The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, March 23, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOllTHKAHT Ar,r^,vc.,o .„„„„ "*~ '•*-* ' » K-X VOLUME XXXVI!~NO. 6. Blyfhevllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Lender Blvthpviii» n^u-ur Blylhevllle Herald ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI K, ARKANSAS. SATUH1MY, AIAKCH 23, 1(V () SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS . French Cabinet Maps Strategy; Nazis Urge More Rumanian Help PARIS, March 23. (UP)— Premier P;uil Reynaml's new inner war council met for (hfi livst time today to plan its "fight to win" strategy, with Gen. Maurice Gnniuliii, chief of the national defense, an<i Admiral Francois Darlan, commander in chid' of tin: navy, attending. The meeting \vns delayed lor an hour, from 10 a.m. lo 11 a.m. while Gamelin' conferred wltli Eriouard Daladier, war minister, at the war oificc. Reynand, pledged to a vigorous prosecution of total \var, lincl suin^ monecl tile inner council meeting as soon as he decided to remain In office though the chamber of deputies had given him its confidence, technically, by a majority of but one vote— aC8 to 15G with 111 aostainlng. Reynaud, Vice Premier camille Chiuitemps, War Minister Edouard Daiadier, Reynaud's predecessor Navy Minister Cesar Campinchi; Minister Laurent Eynac, Fi- Air , nance Minister Lucien Limour- eux; Armaments Minister Haoul Daulry; Colonial Minister Georges Mandci, and Blockade Minisier Georges Monnet constituted the Inner war council, which Is one of two new "executive arms" of the government. The other Is the inter- ministerial economic council. The war council met, at the foreign office, Reynaud being foreign minister as well as premier. It'is to meet at least three times a week to plan high strategy. The economic council is to me-t once a week. Tiijre was v..,orous criticism today" of the chamoer of deputies for the .way In which it greeted, ov failed to- greet, the new ministry'. BUCHAHRST, Rumania, March 2H. (UP) — Germany embarked on a now drive for economic concessions from Rumania today, with a tle- tiiiled program .submitted to Die government in the form of a letter by Dr. Karl Clodius, Germany's ace economic negotiator. . Germany had obtained from Rumania contracts for vitally needed Rumanian oil, but had met allied opposition in getting the - oil to Germany. Periiaps 75 per cent of Rumania's oil production Is from foreign- owned wells. Allied companies have refused to cooperate In delivering oil to Germany. London even reported that Britain sought lo charter an enormous minntity of Danube River boats, presumably to keep Germany from chartering them.) Clodus, It wns said In official circles, delivered to the government Claims Democ.valic Parly Can'l Cany Board Through Election WASHINGTON. March 'U (UP) —Rep. B. E. Cox (Dem., Ga.) bitter critic of New Deal labor policies, charged today lhal the National Labor Relations Board again Is "lobbying" for larger appropriations from congress. He warned the Democratic party, nt the some time, (hat it cannot "well afToixl" (o enter tlie coming national elections "under tt>n necessity of defending this outfit." New Instances of NLRD "lobbying." he said havo arisen in connection with Ihe House Appropria- lions committee's cutting th c board Hinds from 1941 from $337,000 below President Rooosevell's bud- Set eslimalcs. He charged lhal members of Ihe I House are being "contacted" by .innamed persons In an effort to On These Words Hay Mankind Built o _ ^ _ a letter in which there" \verc" four eel liie c llfl mbor to restore the cut when (lie Boprourfntlon bill comes up for debate Monday. ; ,. ,. t .^,,o,, st r," U '' s ""' OP' 1 ' 1 "" Ihe Labor as reenrdi- the German mark and ,. ai ' (i ls selling nowhere lobbying main points: 1—That Germany should be given a more favorable rate of exchange the Rumanian leu. 2—That oil production should be increased. with congress in behalf of increasing the appropriation In Die pending bill," he said, "it is more ,„,,,.. -, , i "kely the appropriation will be rc- 3-Thut, the volume of German- duced rather than increased." The special Smith committee investigating the NI.RB severely reprimanded the board recently, Rumanian trade should be in- i creased. 4— That transport NI.RB facilities reprimanded the board , should be Improved. j following presentation of evidence As regards volume of trade, it '• . lliat lllc n e enc y had used part of was understood that Clodius cs- I " s r "" tis ' stationery and telephone peciatly emphasized the necessity ! scl ' v ' ipc 1° »Ur up support for prcvl- for stimulating Rumania's agricuf- | ous n PP ro l>''tatloi)s. .tural production. Clodiiis, It was said, suggested that pis'letter be made the -basis '• tlmc ' Cm denounced members of Recalling these charges which by the board at thc i..,'".' nllllnorl^ «f I * *•**•"> And Hl, cll they looked, they s<w (hat (ho stone WHS rolled away: for It wns very Georgia 'Next' On Federal 'Clean-Up List Is Indication ATLANTA Cla., iU.irdi 23. oFj-A federal inquiry 111(0 Gem-Kin niiiu> niUii-H WMH indicated today in a slate- made by 0. John KoKiro, iiHMislnnt U, S. attorney wioi'lly liofora h<> rotnrnod to Washington. * Ho«gp, wlir> aided In presenting cvldciu'c lo P. federal grand jin-y llmt led to the Indictment Of Congressman D. Frank Wlielchul' (Dem., an.), and Plckcns County Commissioner If. Grady Jones, siild he had gone. Into evidence givpn to the acoi-jjla legislative economy committee in the winter of 1938.;: Rogt'e, lii (lie few 'days lie was here, conferred "with a number of tlto state's prosecuting attorneys" and to some extent, went Into "reports of recent county (ji'nml Juries and evidence given' STREETS TO GET IEE Mayor Promises Action, Olhcr "Clean-Up' Plans Arc Mnclc The strcula of mylliovllle'.s business section will bo swept, nml wusliod cuch Saturday uljjht, It wns promised by Mayor Mnrlon Wll- jliiins nt n mcctlnij of tbe board of directors of the chamber of Commerce, clly council and other city officials ami comity health office representatives yesterday afternoon wlien |ilans were made foi 1 Hie nn- miiil "Cloim Up" week next week and for sonic kind of piuumm to Improve Die Military condition of the clly. The minimi ilrlvo will begin Monday, II was decided, with trnsh to bo removed from all alleys free of charijo by tile city's fleet of trucks which will bu augmented by trucks and drivers doimtcd by local firms Residents arc asked to clean their yards and alleys and lo phce dclnts In an nccosslblo plnce, Muyor for the important German-Ruman- Such words as "disgraceful" were , used in comment on the session economic negotiations which but thankfulness was expressed hav , c iusl bccl1 starte d. that Reynaud decided to stick It Li , erc Wcra rcports abl ' ORd that out ami not precipitate another cloc " |l| f s lettcr was in the form of cabinet crisis by resigning it W as i " u l llmaUlm ' Presumably carrying called a brilliant personal victory for the "Little Giant" that he persuaded his fellow ministers it was tneir duty to remain in office de- spile the unfriendly reception. Po- linc.'.l quarters said he had shown both maneuvering ability and po- |a (line limit for acceptance. Prof rs . Conslantin Giursecu, minister of propaganda, said that this was untrue. There had been no ultimatum from Germany in any form, he said, either in relation to economic '"f'f' 0 " 5 or - "* "'so reported, in «» ~ — - °™ ~ B2, VSZS. Foreign friends as well as foes, they said, were likely to Interpret such an airing of animosities as n sign of weakness. Regret was expressed also that the debate had not been heid in secret. Though the opinion seemed to ~^,,,. ral , , lllmalv cour[ , uc that another cabinet crisis must 'of activity against internal (Continued on Page 3) minister of finance and commerce and industry in former national peasant party cabinets led by luliu Maniu. Madgeam was put under house arrest after having been questioned for nearly three hours by Hie Bucharest military court, accused 1 peace (Continued on Page 3) Gold Tomorrow—But There Won't Be Another March 24 Easter Until 2391 By UnKcil Press "a good winter day" with cloudy It's getting so you can't believe weather and possibly more even the calendar any more. The moon wns full today and. as almanac reckoning goes, t h a t. means tomorrow will be Easter. But thc U. S. Weather Bureau Northeastern states were only n little more fortunate; the forecast for the region was colder but fair except along the Atlantic seaboard. said that the moon would be nbout rain. Southern states looked forward to Ihe only thing that would make! you believe it. Two thirds of the nation, the states east of the Rocky Mountains, brushed furs and overcoats lo make them do another turn In the Easter parades because Hie forecast was for cold, abnormally cold weather with snow and rain in some areas. Hie outlook was belter for the western states where temperatures near 80 degrees were the agency and said "It seems difficult for them to realise they've reached thc end of their rope.". "The board Is definitely on Its way out," he .added. ' I He said it would require 25 veil's for "this country to overcome thc damage these bureaucrats have done," and warned: "Certainly, the Democi-attc party! cannot well afford to go into another political campaign under (lie necessity of defending this bonrd." Cox predicted llmt the House Rules Committee, of which he is a member, would vote an o»«n rule on the 17 labor act amendments proposed by Rep. Howard Smith (Dem., Vn.) chairman of the special NLRB Inquiry. As a matter of fact, he said, the irles group may even "make the Smith amendments preferential"— thus giving them priority over other proposals offered by" various groups. hero: behold thr place where they laid Him. H0 „ —St."'Mark XVI:-l-t!, Williams suld program, In discussing thu GDI ELECTED Receive Instructions In Scliooi At Bioomfield, Mo. Morris Melvin, 73, Dies Friday Night Morris Melvin, long n worker on river nnd dredge ditch projects, died last night nl the home of liU sen, J. i,. Melvin, and family. He wns 73. Born In Illinois, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin cnme to Mississippi county 25 ycnis ago from tlrat state. Funeral services were held this Truck Drivers Still f fill! C1CtU1 ll10 StrCCU °' Cm! Lomined In Hospital ncss socll °» more thmi __; I week, the group was tulcl. Tlie down town streets arc to bo .wept nnd washed tonight so as li> bo clenn for thc 'Efint^f-liom^v- nnd tills ivlll bo coiitw'ucrt each' Saturday nlijlil for the present n|fu»ii:i aru not nvalliiWa to the biisl- i once a Chairman Mnry T. Norton (Dem., N, J.) of thc House Labor Com- • mlttee. which has rejected every Smith amendment considered thus far, plans to seek a closed rule barring the House from amending whatever bill her group finally rtrafls. Cox said such a maneuver would fall In thc Rules Committee. An- II , , ' I ' "J -t-v^rit-,* . OH.CJK •&. I'j, 13 (,'11- Jivir , r h» S »™.f n *. e 5 *? M Pl' ivfttc 'y l ™_ ""d Aubrey Shelton. Sleelc Hoi ^_ ^ ^^ Por- that would be "overwhelmingly against Nor-1 tngevlllc RFD — ucor»e B. Tucker ts determined by the J9 degrees below zero. Phoenix, Ariz., was tlie warmest place with 88 degrees. Other temperatures reported early today were: Jacksonville. Fla, 52; New York, N. Y., 20; Louis- forccast. Easier moon because at a church council in 325 A. D., it was decided that it should fall on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. A full moon today, three days after the advent of spring, meant an early Easter, just when March was gathering Itself up to go out like a lion. The weather bureau said that two disturbances were the principal causes of thc inclement weather. One extended from central Maine southward near Bermuda, where traditionally the Easter lilies are In bloom, to Haiti. Tho other extended from the southern Great Plains region westward to- "v.'srd California. Easter eggs will be hunted In the snow In northern states where _ „.., ^ vvvl this week blizzards swirled. The tor bonnet next year—' forecast for thc middle west wasj be April 13 In Temperatures today were 10 to 20 degrees below seasonal nor- mals in the upper Ohio River valley and northeastern slates, 20 to 30 degrees below normal over the north central region. The mer- Hill Approved For Cycle Test At Beloit, Wis. BELOIT, Wis. (UP)-Tbe 1<MO national class C motorcycle hill Hollaml-Mary Ellis Workman and J. 13. Morgan. Braggadocio—If D 1-ong, Peach Ore-hard—John Byrd. Wiirdell— Allen CY.-ibtrce and Charles J. Crewe. CaruUicrsvilJc—H. A. In Sandy Rld^i; cemetery. He Is survived by his wife and the cue son or the Sandy Rldgo community. Holt Funeral Home was in charge. afternoon nl tlie New Liberty CARUTjrERSVILLE, Mo., March ' church with the Hcv. J. w. Rtn- 23—Appointments of census enumerators for Pemtsro! County wns announced here yesterday, according to Roy w. Harper. Democratic :ourty chairman. Harper said Hie enumerators would begin taking instruction at a school next week, to bs held In BJoomfiekl, and tnnl taking census would probably sbrl April' 1st. Those appointed were: Hnyto—Mrs. Virginia McKay, J H. Mimiford, E. C. Walker and William C. Kirby. irnytl RPD- Kcnnelh Nc-iv and Russell Woo:lrow Vaughn. Cooler—Holly Muck Brown. Dick Mlchle and Tom Lewis. Tylor •Gray Hopper. Stcele—E. I!. Hcn- A, M. Smijjalll, 34, nnd A. 0. Carpenter, 30, drlvcfs of the Tox- arkaim Falstnfr Compnny whp were injuicd In a lllghwuy 0) accident Tluimlny night, were not able to return to their homes In Tcxnrknnn last night ns they had planned. Mr. Siingalll, who was a patient at niythcville Hojnllnl, rcnuliieil there today as did , Mr. Ciupcntcr. Southern l-'osslls Fossils, burled in the w.itni earth of the south, prove the presence of strange animal Ulc there In centuries iinst, when Ice un:l cold drove creatures of the fa: warmer (.'limes. .r north to seek wlio hud not been to the nflornoon. Both men were bruised and cut wlicn their truck collided wttli another truck near Holliir.d. I'nnor.imlc Hallway The French-owned !lla|)hoi«- Ynnnaii railway of chlnn passes over ami through MOO bridge.'; and ttmsols In Its length of 000 miles. It extends, In tlie heart of south- oj.stom China, through Ironical Jungles, scales mountains, and dips Into rugged, barren gorges. Enforcement of the ordinance which prohibits all nl'jht parking of cars In the business section wns ordered by Mayor Williams for Saturday nights so that the street cleaning department cou operate. Representatives of various groups who attended (he meeting nn- notmccd thoy liopod (hut this would ba tlio bcBtcnlng nf n concerted olfort to clean up and ijcntttlrV niytlicvlllo. WEATHER ArinmsM— Cloudy and somewhat colder, temperature near frcc/Ing in extreme north, occasional light rains In norlh and central por- llons tonight, Sunday occa.ilonn) light rains. Memphis and vicinity — Moslly cloudy nnd colder with some probability of light snow tonight, lowest temperature 32 lo 3(1. Sunday generally fair, slightly colder. before the slnlo cconoiny committee." l 'A largo number of complaints have conic lo mo personally wlillis here, niul I have listened lively to each one of them," Roggo said. "It Is my purpose to return lo CJrorijla within a few weeks for further conferences." Rogue's statement, plus the six- count indictment of Whclchcl and Joncft on charges of conspiring lu sell federal. 'appointments, revived' numerous rumors to the effect that I lie federal government soon would slilke Into the heart of Georgia politics,' reports' wero particularly. prevalent, !nst fnll wlicn it was rumored that federal agents were Interested in the voluminous compiled evidences presented in live months ot testimony on state operations before Ihe Georgia house economy investigating .committee. Federal Intervention also was picdlctcel In the irccbhlly disclosed rcuui of whip-terror irj suburban ' ' dls- closed by [ho death df'a •fke'Ciiuton, nil Enst "Poiiit bailor. Membcra of the ku Klux Klun nnd county deputies were Identified by victims as members of the . Hog gangs in a coroner's inquest after Oaslon's death. An Atlanta policeman was indicted shortly before Rogge arrived on a federal charge of civil rights violation In connection with the torturing of a negro boy in an attempt to obtain a theft, confea- sloti. Much of the testimony before, the legislative economy commlt- Ico concerned Dr. Hiram Weslay Evans, former imperial wizard ol tbc Ku Klux Klnn nnd a proml- hcnt dpirc In Georgia iiolitics. Evans told the committee, while It Investigated charges of collusive blddliiB nnd buying of highway construction materials, that he represented several emulsified asphalt companies and got a "normal sales profit" on most asphalt dealing's with the highway depart-. mcnt for his promotional work to bchnlf of Emulsified Asphalt. • W. L: Miller, ousted by Oov. E. (Continued on Page 3) ' junrisc Service To Inaugurate Easter Day Program The Ministerial Alliance nn- iiouncccl at niion today that iluc (o forecasts of inclement weather tlie open air sunrise service (11- morrow morning Ins been transferred from the sladium (n the First Church of Ihe Narsmir, Hist nml Syraimirc strccfs. Hundreds of people arc expected to turn their faces toward the ris- ,. climb-banner cury had risen slightly in the west " on .' s , /"""I,?'',,',, " central and southern rc<Mons The! a 8 Hm P" 1 * scar here, mercury was closer to zero" than! 1>ro ' woly .'" September. ^.i. nujL-j.^yjut;—it. A. Green T i "" lt " L1 i"i:" liiia 1 . 1 , unviirtj me ris- M. Rorex, Doris M. Dmvnlii" Gcorue lng 5lln of Uie &st "•' [1) cy stand event for thc na- W. Murphy, w. D. Byrd Jr H A M" Ulc D'Jthcvillc high school star molorcyellsts-wtll McKay, Agatha wtlks anil' Clvde < "" m nt slx "'dock to pay tribute to freezing in the central area nnd near the Canadian border had dropped below zero. Dulutli, Minn.. . The Big Hill site for the climb was approved by u lc American Motorcycle Association at its Day- was reported lo be lh e ' coloesii l0 " 3 Beacn> P!a '- convention. The place in the nation last nmhl wllhi C ' 8SS . c ,' Ml ls for anutsurs only .n . . . •.»->! "1 lm OYlfl 1C Mm nnT.. .. - , 1 _. ._..., s the only national competition of its kind sponsored by the motorcycle association. "Speck" Essary. Totally Deaf Student Superior in Standing SPOKANE, Wash. (UP)—Total deafness didn't hamper Miss Vlr- ,,.. ..,, .. v ., ,, , 8 |n| a iVfay Btzard while she at- -^h" 1 -^ ';"„., C '."*."?: 'ended West VaUey high school. proved by the AMA Is an event for professionals. vi)le, Ky.. 26; Minneapolis' Alinn Approximately 60 amateur mo. . ~. , , , _ .. _ t*"«i -J, i' 1 -" 11 '•' 1 im ,-M-rillct c- Cm... _*..__ 1; Oakland, Calif,, 53, and Portland, Ore., 17. Perhaps it's not much comfort to you today, but Dr. Nicholas E Wagman of thc Pittsburgh Pa P^l£!:! n ' l " 1Um »W .'"at' «H mi;;; oPoi? In fact, she got along bctlo;- to Jesus Christ on thc day of His resurrection, Easter morning. Tlie churches of thc city arc uniting i n sponsoring the affair under thc auspices of the Ministerial Alliance. Special E.istcr services will also be held at thc various churches at the regular morning and night worship periods. The Rev. E. B. Williams, pastor of the First Methodist church, Is lo deliver the .sermon ,it the.Onion . than moat other students In the' Koivicc whlcli ivili b? prcsHcd over senior class and wns graduated atj D y th e Rev. James A. Ovcrliolser. , ---- ut,,iu. t<(,.,.i «nu «*«a Kfil(i[l<K( [I tit from many states are ; the end of last tcrju after three expected for the? clar-s C event. Suti Causes .Storms- Slm " 1Bt II 1 "?,™ 1 ' 1 .!«_another: regions, causing the the tropical Rlr to rise, i _ of DIP First Presbyterian , and a half years of work thai church and president of the Alll- '• usually lakes a normal pupil four nllc e. ) years to finish. j The story of (he Resurrection will UO told simply and briefly by the ... . speaker, who will then nsk and 1-irst Paper AInkcr 'discuss the question. "What mean- c* i 14-1 «itun«^« t itrgtui.ft, liiusjiix t/ic «lr to ri^p 'Ti\r ™i*«tA£^ ff ^!££S;£'££5 sSr 1 iT ba abcut ? a , '}• D - ,, At his -" ci>ureh at io:5s •••"•• en on J,farch 24 since thi> o,-P,nr- „„,. „..,..„' „,.... [i.". callse -. <;Ja! - ; He boElt sllch f:brou s materials ss thc Rev. Mr. Williams will snenk nn •Hie first sheet of paper fa said ing hns all this for'us. ISOO years - '--ve been nncle by Ts' Al Lun, hter?' en on March 24 since the Oregor-'nnd whirlpools In these' lal calendar was adopted more currents, and me ' SL than 330 years ago. Oh, well, better luck four Eas- sult. s In these sun-beatcd bamboo, old fish n ^, and i,^ ' u ^ ' "oSz ASm™ winds and storms re- bark of mulberry trees into « pulp, with SSrtflUy ahdV.mnv" ^ m ' xed ll wltl1 «•»'*'' 3».l «''•;-•! ' choir will sing two Easter selection T nters mcans of » sieve. Tha at this "" W *' which vlll service at th« First M«th- tor of church, crttst church that ni^hl, as an KJsler cniilatii Is to bu presented "Victory" is to be the sermon tji»me "f Ihe Itcv, Matthew A. Curry, rec- at. Stephen's Episcopal when he speaks nl Uie Holy Communion and sermon period nt ii o'clock tomorrow. A baptismal service will foilov.-. He lias announced that he will discuss the tallowing cnicstlors- "How did the earliest Chrhllans undcrstnml the Resurrection of Jesus? Did they rely on his predictions? Were they affected by n scries of hallucinations? W.-is It a ical experience witnessed by nil the groups?" Tac young people of the First Presbyterian church are planning an KMlcr program on "Life an Unending Pilgrimage" at their 15:30 o'clock service. In addition lo this, the Itcv. Mr. Ovciholser will bring special Easlsr messages both at the morning and right worship periods. "Tlie Hcs- (iirccllon and Christian Hope" will be the morning subject nnd "The Risen Life In Conduct", the even- Ing cue. Tho choir will slug two anthems nt the 11 o'clock hour, "Darkly Itae the Guilty Horning" by Hcyscr Peace. and "HalleluJ.ih" by George W. Patterson, minister of the First Christian church, will conclude a serle.-i of sermons on "Jesus of Nazareth" at th: communion l-.our when he sponk.-, on "The Glory ot the Risen Christ." The newly organized Junior choir under the direction of Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe and Mrs. RussoU B»rhnm will slnj gpsclal muslo. At 7:30 o'clock, M.r PMlerson (The Rev. H. J. Klelndienst, pastor, will speak on "Thc Measure of tin Stature of (lie Fulness of Christ", Ihe lust In » .series on "Christian Service". Mnrgniel Shaver, who gave the rending, "Dorcas," at the beginning of this series will repeat the reading nl thc .service which brings lo a close the pro- Easier observance of tills church.' The choir of the First Bnptlsl church of which thc Rev. Alfred Carpenter is pastor, will give Its annual Easter musical program at tlie morning services, at 10:45 o'clock. Thc crucifixion, Hie Resurrection and ascension of Jesus will be \jor- trayed. At 7:30 o'clock at the Baptist church, the Kev. Malcomb Griffin of Dell will deliver an Easier sermon. High mass will be sung at ten o'clock at Ihe Church of thc Immaculate Conception of which the Rev. J. j. Thompson Is pastor and tile Rev; B. A. McDcvltl, his assistant. Easter lilies nnd greenery will bank the altar tor thc service. Slsler Dolores, in charge of music for the service, has announced that high mass will be sung by a will have for lite sermon topic, "The Stone Is Rolled Away." 'Ihe young people of this churcli trill be cntcrtahicd ot sn Easier ejg hunt at three o'clock. Sunday school students of the Pilgrim Tabernacle are arranging an Easter program for ten o'clock. This will be followed at eleven o'clock by a special sermon and communion period. The Rev. O. W. Uoss U> pastor of the church. The iilght service Is at eight o'clock. "So has Christ Risen from the dead and become the first fruits ot them that slept" will be the theme of the sermon given tomorrow by the Rev. P. M. Sweet, pastor of the Lake Street Methodist Church. At 7:30 o'clock, n cantata directed v>y Iverson Morris will tell the Easter story of "The Disciple". At the First Church of the Naza- rcnc where the city wide Easter services will be held in case of rain, the Rev. J. L. Woolman, pastor, Is planning special programs. His worship periods are at 11 o'clock and 7:30 p.m. A communion period at 11:45 o'clock will follow the Easter mes- nitxcd choir. For Iho offertory num- [ sage of Denton M. Neat, pastor of uer, "Hacc Dies" by R. P. Abbadieithc Churoh of Christ, to b« delivered will fce sung. Following high mass, during the benediction of the Most Blessed Sncrament, the choir will sing "Pauls Angelicas" by Fr. Lam- bllottc, and "Tanlum Ergo" by M. Hayden. Tlie service will bo closed with the entire congregation sing- Ing "Holy God." An Easter communion service will bo conducted at 9:30 o'clock at the i Piljrim Lutheran church Sunday. at U o'clock. Tho Easter program to be given In observance of the Resurrection will iegtu at 7:30 o'clock. ' . At the Assembly of Ood Church of which the Rev. S. A. Merrill is pastor, special services are belnj arranged for 11 and 7:30 o'clo:. 1 ; as they are also at the Second.Baptist church of which the Rev. Boyd Eldredge is pastor. :• .•:' .;;•;,-•

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