Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 7, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1934
Page 4
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itnm Swedish Nightingale' * w f if f BtOBlZONTAI, IWhO was the j "Swedish Klghtlngale" » Garret, '' 14 Ah escort. £tt To bring legal , proceedings. 16 Set of opinions t? folding bed. , 18 Bordered (botany). aiTobe sick. Answer to Previous Puzzlo JS1 . 33 Boggy land. 14 Hops kiln. 35 Company. 36 Aeriform fuel. 87 Measure of } cloth. 19 Outer garment. 31 To engender. 33 Unit of energy. ! 44. Passer-by. 85 Sun god. t 86 Anxiety. ' 87 South America. 38 June flower. 40 Clever. 42 Part of a circle 44 She was a famous — — singer. 48 Poem. 49 "Warning sound 51 Wine vessel., 52Taro paste. 53 Doorkeeper. 55 Frozen water. 57 She was born in • in 1S20. 5S Ceremonies. VERTICAL 2 Black. 3 Mesh of lace. 4 North America. 6 Christmas tides. 6 Distinctive theory. 7 Small lumps. 8 Goddess. 9 War flyers. 10 Transpose (abbr.). 11 Afternoon meal. 12 Pertaining to Ids. 13 She had a voice. 17 After 1849 she sang only In » 19 Within. 20 Toward. 23 Obese. 26 Forcible re- stralnt of speech. 27 Gaelic. 28 Dregs. 30 English coin. 31 Nude. 32 Yellowish gray. 34 Foregoing. 36 Center ot,' an apple. 38 Wireless. 39 Fragile. 41 To discuss. 42 Singing voice. 43 To stuff. 45 Father. 46 To eject. 47 Contest Of speed. 49 Tree. 50 Mister. 52 Postscript. 63 All right. 54 Year. 56 Corpse. Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy tti in the Hope Star Market Place .».. . • Bemember, the more youjell. the quicker you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30o For consecutive Insertions, minl- • mum of 3 lines in one ad. ,3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3%c line, min. $2.79 (Average SMt words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 Barbecue and Rally Near Ozan July 12 A barbecue and political rally will be held four miles west of Ozan on highway No. 4 Thursday, July 12, at which county, district and state candidates will make speeches. A baseball game will be played by the Schooley and Howard county teams. At 8 p. m. there will be a musical program in charge of Wash Hutson. Leo Robins will be program chairman. MUSICAL INSTRUCTIONS on in- atruments of your choice, at 25 cents per lesson. Call at extreme south end Elm street or address B. G. Wilhoit family, Box 3, Hope Route 2. 7-4tp FOR SALE FOR SALE—Ice, Southern Creameries Station, Third and Hazel streets. 40c per hundred. J. L. Thomason, . 5-3tp. Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. FOR RENT F6R RENT—Attractive apartment, furnished or unfurnished. Call 178 or 321. • 3-3t-c FOR RENT—Five room house, Gateway Park, Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 3-3tp. WANTED WANTED: Woman companion to drive to World's Fair, Leaving Wednesday. Phone 768. Itp WANTED —Baldheaded American Indian for trichological (scalp) study. Must be of pure ancestry and have genuine case of alopecia. Remuneration $50. Write P. A. Thomas, 844 Rush St., Chicago, 111. Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. NOTICE NOTICE The Broadway Hotel is now under new management. Entirely new personnel. Clean, cool comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates. W. J. Newman.-6tp. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOUND FOUND—Automobile key with red twine string tied to it. Owner may claim key by calling at Hope Star and paying for this ad. 2-3tc LOST LOST—White Persian cat, leather collar. Call 542-W. 3-3tp. STANDINGS Southern Association Clubs— Won Lost Pet. Memphis 5 0 1.000 Little Rock ;:...•;.; 3 1 .750 Nashville _ 2 1 .667 New Orleans L.._ 2 2 .500 Atlanta 3 2 .600 Birmingham 1 3 .250 Knoxville 0 3 .000 Chattanooga 0 4 .000 National League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. New York 47 27 .635 Chicago 44 29 .603 St. Louis 41 30 .577 Boston 39 34 .534 Pittsburgh 36 32 .529 Brooklyn 30 44 .405 Philadelphia ,. 28 46 .378 Cincinnati 23 46 .333 American League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. New York 44 Detroit 45 Boston 39 Washington 39 Cleveland 37 St. Louis 31 Philadelphia 30 Chicago 25 27 29 35 36 35 37 42 49 .620 .608 .527 .520 .514 .456 .417 .338 FRIDAY'S RESULTS Southern Association Memphis 3, Little Rock 1. Atlanta 4, Birmingham 1. Knoxville - Chattanooga, postponed, grounds wet. Nashville-New Orleans, postponed, National League Brooklyn U, New York 2. Boston 16, Philadelphia 13. Chicago 9, Pittsburgh 1. Cincinnati 16, St. Louis 15. American League Detroit , St. Louis 3 (5 innings.rain) Chicago 7, Cleveland 5. Washington 9, New York 8. Boston 18, Philadelphia 6. The U. S. Forest Service has let contracts for aerial photographing of about 10,000 square miles of national forest land. Considerable increase is reported in air travel between Alaska and Seattle. This year's traffic has been greater by 50 per cent than that of last year. Luck's Tourist Court Special rates for private dances. Music furnished. Ray Luck Phone 222 H. E. Luck elson'Huckins LAUNDRY Wash Suite Properly Laundered SOc PHONE 8 HOPE STAR, HOPB, ARKANSAS Saturday, July 7, 108 By AHERN OUR BOARDING HOUSE OUT OUR WAY By WILLIA TH 1 BULL O' TH' WOODS JUST CRACKED HIS HAND, SHOWIN' THAT KID HOW TO DO IT. I DOM'T KNOW WHICH »«S TH' WORST, A HASN'T, OR A HAS- BEEN. Wt TR\tt> TO H\M WHY VAS f WANTED YOU, "BUT HE WAS A-3 A HAS-BEEW, BECAUSE ALL A HAS-BEEN CAN SHOW YOU is HOW NOT TO PO IT. THEY NEVER <3FT ENOUGH DONE TO SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT. PUT ON YOUR SHOES/ THERtWAS A " HBRE, LOOKING TOR VOU—.AW I S\7:5JD HIIVN UPAS APIECE OF TH' LAW / WHO HE "FOR VOU,IN THAsT OL' COf^E-ON IT M/Xf "BE T=ROf/\ THE GOVERNOR, INVITING AT •THE EXECUTIVE THE "TEACHER. By MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Opal Chips In! 6WO.OWAvV.VtS MAM o oo •• OKV <aOOO '. T'cbHT OB \OEA OAT VXt'e Ot B7i\(b\\T- OR TtK> >AO ALLEY OOP By HAMLIN Foozy Got What It Takes! LOVJDOVJN, DIRTY, BUZZARD HAVE VOU DONE" FOOZV ? NEVER } \ HELLO ALLEV/ ROW ? OOOOH BREttm" HE'S AV)R\6V\T/ CURED ' By CRANE WASH TUBES Dead or Alive! BEFORE LON6, A DOZEN! MORE OFFICERS, EASY, THE DISTRICT 'RE AFTER RATS, UNDERSTftWD, RftTS WHC>N PREY UPON DECENT. HONEST PEOPLE, RATS WHO HAVE KILLEP OFFICERS OF THE LAW IN COLD BLOOO. ! wow LISTEN TO ME, NOT OUT To GET MERELY THE MU OFJ.J. LANE. WE'RE AFTER I.ADRONI AMD HIS ENTIRE MOB OF HOODLUMS.' LET'S GO/ FELIJOWSV WE'RE QOIMG TO STAGE CHFOFPOUCE: CHIEF OF POLICE, A RAID— A DANGEROUS RAID. pATTOKJ? SANITARIUM COMPLETELY THERE MAY BE SHOOTING. IF SO. RRST j SHOOT TO KILL? Full Steam Ahead By BLOSSER FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS YES,MR. ^ E LL /S C,EHT| ST S BIRCH... ) F(SH k|L( _ y G oSH,BUT WHY ME THIN«! WE'LL HAVE TO TAKE SOMETHING ALONG KEEP THE MOSQUITOES AWAY! WE'VE COT TO OUTFIT OURSELVES COMPLETELY-AND WE MUSTN'T FORGET A THING...WE WONT BE WHERE WE CAW CRAB A PHONE AND ORDER SOMETHING WE LEFT BEHIND . GEE, IT WAS SWELL OF Y° UR °AD TO OFFER T4> RAY MY WAY ON A CAMPING TRIP.' FORGET FT, WUTTY... HE COT A KICK OUT OF DOING POP SAYS THAT \ HAPPINESS HA3 ( TO BE SHARED WITH SOMEONE, TO GET ANY KICK OUT OF (T. 1 YOU'LL BE SLEEPING NEAR STREAMS, MOSTLY, WON'T YOU, BOYS? V/HERE ARE WE COIKIC, FIRST MOSQUITOES WHOWAMTS Tb TAKE A FISH TO BEP WITH HIM T M HEG. U. S- f^T- OFF. /\ O 1934 BY HE*. StHVICE. IN(T ~S There's a Reason! THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) By COWAN 1 WANT ACTION 1 . XOU GET A JOB, ^ P\GHT TODAY! AND i DON'T WANT TO HEAR A WORD OUT OF XOi> U XEAH,SHE."3 SORE, 1 THAT'S NUTHIN'-I v. AND WE HAVEN'T / HAVEN'T TALKED TO •bPOKEH A WOBD ,f( MY WIFE FOG A WEEK ALL DAY YOU GO DOWN f\HD GET t\ JOB-I DO5>TT C/\Pe IF IT'S P\GGING A TJITTCH. YOU'VE BUMMED GROUND CODLE/S ^-__ GrX^AGE LOWG OEST DON'T DARE. INTERRUPT VIER. EH. WINDY ?

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