The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1940
Page 7
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FRIDAY,, MARCH 22, 1940 BLYTHEl'ILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS .,--< . PPORTUNITY CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rnlc per line for consccu- (tve inscrllons: One time per line 10c Two times per line j>er day....Otic 'three times per line per day...0ijc fJ.\ limes per line per day 05c MoiiUi rnlc per line COc Cards of Thanks GOc & 15? Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered lor t h r e e or six times and stopped before expiir.- Uoii will be cnaigcd lor the mim- ber of times lilt dud appeared uuu iicijusimem of bill imuie. All Classified Advertising copy subniiueu by persons rcskitng um- siac of (lie cuy must lie xccom- paiucd by cash. Haie.v nifty be ea.s- i»y compmtn uoiji iioove Uiu;e. Aovi-iiiiiiis ordered ior im'gtilar inbCiuons lanes me ODL- lime rme. INO responsibility ^vili Uu UIKCII lor more cnau one meuiTcoi niscr- lion ot any classui IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CIllCKASAWIJA DJSTH10T Tomato plants, eubbnKC, sweet mid hot peppers now ready. Tliesa have been growing in our greenhouses ami nre free of disease. HoiUon'K Home of Mowers. 200 E. Davis Avenue. 2l-ck-2l< Male. Ilioiouphbivd SercivtnU'llull- diy, 1 . Nine months old. i.ewls Av- gund. llrusdwny Lunch Hoom. Hattery liroller* .MAini.YN HATCllIiliV lllul »' '« Jl.VV. Cl Nlirlli 18-pk-25 Baby & Started Chicb" Cusdiin IlaU'hiug Marilyn Hatchery HI ivy, <il .NVrlli FOR MARCH AND APRIt ONLY That's the offer we make fo prove how far we go fo put you behind the wheel of o better car. Our big stock of used ears has to be moved at once. Values are way up—prices are way down. It's o greol opportunity for you. For a better buy—better buy now. COACH 6 room house nnd bnlli. $1250. Bnr- gsln. 165 W. Clieiry ol. l'hoiu'733. i Mi: Uollison, Moore's Ilot?l. ! • 10-l>k-23 • roiiv head fine unites. Will sell [ cheap. 'Wiley Smllh, Uimletle. i 10-nk-l-ie) j nmfiirss for Me. Store nxliirps. | Stock, Imlldllic 28'x5»'. Uriel; I bungalow, 6 rooms, bull), Hnnl- wocrt floors. All walk mil. $4500, One half cash. Cull 15!l. Mr. RoH liFon, MOOIT'.I Hotel. 10-pk-W T ERM If E s Work While vo« Bleep! Wake up W'toii' Uicy (Innniso your property. Business Oi) 7 Lumiies !Drivcn loss lllil " 1000 '»'>!<* __ *• j Prarficallv new Car Party lo invest about $1000 in .„ . cal business entcrprLse thin snoind' IMS l''OHD UKLUXK TUDOli pay cqmil returns each year, in- Has 1910 License. Beautiful j>ntv linisll lo\v mile VL-aimem practically Ku«raiiieeu. fl jrc. Il's a poach, if there ever 'was one- May take active part in mamis*-• ' ""-'<- i-'ti «'<h out incut ii tltsired. btiuc n e e. pics-j 1939 KOR!) mSLUXB SUDAN cm occuiJiuion and otl -...,., u.n/ >JUIIHI\ inaiton aouui sui. For Rc])airlng Expert pun repalrlue. SeD~E.~M IMuiou at the lllylhevllle Armory on Wednesdays and Ttmrsduys. -!• address Box "100" c/o Welding WE FIX ANYTHING - * > .«/«,(• i vr*vu i^j>uc/-\i.v ojvj/.rtn , ; We C:il] l'*oi v ,v KMlver ',/.' "; White Sitlcwall tires, color black «p* t *Bteycies, irons, Fnns, Tttisim. Hoi . Ol U; B1 . A car lhat will sllil the entire family $59f j ^ ^^T^^ yon might, hnve. Hl.vtlicvillt! Fiinulurc Co. 126 East Main at. ,, . , , 1937 FORD TUDOH I Color Hhick, Kadio & Heater, Cily driven. Is il clean? You should sec il ...'. EXPERT ELECTRIC S: ACliTYLENf WtLOlNG g line mm iieuvy well iltetially. Barksdate Mf g, Co. Urag line mm ivcliting a 15)35 KfJRD TUDOR Has 11)40 Lici'iise. In good condition. A clean car, a( a bin-gain price 5fr3 §9® <j3£i«; Personal !!);1S DEMJXE COACH I'lioue iy or Kes. Expert Electric and Acetylene WELDING Dragline and heavy welding our Beautiful beige color, dual i Clean IhrottRhottl '........ PHILIPS MOTOR CO. 5lh ci Walnut ,,„„„, mm ii-i" 1 Kl«j>etsh Live r, nnrlt off he bile lo rtil yourself ol consll- intlon. itns -jiuns. and that sour, mink feollng. Tnkc one uos of KIUHV'S . ACTIVK ..IVKIt PIU.S I 2Sc n( an Kirljy stori>f . Fen I''iee liuprctlbn Call f!>i-\V. Walker and Archer Slate Licensed Operators OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, J. N. Thomason, Plnlnllfl. vs. No. 1170 — — — Dlckwm. Uelr at law of J. li. and I/)ii Dleknon, dcrcn.scd, and unknown heirs of J. I), anil Lou Dle.kson, Deceased, Defend- niK.s. WARNING ORDER The defendant*, ---- DleJ!.soii 2SMT. 31, Township Keilh, nniige 10 Jtnsl, nfth principal Meridian, ArXnnsM, nnd nr, fircmuls tor his Contest he allies Unit Lex E. Hickihan hns failed to occupy, Improve, pr otherwise comply \vllh the, department regula- therefore, further noli- tions. You are, , - tled thai lhp said nllcnatlons will w laken us cou(e,sscd. , and' your snld entry will be canceled wllh- to whtch you (Ic-.lre future notices lo be sent to you. A, E, Doiihau r _ Acting Assistant "1 Commissioner, , *> More than O.CCO.OOO cases '0} • pineapple Juice arc consumed it) the Untied Slnlts imnually. TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES , BRUCEV MEMPHIS MULES (VIII lr.idc for Mules. Coivs, HIIRS, Corn, liny mid l.innbrr. Implements, Inc. Sre H«yd KttnpMHi 8-ck-ti Stoves By Etebelli Ulythr, D. C. a \V. Ally, tor I'M. •}, CURlumi Sudbnvy Ally. art. Ulem. ('. E. Cooper nirnltiire Co. (117 H. I'liM, Full line sllglitlr used Florence a ml Nerco Oil ' Stove, 1 ;. Other Items— fin nil me llw. • Near NOTICE OF CONTEST Depart menl ot the Interim' Ocnernl Uind Offlri 1 Wnshftigton. U. O, I March 15, 18« Tn U<x K. HICkinaii ot UlyUievlllcv You »• «r by VeRlsteri'd nmll. shoul<l Mule in youv nn- SWM- Ihe name of Ihe \>osl office Wer! Optometrist "UK MAKES 'Bill &KK" Over Jar. Isaacs' Stor* I'hoilti 5'iO Kills Urothers' 20-pk-21 Ciill 455-W-l tor orders of milk, cream, or churned butter milk. All cows covemmeiil treated llul- sell's Halvy. 12-nk-4-12 Musk-oxen, dtirl m-lh's Ice ages, south ns Oklnlioinn. IK one of 'roomed '(is I Aiiprcxlmnlcl.v 50 )wr rcnl, of jUie wear on nn nntomoblle lire i occurs In (lie four * months, H APPY UOUK GRO.& 1>CUVEH¥ W. M/iln SI, 1'lioiir li You arc hereby notified thai Orndy O. Flowers \v)io gives Hi. One, lllylhevllle, Arkuusns, ns hi* post office address, dirt on January W, ItMO, file lii this offtco his duly corrolxiralcd appllealton lo conleit and secure the canccl- lutlon ol your hoiucstciul Entry, Se- rtnl No. Cl. \: O. 01440, mode ^nPRESCWMiONS^" Safe - -' Accuriilt! Your Prescription DrugKlst Fowler Drug Co. fllatn * I'dBt I'lnnie III I J. L. GUARD Only <!i-.tili!fil« Oi'ilanic- Irlst In Illyilievlllf. Olasses I'lltnl Cnrreclly VIIII'VK Irlpil llio, Noil- trv : " TKSli BBBJST *';«A1.'" LOWCBT A61I— IIIGHEOT HEAT ' ' ' RED ASMS 1O.OO DIXIE QUALITY LP. 36.95 ' : Ot.l) SlII'KltrOK VAItD-l'HONK m •' PBESCRIPf JONSB Freshest Stock ' '' (?()Hrntitcpd ticst Prices ' Kirby Drug Store j Now Ixu-atnl In Glenene Unlel lililn. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAKHS. I'mprlctor All Makes ..r Itrliulll Typewriters, Aclilhis .Madilnus nnrt Calciilalois—Uc|i:iirlns~l';irls—Itlliltniis D. W. Dell, Ark. Phone 8-F-H Wauled A FEMALE KITTEN TO REPLACE PET WHO DIED AND WHOSE OWNER. A LITTLE SICK CURL. HAS HOT. YEf BEKN Ii^FO.'fMEiJ OF'THli'DKA'i'H, <JA>v PAY KUA- SONABLE SUM FOR PflETI'Y KHTEiV AND WILL GIVE GOOD SWEEPING COMPOUND Shouse-Hcitry Hdw. Co. 1'hone 35 HOME. PLEASE CALL 306 ONCE OR S48J AT NIGHT. AT Washing Wanted 1940 Arkansas <& ton Truck liceiise. Number S24-7'i3. Owner nmy imve same by paying cost of tlils ad. Courier ^fe\vs Office. 'i ropm .furnished apartment ami Jjarage. HOD \V. Ash. 21-p;:-2f, 5 room • Newly finished m- i side. S29 Dii»an. L. Fowler, Blytheville Motor Co. '2-ck-lft Two furnished irooms. Nniir bulh.. 701 W. Ash. Phone' 299. 20-'pk-2f>! 3 room furnished aparlincut Private bath. Mrs. Wcrt. phone 357. 20-ek-a , her 51-088. Owner may" have Family Laundry. All clothes wasu-isamo by paying cost, of lliis ad. ed separately. Mrs. Mick. 616 Courier News of flee. Lake. 4-pk-4—1 ; — - »«_ Arkansas Ucei^l^^; ^ «»£. ^ TS Kooni and Board e Hooui nnd board. Phone 093. 16-ck--l-16 ng Sewing & Slipcovers. Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Blackwell, Arniorel. Phone 036. 7-cJ;-l-7 FURRY BEAST HORIZONTAL I Pictured valuable ••while-coaled boas I. 7,11 is ;i species of- 12 Thin. 1 3 Stingy. IS Thick slice. 17 Coal box 18 Indian gateway 20 Convonl dweller. 21 Novice. 22 Biblical priest '.U Bone. ^5 To hring 37 Roof linial. ;!8 Knives. •11 Unit. •12 Railroad. •13 Old wagon .- ...... track. to" perfection. •!•! Corded fabric. MHall an cm. 1C Transposed. ? 7 Lasso, i!) Street cart." >-•! Paint. ,T- Hccerenco. .H Bn.«t fiber. i!5 Ihimjmia]) t'oinp. 30 To fit up. '17 Person named for office. , r iO Barbarian?. K To contend 53 To'pas.s* a\v;vv 56 fts tail has a n Black haw. 10'Bird of prey, 11 Pound. M Learning. 15South Africa. 2011 Jives in regions. 21 Careens. 23 Whole numbers. 25 Boisterous piny." 27 Branches. 28 Rootslock. ?flTo rebuke. .11 By. 33 Its co;il is while in only (;)].). :Ui Kind of sail. 38 Biscuit. 3?) To seize. 1 Ml. 40 To divide. 2Ri<Mlo. '13 Strap. 3 I'rindpiil pipe, 1S Papa •1 Small hold. '18 Russian 5 Copy. village, (i Its fur is used '19 Highest no!e. on robes SO Spain' of royally. 51 Driving. 7 Turner. command. 8 Tree. J»! Morindiii dye. ^ __ 20-pk-2i i Nicely fiiniislied l;c<iroom.Toi7, VV. Walnut, ;)hoi)e 102. l(j-ck-t a or 4 rooms for rent. Phone 176. Nice f»rnislw3d room. Adjoinin bath. Innerepring mallress. Al conveniences. Phone Ii3li. 12-di Grain drill and tractor for reui. See Ben Cralt; or Paul Bynim. h-Cri-Vl 3 room finnlshai upaiimcut. New-1 .". r _..; ~ ly decorated. Garage, close In I AU.M OUT 120 Dugan Street, Mrs. Belle Wood.) fwf-LL, BKOMSOW, IT , ail-pk-3-lii, i THIS....WHEN WON Comfortable Iront. bedroom " out-1 CONTACT SOU WITH T;)E TIME side entrance. Phone 351. 515 VV.! MACHINE, H£ NEARLY WENT Walnut. i-ck-tl 2 room furnished apartment. 1601 W. Ash. '2'j-ck-tt 2 room modem furnished apart- inent. 1315 W. Main. 24ck-U til) f-7 Church ofiicUil. Large comfortable bedroom, twin' JRjvr- s 3 r^ v) beds, 2 closets, steam heat. Men ! ™4fL_JI\ Sv /j preferred. Phone 1, Mrs. J. u Slid-! I Av,*«fe »w / f^i... ^- u !\a[k\^VJ' Rooms furnished or inifiirnished. Newly decorated. Reasonable. 914 Hea'ru. 2G-pk-3-2B|-~ Nice bedroom (onveiilcnt. to bath. Steam hciU. ^hotie 280. Ick-ll Room, lu, Walnut St. Mrs. Nolcil, 310 22-ek-U Unfurnished apartment In Shane Apartment Building on West! Main Street. Call 571 or 197. 1-ck-U j Farm Loans Large pr Small At T.ow Xnlcrest R.itrs, We are equipMtl to handle large or small loans >>n any sized tract of farm land, i.e low cost, and ai ,i low interest rate TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY j 213 Walnut. St. Blythcvlile. Ark Male Help Wauled Young men for Aircratl. Factory work. Must be able lo finance slier! training period. Write. K\\itu: a«r, education, etc.. to Box "W.A," c/o Courier News. 22|)k27 ~ Miuiil Bcslon Terriers. about. 15 and 20 pounds. Ulnck j ami Brtiullc.' Collars ana llnrness. I Anwer to names Blacky and Ti- ,.,-,.,, gcr. REWARD.-Call ^63. • :--|. V.[^Jj;. WASITUDHS 11Y ItDY CRANK.., FOR 'Hi 1>ST TIME , DDICU, 'I WARM • SO VOUB PAU«lttER'6 TOO 6OOO TO, CO OUT WITH - 1 GOSSIP. MAR6OT 15 NOT VOUR K1I-ID, DUlit, J BE& OF VOU THAT vouve TAKW& ORDERS Fft» MK! I'll. PLEME ! COME OW, CUTIE BACK 10 TOUR WAMOHO CUTTW67 1 , AHt) LEAVE THE VRoTKT- IMS TOM6 , , OU.., UEWffi WV CAU6HTER TIE ACE JEWEL THIEF OP DUKE, VOU 'A\IE SUGH A RgP- UTAT1OM FOR , V1IL1.16I \TB DA«.\«. NO\^, UET6 GO .- Wt'LL HWE VOU MEAN WE'RE NOT GOWGBACKTO THE TWENTIETH CENTURY? W ny_ D oc, WE'RE CPAZV... AND THEN i SHOWEO UP GOING 10 HAVE 1500TS AN!) HER HUDDIKS N .\ Attt OKiW A (\A^t« OV OF TVXE. COMEDO < AT iS'l) HIS >HIK.\I)S THIS K M.R. / HE'S PRON\ our op TOWM AND HE SAW PICTURE > AMD u 1 YOU i. ME.,THK UTTLE HAS A. GREAT HUfURC IN sroRr; TOR. --•A MtTEOPJC - , T J. IMATS . Tb TALK Tb WELL.' HE . HER ALONE / i THINK ' CAN-MAKE A STAR, OR MY NAME M /

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