Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 3, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1952
Page 6
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It Vltwtln I A. M, IM 4 ^ M lit ,7 tt'elook, Flc*work* will Jw Hf*. *upp«>r, Hftfltf and , will he Mr, rmrt Mr*, K, P, , Mr. and Mr*, H, o, Ky(*r imaged by Fir? <m a tut CO. by *h«w A m«M ix>tl«b «roJ It , . Opfwti* Wslwr*. 3$. Nf>«ro, wn» nfvrrHy burn. , . , , , Mr, nnrt Mr*. A, K. gbmw|iif*t, Mond*y, July f Wo, I at Iho W8C8 of the Method!*!. Church will moot fty, July 7, fit the horn* or Mr». J, W, Dtrloklnnd with Mr*, It. W, (Cdwflrdu A* ' Sertlbf Aiixlllnry t>19 Ohrrotl Motnorlnl JlnotlM. . will m?i»l at Fnlr Pnrk on 7, nt 2 |».m, July 10 71)0 Cii(boll<; Altnr Surlily will ARE COOL & COMFORTABU ENGER D«t Waul You' ANYTHING CAN HAPPFN DOUBW AT iOTH THIATRES! , Friday • * OLOH UWItl Dob and Dorothy aro Back in a Real Lough Happy Thriller! BOB HOPE Dorothy Lamour In "THEY GOT ME COVERDE" Friday • iA ApHon The Way You Like It! WHIP WILSON ANpY CLY0I -4. |r\ — OFTIXAS" VWiO t Cartowi ™. . , T ^ T .™, |^-> v \ : IT lUMb l _£> Hte _ r , t \ -. H i R, 0, Savliie and her '. Mr*. Uiey HnMnium, w«re in uti* apnrimont h»il emcttfwrf uninjured. Huvc-rrtl employe* o( the TWOMty pftrlor flldo »»4?afn«rl Injury. SchoofofficiaT Succumbs WARRKN, Arn, <*t - e. n. At- WWMl, fll. prf<*l<l«mt of the finnk of w«w Krtlnburg nnd president of ihn new Edlnfoum School Board, dlt«fl »l A Wflrr«n hoipltnl y«?»(erd«y. He had uxtmulvp f/irmlnu inter- wlrln the New Rdlnburff uron. Ho l# Aurvlvod by hlf widow, one *on nrul two ffnuirhtor*.- Negro Fatally Burned AHKADRUMIIA. Ark, UB-W, A, Knox. ftO-yen r-old No«ro, wn* burned totally m a Nut at hi* horno here Ike to Blast Taft Tactics at Chicago ifr i • IOTHY DIX Teen-Age Chores Minn Dlxi Wh*h f road n leUcr recently about .1 j».yohr old Rlrl who tin* no haucphrik nrid b*fr»r« hi* departure todny for the convention city. hllt r<lflf ' talk .An feti dollvery mnn discovered lh« holme oflre, Ni>lnhbor» found Knox lyln« on H burning In u Clinic Incorporates • J.l'W.E ttCX-'K I* ~ -rile CfHiHfi - . hurl Clinic, Inc., of i»in<j Bluff filed N of Incorporation yenturdoy, nuthorlxed capital of IflO.WX). The IncorporiiloiH wore: Hunter A, Cnunoy, Lonilmi M runney, J. Clytltf lima Jr., mid J«i Hurt, nil Of I'lms Hluff, 8jK>n»oi- a benefit II-P er(?iwT7o. clnl Thiimdny iwoninx. July K), on thit church Inwn, The nubile in cordlnlly Invited, Mlio Shirley Ann White to Wed Curtlt P. Moora Mrs. J. w, Whlto of thin dty nn- nouiiri'N thi» civKiiic'inctit nnd up- prnnuhlng mnrrliiut: of her d«ui[h- t«M-. Shirley Ann, to Curilii p, Moot 1 *', mm of Mr, mid Mrs. C. 0» Moore ulna of thU city. Tin* wcddlnu. nn iwi-nt of pnrly AiiftiiNl, will bo nolomnlwl In the First Methodist Church, Jiolh Mlsu While nod Mr. Moore, lire nu'iulier* of ihu 10,11 u lli|{ Cl«8» of Mupe HlHh .School. -, 01 Union Sttillon would be a deorch- fi. H wan oflulnnlly »lnti;d a* a quiet ihnnk you to Denver citizens r their honpltallty. Eisenhower' battling Sen, Robert A, T«u o* Ohio for the OOP presidential nomination, onvlounly w;n upset by victorle* of Toft backer* In conte»t« for delegate* before the OOP Nutlonol Committee. Asked ln»l til»«ht. nbout pro-Tnft victories in contests over the Oeor«la nnd Florldn delegntlotis the gencrnl declared: "I'll tell you this—I'm going to rniir out IHTOM the country for n tlerin, decent operation. The American people deserve it." Ho made the comment on his return from his only fishing trip into the neurby Hocliloi, Both he andi hi* partner, using dry files, cnujiht their limit* of 10 trout, e*re of <;i«. On Saturday 1 clean my room, then clean the rent of the house while mother washes. I hanfi the clothe* for her, go »hop- j ping and In the evening baby-sit for the neighbor*. During the week 1 clean the house each day, do the family Ironing, which runs to 'about three Wskct* of clothes, do the dishes three time* a clay and have supper ready when my mother gets home For keeping the house clean, Iron- ln« and watching over my smaller brother and sl»ter, I get two dollars a week for spending money. 1 know my mother needs help, and should be nlli.ted to them.,ft Would not be fnlr for you nnd mother to shoulder the entire burden «lohe. All Children Should H«tp While households less burdened thoh yours cannot expect often tot itt tft i<te each other? We «re very much hi love and plan to remarry 1ft the distant future. At present my mother need* my financial assistance. LtBBY M,( Answer: How foolish can one Bet* If you and yottr ex-husband are *o much in love, why not marry now and get it over? Give your ehltd thV benefit of a home and father. The poor youngster is go- a home, but HA*e accept the proposal fi-tortd? Also, h6» &.„ rtcd trlend whte „., centers around fc«nt. % ing to be in a quandary 1 am to glvo It to her. Mrt. A, L. Park Hoiteit to Chrl»tlan Church Orel* Circle No. 3 of the First Chris- tlnn Church met in the homu of Mr*. A, L. l»( ir k Wednesday nl«ht «t 7:30 for lu roitulnr monthly bus- ln«»* meetliiK uiul atiuly, The inoetiiiK w«» opened with n priiyer by Mr«. Cllnn Franks, pros •Went, the business session was presided over by Mrs, Odell Luck circle lender. Mrs. Orvllle Oglesby wiia selected to he the reporter for the ncttvltlod of the circle. following thu business sc-sslon Mrs, Wm. P. Himlc«rei) discussed the twelfth chapter In the study course, "Doctrine ttncl Tho»«ht of Urn Disciples of Christ," After the lemion u ««nernl discuHston wu« held on the lesHon. The hostess served refreshments after which n short social hour \Vrts held. , But there was no doubt the genera! was putting relaxation behind him until after the nominee i.t chosen. When he reaches Chicago Saturday noon, he'll set up hlH com mund pout lit the Hotel Bluckstonc. He'll bo ready to talk to delegate* and parly leader*, although he still reportedly will leave actual con- vcrillcm maneuvering to hl» suo- portcr*. ' Elsenhower Indicated his . train trip will bo studded with comments CATHY O. Answer: I nm very proud to have you for » reader, Cathy. To accept so much responsibility with full realization that It is necessary and to do it without complaint, is a fine thing for a youngster your age. Your mother's life Is a hard one, but she must have great convolution In her elder daughter. I hope the younger children also share in home dutle*. No matter how small they are, some tasks Mufry Assails Continued rrom Page One mil win mi iiuKiuea v/nn cornmentM on the Delegate sltuutlon us it de- Tinted 7,000 persons heard the Velops at Chicago. The 'time he I President cite the power dams as «pont preparing notes for platform talks Indicate*, aides said, he will further detail his stands on fundamental Issues. The train Is Hchoduled to leave Denver at I2::i() p.m., Eastern Stand n rd Tlmo, "symbols of the progress that has come to the south" under him and under t h e late F.r a n k I i n D. Itoosevelt. Shortly before leaving l,cre, for Washington Mr. Truman told about 11,000 persons from his train plat Tho first stop and talk wos slated from thnl "Gov. McMath is one of for Brush, Colo., at 1:40 p. m., EST. I lht ' Kroat governors In the 48 states. ., . ., . With a rodeo starting there today, ] ' . I have no business saying n ere oay, usness sayng Eisenhower was to be greeted by this tjut ' tninlt you should send Ml mounted cowboys and presented .' llnl hack for another term." The with a Western style, 10-nallbn hat. And, as at other slops, convention df-lcgatos were slated to climb 'President said essentially the same thing iibnul McMath in another off- the-cuff speech nt Batesvillo. n board tin- special — Dr. C. I'.i McMath, one of the President's Lamb of Brush nnd David A. i most ardent .supporters in tho Jtamll, A (wood rancher who jsj South, is in the midst of a healed speaker of the Colorado Hou.se of I eampatKn for a third term as Itopresentatlves. The train will stop over tonight the general's the Nebraska in Lincoln after scheduled speech governor. scheduled speech at the Nebraska °P C> " iippenl for Southern votes Ciipllol. H will leave Friday at n scathing nttaek on private po 5:03 a.m., EST, There will be «I companies and other "special 13-rninule halt In the- nurllni/tnn terests." Coming and Going Mr. nnd Mm, C, C. Sprafilns and Mm, B. C, Hyntt will have nt week urid guests, Stuart Spra«lns of LUiltt «ock, Mr, and Mrs, Charlea Hyntt of Fuyettevillo, nnd Mr ami Mrs, Gc«f«(« Ftnlvr of Aua- tin, Texus. Mr. and Mrs. Thelt Joplln of V*nloit, T«j<tt^ will »p»nd thu weoktma with Mr, and Mrs, Mlko Kelly. Hospital Notes Joitphlnv Admitted; Mst. Curtis Dorman, Eiuinwt, Arkansas, Julia Ch«it«r Admitted: Mr*. Hcr«hel Taylor, Hope, Mr«, K«rl Utshaw, Fulton. Dl8ch«r«ed: Mrs. Wm. J. Schooley, lit. «, Hope, Mrs, Ray A. Gnrbtsr, Hope, Mrs, W. W. And- mv», Hopo. Mr«. R. T. Wilson. Hope, Mrs. Qnlnes J«t*>r arid son, Jo» David, Rt. 8, DeKalb. Texas. IS-rninule halt in the Burlington Htailon at Omaha at 0:15 a.m. before the train awltchoK.to Chicago and Northwestern tracks. Although ll won't leave Omaha before D:-ir> a.m. no speeches are scheduled. The train will slow down at Missouri Valley, In,, at 10;SHi a, m., halting In Denlson for 15 minutes and n talk, and .slowing down ut Carroll at 2:05 p. in., anil Mar- &hnlltown at 0:50 p m. Radio Talkathon Started by Cherry LITTLE ROCK (M — Francis Cherry, candidate for Arkansas' gubernatorial nomination, began n JM-how radio talkathon here last night. He told listeners ht- would answer all questions submitted to him by ninll or telephone-. Lnto In the evening n call came from Junosboro — Cherry's hometown. The voice asked "When are you coming home?" The Judge answered, "Ml be homo tomorrow night, campaign or not." In hia address nt the Bull Shoals Dam site, Mr. Truman made? ai a) for Southern votes ant IWCI in The President described his op position as "the selfish interests,' the private power interests, the "standpatters" nnd the "reaction ary lobbies." / \',j .......... --M'«-I» «is niiicn "•» nj uv in qiiue n quanaary rrom childrfti. all yt.nnKMors by all! when his schoolmates ask for an moon» should share in home re- explanation of your domestic set- sponsibilitK..,. If thc-so tasks were! up. I'm sure you can figure oitt mpo B o<i on evr-n the quite young. ! a way to render assistance to yotfr Ihey would be accepted as parti mother whlio complying a littl f dally routine. Naturally, If pnr - better with the conventions of ma ents wait until a daughter is 10 her , is expected to trirmmy. u , ... , o help with dishes, there will be a Nat-ion to Be Generally Hot By The Associated Press Fair weather and more norma temperatures throughout the na lion wore predicted for today with a hot nnd humid Fourth of Julj week end in the making. The Central Plains states. u diousht and heat wave broken bj yesterday's rain nnd wind storms breathed easier under a forecas of warm but much lower temperatures. The downpours that drenched Missouri and Kansas dropped .vead ings ns much ns 35 degrees. St. Louis, with 84 deaths blamed on the heat in a month—17 within the past two days—felt the Impact of 100-mile-an-hour winds. The nation's hot spots yesterday Included 108 at Blythe, Calif., and 107 at Presidio, Tex. U was a cool 30 nt Buttc, Mont. GENTRY'S CAFE Downtown on Eos* Third Street Will Be Closed All Dcy Friday, July 4th Will le Open as Usual Saturday, July 5 NOTICE ALL DRUG STORES IN HOPE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY FRIDAY, JULY 4th - , bill | i; y terrific squawk. If the *,„„. cnlla had begun to help clear the table a age fl it would be taken for K anted that she had n part to Play in after dinner chores Whether children .should'ho paid or Jobs that Ml naturally wl ?h heir ,, r , Ml ,„. not is a f|(>cfs((|n (|j be made by parents in individual My opinion is that daily Mould ho accepted as tnrt of their responsibilities toward the home, but extra picket monev could be earned by doin K -• • jobs especially those for w , outside help would be needed £ ' " ' Dpar Miss Dix: A young man of my acquaintance Is urging me to marry him, but he is completely unaware of the fact that l.hnvo been having an affair with a married mart for the past six years. I was carefully brought up and the only reason I can account for my action is that 1 deeply love the man, who is 111 years older than , atid I. I am 24. Of course I would like i life. Answer: Some peo] like to Have thttr tit too. Von, Frieda, • n would like, in ndtfltlijft, ^, bread pudding froiti We CfiUi.- while at the same time < ssv. some for a rainy day. You certa ly have no Concern with the mt you blithely make ft other peopl lives. You have- just nbttut -ruin your own, can Ingenuously cc template'the wreck you'tire ma. ing of a man's marriage, and .the plan on destroying a young man' faith in life just because the V ght of a home appeals to yoil! i The gravest injustice yovf colSli commit would be to marry ' man while still in love -wfth, „„ other, that is the fact you snoufl emphasize to your young 'friend Whether you reveal the secret• jL the past six years or not Is secotlJ ary; you don't love him — tell hlhj so! Be honest nt least once in you! vvork as taking down storm windows putting up 8crccnSi |nti or the like, are worth special ap prcclation, which may take tho form of extra pock.H money A special recreational treat/or what ever ., lp|mnls mosl Ul . t . (c Children las well. wo nillst . (d u as adults) d«, their | M ,. sl work when they know it is tlllly !1))|)rovwl and appreciated. r Miss Dix: After a six year separation, my ex-husband and 1 have begun seeing each other again. Ho comes to my mother's to visit mo and our 7 ycar () | (] so|1 about three times a week My mother doesn't approve of 'these visits. Do you think this is too DR. WALTER L.SIMS, M.D. Announces the association of DR. NEIL E. CROW, M. D. in the practice of medicine and surgery 205 South Elm Street Hope, Arkansas .^J ^. * rtm-.^rsss >0*. MtcM.I O'M.IUy and HtaUM^«iHU«B lOONt . Answer to Previous Puzxlcr /DEES VARV GOOO V LI&TEM, \ TH 1 OLP VAOUERO) WELL, ^ RlATA «fOU BF5Alt3l \ EPHAMIO, l& RIGHT. BUT /ITW3LAYS BUT NOW IT MAKE I IT TOOK (MANY A KIP 1$. VEMSOMS, MUCH BETTER. IP / ME A HULU \ RUINEP FEE. N.6ARNN 1 RUB IT WELL \ VEAETD \ LIFE BECAUSE < AUU.TH' WITH RAW L1VEK ) BR.MP THAT 1 HE'S AFfGMP TD AN' LET IT PRY < RAWHIDE y TACKLE ANY- FIRST/ GOOP-YOU GOT ) RlATA.' < TH IMG TUAT LOO(<S\1 AIN'T FINE JOB.' ^A. ARE VOU LIKE A JOKE OR X, --- ? /A SUPECSTITIOM.' • YMORI20NTAL " 2 Eagef l fi«ker's piece ' y. e * et , abl « . > d« resistahce < Simple ' '5J»aStry > substance, '' I Small pastry 5 M Ellipsoidal I i II Small shield MBaCchnnals' 7 Continental A cry f native cry •' ' "*«»»»*; i^HI* 15 Vex (coll.) f j 5 Rounded \ W^ U« Al* <comb. /.$ Asseverate w , 27 Oceans 39 Prohibit ' f font!).' . 1 .°£ oster ^ 28Storms 41 Raccoon-like 117 Plexus 11 Devices used; 29 Things done ' mammal III Having dropsy by golfers , 30 Conduct 42 Algonquian' • 56 Music dramas 19 Writing fluid 32 Fabulous '• Indian ! 32 Compass point 2 1 Unit of liquid -marine 43 Difficult •-•» :,8S Deep hole - measure'" r creatures. 44 French river ; 24 Beverage 24 Forest / 35 Simple . 46 Weary - \ WASH TUBBS 27 Afrjcan river creature , 36 Takes Into ,47 "Emerald Isle" 31 Direction /• N 25 ch est rattle. custody ' jfe 48 Month (ab.) ' 32 Foodstuff ' i 26 Small Island 38 Pantry ^§51 Cereal grass dUfBML ^BADy"v««Jja**f" ,16.MOOefeM MMtEk«Ol«0UrT^ BUT I WfcRN VPM'SiUR.YOUW IP wv ART w^lTl vou me BE IB NBW ISN'T WORTHY { 5ENSNT|ON I.HB.M? OF * M(VN OP MV POSITION, IT* RWHBRCMUCK. IT OvER60^RD MOW, BEP0RE-> 33 High card 34 Measure of. ClOth r • ! Intend 3« Alberta (fib.) 37 Winders ' 39 Bakery Item : 40 Limb C41 Golf term ;42 Nervous you COLETTE TO v __ * BOfeM THIRTV VEAR& TOO SODST* \* With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE |i disorder " 45 Mountain j . crests ^ {49 Incursion' j SO Charged atom i52 Forefather / i 53 Gaelic 54 Parent * 55Journey' 56 Hessian river 67 Musical direction 98 Dispatched' E6AO, BOV6.' I'M CO\tsllKG A F£V>J PHRASES FOR AM DAY ADDRESS AT 1WE OWL6 PlCNllC/ HOW'S THIS FOR 11 IN THESE PARLO06 . Neeo A Mew LIBERTV BELL ( TO RIN& TH£ OLD PEAL OF FEEE"DO/V\.' VOL) HA^eTHAty; BELL IM MV AS LOUD M> THfc BfiLL, guT you JTOST AS. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 1 Apple center '• not used in bakery BUGS BUNNY , ELMER, t VWsIT VA T' LISTEN ' T' A COUPLE O' NEW HOT UICK-& OU'&T L^AKNEP ON FUNNY BUSINESS By Hmhlerger ALLEY OOP OLD ct neo-iHEY UX)K AWFUL LOT B^fTER FROM DiaTANCE,..AND THE SAME GOES FOR TH'6MEU- 'LIKE THE ENP Of THE UNB.., THIS . . . . .. . C»f. 195Z by NEA S.rylc., Ino. 'lp worried about Froblsher—his chair hasn't been slept in all day!" "Gentlemen, I think the simplest way to «»tlm»to th« co»t j ofJjyjng jsJtojaddJOLP*t_c|ntjo onVs Incomti" ^J CHRIS WELKIN Ploneteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VOUCANVDOTHIS. "EJ US.LIVERMORE,' 7RESE OLP BV5MIOMED ICE CREAM CXJ&MTA P . MUSEUM--MEY/ T WOULPCOST WHAT -jOU NEED IS AN AIRCONPITIONER, ^ "^/^l YOU CAN TAIfe THAT SteN DOWN, ) P*0«e UVERMORE .' YOU HAVE THf I MUS- MAKW6S OP AM AIR CONDITIONER BACK neee/ t PO THE J06 FOR VOU.' pfc.***S *TVK I (^ qtr^i^ 1 ^j*K Vj^f ?*/^ *" " "V " fy&$fa ^m^^ ; ,T J'-T^V

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