The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on August 1, 1968 · Page 8
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 8

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 1, 1968
Page 8
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II TIIE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Thursday, August 1, 1968 Today's Sl7 ) 19 Goes On The Air Clianne BY MARTIN FIOGAN JR. Enquirer TV Editor AT 3 p.m. TODAY WXDC-TV, Cincinnati's fourth commercial television station begins broadcasting on channel 19. The station is headquartered at 801 W. Eighth St., and its transmitter is located on Bald Knob ma a? POTATO PANCAKES Four Polish style potato pancakes, with Just a hint of onion! Whipped butter, applesauce and either bacon or sour cream. 1.25 Perkins Pancake Houses 7770 Raiding Road 7764 Coloralis Am. 6930 PUInfUld Rd, In Price Hill. It Is owned by the U. S. Communications Corp. Remember this well. The license to broadcast has changed hands twice and the call letters have been changed once. Any similarity to the original station doesnt exist. Originally, the Federal Communications Commission awarded the license to operate a television station on channel 19 to James Lang, owner of radio station WNOP in Newport. The license then was acquired by Toledo warehousemen Daniel H. Overmyer and was scheduled to be a part of the Overmyer network. Other stations in major markets were Involved but the expense of broadcasting proved too costly for the Overmyer Interests. Enter U. S. Communications Corp., subsidiary of American Viscose Corp. TJ. S. Communications now owns 80 of the stock in the local station and four other mm radio Leading Lady After a long search, the producers of the forthcoming "That's Life" series on ABC finally have found the girl they believe has the right combination of acting, singing and dancing skills to be Robert Morse's leading lady. She is E. J. Peaker, a blue-eyed blonde with considerable stage musical and television experience. She has a featured role In the film version of "Hello, Dolly!", and because of that the first few of the weekly one - hour "That's Life" shows will be taped in Hollywood. When she is through with the film, Miss Peaker and the video company will come to New York to do the series. stations in addition to an option to buy the remaining 20 from the Overmyer interests. Then, In May the FCC approved new call letters and WSCO-TV became WXIX-TV. XIX, naturally is 19 In Roman. Hence a new name, new owners, new image. This brings us to August 1, 1968 and channel 19, with full color facilities, is on th air. More than $2 million has been appropriated for programming. The station has title to 1200 motion pictures including The Pawnbroker, 'Lord of the Flies,' and 'La Dolce Vita.' The remainder of the schedule will Include syndicated programs, sports events and children's programming. Larry Smith, popular young puppeteer will host a children's cartoon show at 3:30 p. m. Monday through Friday. In addition the station will carry such syndicated discussion programs as those hosted by Melvin Belli and David Susskind. R. Douglas McLarty is general manager. WXIX-TV. It is a welcome addition. ( ' - J : in ii ii 'wt.-a.w.a--MiiiiiMi mm ' Larry Smith And Friends . . . New station, new show Situation Stuff? It's Not Dead Yet s3i 1&L (DdBot R3nfld!ay titan FffMay r u i Ch. 5 Readies Quarterback Clul) Program Quarterback Club, a half-hour color show focusing on the AFL's newest team, the Cincinnati Bengals, will premiere on Channel 5 Friday, August 9, at 7 p. m. Hosted by veteran TV-5 Sports Director, Phil Samp, the action-packed program will feature film clips of the most exciting plays of the preceding week's game; scouting reports of the upcoming contest; Interviews with standout players; and interlaced with football comment and philosophy by head coach Paul Brown or other members of the Bengals' coaching staff. The 20-program series runs through December 18 with the first program featuring film clips of the Bengals' first exhibition game of August 3 when they meet the Kansas City Chiefs. Bengals' preseason exhibition games that will be televised by TV-5 include the Denver Broncos game of August 10; Pittsburgh Steel-ers on August 25, and the New York Jets on August 30. Regular season away games or the Bengals will also be carried by WLWT. HOLLYWOOD OB Situation comedy, out of style and out of favor with network television program makers for the past few seasons, is making a comeback next season. There are seven new series of the genre on the schedules of the three networks. And a lucky swing of the programming cycle returns them at a time when flarce physical action and gunplay is, if not taboo, at least radically modified. Television series are usually under construction for one or two years before the public gets its first look at a show, so most of these were on the drawing boards long: before the public and-the networks began worrying about shoot 'em ups and their suspected effects on tender or disturbed minds. On the September docket are CBS' "Doris Day Show," the popular film star's first excursion into television. She plays a former band singer, a widow with two children, adjusting to rural life. There is also NBC's "Julia," with Diahann Carroll playing a widowed registered nurse with child. Other nonviolent comedies include CBS "Blondle," based on a comic strip; ABC's "Ugliest Girl in Town;" NBC's Fantasy. "The Ghost and Mrs. Mulr;" CBS' "The Good Guys," and ABC's hour-long "Here Come the Brides," a period piece set in the Northwest lumberjack country. Second most popular category for new shows is action, mostly police or private eye action. The five shows include NBC's "The Outsider," in the mood of those old Raymond Chandler private eye books; ABC's "Mod Squad" and CBS's "Hawaii Five," both working the police beat; NBC's Adam 12," which will handle a pair of squad car cops in the manner, of "Dragnet" and NBC's major effort, the 90-minute "Name of the Game." Two new variety shows will be added to the growing list NBC's "Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show" and the offbeat "That's Life" on ABC which will attempt a weekly book musical built around a cast of regular performers playing continuing characters. There will also be two new Westerns, CBS' "Lancer," and ABC's "Outcasts." ABC will replace a science fiction series, "Voyage to the Botto of the Sea" with another, "The Land of Giants," the only new entry in that category. And it will also add one semi-game program, "The Don Rlckles Show," in which the em-phls in comedy rather than eneuprnanship. ABC also has th j sole anthology series of the season, "Journey to the Unknown," with different plot and performers weekly. 12 noon, 5, 2, 50-50 CLUB (Color), Karen Marrow, currently appearing in "Can-Can" in Dayton. Folk singers Kathle & Max, and Steve Heefner, a hippie from Haignt Ashbury. r 3 p. m., 19, INAUGURAL PROGRAM (Color). - WXIX begins its programming with this first broadcast. Bill Nlmo hosts this program which Includes talks by Mayor Ruehlmann, Mayor John Schmitz, Newport, Covington Mayor Claude Hensley. ' 4 p. m., 5, vrviENNE! (Color): The Dee Felice Trio and Johnny Desmond are featured. 4:30 p. m., 12, MIKE DOUGLAS . (Color): Rossano Brazzl. Monlque Van Dooren, Jack DeLeon, The Freddie Cole Trio and author Rod MacLeish. 6 p. m., 12, MERV GRIFFIN (Color): Delia Reese, Aliza Kashi, David Frost, Hendra and Ullet, Robbie Porter. 7:30 p. m., 12, 2, SECOND HUNDRED YEARS (Color): Luke gets out sllckered while trying to help a woman gambler. Repeat. 7:30 p. m., 5, DANIEL BOONE (Color): A magician has designs on Boonesborough's winter fur catch. Repeat. 7:30 p. m., 9, JOHN GARY (Color): Guests John Davidson, Jackie Gayle, Donna Jean Young, The Pleasure Seekers and Glen Campbell. fV 8 p. m., 48, INSIGHT: Vera Miles and Jeff Hunter star in "Madam": The lady publisher of a racy magazine reconsiders her policies. 8:30 p. m., 12, BEWITCHED (Color): Endora calls in a handsome warlock in an attempt td break up Samantha's marriage. Repeat. 8:30 p. m., 5, IRONSIDE (Color): A beautiful amnesiac, Vera Miles, falls in love with Ironside. Repeat. 9 p. m. 12, 2, THAT GIRL (Color): Ann Marie is the reluctant object of an elderly multimillionaire's persistent attentions. Repeat. 9:30 p. m., 5, DRAGNET (Color): Friday and Gannon go underground to tackle a gang whose members pose as vice officers. Repeat t 10 p. m., 5, DEAN MARTIN PRESENTS THE GOLDDIGGERS (Color): Guests include Gall Martin, Frank Sinatra Jr., Paul Lynde plus the regular cast of Wlsa D'Orso, Barbara Heller, Sklles and Henderson, Stanley Myron Handelman, Times Square Two and Stu Gilliam. 11:30 p. m., 12, JOEY BISHOP (Color): Joey's featured guest is singer Bill Anderson. 11:30 p. m., 5, 2, TONIGHT (Color): Joel Grey visits Johnny Carson. Thursday Movies 7 p. m., 19, "Conquest of Cochise" (1953). John Hodlak, Robert Stack. Western. 9 p. m., 9, "Joan Of Arc" (1348). Ingrld Bergman, Jose Ferrer. An adequate production of this classic story. 9:30 p. m., 19, "Fire Down Below" (1957). Rita Hay-worth, Jack Lemmon, Robert Mltchum. Partners on a boat decide to transport an adventuress, without passport to another island. 11:30 p. m., 9, "Rebecca" (1940). Laurence Oliver, Joan Fontaine. Fine drama. Thursday Radio Programs YOUR DOLLARS GROW FAST WITH SAFETY AVAILABLE NOW AVAILABLE ONE YEAR 0IV1DEHOS INVESTMENT PAID CMTiflCATfS QUARTERLY REGULAR SAVINGS EVANSTON UILDING & LOAN CO. 7050 BLUE ASH 891-5242 iymMmmaxmmamtmm ; 0 0Q NJ A, ;v "AC,' j l'V'VX ALAN OWN STEPS INTO KALEIDOSCOPE TODAY and EVERY WEEKDAY 2 to 6 p.m. VVKRC S SO TIMEt 24 hourj. fORMATi Poo mmle nd trionli1iel. Newtt On tht hour. WIW 700 TIMEi !4 hourj. FORMATi FimillM Music NEWSi On th hour mi half hour. WM0 " TIMEt 6.30 . m. to 9 p. m. FORMAT: Network proqrns nd (an. NEWSi M tho hour. wpfi vie TIVEi 24 hours. FORMATi Poo moile talk and raliqioui featurei. NEWSi On th hou,'. wzir 10M TIWEi 6 I. m..? midnight. FORMATi Country and Western Music. NEWS: On th half hour. wuii mo TIMEs 24 hours. FORMATi Top 40 music. NEWSi 20 minutes befort and after th hour. WCIU 1320 TIMEi 6 a. m. to 5:45 o. m.. FORMAT, Country and Western music. NEWSi On th Quarter hour. WSAt 13tV TIME: 24 hours. FORMAT Tod 40 music. NEWSi On th hour. WM0H 1490 ' TIMEt 5 a. m. to I a. m, FORMAT t op music, religious. NEWS: On th half sour. WON 14M TIMEi 5 a. m. to midnight. FORMATi Rhythm and bluet and gospel. NEWSi On th half hour. WCKY 1530 TIMEt 24 hours. FORMATi Popular music and sports broadcasts. NEWSi Five minutes before th hour and on tha ' half hour. WCNW I960 I TIMEi oilS a. m. to 6t45 p. m. FORMATi Country and Western music NEWSi Five minutes be'or th hour. I THE M.O.A. IS F.U.N WITH STAN MATLOCK 6-10 A.M. ID -I mm 55 Thursday Morning Television o Sriij 4:00 Sunrist Semcsttr't ilS Meditation . " 6:30 Michigan U. Young Worldt 6,45 - - 1 7:00 Today Showt Newst Public Service MS - 7:30 " KidStufft Undo Woldot StOO " Capt. Kangoroo't Skipper Rylat 1:30 1:45 " " " 9:00 Paul Dixont Undo Alt Woody Woodburyt 9i30 " " iOzOO " 5 Tolm Newst 10:30 Concentrations Hillbillies! Dick Cavettt 11:00 Personolity't Andy Griffith 1 1:30 Hollywood Squores't Dick Van Dyke Sji 'X TODAY 1200 to 100 pm ":' -A eviieja 4 a M M I TIMEi WMUI-PM H.I m. to V . m. FORMATi 3 o Features and music WGUC-FM tO t TIMEt 10 a. m. to 10 p. m. FORMATi Educational features classical music WZIP-PM tl.J TIMEt 6:15 a. m.-9 p. m. FORMATi Country and Western music. NEWSi Network on th half-hour, locali Three minutes before th hour. WAKW-FM t3 S TIMEi 6 a. m. to II p. m. FORMATi Religious features and music WJBI'FM t4 I TIMEt 24 hours a day. FORMATi Standards. NEWSi On tha half hour. WCNWFM 4, TIMEi 24 hours. FORMATi Country and Western music. NEWSi five minutes bt or th hour. W0XR-FM 77 TIMEi 7 p. m. to I a. m. FORMATi Standards and top 40. WAEF-FM tl.t TIMEi 6 a. m. to 1 a. m. FORMATi Dixieland itandards. NEWSi On tha hour. WKKT-FM lOO.t TIMEi 6:45 a. m. to 1 1 p. m. FORMATi Remote broadcasts and recorded music WKRC-FM 101. t TIMEi 24 Hours. FORMATi Stereo classics, standards and show tunes. NEWS: 15 minutes after vry hour from ABC-FM. WEIN-FM 101.7 TIMEi 24 hours. FORMATi Jau and -lassical. WH0H-FM 103.S ' TIMEi 6 a. m. to I a. m. op music, German music. News t On the half hour. WCXL-FM 105.1 TIMEi 6 a. m. to midnight. FORMATi Stereo Albums. i WPFI-FM I05.t TIMEi 24 hours. FORMATi Instrumental two hour. i , THE 12N00N SHOW I y.;h T.pnnK Whnlftv fvitirlag BRENDA LEE IIN(I FORMATi classic. C3EAQ ? far ' , i is, f i : Gov. ROtiALD REAGAfJ ' TGfilOfinOW 9:30 P. 1.1 Ch. 5 Citizens for Reagan, Ion (40, Topeka, Kansas (oaOl Henry lubb. National Caalrman ' Pl. Adv. Thursday Afternoon Television o Q o 12:00 50-50 Clubt Noon Reportt 1 2 Noont I2:1S " " 12:30 " Tomorrow't " 12:45 " Guiding light't " 1:00 " Secret Storm Dream House t -25 T. S ; s li30 MaktADeal't World Turns't Wedding Portyt 2:00 Days of Lives't Splendored Thingt Newlyweds't 2:30 The Doctors't House Partyt Dating Gomo't 2:4S " " 3:00 Another World't Tell the Truth General Hospital't 3:30 You Don't Sayt Edge of Night't Dark Shadowst 4:00 Viviennelt Lawman Theater 4:30 " Secret Agent " 5:00 Mike Douglast 5:30 TV 5 Newst McHale'iNavy " Thursday Evening Television O Q IB 6:00 " Nine Newst Merv Griffint 6:15 " - " 6:30 Huntley-Brinkleyt Walter Cronkitet " 7:00 1 Love Lucy Consequencest " 7:15 ; " 7:30 Daniel Boone 't John Garyt Second 100t 8:00 Drognet't " Flying Nunt 8:30 lronsidet " Bewitchedt 9:00 " Movie't That Girlt 9:30 Citizens for Reagant " Peyton Place t 10:00 Golddiggerst " Dream House't 10:30 Professionals 11:00 TV 5 Newst Nine Newst Tall 12 Newst lltlS " " " 11:30 Tonight't Big Show Joey Bishop t 11:45 " 12:00 12:30 " " " 1:00 " Bible Answerit " 'Network fColor WCET Ch. 4S 5:15 Friendly Giant 5:30 Misterogers 6:00 Animal T racket 6:30 What's New 7:00 Sports Scene 7:30 Focus on Youth 8:00 Insight 8:30 Play of Week WHIO 7 7i30 Semester 3,00 Tell Truth OiOO Capt. Kangaroo 3:30 Merv Griffin 9:00 Treasure Isl 4:30 Unci Orrl 9i30 Sett Rogg IOiOO Girl Talk 10:30 Hillbillies 1 1 iOO Andy Griffith 1 :30 Hollywood Sg, 12:00 Lovaof Ufa 12:30 Tomorrow i2:45 Guiding Light 1:00 Girl Talk 1 :30 World Tumi 2:00 Splendored 2:30 Housa Party 5:00 Flintston 5 30 F Troop 6:00 Big News 6:30 NBC News :00 Big News 7:30 Hogans Hrol 8:00 Judd 9:00 Movi 11:00 News 11:30 Evening Thtr. WlW-D-2 6:00 University 3:30 Hospital 6;JU Inspiration iOO Tody 4:00 Paul Dixon 10:00 Match Game 10:30 Phil Donehua 1 1:30 Bewitched 12:00 50-50 Club 1:30 Make A Deal 2:00 Newlyweds 2:30 Dating Gam 3:00 Another World 1 WXIX It 3:00 First Show 7:00 Movl 3:30 Larry Smith 8:30 Country Music 5:30 SuDrman 9:00 First Show 6:00 Flintstones 9:30 Cinema XIX 6:30 Patiy Duka 11 4:00 Mike Douglas 5:30 Peter Jjnninoi 6:00 TV 2 News 6:30 NBC Nwt 7:00 Movl 8:30 Bewitched 9:00 Thet Girl 9:30 Peyton Placa 10:00 Ironsid 11:00 TV 2 New. t30 tonight 30 On Step Beyond i h

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