Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 28, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1934
Page 6
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HOPE STAtt, HOPE, ARKANSAS JU1 of New Cars Are'Racing Cars' jgpeeds of ~6oTo 85 Miles an Hour Require Safe Tires It is almost breath-taking to realize tiftftt the cars of today, large nnd small Conceal a power plant that will hurdle Httrn through space at racing speeds— Speeds at which a slip means wreck- ftge and disaster. They do 85 miles an ISnJr or more. Some have speedo- tteters to show two miles a minute. "Sixty" is common highway speed means 85 fet per second— „,_ flying. Yet todays cars give a the thrill of motoring, the sav- ...J of time, the ease of travel and the Jjppo r tunity to "go places." In racing and on the highways-the ftttrst dangerous equipment is an unsafe tire. Traveling over the hot, hard- Surfaced roads—that under the sun actually reaches a temperature hot Luther N. Garner Candidate for Tax Assessor Hempstead County Will appreciate your vote and influence enough to fry An egg—the tires become hot inside and out—and heat is the greatest enemy of tire safety and life. Firestone engineers 15 years ago anticipated the needs of today and have had years of experience meeting the most trying needs of racing—with such success that all the leading racing drivers buy Firestone Tires. These men who risk their lives and stake their fortunes can't be induced, under 1 any circumstances, to ue other tires. Every one of the 33 cars in the recent 500-mile Indianapolis race was equipped wih these tires, and they have been on the winning cars for 15 consecutive years. New records were set up this year under a sizzling sun —but not a single tire failed. The important thing in tires it not how many plies they have but how strongly they are held together. To do this job Firestone used the patented Gum-Dipping process, which soaks every cord in liquid rubber to protect every fibre against internal friction and to bind the tire into one strong and inseparable unit. Rubber has advanced 442 per cent, and cotton 190 per cent, but fortunate, ly for the motorist, tire safety can be obtained today at very low cost. for prices have not advanced in proportion to the advance in. materials. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. Third & Washington Used Cars, New and Used Parts, Batteries, Tires. Washing, Greasing, Gas and Oils. trice Hembree accompanied her grand mother home for a weeks visit. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Evans and Httle son Norman spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Elliott. Mr. and Mrs. John Shields and daughter Doris of Hope were visiting in the home of R. T. and J. T. Hembree Sunday afternoon. Weekly Sunday School Lesson uinurt:u omivinj- wi^n.vw... {Nine iniemaiionni uiuiv Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clemens of Hope School Lesson for July 1. announce the arrival of a baby girl.' •*••» «•,.•••*»» «• mi.t Mrs. Atkins and Beatrice Hembree spent last Wednesday night with Mrs. Maude Elliott. M. .. . . visitor in Hope Saturday. The farmers will sonn be through AhlJah and the Divided Kingdom Text: 1 Kings 12:12-17; 26-30. NThe International Uniform Sunday BY WILLIAM E. OILROY D.D. Editor of Advance From six months' study in the Now Sweet Home ! Lee Montgomery and daughter of 'Prescott were here Monday visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. onard Osborn of Ok- nlona visited her parents here Sunday. Mr. Alvin Schoonovor \M Monday for Oklahoma City ti viist relatives there. Mrs. Robert Pcoly ami daughter i.isi. ITcv*ii*.^v«ij »«»e.»* •••->• ' rrom six momns smu^ m n«- n^,. i ivus. i\uuuii n.uiy mi^« ,.,.«o.— o Elliott. Testament we turn now to a quarter's Ellen Sue of Prescott were Monday V. Derryberry was a business • j csson in tne old Testament, eginning' visitods in the home of Mr. and Mrs. i* in T-TiTn** RntnrHnv. I _. »»t- *»_- .1:..:„;»« nt *Ko IrinffHfirn ' T A T-Ti*c1m\r I JX'ZOUll til 1,1 tlr V^»V.» .»—.-,.,. , -t, with the division of the kingdom revolt of Jeroboam a- The farmers will sonn be tnrougn. ^rough the revolt of Jeroboam an their crops and would be glad of i ga j ns t Rehoboam. The full picture is . i-fnnrl t«oir» I i. • !«. *V. ** «fii*tis\t'\ f\t t\MT* IPS — . . a good rain. . no t given in the portion of our les. no gen Mr. and Mrs. Bumpus of Texas are , gon but we cnn sup pi y it from the visiting Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan and ntext ' — :l " ' ' Solomon, with all the prestige and glory of his age of temple building did not apparently achieve happiness for his people. As long as he managed to surround himself with the traditions of greatness in character, action, and achievement that silenced his foes; mt once he was passed away, a strong J. A. Huskey. Miss Aleen Montgomery of Washington D. C. was the Monday guest of Mrs. W. M. Montgomery. Mr. nnd Mrs. Dutch McCain were family. The musical at the home of Mr. Yeager Saturday night was enjoyed by all who attended. T. J. Payne was a visitor in Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Willis of DeAnn spent Saturday night and Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Hale Bowton spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Lumpkins. Holly Grove Mr. and Mrs. Luther Sutton and children of Lost Prairie were viisting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Sutton Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Kennie Atkins and children and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mc- Having an average altitude above sea level of 6800 feet, Colorado is the highest state in the union, with Wyoming a close second. Coy of Battlefield here Sunday. visited relatives Mrs. M. E. Atkins-returned to her home at Batlefield Sunday. Miss Bea- land upon Isreal had gone. Immediately discontent and protest became rife, and a group came to Rehoboam, Solomon's successor, beseeching him to make lighter the bur- Winnipeg. Canada has a municipal central station to head the homes of its citizens. The plan has been tried for several years with such success that several extensions have been made. Farmer's Wife, to druggist: "Now be sure to write plain on them bottles which is for the horse and which is fir my husband. I don't want nothin' to happen to that horse before the >f July Specials for proper disinfection of water with chlorine and copper sulphate. Clean water should be added regularly,, to the amount of 1000 gallons for every 20 bathers who use the pool. Finally, people who want to dive should first learn the technique, including proper breathing. When the swimmer jumps in feet first, he gets a nose full of water and usually has an insufficient amount of breath, so that he promptly inhales the water into his nose and ears. dens of the people. t n f acti j t f rcqucru ly gets into the Rehoboam, according to the story, - Rehoboam, according to the story, simlscs (lnd sots up cnron j c irritation, .ook two sorts of counsel. The young-1 ^ - here Sunday visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. Will McCain. Mrs. Minnio Carman and daughter, Odel, were Monday afternoon guests of Mrs. Bert Carman. Lille Miss Dorothy Jean Burns of Little Rock is here for a months vlist with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Huskey and other relatives. Mrs. W, L. McDougald has returned home after a two weeks visit with her daughter Mrs. Mont Harris of Blevins. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Delany were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Owen Harris near Pleasant Hill. Mrs. Horace Jones, formerly Miss Mae Wilson, and daughter, Veda Sue of Tulsa, Okla., are here for an extended visit with her mother Mrs. Mollie Wilson and other relatives. Misses Mary and Mnrtha Wilson were Saturday viistors in Prcscott. Mrs. Charlie Smith passed nway on June 20 and was buried at Sweet Home cemetery. Mrs. Smith was a fine woni- nnd loved by everyone that knew her. She had suffered for several months with the dreadful disease of cancer. She leaves to mourn her departure her husband, one son and four grandchildren of this place. One brother and wife of Springfield, Mo., attended the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Woodson and sons of Kilgore, Texas arc the guests of their parrents and other relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Wllburn Cliff and children of Washington D. C. are here on a visit to relatives. L. Recce McDougald of Prescott spent a short time here Monday with home folks. He left Tuesday for Magnolia where he has employment. Mr. and Mrs. P<iui Lamb of Delight spent a while here with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Deianey 5«st week. Mr. Ross Spears of Hope was here Monday. Grandmother Pyo is visiting her son Horace Pyc and family. A surprise birthday party given In honor of Grandmother Head's 79th birthday on June 24 will be long remembered by her f.nd a larRe host of relatives and friends. One very enjoyable and happy feature of the day was the presence of her four brothers two from Crockett, Texas, one from Spring Hill, La., and one from Donaldson, Ark. One of her brothers she had not seen for 41 years. There were 78 present, most of whom were immediate relatives that partook of the bountiful dinner that was prepared secretly by the resident of this community. The honorcc is unusually active for one of her age and helps daily with the regular housework Her many friends wish for her good health and many more happy birthdays. A miss over In Iowa la adfv«rttota»] for a mission dachshund. The *d W like this: "He \s two dogs loft* iite half a dog high and « bit underAlUiig. , WAKE UP YOU LIVER BILE- WITHOUT CALOMEL And You'll Jump Out of Bed in the Morning Rarin' to Go If you f*«l nowr *nd itinV tni th« w«MI lookl punk, don't «w»llow t lot of «*1W, mm- «r»l w»t»r, oil, I»««tlY* e*ndy or ch«w!nf fum •nd »«p»ct them to ra«k« you iudd«Aljr tfwMt •nd buoyant »nd lull ol lunihlnt. For the? can't do It. Th«y only mot* Mi* bowtli and a mure mnvsmnnt doMtt't gjt at tho CHUM. The rcanon for your down-and-out fiwllnf la your llvur. It iihould pour out two pound* ol liquid bile Into your bowdi dally. H thla bll« l« not (lowing fmly. your food down't Hlgnt. It Jnat drayi In th« t>6*«l<. C!a« bloala up your utoraiirh. Yoa haw-* thick, bud tint* and your breath I) foul, •kin often breaks out In blumlihn. Your h»ad achei anil you Iff I down and out. \our whol* •jritem li polnonod. .,„._«-,.,,. It take* than good, old CARTBH'8 LITTLE LIVKK PILI^S to fct tb«*« two poundt ol bile flowing lr«ly and maka you F«l "up and up." Thuv contain wonderful, harmleM, tenlU vrge»ahl« Mtriet*, arnailnf when It comM to making th« bll« flow fr«*ly. But don't «»k lor liver plllt. A«k for Carter'i I.lttU Uver 1'lllB. Look lor tha n««D CarUr'i IJttta hirer Flll« on the red label. Rwjnt • nih«tltuU.2Beat<V'<u»tor««.pl»810.M.G>. MEN'S Wash Pants $1.49 $1.98 Well tailored dress pants dress-i'p occasions. for Dress Shirts 98c Fancies. Whites and Colors in high count broadcloath. All sizes and sleeve lengths. Men's Ties 49c An enormous selection of ties designed especially for summer wear. Swim Suits $1.48 $1-98 All wool Swim Suits for both men and women. Take advantage of Hope's new sanitary pool. WOMEN'S PANAMA HATS 49c Right here at the height of the season, we're offering these desirable Panamas at clearance prices. Plenty of shapes and head sizes for everyone. cr men, heady and willful like himself, advised him not to give in to these malcontents, but to make the burdens of the people heavier tnaiv ever. Older consellors gave better advice, that Rehoboam should lessen thei burdens of the people and should cou-t sider first of all the welfare of hisj subjects. , Rehoboam listened to the young amlj immature. He invited revolt and hat-| red by the ruthlcssness with which he] announced his policies. Events soon brought their consequences. Jeroboam, who apaprently for many years had had his eye on the kind- dom, led a revolt in which 10 of the 12 tribes broke away from Rehoboam and established the northern kingdom, henceforth to be known as the kingdom of Isreal, in comparison with the southern kingdom of Judah. It was the custom of Scripture writers to see in all these things the hand of God. Perhap today we would not be quite so sure that the providence of God is in the matter when one rogue supplants another on the throne. Whatever may have been the chaar- acter of Jeroboam, when he succeeded in the revolt and became king in the northern kingdom, he did not prove much better than Rehoboam. The northern kingdom was started out, under his auspices, in evil things that ultimately brought disaster to the people. Here in our lesson we see Ahijah the prophet, giving Jeroboam fair warning. The prophets certainly did not fear to speak out. One can not help but admire their superb courage when, with no forces to protect them, they spoke out what they believed to be the truth of God to the very men who had power over them of life or death. It is refreshing and strengthening to live in the atmosphereof such men, and with this first lesson we are launching into fellowship with these mighty men who spoke for God in days of difficulty, when to speak out meant to peril their very existence. Your Health By DR. MORKIS FISHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygeia, the Health Magazine Choice of the House on WHITE SELBY SHOES Styles for everyone Be sure to share in this annual sale of Selby White Shoes. Your unrestricted choice at only— 3 9 o 8 All widths and sizes Men's Straws 69c 98c Other Whites Shoes $1-98 and $2.98 Full Fashioned Hosiery 69C Childrens Suits 79c I vl'f-s full fashioned all silk hosiery, tivery puir first quality and guaranteed perfect. Buy price. several pair at ffords an opportunity to uits they've been need- of sixes Jn numerous and models. Thi;; low price- ^ get those extra i ing. Full iane.c THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE GeO. W. Robison 6- Co. HOPE PRESCOTT NASHVILLE Abide By Health Rules When Going Swimming Before you go swimming, in a pool or at a bathing beach, this summer, especially where many others use the same facilities, you should see that proper sanitation exists. This is a vital factor in maintaining your health and the health of your children. To keep public pools clean and free from infection, certain rules usually ar enforced, and it is important that those who use these pools abide by the rules. Swimming is one of the most en joyable and healthful sports. Under proper conditions, it is stimulating anc agreeable. However, under impropei conditions it may develop into a rea' menace. Many swimmers doubt the safety o added chlorine or copper sulphate which are necessary for destroying germs or molds of various kinds. Occasionally if the chemicals have not been properly mixed with the water, an excess may slightly irritate the eyes and nose. . However, this seldom is sufficiently i irritating to produce permanent trouble of any kind. I Swimming is not a healthful exercise for sick people. It is strenuous so that those who suffer from heart, disease or disabilities of any organs should not undertake swimming without proper medical consultation. The diseases most commonly spread through swimming pools are those affecting the skin and the nose and throat. . To avoid skin diseases, the body should be washed thoroughly in a shower bath with soap before the swimmer enters the water. The bathing suit should not be on at the time. To walk through a shower with a bathing suit on is no help to the elim- ' ination of skin diseases. I The bathing suit should be thoroughly washed and sterilized after ! each time that it is used. Boiling and 1 hanging the suit in the sunlight to dry will accomplish the purpose. The person with a severe cold spreads his infection more no doubt by contact with other people in the water than through the water that is u^ed Regardless of the method, however any person with a cough or a cold should stay out of the public swimming pools. He should also stay away from crowds generally Standing around in a wet. bathing suit interferes with the temperature of the body and encourages infection. Diving spreads infection by passing contaminated material through the nose and throat and into the ears. ! All public swimming pools should be provided with means for filtering water that is to be recirculated and ALL FIRESTONE TIRES ARE NOW ble G For Life Against All Defects and for 12 th Against all Road Hazards T t o v THE millions of satisfied users of Firestone Tires, this new guarantee will have no particular significance. They are familiar with the satisfaction, safety and care-free service given by Firestone Tires, which mean more than any written guarantees which lie behind them. But to those who have never had the safe and satisfying experience of driving on Firestone Tires, we are announcing this all-inclusive guarantee in order that they may be assured beforehand of the satisfaction and safety which they will experience afterwards. The greatest guarantee of all is the time-established guarantee behind every Firestone Tire which comes from the unequalled performance records of Firestone Tires. The fact that every one of the 33 drivers at the Indianapolis 500-Mile Sweepstakes chose and bought Firestone High Speed Tires, speaks for itself. Guarantees mean little to them. They must have the safety and protection in tires that actually guard their lives. The greatest tire guarantee for you is the extra quality, strength, safety and dependability built into every Firestone Tire. Call on the Firestone Service Dealer or Service Store in your community and equip your car with Firestone Tires today. Get the absolute protection of our guarantee for 12 months against all road hazards,* for life against all defects, and for safety, economy and greater service through the extra quality built into every Firestone Tire. Don't delay. You will save money at present prices because crude rubber has advanced 442% and cotton 190%, and tire prices cannot remain at present low levels. * When used in commercial service, these tires are guaranteed fur six months. Unequalled Performance Records Firestone High Speed Tires •jf For fifteen consecutive years have been on the winning cars in the 500- mile Indianapolis Race.. This Means Blowout Protection JL For seven consecutive years have been on the •winning cars in the dar- inrf Pikes Peak climb where a slip meant death. This Means Non-Skid Safety and Traction -Jt- For three consecutive 'I/ears have been on the 131 bit-scx of the Washington (D. C.) Railway and Electric Co., cover- inn 11,357,810 bus miles without one, minute's delay due to tire trouble. This Means Dependability and Economy +• Were on the Neiman Motors: Ford V-S Truck tliat made a new coast- to-coast record of 67 hours, 45 minutes, 30 seconds actual running time. This Means Endurance MOST MILES PER DOLLAR HOPE A Phone 654 Hope, Arkansas

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