Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 7, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1934
Page 3
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July 7,1934 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PA-QE MRS. SID HENRY ociety NRY | HI III TELEPHONE 821 ' Klcrnnl Values Whatever else be lost among the yenrh Ood still abides, nnd love remains the same, And bravery will glimmer through men's tears, And truth will keep its tru nnd upright name. As long as life lasts there will ever be, Kindness and pustice and high loyalty. In n bewildered world these things will iiold; The human heart from dnrkness and despair. Old us the sun and the moon and stars are old, Remaining constant, they are ever there, Lodestars for men to steer their courses by, The eternal things of life never die. —Selected. Mrs. Ella Bright has returned to her home in Blevins after a visit with her daughters, Mrs. Jctt Williams and Miss Dove Knotts. Mrs. R. E. Weaver of Houston, Texas la the guest of Mr. and .Mrs. E, L. Griffith and Dr. J. H. Weaver. Misses Doris- and Moneltc Glenn of Prcscott are house guests of Miss Margaret Kinser. ' Mrs. M. Milbunv who has spent the sl year in Fort Leavenworth. Kan., will arrive Saturday for a visit with her son, Richard Milburn. She will be accompanied here by her .fan, dipt. Bryan Lee Milburn of Fort Leavenworth. Miss Margaret Kinser wa hostess on Thursday evening to the members <jf the Sub-Deb club at her home on South Main stret with Misses Evelyn Green of Little Rock nnd Doris and Monatf Glenn of Prcscott as special guests. Prizes went to Misses Doris Green and Opal Garner. The hostess crvcd delightful refreshments. Tho Beta Delta sorority will meet Sunday afternoon at 2:30 at the home of Misses Marjorie and Geneva Hig- jjason on South Hcrvey street. The regular monthly Bible study of the Womans Missionary Society of the First Baptist church will meet ut 8:30 Monday morning at the church and will be led by the pastor. Rev. Wallace W. Rogers. Rev. and Mrs. Wallace R. Roger; who have spent the past week attending the Baptist assembly in Siloam Springs returned borne Saturday, Lewis Dodge of Los Angeles, Calif- has been the guest of Miss Avis Jones for the past few days enroute to New York city. . ._.,., . ....'rs. D. B. Thompson will be the . mnday. guest of relatives and friends in Little Rock. Mrs. Clyde Yarbrough and little daughter have returned to their homo in Shreveport after a visit with Mr. nnd Mrs. W. Q. Warren. Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Allison will be the week end guests of friends at the Little River Country Club. John Clyde Hill will leave Monday for Winslow, Ark. , wer he will attend a two week's convention of the Young People of the Episcopal church. Miss Gcna Byrd of Bearden who is attending summer school at Henderson State Teachers college, Arkadel- Sure That Sleuths !Are Trailing Her Unperturbed even though she felt certain five detectives hired by her husband—"the five daddies", she called them—were among the passengers, Mrs. Clendenin Ryan, Jr., tho former Countess Marie- Anne von Wurmbrand-Stttppach, Is shown as she sailed from New York to vlsl' her mother In Vienna. She'll return within a few weeks to fight tho annulment suit of her husband, heir to $8,000,000. Act NOW! You can't buy the protection of Insurance when you need it most. ROY ANDERSON & CO COMPLfTf INSURANCE SERVICE PHONE 610 HOPE, ARK. phia. will arrive today for a visit to Misses Mary Louise and Zilpha Keith in this city. Mrs. Laura. Smith of Washington is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Green Two Hope Students at Chi Art Academy Holy Land Movies to Be Shown Here Rev. F, A. Forrest at Barham Revival Meeting Monday and Tuesday The Rev. R. A. Forrest, pastor of First Presbyterian church of Toccoa, Ga., and president of Toccoa Falls Bible Institute, nn independent Full Gorpel Bible school of the same city, will be with the Bnrhnm Evangelistic Party, in the Hope Skating Rink on Monday and Tuesday nights. July 9 and 10. Dr. Forrest, who has been president of the Toccoa Balls Bible Institute for iibout 20 years, has recently made n tour of the Holy Land und several mission fields, and will Rive motion pictures and lectures both nights ofi the Holy Land. Every minute will be packed with drum a nnd filled with something interesting. This feature of the revival is on attraction which will probably not come loa city the size of Hope once in a decade.' There will be no charge. l l /i Million Let on State's Hospital Dallas Contractor Given Job of Finishing Benton Structure Son Dead by Mishap; Doctor Vows Aid to Others Chicken Supper I* Held at Hunt'* Uke "Thank God thoy wore my own sons," Raid Dr. I3rynn 1,. Baldwin, Healdsburg, Calif., fighting to save the lite ot his boy, Bobby, 7, dangerously ill from contaminated anti-infantile paralysis serum which the father administered and which caused the death oC Jackie, 2, Bobby's brother. Both boya, In Kood health, were Inoculated to safeguard them in thn California epidemic, Dr, Baldwin, shown left In a recent picture with Jackie, vows he will devote IUH life to Having other children. Mrs, Baldwin IB shown at rig lit with Bobby Miss Evelyn Johnson and Mrs. W. Y.| Foster Jr., of Hope, are taking a number of professional art courses this summer at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts where they enrolled July 2 for the special eight weeks summer school. They will study in the school's 12th floor studios overlooking Lake Michigan and the Century of Progress grounds, at 18 South Michigan Avenue. Chicago, their instructors being various professional artists who are foremost in their individual art fields. The summer art courses have been planned so the students may participate directly in the Century of Progress Exposition. Weekly, faculty-conducted tours of the Fair for ideas and idea development will be a part of all classes, and projects directly related to the Fair will be a portion of Miss Johnson's and Mrs. Foster's summer study. Such contacts with the most timely in design, color, and form, as well as with the great international exhibits will be of extraordinary value in their future creative work. LITTLE ROCK.—Contracts, totaling $1,476,000, for completion of the farm colony unit of the new state hospital near Benton were awarded by the State Construction Commission Friday, subject to approval by the Public Works Administration, from which the state obtained a loan and grant of $1,769,000 to complete the institution. The general construction contract was awarded to Nathan Wohlfeld, Dallas, Texas, on his low bid of ?833,8G7, which was approximately $6,000 below the next lowest bid, submitted by T. L. James & Co. and William Peterson of Little Rock. The general contract includes eight dormitories, two cafeterias and kicth- ens, dairly barns, farm buildings, sheds, etc. The successful bidder agreed to complete the construction in 455 calendar days. The formality of reading the advertisement for bids ,on $1,327,000 worth of state construction bonds was carried out at the board meeting, although no bids had been received. A contract previously had been made with PWA officials whereby the PWA would buy 4 per cent bonds at par, if no private bids were received. Tom Davis, secretary of the board, received a telegram from PWA of- A house in Rinconda, Spain, was struck and burned by a meteor which fell in broad daylight. It is the only case known in history where a meteor has struck and destroyed a dwelling, although there are some recorded instances of some striking dwellings. The chec'ta, or hunting leopard, in Africa, is credited with being the swiftest four-footed animal for short distances. Cotn'on . . . lets go to the cooest spot in town! ficials in Washington saying the government is ready to advance money on the bonds in accordance with the agreement. The bond sale will be supplemented by a direct grant of $442,000, representing 30 per cent of the amount of state funds expended on the project. Holly Springs Farmers of this community are about through with their crops and will soon be ready to start making hay. There is no vacation time for the farmers. Mr. George Curtis of Ozan is viisting his niece Mrs. M. E. Butler. Mjss Marie McDowell spent from Saturday till Tuesday with her cousin. Wanda Collins of Hope. Misses Modelle and Madell Phillips visited Miss Lena Turner Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd 'Smith visited in the home of their uncle. Mr. J. C. McDowell Saturdjy night and Sunday. Mrs. Waclie Burns is spending this week with her brothers Claude and Elmer Quillin of Kilgore, Texas. Mr. J. N. Lewis of Snider, Texas, spent three days of last week viisting with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Sum Wright visited relatives ut Rocky Mound Saturday night and Sunday. Mr.' and Mrs. Bill uckabeo of Spring Hill spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Amzie McDowell. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Robertson were shopping in Hope Saturday afternoon Marjorie Phillips spent Wednesday with Ellaree McDowell. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Bish of Spring Hill visited relatives in this community Wednesday. Mr. Kcl Burns of Patmos is visiting his son Wadie Burns, Eunice Rhea Robertson visited in Hope last week. SHANKS TO BE (Continued from Page One) of the Colley family in Saline county last August, was affirmed by the Arkansas Supreme Court recently. The new date was fixed by the governor after a mandate from the Supreme Court denying a motion for a rehearing of the case reached the governor's office. Shank was' convicted of Colley's murder last December and was sentenced to be electrocuted in February, but appeal of the case staked the execution until the Supreme Court disposed of the appeal. Shank never was tried on Indictments for poisoning Colley's wife and three children. HERE AND THERE (Continued ftrom Page One) SUNDAY MONDAY They're Girls galore. «,*' Music & comedy Here The SMITH BROS? No relation to the "cough-drop" Smiths NOW • Double Program £$, JACK HOLT " "WHIRL POOL" NO. If "Fighting with Kit Cm-son" TOM KEENE "CROSS FIRES' ^ with THELMA TODD DOROTHY.LEE —SHORTS— Musical Comedy "Koasl Beef mill Movies News M which doesn't come closer than Ifi miles to us. There is a complete fap of 11 miles on No. 4 in Nevada county, and some thousands of dollars must be spent in widening No. 24, building better bridges through the bottoms, and laying additional gravel, on a road in our county which doesn't lead to Hope. Both of these projects should be accomplished. Both must bo accomplished before we can have any taik about hard- surfacing. Home Clubs Girl & Music Show at Saenger Sun. McCaskill The tomato harvest is well under way here. The Home Demonstration club met with Mrs. John Games' Wednesday. Mrs. Glenn Eley visited relatives in Smackover last week. Miss Ruby Wortham is visiting in Prescott. Mrs. John Gaines, Mrs. Bert Scott and Mrs. M. Scott attended the rodeo at Hope Wednesday. H. B. Eley was a Hope visitor Monday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Glenn E!ey and Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Eley were visitors at Hope on the Fourth. Miss Neliadine Collins is home a- fiain after visiting relatives in Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Wardlow of Henderson, Texas were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Eley last week. Sheppard An enjoyable social gathering was held by a number of Faftfids citizens who invited themselves t$ ft chicKen upper and swimming party a,t rjunt'? ash lake near Patmos tfee night of une 26. This was the firjt gathering of this kind for the seaion and all present declared it a success. Those present were: Mf. and M,rs. ,. D. Rider and family, Mr. and tAts. s ink W. Taylor and family, Mr. arid Mrs. Nathan Rider and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Drake and family, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rider frn.d family, Mrs. C. P. Jones and son CUnton, with a number of the youjpge? set, The topic of the evening seemed to be the coming event of the' season when the entire citizenship of the community will come together In the annual event which will be July 26, when everyone is invited to, enjoy a picnic and social gathering. The candidates are all invited on that day. INDUSTRIAL RULE (Continued frqm Page One? flrrti Methodist Church Services at 10:JS o'clock. The \nj? elder, the Rev. L. E. N. «f P(**cott, will preach. Mrs. Will be at the organ. Miss MwPh will *ing "More Love t with, music written by Mrs. IWtitdrt. Open air services on the- towft at 8 6'clock. The subject of th* pastor's sermon will be "Falling Short at ttt# Goal" Congregational singing, " * The church school will meet at MS o'elock. . ' The young people of the churcft will have their group meeting* at ft**, o'clock in the evening. The Woman's Missionary will have a general meeting at ft& , thurch Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock. ,' ( The program will be given by ths, junior young wornen. The «pctety» if <• in a most prosperous* condition) Th« <t last Deport shows a net gain of 58,0004 ( hi membership during the first halt a* * the year, and the budget Up to the • , ** e ' E. CLIFTON RULE, Past* , ; Mrs. Fannie Blackwood and Mrs Pearl Cornelius were shopping i Hope Saturday. Roy and Raymond Cornelius wen shopping in Hope "Saturday. Mr .and Mrs. G- W- Gilbert, an children, Misses Lucille and Christeen Cornelius and 'Ophelia Cunhirigham made a fishing trip down on Littl River the Fourth. Everyone reported a nice. time. Misses Lucille and Christeen Cornelius spent Tuesday night with Miss Ophelia Cunningham. Raymond Cornelius spent Monday night and Tuesday night with Boots Clayton of near McNab. Miss Dimple Clayton of McNab spent Saturday night with Lucille Cornelius. W. L. Cornelius made a business trip to Hope Tuesday. Clinton Chandler spent Saturday night with Raymond Cornelius." system to prevent uch rises. "As a measure of protection to the smaller business and, industrial man, the federal government would kep) a strict watch to prevent any monopolistic tendencies." For some months the view has been held by New Yorkers prominent in industry and finance—and friepdly in the mai nto the aims of theRoosevJt administration—that the federal gqv- ernment should unshoulder the task of governing industry under the NBA. Some of hese men also have felt that unemployment insurance—' one of the points in the presidents program of social reform for the next congress—should be a part of any self- governing set-up for industry. They look on such insurance ,as a 4 ut y ; ° n industry. It was not learned, however, whether such a step was contemplated in the supplanting of the NBA. The Byrd Little America stamps were the smallest sheets of commemorative stamps ever issued by the United States Postoffice department. A man in Ecuador has produced a machine that can read and translate nine languages he says. The machine is portable and cdrried 2000 words in each language. The niftiest role so far to. fall to petite Dorothy Lee is in "Cockeyed Calaliers," starring The "Smith Brothers?". She joins their medieval ramblings in this comedy feature, disguised as a boy. GENERAL STRIKE (Continued from Page One) movement of cars from an oil company plant. Bullets were fired over the heads of the Portland strikers. President Roosevelt's Labor Disputes Beard, which for days had worked in vain toward getting all sides together voluntarily for a settlement, decided Friday night to use its authority under the newly enaced congressional resolution governing employment controversies. The board, invoking for the first time the provision of the new law, announced it would hold public hearings beginning here Monday to determine issues, facts and practices in the controversy. It has the power to subpoena witnesses and records, and to act as arbitrator upon request. C-DV Ozan The Home Demonstration club met at the home of Mrs. C. V. Vines July 2 at 2:30 in the afternoon. The president called the house to order and the prograw was opened with a song, then prayer by Miss Griffin. There were 12 old members and one new member present. After the business was discussed Miss Griffin gave a demontration on the making of jelly. After the demonstration the hostess served ice cream and cake. The next meeting will be at the home of Miss Carrie Lyons, Aug. 6, the demonstration being given on pickles. - -«»*«»- --- — Twin Cotton Boll The first twin cotton boll reported in Hempstead county from the 1934 planting was brought to Hope Saturday by J. S. Mayo of Guernsey. The cotton is the Mars Rose, an early variety. _ - — «•»•«». There is not a single state in the union where temperatures of 100 degrees have not been rcorded. Frez- ing temperatures, also, have been recorded in evrey st,at.e. Moles eat an amount of food every duy equal to oue-third of their own weight. GEORGE SCARBO DAN THOMAS AfOiST, LAST YEAR EXHIBITED 55 OF HIS PAINTINGS W APARlSSALOM. PARTIES AND Mosrr BORE HER., SHE SAVSn HEN SHE WAS ONLY |4-,UA-ft LEE STARRED ^ , 15 'THE SON [IN A PICTURE, AT A SALARY OP $SOOA.\VEEK. -~" ' One of the nice things about reviewing books is that once in a blue moon you run across a book that is perfect in its kind—a book that you can recommend in the strongest terms you know how to use. _ Such a book is James Hilton's little novel, "Goodbye Mr. Chips!". It is a short novel—hardly more than, a long short story^-and the tale it tells is the simplest. But it is a little gem. It tells abotu a retired English schoolmaster—a gentle, white-haired old chap who had spend all his life in the teaching of boys and who, in his retirement, takes lodging across the stret from his old school so that he can keep in contact with them. . He has become a sort of unofficial school institution. He has the lads in for tea, by ones and two and threes almost every day in the school year; he takes pains to keep a pink walnut cake in his cupboard for them. And the story simply tells how, in the sunset of his life, he looks back on his past, on his youth, his long life of service, his wife, who wiht their only son died half a century ago; on the war and the boys he knew who were killed in it; and on the long procession of boys, decade after decade, who have drifted into his life and then drifted out again, taking something with them and also leaving something exceedingly precious. And so, at last, he dies. And a friend by his bed remarks it is a pity that the old gentleman never had any children. Dying, he hears, rouses him. self, chuckling, to protest— "Oh yes, I have thousands of them. . .all boys. It is a singularjy beautiful, tender and moving story. Published by Little Brown & Co it sells for $1.25. SALE Summer Silks White and Pastels $4.95 LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP "Excuslve But Not Expensive" HOSE SALE SdcPair Z Pairs $1.50 THE QIFT SHOP Phone 252 P. A. Lewis Motor Third ft Washington j. Used Cats, Kew and Used Parts. Potteries, Tires. Washing, Greasing Gas and (Mb. FOR SALE 1932—Ford Tudor Sedan 1930—Cchevrolel Sedan , ' i929r-B.ui.ck Sedan, Hempstead Motor Co. Phone 850 20? East Third COMMON OLD ITCH la SHU With U* Prescription No. 200,000 will cure it. It kill's the parasites in the skin. 50c JOHN S, GIBSON, Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Hop*, Art. Established IMS Charter- No. 105W Reserve District No. » REPORT OF THE COWPJTION OF THE Citizens National Bank OF HOPE, IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS' AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON JUNE 30, 1934 ASSETS Loans and discounts United States Government securities Securities guaranteed by United States Government Luther N. Garner Candidate for Tax Assessor Hempstead County Will appreciate your vote and influence Shampoo, color rinse, finger wave and oil manicure all for $1.00 Permanents ?2.00 and up Mary's Beauty Shop Phone 287 Cannon Aparunents as to interest and/or principal.. Other bonds, stocks, and securities Banking house, $28,000. Furniture and fixtures, $8,000.. .._ Real estate owned other than banking house. Reserve with Federal Reserve Bank - •• • Cash in vault and balances with other banks Outside checks and other cash items Redemption fund with United States Treasurer and Dollars (Jtar. ' . 447,445.83, . . 220,000.00 . 7,375.00 . .... 174,251^21 . 36,000.011 . 55,785.00 66.948.7q due from United States Treasurer • 5 ' 00 "- 00 TOTAL ASSETS • ; 1,237,3D5.SH LIABILITIES Dollars Cts. Demand deposits, except United 'States Government deposits, public funds and deposits of other banks, ....... .. Time deposits, except postal savings, public funds and deposits of other banks Public funds of States, counties, school districts, , or other subdivisions or. municipalities . United States Government and postal savings deposits Deposits of other banks, including certified and cashiers' checks outstanding Total of Hems 16 to 20: (a) Secured by pledpe of loans and/or investments 189,539.85 (b) Not secured by pledge of loans and/or investments 694,199.73 (c) Total Deposits - • 803,739.58 Circulating notes outstanding Capital Account: Common stock, 2500 shares, par $100 per share. Surplus Undivided profits-net ; Total Capital Account... Memorandum: Loans and Investments pledged (o Secure Liabilities United States Government securities Other bonds, stocks, and securities ................... - 255.QU 100.000.90- 333,566.00 1,231,305.58 Total Pledged (excluding rediscounts) .................................................... 240.000,00 Pledged: (a) Against circulating notes outstanding. ................................... ••• ......... ;•• (b) Against United States Government and postal savings deposits... (c) Against public funds of States, counties, school districts, «,,,„..,,„, or other subdivisions or municipalities ................................................... su.ww.wi Total Pledged ....................... ...... ...... . ...... . ........................................................ 240,000.00 State of Arkansas, County gf Hempstead, ss: I. C. C. Spragins, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best my knowledge and belief. C. C. SPRAGINS, Cashier. ERNEST PALS DICK CURB MARKET Anything in the Vegeable Line. Fresher and Just as Cheap. Call on Us. guaranteed RADIO SERVICE Hempstead Co. Lbr. Co. HOYT ANDRES Phone 89 Subscribed and sworn to before me this Gth day of July, 1934. RUTH A. CAIN, Notary Public. My Commission expires Mar. 25, 1936. Correct—Attest: R. M. LaGRONE L. D. REED J. A. HAYNES, Directors. RECAPITULATION RESOURCES Loans and Discounts Banking House and Fixtures Other Real Estate Bonds, Stocks. Securities Loans Secured by Cotton Cash and Exchange 181,625.21 25,4214)3 291,449.54 TOTAL ........................................................................................................... ?1,237,30S.5S Surplus Undivided Profits Circulation o DEPOSITS ................................... .............. .• ...................................................................... 803.739.58 TOTAL. ............................................................... — — ................. - ......... * ....... $1,237,305.5$

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