Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 2, 1952 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1952
Page 15
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V«f«,;| ; '' ' •*'» ItAt, Won, CLASSIFIED M» Mult Bf to Offlct Day B»fnrt Publlsitloo J*a,v_ix j. ,, "f- . > -.. \.: AD RATES it **M T«*MM •rfhil IW | fW fWwn IWtm*W fl 6n« «ire* ,|lx On* Day Ddjri Di*i Month D ,5f * .90 1.80 ^ .?» 1,80 I* 4-wW 1.60 2,10 8,40 i.60 B.M *<»<' 1,60 190 2,80 8,00 9.90 4,00 4.90 0.00 4.80 0,00 7.M 0.00 10,60 13,00 la.tto 10.00 for Salt 100 PIANOS MUST *ell Immpdifliflljr to ttop UtorAKo. $50, |73, $9». 903 8 Kim Ht, Hope. J7.|m POLL Hereford rhftlo with pnpe. „ Holland Mf-mlow Itnnch c/o JBve r»lt W«rd, Prcicntl, Arfe. 17-1! HEtiASSIFIED DISPLAY &••.- .;,•!"•, l *Tlrn« m.,,,,,,,,,, 7Ro per Inch "Iwl „!„..,„„„„..., BOe per Inah it .,„„;,..,,„.„.„ Me per Inch «n«Htd lAftvi of* tor too- irwjiMlww, lrf»owtef w in.will lofc» Iht ' tt \\<t tlaiildi fltttpUd ff, )h« roiwvnno ooy, 1,'WWlltlwrt r«ory* tho rfeht la pMblientlon ami la rt)»ci ttfenobw odvtrllilnd tut»> 10,000 FRKT or «ny part I" Ktnn d/ircl plpp unftil plnln ond, U<KMl /or wnl«r, H"» or oil,' llopo Mfg, Co,, Phone 7'3M7, 10-151 oCXnioLf" wny 07. nnd nili'T flowers Gift SIxipiK-, f'ro»c;(jll ,'l nillcn fviulli High 30-31 imlll fl p.m. "of 17" 7" * •*»**• v *»ww» 04 nwiwv (iBMrt* AumMrt eount at on* f*l..V°..*M» , ^ - r # Hop* HOT will AM IM ruipofl. •fw «rr«tt In Want Adi uniim * "Sf.Vv™ lo *"' *"*" | ion *T ml*fffon df od oftd ONUY Ih* ONI IncorrMt 7-3431 KJPE STAR 1m, U*t; tot* IW 14 J4«Mr? II, INt NIC'P: 3 room hoii«p on dotibln on Knjit ;(rfl filtpc-i. !l'-ii«onnlilf price, Wrltf l<. W. «l|»irk«, tin* 7/17. HobbK, New Mf.ilco, or eutl 7-IIM7 tin- 4th or flth ../ .Inly, 3 MACJIC Chef r/iiijji.i, Kxctllent con. dllli.ii. Outdoor Chwrcodl HONKY nnd peiicliefl, nnd r«tiill, Knpi-rlini-tit Stiitlon J'hnno 7-4-lflB. I'eiu-lieii picked Monday, Wednesday, 7W Krlgldnlre ffifrljjeriitor, Prn'c". llcnlly new. $«K). Floyd Wood, lit, 5, 1'iifjieott, Arkiinsiiu, !t ItOOM hou(ii«. Hiithrtiom, HUM wiitttr, oloctrlcity, I ncrc Innd Chnrles fox, 400 fii/uih |.j| m For Rent FURNISMKD Frooin ripnrtmcnt Prlvalv front nnd buck itiilrnn- •',nn( ilrd, Dili I 7-3HI4, Kaltt (poyobid In ml- (flfrltr In Hop* and nilahbor- t ....,..,«.-«..„..,». 13,00 <*»ln In M«mBi(t«J, N*vodg, "l«i Howard, ond Mlll«r eoun. fe*i^f*i77r"r.:i..™r' i;2S *,,,.„,....„.,,,„.,,.,.,..„„ 3,60 «,.< ,. 4,ao ia;-;.;,.,,,.,..,';...!..., l.io L»lfMm*nt*W»lMI St^ft "H»0 ,00 * t Hi J^Hll^WSMteijK'i*""*"?**'* Jt 1 ^ll''fetfe'','l''-'lfrl'r.ii|^'- 1 ..^-.. ~ i,i ftOS TDKOI txtoi 540 N. *'.. ><•« VarTTy, ft, v!j *°?4J NICK four room furnlxhori npjii'tmeni, FrlKid.ilie, hnrdwood flmu-H. Iliith nnd hall redwcorut- Ml. Prlviitc eiitriiiH-CK. C'iiiriiup Mm, P, K. Cook, OIMI W. Ave' B. i'lujtiK 7.2II.VI. 20-01 3 nOOM uiifiiriilshi'd unrnito nuiirt'- lliunl. Attic fun, ()u,. t,|o,-| t of liUHliiDON dlNtrlft, Conulu only JMiono Political Announcements fh» BUr It tu(horK«d Id •nnotine* thit the following n» ciindWate* for public affien tubjeet to th» notion of the Democratic prlm»r7 election*: For ft* Ati«t*nr CHIT STUART SPOTS ROUNDUP .•y OAYLt TALiOT. 'i I** Red Run win Fights Last Night For Circuit Clark , GAitKfcTT WILLIB B. A. (Speody) flUTSON l*or n«prei«nutlv« TALBOT FEJLD JR. For County Judge CLAUD II. 8UTTON U. O. 0 Arm KIT KRICD A. LUCK for Sheriff C.- COOK For Alderman Ward 1 _ JOK Bit ITT n. C. (Bob) DANIELS JOK .JONK8 For Alderman Ward 2 FRKD JOMM8QN DWK5HT H IDG DILL PAUL flAI.KY For Alderman Ward 8 IJ. L. HKTTICJ State Senate TOM if. SILVRY mi, v, c. enow Chancellor (Flmt DlvUion. fith Dlntrlet) VVPISLKY I IOWA II I) A I', STKKI, American Loop All-Stars Are Ready By HARLE8 CHAMDERLAIN CHICAGO W> -• An Amcrleiin .I'ltl'ui- lineup will) mi ovcrnll but- Ind iiviTiiMi- nf rit'iir ,:?9f) find ;i ix-iimn pili'hlnu Ktiirr with u tolnl if lit li'iiKi .-,() wins will bi> nt Miin- C;ircy StiMiKcl's finiuniind tu if tlu< Nntluiiiil l.c.'iHiK'r* in i 8y TOM WHITNKV ! Ifor QAYLR TAL8OT) ! MOSCOW i*l ~ The Babe Dldrik- . fin »1 Xovlrt HtiiulH I* n lanky, i an«iiliir (ruck driver named Alexi rtndrfa Chudlna. i /luHnlnn* an- looking to this lean, i MroiiB Klrl to win individual honor* in the Olympic Oami>« at Helsinki, Miirtliti? July 10. They hope she, ,, , „ ~ " »ui pit** ttu- deed* of the Babe • llr|K ' r ' I<0 - Oakland, Calif, 5. By The Allocated Pre«« MIAMI BEACH —Bobby Dykes j n ' f * ht bc " 6I - (KK) richer. DETROIT 'JV-Twrlve of the ria- . lion's top golf pro* will get a ' , sni-ak preview today of the Rod; Hun Golf Club layout under actual; ' ptiiyinx conditions before thi? open-1 in« round of the Motor City Open' tomorrow —• and one of them I rma AmApi/»*iii Unbeaten Boxtr Lone American Stcl1ll9 32lld Remains in Tennis Meet Miami, outpointed Hnlph! Seventy invited pros will team i lone American By CHARLES WHITING WIMBLEDON, England UP— Herb Flam ol Beverly Hills. Calif., the men's survivor, » ,111 tart *• .. fc • •. L ,., . i'--(iv 'tin rr ii v «iii nitfII 5 ft III VIVUl , Tr« AMr»?™ W S nce ' V' I0 j W ' 1 V " k ,° " umb ? r " f Rcd R«» Uk« his try.aml-pBM.me iwme onl LOS ANOBLES-Ramon Fuentes '"embers for an IB-holc bc-.t-ball | u, Wimbledon'* center court today !'Jr,^ B ± S ;."! 0l r?, W : H>t ^ ' na ! h ..? r .,, SO " U :., 103 : n()0 -""*"!'« " *H» with Jaroslav Drobny' , , . SALT LAKE CITY—Jack Nelson, -• one-third of which jjocs to theith, winning pro. Drobny. col-footed Czech, for a place the finals of the All-England Ari8*'lt'« nnd of Holland'* plon, and Jim Tiirncsu '.nil the world's bent mark*. Slu- iiiiii! u formidable 108 motor i ncc. her bi-it time beinff , . • STAFFORD SPRINGS. Conn. — Vic Ciirdell, HI), Hartford, out ointed Gum Charley (Machine II •) Kf>rondv Slit' Is niuxln's fourth' Thompson, 145, Boston, 10. l.< nt jiivflln thrower with n henvej - S AN JOSK, Cnllf. - Eddie Chav- »f 12 fei't to her credit. She la a'.'"'- 1S!) ' s " n •*<""'. outpointed Horuc nicnibcr of Hiwsln'H 400-meter i Ceimtprmann, 1511, Paris 10. wiMix-n'* ri-liiy ti-nrn, which eglnb- 1 NKWARK, K. J. ~ Charlie Will- Iisbi'd « woild'n rvcord durlnR the: '•'»>•''. l->4^ Newark, outpointed! piisl yeiu. Jimmy Charnpogne, 150, Phllndel- Safdiri hold.i Soviet records In Ihc'l'' 1 '"' "• tii.-ithlon foi women and In the I'd No. 2 n rid No. 3. Shu ! I.H Ihe niitlon's outnturicllnii volley! l-'iill pluyt-r. j N-nv In Her Inte 2(/s, the Klfted j IfUM.siiin uihlelo developed her skills i ihe Inud wiiy. j Slic i jtchoiil tile diiy before Sports in Brie By The A«8°cla«ed Preci TENNIS WIMBLEDON, EnR. - Defend la.Ht week wort the. National PGA totirniunent at Louisville, Ky. Junior Legion Ail Set for Opening Game Hope's Junior Legion group is who only 1 Unties, it might put the emphasis on youth. Kliim h;is developed into a tireless i e'riever. Against such a t;ame. Drobny has dangerous Gene 'Smith will celebrate birthday tonight by trying t» cate himself with a clean 1 over tJIcn Flanagan Ot at.** in a I0-round featherweight Jill im-tltle elimination bout. If Smith wins. It would be 32nd conscctutive victory, fiut U Washington boxer Is still unhapi about the boos that greeted split decision over Flanagan he April 2. Smith, a knockout artist, h floored 23 of his opponents for tl count in early rounds. So whi Flanagan forced him the limit, tl Washington lad slipped badly the late rounds. He just wasjl used to the grind'. *> But Smith has been put throU] the training paces the past thrf months and his handlers sny leady this time. Flanagan, a <clever boxer, »« he's confident | he'll beat Smith M'lve and u darting left-handed '"'" -""••"-"","«-••'"<-•«i ^<»«» backhand that often scores with ^' c ; n , th °''8h he s on the short en cross-court pacements. " f 7 ' to 5 J^.^ '! State Delegates Two young Ahstrasians, 24-year- j old Frank Scagman, and 'i'i year- j old Mervyn Hose, meet in the other j semifinal. The survivors will clash CHICAGO (If) — Two for the title Friday. j from Arkansas were assigned'yesj The American women set up anlturday to subcommittees of th| all U. S. semifinal bracket for to-'National Convention's Resolution morrow by brhsbins off the last'. Committee, which will write, th "outside" opposition yesterday, party's platform. However, Defending Champion I . . . ..--|*^., uvximtrt *J*-KH.II1 KrUUlj IS •••^••V.TVI, i- 1 V I V I I l.l I I I L^ V^llflllllJJVIll was grndimted from hluh ln ; ! Campion Uorls Hart was up-|,,|l set for action tonight at 8 o'-IPoris Hart of Coral Gables Fla tile day before, OermuiiH "'• bl " Jour other Americans -j clock at Fair Park where they' v/on't be among them. Mrs. -Pat their legions Into Russia. ™ lr e > * W- L'Hilsq BroiiRh. Pat I tangle with Texarkana ' i .She dim bomb shelli-rn In Most-owl j T " (UI " lld Maureen Connolly enlered n Moscow war fiic-j''" ltl , c • l , hc womp "'- s singles semi- he would have to L -M«.|- lm en ""'I,'" thc A »- En »"- nd ch «"" niBht. We got six pitchers Tocki of La. Jolla, Calif., fifth- Coach Edsel Nix indicated today' seeded, upset the champion by out For years she drove a three-ton' l ' io " !tn 'P- s ' imck. In IU44 her athletic prmvensi OLYMPICS WIIK reeogni/ed, und xhe wns put I NEW YORK — Dave (Skippy) on the swing shift .so she could u ''f>w«lng of Dallas won the No. 1 experiment to- thn laslinij her in three sets. C-lT, 7-5 (i-4. and train In the day- n" !? • t -J 0ldQ,| OKIahomq City 3, Pf«w {I ui» lot i»Dubllcatlon , th* Iftcal n»»i prinud In Ihli wtll ot all AP n«wt H.lpWonNd 1C 4 room house, s;.'l) pur month. Nonr I Huh School, o, j.; Weiiver, Hhone 7-;tH,'l t.;ij ilOUSToN-Ilenty Apts -Hill KHH! Jlnl. :i>ruoiii upiirliiieiil with biUh. little fun, hnrdwimd rioom HOUSTON ApU. Illin South Miiln. il.ioorn npnrlniont with bnth. Wile fun. lumhvood floors, tt-rtid wullH, $^0.0ti. TWIN OAK^ Ajitw, aOK Wt«Bl a rhnm ni5i*rlincnt with bnth, BLACK Apnrtinciitu, Kimt and. CItiso viplown, hurjjp 4 room iipnrinuml with bnth. Dowiismurs lu A Innx tin- l.l.tH HIJAI.VY CO 1011 K, 2nd St. Phono 7-4tHH t-:it NEWLY (ifcoruted 3 room w\. npnitnu'iH, tut! \v. 4th 7.3J52. - ).(ii iioll of the detfi ir.liii-il annual rla niilliiirs liaaeljail nil stiirtri'N for sMii.' exccjit the D like to employ for vftW ttitt , IllgO 8i '.,,-.' ib train. Nice' phico to Good unlni-y to mart, Ap" • D, ..CHrroll, Diamond e«to iiproiid ^ftrirt $1 »V«U«ble. jfoy UnmmWu T-WO. W«ltr«u. Good Mr«. C«rroU, DU« o «hniv' The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone M474 Or brim Ittmt to Ml«* Turntir •t Hloki rur»«f»l Horn* >tr, and Mrs. Duprco Qrcenlnw «rtrt son of Joliet. Jll., n»v' vl«Uin« Mr«. Qnwnluw'H punMiU, Mr. niui Mi's. Klijuh V<'iB« (nut olluu' icln- . Writw iavUle, Ar In «ud K*. 1-31 on t.. tiBinblo left Sunday Jiight for Dotvoit, whwo h<> will *p«nd >t>vornl m(wtl\* with his \m- civ, John K, Utnublf. Severe nnd Arlaunn Johnson ot Pltubw«h, i'u., nn-lvurt Suiuluy in siwnd H few days with their jmr- ents, Mr, «>u| Mrs, »; u. Johnson tmd vihe Sti'iiKnl hiul full authority to I'liu-k bl.i liiirliriM ciirps and ciuin- up with Vie Hii.sehl ui-2i and Alii.- York Yankees, Mike Ciircla ill-.'n Mnd Hub l.emnn (t)-7» of Cleveland; Hi:«.'h.s» Snlcbel I'liiKe t.vai, St. l-ouli' pK'rle.-m reliff hurlcr,' nnd Bobby Shnnt/. nt 1'hlliidelphlu MM-2) Ihe only lefty. Thy piouiui iitnrler prulnibly will b«- SlHintx .since the blii name on July H will In- plnyi-d in the niniu-. lhg ; .!Ull«« hurler'K own backyard', rhllndulphiu'ii SUIbc Park. At the current butliiiK rule. Sten- K«'l »'!!! Iliive eijjhl ..100 or better hllUM'ji to bomburd the si>nlor circuit UN the Anu'rlciuiA try to break » two-Ki me lo.siiij! strouk In the •ill-titur scrios. Tliejie me Kddie Robinson. Chi- fiiKo. fh Ml Imse i.IHitti; Al Itosen, C\'Vel<u\d, ilurd base i.;i;ta eurrenl A.I,. Iciidi-ri; Ferris Fain, Phlld- dclphin, first bnse i.32;O; C!eor«o Krll, llostnii, third b.'ise (,32(li; M.ile Mltclu-ll, Cleveland, left field •.MX!'; Don UIMiiKMlo, Boston, i filler field (,a07»; Jackie Jensen, Wn.«hii»«ton, rlRhi field (.aim and Mickey Miintle, New York, center (It'ld t.StlOi. Out of this bunch, the funs' choice its sturtei.-i who must piny nt U-usI the tirst three Innings 1111- U'*.s injury 01 Illness inlervenes are Hobinson, Koseit, Milchell and l)i- i work <it n time. She became an immedUiU- si n.'iiitlon. Tin- HusHliins, however, are expected to do their best In the •Olympic* in the discus, shot put IIIKI Jnvelin -throw. Their running i (mains a question mnrk. Then' iire four events on the v/i, men's running .program: 100- meter prospeet Is Natalyii Khny- kinn, whose best time Is 11.7 ,, t . l: . onds. I'A'eHenia Seehenova has the host .time in the 200 meters With :24.7. i Miss Chtidlnn is the Russian chain; plon in the mi-meter hurdles, und she Is n member of thc 400-meter ! relay team which did 47.R seconds i In 10.10. . i Hurler's 15-Game | Streak Broken By The Associated Pr*i« Pitcher Bobby Harrison's winning streak b ended at 13 straight games because of heavy buts and iieavy pressure. Meridian tuns picked lust .spot on the (iiving team, followed by Ilobert Clotworthy and Miller Anderson, both of whom were selected for, the squad. DECATHLON TULARE. Calif. —Bob Mathias took big lead at halfway mark of notional championship. strongest department, and they all' Maureen Connolly, the American may see action, Nix said. j Champion from San Diego, Calif. The starting hurler will be Frank- j ''Usted Mrs. Thelrna Long of Ausie Williams. Other hurlurs are | ll ' r>lin '" a three-set match, 5-7 0-2, Jones, Caston, Griffin, Martin and! (i ' fl - Sni ' wi " meet Shirley Fry of Baseball By The Associated Press PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE Oakland 0 Hollywood 1 Sun Diego 0 Portland 2 Los Annoles (i San Francisco 2 Sacramento 10 Seattle fl INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Ottawa 0-4 Springfield 3-5, .second 10 innings Montreal 10-1 Baltimore 2-3 Toronto 3-0 Hochcstcr 2-2 Syracuse 5-2 Buffalo 4-3 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Indianapolis 10-11 Charleston 3-1 Louisville 5 Columbus 3 Milwaukee 6 St. Paul 4 Kansas City 10 Minneapolis 11 TEXAS LEAGUE Shrcvcport 6 Houston 3 .San Antonio 7 Beaumont 0 Dallas 3 Ft. Worth 2 Lee Laine. Dale Jones will play first or Akron, O., whom she beat in the American finals last year. Miss Fry right field tonight. Hi; will be fol- < defeated Mrs. Jean Walker-Smith lowing in the batting lineup by Robert Smittle, left Held; Steve Marlar, shortstop; Wayne John of England, 6-3, 6-3. Mrs. Todd's opponent in lomor- third base; James Caston. first. White, shortstop; Charles Halbert base or right field; Sonny Griffin. second base; Bobby Martin, center field; Joe Don Willis, catcher and Williams, pitcher. Others to see action are Jack I outfielder. first base; Travis Purtle. second base; Doyle Whitten, second base; Townsend at center field. Jack Lloyd, catcher and Billy Gilbert, Mrs. Lloyd T. Bailey of Hn Springs, Sixth District delegate wa appointed Monetary Osro Cobb of Little Rock gate at large, was named 'to" th Foreign Policy Subcommittee. . " to the Policy Taxation ' an Subcommittee .- a- de'la '" ' Firm Incorporates LITTLE ROCK I.'PI— George Fee<* and Supply Co. of Springdalc, Ark| has filed articles of incorporation, here, listing authorized capital': b! $100.000'. Incorporators: G. George, Luther George, George and Cathryn George, all oj Springdalc. row's semis will bo Louise Broug'l of Beverly Hills, Cnlit'., |v knocked off Mrs. Jean Rinkel Britain, C-1,'9-7, in her quest o£-i fourth Wimbledon title. CheTDh CopyriKht, 1951. by Ku.-li Hnlilwiii CuthrtH. Diltrlbutfil by Kin« Fenttirt-s Symlt^nif. FAITH BALDWIN ^1 cord' with ; his sensational strlnu of victories. El Dorado got 14 hits off Harrl- j son to win 7-tl. disappointing 2,207 * Meridian funs on Bobby Harrison , Day. i The loss cut Meridian's lead over ! second plaee Natchez to four and | « liulf mimes. Natchez won 4-3 over Monroe. KI Dorado scored five runs in the first five Innings and was never headed, Pal uud Judy Crtws aiut Michonl Sltttiuuw w( Chicago ttro thv suinrntH' with '»U««lv wiU, Mi. ai>d ,Mr». Willis turn. 4. P. Wrtods At Dallas, spc-nt tht- Wuuk itttrt with his family niui ot- Tho other starterM ure Uobby Aviln, C'leveland. at second; Phil NlMUto. New York. shortstop; Htthk Umifr, New York, ri«i',l field. mtd the Yiinkoi-s' eatclu-r. You! liiri-a. who tops the league iii homers wllh 13. Awidtt from these. Stcngo) rounded out his squad mainly from tin- order nf st-li'clions in the poll. He deviated, however, in passing up lUislnn'* Vern Stephens, third in the volinj;, to name Philadelphia's Kdtite Joost as Uimito'u * h o r l s t o p replacement, taking Washington's Kd Yost over his own tblid baseman (iii McMmigald and ChiooKo's Hector Itudi i»;ue.«, and picking Jensen aheaii ol Cleveland's Hank Simpson in rij-hl field. Oilers Make Hay in Texas League to honor Hiirrison, who set H new, Cotton States League, pitching re- Oklahoma City in Tulls, postponed " ' ••—" ..!... SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Mobile 2, Atlanta 1 New Orleans tl Nashville 2 Only games scheduled Sports Mirror By The Associated Press TODAY A YEAH AGO — Dick Savitt, Orange. N. J., defeated United States Tennis Champion Art Lnrsen in the Wimbledon quarterfinals, fi-l, (M, (M, FIVE YEARS 'AGO — Larry Duby signed a contract to piny with the Cleveland Indians and became tht; first Negro ball playi-r in the American League. TEN YEARS AGO—Ted Williams was fined $250 by. Joe Cronin and told to apologize for an outburst of temper in a game played July 1. TWENTY YEARS AGO — Ellsworth Vines. U. S. champion, won '• SYNOPSIS Handsome Pain Lennox, bncliclor- pastor ol « fashionable New York vhun-li, calls on woaliiiy. caustic Mrs. Agatha Murchison. hopeful ol receiving a sizable donation tor nls building fund Wispy little Emily Marrow, (nith- ful paid companion to "Madam," loins them at ten Conversation turn? to I Constance Marshall, with whom t'nul I l» In love. Agattia disapproves tier he- rnuse she Is a business i-irl Diirlnc the. vl»ll Kmlly I. Mnrtlml hv n mnn*p and screams. Mis. Murrhlson horates her so cruelly (lint the pastnr. shocked !)( , r nrn r[>rod TitiirlhiiMnn. Slie >od Pitcher John Forl/.s 1 h,ul a no-hitter spoiled by u fifth s inniiiK single by Hot SprliiKs' Bob i Pussareilii as the Dod«ers won 3-0. ' Forl/.s struck-out elfiht and walked fol'T Pine Bluff scored six runs In the emhlh and two in the ninth to overcome Greenville's 2-1 lead. H is believed that China had M',TJ'. nf n| flint nlL'h h ' ni "'* wl " llr< over , Pnnl voprnn (o doelnro hl« . Inve. hut mnotmw f""l» ho mi"=t clre I.B rrwlfi-r n,rtt,er thouH.t. tnstend he (ells of his ntinn-xl wltli n »-onllhv n-on'in n of tr-oiihlo n>,nn.l Pleht Pnnl won Irt rv>ns»aiir-e spirit, rejected. c-r>rlnln her thr»-nl ilpllorln? Mint tn- her. home fecllnp love ir ,»,,,.., , ™ " ~- ••• » <iiva, w. o. i-nuiiiuiuu, won the odes known system of public the British Singles Championship examinations used for selection of I by defeatinK Bunny Austin of En K oflicers for public service. I U, ml , 6 . 4 , ,5,2, e . 2> at Wimbledon OUT OF DOORS with Oilers ,„„,,,. Joluiswt, Is re- 'i»« nievly atti-r illness, vShe hus as her Mr*. M»V> Poj Johnton of Mr. and Mrs. Q ,Jtr» Has* M. attliam und JWft o< Cblcago, first Urt. Janws Wttitamson of CM—'' ' vuittng hpr raUier, Uus -- J othtr Srlggs »r« vMlint Mr*. WMi Mr>, Mid Mr* to Coluu^bua, HA 1.1.AS hay in a hitlers in to break u bottleneck them fronr tK- loop 1 , divuluii for half « season, Until the OlU-rs moved up to fourth with « 13-hit K-2 scamper past Oklahoma City. TuUa alone had tailed to vacate the second division. hurling brouKht abovit the It took six-hit pitching or belter to win. Fur instance: l-eon Koulk halted Oklahoma City toe U»o Oilers on six-hit::. S»n Antonio mustered bus six off John day ot Beaumont and lost 8-0. Ft. W«nh and Uallus both ^c-t six hits in Uwir clash, but Klroy ol ft. Worth was the The C*ie of The'OlgoIng Oogi By JOE STETSON Dofl Editor The train to the city was ten minutes late. The conductor put his hand on my shoulder and con- tided "I've u problem I want your advice about — I'll bo buck in a (ew minutes." "It's about tulips" he said, when he returned, "Tulips!" 1 repeated, "whats all that HOI to do with doRs? 1 ' "It's doss that dua them up." he \vi-W on, "every dunged one of them and they wen- all planted uf fish and bono- llc had certainly presented tt difficult problem, Either bonemeal or fishmcal are very attractive to dogs and it is uutural to expect that any healthy dog would bc Inclined to start his exploration* after thc last frost ui u spot so filled with hidden treasure. There is no surefire method which will keep all dogs front din- King in a garden, but there are several things that van be tried and usually one ol them will help. CHAPTER FIVF3 PRAYER tonight, as on nil nights, vvns not shaped to formalized petition, but n walling in darkness, voiceless, shutting out distraction and personal conflict, opening, the way to puklanre' After a long time Paul went to bed. nnd Iny there, not sleeping. Long npo Jonathan had said without envy. "You've hnd it pretty easv. Paul." P#rhaps. until now. he had no wholly recognized that truth. The things other men found diffictil hnd not seemed so to him. He ha< never minded n lack of nintorla resources: he hnd always had enough to eat nnd drink: n roo over his tnll head: clothes to cover his big body. He had lost his mother, yes. but hnd not known so could not mourn her. His stop mother suffleiently loved him. and he her. He hnd never Incited for affection and understanding His student days had not been hnrd he hnd found adventure In learn- iner. satlsfnction in knowledge Hi.= affiliation with his first ehuren had been exciting nnd fulfi|||n~- T-~! his service during the war- his present service. His angers, resentments, and any anguish hnd been In n sense. Impersonal, concerned with sreat Issues: man's Inhuman- tty to man, man's courage and sacrifice with tho odds ngninst him. man's despair and salvation. He had seen many die. quietly in their beds or by Idiotic violence. His anger and resentment had been directed against that violence. In his personal life there had been no Intimate erlef until now No. this was the first bitter cup Timothy had not returned, having perished in the Boxer Uprising. His great voice i'or God had been stilled, but the clock had gone on ticking as long as someone remembered to wind it. Paul rose, put on a light, and wound the clock. Then he went back to bed and listened to the minutes tick away, into Eternity. A day or so later when he reached home and let himself in, Mrs, Eagle cnme out to meet him. She said, "There's someone to see you . . . she wanted to wait . . ." "A Miss Marrow." Paul went upstairs. He thought, What on earth ? Now what ? and by his choice, he himself mesh wire. Several commercial products are manufactured to keep dogs away, they work well sometimes. Incidentally, a generous sprinkling In the first plactf, it is w*U to ^ ll>cl P*PP«»' will keep a dog T^ Slux'V <?povt got six bits off two Houston pitchers, but Joe Bundy twirled * four-safety job. Shrove"—* jtfun $-1. ,, in turn, follow «<l the hit- G»U HwUcy and. Uino K<?>- thr«e hits, in start a gardening project by plan ning the protection for it. II f«ne- in* is possible, it should be done. A fence is a very valuable and satisfying part of a piece of r«»l estate, whether designed completely to surround a property either to keep dogs out ofc to, or laid out' should b* able to two it on with- to protect certain choice section*. OAK the dog knowing you're around. ' " " Then he will suspect that the thwg might start even without your pre- An attractiv« and practical wtlt pay l«rge dtvid«n«U to many U teucw* isn't prtctfctt, « tt wfc ' ' '' filled and drank from it. For granting freely that perhaps she will grow right through two-inch dld not now love him, she might . .L. .. • ' Hat** ^4\ntA *« t*ti*.K i.i«. , have come to love him. H« did not expect that anyone would understand that, to him. was renunciation: no* his reason He would not ask anyone to understand. None of this. earth and niortal. ' H« had known, from the first. that U»ls was the way he must travel, the lonely way; yet until tonlg:ht had not wholly admitted it but argued, doubted and hoped. He b«canie aware of a sudden quiet in the room, yet louder than the noises of the street below. It took him a moment to realise the source. 4 clock hud stopped its Uckinc, « shelf clock. H* had forgotten to wind It H was a clock which had once traveled by clip- away. If you can be around when a culprit may start hU digging ex- «reise «t your expense, ihe garden sprinkler will help to train the dog to keep away. For this to be effective you sence. Looking the conductor straight Sw U»e eye, I told him, "Give these 4 try *nj-wajf aud by >-ou-v« used i«*l tvOip will U, tW »y per to efctea, wltb tet» fTWKlfather, Timothy Lennox: tod had been r*- to ttw ootwtry of to l*t«. T*« Has that incredible woman dismissed her, and if so, how can 1 go about finding her another place, and. please (Jod, a better one? Emily Marrow sat on the odge of the least comfortable chair in the study. She must have been twisting her handkerchief in her hands: she dropped it now and Paul picked it up, it was like i little rope, and damp. She said, on her feet, "I'm sorry to trouble you. Mr. Lennox." "No trouble," he said, smiling, "come sit down again, try to relax I hardly dare ask why you're here it's my fault. whatever the reason, She said earnestly, "No, oh, no, Mr. Lennox." Her eyes were full of tears, the tears crept down her face, she took off her glasses, wiped ncr eyes with the twisted handkerchief and blinked at him. "No one has ever 1 mean, you stood up for me, Mr. Lennox.' He said, "Look here, Miss Marrow, you don't have to stay with Mrs. Murchison, you know. I should have told you that long ago, for it has always been evident to me that you are not happy with her. Riven a little time. I can certainly find something for you, a place in which you will be useful and content." She said, "It's too late. After you've been in a cage a long time you're afraid to go out, even if the door is open." She began to shake like an animal. "Mr. Lennox, it was because of me you lost the money." she said simply. She took her handbag, and hunted, in it found a savings account book anc held it out to him. "1 don't know if this is enough." He looked at the pitiful row. of figures, five dollars, ten, twenty- five, fifty. This book had gone through many editions, over a long period of years. He said, holding it in his big hands. "1 remember you told me long ago you were saving to go into a home. Miss Marrow." Her chin shook. "I—there's lots of time. Of course*" anxiously, "it's still tier money. Does that make ft difference? I earned it," she explained, flushing, "doesn't that make it right ? I've saved all these years from my salary. Christinas Jresents . . . and sometimes Mrs. Murchison is very generous, right out ol a clear sky she'll give me something extra and say, 'Here, put this away.' Maybe 1 shouldn't say this, but she's always promised to leave me something, too." With impunity, he thought, as Mrs. Murchison wUl probably out- ive you. "Miss Marrow," he Mi(L ?I am infinitely touched. ~ ' - " ' meals, and the clothes ... I altejr i them, 1 sew quite well." V j He asked, "Tell me frankly, haa I there been a great deal of unpleaa- ' antness?" t "Not ... not exactly. And wheli she, well, did turn on me, 1 'was glad, in a way, because she, .".. 1 don't know' how to say it ,'•'.' room took it out on jme, perhaps, an] I'm used to that," "My fault, Miss Marrow. • you'd go back and wait until ygj hear from me . i . ? I won't lew'' a stone unturned, and 1 have great many stones, so to spea'kl'?j She said, as If she hadn't heaYi "In a funny sort of way, she we me, Mr. Lennox.' No one elsq dO# any more. No one else woul ever." "She knows you came here?" "Mercy, no! 'She went to : t theater with her '.great-nephew a his wife, and they were going J to the young couple's aj: rtme afterward for supper." She lopKei at the clock on .the desk, "I mtiti go. I. have to be in before—" "You won't reconsider?" .,. ."No." She asked with a flash, ;<i unexpected humor, "You won't w! you?" Paul shook his head. And thei Emily said briskly, "I don't su POS.C I should tell you this but —Mrs. Murchison—has been d ing up people." ' "I know, they've called me." rose and took her small hands, i longer dry but ( (noist and cold touch., "Put your things on, I'll take you back." "Oh, no," she let-led, dlstraotei "you mustn't bother, it's iat Please don't trouble to come wit me, Mr. Lennox." "I want tp go," he said. The went downstairs. Paul hailed ! cab. . ' He said, "Miss Marrow, let in try again to say how profound! grateful I am. Everything wi I work out all right, you'll see. Ar I shall call on Mrs. Murchlaoi WA , Not to repudiate my stand; for M am firmly convinced thajt it right: or, aa 1 .see it .,,!... must try to achieve some sort reconciliation, »ou spoke ago of need; yop said she n you. We don't inee<J the won*' but she needs the church. To 1. the means of turning her front li is a betrayal of! my trust, thought a momejrt and then _„_ but not as if he spoke to her, "Ye Ucould not do f otherwise than did." i When they stood on the slept . the Murchison house, as Emil fumbled for hef key, the doo opened and Agatha, resplendent filled the space, She wore brow, velvet, all her dMmor.ds, and h>j f»c« was blood. Paul thought, wilfully, " now. brown cow>" which was » thing for which he muat a*k -"-eness, being, ff apt, unchruj Well," MM Agatha, survey, them, "an unexpected pleasure,* Emily began to drop thinw to stammer. Shelaaid, with to "I didn't t h i n k, . . t b it thought 1* much, came right home, bad » II was something of ft ^ *ti' Of! ITAi, lit I. AttANlAl OZAUK 1KI VOU PPOMISE0 1 t) CUT Mf tDOAV ^-' I'LL G'.VE YOU EACH ' (A HALF-COLLAR IF YOU CUT V THE 1 GP.A5S FOC? ME t I I f I JUST HAVE TWO OKAY, I'LL DO IT SC(?€EN DCOQ FCf? M£v_- Of COACHES TO omecr ITS 4TRATEOY... OUT OUR WAT •v J. R. Wllllamt Answer to Previous Puzzle Four-Footed Frrends HI* .VVES5A6B TO THS PULICE ?UT REALIZES HE 5 SVBRY £QUAP CAR CIS) THB eOUtH SlfTB/ WB'Re,Kii5 354 SOUTH A\-M- V TfgVtfg AFTBt gCN, IM9P5CTOK 'HORIZONTAL VERTICAL »' 1 Costly HOT.' GOOt? THING 1 "Man's best / friend" 4 Young horse 8 Male deer 12 Make a mistake 13 Region 14 Comfort med's 2 Heraldic fillet 3 Football fields 4 Intrigue 5 Spoken 6 Renter 7 Make lace edging 8 Vends '* '^PL //*'""!&•'••••'? • ^lksfic^x«l , 27 Triteness ' . 40 Cock's corrib 28 Persian fairy 41 Feel 29 Handle 42 Snare ' n 23 Leather strips . four-footed 46 Foot parls on shoes t friend : 47 Operatic solo •u Mn*i«i«i.' 24 German king' provides -.= 48 Animal fat Sffie horned 25Clutch beefsteak ;50Thus • ruminant 7 Health resort WASH TUBBS By Ullit YM S-0 NOW PCH.KE *RE LOOK- T DBED SO TOU'RB AN AR XWHOWOUI,P,IIIV 2KM? WOULD .IMG FOE THOSE REMBEANDT5 '.YOU .iivij rt/fc. ipw^c ^cntipmMi»i''is i * ivu 571^1 IM TUE &TATE61 P|PPLE-FADDLE!j5(?MESIMS TUtX/'Ot tOrt Win l VKiniUM T.T -} M'£llCllC> THEV'RE TOC? WELL KWOWN TO ,' W5IEUR : ASCOLEUE IUTO ACHWR. BE5IPE HIM. 6 Medicated .tablet SMUG6LSDINTO ROGUE5 COUIP NEVER GET &TOLEN R6M- THRU TUB l),$. C UNDETECTED! . 32 Pay attention 34 Dyer 35 Mongols 36 Goddess of plenty 7,i^._ and , .-Andy 39 Pseudonym of With Major Hoc pie OUR BOARDING HOUSE ! • • {Charles Lamb DID YOU POT YOUR 40 Tribal social y^Vfriit 41 Observe 42 In that place 4S-'Everlasting 40 Turning back 5V*Age .52 War god of Greece Roman date CAMPAIGN BACK Iri -T\-C£ JUS AMD / CORK IT WHAT'S I si THE K&TTLE AHILLBlLLV RECITAL FOR CARMESIB HALU FIFTV MILHC3M 6TRON&/ A MA30R Hooae we WILL ROLL OF COfA-m TO THAT V-JHITE HOU5e GOAL/ PO61MS A LIVELY CA^APAlS^^ .' WOVM DOES THI& BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES i4 Knight's title •STRIKE YOUR EAR SSyHarbor. 56 Lawsuit 87 Sorry CARNIVAL By Dick Turner OLL, HOOPLE, BUGS BUNNY THI^AN OPTICAL PELUfilON? I PBCIPEP TO STOP A MOOCHIN' ALLEY CAT 0UA\ LIKE VOU WOKKIN'? 0EINS A PRONE, A, C?O- NOTHING/ J THAT'S . r FUNNY BUSINESS By. Hmhberaer REVOUTINS /-I 6ISHT, IftN'T IT? ALLEY OOP ir v. T. H« IF THE GUARDS THAT GATE CU)5EP ...DO YOU TO MAKE OF IT? I.., I'VE GOT DI8COURAGE THEM SOMUHOW t. M. B,,. U. S. Pit. Oil. Cipr. 161; i, r(E» Str.kj. Inc. r>Speakj.ip, Comrade—we're taking a public opinion poll I" By Galbroith "I got tired of having my corns stepped on I" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By BloiMr CHRIS WELKIN, Plonereer TUBwuien.e OP OtClLLATlM HAPIO K60WKV WH WU,GO Rl&HfxiHEAD, FOLKS ---MAVe' ANOTHER BREATH ROOM ONLY " • AT sufliB*4 ^i^-A^^^

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