Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 2, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 2, 1952
Page 7
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, to h ' v " *"*** tho«* llvlnit In (h* »ou. whn llv» in tho nofth of ARKANSAS Ian Now to be in Hope Thursday and Hear IKE MURRY FOR GOVERNOR "H«ar Arkansas Next-Governor" *(M»»(J,| , , H0PUHURSPAY, JULY 3,8 P. M LAWN Rain FAIR PARK COLISEUM Candidates ore invited fro make Announcements. MURRY For Governor Victory for the Man With the Program * i * i »- t, ** «) „•« by Jim Cn,npi«l«n Wnlnut NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS THE FOLLOWING STATIONS 1 BE CLOSED ALL DAY JULY 4th W^B'w* l?!t^$iil tmploycts may enjoy the holiday, get your car serviced early. lo's Service Station -Barnes Service Station Tarpley's Esso Station Frith Esso Station Service Station rage & Service Station 's Garage & Station [ N ' . RHee Would Protect His Opponents PUSAN. Kor*o (A - PrtaMtni syngrnan Rhi-«> today guaranteed W»* p*rton«l noffty of hi* political oppofMmu against attack or nrreit an long as they obey the law. "I pvrxnnilly guarantee the tale- i ty »f hM political opponent* ogainut j attack or orr*iit u* long a* they "b«*y Ih* law. "I rwrftono'lly guarantee the safety of everyone who I* faithful and loyal to the rrptiblic, even those who may con»ldcr tb«m»itlvpn my political opponent*," he <lr-clared. He »uM In- had heard reports that (irrildimtUI candidates "are in f»-nr of being rnot«*ted," and national a*Kcnihlymcn are "afraltf of appearing In public for fi-nr they they might be attacked or apprehended." AHScMiblyiTiiTi la.it week were he-Id captive for several hours In their own fru'KlliiB hall by a rnob of Mhri- supporters. Oovcrnment »ources sold H Ko- »<'nn political leaders have fled to Japan, I n c I u d I n g. Assembly- n-ari Cl.miK II Hyung, president of th«- Tin- Han HrPHs Agency. •Mt.Home : : . ,, Continued from>«gVon« Into Cotter Arkansas Firm Gets Contract LITTLE ROCK Of) — C«rfl» totallins $729,343 for three govei ment piojects in Arkansas been awarded firms in Louisiana, Nebraska and Arkansas, the i trict office of the U. S. Army En"« j ameers said today. They include construction of: -,j A cold storage plant at Carnp Chaffee, to W. A. Gray Construction Co., Shreveport, La.^ $99,740; A photo reconnaissance laboratory at Adams Field, Little Rockv to J. E. Pyle. Little Rock, for $165,039 ;and Work in connection with bank stabilization at Hensley Bar cutoff on the Arkansas River, to W. A; Lynn Construction Co.. Lincoln, Neb., for $404,504. MOfl ItAt, NWI, AtK*NfAft X SOCIETY Pnoob 7-3431 Between I A. M. and 4 P. M. Juxt : before- It U(* ,Whlt«, .di'iu 'South 'of Ark. . The new government* damn In Ihl* ureu.,Johnson point* out. am aimed primarily to check the .flow of the Whlie Hlvor which periodically leaves )(« banks in disastrous flqodn, The production of hydro- iluctrlc power Is the second pur- (lime. , 'liut for Mt. Home, the primary reason |» the tourist trade. "Ml. Home f \ Wil nol hove one i"V PUIglP inti'UMtl-V " anl<4 !„!,„„.... ! "'» "This THEIR PANTS DOWN—Prisoners of Compound 77 on Koje Island remove all •unrrvherl rnmnnHnrU^T 1 "" ° rdcn - 1' UN 8uords> bcfore being movod to smaller, more easily supervised compounds. Such a move minimizes chances ot Ked POW's smuggling weapons to their now quarters. Decontrol Politics, Baruch Advises NOHF'OLK. Va. W-Bernard M. Danicli seid today that this is the time to decontrol politics and selfishness not prices. The linaneier and advisor to presidents addressed the Kraduat- cln:is of, the Industry," said Johnson.! ci'fff r'Tu- \ ' ^ town, lives on tin- tourlat! '"!,', C " I 'T ! hl ' ro ' liiide/aiid we did five tuul a hulf ! .> ' ns bet> " mllch tnlk Clf million dollars worth of it luiii, /'" nuct!S!lit y f»>' preventiiiK yepr." i . la!il j lurther inflation," he said But The city stands third In Arkai.-l h<? ...l! 1Cl<ll ' d: ,«»s tourist business, following Jloti., ' 1 "' lmns ° r hoth the execu-i eastern belts, moving west to pick Springs and KurekaVlnK S ! tiv ''' mdl '''"«^--*«^.''M>ranches Farmers Can Rent- Cotton Pickers MEMPHIS Ifl'i— Many f.innnrs I may be able to hire mechanical i cotton pickers to harvest their crop i this fall. I A new plan — named "C-Goes" l~- to make full list; of the some! 11.450 spindle type pickers in tin-j i nation was announced here yester- I day. J C-Oees is short for Cotton Grow: crs Equipment Exchange Service. | The Service would eo-ordinate the harvest pattern. j The mechanical pickers and their (juTators would bcfjin Katherin;! i e.irly cotton in the central and become fully effective, however, until farmers adopt uniform planting. practices — such us 40-inch rows, flat beds nnd clear fields. No Relief Seen ' for Parched States By The Associated Press The nation was offered' this patchwork summer p a t t e r n of weather for loday: Hot in a scorched central belt, \\.ini: but pleasant in the North- i east, thundershowers in parts of I the South and Gulf regions, cool First tlaiil J ')fiKatCh Will meet at 7:30 sdoynight - At the home of A. Li. Park. jrscjay, July 3 pc Chapter No. 328 Order of Sasjern Star will meet Thurs- fiight, ^uly 3, at 8 o'clock for regular meeting. All mem- are urged to be present. Military Clubs Dig Up Ways to Make Money By VERN HAUGLAND WASHINGTON L? — Play blnso . . . sell sandwiches . . . watch the beer tup closely . . . dip the ice cream deftly. Those hints, the Air Force advised today, iire a few ways clubs on military posts can make a profit without slot machines. The clubs have had a tough time keeping out of the red and main- Mrs. Mary Keck and Mrs. Ruth lining low prices since the "one president, Mrs. Earline Fenwick, and opening prayer WHS given by .. „, . Mrs. Mary Keck in the absence of me Christian the chaplain . Minutes were read arid approved. After the business meeting, a report was ijiven on the Department Encampment by Mrs. Mary Keck, Mrs. Lucille Formby, Mrs. Bobbie O'Stecn and Mrs. Ear-1 line Fenwick. Cook, hostesses, served cookies and iced drinks present. to twelve members in secticns of the Far West, scattered showers in the Rockies. Weather Bureau predictions of temperatures in the 90s, possibly in the 100s, presented the prospect of M continued heat w.ive for Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma and 1 Kansas. Southern Gulf regions also were likely to remain hot. Partly clohdy skies were forecast for much of the southeastern part of the nation. I ft. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE Nagging backache; loss of pep and energy, headuihes and dizzintsH may be due to slowdown of kidney function. Doctors say good kidney function is very important to good nealtn. When some everyday condition, such <is stress and strain, causes this important function to slow down, many folksBulrernak- BlnB backnche-feel miserable. Minor bladder irritations due to cold or wrong diet may cause settiiiR up nights or frequ D PI i ^ •••»)••«.— "« •« vMxctK'i^uanuKt.'n, on t neglect your kidneys if these conditions bother you. Try Uoan'a Pills-o mild embers of the 1051 graduating of Hope High School are into attend a class reunion pio |at'.Fair Park Thursday night, 3, at 6:30. Those planning to ind please notify dither Wihria cman, Bobby Phippin, or Jim vards. llday, Jujy 4 Sere wilt be a potluck suppci Country Club Friday. July 4, j o'clock. Fireworks will be dis- Sfcd sifter supper. Hosts and hos cs will be Mr. and Mrs. E. P. teal, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Kyler I] and Mrs. A. E. Sumcquist. londay, July 7 IJrcle No. 1 of the WSCS of the |t Methodist Church will meet iiy, July 7, iit the homo of J. W. Strickland with Mrs. |W. Edwards as co-hostess. Coming and Going Mrs. Vcrnon Johnston left this morning for Grecnbriar, Ark., where she was called to the bedside of her sister, Mrs. Virgil Price, who is seriously ill. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Collier and Joy have returned from Houston and Galveston, Texas, after a visit with friends nnd relatives. Mrs. Mcrvyn Raymond left via plane yesterday for her home in San Diego, Calif., after a visit with her sister, Mrs. Kminclt Thompson and Dr. Thompson. Miss Toni Thompson accompanied her home for a visit. ters flush'ou tiv, i not tlu'ii |-- have operated to mid k'j'.ali/..' inflation. "The two branches nienl differ in alk, but their actions! antl California. Sen. John I.,. McClulhuf (D-Arki who was scheduled to appear on tho program, telegraphed Tumon lust niflht that | )e w <,uld not bo able tn attend due to pressing Con-i „, = „,.., ,.„ HiesKloiml buslm-as in Washington I i u , tlltrt ''' l ''>' pressure Sen. J.. WJllitun Fulbrlnht (D- , ""' |lfft ' cl <lf lh<>i '' Ark) arrived lust night. actions has been a race which has ! m«'nt Service The President's, appearance is 'T' n .'. k ' d . "! <- l >°apenln» the hlKh point of a 3-duy celebration In which ull of 'Baxter County will participate. -U 1 ' 1 ' lati'-m.'ituring cotton in Ari/.ona encourage! 1 he system would resemble that : of tlie itinerant combines which of K'lveni- ] move Irom farm to farm, eontracl- iii.i; to harvest wheat belt crops. Don Larin, director of Farm Plarcirunt Service, (.' S. Employ- each favors i!i"iiip.-, combined I .. . . ' ' Uolh Bull Shoals and Norfork are n part of the comprehensive flood control project for Arkansas White Kiver valley. Construction of Bull Shoals b^uri in-June, 1W7 und was completed In November, IBfll. The duiu Is the dollar and nil in every form. "This is not the time the value outstanding outlined 1 the' to de control prices and other mobili/a-i ;>tler a conference with cottonbelt stale employment service direction! Full use of the pickers would | case the labor shortage at harvest I lion disciplines. H is th tlth world. yurds. concrete bai'rler in th« (.'Oiilulnlnjt • 2,100.000 cubic The resci-volr Is -117 miles ICHIK nnd has a shoreline of 1,030 miles. •• • v i | Norfolk Dam was started in! March. llHl )in d completed' in Mareb, 1043. There is l.SWl (M)0 cubic yurtis of concrete in the d.im hake Norfork Is 38 miles lon« and IH« u shoreline'of 510 miles. Toft Continued From Page One turn jts dcUbe.raUons. Tart himself .said they could KO •>h«ud Wj| Rlevlse .lh« sessions for all he,cared. .But, sume of his tiiupurlerii .took ,un* U;)0k a t t (, e 'i ,qv>rhettted ,lu>o,rli)g room uewaregl »md TV lights ;-tfnd, decided that was not or theju. So the whpJs committee moved one flight downstairs In the Conrad Hilton JJotttl — to the Boulevard,^,,, Howm. a pretty fancy night club ,"" ancl Kort of -place. There thoy •>••• < lunvt ->'- (it-control polities and selfishness. ' — "This is not the time to scuttle and run. It is the time to stand flint and see the struia'le for peace- through." Uari'ch emphasized the necessity' of strong military defenses- and said that the present states of lime to, Larin said The service could not Top Quality Arkansas Farmers Feeds! Compare These Prices 18% Dairy Feed $4.50 Chick Starrer Pellers 5.65 Broiler Pellets 5.45 Chick Grower 5.30 Egg Pellets 4.75 Hog Feed Mash 4.65 Hog Feed Pellets 4.75 Hog Supplement 6.55 Whole Corn $4.20 Hempstead County Farmers Association 114 East Third St. Hope, Ark. Telephone 7-4469 Chops ...; 4.30 Bran 3.50 Shorts 3.50 Calf Starter 3.00 All Pur. Mineral 6.25 4 Point Bo'b Wide 9.00 Baler Twine 16.85 3-5-40 Cotton Dust 11.00 llrcle 3 of XVSCS rteets Tuesday Circle fro. 3 of WSCS of the First •thodist Church met Tuesday ernoon, July 1, at 4 o'clock in ; parlor of the church. VIrs. John Vescy presided in the |sence of the leader, Mrs. J. M. rbin. who was ill at her home. Vcsey conducted the third ses- of the study course, the Book cts. leventeen were present for the cting with Mrs. R. T. White and •s. L. B. Tooley as guests. Mrs. Charles Kannard of Paris, France, is visiting her sister. Mrs. Emmetl Thompson and Dr. Thompson. Miss Betty Ann Keating' of Washington, D. C., is the guest of her aunt and uncle. Dr. and Mrs. Emmott Thompson. Mr. p.nd Mrs. George Brandon of Anderson, South Carolina, arc visiting Mrs. Brandon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kline Snyder, and other relatives. Mrs. Ken Mallby and son of Tulsa, Okla., arc visiting Mr. and Mrs. Donald Williams. VFW Auxiliary Has Meeting rhc VFW Auxiliary met at the it Tuesday night, July 1, at 7:30 their regular meeting. The meeting was opened by the Personal Mention Charles Fox who suffered a heart attack June 17 is recovering at his home at 400 South Elm. Hospital Notes Josephine Hospital Discharged: Mr. 11. Paris, Texas. Buer "neither we find war nor peace in which ourselves" required far-1 adjustments for military us well as ' '•' FEME ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY* Taft to Meet Fine, Talk Over Votes | By RLMAN MORIN ! CHICAGO l* — Sen. Robert A fuft prepared today for another : Important meeting with Gov. John ^. r me of Pennsylvania, who pre- jiiininbly controls one of the largest blocs of uncommitted Hopiib- '. lican cunvention votes. ' > Fine has consistently said he 1 hasn't made up his mind between: Gen. Dwight U. Kisen- EMPLOYEE'S DAYS MEN'S ALL RAYON SUMMER SUITS Choice of Stock - .---,, SUt. i around 'drlnkless linen - covered tables, wlvll* blu*-iind-red spot- ll«hts cast u purplish glow on the .speakers' faces. EU'imhower forces \\>ere' furious OVPT the vote to bar TV fucilitlvs. The general's campaign n»una- Ber, S*n. H«ory Cubot Lodge Jr.. of JVIassachx^etts. called the action "a ihajof 0olltfc« blunder" uiid said it wovMU "embarross everyone In our party .whinbelieves in free discussion and has nothlnK to hide w to frame," Radio, TV and newsreel people didn't like U either. But they set up their equipment oviuidw the barred door und inter- vi«w«d.Ua> various disputing delegates. Uut last nitfht, just before his departure from Harrisburg P.i for his meeting here with Tal't he was asked whether he'd reached a decision. He replied, without elaboration' "Just about." The 70-vote Pennsylvania deLe«a- tion hus met in masses with Both ! Tuft and Eisenhower. Conr.eqiienlly' tills second meeting between Fine ! and Tafl is considered exceedingly ! important by political observers- in Chicago, On the eve of the governor's visit. the Pennsylvania commilteemun i G. Mason Owlett, denied reports 1 that Tafl campaign managers have' given up on Pennsylvania. Owlett's >rilU'ji statement was released With tho opening ot the conven-' Ulc . statio 'H>i'y "f the •"ra"ft"con-.' iion IU»1I wily <lv« days off. U»e')' taUan "'•'"^luarters" although he pace of the preliminary activities i P»' ov »°usly said he was un- beKtm stepping up. committed. Dewey is <ju* \n touifht tu give 11vo s * atot ' u -''' said: 'it is per-i tho Eisenhower forces a hand ! * ec i, ly "^parent to me the situation from Denver on his own version of! "' p * nns >'lvanin as far as Sen Taft a whUtle-st^ campaign trip to! ' s co !»' l '»>eo has shown an increase this convenUiMi city. * I "* " ls delegate suppurt over an And the party's plajtfonn draft-' <>PMris1al madu by nu> ; " Hershev ers w*m back ta wqrk today trying j * * e * k as ° . ll1 Uu ' last Ul hours *o hammer out a set of principles r picked up tin that would IM» aoe*ui»W» «.,.»,„! mUlnu-uts from the MEN'S SOLID COLOR RAYON SPORT (OATS .00 would U» «ec*pt»ble to tho candldato— who*v«r he is— and u» U»« party gtoeraUy this b« a QOP y««r, S» ««r, this job ree new com Hiess tabulations' — » Uy »nd, should' . llsyuiua ' i1 ' dxfU ' xatai| > »>»s been , to the voters. I J;'* 1 " 11 ^ ;" 32 votes for -Kiseu- has b«»n going r". wcr : ** ior Ta "' ailt l M uiu-om- *•' l " going . very smoothly. Public hearings to *•' l "» to »«nutie.d 6«M lh« pubUc'8 views ond today ' Tto«r« still w * poltntiaUti«$ o( eoasWsraM* row— over the Taft 9Ud SUtfltaower vi*v* on such miltw* as aid to Kurop*. for «- fi- Stawen. oo» ol y««. wU»es«e« at a platform Mid ONI party mud not too MD«ei-vaUv* an approach M MEN'S SUMMER SPORT SHOES Not All Sizes $5.00 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•I^BBI BOYS' COTTON RIBBED T SHIRTS Smoll - Medium - Large 5IUC Hi LADIES SUMMER SLEEVELESS BLOUSES $1.00 CHILDREN'S SUMMER SHOES REDUCED. jzoq ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Hl LARGE RACK LADIES' DRESSES REDUCED Sl€ THIM LARGE TAIL! MATERIALS Regrouptd - R«prict4 Prisoners Riot for Three Hours • STARTS TODAY* CONCORD, Mass. rioted at Concord State while holding hostages. But they surrendered meekly af guarantee of no reprisal from State Commissioner of Correction Maxwell B. Grossman. The instructors and guards were eleased unharmed before the pris oners filed out of the siore house. The rioters wrecked the detention pen, a two-story structure in th east wing oi tht reformatory. Starts Friday Big First Run Western PLUS LATE NEWS BOB HOPE DOROTHY LAMOUR 'THEY GOT ME COVERED armed bandits" were banned from | federal property a year and a half ago. The suggestions were detailed in a letter signed by I,t. Gen. Nathan F. Twining, acting Air Force chief of staff and being sent to, Air Force officers, messes and noncommissioned and enlisted men's clubs around the world. The letter said operation of bowling alleys, nurseries, golf courses, guests' quarters "and so forth, is desirable bvit not essential." Bingo was pointed up as' an en lertainmcnt that not only can bo self-supporting but can turn a neat profit. The Air Force recommend- I ed charging $1 a card before inter; mission, less afterward. A 20-minute intermission was de-j scribed as "a stimulant for bar sales." And the letter said sandwich business is profitable "because of fast customer turnover and low pcrcen luge waste." It also suggested: "Potato salad or cole slaw served j on the same plate with the sanri- vvich at an additional charge of 5 cents or 10 cents is a profitable' item and advisable." The Air Force advised dispassionately that "drawing a glass of beer properly is an art that can be mastered," as follows: 1. Open the tap handle complete- j> and allow the beer to flow until ,hc glass is two-thirds full. 2. Close the tap. 3. Allow the beer to settle and then repeal the process until the beer barely flows over the glass 4. Remove excess foam from the top with a scraper. "Do not attempt to draw beer by opening the tap part of the- way. This method j causes excess foam." The letter said the most common loss on a soda fountain is caused by incorrect dipping of ice cream. "A gallon of ice cream should produce 58 to (!2 dips using a No 30 dipper; -17 to 51 dips using a No 24 dipper, and 38 to 42 dips using a No. 20 dipper," the letter seid. It recommended the way to dip ice cream is as follows: "1. Keep the ice cream dipper in clean water, running if possible, shaking surplus water off dipper before dipping ice cream. "2. Grasp the dipper in the right hr.nd with fingers around the metal shank, thumb braced on the gear DOROTHY DIX 4/termoth of Divorce Dcnr Miss Two ycnrs BRO I met n man. nnd It was love at first si«ht! Our wedding plans were well-under way when a woman he had known previous to our meet will never make a right, nnd your ex-tinncc scents to have a spccln 1 penchant tor doing exactly that HavinR comrnltod n wrong that do re-entered the scene, She had I serves a prison term In the first ' place he should hove taken his nnd wiped the slate evidence from his past that would have caused him to serve n prison term, and her price for concealing It was thftt he marry her. 1 felt there was nothing else to do, and convinced him accordingly, so they were married. Of course they weren't happy, I 1 stopped seeing him, but lately I ran Into him twice and he told me th->t he has been miserable with his wife, still loves me, and hopes someday to marry me, He Insists that ho cannot continue living with her fts life Is so miserable. I am miserable, too, aw> would like to l«iow how we e;m both be happy. I know the o'd saying that "all's faliv In love and war." But 1 rlon't want to do any thing wrong. punishment Clean. WHO HAS POTATO WORRIES?-Nnt Carl B. Mitchell, of Rock Isjand Village, Fort Lauderdnle, Fla. The 11-pound sweet potato he's preparing to demolish should last him for some. time. A smaller, seven'-pound spud was delicious, says Carl. Answer: Compounding a wrong "3. Keep the wrist stiff. Draw the- dipper around and across the surface of the ice cream. This keeps the 1 top of the ice cream level in the can. Never dip into center or sides - of the can. "4. Draw the dipper upward along the side of the can to cut otl' any surplus ice cream. "5. To release the ice cream barricaded 1 i from the dipper, retain the firrr grip with the fingers and press the release lever with the thumb. "G. .Use ice cream spade if necessary to push cream from sides of can. This will prevent crystallization." Russell to Visit State on Tuesday LITTLE ROCK Ml—Sen. Richard B. Husscll (D-Ga) comes to Arkansas - Tuesday...following three other Democratic presidential aspirants...in a bid for delegate sup- lort. Beloll Taylor, secretary of the Pulaskl County Democratic Central Commitcte, said that the Senator's Washington headquarters notified \\m yesterday of Russell's Intended visit. Husscll is scheduled to arrive Tuesday morning for a luncheon with delegates and a nu-ws con fercnce. Me will leave for Indianapolis later that d'ay. Three other Democratic presidential aapirantsi Avcrell Harrl man, Sen. Esles Kofuuvcr and Sen Robert S. Kcrr have dined will the Arkansas delegation within the past three weeks. Arkansas' 2'2 votes are pledged to Sen. FulVtrlght as n "favorite son" candidate. Sen. Robert A. Tnfl of Ohio, another presidential .hopeful, also has been here to seek support from the state's 11 Republican dele- Bates. A Hopelat* Mett 1 know thftt ndvlse Is more easily Riven than taken, but consider the mess he's made of his life — nnd yours — by trying to evade the law. He has served two years of a miserable mnrrlnno which Is probably much worse than n Jail sentence would hove boon, and more Important he Is now In n po sitlon whore he can't possibly •get nut of the marriage. He speaks ot Ki'ttinu things settled, but how can no? His wife holds the sarno threat over him now as she cite at the time of the wedding. So yoi sco there la no possible escape lor him. Vim <tuoto u proverb to prove that any action you take now Is legitimate. But did you think she wns right when she exercised thu authority of the same ndagu two years ago? Not only Is it untrue that "nil's, fair in love," etc., but actually there arc tuw things that are completely lair, and a breach with the basic principles of love and marriage Is almost curtain to end in unhiipplncsH. Your friend does not hnvc very high principles and, while 1 can understand your own panic at the thought of Mm) going to prison, you too, should have thought the matter over morn carefully. In which ease you would have rcacll btosit to ifirec years, t wmiW fflw how to win a wtf*. Wftirt 1 here t was practically *hd Xnowlfl* wftu 1 applied myscli to making if saving as much as possible, v 1 did meet glfli t ttked, I more inclined to give rfij posit the advantage; *fi the girls. 1 now have a comfort bank balance and am efttfilttl good salary, My work docsn'i me In contact with glflft, no social club!) of 'or4ant available, and t certainly 4tfV i Interested In the girls who freq bars. So whnt ir left tOt"fllW Answer: I rmisl coriarRUlti . on your fine loiter, whlchUi tnlnly n credit to one whtthV been hero three years and another language before that, had to shorten the eplstlo 8 what.- While at I* cerUlnly „, worthy thing to be thrifty, many virtues It cnn bo overdone? Money Is Important and no "** 1 """ 1 but It cnn never take tho friendship. Those girls you by in favor of making tt deposit would undoubtedly been satisfied with vdry ' " entertainment. Are yojA 1 ,.,,.,,,. won't continue to make tno, same mistake? If you have no'! at your place ot business, wii cultivate some of - th& '3f6u»J ' who doubtless' HnVe "sllttlr,,,,.»..... lives or friends to whom they could ntroducc you. There must bo »n«hi orm of entertainment or \rccjfjiipllp lion available, .to'.both,,ttX<&? '"" your locality. With summer'igoliirssw on, you could"try n tennlrdR i^ffiff*^ mlng club. The local"YMC&M YWCA offers recreational faclUt.le*fef,f to both men a nd——'"'— il ^~* do mnnfc other 'ep zntlons. ./.., . i .:.^| ( ^ ed the conclusion thut the mode of escape was far worse than thu punishment. Your trouble is a matter for dts; cusulon with tunneoiH! thoroughly experienced In the complevllles ol hunumity It is too long and com plicated for mo to treat here, ant you fulled to give your name nnc address. Your friend should con suit n minister nnd lawyer, who will present tho two sides of thli question — monil and legal. Ml: own conscience will then have ti be thu Judge of future conduct. Dear Miss DIx: As a young mn FIRE DOC IS HOT SCHOLAR—"Smoky," mascot of Frceport, Long Island's, fire department, shows just how hard he studied to win his "B. O." degree, which he clutches in his teeth. "B. O." in this case means he has the degree of Bachelor of Obedience, which he .earned at a scool for dogs in Wyandanch, N. Y." 'Smoky was sent to school after nipping someone while on duty at the nrehouse.' Slaying of Poles Blamed on Russia / By RUSSELL BRINES CdW WASHINGTON (/PI — A congressional report today officially charges Russia with killing 15.000 fficials were telling Polish authorities tin- prisoners ull had 1 been released to join a Polish army then being raised against the Ger- n.ans. O'Konski said the report declares) this evasiveness is being practiced at I'aniTHinjom, perhaps for the same reason, whenever Allied negotiators attempt to locale lens of thousands of missing Allied pris- Sheriffs Want No Salary Ceiling LITTLE HOCK W — The Arlum-j sas Sheriffs Association says it Is withdrawing Its support of it constitutional amendment to remove the limits on state salaries. A spokesman for the Association said the group is no longer circulating petitions for'a November vote on the amendment. Me said It felt the required 31,700 names could not be obtained by Friday, the deadline for placing the matter on the November ballot. DR. WALTER L, SIMS, M.'D. Announces tho association of DR. NEIL E. CROW, M. D. In the practice of medicine ancj 205 South Elm Street Hope, Afkdhsas'.-'•.: RIALTO STARTS TODAY*. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.... AND JOSE FERRER HAPPEN KIM HUNTER SERIAL and CARTOON RIALTO Heart-Worming Story! "KONGA THEWILD STAtLION" To Get Tough on Influence Peddlers WASHINGTON l/Fl — A Senate investigations sub-committee proposed today a tough new law to punish influence peddlers, those who hire them and their go-be- tweens. Chairman Hoey (D-NC), in ! Senate speech, offered a bill en- tilled "an act 'to safeguard the operations of government agencies from certain pernicious influences.' It had the unanimous backing i his seven-man subcommittee /hose investigations, Hoey said, ncovered proof of corrupt influ- nee peddling but found the law too .eak to penalize all those involved. Hoey said' he does not expect ction on the bill this session, vhich Congress is hurrying to end efore the national political con- rntions this month. He said he introduced the measure so mem- jers could study it before next ession, when he will press for Kissage. ' Under the bill, all involved in any influence deal would face pen:>E up to two years in prison and $5,000 fine plus civil penalties three times the value of the property involved. It would invite informers to tip o(i influence deals, and post re- ards equal to 10 percent of the amount collected jn the triple-damage penalty^ The report, he said, mentions „ ,. , ,,. ,,. , that Gen. Matthew n. Hidgway ru- Pohsh officers 12 years- ago on a, Unju , c , sl . lU . s rL , L . (;nUv pattern duplicated by the Reds m){,_„„„ AmL11 . ii:ans miR | lt have been Korea. This, said Rep. O'Konski (1 was the unanimous verdict of a special House committee which heard 150 witnesses in this country and' Europe while probing,the 1940 Polish massacre in Katyn Forest, near Smolensk, Russia. The report was prepared for pre- K.O(H) Americans ptrocity victims and more than (iu.om) South Korean soldiers are still missing. O'Kom;ki said the committee's evidence shows the Kalyn incident was part of a definite program of (.-,(p.ocido — mass extermination of laces. The committee concludes that sentation to the House today ()| 'j Kalyn's crude graves contained tomorrow. 11 may include specific, ()|1 | y p . u . t of ,| K . s ) au nhtt'rud Poles, iccommendations considered by the] () |; ; ,, ll; . k j s:l j ( | Another fi.OOO or committee for "appropriate action"! o ooo are buried near Charltov, against the Russians by the United j jj n ., s j ai ml( | ih L . icmainder "of the PLUS WHIP WILSON "OUTLAWS OF TEXAS" SERIAL & CARTOON Y PRICES FRIPAY Nations Assemble and the World Court and for international investigation of any other Soviet atrocities. O'Konski, a committee member, told a newsman the report says that, in at least two respects, Communist methods in Korea are an exact duplicate of practices uncovered in the Katyn massacre. He said one was the method of killing the victims. The second, he said, was the "run-around" at FOR WEAR ON THE FOURTH AND THROUGH SUMMER boilie.s are in the White Sea, he added. * iSovlet cifficials have declined Iwn invitations to testify before the committee, 'ts evidence includes a statement from a former Russian official that he was told by Stalin'b onetime personal physician that the secret police killed the Poles, although the physician headed a special commission that fixed the blame on Germany. O'Konski said the group is still LADIES SWIM SUITS REGULAR $5.95 — $6,50 — $7,95 ELASTICIZED RAYON AND NYLON OFF REGULAR PRICE ' Panmunjon truce negotiations over; con Mde.ring charges that American the whereabouts of missing U. N. j,,!(,,-jals .suppressed official reports troops. ; blaming the Russians for Kalyn The Polish officers disappeared ;,, ,, rc ier to avoid embarrassing in 1940 from Russian prison camps. | tnt i r wartime allies. Three years later German authori-1 ties discovered crude graves at 1 Katyn Foest from which 4,2381 bodies were exhumed'. | The Nazis immediately claimed! the Russians were responsible, j Moscow replied that the Germans j had killed the Poles after captur-l tion and Marketing Administration PMA Urges Loan Cotton Sold LITTLE HOCK The Produc- Hoey linked the bill to his sub-| testified he saw some of the shoot committee's, recent investigation of ing the Smolensk area. O'Konski said all the commit-, tee's evidence confirmed Russian! (!uilt. Witnesses include a former Polish soldier who appeared in a j mask, to hide his identity, and who; to August 1 would be placed in a j-; i:rging colloii producers with 11)51 t/'.p cotton under loan to sell. J. i,. Wright, chairman of the PMA State Committee, said all loan cotton not redeemed prior in the sale of properties at ings. The : ,,,, u i a ic':o'.iit told by the Commodity Corp. for producers' ac- WANTED Every man, woman and child to attend the Big Fourth of July Celebration at Powers, Arkansas 8 miles West of Hope on old 67. Baseball games, barbecue, and ice cream. Everyone is invited. W. G. Horton & i. Smith Polish officers had their hands tied in a distinctive manner; £ ( ,me 28,401 bales of cotton wen. behind their backs and most of!j, u i under loan in Arkansas in 1951 them were shot in the head. O'Kon-; ai;c i cCC officials :;aid yesterday ski said this technique has been^^^t 18,993 hau been redeemed as> used against Americans in Korea. O j June 26, and 'J.403 were out O'Konski said the committee Banding- fixed the time of the Katyn massa-; Wright said the loan rate for ere as the spring of 1940. Forj col t on j s about 32 cents a pound months after that, however, Mos- • &n d the market value ranges from ---------------------- • j 39 to 40 cents a pound. the old Jefferson Barracks in Mis-j sourj. j Signing the bill were Hoey and< BANK CALL ISSUED WASHINGTON (1NSJ — Comp- ENTIRE STOCK OF Betty Barclay DRESSES SIZES 7 to 15 — BROADCLOTHS k SHEER COTTONS — NYLONS — MANY STYLES TO CHOOSE FROM REGULAR PRICES $8,95 to $12,95 TWO GROUPS $6,95 $8.9 Sens. McClellan <D-Ark), Hum-, troller of the Currency Preston phrey iD-Muini, Underwood (D- lano today'ibisued a cali to n» KY». McCarthy (B^Ww*. Mundl, d! banks to repwt their tR-SDJ, aad Nteog IR-CaM), 1 as tf £ •W*r

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