Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 28, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1934
Page 5
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, Bodcaw No, 1 The m«lng will begin at this plnee SstWrday night July 7. There was some talk of starting on July 14 but after hearing that the meeting at J Shover Springs begins at that time it Was decided to begin the one here on illy 7 so that the people of that com- Imlhity would have the privilege ol attending hero and the people here to attend the meeting at Shover. Sdlnc of the people of this community attended the homecoming at Un- lori Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lodge Cook of Stamps Spirit Saturday night and Sunday V/lth her brother nnd family Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Mitchell. Mrs. Minda Fuller is spending this Wek with her daughter, Mrs. D. B. bailey, MISS Sula Mitchell is spending this Wek with her sister, Mrs. Joe England of near Hope. Mrs. G. E. Fuller spent Sunday with Mrs. A. A. Allbritton near Hope. Track Mullins of Bceville, Texas is hid parents of this place, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. M. Mullins nnd family. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Fuller nnd Mr. Oild Mrs. C. F. Martin nnd daughter attended the singing at Bearden Arkansas Sunday. Mf. and Mrs. Garland Mullins nnd family of Hope and Mr. and Mrs. Bunk Sherman of Shover Springs spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. N. 1 Mullins nnd family. ^-SMrs. Minda Fuller nnd Mrs. Gilbert fuller spent Friday of last week with Mrs. Lewis Barhnm nnd Mrs. How- ard Wright of near Stilton. Mr. and Mrs. Oren Gresham spent Sntvirdny night with Mr. and Mri. L. F.. Greshnm. Lille Mis Nellie Jean Bailey spent Monday aflcrnoon with Little MIKS Ara Lou Hnirston of Hope. 7'be singing at this place is progressing nicely end Saturday night. Antioch The singing was well attended here Saturday night. The choirs from Laneburg and Hickory Grove attending the singing hero Saturday night. Mi. nnd Mrs. Floyd McFarlnnd left Thursday for their home in Edinburg, Texu," after H visit with relatives and friends. Several from Piney Grove attended the singing here Saturday night. Brady Cook and Misses Irene and F'ern Cook attended the homecoming at Union Sunday. Misses Fay and Grace Morton spent Saturday night with Misses Ellen and Helen James of Piney Grove. KITCHEN I»'s Warm niicl Your Appetite Lags? How Almiif Jellied Tmnnto Soup? BY MARY E. DAG UE NEA Service Staff Writer Puzzled are you these hot days about what to havo for luncheon, or dinner, or supppr? Here are some easy-to- make recipes specially planned to tempt Kummertme appetites without overtaxing the pocketbook. Maybe Quite few from here attended the sinying at Hickory Grove Sunday night. H. L. Crunk Jr. was in Prescott a short time Saturday afternoon. Misses Mavie Coleman and Elizabeth Williams of Salem spent the week end with Misses Irene and Fern Ccok. The 149 parks owned by the United Slates have a combined acreage of ICO-million acres, larger than (he stnto cf California. WOMAN 92 YEARS OLD Has Used "Mendenhali's" Chill Tonic Over 30 Years 92 Years Old Mrs. Agnes Rendlemen Alto Pass, III. Sold by-All Drug Stores Agnes Rendlemen, Alto Pass, III., dh'tntes the following letter to her grund-tluugltter, Agnus (iiiim, a registered plmrmuciut: "J itm 9L' years old, mother of eight, children, nil living. Have iist'tl Memlciiliall'.s Malaria Chill siuU Fever Tunic over thirty yearn for Malaria, ('liill.x m/d I'Vver, Constipation. .Mini us :i general tonic. Also for ('old.s nnd (loughs due to eolds. II lias Its phiee in our medicine che.sf all the year around." IVOTRi We make Mendenltall's Malarlu Thill and FPVIT Tonlr In two forms — with a ml without artienld. As to the viiltifi of our Chill Tonic with arsenic, vre quote from the IT. S. Dispensatory: "ArKpnln I." I hi' most sm-opssCiil a^f-nt in tho t rent m»-nt uf chronic nmlitrln. mnl.irlul or lilllons fcwrr, Intermittent fever or chills, brow- O.KIIP, liPiulnclii', neiiralttlii or rheumatism due. to nutluriii or genera! bad health. It Increases thu uppe- tlte and dlsrestlon, ivclKht find Htrensth of the patient, and lias (?reat power to improve the e.on- dltion of the blood, ft is one uf the few substances which dcscrvu the iiaino of a general tonic," Ufado by .T. C. MendPnhnH Mecll- clno Co., Evansvllle, Indiana. Tomorrow's Menu Breakfast: Watermelon cones, cereal, cream, vegetable hash, toasted choose, bread, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Stuffed tomato on toast, escarole with French dressing, Dutch peach cuke, milk, ten. Pinner: Timbales of salmon, creamed pens, potatoes in parsley butter, beet imd cottage cheese inlnd. chocolntc ice-box cake, milk, coffee. they'll help. Jellied Tomato Soup Two cups canned tomatoes, 1 onion, 1 bay leaf, 1 tablespoon sugar, Vs teaspoon pepper, 2 cups boiling water, 2 bouillon cubes (chicken or other, or any strained moat broth at hand), 2 tablespoons granulated gelatine, '/i cup cold water. Put tomatoes, onion, bay leaf and sugar in sauce pan and cook twenty minutes. Strain and udd broth. Season with salt and pepper and add gelatine which has bi'en softened in cold water for five minutes. Stir until gelatine is thoroughly dissolved and pour into a square shallow pan which has been diped in cold water. Let stand en ice for several hours or over night to chill and become firm. When ready to serve cut in small cubes or bread into pieces with a fork. Pile in chilled bouillon cups and gnrnsh with paper-thin slices of lemon dipped in minced parsley. If you like whipped cram the bouillon may be garnished witli slightly salted whipped cream sprinkled with minced parsley. Cheese Roli This roll is delectable for Sunday night supper with brown bread or toasted crackers. You may like it for simple evening refreshments with coffee. One-half pound Philadelphia cream cheese, 4 tablespoons Roquefort cheese, 2 tablespoons finely minced olives, 1 tablspoon finely chopped green pepper, 1 minced canned pimento, 1 tablespoon minced parsley, V4 teaspoon paprika, 4 tablespoons butter, '/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, Vu cup chopped nut meats. One cup cottage cheese can be used in place of cream cheese. Mix all ingredients except nuts. Shape in n roll about 2 inches in diameter and roll in nuts. Chill for several hours and serve on a platter with a garnish of sprigs of parsley. Stuffed Tomato on Toast Four large ripe tomatoes, 1 cup Britain Worries Over His Health jihice Kngland is concerned over llrci health of David Lloyd Onoi'KC.i shown hero in a late picture,; though a. rnoent illness was not serious, according (o liis physicians. The war-time premier, flt 71, still is active in public af-j fairs nnd retains a large fol^ lowing. i cooked rice, 1 cup diced American cheese, 1 cup rich milk. V4 teaspoon salt, 1-8 teaspon pepper, 4 rounds toast. 'Scoop out insid uf 'tomatoes »nd sprinkle with salt. Invert and let stand in refrigerator for half an hour. Fill with well seasoned rice nnd bake in a hot oven for thirty minutes. Arrange rounds of toast on n hot platter and put a tomato on each round. Add cheese to milk. Heat slowly over hot water until cheese is melted and season with salt and pepper. Four around tomatoes and garnish with parsley. BY BRUCE CATION June 28 brings the 20th anniversary of the murder of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo—the political assassination that unexpectedly sent all the world to war. There ure various ways of observing this anniversary, one of the being in the Biblical fashion, with sackcloth and ashes. If you don't care to gj to that extreme, I suggest that you read Bruno Brehem's novel. " They Call It Patriotism." This book, originally published two years ago, is being reissued to nark (he anniversary; and its appeararee is apt, because it is the story, tkinly fietionized, of that murder. The story begins way back in 1903, when fanitical Servian army officers murdered their own king and Queen Woman to Die m Sing Sing Chair Mrs. Antonio, Thursday Night, First Since Ruth' Snyder in 1928 NEW YORK — With a few hours between her and death in Sing Sing's electric chair Thursday night, Mrs. Anna Antonio, mother of three was giving up hope of last-minute intervention by Governor Lehman and was making her will and preparing to pay for her part, in the murder of her husband, Salvatore, for his insurance. "I won't believe anything is going to be so terrible," she told the matron p.uard, "but I'm going to make my will anyway." Peter Coppelo, brother of Mrs. An- trnio, and his wife, brought her three- I year-old son, Frankie, to see her on Wednesday. Continued silence on the case from the governor's office gave no hint that the governor would stop the execution, Henry Lowenberg, lawyer for Vin- csnt Saetta, one of the two men Mr?. Antonio was convicted of hiring to stab and Shoot her husband announced Wednesday that he would ask the governor for a slay of execution to permit n sanity commision to examine Saotta. faetta is scheduled to die vith the third member cf the murder conspiracy. Samuel Fereci nnd Mrr. Antonio Thursday nigh*. Charles Foletti, legal advisor to the governor, pointed out that a commission of three doctors'invariably examines; ihe sanity of condemned prisoners. ,«»-e«— _. Center Point Rev. L. L. Middlebrooks filled his The attendance wn;, fairly good. Hope The attenlance was fairly good. Hope people will be more interested and \ come out. j Mrs. W. J. Hopson has been on the sick list. We hope for her speedy recovery. Mr. and Mrs. Carl May were Wednesday night guests at the home o£ Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright. Miss Gurdjien Caudle spent, last week at Hope. Carl May was shopping in Hope on Thursday and also called at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan May. Mr. and Mrs. McMunn were Friday night guests at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. G. Galloway. Miss Ruby Hubbard spent Saturday night with relatives near Sardis. Mr. and Mrs. Carl May, Berry Por- (erfield, Mrs. Tom Middlebrooks and son Franklin and Mrs. 'Jim Ward were Saturday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hubbard and children. Mr. and Mrs. Le Brown were Saturday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nash: Delma Wright and Miss Jessie Mae Wright wer the Saturday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Caudle and children. :-">'Mrs. J. B. Wright of Bodcaw spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright and chilren. Mr. and, Mrs. Luther Galloway and daughter, Alta Mae spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Galloway and children. Harvey Wright of Harmony was the Sunday dinner guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright and family. Miss Delilah Galloway was the dinner guest of the Wright family Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Pony Reeves and child ren spent a while spent a while Saturday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hodnutt. Mrs. Thomas was the Sunday dinner guest at the 'lome of her daughter, Mrs. Tom Middlebrooks. Mr. Delma Wright and sisters, Misses Jessie Mae, Lorene and Irene were Sunday afternoon viistors at the home of Mr, and Mrs. J. G. Galloway. &5* GLORIFYING to get a more "patriotic" dynasty on the throne. It continues clown through the cyars, tracing the doings of these frenzied Serbs, who sought to build a greater kingdom out of their own land, and the Serbian minorities in the Austrian empire; and it shows just why Franz Fcrdnian's death was necessary to them, and how i! was brought about. Princip, himself, who fired the fatal shots, is here, and all the half-crazed co-conspiritors. And it makes a wie'rd picture—these idealists who acted from lofty motives and who succeeded in causing the deaths of something like Tho other day I heard a prominent 10 million men. magazine editor who recently came Patriotism! It was vhat ailed all back from Hollywood say that one Europe, in 1914; an cxaggeratedand' of the greatest worries of screen stars' unthinking emotion that possesed cv- managers is how to keep the actresses jg| By Alicia Hart gg The Ideal Suntan Lotion Prevents Deep Red Burn ery people and brought about the world's greatest catastrophe. One can hardly wonder if Herr Brchm suggests that this thing called patriotism is less than a perfect light Same big car.. . . Same smooth performance Same remarkable economy tc steer by. The book is being published by I Little Brown and Co. at $2.50. The big, economical Pontiac Eight is now offered at a. straight list price reduction of $40 on every model in the entire line. Today's Pontiac has its original 117-inch wheelbase, Knee-Action wheels, True-Course steering, equal-action Ben- OWNERS SAY: "16 TO 18 dix brakes, roomy, handsome Fisher bodies and improved Fisher No Draft ventilation. It is the identical car that has thrilled thousands of owners with its remarkable smoothness, ease of riding and exceptional operating economy. MILES TO THE GALLON" Home Clubs Biiigfii. The Women's Demonstration club met Tuesday afternoon, June 2fi. at the community kitchen in Bingen for their monthly met-ling. There were 14 members present wiili two nt-w members and five visilor.:. The devotional was U d li\ Mis> Christal Goodwin after vhii-li -'.!'•> from getting overdoses of sunburn. It seems that that suntan is most fashionable in the movie colony and some of the popular stars are very inclined to overdo the fad. That, according to Hollywood beauticians and the managers themselves, is to be avoided like the plague. It is all very well to acquire a nice, even coat of suntan but as far baking, the skin almost to a crisp, it must not happen. Of course, they're right. And though your skin may not compare favorably with a picture star's, it's still your skin and you'll have to live with iti for years and years. So take care | of it. j First of all, when you start on vacation, pack a large bottle of suntan Unoin. Gel one of the new varieties j that dries quickly, leaving no greasy deposits on the skin and make sure that the lotion of your choice is guaranteed to prevent burning. The ideal When Arc You Going Away? While you are making your plans to go away for all or part of the summer, it's a safe bet to jot down the things you should do beforehand. One of them is to have The Hope Star sent to you wherever you go. It will pay you TO ORDER IT whether you stay two months or two weeks. Tell your carrier right now, or the next time you see him when you are coming- back, and he will see to it that you get The Hope Star without the least inter- duption. If you prefer, drop a line to the Circulation Department or Call 768 and your order will be handled automatically. The charge is no higher than you are now paying for your paper. Make Your Vacation This Year Complete With The Griffin, the county demons! agent .gave the club a demonstration j suntun preparation allows your skin '" ' ' ' -•"•- '— ; on testing and making jel.y. Tera Adcock, Ruporler. See it!.. Drive it!.. Compare prices! PLAUOM AtVi.HTI^fclMENr flJempstead Motor Co. to become a rich, golden brown instead of a boiled-lobster red. Mind, though, don't overdo the suntan it- Columbus self. You can't spent six hours a day The Columbus Home Demonstration in tho sunshine for a month and ex- club met at the new canniig kitchen! pect to look like anything when you last Tuesday with 10 members and! get back to town. Wear beach hats, five visitors. The meeting was called . carry large parasols—do anything ex- It,- order by Mit-s Griffin. The secru-; cepl allow the sun to dry all the nat- tary then read the minutes uf the last; ural mcislure out of your skin, meeting and they were approved i'.f-' ter which the roll was called raid fouri University of Chicago scientists have •rif-1 determined' that the distance between new members were added.. Hiss Grn-i ueiermiuea mat tne uisumi-t: uviwi.-i=» 1 fin then tested some fruit ;uice and electrons in an atom of helium is one | made jelly. She gave a deoionstra- Hope, Arkansas billionth of an inch. lion on fly traps and how to make different fly poison and mosqui:o spray. Natives of the Far East still cou- After a short .social hour the members, sume acorns; they are baked, shelled, adjourned until the next meeting. I ground and cooked like bread. Hope, Star Cb

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