Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 11, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 11, 1937
Page 3
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God abides in a.garden' , When the evening: shadows fall; . Where 'the night wind fluUeT!l fragrant wings Over a flowered wall.. '..••''•. ; God Abides in n garden When the dawn bvVaks penrty pink: And the sun's first rays, circle the 'earth . . . . With gold in n glittering! link, God abides in a garden • In the hush of nn nfternooh, ; Where the pansies donee to the bluebell's chimes •: While the 1 honeybees hum n tune 1 . God abides in a garden Where the soft winds [whisper low, Down the velvety paths by the myrtles pink Where the purple violets grow. —Selected.. ! {peaking of family background, we hold thnt nothing' gives a.'towh or com* inunity more impressive background; than that left by,our beauty 'lovers,of long ago; ana nothing brings that background out more beautifully than the Crepe myrtle, which at this time is flaunting its lovely dainty- plumes from almost every yarcl.in our city, and every home place in the surrounding country. Some bear the burden of years, planted by some loved one who has long since changed her abode for God's garden, and some bear the marks of progression, in their deeper color r ings and more graceful .form's, but altogether serve to give our town, or tiny'town, that mellow ahd.inexplairi- ablo background that goes with the trail of nature lovers. We would like to call your attention tp some especially attractive arrangements, but they are so numerous and so outstanding from the Very old ones on South Main street to the colorful ones in the later additions to our town. Some' very lovely ones both in coloring and ar- rangment are on North Louisiana street, North Pine ami Hervey street. On some streets the line of beauty and color extends from end to end. Another striking plant or growth that I have had the pleasure of Viewing this past week, is the large and most luxuriant Cnlaclium or Elephant's ear, 1 have even seen. A constant gradual ^distribution of moisture has caused this plant to grow as I am sure they igro>v in our Iropical, countries, you may be able to view this plant In block three South Kirn. ; The write* of this column, received a letter ihU week, addressed to Miss Kate Jamison, a name she exchanged 32 years a«6 for ono she has never ceased to take groat $ride in bearing, yet at the 'same tiWe.'lt was f tt»e le»»t bit flattering to hiive kept your original identity alive Bo toni that a letter .would teach you from New'Vork Cjty delivered, Without! an# house 'number- or street name, and without delay.... > Did you see the graceful sllVer bMy floating Jh the air Saturday morning?, Just another reriiuider of TertnyaOn'S prophesy: ; "For I dip Into; thfe future, far as ',' human eye could see, Saw the vision! i of the world, end all the wonder that would be; Saw the heavens filled with commerce, argosies of magic sails, Pilots of" the- purple twilight, drop- 1 ping down, with; costly bales; Heard the heavens filled with shout* ' ing, and.there rainld a ghastly dew From th* nations';airy.natives grap pling in the central blue," The different Circles of ,the Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will meet at .4 o'clock Monday afternoon at follows: Cisrcle No. 1 with Mrs. Will Orton, North Louisiana street;. Circle No. 2, with Mrs. J. R. Williams, South Main street; Circle No. 3, With Mrs. Roy Johnson, North' Hervey street;- Circle No.:4-wtih Mrs. lilac "Stuart, . South , Hamilton street, Circle No. 5 will meet at 7:30 Monday evening with Miss Edna Earl Hall. • The Y. W. A. First Baptist church will hold a special season of prayer Monday evening from 7:?0 to 8:30 at Faith hall on South Main street. All members are urged to be present. Frank J. Padgitt Jr., will leave soon•for Baton Rouge, La., where he has received a teaching fellowship in Louisiana State University, in the chemistry department. As a prelude to the opening of her dance studio, on Tuesday, September 14, Mrs. B. J. Ogburn held open house on Friday afternoon at her home and stu'dio on South Main street. The Sun. Mon. Tues. RETURN SHOWING ^£ CLARK GABLE - 1 — and — WALLACE BEERY In one of (lie greatest air-thrillers ever made! "HELL DIVERS" Comedy Novelty NOTE — EFFECTIVE MON-NITE (Doth Theatres) DOORS SHOW OPEN STARTS Sun. Mon. Tues. —the Boss wired: "Tell 'cm anything ... It's n- GREAT SHOW! So all that I can says is— JACK BENNYin ARTISTS *dMODELS IDA LUPiNO * RICHARD ARLEN • GAIL PATRICK • SIN SlUE-JUDV CANOVA-THK YACHT CLUB SOYS • IOUI$ ARMSTRONG and Specialty ty MARTHA RAYi Crop losses where as Hope MISSISSIPPI drouth Threatened With Kmb«irgo o Cotton and Seed LITTLB ROCK^Pdesib|llty thatpro-i neetl 6nd heavy rainfall which brought heavy crop damage tb kansas: in recent weeks i» at an end' Was seen In the weatlier forecast ttt ti»' district Weather Buredu office at New. Orleans Friday night. , ' ) Pair and cooler Weattier in the north-; ern and western ports of the State is predicted for Saturday and fair weath» er is forecast fof Sunday. , General rains continued in ' many. parts of the state durjng the 24 hours' ending at T a, ni. Friday with Benton-, ville winning the doubtful distinction! of recording the largest amount of rain: In the state. Approximately 10 inches of rain hns fallen there within the. past two days, and 5158 inches of this, amount fell during:the 24*hour -period; ending at 7 a. m, Friday. Crop Threatened MEMPHIS, -Tenn— {/P)— A general! embargo on raw cotton and cottonseed i loomed Friday night in the -Tri-State area as planters moved to stave off possible losses as a result of continued rains. W. J. Jesspon, president .of the Merchants Exchange and the 'Perkins Oil company here, described the situation as "the mogt. serious since 1906." He said that the rainy 'weather has caused cottonseed to become too damp for safe storage and that the crop is too great for cottonseed oil mills to handle immediately. A. K. Shaifer, superintendent of the Planters Manufacturing company at Clarksdale, Miss., said that mills at Clarksdale, Moorhead, Webb and Shelby will refuse to 'accept .seed after 7 p. m. Saturday. This embargo, it was reported, Will result in closing about 50 cotton gins in Coahortia county. Dinners in Qultman and Uanola county met Friday, at Marks, Miss., and decided to close their gins for a week, beginning Monday/ it was announced by P. M. B. Self, Marks planter and ginner. At Greenville, Miss., it was reporteci the cottonseed oil mills halted movement of seed Friday and that ginners will meet Saturday to take similar action. spacious rooms were beautifully decorated with lato summer flowers, and the main living room was arranged most attractively for the following lovely program, "Shoe Shine Boys" by Carolyn Hamilton and Patsy Williams. "S'ong and Dance," by Carolyn Cox .(Fulton) Barbara Sue Stephenson and Nancy Shults (Fulton). "Rythm Tap" by P<..lyanne Williams. "Wall Street Blues" by Mary Laseter, Bradly Errin'ger, Marilyn May and Kathryn Cox (Fulton). "Modernistic Tap" by Mary Ann Lile. "Harlem Strut" by Patsy Williams, Carolyn Hamilton and Alice Lile. Delightful fruit punch was served by Misses Marian Smith and Martha Houston. Mr. and Mrs. K. G. T-familton and daughter, Carolyn, will spend the week-end with relatives in Guvdon. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Smith have had as guest this week, Mr. Smith's brother, C. T. Smith, en route to his home in Fnyetteville from Los Angeles, Calif. Mrs. Charles Wylic left this week for a visit witli friends in St. Louis, Mo, Mi's. J. E. Berry and two little daughters, Margaret and Robin of Smnckover are guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Middlebrooks. Mrs. Claudia Whitworth will leave Sunday for Okay, where shehas accepted a position in the Okay school. The W. M. U. First Baptist church will meet at 3 Monday afternoon, at the church, with Circle No. 1 in charge of the mission study program. The president urges a full attendance. Mrs. Jess Cornelius announces the arrival of a baby boy, James Edward, born September 4. WHo can bfeme Jick Banny tot gcttihg confused — .with ' two, guch gorgeous girls as Ida Lupino and Oall Patrick to choose from? It happ in "Artists and Models," new j gag-flnd-music-f!)l«d, comedy, show- Ing Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!, at the Saenger, With ftlchard Arlen artd a hoist of screen, stage and radio fev- oriteK featured, • The thrills of navnl aviation unroll themselves In a sensational panorama/ as a background for poignant ronmnfe*,; and a drama of; heroism and MCrific* that'has something of an epic quality, • . •' M the Continuing irtthS flowed tradition of it;Happened-One Kiglit,"."Mr. Deeds Goes 16 Town'!. arid 'rTheWore does Wild," the OoWmWa? Studios present this week at the Newjf theater, ^starting Sunday, a, new cavnedy-dramn entitled "More Than 1 Secretary*". with Jftan Arthur and G,«sorge Breht in the «tflr roles. fft.aadijKon to'the popular principals, th'e picture ha,s ah exceptionally strong rttippdrtinf cast in- ctyding Lionel / Stander, Reginald Denny, Ruth Dor&ielly, Dorothea Kent •nd Qeraldine HJall. u Now lone of /the screen's foremost c6medienne,s, Miss Arthur .tries her hand at anotheyi- comedy role ih "More Than/a Secretrlry," with Geofd* Brent to it,!in "Hell Divers," playing at-the RailtO for a three day, return showing, starting Sunday, with Wallace Beery and Clark Gable in,the starririg rales,' Thrills pile upon thrills, and all of them genuine thrills, filmed duri the actual maneuvers of ships alid planes at Panama. One sees the whole navy; in action; firing deafening salvos as a "sham battle" enemy; sending planes aloft from a giant aircraft'car- rier to locate and attack a great'Zep- pelin. ' J FIRST METHODIST CHl/RCH Fred R, Harrison,' Pastor The Church School:will begin,at 10 o'clock Sunday, as a plan of a unified morning program of teaching and worship is inaugurated for a three month's trial. No time will, be lost from the teaching period, which will, close ] at 10:50i o'clock, All our people, are urg* ed to give this new plan a complete test. The sermon subject at the morning hour will be, "The Supreme Choice." The evening, service will begin at 7:30 o'clock, and the pastor's subject will be, "The Happiness of the Persecuted." The Young People's and Intermediate Leagues will meet at 6:45 p. ,m. _.-«... «. M*.*.».i*viajuj£ • Tx*viL v*^v*&£c vidiv appearing as ia fine foil in'•':the first light role he,J has had since "Living On Velvet;" ,' . ' The story/concerns itaelf with the submerged emotions of a young prim- spinster proprietress of a secretarial school whctee devotion to business.has robbed hep of rmance. On the other side of the fence is the editor of a health n-fagazine, bran-fed, diet-conscious, aildicted to calisthenics and a lost caujse for Gupid. The two meet When Jftiss Arthur, the one with the schoolgirl inhibitions, is forced to accept/a position as Editor Brent's secretary in the offices of the Crosby Publishing Company. The woman in;Miss Arthur soon asserts/ itself .and she steps out in a faihkm unbecoming a secretary. First, she/ radically changes the make-up.of tti<4 magazine <and> doubles the sales volume.. Though Brent is furious a/id fires her, he.is,.forced. to,re-in- wate her when Circulation figures jump. Second, she takes Brent-to lunch—and-does the ordering herself. But when Brent falls for one of her ex-pupils, a dizzy blonde/ and installs her in his.office, 'She quits : the second time and vows never to return. Ho^ the editor finally recovers her affections leads to the hilariously contrived 'climax. ' "More Than a Secretary" was directed by Alfred K. Green from a story by, Ethel Hill and Abeh Kandel, based on the story "Safari in Manhattan" by Matt Taylor. Dale Van Every and Lynn Starling collaborated on the screen play. ? .. •• GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST Elder Hollls A. Purtle, Pastor Sunday School :45 a, m. In the pastor's absence Elder T. E. Burgess of Little Rock will -preach al at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. JB. Y. P. T. C. meets at 7:15. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 8 p. m. Brother John Clark is to have charge of the service. The Ladies Auxiliary meets Monday ht 2:30 p. m. You are always welcome to come to all the services. FIRST CHRISTIAN V. A. Hammond, Pastor A welcome awaits you in the church school. There's a class for you, whatever your age. If you'll come you will be a great help—in at least three ways. Your presence will encourage the new officers and teachers. Others present will joy in your fellowship, and you, personally, may find blessing. Try going to Sunday school this week. The morning sermon is on the sug- ject "Mastering Circumstances." Circumstances do not make or break us. They give us opportunity to make ourselves, to put faith in God, and to come out gloriously victorious. The long depression is nearly over, at least near enough over for us to see that it has produced two classes of people. Come hear about them Sunday morning. The leaders of our church, includ- SUN. & MON. SATURDAY TO 11 P. M. JOHNNY MACK BROWN —in— "TRAIL OF VENGEANCE" No. 11 "Robinson Crusoe" Clms. Chase Comedy Cartoon—Sports IF YOU ENJOYED "THEODORA GOES WILD" ... BY ALL MEANS SEE THIS! Even more riotous romantics! A. stunning steno goes bcr- surk when love comes along —stages (lie maddest manhunt sijicu (lie first boss discovered dial his secretary knew more- than just typing and spelling. JEAN ARTHUR She was determined lo wind up in his arms —or else! GEORGE BRENT "Afore Than a Secretary"with LIONEL STANDER Ruth Donnelly, Reginald Denny, Dorothea Kent I. "The Community Sing" , 2. Scrappy hi "I Want to Be Au Actress" ' 3. Screen Snapshots 4. Color Cartoon 9. ing the officers and teachers of the school, and the officers of the Missionary Society, and the members of the board of elders and decons, are all lurged to attend the State-wide meeting in Little Rock Monday. . ,The evening service, conducted out- of-doors in the Lawn Chapel, the weather permitting, will begin 'promptly at 7:45 this week, and will •close within the hour. The sermon is on "God's Beckoning Skylines." In the symbolism of the Bible the hills have always meant worship and the plains have always meant service. ITie soul's horizon must be wide enough to include, both the hills, and the,fields God's beckoning skylines call us •as-Christians, not alone to the mountain peaks of worshipful acceptance .of the Christ, but down into the vallies of service as well. All our people are urged to come early Sunday night and attend the ceremony of installing the new officers in the Senior Christian Endeavor Society. This young people's service begins at 7 p. m. . FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH W. R. Hamilton, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday school. 10:55 a. m. Morning worship. Sermon by the pastor: "Your Choice." 7 p. m. Training Union. 8 p. m. Evening worship with sermon by the pastor: "The Sin Unto Death." This is the last Sunday before the time of the evening services is advanced for the winter months. Beginning Sunday, September 19, the Training Union will meet at 6:30 and the worship service will open at 7:30 p. m. Anyone will be happier by recognizing that Sunday is the Lord's day, and by taking advantage, of the opportunity it affords for worship and rightly relating life to the Lord. "A Sunday well spent means a week of content. 1 A cordial invitation. is extended to all services of the church where the highways cross. It's A Racket (Continued from Page One) in the vicinity, and wanted an early job as a sample to promote sales. He would allow Nell a commission of 10 per cent on all other work clone in the neighborhood. These commissions would be credited against her bill and would easily balance it and leave her a profit besides. After some persuasion, Nell signed the contract, and also an 'office memorandum 1 on which her commissions were to be entered. Within a day or two the construction company began work. When Ken returned from his trip Nell proudly exhibited the new roof and told of her wonderful bargain. She called attention to several houses nearby that were being repaired, and on which she was to receive a commission. "And do, you see," said Nell, "we not only have a new roof absolutely free—but we'll make a profit besides." A few days later Nell received a letter from the Mogar Finance Company, stating that it had purchased her note for ?675 from the Skiver Construction 'jlfiolfloo.ooo Life Insurance in Force Donald V. Moore Representative of Jefferson Standard LIFE INSURANCE CO. = Cobb's Radio Service J = KCA Radio Tubes = Evercady Batteries s Expert Repair Work S 383 208 So. Elm> . . "tt's ftst l^ppi"' Neu foM te husband, 'fThey.iimply forgot to credit me with I th* cohtmlMions," . She #o out her. copy,6f4ht, contract 6i\d showed It to Keft. :' •' V ' • ''But- thl«," slid' kfen, after glancihi at it, "dpeitft^S 1 anything; ajxnut missions.' It's ju*t- a straight .contract to do: the j6b'f|0r $6t5, And that's nh awful price! i •• i Did ybu sigh Imy. thing fclse?" : . - "Jasttnn 'office memorandum," "as Mr, Skiver oaJled.lt, 'It was to enter ifiy commission* ofu" But wheh ffSiuplatjed the matter in the hands of a lawyer, several thinfeB became apparent. The construction company was" 'not liable for the cOm<>- mslsions, a>- they had not .authorized s,uch an arrangement ,and it wafe not in the contract. The "office memo' randurn" Nell had sighed -was, in, real' ity, a trade afctiebtattcSt or> note, fot ?675. In the hands of what the law terms an "innOfeini third party," it must be paid. ' "But why istt't $» comtJajiy.libalel'J asked Ken "^Especially when Skiver, the head of the company, , made the deal?" , ' • "The agent's name was not 'Skiver 1 ,' 1 replied the lawyer,* "The agent iust used that to help his selling plan. He collected his commissions as soon as the contracts were signed, and left for other fields!" (Continued from Page One) those costs Be assessed if there be no water transportation?" : Here,. then, regardless of worth 6r right or Wrong,' exerting a- definite effect on labor'ahd transport on.thV rivers, on shipping costs, and on railroad competitors'-rates,.is a huge transportation system run by the/government. And that is just one item. .-'.',. ' NEXT: A publisher who sold 10,000,000 copies of his publications "last year and has otic best-seller .that has sold more than 2,000,000. Who is he? Your own Uncle Sam. uel! WASH SUITS , Properly Laundered 50c Nelson-Huckins ...^..:|ttfe . OMAHA, »eb.H5P)~"£k, ^you know What I want iff <J6 when I gVow Ud?*' the Hev, dHatte Jajmes f Jr., ? a»feed. In'th* next brtath he anfewered the CRANE! HLAU'P' $5.00 Down Harry W.Smver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 269 Wt mtk* tottrt imart, /«Mfoft«£/*i ftmovt * 11 , Milt, dirt & dry chatting. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters , t, W^Wv^^BMDH Hamilton Trust The test In Mote* jfcjj ttAtkt iwb& ttjutbt i.4 11 vri^n i3wi J.W/V * ciiii*j QE HM New Sterling Oil, <jt TdliE-Tek" Ott -< II East 3rd, tfope-Open »4j INSURE WMh ROY ANDERI and Company Fire, Tornado, Accldettl; I We I In Body, Fender and Pairt£l ! O, K, Body !l015 S. Elm <Old HflvS Visit Us Saturday , September 11-for Our FORMAL OPENING , ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|j ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••••••41 ACME ISee the Blindfold- TIRES ' D r"e at Four P. HEMPSTEAD MOTOR CO. Hope MAX COX Ai m !-.>» ^% it would, L'nifying all alone up there on the roof at midnight. Pnscilla Fierce thought that as she.wonderea why Amy hndn't returned from airing a dress on-the*housetop But Amy was never to return. Amy h^d-met death up 1'iere on the root. And the darkness had swallowed every ckw—tlu! is, all but one! You'l! want to follow that in the amazing mystery serial OUT OF THE NIGHT. Story of a Fugitive Who Left His Voice as a Trail Begins Thursday, September 16 in f^^k^^^» ^^i^^^ ^H^tt^^ ^WlMl^ ^^9^^ ^& ^kv4Mb».JPL

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