The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ^Rumania - Danger Spot ^RX.y COURIRR NEWS Red-Nazi Diplomatic Drive' . ; May -Thwart Any \X/ar, In East i i BY THOMAS M. JOIIN'SON j NEA Service Military \Vrllcr | Totaltiaiiim "jieace moves" seem I less likely to produce n forinnlix 1 on which the allies \vill inukc ! peace than to produce a situation ! in which only at great risk can they make war anywhere but against the fortified Westwnll. i If In protecting his southern j flank lu Ihe Balkans. Hitler gets the co-operation of those Intc enemies. Stalin and Mussolini, the combination can bring much pressure to bear upon British-French : potential allies, Ruiiiuiii!! and Turkey. No wonder the hitter's states- I (lien are now conferring with Ihe ' Western Powers; the conference must be silling on wry anxious scats. If Turkey must fight the Germans she would rather H be at (he Danube tlian Ihe Dardanelles. ( which means helping Rumania, j Biit Turkey would rather fight Russia nowhere. Tightening Riisso-Gcrman screws .oh Rumania would menu she hnd to do that, anil if Rumania calls upon the Franco-British lo redeem their pledge of support against aggression, they must make good; no more Rolands or Finlnnds if they would keep prestige. or friends. They must rush la Rumania's aid. BRITAIN'S KASTBKN TROUBLE COMPUCATKS WAK PLANS But how? The best rushlng- play Dyess Kills The tour, ,a,,,ent w,,l 1-PI ToUI'llCy To j'^iMinineni vras di.5cu.wpii by Mrs. r . ,-,.-•/ j "win.CrlUomicn,,sponsor Upon rl'ldav Al Tllft foll(wlll 8 club raplalns save •.-.' : J * ' reports: Knllc Lou Thompson, pig; Uyess ^yninasiui)i;S" K . c !;^ tol '' B " nk '" mB m>tl Th, County-,,,, i.,, Club IlH<<«on^,n'n^ dcT krtell wm'iwmwl between (lui ' onstrallon on ,, iking dlff re "l , second nnd third place win- kinds of B lttclu-s " ' " FRIDAY, MARCH 22, ]MO : coys. At H )>. in. Whlllon boys -,vill play l.oue Oak boys. At 9 j). ,,,. j Keeec 4-11 Rumanian oil fields: Kven if Germany will need more from Russia every drop she still , '"' 1 "<*I Monday, nethel Stewart, song ,cs,, rafl , • Mrf C ^ j ^li I nor of „,„ Go S ne.l.Dye« .am, a,,<l ' reports: Hoiigl.u W ko , te J»an Uhe Varbro boys playing the win- '. itu Gay B ««H.nlii(r m d cm •• * King Carol of Rumania nnil crown Prince Mlclincl: H Hide's to be war in the lialkans. Turkey wants H in Rumania. place, the Dnrdanelles and Bos- phorus. is held by Turkey. And Turkey Is militarily less ready to tight than some reports have indicated. Tlie same is true of the Franco-Brilish forces in Hie Near East, notably the British who have their troubles In Palestine and now in "India, over whom Russia looms more formidably. The Red -Army, whose best troops proved equal to beating Klnland, with that experience will soon reorganize and ue more formidable. To tackle the Red Army can hardly entbujc the allies, yet they may have to do it If they would strike at Germany's southern flank, and at the same time, her Achilles heel—a mixed metaphor, meaning that without Russian oti Germany may be 'unaWe long to wage intensified Blitzkrieg against Britain • and France. She hasn't oil enough, once her I ler SKId, camp soon after [lie nrca- v.'ldo meeting of over 20(1 sportsmen here nl the courthouse' March 7. nl which (line a number of sng- geslcd changes were offered lo Hie Commission, Major ehange.s ol interest In this Eubunks offered prayer. '1'lic ucw club song was sung ui. the uugiiwing mid dosing ol the meeting. Mrs. W. O. Biiun. clothing chalr- inan, explained how lo hinkc slip covers for davenports, clinlrs nntl conches, MI;,, p. A. Domicr, poultry chairman, gave a few lilnls on ' vicinity, Hev. Foster staled, ure ; ' «---- • - -- ~. «,. ,, ulll setting ahead the open dales on i Ll '. v raising which was followed with certain fish, and e.Ntendhi> the I •' ii°" ci 'al discussion on disinfecting •te-iiv; dales. " ] the poultry and treatlnj; lln •"•- ^ '• flock. ,> i i """ 1 r Slewnrt> r °° m ''»)»-ovemcnt. Mto ° f the Pav '" Cora Lcc C°"-™>i. Home Ucmcn- y n"»0|- st '' allon «smt, Rave a (lomonslra- ' lrl «.f , I, f |- , onsra- liim n 1 y " le W ""' cr of I'"' "O'loii making a leu towel and R Wl)m m ,-nyc« game « M :M . W. Sehroeder, Distant c"unt y 1'luy will l>c rcsumeit at r.:)0 p. i"!<ent, dlscuswd ilir; AAA my- m. Saturday. Tlip scml-fliials of the ''"Wits. boys dud. girls win be plnycd. als'J ' --Die coiisolnllon toiininmctit, " dial ! 1! °y'itoii -l-ll Club is, Die (rams thai liiwe last one 'rile Boynton ' . ...,. ., v.uv.,1, uiiMilUliy njfe'lll, (llO coiiMJltuion championship between ini; third place. At 8:30 the consolation boys game will be playiil. setting up third place and at 9::!0 the championship girls game will tic played mid at 10:30 p. m. the championship boys game will tie (ilnycd. Dyesi high school received the -jnrnament by bidding to furnish officials for the gomes and cii|»s for list, .second nnd third place winners for boys and girls. Th The Shady i , . Clu1 ' rove 4-H Club met - n ineslding over the 31 mcmuers present, Group singing was led by (: jlnuln Neelcy, song captain Club met j over the 42 (ncinbers present. Gcm- cwi lirooke led the group in slng- -1-H Club p)ny rounmmeni, and Howard Miles dismissed 4-H Chili radio broadcasts. Ilesulls of the i •t-H Club Bjiskctbiill Toumaiiient were discussed by J. J. plckren county agricultural agent. The following club captains gave reports: Geraldean Jones, Marvin Taylor. Dell Garner, Geneva lirooks. Opal Cagle and Juslene Sextene. A demonstvation on making tea towels was given by Cora Lee Cole- iimn. home demonstration agent j and Mr. Plckren gave a demon- I'urty and Eight 4-11 Club on»i r-^^i i °' "'"' The .season now on cliKiniel catfish is March 15 to May 31, nnd in Drum or While 1'erch. Minnows. Carp and Gar, March 15 to De=. 31. There is now no limit on take, ir size of curp and smr, and Ihc 'mlt on rough lish is 25 pounds Mrs. p. A. Dorrls received tiie prize in Ihc apron contest. Tin «roup worked on the club qnil which they hope to finish at the next meeting at the hutne of Mrs Charles Stioinire. April 2. ininj LMI luujtn iiMi 13 ^o pounds i,_ , , ., . , ..... • ' '"• iml one fish, this one lisli permit- sless f x ! ubltl;tt a <l°«°lc wedding •• - - ' .stored slocks are gone, not even with every drop Rumania has. Her extra oil must come from Russian wells hi the Near East, liut Russia's Baku-Batum hundred - mile pipeline runs uncovered alonu the ground or on wooden Ireslles, inviting incendiary bombs from planes flying from Iraq, a British satellite. TURKS MUST RE PAID IF THEY ARE TO FtGHT If they dlj that, Turkey probably would be Involved. She Is unlikely lo enter offensive war against either Russia or Germany unless the allies cul ull another slice of their Near Eastern territory and teed her with lunch-counter snap- ptness. Those anxious Near Eastern conferences must also tnkc Into account Italy, nslride the Mediterranean funnel for many supplies to the allied Near Eastern armies and especially. tii c under-equipped If Italy's northern frontier is now'fortified against Germany so also is her western against France 'Ing fishermen who use Jugs or locks 'to keep their prized "big '.tUch", of which there have been -.umeroub catilies of TO to 100 Jomids and over. New restrictions on nets and greater —which gives Mussolini freedom of action. Of.course, all he wants only Hiller can give him—alter he has fought a war. and \\m\ it. A uood deal of It Ihe allies cnn give "htm for staying neutral and making . money. Is he a sensible man or a gambler? Perhaps already (he allies think they know—but can they be sure? Ihe slakes ore getting very big. aiu.1 with Russia edging up to ihe i«We at Hitlers elbow, they mav dazzle the blacfonillh's son \vlib used to sleep on hny. "Plutocratic" Chamberlain mar well find himself clutching at Ih'e slraw that -Britain loses even- out the last one." -etnes are tliat they must nol be over two-inch mesh, but this law will not became effective until Jim. i, 1041, g'vlng commercial ihli- :rmeu ample lime to replcnhh Ihelr tickle und equipment with the re- tilred mcsli size. All persons over 17 are required •o have fishing licenses, except a Limner or his hniiiedlnte family vho fish on land on which lhe\- live. One hunting change was m.-ide now permlitina rnubll luntln» vlthout n license. u!> News Notes Club Has I.imrlieou Members of the Oosncll Homo Demonstration club met for a luncheon Tuesday afternoon at ihe home of Mrs. Roy Crawford. Curing the business session. Mrs H. B. Vancievc, Mrs. Clcve Wad-' ley aiut Mrs. Duclos were '.:aineil on a commiltee to arrange a phv for "-• loiiinamenl. The devotional which was fikcn from the 27Ui elsn|!tcr of Mi.(im-w concerning the eriiciti.s-ion of Christ was rend by Mrs. Tcmpli: Mrs 13 nng quill which she made recently nnd Mrs. Don-is showed ciuill patterns of various kinds. Mrs. L. C. Dorris assisted Mrs Crawford in serving hmch to the twenty members nnd three visitors Mrs. Walpool Ha « kins, Mrs. L-slie Uevil and Mrs. Charlie Moody. Sound Color Movie Made Of Far Distant Wedding SINGAPORE (UP)-A'n electrical 'ccoming of a wedding .service in St. Andrew's Cathedral, In Singapore. and a color film record of the reception is to be sent lo England so that the parents of (he bride ami bridegroom, who could not be present, will be able to see and hear (he ceremony. The weddlr.j. was of Capt Peler Cki-ty, only son of Brig.-Gcn. and Mrs. H. E. Carey, of Wiltshire, and Miss Sliril.-i Dtmieiesque. daughter ol Mrs. p. B. Diimoresque of i.undon. Read Courier Nev LOSTYOUR PffL,™ in-cslinal poisoning. Try GARLIC Harmful Wtcrii Change Regulations For S. E. Missouri J«s. 13. Clark filciifnr ttiiililiiiff lll.vthcvllle, Ark'. ' lllnriic,! Motljiigc Loan n'i(oi s f or ( | lc Melroiioli- life Insurance Co. LOW HATES INSPECTIONS I.ONT. TKUJIS RKI'AYJIENT VKIVIl.KC.KS Cliirk-Wil.son Agency, [iisur. •las. IJ. Clark -.-Rev. D. K. "Ss7ei-" ! "p lc ^dcm '< of the Pemiscot County Sportsmen's i League, yesterday stated h i- had ; bee,, advised of a m ,, n " cr „ ! ehanges In the Missouri Conserve i lion Commission game and lish te 8 ^" 0 ^ ' wta "" n « * 'Wring m the Southeast Missouri area. These chanses, many of which are already placed In effect. Rev. POS- 2 Great New Gasolines! NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompl Laundry and Cleaning Sen-ice £sso €sso p ^^^«K _ O Fmiciion dist.lct agrlculluva, ^"^..h ™u^e^ ngr cnltlm aurni C "'' C °"" t5 ' C< "' a LCC C ° loiM "' llcme « emon - ntilcnltmul at'cnl ^ , . s(l , uion ngcnl _ ^ & dcmo , lst ,. n . Cl-a,- fike -III dub "°" ° n maki "B tci « lowe ls and The Clear l! ke 4-H n T? 1 "" 1 . ^.^^er was discussed ovev Ihe meeting, Joyce * il nto- H^ne ,,i, ri r ,° 0t ™'' ovcr tlle 37 "'^nbers present. Ruby Jtintoi HHMIC-.S, |HB; Rnyford Lun.s- Mcthenv SOUK eaolain leri HW X,rV° yCC , DeMh?m ' P0l " l ' y; clllb i»'eronp tingmg ' ' Mmrnc: She|»rd, room improve- I MiH Cora ' Le * c " olemt , n _ homc :u eft I-iki- l-lt rim. I . iieenl. Ihe following club Wnurra,. Hurt, -,, •'- ' C "I )1|I1I1S B«ve rei»vts: Davltl Lnug- wn, II.xwl.ius presided ovcr ley. uig; H. D Uhles calf- H<i/pl iub n wS °[ 1" C f'n Un ! :C J " H McDa " Ie '. sn.-dei.lng mul canning; v- , ~, hckl M °"<!ny. Frankie Woods elothine- Heraian Kane LOU Thompson tel Ihe group B.-ewer, ponltrv- m Bill M"•n slngmg. The 4-H Club Play voom improvement •™"™--"--*^oa\*iWSce*ijE&g£g3g»Fr- STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA SPECIAL PURCHASE SALE OF 50 FARM RADIOS of battery «Ht and r ^ SensationoU940 'PHILCO FARMRMHO Fine Tone and: Performance! No wcl bnlteries lo buy niui rechnrRK ... no wini! chargers! Self- conininrd I'hilco Unl- tcry HlocI; gives almost doiiiilc rhn r«pncity .-it niic-thinl Ihc cost. iVcK liilics cut ciirrent <lmin lo onc-lhinl. Slill you uiijo)- Ihc finest tone ntul licrformnncc at ihc price. llanilMinu. TJTal- mil console cabiucl. Only 50 at This Price Regular $64.95 Philco I'ay only onc-hiili tl o \v n tvnd the balance n c x 1 f ;i) I. Small carr y i n .; charge. Complete With Hafleries THE HOUSE OF MEAD i DO THINGS for you Gulfweight GABERDINES '50 Tailored by Hart Schaffner & Maix ihese <raberciitics weigh only 48-ounces complete! The (ronsers will make excellent sport slacks for later on in the season and the coal is a perfect odd jacket that will go well with almost any pair oi' sport trousers you have. ' I Gulf weight FLANNJELS $0-780 Tailored by Hart Schalfner & Marx Here arc luxurious .18-ounce gulfwcight flannels with it smooth Coeskin finish that will get you more than vour share of attention in the Easter parade . . . ;ind for many, many weeks thereafter. Available in single mid double hrcasteil models. Gulfweight TWEEDS Tailored by Hart Schaffner & Marx Handsome colored nub tweeds in single breasted patch pocket model as illustrated. Because they weigh only 18-ounces complete you can wear them in perfect comfort from Easter until October. In colors of Desert Tan, Spruce Green, and Gi'cy. OTHER £U1TS FROM $25 The best values are always at MEAD 315 •MAIN' 318

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