Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 5, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1934
Page 4
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Great Explorer, S'thntched , , roofed store* Answer to Previous Puzzle -i */ 1* * A < 6 To harden. 6,12 Famous 1 «splorer of the "Dark Continent." ' 15 To spill liquid upon. 17 Roll of tobacco IS Unable to perceive sound. 30 Cravat. 21 carbonated ttWnk. 22'Corded doth. ,24 Inlet. 26 Myself. 26 Convent " worker. 18 X -. mini! SJBSI am® fflaa. ®a>s snsi raa SHS HSH EJEraii;ij 00 actor. 41 To box scientifically. 43 tte trolled the river. 44 Carries. 30 South Carolina 46 Flaxen fabric. ,31A buzz. 47 Corpse. 32 Hastened. 48 To exist. 34 Aurora. 49 Draft animal. 36 Born. 50 And. 38 fie flid much to unveil the •mysteries of the Continent. 39 Second-rate 61 Nut covering. 52 To drink slowly. 54 Century plant fiber. 55 Wild duck. 57 He,represented a society. 58 He was a by birth. TEBTICAL 1 He is burled In Abbey. 2 Herb. 0 3 Point. 4 Average. 5 To clip. 6 Ovum. 7 Emperor. S To accomplish. 9 Conjunction. vary a course. U Obliterations. 13 Portrait statue. 14 Weight allowance, 16 Falsehood. 19 Sloths. 21 The cougar. 23 Round-headed hammer. 26 Chaos. 27 Japanese fish. 29 Nay. 31 High temperature. 32 Railroad. 33 North Carolina 35 Lower part ot the leg. 37 Series of epical events. 40 Opposite ot aweather. 42 Contradicts. 43 Female water sprites. 45 Harem. 46 He was in the interior 61 Twice. 53 Moccasin. 54 Jumbled type. 56 Behold. •f .' £O M 47 157 \3I Tifo -P T 55 S 35 5 33 IO S35T 10 -P4 _1C Sell It! Ffa^d Itt Rent It! Buy Iti . ••, . in the Hope Star Market PI ace Bemember. the more you ten. the "Quicker you sell. "• 1 time, lOc lirie, min. 30c For consecutive insertions, mini- l _ moni of 1 "fines in one ad. ,6 times, 5c line, min. 90c 26 times, 3%c line, min. -?2.70 , (Average 5% words to the line) NOTE— Want ads will be accepted with -the understanding that the bill if payable on presentation oi statement, before the first publication, Phone 768 FOR SALE ' FOR SALE—Ice, Southern Creameries Station, Third and Hazel streets. '40e per hundred. J. L. Thomason. 5-3tp. FOR RENT FOR'RENT —Attractive apartment, furnished or unfurnished. Call 178 or 321. 3-3t-c FOR RENT—Five room house, Gateway Park. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. 3-3tp. WANTED _WANTED: Lady of refinement to give all or spare time to pleasant work, '-paying $1 an hour. Phone 114-W. Mrs. Kcrr. 2-1-tp. WANTED-Baldheaded American Indian for trichological '(scalp) study. Must be of pure ancestry and have genuine case o£ alopecia. Remuneration 550. Write P. A. Thomas, 844 Rush St., Chicago, 111. Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. NOTICE NOTICE The Broadway Hotel is now under 'new management. Entirely new personnel. Clean, cool comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates. W. J. Newman.-6tp. Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. Repair all kinds of furniture, work satisfactory. Will appreciate your patronage. J. M. Sparks, 512 South Wai-; nut, 2G 6tp. Wall : Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOUND FOUND—Automobile key with red twine string tied to it. Owner may •claim key. by calling at, Hope Star and paying for this ad. 2-3tc LOST LOST—White Persian cat, leather collar. Call 542-W. 3-3tp. STANDINGS Southern Association Clubs— -'•''• Won Lost Pet. Little Rock ..:...;';..•„„ 3 o 1.000 Memphis 3 o 1.000 New ; Orleans^— v _ 2 1 ,667 Nashville il....'..^!.. 2 1 .667 Birmingham .......-.£.....„; 1 2 .333 Atlanta '. 1 2 .333 Krioxville 0 3 .000 Chattanooga : 0 3 .000 American League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. New York 43 26 .623 Detroit 44 29 .603 Boston 38 34 .528 Washington 38 35 .521 Cleveland 36 34 .514 St. Louis 31 36 .463 Philadelphia 29 41 .414 Chicago 24 48 .333 National League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. New York 46 26 .639 Chicago 43 29 .597 St. Louis 41 29 .586 Pittsburgh 36 31 .537 Boston 38 33 .535 Brooklyn 29 43 .403 Philadelphia 27 45 .375 Cincinnati 22 4C .324 WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS Southern Association Little Rock 7-3, Knoxville 0-2. Memphis 7-3, Chattanooga 2-2. Nashville 8-3, Birmingham 5-2. Atlanta 6-1, New Orleans 3-3. American League St. Louis 4-2, Chicago 0-3. Cleveland 8-2. Detroit 6-5. Philadelphia 10-6, Washington 9-3. Boston 8-4, New York 5-10. National League New York 9-15, Boston 1-0. Brooklyn 8-2, Philadelphia 5-11. 'St. Louis 6-2, Chicago 2-6. Pittsburgh 5-3, Cincinnati 1-4. Trifling Mortgage "I'm sorry," said the diner who hoped to get away with it, "but I haven't any money to pay for this meal." "That's all right," said the cashier. We'll write your name on the wall and the next time you come in you can pay for it." "Don't do that, everybody who comes in will see it." "Oh, no they won't. Your overcoat will be hanging over it." Why Compiler 1'cte To the Literary Digests editors an amusing aspect of the poll must be the variety of comments by those hoping thereby to make To-'- i.i Brief or The Spice of Life, but for Pete's sake don't quote us! Luck's Tourist Court'! Special rates for private dances. Music furnished. Ray Luck Phone 222 H. E. Luck elson-Huckins LAUNDRY Wash Suits Properly Laundered. PHONE 8 .SOc OUR BOARDING HOUSE OUT OUR WAY UFF-'PUVF- *tjjj. YEH/BUT YOLIP, ' OP n~- ^ TUNNEL INTO trf f\ WNJT CUT OUT (30LTJ) ]% MOUNTAIN WOULD M TOR OTHER SIDE /( 3ES "BE TH" •S AN'TUAfe All MOUNTAIN, SV "BACK DOdftTDTM" )[ THERMS TO IT / MY MINE/ [ OTHE'R GUYS MlNE,$ J WHY, HECK/ ••PUFF-THAT' /( AFTER HE CHI6E\S THRU A HALT MILE// TIND A 6\RKTTE. SISNIPICANCE,^ C OF-ROCK/ /W\ N? IT WfcSIN fc "BOYS/ ^^K^H^ -X^4^? T-LOCKOP £>OLD "RUSH ** ON / BV QOLLV,THAT'S A / THAT'S ALL RK3HT— VOCJ CAW'T SG£ j PER ME, . WHUT's UP / I CAN'T ^EE HEPSE, klM / WHUT I CAMT VOLJ? / I HAVE. T. M. BEC. U. S. PAT. Off. THE HAMD-ME-POWMS. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES tv 7-I/ 6 | g]4 IV NCA SCRVICC, INO.1 Plans of Her Own! By MARTH SAN/VM WAV.W RONNVE AU. OMtR N'R\6VTC S.V V\Vb VA HOU^E ,Att' A6ATH »• ^WETHER. WE UWE*> vr . OR wcnr««w'vF wt tl 1934 BY NC» ECHVICE, INClI. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. ALLEY OOP The Major Operation! By HAMLIN D"VATHINK TW GRAMO \ VEiAH, 1 THMV<. HE VJILL VJ)7ER'LL LET ME IN TO ) HE'S GONNA J6\VE FOOZ^ 5F.E HOW fAV-PAL. _X TREATMENT T'PAV THAT FOOZV IS- «*-/\ ^ MAV BRING • - - ^ —^-™ ^ AROUNO- Al ONG ?. GEE, I SURE HOPE TH'GRAND VJIZER'S TREATMENT WUL PUT FOOZV ON HIS FEET — WHAT TH 1 -? ZAWOWIE fAUUBO JUMBO zooOOO- AWASHSKV/ BOOOOOo/ GAGGLE. GAGGLE, GLIfA GLIrA/"! HEAR W LITTLE SONG'—,j»J RUMPiTIDDLE ZIM Z|M.' : I WON'T BE .HERE LONG/" VJHOOPITV * ' 8OOPVW: •^T.-^i e 1034 BY NCA SEftVlCC, INC. f T, M. RtC. U. S. PAT. OFF. WASH TUBBS ___ itzy. GRADY! HERE'S A -SPEED-HOUND WHO CXAIMS HE KNOWS WHO KILLED J. J. LAME. Behind Closed Doors By CRANE AND HASy STEP ASIDE. AMD , J FOR TEM MINUTES THE DETECTIVE LISTENS, SPELLBOUND. I HOLD ON, BOVj THIS LOOKS LIKE BIG STUFF. HEY, MABEL? GIMME THE DISTRICT ATTORNEV. TSlVE MINUTE'S LATER, THE P. A., THE CHIEF OF POLIC LTTHE BANK CASHIER, EAsy, AND GRADV ARE INSBCR' COMFeRENCE. /] GOT MV Of BUDDIE. N030DV—3 V NOT EVEN THE MA 1 "' \^. CAN GIT |M. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Welcome Home! By BLOSSER NUTTY COOK? THE HAME SOUNDS FAMILIAR,BUT I DON'T REMEMBER HIM... GO UP AND ASK LOUIE FO/, THE ENGINEER.... MAYBE HE KNOWS ABOUT HIM .'.' VA THINK NUTTY'LL BE ON IT? GOSH. WHY WOULD HE KNOW •2 TELEGRAM SAID HE WAS COMING IN ON THE NORTH Loop LIMITED, AND THIS IS HELLO, FELLAS! HOW Do'rtoU LIKE MY TRAVELING COMPARTMENT T HOW OM EARTH DID YOU GET TO RIDE UP THERE? X SPOTTED A BUSTED BLOCK SIGNAL ON THE WAY IN FROM WAWAKA... THEY LET ME RIDE WITH THE ENGINEER, AS A REWARD.' - N ° T ME - CABS GET YA ALL DIRTY < AND PIR&T YA SOMEBODYS How WOULD You LIKE To RIDE IN THE ENGINE CAB . THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) WH-/ WT CALL \ THOSE PCOPLE? THE LAST*) THE. HARTLEYS'? I TIME TH£V WERE HERE THEY'D LOVE TO/ OH A W3TY, T FOUND THE COME OUT FOR /COCKTAIL. SHAKER IN THE THE DAY C16AVSET STUBS ALL OVE-R THE CLO<3ET They'll Celebrate By Not Celebrating! t HEVE.U SAW ANYTHING LIKE THOSE PEOPLE FRGfA THE CITY. THEY SEEM TO THINK THAT ANYTHING WITH A LIGHT OVER THE FRONT DOOR IS A, ROAD HOUSE. By COWAN AHt> LISTEN TO SQUABBLE ALU DAY, AHD MY HEW BEE« HUGS AGAINST STONE WALLS- THAT'S WHAT 1 SAY/ LET'S JUST SPEND A QUIET FOURTH ALL BY OURSELVES V/&LL, WHY ASK ANYONE, THEN?

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