Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 5, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 5, 1934
Page 3
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Thursday, July 5,1934 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Her Debut Attended by President's Son Hope Implement Store Is Winner MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 321 July When the scnrlot cnrdinal tells Her dream to the dragonfly, And the Iti7.y breeze makes a nest in the trees And murmurs n lullaby, When the tnnglecl cobweb pulls The cornflower's blue cap awry, And the lilies tnll lean over the wall To bow to the butterfly. When the hent like n mist veil floats, And poppies flame in the rye, And the silver note in the stream- lot's throat Hns softened to a sigh, When tho hours ore so still thai time Forgets them and lots them Hi- Neath petals pink, till the night stars wink At the sunset in the sky, It U July. ... .Selected. Mrs. J. T. West and Miss Hattie Ann Feild have returned from a week end visit with Messrs. Talbot and Terry Field in Little Rock. Mrs. William Glover of Mnlvern is spending the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dorsoy McRac, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. White. Miss Elizabeth Bernior, Mr. and Mrs. J. M Houston spent the Fourth at the Little River Country club. Mr., and Mrs. J. A. D;ivis mid Mr nnd Mrs. Hugh Chainbcrlnin spcn the Fourth at Hot Springs. The Intermediate G. A. of the Blip fist church whih was posponcd fron Wednesday will meet at 5 o'clock Friday nflomorm nt the home of Miss Clyta Verne Agce, 511 2nd street. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hearne nnd daughter, Mnry Jane and Mrs. J. L. Jamison were Fourth of July guests of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Sharp in Moor, ingsport. La. COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us Prescription No. 200,000 will cure it. It kills the parasites in the skin. 50c JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Hope, Ark. Established 1885 NOW ^ Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Whitten and ,V. R. Jr. of Idabel, Okla., viisted Mrs. Jhnrlctlc Yatcs and attended the ro- leo here the Fourth of July. * iil - tl '0 • ' '• After a visit with her son, Mr. Lee )eihl, and Mrs. Delhi, Mrs. Irene }oihl left Thursday for her home in :,ittlc Uock. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Franklin and son Bobby have returned from n two week's visit with relatives and friends in Gallalin, Tcnn. They were accompanied home by Miss Mary Calvert Fraklin of Gnllntin. Mrs. C. K. Bell and Miss Margarel Bell of Tcxnrltana were Fourth o: July visitors of Mr. and Mrs. R. O Bridewell. Hope chapter 328, O. E. S. will nice Thursday cvtnlng at 7:30, July 5, n' tho Masonic hall. Tho Worthy Matror requests a full attendance, as the in- iatory work wi,H be exemplified. Tho Junior Young Womrns Societj of tho First Methodist church me Tuesday afternoon at tho home o Mrs. Leon Bundy. The meeting wn; opened by the president. Miss Jewel Scoles and a very interesting program on "Our Missionary Clara Meet- inr." followed. At the close of the pro- cram the hostess served a delicious r.nlnd course with iced ten to 1C members, one visitor nnd the leader, Mrs. Frank Stanley. Mr. nnd Mrs. B. C. Acker have ns house gttcals, Mrs. E. J. Baker ;inrl laughlpr, Kathryn Ann of Little Inrk and little Billy Acker of Prcs- •olt. Circle 4 of the First Methodist •hurch held their July meeting at the >eautiful country home of Mrs. R. T. iriant on the Spring Hill rond. In the ibsence of the chairman, Mrs. George Ware, the meeting was led by the vice-chairman, Mrs. Etith Davenport. A most helpful and inspirational devotional was given by Dr. E. C. Rule, with Scripture base from Isaiah. An interesting program was given by Mrs Dewey Hcndrix assisted by Mrs. John P. Cox and Mrs. Edwin Ward. Following the business period the hostess served a delicious ice course with cake to 20 members nnd one new member. The Young Womans Circle of the First Methodist church held their regular monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. Kennotl Hamilton, with Mrs. Jo Ln-scter HI joint hostess. The devotional was giv en by Mrs. Eugene Hall. The following program was given, with Mrs. Hamilton discussing, "The Bible in Brazil," Mrs. Fred Stroud discussed "Methods Used In Distributing the Bible." Mrs. Fay James, "Achievements of the Bible Society in Brazil." The program closed with news from the Bulletin by Mrs. Lester Underwood. At the close of the meeting the hostess served a sandwich plate with iced tea to 12 ncmbcrs and one new member. Manager Miller Again Defeats Texarkana in June Contest Negro Giants Win Over Monroe, La. Locals Win Fourth of July Game on Home Field 10 to 5 The Hope store of South Arkansas Implement Co., Inc., again defeated the Texarkana store in the June sales contest, according to a letter received Thursday by Local Manager W. L. Miller from E. H. Taylor, president, Texarkana. "Final figures for June show that you not only won the sales contest again but showed a volume five times that of last June," Mr. Taylor wrote. "They also show that by systematic advortihing and other sales efforts that put our lines squarely before our progressive farmers we showed a nice increase over any previous month at both stores and 'made our worst month our best one.' "We have ordered a fifth car of No. 7 mowers and at the rate they are going we will have to get another one before the end of the month." Home Clubi The Hope Giants defeated Monroe, La., 10 to 5, in a Fourth of July baseball game at Yerger athletic field. Batting stars for the Hope negro team were Smith and Swink, each get" ting four hits out of five trips to the plate. The Giants will play again Sunday afternoon at Yerger park, but no announcement was made as to who the visiting team would be. Send It to the Laundry The Nudist lady lacks advantages possessed by her garmented sister. The only thing the former can change is her mind. Guernsey ,, The Guernsey Home Demonstration club met Monday, June 25 at the home of Mrs. Henry Francis. Meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. O. Hughson. Devotional by Mrs. Tom Logan; song by the members of the club. Fourteen members answerer the roll call and there were 12 visitors present. Miss Griffin gave a demonstration on jelly making. Assisting the hostess in serving refreshments were B. O. and Pathe were merged into R. Mrs. Tigg and her daughter, Mrs. A. Francis of Hope. Meeting adjourned to meet in July at the home of Mrs. H. O. Hughson. Bright Star Tho Home Demonstration club of Bright Star met at the home of Mrs. Earl Thompson on June 28. Helpful information on jelly making and ways in which to get rid of flies were made clear by Miss Griffin. The next meeting will take place P. A. Lewi* Moto* Third & Washington Used Cars, New and Used Batteries, Tires, Washing, Greasing, Gas and 611*. FOR SALE 193fc-Ford Tudor Sedan 1930—Cchevrolet Sedan 1929—Buick Sedan. ' Hempstead Motor Co. Phone 850 207 East Third at the home of Mrs Orie Jarvis Oft the fourth Thursday in July at 9 fc. m.. Canning tomatoes and peaches Will <•* be the subject of this meeting. A giant mechanical housefly, 2 feet i in height, was constructed by the tJ 'f j S. Department of Agriculture as part''"! of an educational exhibit showing how 'if the fly menaces public health. Will Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. marry Miss Ethel dn Pont (above)? Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kusono ilu Pont, have denied a report of their engagement, hut. young Hooscvoll, who has been a frequent guest at llic du Pont home in Wilmington, Dnl., was among the guests who attended her debut tho other night. Ho has otton been st>un la her company while she attended a private school lu Connecticut. The many friends in this city will egret to hear of the passing of a for- ner citizen, I. Steinberg, who passed n at his home in Dallas Tuesday evening. o Mr. and Mrs. Foy Hnmmons of Mon- iccllo spent Sunday night and Monday as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Rut- fin White. Jimmie Harbin has returned from rip to Washington City, Philadelphia Montreal, Detroit, returning via the World's Fair in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Spencer return cd home Tuesday afternoon fron Washington, D. C., where last week they attended the wedding of Scnato Hnttic W. Caraway's son, Licutcnan Paul Caraway, nnd Miss Delln Littl of Washington. The ceremony wa performed at All Saints Episcop; church in Chewy Chase, Md. Fol lowing tho wedding Senator Cnrnwa nnd her younger son Robert rcturne home with the Spencers, who drov through Jonesboro, Ark., on their wa buck to Hope. Mr. nnd Mrs. R. M. Briant left Tuesday for an extended visit in AshvTlle, N.'C. Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Ardclle Moses, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Moses nnd Wallace Cook, son of the late Gordon Cook nnd Mrs. Cook, Monday evening at 8 o'clock at tho home of officiating minister, the pastor of the First Presbyterian church in Blytheville, Ar. The wedding was followed with an informal reception at the omc of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Crosnoe n Osccola, Ark. The bride was attend- d by her sister, Miss Doris Moses. Mr. nnd Mrs. Dorsoy McRae had as Fourth of July guests, Misses Mary ones and Beatrice Best and Bruce kTcRac of Little Rock. Mrs. R. E. Wenver will arrive Thurs- lay from Houston, Texas for a week nd visit with Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Weaver. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. M. Blevins an- louncc the marriage of their daughter Rubyc Blevins to Paul Rose, man- nger of Mac & Bob, WLS radio tcnm, hicngo. Mr. and Mrs. Rose will make their home in Chicngo following wedding trip to Niagara Falls, N. Y. Mrs. Rose will continue her radio and stage work under the name Patsy Montana, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Anderson had as Fourth of July guests Mr. nnd Mrs Hays Burt and Mrs. Mildred Smitr from Longvtcw and Mrs. Duke ant Mr. Johnson irom Fouke. Ernest Yates has returned home of ler a vii.st to relatives in Idabel ant Broken Bow, Okla. Miss Eleijor Jane Fcild of Lilll Rock is the guest of Mrs. J. T. Wes and Misr, Hattio Anne Feild. Addition of a percentage of eoppc to pure gold gives it a reddish coloi .silver gives it a greenish tint. KITCHEN Keeping Foods In Good Condition- Storing In Proper Containers Is Aid in Preservation BY MARY E. DAGUE NEA Service Staff Writer A great home aid to keeping foods in good condition in hot weather is a, well-selected set of containers. They may be made of glass or earthenware, cnamelware or aluminum for covered! dishes in any of these materials are excellent for storing foods, both cooked and raw. All perishable foods should be put i market. Milk, fresh vegetables, fruits j away as soon as they come from the and meats deteriorate quickly and must be prepared promptly for the I refrigerator and stord. Cleaning foods j before putting them into the refrigerator keeps the ice box tidy and saves ice or current. Soft fruits like berries keep better i if they arc taken at once from the Tommorw's Menu Breakfast: Baked apples, cereal, cream, poached eggs, craps toast, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Steamed dams, tomato and pineapple salac; graham Eighteen months ago the world fain- Mclba toast, lemonade, us team of Janet Gaynor nnd Charles Dinner: Lamb and barley stew, arri-11 dissolved on the complettion new spinach with Duto sauce, ' f "Tess of the Storm Country." I deep dish apricot pie, milt, coffee. Today, after an 'interlude marked] — —— :— j y a flood of protests against the sep-fbox and spread on a platter or large ration from screen fans and film ex- plate. Cover with a checiecloth_ or ibitors throughout the civilized world, Gaynor, Farrell in Saenger Film 'Change of Heart" Is Their 12th Co-Starring Feature wire screen and keep in a cool place. If you haven't a cellar and must keep • berries, put them at least in the warm- iese two favorites nre appearing in lieir twelfth co-slnrring vehicle, Change of Henrt," at the Saenger 'heater. With thorn appears n brilliant sup- lortinp cast, headed by James Dunn nd Ginger Rogers. Beryl Mercer, Guslnv Von Scyfferlitz. Fiske O'Hara, nd that baby-star sensation, Shirley Temple. Dealing with very human fashion vith the joys and sorrows of four wing people who .nfter leaving col- ege, struggle against the trials and vicissitudes of a great city, the theme, nnd its trenchant handling of common problems, make tho picture n, r . u no . 0 j i n unique one in the Gaynor-Farrell an- combination salad, or reheated m als nnd one that promises to become cream sauce or baked with cheese. '' • "• -'-<-'-- a nd cst section. Use Lcft-Overs Promptly Make a habit of putting foods away promptly after meals. When milk or cream are allowed to stand in a hot kitchen or left unnecessarily long on ,the dining table, an extra amount of ice is required to chill, and there is th danger milk and cream at least will turn. . ' To avoid having left-overs, buy in small quantities and use all left-overs promptly. Cooked vegetables that have been served buttered for the first meal may reappear in vegetable or DRESSES outstanding screen hit of the year. Vegetables and meats that have been prepared with milk require special precautions. The milk should be A Tip to Inventors actively boiled if there is a chance of Instruments that will throw thc i. iny onc dish being left over. After .iorc of a speaker a mile have becnL nc mca [ tne whole should be quickly invented. Now we only want one that! coolcd and sto red at once in the cold- will throw the speaker the same distance. Ncrdles .md Pins They had just become engaged. "I shall love," she cooed, "to share nil your troubles." "But darling," he have none." murmured, "I ''No," she agreed, "but 1 mean when nre married." then are ... GINGER DUNN ROGERS 11 p. in. Fri-NUe BABAS ^^ppiricudlisuc Seance __ Prices 10c&35c o Re-priced for Clearance! ALL WASH DRESSES 2 $4 00 Group 1 Formerly 59c, Now _for 1 ALL SUMMER SILK BUY ONE FOR . . . . and get another dress for only Ic. Every silk dress in our stock is included in this sale. Come and bring a friend. O Cool Summery Prints O Washable Crepes O Sheer Suits LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP "Exclusive But Not Expensive" est part of the refrigerator. All creamed dishes really should be used within twenty-four hours. If you must keep the mmore than twenty-four hours, bring quickly to the boiling point, boil vigorously for a few minutes, and cool quickly on the morning of the second day. Then they may be kept on ice safely for another twenty-four hours. Bread and Bread Crumbs Bread and bread crumbs require particular care in hot, humid weather. Crumbs snd odd slices of bread should not be allowed to accumulate in the bread box. Those not useable for toast should be dried thoroughly in a cool oven and saved for crumbing. Frequent scalding and sunning of the bread container helps to prevent mold, too. Buttered toast should never be stored in the bread box. ! It's wisest to buy flours and cereals in small quantities while the hot weather lasts. Dry foods delivered in paper bags should be turned into glass or metal containers to guard against mice and weevils. Flours, cereals and sugars should be kept in air-tight cans. Crackers and ready-to-serve cereals which lose their crispness quickly if exposed to the air, can be crisped by I placing in the oven for ten or fifteen minutes. They should be cooled before serving. Group 2 Formerly 98c, Now— Group 3 Formerly $1.49, Now- Spring and Summer _ FROCKS These dresses will move out in a hurry at these low prices! And you'll get more than your money s worth of wear out of them before the season is over! Group 1 ^ Values «( to $4.95— Group 2 rf Values *f to $5.95— Group 3 tf| Values ^ to $9.90— Doyle Everybody at thisp lase enjoycr the rain very much. Severn! from here attended the singing at Belton Sunday. Mr. nnd Mrs. Marvin Strawn of Murfreesboro were the week end guests of his folks, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Strawn here. W. H. Harper was a business visitor to Washington Thursday. Guy Norwood of DeQueen was visiting "relatives in this place Sunday. The party given by John Furnate Saturday night was well attended. Mr. aiid Mrs. Charlie Balch of the Big Four orchard were among the week end guests of folks of this place. Sale of 'Undies' Prices Slashed for Clearance! Panties, step-ins, and bloomers in this special Clearance assortment. White Slips I Many months more to wear these popular white slips, but we must sacrifice to reduce our slock. 59c A Silk Stocking Sensation! Full Fashsoned All Pure Silk It would be almost a sin for any women not to stock up on hosiery at this LO WBARGAIN PRICE! Full selection of colors and sizes. Ancient England used iron bars as a medium of echange and Caesar's commentaries contain references such "sword money." to

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