The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on February 27, 1974 · Page 6
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 6

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Wednesday, February 27, 1974
Page 6
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j THE CINCINNATI Wha w A & I PAUL JONES, TV editor of the Atlanta Constitution, the, same paper which had Its editor kidnapped last week, got tired in early January of hearing so much of the Top 10 shows in the weekly ratings. The numbers in those head counts were! keeping him awake nights, apparently. He. came out with a column covering his choices for the "Bottom 10," those shows which might be big fan favorites but which are awfully dull, dirty or downright absurd. Let the Top 10 pick from the top down; his picks will begin with the worst and work up. Jones dispelled malice at the start, Insisting that the stars of the some of the "rated" shows are among his favorites: Diana Rigg, Lucille Ball, Dick Van Dyke, Stu Gilliam, etc. He has long admired Sammy Davis ' Jr., Dom DeLuise is a good '. friend and as he asked, "How could anyone have anything but affection for Papa Ben Cartwright?" HERE IS Jones' Bottom 10. . .We reserve the right to react, comment or review his choices at the end of this report: No. 10: "Lotsa Luck" -Paul claimed it "emerged as sheer trash, its first episode about Dom's sister getting her foot caught in the toilet bowl was crude. . .NBC plans to finish out the sea-. son with it but there's no way 'Lotsa Luck' can come back." No. 9.: "Griff": Jones said ',ABC made a mistake in 'switching Greene from a , cowboy to a current-day ' prlviate eye, he called the ' plots "old hat." NO. 8: "DIANA": Paul said it-fell quickly at midseason because it was "a deadring-er for the Mary Tyler Moore show without hiring the MTM writing team. Supporting charcters in "Diana-are carbon copies for Rhoda Morgenstern, Ted Baxter, etc.". . ;Np. 7: "Roll Out": Wrote Paul, "Was very unfunny, poorly written ana organized." It was no comparison, he! wrote, to the very funny Fort Benning, Ga., war stories Stu Gilliam told of his Army days in an early-season press tour to Atlanta.' ' No. 6. "New Temperatures '. Rising": "Same tired old 6 MM EWSYOUi Send your contribution to P. O. Box 6283, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206. (r 1 Wednesday, Hi Dom DeLuise . . .good friend but. . . format" as its original 1972-73 series, Jones commented. '"MASH made hospital life funny. 'Temperatures Rising' is about as funny as a rubber crutch' in a polio ward." NO. 5: "NBC Follies": Vaudeville passed the American scene 30 years ago, reminded Paul. He said Sammy Davis Jr. had a lot of talented people "but the restrictive format of 'Follies' doomed it from the start." No. 4: "Here's Lucy": Jones labels this Lucille Ball entry, "childish, corny slapstick." Views Paul: "Certainly her role in the screen version of "Mame" will convince her that she is capable of doing better things than 'Here's Lucy" He noted he loved the old "I Love Lucy" series with Desi Arnaz. No. 3: "Maude": Jones calls Bea Arthur's series "simply crude." He balks at the double-entendre lines and blue humor. What really turned off Jones was the night Walter (Bill Macy) mashed his finger and his neighbor -doctor came over and kissed it. The line that followed was In poor taste, Jones said. NO. 2: Dick Van Dyke's series Revival. Jones said it lacks Imagination. Van ' Dyke once worked in Atlanta and was well-liked. Even so, Paul said the first Van Dyke series, which rated Emmys, may have thrived because of Mary Tyler Moore. No. 1: Sonny and Cher. "We've heard so many bedroom stories from them that we seldom tune the show in any more. Stories about their marital difficulties have concerned CBS but not us," Jones wrote. He called them "an excellent 761-2033 &CK WLVjTi ENQURER TV's Worst 10 ( . I1! Vx February 27, 11)74 singing team. . .with a' comedy hour which had very little music." ' Jones had a favorite Top 10 in early January: "The Waltons," "Calucci's Dept." (cancelled), "Police Story," "MASH," "Columbo," "Gun-smoke," "Love Story" (cancelled), " "NBC Reports" and Tuesday-Wednesday ABC Movies of the Week. STEVE'S COMMENT: Jones' Top 10 includes programs that have had offensive dialogue this season ("Calucci's," "Love Story" and "Police Story"), putting them in a league with some . of his Bottom 10. I happen to like the second-season remake of the Van Dyke revival with Dick playing a soap-opera star off a crackpot producer (Dick Van Patten) and a screwball writer (Barry Kay By HARRY HARRIS Knight Newspapers Writer An impressive and expressive new and usually tear-stained face on TV is that of Kay Lenz, who'll be 21 next week and who this week 8:30 pm tonight on ' Channel 12 - is starring in a 90-minute telemovie, "Unwed Father." Weep not for career weeper Kay. Like Liberace, she "cries all the way to the bank." Gifted with the exceptional ability to both depict and evoke emotion, Miss Lenz has had a startling string of small-screen success. She first attracted attention as a girl with problems in last season's "The Weekend Nun." This season she was "introduced" with considerable fanfare on NBC's "Hall of Fame" in the Radio Highlights NATIONAL CONFERENCE: Financing of American politics, WGUC-FM, 9:30-11:45 a.m., 1-1:45 p.m. and 2:15-4 p.m. - COMEDY: "Pipe Lyih," WVXU-FM, 8:10 p.m. DRAMA: Lois Nettleton, "Honeymoon With Death," WCKY-AM, 10:06 p.m. FM Radio WLMH 88.1 WQMS 96.5 97.7 98.5 99.3 WMUB 88.3 WCNE 88.7 WRCJ 89.3 WNSD 90.1 WGUC 90.9 WVXU 91.7 WWEZ 92.3 WAKW 93.3 WJDJ 94.1 VFOL 94.9 WOXR MLQA WSCII HKK 100.9 KRQ 101.9 WEBN 102.7 103.5 105.1 105.9 107.1 WYCII HBE TPBF WLYK Educational TV Channel 54-Covington, Ky. 3:00 Sesame St. 4:00 Mlsterogers' 4:30 Electric Co. 5:00 Children t 5:30 Writing :00 Reading 6:30 High School 7:00 Washington 7:30 Bernstein 1:00 Film Forum Channel 14-Miami University 1:00 In-School 6:00 Sesame St. 3:00 Mlsterogers' 7:00 Your Future 7:30 French Chef 8 00 Washington 1:30 Bernstein 10:30 Religion 3:30 Electric Co. 4:00 Sesame St. 5:00 Mlsterogers' 5:30 Electric Co. A !; i pi w - SI t, A w ;4'4 V Memories Of Marilyn Members of the Marilyn Monroe cult get a special treat Thursday. "Wide World of Entertainment" (midnight, Channel 12, Monday through Thursday), the late night multi-format entertainment package, will present "Marilyn Remembered," a 90-minute retrospective starring Monroe's long time friend Peter Lawford and special guest star Shelly Winters. They'll be discussing myth and reality about the deceased star. r MjjxjggSyJ TONIGHT mm Shows? r" ' i mi -,. . . (fiimmfWmi, -'vtvv Gordon). I think it is quite funny. "Maude" and "All In the Family" are tainted shows which belong later in the nightly schedule. One of the bluest syndicated shows, "Doctor in the House" on WCPO-TV, was formerly slotted at 7:30 p.m. and I had similar complaints. Now it is on 10:30 p.m. Sundays. AS MUCH as I admire Miss Ball, queen of the Hollywood comics, "Here's Lucy" bores me. The trouble Lenz Is Weeping madness-plagued title role of "Lisa, Bright and Dark." She also scored this season in an ABC telemovie, "Summer Without Boys;" an NBC "Love Story" opus, "A Time for Love," and - making it a three-network parlay just two weeks ago, a CBS "Gunsmoke" episode, "The Foundling." After a bit role in "American Graffiti" (she was a faculty member's student sweetie) she achieved instant large-screen prominence as William Holden's co-star in "Breezy," for which she received a "most promising newcomer in a motion picture - female" Golden Globes nomination. (She lost out to "Paper Moon's" young Tatum O'Neal.) In all the TV stints cited above, she was required to turn on the waterworks, though in this week's show she reports, she barely taps the reservoir. "Joe Bottoms, who plays mv hifih school boy friend," she explains, "is the one w ho wants our baby. He's an orphan, adopted, so he doesn't want his child adopted. He wants to get married, but the girl's not ready for it. "It's too-late for an abortion, but she doesn't want to keep the baby, because she's 16, she wants to be a dancer and she has a chance at a scholarship. i "In 'Time for Love,' I was the one who wanted to have the baby, but this time I'm the baddie. She's a stronger character, so while I've wept - and wept in other parts, in this one it's only a tear." She's unusually adept in the deluge department. "Almost anyone can cry water," she says, "but to cry water and to cry feeling are different things. Water comes from the eyes, but feeling comes from the heart. It's very nice to know you're affecting other people. "If your feelings are real, The gala European premiere, specially taped in the Vienna Konzerthaus. Hailed as the most important musical event ot the 70s. Prelude: Irma Lazarus interviews composer Leonard Bernstein, . 8 P.M. TONIGHT 8:30 10:30 PM Iff, with "NBC Follies" was that it geared itself too much to the older audience and forgot the younger buying audience which could care less about vaudeville. When Paul Lynde "preempted" James Whltmore, I dismissed "New Temperatures Rising", as a network commodity. "Roll Out" bored me, "Diana" bugged me because it lacked its own mold and "Griff" deserved a second chance In another time slot. the tears are real. How do I ' do it? It varies, depending on how well I know the character, but sometimes it's, pulling things from the past, instead of blocking them out. "I've had unhappy experiences. My grandfather died. A dog I loved, my best friend, was hit by a car. I've been in love twice. "I'm not much of a weeper, actually. I'm pretty happy, though lately I've been through phases of really, really bad and really, really good. At least, if you're having good times, you're better able to handle the bad. Kay has been crying publicly for a long time now. In fact, since she was eight weeks old. Her father, Ted Lenz, has worked as an actor, radio and TV announcer, writer I TKSW 5 wlwt Q wcpo tv j2wKRcTv 2 wlwd "Jwhotv 19 wx,xtv 48waT 8:00 loday Show Captain Kangaroo Dinah's Place Today Show ' Captain Kangaroo ' Carloonville . :30 lucille Ball ' " Mike Douglas Lucille Ball " Flintslones Black Americans 8:45 9:00 Paul Dixon Uncle Al " Paul Dixon S 10.000 Pyramid " Inside Out 22. " . " One lile To live " Medical Hotline Dennis The Menace Science Poom 1 V00 " Joker's Wild Somerset ' " Perry Mason Eddie's Father Need To Read I U:30 Jeopardy $10,000 Pyramid Brady Bunch Phil Donahue " That Girl Science Searching n:00 Wizard 01 Odds Gambit Password ' Lainie Kazan ' Gambit Andy Griffith Sesame St. ' 30 Hollywood Squares Tattletales Nick Clooney Hollywood Squares Love 01 lile Gomer Pyle J 0:00 Bob Braun local News Tom Luken Bob Braun Local News Bewitched . To Aid, lo learn IZ:30 Cynthia While " 'Split Second Cynthia While Search For Tomorrow Lucy Adventure Economics 1:00 " Search For Tomorrow All My Children . " Young And Restless Movie Electric Co. :30 Three On Mulch As World Turns I m Three On Match As World Turns "Way ... Way Out" Breakthru 2:00 Days 01 Our Lives Guiding light "Miss Kline, Days Of Our Lives Guiding Light " Science Discovery :30 The Doctors Edge 01 Night We love You" . The Doctors ' Edge 01 Night " Rhythm 3:00 Another World ' Price Is Right General Hospital Another World Price Is Right Larry Smith Karloons Lilias :30 Phil Donahue New Match Game Movie ' Survive A Marriage Merv Griffin Popeye Book Beat 4:00 Lainie Kazan Movie. "Indian Fighler" Somerset " Flintslones . . Sesame SI. :30 Bonanza "Where Angels Go, " MayberryRFD Andy Griffith Gilligan's Island " ' 5:00 " Trouble Follows" " Gomer Pyle Mission Impossible Green Acres , Misterogers' :30 Jackpot " Local News Beverly Hillbillies " Gomer Pyle ' Electric Co. 6:00 Local New Local News ABC News Local News Local News Lucy Show Day Al Night :30 NBC News CBS News Hogan's Heroes' NBC News CBS News Bewitched Your Future 7:00 To Tell The Truth Truth Or Consequences Bowling For Dollars Price Is Right Local News Mission Impossible Firing Line 22. Bobby Goldsboro Dusty's Trail Concentration Animal World Truth Or Consequences " "British Crisis" 8:00 Four Children Sonny And Cher Cowboys Chase Sonny And Cher Star Trek Leonared Bernstein :30 " " Movie " " . Theater In America 9:00 Movie Cannon' "Run, Simon, Run" Movie Cannon Merv Griflin Special "Bernstein Mass" 2? "Thomas Crown " " "Thomas Crown " "Photoplay Awards" JIYOO " Affair" Kojak Doc Elliott Affair" Kojak " "" ! ' IU:30 " . " " , " " Dragnet Baltimore Chamber ; n:00 local News Local News Local News Local News , Local News Alfred Hitchcock Lilias Yoga 30 Tonight Show Movie Night Gallery Tonight Show Movie - Wild Wild West Day al Night J Q:00 Phyllis Newman "Mister Roberts" Wide World Phyllis Newman "Five-Man Army" ; " (Sign Off) IZ:30 Ashley Montague ' " ."Cold Night's Death"- Ashley Montague ' " ';" 1:30 p.m., 12, ABC AFTERNOON PLAYBREAK: Teacher Melaine Kline (Patty Duke) builds hope of youngsters, most of whom are terminal cases in pediatrics ward. 7 p.m., 19, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Phelps hometown Is panicked by deaths of young townswomen. (Repeat) 8 p.m., 48, LEONARD BERNSTEIN: Famous composer-discusses his theory of creativity. . 8 p.m., 12, COWBOYS: Weedy tries to buy old cavalry horse, thinking it is one his deceased father rode. 8 p.m., 9, 7, SONNY AND CHER: Joel Grey, guest. 8 p.m., 5, FOUR CHILDREN: Reflection on lives of four minority children from four areas of the. country. (Repeat) . - ; 8 p.m., 2, CHASE: Former jewel thief aids Chase unit in tracking unique robbery operation. 8 p.m.,. 19, STAR TREK: Highly sophisticated android takes control of Enterprise crew. (Repeat) 8:30 p.m., 48, BERNSTEIN'S MASS: Taped Vienna premiere hailed as musical event of '70s. 9 p.m., 19 MERV GRIFFIN: Andy Williams, .Burt Reynolds, Roddy McDowall and Michael Learned join in Photoplay Awards. 9 p.m., 9, 7, CANNON: Naive young schoolteacher-(Pippa Scott) hires Cannon to investigate her lover's ' murder. 10 p.m., 12, DOC ELLIOT: Leukemia victim returns-to his childhood home to die. , 10 p.m., 9, 7, KOJAK: Surviving half of cat-burglar team (Henry Darrow) becomes target of latest burglary victim, a professional killer. -n - - ' ( Best 10? "LOTSA LUCK'" obviously doesn't irritate me as it does Jones and as it has Enquirer readers. I found nothing vulgar or crude in the first show when DeLulse's sister (Beverly Sanders) got her foot stuck In the toilet. I still feel the same way. Jones didn't write a word about "Sanford & Son," a show which gets a bit trashy (besides the junkyard setting) but I like it. What about the blue lines in "Girl With Something Extra?" What about all . the homosexuals, rapes, violence, etc. of the police and medical shows? The discussion is endless. For example, how about the big mouths of Esther Rolle's new "Good Times" children? If that Isn't crude, for the home screens, nothing is. Her Way To Stardom and producer. Her mother, Kay Miller Lenz, was a radio engineer, a professional model (her photo adorned Miller High Life beer ads and bottles) and a Lawrence Welk employee. They met in San Francisco in 1945 when both were working for the Office of War Information (Ted was an announcer, doubling from an NBC disc jockey stint, and Kay as one of the few licensed U.S. women radio engineers). They were married in Los Angeles three years later on the "Bride and Groom" radio show. In 1953, while her father was producing "Hollywood on Television," It was decided that guest Do.ttie O'Brien should hold a real baby while singing a lullaby. It marked a wailing Kay's TV debut. THINS 1 1 'According to the latest U.S. Government figures. Filter and Menthol: 16 rug. "tar", 1.2 On Channel 19 at 9 p.m. Photoplay A wards For Whom ? ? ? Lucille Ball Quits Her Series LUCILLE BALL will quit her CBS-TV weekly situation comedy series next fall for a series of comedy-variety specials on the same network. Calling her TV's "First Lady" for 23 consecutive seasons, CBS-TV president Robert Wood said he Joins "50 million fans of her Monday night series "when I express my disappointment over her decision." Wood said, "Our only compensation is that Lucy will be back in a number of specials that will keep her as a member of the CBS-TV family." Miss Ball first starred in the "I Love Lucy" series with lier first husband, Desi Arnaz Sr., in 1951. ' "The Lucy Show" began in 1961 and the current "Here's Lucy" premiered In 1968. Afterwards she appeared in numerous Dad-supervised commercials and on virtually every Hollywood show using youngsters. She began attending acting classes at nine, landed her first professional TV roles, at 14 in three "This Is the Life" religious dramas and appeared on "The Monroes" and other series. "My first agent said, 'Lenz has got to go,' so Instead of 'Kay Ann Lenz' I became 'Kay Ann Kamper,' borrow-. ing the name of my godfather,- band leader Ronnie Kamper." From 15 to 19 she abandoned acting for academia, completing her Junior high and high school studies. Once past "the awkward age," she resumed her performing career on "The Weekend Nun' but as Kay Lenz. HBP" - Warning: The That Cigarette 1 11 p.m., 19, ALFRED HITCHCOCK: Man, unjustly imprisoned, holds up state tax department upon his release. (Repeat) , Wednesday movies 1 p.m., 19, "WAY... WAY "OUT," (1966): Jerry Lewis, Connie Stevens. Battle of the sexes moves to outer space when astronaut Is forced to marry. (Repeat) : ,. , . 3:30 p.m., 12, "INDIAN FIGHTER," (1955): Elsa Marti-' nelli, Kirk Douglas. When wagon train can't get through Sioux country, Army scout takes command. 4 p.m.; 9, "WHERE ANGELS GO, TROUBLE, FOL-LOWS," (1968): Stella Stevens, Rosalind Russell. Adventures of busload of students, accompanied by nuns, en' route to California for youth rally. 8:30 p.m., 12, "RUN, SIMON, RUN," (1970): Burt Reynolds, Inger Stevens. Paroled Indian convict seeks revenge against white man who murdered his mother. ; '9 p.m., 5, 2, "THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR," (1968): Steve" McQueen, Faye Dunaway. Wealthy urban Thomas Crown gets his kicks robbing banks. (NBC Movie) 11:30 p.m., 9, "MISTER ROBERTS," (1955): Henry Fonda, James Cagney, Jack Lemmon. Misadventures of U.S. Navy cargo ship during World War II. " Wednesday TV-Radio sports PRO HOCKEY: Virginia at Cincinnati, WLW-AM, 7:25 p.m. COLLEGE BASKETBALL: Kent State at Miami. WMUBrFM, 7:15 p.m.; WPFB-AM, WPBF-FM, 7:30 p.m. .,. -' . h The announcement of leaving TV as a weekly star was made by Miss Ball in New York City during press-promotional activities for her soon-to-premiere feature movie, "Mame." Reds On TV Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium figures in Henry Aaron's home-run hitting exploits early in April on NBC-TV. Regardless if Aaron plays any of the Reds-Atlanta series here which opens the season, the network said this week It will televise the Saturday afternoon, April 6, game in Cincinnati besides the Monday night, April 8, game at Atlanta. NBC's 1974 regular-season schedule now includes 41 games, 26 Saturday afternoons and 15 Monday nights. "My father had indicated, In a roundabout way, that he'd be pleased." - Her "comeback" hasn't been entirely free of setbacks. Signed for a bit part in a telemovie, "Playmates," she ended up on the cutting room floor. "I was supposed to be the Pony Girl at an amusement Dark, with exactly two lines - 'that's three, any more?' and 'that's 12, any more?' -but it was cut out. "That taught me some- thing - never to tell my friends when I'm supposed to be on TV. 'Playmates' was my first Job in five years, so I called everyone and said, 'At 8:30 on Channel 7, the first five minutes!" "After 10 minutes my phone began to ring. 'You were just great!' or 'Kay I'm really sorry, my phone rang and I must have missed it.' Surgeon General Has Determined Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. mg. nicotine tv. per cigarette. FTC Report Sept, 73. .

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