI THE QLIWt IW TWUW eves/1 <TAM tej-u THAT THIS SUB36C WAS 8ROUOHT 7O TH_ TORE OUST TO DISTURB AMP TAUMT ME ' «*" . *». — —.•». "*^^ >• Contracting, Repaking y eacs experience l20 S. Hervey Phone 1T1W For Sale ),f,«*i t ••• ^. hundred bales da and Johnson-grass hay at my !l5 cents at once. Tom Carrel 'bam. ' 9-3t-p. * •, •>> ?POR SALE—Pears for canning or •'eating purposes. Phone 514) 10-2tc SALE-Old newspapers, 5 cents Hope Star. 27-26dh - and perma- ''MBtly-bound copies of 48-page his- Centennial Edition of Hope copies, 25 cents, add , aii^cents if desired to be mailed. Per- ;.p*inanently-bound copies 50 cents, add 12,cents.:if desired to be mailed. Apply '- 27-26tdh Burroughs book- Ineping machine in perfect condition. jat Hope Star office. 22-tfdh. ^' For Rent t' v'ifOB^/RENT—Furnished or un- -.y'furnished apartments private baths, -i, utilities paid. Also sleeping rooms. ' r ' Mam. ll-3tp 'TOR'RENT—Three room furnished , apartment South exposure. Phone «6»-J, '• 10-3tc "' ''''<• Wanted 'WV SCRAP IRON WANTED v " Any Kind, any Quantity WE ARE PAYING 35c cwt—$7.00 TON Certified weighing scales at: our yard 1 No charge for weighing • 1 P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. „ 304 E. Second St Hope, Ark. 28-26tC HIGHEST PRICES PAID For old Batteries, Radiators, Metals of alL kinds. Old Tires, Sacks and Rags. P, A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. 304 E. Second St Hope, Ark. 28-26tc Little Rock Mertiphis ...._ , Atlanta New Orleans — Nashville „. Birmingham ,— Chattanooga _.... Knoxville ^^^•^^MMHM|M^HI^BHHBB^^HMBU|UBHa|||jJUU||^^^^^^^^^^^^^2K^^^^^2^^^^^2^U^tau^Ua2l^5MHS^^^^U ^??^lfP^ >'« *ffi H'? ^'ji^iaJM S*JM*>ftMi>Mti>™»Miy(M«at^te&«art«ti'ifTtfi!-iif, * -i^jai-»^i.^y.^t^ia.t»u^i_ f ^ .A..«^1. _ t ,.i»^< m«^y»V.'ai,' ^WHtpW^mwHOTj; CALl A CLEVER A 0UV MAD 1 WHQP&. SWIMMIN^M ,rr- PUTtiM' it OM WOULOM't AND HER BUDDIES Fhe Grand Finale 41 108 Thursday's Results ' Little Rock 8-1, Memphis 5-1 (second game called end eight, darkness). Knoxville 4, Nashville 3. Atlanta 11, Chattanooga 6. New Orleans 3-1, Birmingham 0-2. NATIONAL LEAGUE Teams New York Chicago Pittsburgh St. Louis Boston .. ... . Brooklyn Philadelphia Cincinnati W. L. Pet 78 .49 .614 76 53 .589 67 60 .528 .68 61 .521 . 64 66 .492 .55 73 .430 Thursday's Results Brooklyn 5-2, New York 1-9. Boston 5, Philadelphia 3. Pittsburgh 1, Cincinnati 0. St. Louis 8, Chicago 2. AMBUCAN LBAOVB New York Detroit Chicago .-.-. ._«.. Boston .- ................. Washington Cleveland Philadelphia St. Louis 6WE. HOST By MARTIN iRV ^ Something to Worry About s-: 1 \v rf-^N STL. ... \£Jii^ .. COPR. 1937 BY NW SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG..U. S. PAT. OFF. "», Thursday's Result* Boston 13, New York 7. Washington 13-12, .Philadelphia 6-10. Detroit 10, Cleveland 9. Chicago 9, St. Louis 8.. W BUY SCRAP IRON We are paying 35c cwt. or $7.00 ton. We weigh on oil mill scales which te certified. No charge for weighing. Also—we buy radiators and metals of all kinds. COX-CASSIDY FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO Laurel St Hope, Ark. 27-26tc "^B: I Americaa Writer. I • I .'.'..- . ./:.'.. ;:'." . '- ' .1-1 - J Answer to Pnvtow •ansa ssa H Elfflffla HSC23HH smn ariE sno J'HOHIZONTAI. ,' 1,7 Pictured * writer ——• ' 11 Onager. 12 To bevel out. 15 Your and my. |6 Form of "be." ,17 Seams, "19 Twitching. '21 You and me. 28 Celebrity. 23 Cow-headed goddess, .'*2S3,? 48U ? on - 26 Policeman. 49 Within. 27 Male. 50 To embroider. 28 Nominal value 52 Snake. ]/rf S«eJ? coverings? Being. 9$ Implement, 58 Thing. 35 Ancient, 60 An attempt .3S Myself, 61 Work of skilL 3ft Conjunction, 62 She wrote J8 She century — 17 Tree nuid, 18 To drink slowly. 20 She is a favorite canQii OHBaa HEEIH aaa anmranraa ass on asna 0aos anL a DOHBUI a afflraa 0H HUH 22 Because, r^. . 24 Perched. ^ 26 Apple drink. , To bate raqtt 31 Beer. 32 Tp unite tai ' 41 Part o^,a stair, Vv'omen," 43 To value. 63 Her story 4* WtttiCian,, made a 4$ Spain, popular 47 ?y, ' picture. VERTICAL 2 Rowing tools* 3 To consume, 4 Exists. 5 Cuckoopint, 6 Mooley apple, 7 Greek god.ot v/ar. " 8 Company. 9 Opposed to *'in,» r "v 10 Three collectively, 13 Paragraph,") 14 Ireland.' 34 Unit, M Rhythm. 87 Coat of OK 40 To drink dog f a»hioi 42Electrifled particle.;" 46 Fairy.' 4» Within. .,^ 4 * HMM? WELL, MOW POOZV, I THIWK (U«LL.,HE CALLED ME TrUCT BRAWUXXjS MAME5,7H'OBME£2y HAD VE57EROAV > BUG -AN' I'LL MOT WITH 7H'\A»izEa VTAKE THAT FROM MAS Ot$6CJACEPUL\ AUV MUG - , OOP -ABOUT \v. IT -I'LU ADMIT THIS RGHT RDOZV HAD\ THAT-EC.- WITH TH' U)I*ER - DIQJA I AA/EU. NOTICE AWVTH1M6 C3UEER ABOUT IT? YEH, I kMOW -V'HATE T'SAV rr ABOUT A EIUTCHA MOTJCED X' UH HE AIMT GOT A /AM' NEITHER MACKOM'IM, DIOMTCHA ? ^7 GRAMD ALLEV, WHAT ARE THOSE TWO PECTILE - MIKJOED/p Ap p y HYEMAS • - ^™ KKY - KKJEW WASH TUBBS Wonder What's By CRANE COULD I SEE THE TIMBER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VOU JUST COME UP TO THE HOTEL WHERE IT'S COMFORTABLE, MISS, AWO TAKE MV WORD THAT YOUVE IMHERITED A LEMOM. THAT'S WHAT IT IS, TOO, THE BIGGEST LEMOM IN ALL SOUTH AMERICA- VOU DOW'T MIND I-1 THINK I'LL. 60 TO MY BOOM TORE HEP, HEART OUT, ^ BETTER WAIT'LL SHE'S HAD A GOOD CRY, BEFORE SPRINGING f VOUR PROPOSITION!. ) HOW DEED SHE TEK THE NEWS, JESSE? He Learned Fast By BLOSSER . BSB* 1 WELL, BOTS, YOU CATIOMAL SUMMER MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE THE BEST THING I SAW WAS THE GLASS BOTTOM BOATS AT CATALIWA ISUAWD/ IT SUP2E: IS FLJMTO STUDY RSH , WnHOLTTTHEM KMOWIKJ IT!! TWE: MOST IWTERESTIWG -IHIWC3S TO ME,WEF?E THOSE: OIL DERRICKS THAT PUMP CRUDE OIL. JJ In Time AMD I IMAGIME PRECK GOT A BIG KICK OUT OF THE MOVIE LOTS' WHAT DID Y3U LEARW THAT WAS IWSTRUCT- By THOMPSON AND COLL u is MOTWMG POR, MVCA AMD DC. JASOU TO PO BUT LEAVE THE HOSPITAL. IN COMPAKIV WITH 1H& STATE f BOO pee, TO FACB THE CHARGES BEOUGHT BV CARSOM. THIS A'AV BE TME END OF lEAMWHILE, IM THE HOS\ PITAL SUE&EEV ' A STCAMGE CASE y NUESE ! AND IT'S QUITE SAO ABOUT THAT BA3V-OH, WELL. WE'VE DOME WITHIM QUIZ POWER POCTOe.' "THERE'S A CALL FEOM THE WEWAEP AIBPOR1, ASKIMa FOR MISS NOF2.7H . A PLAWE. HAS JUST LAMDED FEOM EUROPE.. WHAT?! HAVE HEP BUSHED HEEE

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