Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 10, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 10, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE J?OUB HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS "fh» More You Tell, the Quicker You Sell" HATES OM time—2c wj>rd, minimum Me flUM'; times—3Mic word, mla. 5* Six «lm»-<c Word, minimum Me One month (28 times)—18c word, minimum $2.11 ItatM are fur continuous Inset* ttoas only. In BMkinf word count, disregard classification name such as "For Kent," "For Sole," etc.-thls is f«c. Bui each initial or name, or complete telephone number, counts M a tan word. For example: FOR HENT—Three-room modern famished apartment, with garage* close in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9MS. Total, 15 words, at Zc word, Sic tor one time; at 3ttc word, 53c for three times, etc. MUTE: All «rders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation ot bill PHONE 768 Services Offered Will drive for ride to Oklahoma City. James McLarty, Phone 877. 8-3tp Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience H. R. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf HIGHEST PIUCES PAID For old Batteries, Radiators, Metals of all kinds. Old Tires, Sacks and Rags. P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. 304 E. Second St. Hope, Ark. 28-26tc WANTED—Oirls to learn Beauty Culture in one of best accredited schools. Easy terms. Tuition $50. Kosan School of Oosmetnlogy, 115 West 6th St.. Pine Bluff, Ark. 8-10-26p OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major HoopN Friday, Septembei' 10, Lost LOST—Blnck and tan hound. Reward for return to Parker Rogers, Hope Route Two, the nnme on collar worn by dog. 8-3tp For Sale FOR SALE—Few hundred bales Bermuda and Johnson-grass hay. at my barn. 15 cents at once. Tom Carrel mule barn. 9-3t-p. FOR SALE—Pears for canning or eating purposes. Phone 514. 10-2tc FOR SALE—Old newspapers, 5 cents per bundle. Hope Star. 27-26dh FOR SALE—Unbound and permanently-bound copies of 48-page historical Centennial Edition of Hope Star. Unbound copies, 25 cents, add six cents if desired to be mailed. Permanently-bound copies 50 cents, add 12 cents if desired to be mailed. Apply Hope Star. 27-26tdh FOR SALE—Used Burroughs bookkeeping machine in perfect condition. Apply at Hope Star office. ' 22-tfdh. For Rent FOR RENT—Large front bedroom, furnished. Three-room apartment, unfurnished. Private entrance. Telephone 189. 8-3tc. FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, private entrance, corner Fifth and South Hervey street 10-ltp FOR RENT—Three room furnished apartment. South exposure. Phone 669-J. 10-3tc Wanted SCRAP IRON WANTED Any Kind, any Quantity WE ARE PAYING 35c cwt—?7.00 TON Certified weighing scales at our yard No charge for weighing P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. 304 E. Second St. Hope, Ark. 28-26tc WE BUY SCRAP IRON We are 'paying 35c cwt. or $7.00 ton. We weigh ori oil mill scales which re certified. No charge for weighing. Also—we buy radiators and metals of all kinds. COX-CASSIDY FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO Laurel St. Hope, Ark. / 27-2Gtc for WOMEN only CARDUI is a special medi- ;ine for the relief of some of ihe suffering which results from a woman's weakened condition. It has been found ;o make monthly periods less disagreeable, and, when its use has been kept up awhile, las helped many poorly nour- shed woman to get more strength from their food. This medicine (pronounced "Cardi-i") has been used and rec- immended by women for many, many years. Find out vhether it will help you by giving it a fair trial. Of course, if not benefited, consult a physician. •—»—•—»—*—*—» » »—*—»WE PAY 5% Jefferson Standard LIFE INSURANCE CO. Pink W. Taylor First National Bank Building Hope, Arkansas •—4—«—*—*—»-^-«—» • «—»—« WASH SUITS Properly Laundered 50c Nelson-Huckins < $36o!oOIM)0^ 0 * ll *' (H Life Insurance in Force • Donald V. Moore Representative of Jefferson Standard LIFE INSURANCE CO. Legal Notice WARNING ORDER No. 5082 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. W. F. Burns, et al Plaintiffs vs. B. J. Drake, et al Defendants The Defendants, C. W. Sharp; Mrs. C. W. Sharp; R. J. O'Brien; Mrs. P?. J. O'Brien; Meridian Development Company; A. R. Graves; Mrs. A. R. Graves; Stuart G. Lyon; Mrs. Stuart G. Lyon; Myrtle Ray Canon; Mrs. Myrtle Uay Canon, D. P. Hamilton, Mrs. D. P. Hamilton, S. M> Burns, Mrs. S. M. Burns, W. P. Morris, Mrs. W. P. Morris, L. E. Hults, Mrs. L. E. Hults are warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs, W. F. Burns, et al, Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 19th day of August 1937. RALPH BAILEY, Clerk (SEAL) E. F. McFaddin, Solicitors for Plaintiffs. Aug 20, 27, Sept 3, 10. National Leader 'HORIZONTAL 1 President of the U. S. A. |0 Rowing tools. 11 Fence rail. 12 Rendered torpid. J3 Giver. 15 Kimono sash. J6 Writing tool. 17 To harden, )9 Mountain. ?0 Taxi. 21 Toward. £2 Lively dance. 24 Goddess ol x, -'peace. 28 Tidy. 30 Hangman's halter knot. 32 Therefore. 34 High mountain. 35 Meriting. 37 Fabulous bird 38 Note in scale. 39 Ingredient of glass making. 40 Blemish. «2 Sloth.' 43 Close. Answer to Previous Puzzle COATOF ARMSOF Rl PANAMA 45 Colors. 47 Portals. 49 Portion of a circle. 51 To shed as blood. 53 Beverage. 54 Thoughts. 56 Wing. 57 His ancestors came from . 58 He was governor of VERTICAL 2 Mistrust. 3 Branches. 4 Eye. 5 Bone. 6 Black. 7 Mover's truck. 8 God of love. 9 Transposed. 12 He was once for vice president. 13 Gracious. 14 To cut off. 16 Chum. 18 Pedal digit. 20 Pussy. 22 Aperture. 23 Harbor. 24 Cow-headed goddess. 25 Northeast. 26 To sin. 27 He strives foi reform. 29 Prophet. 31 Upon. 33 Gazelle. 35 Epochs. ! 36 German tribal organizations, 39 Brutal, 41 To compensate. 43 Christmas carol. 44 Native metal. 46 Fodder vat. 48 Indian. 49 70 total. 50 Food container. 52 Gibbon. 54 \Vithin. 55 Southeast. AMD, AS WE WERE TRYIW0 TO OPEW A Wi'sJCOW, ASJ OPFldER—THS STUPID KNAVE NABBED U-3 , AND WHISKED L\5 AWAY TO THE BASTlLE — UNDER "THE VERY NOSES OF THE AJE.|<3HEORS,WHO NEVER RAISED A WHISPER TO £>AVE US SU£H HUMILIATION ~-<- «PcjTT->-S?WTT/ A PLAQUE TAKE THEM/ FUr-F^KF-"- THEk), TO PILE IMSULT UPON IW3URY, YQU, LOOKING ME EYE TO fiYts, t^feNlED THAT YOU HAP EVER BEFORE SEEM MET ^ 4? VVELL/ IT VVA£> ~L VVHO GOT YOU OUT OF . CJAIL.' 1 POkl'T BLAM& -THE AJEI3HBOHS FOR MOT WAUTIWC3 TO REcoauize You WHEM THE OF vou GO ROUGHING IT, YOU ALWAYS GO IM FOR OARP6.M EFPECTS-~- A COAT OF PIPIT, AMD PROUTlMa OM YOUP, CHIMS/ OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS ,WY - WE ELECTED I Afw' CAPTIN BECAUSE \ WL-/S A QUICK THINKER \ ,V4 US A NATURAL ) J.I. APEp — SO VOU'RE / TU' TUpge vVHO / AGINST / W6LL, IF SOAIfe OP U& 19 GOIN' TO HAVE TO; WORK. FOR HIM LATER INJ HFE, WE J-is THOLIOHT WE'D LIKE TO MISS IT, MOW HEAD OP TH' CLASS, HEAD OF TH' TEAMS, HEAD OF 7H' SHOP- OO-OOH- 'ELL, THEY'RE ou SPEAKING' TERMS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES COPR. 1»J7 BY NE« SERVICE, INC. T. M! PROBLEM TO THIN THATf HE WON'T WANNA BE, HEAP OP — LIKE DP.IVIN' A GARBAGE TRUCK.. OOP WHUT A FUTURE. '/.*•'//i » T. M. REfr U S. P»t. OFF OER. <9J> »V Nt« StBVICE. INC. .THE HORSES'.. Where? . f-io \.OOVOKy A1A.C.Y UUf So, It Was an Act, After By MARTIN / HUH? AOAIW » THEV WERE WASH TUBES £O ^O>-<'\ A '. I J c'^^Op' 7 V" >- x ° r.( ^C^-^(^ r) j m \ Worse and More of It ^u?A^£^fi £LL C °^< VU US AFART, SO «A 'PM.. <VA|f r \SWEAR. REAL LOUDff^^l uJfVu^i \ WE'VE GOTTA M HAT. TOO TWO6!. CONVINCE THIS \ I'LL SEE YUH { DUMB-HEADED f TONIGHT- WflM i CROWD- i^GGLE-FACEO Q^fD/- CLOWMf ' j * QPH. 1»37 BY NEA SERVICE. INC, T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF, j ByHAMLIN WELL, Foozy-w/e SUBE GAVE XM IpE^^ 'EM A SWELL SHOWf I BETCHAjB^S^"^" THERE AIKJT AWVBOC k WHo THINKS WE'RE FRIENDS, wow» /'HAVE SLUGGED so HARD.'' SOCK, i SWEAR, GRAMDPA JARRED.' BY NEA SERVIC wv •REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. BUT 1 CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT. THE COMPANY ALWAYS NVADE MOW£Y WHILE UNCLE DUDLEY WAS SURE. ' fBUT Tl sv ! V^DAYS, ..*>.-iX ^^- TIMES HAVB CHAW6ED, MISS KELTON. IN THEM ) " BIG TIMBER WAS RIGHT HERE &ESIDE ' THE RIVER, n WAS A CINCH. NOW, IT'S ZO MILES BACK IN THE BUSH. COSTS ARE UP 40O PER CENT. By CRANE BUT, WHV 1 DROU&HT. AINT BEEKj' DON'T VOU \ENOU&H WATER. IN i ' SELL THE LOGS \ YEARS, MISS,TO FLOAT ALREADY / A DUCK TO MARKET- CUT? rr/VMCU LESS A THOUSAND TONS OF MAHO&ANV ^ COPR. 19»7 BY Ht* KRViet, INC. T. M. BEG. U. 6. PAT. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Fuzzy Pays a Visit By BLOSSER WHEN /ARE THE KIDS GOWMA GET HOME/ MRS. M C GOOSEY ? WUTHIW' EVER AROUWD THIS BURS WHEN THEY'RE AWAY i THEY'LL BE HOME ANY DAY HOVV, MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE PITCHER GOWMA BE IM AMY MOVIE MAGAZINES I'M GLAD "HE DIDKIT enrAY IM HOLLYWOOD ! WE'RE <SOHWA MEE& H/M THIS YEAR ON THE FOOTBALL. TEAM ! BUT 1 BET OSSIE WON'T BE QUAD TO GET BACK ? HE HATES SCHOOL, » f^^ , /fe^^^ PERHAPS THATS WHY HE'S AT THE E30TTOM OF" HIS CLASS ! Serious Charges By THOMPSON AND COLL HOULD REACH ^iS OTHEG. SIDE AMOTHEE FEW HOUIZe., VOUE HIGHNESS- OH, WHY DID I EVEE. LET THEM TAKE MY BABY AWAY ? I AAIGH7 HAVE KMOWKl THIS AWFUL FAMILY TEAIT WOULD PEVELOP. QUEEM ELLEKJ- I'M SUEE WISS NJOETH AMD DK.. JA5OM DOIM6 EVEEYTHIM& VOUE, SOM- AT THE. POSPiTAU SOB«V you/txxno* THeRB'* A S TEOOPEC BUI CLAIMS HE HA-S A POK THE AEeesr OF BOTH vou AMP MISS WORTH £>OREY DE. JASOM - BUT YOU BOTH FACE SEEIOUS CHARGES .... 6EOUGII7 BY A MAK5 BUT, OFFICER... CAN'1 NOW... I'M OM AN IMPORTANT CASC....I--

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