Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 5, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1934
Page 6
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FJ» f A^WV n »-"~ --- »— ' From Investment ^Commissioner Kennedy i .Outlines Plans to Safe* ^narcl Markets • , | I | I II • Nudists Wed at World's Fair WASHINGTON -<£V- - - c - , Ifennedv- chairman of the new Securi- 1£& and Exchange Commission cxpio SlttfSS ~--™ <&&SfTi*S£&. Ccdy made it plain to reporters SHelintended to go all the way m indicating manipulation and decep- fem from the markets. , Kennedy resents reports that he has fr-en appointed to represent Wall S TtoSe reports were responsible for a tepute in organizing the commision. Ftrdinand Pecora had indicated he .^opposed to Kennedy because of ft* pool operatoin of the latter. Now fewever, all troubles apparently have Seen settled. „ ,, ' "Things are light or wrong. Ken fcdVwid. "How do you judge the way it, eo I don't know exactly, but I cto 'Show these thing-, that Presiden !££evett is doing has brought con- srience to its feet. ,u- c Mil"— "There isn't a thing in this bill, inferring to the new securities ex- ige act-"that anyore dealing m market can't afford to do. bill is designed to protect in- Some investment, cf course, is _ . tTJ^^'inn- HOP*) STAR. HOPS, ABKANgA8 .—j^-sssssssrsssssssssss^sss Marland Is First for Governorship My 5, 1954 Former Oil Magnate Holds Huge Lead Over Murray's Candidate TRUSTEES TO (Continued from page OKLAHCWU ACIT*- (/P) renUtlve E. W. Marlnnd running on a "New Deal" platform held a 40000- vote margin over Speaker Tom Ang- Hn. chosen candidate of Gov_ William H Murray. Wednesday night in , the, tabulation of votes from .Tuesdays Democratic gubernatorial primary. The two leading candidates will compete "BrUgteew to Oklahoma." was the slogan of Marland, ormcr ist who turned funds of the college. The report, which has been made public by Lamar Williamson, MonU- cello attorney who represents the board, was adopted Monday. Is 10 ^written pages set forth cxp ana- tions concerning the ordering of the Lenrinpi and the facts that the board coMlddered important. In closing, he trustees expressed appreciation to tM governor for "the generous, utte ly non-political attitude he has maintained throughout the investigation. ( Signers of the report arc E. W. Gates, Crossctt. chairman; J. B. Duncan, fcng- hnd appointed to succeed Mr. Richardson; J. L. Longlno. Pine Bluff and \V. C. Perdue, ElDorado. hervc the education needs of the district, if on the poison of ill-advised and unfair publicity and organized propaganda may be suspended while the board does its best in the premises." dent Roosevelt's national Bles,ed W ,„„ »oll,i»s but " ti, s Wz.rr. w glJ.nU« bponto.au™, . ys stocks Monday morning with the a of selling them Thursday after- ttfrx for enough profit to pay for his Ration is a speculator. This bill does- ij ? t help him or protect him. I doesn t Ifo anything except to make it harder Angi", veteran of 16 years in the state legislature, increased his lead over Jack Walton, removed as governor in 923, to 10,000 votes. The dor.cn other candidates, including Lieut. Gov Robert Burns and Attorney General J. Berry King, were out of the run- ni Heturns from 2,470 precincts out of 3,352 gave the three leaders: n ^ uaic fellow who buys a stock to is now protected. He may not buy stock as though it were a bond his speculative interest is small NO MORE YELLOW SKIN FOR HOWETT C R. Howett, salesman, writes: Mj C. Mendenhall Evansville, Ind. 1 have delayed answering your letter I have been waiting to see the of taking yqur medicine. I did I • Without arsenic and compared to his desire for real invest- rnent. "You can't rig the market any more, =o you can't get the kind of a market the 'fly guy' nceds-a market that turnT over o/a gambler's whisper -I'm no sucker," he said "I don t tend to know as much about this M as thees other fellows (referring to the other commissioners) and 1 Im going to pay a lot of attention to them "I never did do much in the market although I did do pretty well m th motion picture business. I managec three companies all at one time a^ 1 them competing with each other ' B O.. Pathe and First National. F B O and Pathe weer merged into K K 6. under me and First Nationa joined WarnerBrothers . "I wan managtr of Hayden, Stones offices (brokers) in Boston. , and I was in charge of operations in Bethtlehem Shipbuilding Company during the war. I was 27 at the time. "I'm no stock market operator. I ve done my best work as an admmistra- t0 "When I was 25 I was president of a Boston bank-the Columbia Trust I am cured. . -mcnuiamm. = -•—tonic, without arsenic, should be taken - ' place of quinine, for malaria, chills, £rs, colds, "flii" or grippe. Mendon"'- Chill Tonic, with arsenic, is the that I was a state bank examiner for Massachusetts. "I was graduated from Harvard. Unnamed Convict Declares Bullet Shattered Desperado's Nerves INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -(/P)— J° hn Dillinger, said an unnamed ex-convict quoted by the Indianapolis Star Wednesday night, is suffering from . permanent injury so serious that hu no longer drives an automobile. The informant, said by the Star to ve been released a few months ago om state prison, where he knew DU- !ger was quoted as having told po- iie he learned of the criminal's lon- Uon when he saw him in Chicago cveral weeks ako. Dillinger's right leg trembles his un hand is twitchy as though palsied nd the injury gradually is affecting is entire right side, according to the aroled man's story. When under train of great excitement however, Dillinger is able to move rapidly, the 3. 70.074 -••~. t 60,084 Kew and sharper division of the administration and anti-Murray forces we™ indicated as King, at Tahlequah, dC 'Tmtighly elated over the election resuU My chief ambition was to stampoi/Murrayism in Oklahoma. It is apparent that has been clone. WUl Rogers of Ardmorc. namcsackc of the humorist, apparently was assured first place in the Congress-,i -large race, which he won unexpectedly two years ago. Second place lay between E B Howard, formr congressman, and Henry S. Johnston, ex-governor. R L. Hyatt was appointed a tr " s " ICP'following the resignation of Mr. Harris, did not sign the report because hc wa s not a trustee at the time of the open hearing. At the outset of the report the trustees pointed out than no restrictions were placed on testimony and ,as> a result more than 350 typewritten pages were recorded. The charge is made I that "there had been a persistent and | determined effort to influence the public by the use of misleading ro- rrem-cr to small portions of the testi mony. , ,, , ou,,, The opinion is expressed that ««hoard is of the opision that if prejudice and passion can be held m check, the investigation which h.is been mace! can prove of material value to Ihc institution. 1 ' Faticncc of the public is asked by the trustee.-, as they strive to solve the problems of the college "which will Willie Harris of Hope, candidate for Representative, was in Tokio Thursday hunting up the voters. Dr. Hnnsford Holt of Nashville made a professional call here Thursday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Vcrnon McLaujihlm are the proud parents of a baby boy ;>orn Tuesday. Jesse Coolcy of Mineral Springs was a business visitor here Thursday. Travis McLaughlln of Nashville was a business visitor here Thursday. Ray McDowell of Hope was a visitor here Wednesday. Dr J. L. Roberts of Nashville was a professional caller here Thursday. Mr. nnd Mrs. William Robins of Owin visited relatives here the first ol the week. , James Cox of Prcscott returnee home Wednesday after an extcnclcc visit with his grandparents, Mr. aiu Mrs. E. P. Nance. Rov and Charles Griffith were bust rices' visitors to Nashville Wednesday Harold McClure of Highland was . business visitor here Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Whitmorns an baby of Prcscott spent the week en with relatives here. Harry Higgins and Barney Hulsc were visitors to Nashville Saturday George Curtis of McCaskill was Tokio visitor Saturday. Sim Sanford was a Nashville visito Saturday. Woodrow Hutson was n business visitor to Nashville 'Saturday. Mrs. Henry Edmlnston vtaWed her Parents Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Holt hero Tuesday. . Mrs. Lanta Fundcrburgh of Mur- froosboro was a Tokio visitor Monday. A. C. Holt made a business trip to Nnshvillc Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blackwood and Mrs. L. A. Seuart were trading m Nnshvillc Saturday. . Mr. nnd Mrs. Claude Stuart of High- Inrid visited Mr. and Mrs. W. i. Cooley Sunday. , Mr. and Mrs. J. K. McLnrly and Mrs. C. M. McLarty of Nashville vislt- •••tl relatives hero Sunday. Henry Lockeby was a business visor to Nashville Saturday. Mrs. Richard Westfalls was shopping n Nashville Saturday. , Coy Leo Hatch of Lockesburg is vis- ing his grandmother, Mrs. V. A. :»tch. , Mr and Mrs. J. R. Thompson and hildrcn of Bingen visited relatives icro Wednesday night. M. L. 'Stcmirt of Hot Springs wns i Tokio visitor Friday. Joe Coolcy of Highland, manage of The A F. G. Orchards. Inc., was a nisincss visitor to Tokio Friday. Kirby Curler <»C Toxarkana was business visitor to Tokio Friday Kcl.sie Hnrpcr was a Nashville vis lln Riu : al U Co<'le.v was a business visito tc Nashville Saturday. Wiill Tlircat returned home batur clay filler undergoing an operation Julia Chester hospital. He is rcporle doing nicely. The little daughter of J. J- DiWI< fell and fractured one of her an Thursday. Emmet Mises HnMl West of Waldo ifl visiting relatives hero. Misses Magdallne and Fay .Hood spent Wednesday in Pine Bluff antt Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Townscfid and visiting relatives and friends, Misses Urna Stophs and Billy Arnold spent the week end with Mrs. R Mrs Doyle 'McCoy and small son of icrldan are visiting Mr. and Mrs. M. Garland. Mr an dMrs. Geoige Townscnd of rka'delphia spent the week end with r. and Mrs. R. H. Townscnd. Mr and Mrs. Thomas of Arkadcl- hla' visited friends here Friday. Miss Mary Bcauclalr vnstcd in mnckovcr last week. M Mrs E H. Hood and daughter, Myro viistcd Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Rogrs of Cnmdcn Friday. Mrs S M. Pankcy entertained four nblcs of bridge Tuesday morning. Out f town guests were Mrs. R. V. Hemon, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Stanford, Mrs. Inrry Hawthorne, all of Hope, Mrs. Doyle McCoy of Sheridan nnd Mrs. j. C. Randolph of San Antonio, Texas. Bo7n7~To Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Steen Friday » son. . Mrs. Mattic Wisdom is on the sick list but is reported belter, J J, Daniels was H business visitor to Murfrccsboro Saturday. C. M. Hipp of Bingcn was a lokio visitor Friday. . Roy Wisdom wnii a Nashville visitor In-! Saturday. Floyd Stanley of Highland was a Tokio visitor Tuesday. LONG ONCE •'malaria"/ fever.' Improves the *FPf- livansvmeTlud., druggist since 1873. Sold by All Druggists Architectural Triumph Two ladies weer attending a concer CM- simething at the civic auditorium Seated in hte parquet they looked a bout them. . , "Nice building," said one lad "What style of architecture is it. "I'm not sure." said the other lad "but I think it's Reminiscence." The Star said that it had consulted a medical authority who believed that extreme excitement would give a man in such condition almost normal control of his impaired muscles. Particular significance was attached to the report that Dillinger no longer rives an automobile since police wno have encountered him declare his skill at the wheel is almost unbheva- blc Frequently he has outdistanced or out-maneuvered them in traffic. Improper treatment from a bullet _ O. K. Allen's executive suite, where! he makes his headquarters, seated at the governor's big walnut desk over which hangs a picture of Huey ±. |L °H«e he holds conferences with his leaders in the legislature on whats on the calendar and issues direction, for the disposal of business. If tnc assembly i in session * the moment, the Kingfih keeps up with the busi ness at hand by turning a dial fixed on the desk, which brings him through a loud-speaker arrangement in the walls exery word that is being said on the floor of the house or senate. If a voters in progress another majic button opens a littel cabinet in a panel which reveals a roll call, showing one by one, how each member is voting. Green lights are yea votes. Kea liphts are nays. When a major issue is on the floor, L6ng is on the floor too, P«™P t « 1 8 his floor eladers, snapping his fingers in signal for a motion to be put, stalking up and down the aisles surveying the attitude of the chamber, and sometimes forcibly keeping members in their seats to carry a bill through. l>»3 HIGH SPEED TIRE ' HOT ONE COBD LOOSENED!^ NOT OME TREftD SEPARATED! BUREAUCRATS (Continued from PageOne) he Ladies BEAUTIFUL SUMMER On Sale Friday Morning, 9 o'clock Each Size 12 to 42 These dresses are in the following materials: Eyelet Batiste-Crepes-Dotted Swiss-Dotted Voiles-Seeraucker-Shirting SWipes-- and Piques. Don't Wait-Shop Early. Take advantage of this wonderful dress oppor- tunity. svo lican policy meeting at Chicago recently and to the Democratic nationa platform of 1932, declaring the form er party had failed to seize as an issue that question, and charging that the platform plank concerning monopolies had not been retained m the Democratic administration program. "In the last campaign," he said, the successful party denounced the party n power for 'fostering the merger of competitive business into monopolies as one of the 'chief causes of the present disaster. That party was right. But when this party took charge of the government ,one of the first things it did was to suspend the anti-trust laws and monoply was never more unrestrained or more ruthless than at the present time. . "Now the defeated party, looking about for some issues, seems wholly unwilling to touch this vital issue. Neither in the statement at Chicago nor in recent statements, has there been the slightest reference to an issue which affects every home in the United States. For taking photographs from the air a German has invented a camera that is carried aloft by a rocket, being lowared by a parachute after the plate is exposed. — ^»*^ • The Austrian government has electrified its railway from the Swiss frontier to Galzburg and intends to extend the service to Vienna and evcn- ually to Graz. wound suffered during a series of ank robberies following hih wooden un escape from the Lake county Indiana) jail resulted in the nervous ondition which has rendered Dilhn- eer's leg almost limp, the informant claimed. He said a bullet ripped through the right thigh and tore the nerves. In this condition, the Star quoted the man as saying. Dillinger has cs- j tablished a hide-out in a "Northern | state" always accompanied by his | chief lieutenant. Homer Van Meter i and John Hamilton. From this hied- cut, the informant said. Dillinger and his gunmen ride into Illinois and In- , diana for funds. ti } "Dillinger has plenty of money, j th'- man was quoted as saying, "but it | it- held by his friends. It's distributed j in several places." ; The only "tough guy" in the gang | the informant said, is Van Meter, \ whom, he described as "kill crazy" | Dillinger, he said, "is yellow" and if ie'11 surrender without a sho*/ he'll surrended without a shot." "It is just a matter of time ^ seme stool pigeon turns him in," the Star quoted the informant as saying, , ''but I wouldn't even squeal on a rat." longer iiu«-».v*» •"--.--" , commercial Safely-Protected on the inside toy eicut additional pounds of pure rubber _.. of cords. This additional rubber surrounds every eord in every ply. This is patented process of Gum-Dippms, rubber, counteracting damaging fncti of tire life. all road hazards. FOR Air Balloon Tires made MOST MILES PER -— WIDER TREAD OF FLATTER CONTOUR '~ Bfffmni MORE ANO TOUGHER RUBBER GUM-DIPPED HIGH STRETCH C£RD^ 9 DEEPEFl NON-SKID MORE THAN 507. LONGER SKID MILEAGE HONOR ROLL FIRESTONE HIGH SPEED TIRES Jmliniioiiolis Knr*. THIS MEANS DIOWOUI PROTECTION ...«, yrnr. ( lin triiiniiiM rara in IM" ilartnf " .li.nl "" THIS MEANS NON-SKID SAfETV AND TRACTION 100 pounds fiber h»ido Firwlono iu liquid enemy n.r l/iror ro.,»rriili.-i- vcnr" lini^ f.rrrt ,,n I ha I'll '•"»<•" "f ''<" » "»,'"»'•'"" ( .(.'. K«il.,-«y .."'I W.-,-ln> «" ,.1S7,IU« '•«» '"'<<• ,M.i.. THIS MEANS DEPENDABILITY AND ECONOMY irVr<-<»n f/ic Ai'imnn Af.i/or.' I'linl f-fl Truck that mailcu nan' CMlfl -li'-ciia'l r.-c.,r,l „{ "7 /i..n«, •'•-, . aacuiltla nrliinl minium li THIS MEANS ENDURANCE MAKE THIS TEST YOURSEIF Note how 1 1' " rubber in a 1'iicslimo Tire clings lo tho li i R h stretch riiim-OilHied cotds. This grculrr adhesion und hlrciiKlli i» i p u s s i b I e b y I h o l-'ircslonc iialculcd Service Store today and Note h ii w the - pulls away from rordii Hint have nut been HcgiirdlebS of the number «f cord plies in (ires nut Iwilt with (ium-Dlliued cords, friction will develop intense heat, and heat will separate the plies-very ofu-n causinif bhiwouts. Only in Firestone Tires are frktioii and heat counteracted by Gum-Dipping. Your Firestone Denier is prepared to let you make, fur yourself, the amazing test illustrated above. ^TL3 llurly-thrcc speed demons careened and slid around the sleep banked curves of the hot brick track, tires shrieked and smoked . . . break-neck speeds, 150 miles and more down the straightaway —tremendous centrifugal force tugging to rip the tread from the body of the lire. In fact, every conceivable force worked to tear the tire to pieces, but not one cord loosened — not one tread separated — and not a single blowout. What amazing proof of Tire Strength — Safety —Quality and Dependability! Every one of the thirty-three drivers at the Indianapolis 500-mile sweepstakes chose and bought Firestone High Speed Tires. The fact that not one of Hie 132 tires failed is your greatest guarantee of the Extra Safety-Strength—and Dependability built into Firestone Tires. __j or y ne qu(ilcd Performance The New Firestone High Speed D ecort J S Tire for 1934 is Saf «^^ dl "J _f or |_jj e Against All Defects flatter contour, deeper non-skid, —j ^ Months Aaainst All 1 . .1, .n. *• Mil It Vl f»t* hislcn to the Voict Manilay A'ig/it aver Network i

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