Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 6, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1934
Page 5
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KITCHEN Buy Vcffp(alil M For Two Days At n Time BY MARY E. DAG U K NBA Service Stnff Writer Take your list along but don't bo too iron-clad nbout it when you go to market. Leave something to be decided according to the need of the ino- niont nnd the attractive groupings on the vegetable nnd fruit stands. Tomorrow's Menu Breakfast: Plums, cereal, ercnin, fi.sh hash, rye lo:ist, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Creamed mushrooms nnd efif'S with Chinese noodles. salad of fresh fruits, baking powder biscuits, gligcr iile. Dnneir: Fried chicken, cauliflower au gratin, peppers stuffed mill baked, head lettuce with chif- fondnle dressing, raspberry tapico pudding, milk, coffee. When making the li:t, the way in which vegetables, meats and frnit.s arc to be used should be kept in mind. Vegetables wanted for soups need not be as perfect as those wanted for table service. Coarse outer stalks of celery are quite ns flavorsomc for froup as lender hearts and much cheaper. Amount lo 1'nrchase Close calculation as lo the amounts needed is another aid to economical buying. Nearly all foods are cheaper when purchased in largo quantities, hut if there is danger of food spoiling before it can be used, nothint' is gain- No Large Pores with New Powder If you have large pores use u face powder Unit will not clot; them. A new French process called MELLO- GLO make;; the skin look younf;, stays on longer, furnishes youthful bloom, does not irritate the skin or make it look pasty or flaky. Spreads smoothly. Try this now wonderful Face Powder MELLO-GLO. 50c nnd SI. (adv.) ed by taking the larger amount. On' the otter hand, if ft definite plan has been worked out to make use of the extra amount, the purchase is justified and advisable. It's often a good idea to market for two days at n lime. The roast used hot for one meal may be sliced cold for the next, the extra rplnaeh may be molded and served as a salad Ihe second day, the outer leaves of u head of lettuce can he used in a cream soup—and so on. By the wny. pens in the pod are deceiving, for I'.nless the pods a"0 well filled the yield of Ihr eatable vegetable is small. One pound of well-filled green pcas-in-the-poc! will serve two people. One-half pound of green beans will serve two persons generously. 1'.Oilml of Spinach for Two One pound of fre.sb .spinach will serve two persons with enough left for a salad for two if the spinach is combined with egg. Vegetables like bents, corn and carrots niu.st be chosen in regard lo size. One large beet or carrnt is considered enough for the j average serving, but if the vegetables are small two or maybe three will be needed. Of fruits and vegetables, two pounds per day per person arc recommended by authorities. The average man doing moderately hard physical work needs from two to five pounds of vegetables alone each week in addition In five or six pounds of potatoes. People doing linht work will not require so much. -«••«•• Like Mother, Like Daughter i," I 'A&HOPE, Harmony The rain that fell Monday ::ftcrnoon wn; certainly appreciated at this place. This community is beginning to look like un oil field. It seems as if lod prosper!ly U at Insl headed our way. Mrs. Nellie Leach spent Moday ight with Mr. ad Mrs. Roy McWilliams. Mr. nnd Mr;;, George McMillan and children and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mc- Williatns and baby were Sunday afternoon visitors of Mrs. Joe Daughtery. Word has been received from Mrs. H. B. Saford of Nculda, 111., where she has goo for treatmet that she is greatly improved. Roy Rogers ad family spet Sudny with Mr. ad Mrs. Elton Cassidy. Mrs. Violet Daughtery spent a while I Saturday evening with Mrs. R. D. j Sharon and daughter Oma. | Grandma Crews is on the sick list j this week. Wo hope she shows im- Mr. Shurnian called at the George McMillan homo Sunday morning. Mrs. Blanche Cassidy and little Specials Spaghetti and Macaroni , „, . Pkg. SUNKISE DELIGHT—POUND 23c OATS DINNER PLATE or CUP & SAUCER—Package 22C Grape Juice Wi'lrh's—Quarts 35c—Pint CATSUP STOKEL-y'S—M oz. Bottle 15c Stuffed Olives 07.. Bottle lOc PORK & BEANS CAMPBELL'S—Cnn 6c TUNA LIGHT MEAT—1,4 Lb. Can 15c MUSTARD Oil TOMATO DEL MONTE OVAI--Caii 10c CRACKERS PREMIUM, KRISPY-8 c/.. I'k K . 10c COCOA-Hershey's-y 2 Lb. 10c TEA-Lipton's-i/4 Lb. 21c Country Made Ribbon Cane Syrup—gallon 59c -IN OUR MARKET- STUEAKED—POUND CHEESE FULL CKEAM—POUND 18c BEEF LIVER-Lb. 8c Complete Assortment of Lunch Meats BACON In the Slab—SWIFT'S OXFORD—LB. 16c SAUSAGE-Lb. 8c 2Lbs. 15c Dressed Hens and Fryers HARRY HAWTHORNE GROCERY ,4ft* MARKET Telephone 60 THE COMPLETE FOOD SHOP We Deliver NEXT TO CITY BAKERY If yon recall "The Ilirtli of :{ Nation" and other silent screen clas.sU-s of a generation ago, you'll remember MUR Marsh, who starred in Ihcin. Hut ran you tell whlrh is Mao, of i he upper two pictures? In [he center is Mae as she appeared some 20 years ago, in her heyday, and uppermost Is her grown-up daughter. Afar, Jr., today. And fo show thi! <')iaiiRO of year!;, Hie liolloin picture shows Mae Marsh as film tv daughter spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Noah Cnssidy. Mrs. Ella Hodnelt spent Thursday evening with Mrs. J. W. McWilliams. Mrs. Porter Powers and littio son and Mrs. Barto Bcardcn and little son passed through this community one day last week. Mrs. Sparks and Mrs. Rexroe of j Hope were Monday guests of their I'ricnd, Mrs. Nellie Leach of this place. Geo. S. Crews was in town Tuesday. HARRY CAYSON NEW YORK.—Bill Terry nnd Joe Cronin, who wiU lead the major league all-star teams at the Polo Grounds on July 10, perhaps did more fhahnny other pair to dispel the last lingering doubt In regard to whether managing a ball club affects th« performance of a player. Personally, I believed the theory was- decided years and years ago by such as Fielder Allison Jones. Frank LeRoy Chance, Fred Clarke, Napoleon Lajoie, and Bill Camgan and later on by Tristram Speaker, Ty Cobb, and others who did a fair to middlin' job of smacking the bnll while running the works. Yet I understand that as recently as three winters ago such a wise old baseball head *as tlic Inte Barney Dreyfuss would have named Pie Traynor pilot of the Pittsburgh Pirates but for the fear that the task would hamper his work at third base. There are only a half-dozen bench managers left in the big show, and indications are that their ranks gradually will diminish until they are as cxinct as the dodo bird. I rather suspect that the day shortly will come when the only dugout guides will be those owning blocks of stock, such as Connie Mack and the Intc John McGraw. Eight big league strategists cavort daily, and certainly the burden of su- pervising'the business hasn't cramped the playing styles of Terry, Ct'onin, Frisch, Coehrane, Dykes Wilson or O'Farrell. It was. lumbago that put Charley Grimm on the sidelines, and Rogers Hornsby is ns formidable as ever with a bludgeon in his hands. What effect his attempt to straighten out the Pirate will have on Traynor's play remains to be seen, but judging'by the records of others and knowing the blue-eyed New Englander's temperament, off-hand I would say that he will find doubling in brass as easy as his nickname. "As a matter of fact," says Rogers Hornsby, ''managing u club should improve a player's play. He knows just what his own outfit is going to do—has the game in the palm of his hand." Hornsby has Connie Mack's philosophy, which is,the ideal one. It is that the day's game ends with the closing Whc^s the Hop* Girl That's Being Fitted for Hollywood? |Curie, Discoverer of Radium, Is Dead Radium Rays Accumulating in System Kill Woman Scientist SALLANCHES, Fr&nce -~(/P)~ Red- ium, the priceless curative agent which she and her. husband gave to the world, Wednesday caused the death of Mme. Curie, the world's best Here is the standing at the end of the first week of the Saneger Hollywood Tour Contest that some girl is going to start enjoy.ng on Augul 18. Mrs. E. O. Wingfield, Walter Hussman and the Saenger manager tabula- of the clubhouse door and that breaks ted the following Thursday afternoon. Captain Dropped for "Misconduct" Harold K. Coulter Convicted of Intimacy With Divorcee even up in the long run. Managers who take the game home with them suffer most. ' Bench pilots seem to worry more than the playing kind, perhaps because they have more time on their hands. Joe McCarthy couldn't .sleep after losing a game until this year, and not a few of those close to the Yankee counselor have an idea he is only kidding himself when he says, "I've broken that habit." The highly strung Casey Stengel appears to laugh off bad days, but there is no question that they take a lot out of- the director of the Dodgers. His predecessor, Max Carey, probably was thinking of this when he remarked that Stengel's health might not be able to stand the strain. Walter Johnson always appears as cool as an Eskimo, but walks the streets nights with his old battery mate, Eddie Gharrity, when the Cleveland Indians falter. Bill McKechnie is the studious, phlegmatic type, and Bucky Harris takes things as a matter of course. Terry has an explanation for every- tliing. To his way o fthinking, the Giants never should lose. If a certain play had gone thcother way, the New 1. No. 9 Mattie Evans 9,505 votes 2. No. 8 Elizabeth Bernier, 8,945 votes 3. No. 3 Crollar Walters.... 6,980 votes 4. No. 7 Mary A. Redwine, 6,665 votes 5. No. 1 Julia Mroening ....6.020 votes 6. No. G Evelyn Simpson ...6,000 vottes 7. No. 5 Carolyn Toland ....5,650 votes 8. No. 10 Mrs. O. Williams.,.5,560 votes Because you happen to be at the bottom of the first week's 1 list doesn't mean that you, with a little extra ef- t'crt cannot be at the top the following wek. Two of the young ladies were heard to say that they were not discouraged and that someone had better York club would have won. Mickey Coehrane got much from I SAN ANTONIO, Tex. — (/P)— Capt. Harold F. Coulter, who elected to j ytand trial l>y courtmartia) rather than accept a reprimand for illeged misconduct, w»s convicted Thursday and ordered dismissed from the United Army. The couilmartial, conducted at secret hearings upon the defence's request, fouid Captain Coulter guilty on seven tounts, including four specific charges of intimacy with Mrs. Alice Trajlor Morgan, divorced wife of William F. Morgan, wealthy San Antonio oi: man. "I haven't a thing to say," Captain \ Coulter sad after the verdict. i The verdct was returned shortly af- I ter Mrs. Morgan and the captain's I wife drove to the sceen of the court- [ martial at the staff post here Thurs- I day in the same automobile. i The trial opened last week, after i Coulter, sUr polo player, declared he Mack, including the Old Master's outlook on life and on baseball in particular, but Mickey still loves to barber. But Jimmy Dykes, educated in the same school, does not appear to throw things off as readily. Perhaps the difference in the standing of the Detroit and Chicago clubs has something to do with the case, but the fuel'remains that managing a baseball teljm has wiped the smile off the face <tnat:tire *-* _<>=*4!Sk the Governorship Tom Anglin Abandons Right to Enter Runoff Primary OKLAHOMA CITY -(/P)- Oklahoma's New Deal candidate, Congressman E. W. Marland was handed down the Democratic nomination for governor Thursday night by Speaker Tom Anglin, Gov. "Alfalfa Bill's" choice for the nomination. Anglin announced his withdrawal ' from the run-off primary, scheduled July 24, saying he would not call upon his friends for further sacrifices in the face of Marlancl'a lead of ap- j proximately 5(1,000 votes in the first | primary. Although Marland received the news calmly, he expressed appreciation of Anglin't action and declared that it would create a mucVi better feeling within the Democratic party, in which anti-Murray sentiment had created a rift. Vho'll Pay THE DAMAGES? ! We will, and promptly, if i you cany insurance. Am| pie auto insurance gives !you more than protection; ! it turns driving from a risk j to a pleasure. known woman scientist. The end came at 8,. ,«, m. in the . , . quiet sanitarium to whifch the 66-year- old women had come' a "week ago for treatment. Physicians said that radium rays had accumulated in her system and Injured the organs producing red cor- pusles. Pernicious amcnia attacked the al- rtndy frail scientist and consultation cf 12 leading Parisian physicians and scientists resulted in her coming, to the sanilnium here. She arrived with her two daughter and a son-in-law, who remained with her until the end. She was in such a weakened condition that she fainted twice at the railroad station and had to be taken to the snitarium in an m- bulance.. .. During the few days she was here she lay before a window facing Mount Blanc and gave directions concerning experiments being conducted in her Paris laboratory. Tuesday she seemed to realize that the end was near. She gave directions that her funeral be as simple as the life she had led, and arrangements were made to bury her beside her husband in the family vault. Mme. Curie had carried on for 27 years the radium experiments which the had started with her husband, Pierre Curie. /•'• ,,;: . Her husband was killed by a truck in 1906 shortly after the couple announced their important .-discovery. The wife war, honored; by her own and other nations with the highest awards a scientist can win, but always shrank from public view. She twice won the Noble prize in chemistry and WB« fhs ever, elected t<> the f" cf Sciences. Radium, which to bring K< many sufferers from <si,_. other disease.'?, WAS discovered! Curies in a makeshift At Umes whtn shfe lacked carry on her work, Mm*. C« aided by friends In the United ! where she traveled in 1921 ahd' White and black are not colors., white body reflects aAd si bl&ek'fc* absorbs all the rays tf lififat MtOMg separating them; colors themselves!* " due lo the separation of light rays. ', Through the giant 100-inch 1ft: of Mount Wilson G-oservat&r#> Pasadena, California, CUP «niW, candle at a distance of SftpO miles. Two-thirds of the nation's •mileage is as yet without any kind surface improvement. ' KiTi Oisonous i MOSQUITOES. Mosquitoes require human Woo^J;7 To draw it into their bodies the/,.. must first thin it by Injecting «v poiaon. Thus they introduce < germs—cause disease and death. , The .most relentless of all ^ r 1 " 1 insects that torture mosquitoes deserve no iflercy. Kill mosquitoes, files and'ttt other filthy, germ laden insects with FLY-TOX. &* Insist an iho genuine FLY-TOX: keep an eye on them from now on. Marijane Richards dropped out to go away and Mrs. Oliver Williams returns to get in the fight. Good news fcr both the public and the sales girls i;- that from now on i the $1.00 coupon tickets arc good for any show at any time during the con- j test. AND the single tickets that were good only on Tues-Wed the first week will be sold by the young ladies from now on good for ANY show during the week of the sale, i. e. a ticket bought on Saturday will be good for any shew from Saturday through the following Friday night. j Contest days< nexl week will be; Thui. and Fri. when "The Old Fash-; ioned Way" starring W. C. Feilds will: be shown and tickets bought at the box office will receive votes just as was dene this past Tues-Wed. 438 Given PriMe Jobs Through U.S. 343 Men and 95 Women Placed by U.-S. Re-Employment Service Here The following summary of re-employment work through the Hope office was given The Star Friday by U. S. Re-Employment Officer Bert Keith: The Reemployment service of the State- of Arkansas was placed on trial by the U. S. Department of Labor at: Washington, D. C., for the months cf May and. June, 1934, to see whether or not the Reemployment service was of benefit to the community in which they were operating to the extend that it would justify the government to maintain the Federal Reemployment Service longer than June 30 1934. i i,'Following is a complete operation Of the Tfte\£nployment Services of the Hope office which 1 is a part of District No. 7. Placements on work relief; 82 men, 16 women. Of the 82 men 3 were veterans. Placements in private industry; 343 men, 95 women. Of the 343 men, 8 were veterans, making the total placements made by the Reemployment Office for the months of May and June, 53G. Placements from relief rolls in pri- 16 women. Of the 82 men 3 were veterans. Placemnts from relief rolls in private industry; 83 men, no women. Of the 83 men 8 were veterans. The monthly budget for the 83 men placed from the relief rolls into private industry was fixed by the Social Welfare Department and certified to my office amounting to $955,99. The total expenrc of the Reemployment Office for the months of May and June. 1934 was J297.95, leaving a net balance of $658.04 that the Reemployment Service relieved the government of, covering the period of one mrnth. Should the 83 parties have remained on the Relief Program for the two months the net burden to the government would have been twice $658.. 04 or in other words each month the was innocent of the charges, and saidj men |)] ac ed in private industry by the he preferred to stand trial by court- • - • . ~ . . . ; COMMUTE (fec$ ?hone 810 Hope, Arkansas Reemployment Service, remained on the relief rolls in Hempstead county. it would have cost the government §955.99. Another service the Reemployment . , .Service has rendered to the citizens Gen. Johnson Hagood, commander of| c f u le county is, had it not been for the Eighth Corps area, in this instance, placing the 260 people into private in- will be the reviewing authority. I dustry who were included in the S3 martial, instead of accepting an optional reprimand. The sentence will have to be passed on by reviewing authorities and approved by President Roosevelt, Ma). The charges of which Capt. Coulter was found guilty were: Intimacies with Mrs. Morgan January 1, and April I, 1934, ut Mrs. Morgan't home. Intimacies with Mrs. Morgan at a Campbellton ranch February 1. 19&1 it people who had already reached the reliif list, a large number of the 260 before now would have ben put on the government relief work. and November 5, 1933. Wrongfully caused Uorpl. G. R. Per- The Reemployment Service of the county h:is accomplished the results \ VAi - ohtuined by the hearty cooperation of the industries of the city and counly. After the Reemployment ry and Pvt. Ben E. Creel to obtain i Officer explained to the owners of the pistols from the supply sarguant act as guards ut Mrs. Morgan's home. Neglected to pay $480 due as house rent. industrial plants of the city, the purpose and intent of the Reemployment Services, they have been glad to cooperate with the Reemplomenl Offi- cer, tc the fullest extent, and the Reemployment Officer wishes to express his appreciation to the owners of the industrial plants of the city and county for their cooperation. They feel that it is their patriotic duty to work .men insofar as they are qualified to do the work, that need it most and are willing to cooperate anlong this line with the Reemployment Officer. The Reemployment Officer has 373 men whc are in his live file now applying for work that are idle industrial workers, and 41 women who have renewed their registerations and are in the live files applying for work through the Reemploym.ent Service, To enable firemen to fight fires beneath wharves, a hose nozzle mounted' in a vertical position on a floating buoy that can be guided by a long handle, has been invented. The National Assembly of Panama '. is considering a law to make compulsory the use of the Spanish language in all commercial documents. • ATltLEl'K'S FOOT MEDICINE 25c Money Back Guarantee. MORE LAND'S Drug Store Luther N. Garner Candidate for Tax Assessor Hempstead County Will appreciate your vote and influence Shampoo, color rinse, finger wave and oil manicure all for $1.00 Permanents 52.00 and up Mary's Beauty Shop Phone 287 Cannon Apartments ERNEST PALS DICK CURB MARKET Anything in the Vegeable Line. Fresher and Just as Cheap. Call on Us. i guaranteed RADIO SERVICE Hempstead Co. Lbr. Co. HOYT ANDRES Phone 89 SHOP ATA&P And Be Assured of the Best •• : •' •-' ' "H of Quality Merchandise Priced at Savings. SUGAR-piirecane 10 Lhs. 49c Flour Veri- Goocl 24 Lb. 82c 24 Lb. $1.59 Nectar Tea Orange Pekoe 2 oz. Package 8c V 4 Lb. Package 15c !/ 2 Lb. Package 27c Sandwich Spread . Rajah Brand ; 8 02. Jar Pint Jar ................... 15k: OLIVES Sultana Brand ft 21c Qt CHERRIES RED-PITTED 2 Cans E5Cr Thrifty Health Soap 6 CAKE PKG. 17c PRO PUCE S P E G IA L S California ORANGES—Dozen 27c NEW POTATOES—10 Pounds lOc California LEMONS—Dozen 23c CORN—PEAS—TOMATOTES—CELERY CARROTS—CANTALOUPES—BANANAS A&P COFFEE TRIO Eight O'Clock, Jb 21 c Bokar, Ib 27c Red Circle, Ib 23c 7c Grandmother's Bread, Loaf .... Raisin Bread .. Pan Rolls, doz 5c VANILLA WAFERS—1 Lb. Box 24c Grandmother's LAYER CAKES—Each 23<; Kraft's CHEESE SPREADS—5-oz Swanky Jars. Pimento, Pineapple. 17c jOld English .-IBc Limberger 18c jRoquefurte 23e Rinso Granulated SOAP--Sm. pkg. 8c—Large..21c QUAKER PUFFED RICE—Package lOc Premium Flake CRACKERS—8 ^ oz. pkg 9c Rajah SALAD DRESSING—Pint 17c—Quart.29c A&P GRAPE JUICE—Pint 17c—Quart 30c Encore OLIVE OIL—'/ 2 Pint 27c—Pint 49c Ann Page PRESERVES—16 oz Jar 21c -MEAT DEPARTMENT- STEAK Round, Loin, T-Bone. Tender Western Beef—Pound 17c FRYERS, nice size-Each 35c PICNICS-Swif fs Circle S-Lb. 15c CHEESE, Texas Longhorn-Lb. 17c LAMB CHOPS-Pound 20c SHOULDER ROAST-Pound 15c Pork Shoulder Roast-Lb. 14c Watch Our Window For Added Specials

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